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Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Tabaldi Jana L Thompson Harry E Torvend Robert
Tabar Adelaida B Thompson Isabel C Torvend Severt
Tabar Amelia Perez Thompson Isabelle M Torvend William
Tabar Ben A Thompson James E 1971 Tosta Gladys O
Tabar Canuto Thompson James E 1996 Tosta Joe E
Tabar Martin Thompson Janice Marie Tosta Joe M
Tabar Natz Thompson Jessie Tosta John C
Tabar Ramona Thompson John Tosta John D
Tabar Shirley J Thompson Joy A Tosta Joseph B
Tadokora T Thompson Julius Tosta Joseph J
Tafoya Anita M Thompson Marjorie B Tosta Louis C
Tafoya Daniel Thompson Martha G Tosta Louise C
Tafoya Kirk Thompson Maurice L Tosta Manuel P Jr
Tafoya Leo A Thompson Millie B Tosta Mary
Tafoya Rosendo Thompson N W Tosta Mary J
Taglio Theresa L Thompson Norman Toste Antonio M
Talia Kathleen Thompson Paul A Toste Antonio V
Talkington Lamar Thompson Robert H Toste Kathryn T
Tamez Elvira G Thompson Robert Hamilton Jr Toste Maria J
Tamez Enriqueta L Thompson Sadie M Toste Rose B
Tamez Samuel Thompson Samuel Tosti Manuel
Tamo Domenico Thompson William Totman Frank H
Tamo Eugene Jr Thompson Willie E Totman Harold J
Tamo Frank S Thon Margaret C Totman Howard P
Tamo Mary Thon Maurice Totman Mary O
Tanner Lulu M Thoresen August Totman William E
Tanori Isabel G Thoresen Augusta Tournahu Anstasle
Tanori Reyes O Thorkelson Arthur C Tovar Diego
Tapen George W Thorkelson Carl Tovar Guadalupe E
Tapia Edward Thorkelson Delwyn Tovar Magdalena Garcia
Tasi Raymond H Thorkelson Esther O Tovar Pedro 3 images
Tatom Anita L Thorkelson Gunda Towe Andrew
Tatum Elizabeth A Thorkelson Harold V Towne E E
Tavares Joseph C Thorkelson Jean L Townsend James A
Tavis Frank E Thorkelson Joan Richard Toya Emilie
Taylor Amanda Thorkelson John Tracy Leon
Taylor Florence M Thorkelson Julianne Traina Bruno
Taylor George K Thorkelson Leland R Traina Eva J
Taylor H P Thorkelson Mabel Trainer Doris Clara
Taylor Henry P Thorkelson Mark S Tranmer Roy E
Taylor Herbert L Thorkelson Mina J Traschsel Gregory
Taylor Jennie A Thorkelson Norman A Traver Mary K
Taylor John William Thorkelson Robert Traver Raymond S
Taylor Lewis S Thorkelson Thorvald Travis Rose L
Taylor Margaret Thorkelson Violet V Trefzer Susan
Taylor Muriel F Thorkelson Wilma E Trent Ronald K
Taylor Shirley E Thorklesen Carl Mrs Trentham-Morris Debra Ann
Tchobanoglous Chris Thornton Clyde Trevino Esperanza
Tchobanoglous H Thornton Doris M Trevino Grace Maldonado
Tchobanoglous Penelope Thornton Ernest L Trevino Luis R
Teague Eustace B Thorpe H J Trevino Maria Amalia
Teel Emma R Thorpe Mabel Trevino Severiano
Teichman Dolores A Thorson Henry A Tribble Kenneth
Teichman Norman F Thorson Robert W Trimble Maria Teresa
Teixeira Isabel Thronson Etta Trinta Frank S
Teixeira Lydia L Thulin Richard E Trinta Frank S 1949
Teixeira Manuel L Jr Thulin Swan E Trinta Ida L
Teixeira Mary A 2 Images Thurlow Earl A Trinta Manuel Silveira
Teixeira Norman R Thurlow Vera F Trinta Maria E
Tells Frank J Thurman John Trinta Michael M
Templeton Clarence Thurman Robert T Trip Jewel M
Tenbrink Charles A Tiaffay George Triplett Sidney E
Tenbrink Evelyn M Tibbetts Richard D Tripp Benjamin W
Tenbrink Linus A Tiedemann Carl Mrs Tripp Charles H
Tenbrink Linus R Tienken Emil H Tronstad Harold L
Teran Adan Tiesing Eva Tronstad Nora
Terpstra Donald Bruce Tietjen Adele Trotto Raymond
Terrill Anna Tiexeira Anthony A Trousdale Raner H
Terry James G Jr Tilly Lloyd A Troutman Helen A
Terry James G Sr Tinnin W H Truett Evelyn B
Terry Leonard D Titsworth Mildred L Truett Johnnie A
Terry Mary S Titus Aguila S Truett Martha Z
Terry Maurine F Titus Dewayne F III Truett William D
Terry Paul J Titus Kathleen R Truett William R
Terwilliger Betty Titus Marjorie S Truitt G P
Testerman Charles E Tiura George O Trujiillo Esaias H
Thall Lilyan A Tobar Catarin G Trujillo Lorenza A 2 Images
Thayer Janet G Tobar Eljio A Truman Fred L
Theiler Elsie R Tobar Felix Truman L F
Thiessen Peter H Tobias J Truman Mariam L
Thiessen Roy A Todaro Miguel F Truman Ralph A
Thill Donald Adolph Toledo Luis J Truman Vera B
Thill Kathy E Tolle J W Mrs Trumble Robert
Thill Leona Tonelli Albert Trumbull Travis
Thill Tonya L Tonkin Ed N Tschantz Anna L
Thomas Charles F Topar John Tschantz Edward J
Thomas Clarence E Topete Augustin E Tschantz Emma A
Thomas David E Torres Alfonso Sanchez Tschantz Gracie M
Thomas Elsie N Torres Aurora Orosco Tschantz Helen
Thomas Emily Torres Bernardo D Tschantz Wilbur D
Thomas Harvey L Torres Harry E Tschantz William H
Thomas Kathleen L Torres Jean C Tucker Anna E
Thomas Lloyd S Torres Jesus Tucker Arthur C
Thomas Lowell Torres Lucia G Tucker Homer C
Thomas Loyd W Torres Maria L Tucker Homer C Mrs
Thomas Lyle F Torres Miguel P Tucker Jerina Y F
Thomas Victoria Torres Ralph Tucker John
Thomas Victoria G Torres Ramiro Tucker John Willis
Thomas Victorine Torres Sisto Jr Tucker Tiny M
Thomas Zack Torrez Anita F Tugwell Mary A
Thomason Bruce C Torrez Frank M Tunzi Americo A
Thomason Oma R Torrez Marianna G Tunzi John D
Thomason Shelli A Torrison Bernice J Turk Celia O
Thomburg Larmott E Torrison Christine Turk Steward W
Thoming Charles Torrison Donald E Turner Herbert H
Thoming Flora R Torrison Emil C Turner Leota
Thoming George Torrison Garry E Turner Lucille M
Thoming John Mrs Torrison Gudrun V Turner Ramona E
Thoming Jurgen P Torrison Hans A Turner Roy C
Thomlinson Annie H Torrison Ingebert M Turner William S
Thompson Bloid G Torrison John M Twidt Marie
Thompson David G Torrison Minnie Twitchel J A
Thompson David L Torrison Sigurd B Twito Jeanne Keller
Thompson David W Tortorelli Janes Tyler Allen H
Thompson Eddie N Torvend Bertina Tyler Douglas
Thompson Elizabeth Torvend Christen S Tyler Edwin
Thompson Etta Torvend Eliza Tyler Joe W
Thompson Fred V Torvend Emma Tyler Sarah J
Thompson Gunhild Mrs Torvend Ferne
Thompson Guy J Torvend Ole