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California Genealogy and History Archives

Stanislaus County Obituaries

Transcriobed and submitted by
Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud


The Patterson Cemetery Project was conducted by the Patterson Township Historical Society.  Many members worked tirelessly obtaining images from the local newspaper, PATTERSON IRRIGATOR.  All obituaries (1911-2006) were complied, recorded and published by Burta Herger and Gale D Stroud.

Continued years will be added during or following each new year.

NOTE: All photos and text files are in alphabetical order.

Dates are Recorded YYMMDD. Example: (June 2, 1911) will read: 110602.

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Wacker Harold S Wellman Anna Williams Wendal Wayne
Wade Clarence W 2 images Wells Albert Williams Wes
Wade Clarence W Sr Wells Anthea A Williamson Owen
Wade Dorothy Wells Beatrice M Williges Anna
Wade Hoyt C Wells Daniel Z Williges Donald
Wade Shirley A Wells Gordon K Williges Henry
Wafford Mary E Wells Mary E Willingham Paul
Waford Mary P Wells Minnie Willis Milton A
Waggoner Carl Wells Rose L Willits Margaret
Wagner Harry Wells Vernon H Willits Oliver G
Waite C F Welty John S Wills Otha L
Wakefield Beverly M Welty Loretta R Wilson Alveta G
Walck Henry Z Welty Noah E Wilson Betty B B
Walcott Eunice I 2 images Welty Robert B Wilson Darrell
Walden Alice C Wenker Frank J Wilson Dudley
Walden Thomas E Wenz Estella E Wilson Elaine C
Walker Berneeta Wenz Katherine Wilson Fred S
Walker Dorothy Wenz Louis A Wilson George W
Walker Mae O Wenzel Harvey B Wilson Gus Mrs
Walker Robin R Wesley Bonnie C Wilson Harry A
Walker Stanley H Wesley Danny C Wilson Jesse M
Walker Vernon E Wesley David Wilson Joe
Walker William Everett Wesley James L Wilson Logan S
Wall B T Wesley Mary D Wilson Lulu
Wall Lawrence E Wesley Stanley Wilson Margaret E
Wall Mr West George Wilson Margaret Y
Wall Ruth West Katie M Wilson Marjorie G
Wallace B C West Mary J Wilson Nathaniel
Wallace Doyle West William D Wilson Pearl V
Wallace Doyle H Westbert Eugene T Wilson Robert R 1971
Wallace Martin L Westbrook Donald R Sr Wilson Robert R 1995
Wallace Patrick A Westbrook Hartley Wilson Sarah Jane
Wallace Sherman Westbrook Martin and Mary Wilson Senia
Wallace Sidney G Westlund John Wilson Vona L
Wallace William L Westlund John W Wiltse Otto
Wallar Joe Wetherbee Edward M Winbigler Diane S
Waller Delia F Wharton David P Winega Walter D
Wallis Albert A Wheatly Harvey Winegar Amy D
Wallis Jane Wheaton E L Mrs Winegar Ashbel D
Wallis Stanton Mrs Wheaton Harry D Winegar Cody R
Wallis Wilmer T Wheeland Earl E Winegar Dora E
Wallraven James D Wheeland Jack Lee Roy Winegar Edward
Walter George O Wheeland Mabel C Winegar James A
Walters Margaret Wheeler C R Wing Augusta M
Walthan David D Wheeler Harriet R Wing Ella
Walther Dora V Wheeler Ida M Wing Sam
Walther Joy E Wheeler Minnie B Winters Freda
Walther Lawrence Wheeler Terry Rae Winther Carl Mrs
Walton Glenneta L Whipe Jewell E Wise Homer P
Wanzer Ralph W Whisenant John Wise James J
Wanzer Shirley P Whitacre Shirley A Wise Olive M
Ward Burke Whitbeck Cora V Wiseman Neil L
Ward Dora Estella Whitbeck Orin L Wisner John
Ward Emma J Whitby George A Witherly Nancy
Ward Lawrence K White Balfour Witherly Walter W
Ward Stella White Brook S 2 images Withers Infant
Wardlow Ronald T White Dallas W Witten Margaret
Warner Leslie W White E Carolyn Witten Phillip W
Warren David E White Frank E Wixson William Dean
Warren Gary G White Frank W Wolfe John S
Warren Lura M White Infant Wolfe Philip
Warren Ray E White Lena L Wolfsen Myrna Eva
Warwick Anna A White Marjorie A Wong Alice
Wash Thomas H White Therese Wong George Chun Wah
Washburm Meda T White Vernon A Wong Henry
Washburn Edella White Walter L Wong James
Washburn G Edwin White Walton D Jr Wonn Nola J
Washburn J R White William M Wood A L
Washburn Janel T Whitfield Lillian S Wood Baby Girl
Washburn Lewis R Whitlock Vincent Wood Cora L
Washburn Meda T Whitman Esther Wood Dorothy L
Washburn Robert B Whitman Fred Wood Frank E
Waterman Caroline Whitman Peggy A Wood Glenn L
Waters Edmund Whitworth Geo H Wood Herman O
Waters Elizabeth Wickford Henry Wood Hilda
Waters Julia Ann Wickord Jennie Wood Iola
Waters Myron E Wier Bernadette M Wood Leonard T
Watkins Diane Delores Wiese Charles Wood Lynn S
Watson Albert J Wiese Elizabeth Wood Mae
Watson Alfred L Wiese Louis P Wood R B
Watson Berdina Wiesendanger Luisa Wood William H
Watson David S Wigle Donald L Woods Walter
Watson E W Wikstrom U Ms Woodward Grisella B
Watson Ed Wilcox Dorothy E Woodward J H
Watson Hester Wilcox Nellie Woodward Louis C
Watson Jack R Wilde A J Woofter Dorothy
Watson Mary Wiley Charles Woofter Everett
Watson Randy J Wiley Warden D Mr Mrs Woofter Everett Mrs
Watson Robert C Wilford Irene Woofter Ross
Watson Sylvester Wilhite Walter Wooley Gladys
Watson Walter L Wilkerson Alyene Wooley James J
Watt Charles L Wilkins Donald F Wooley Martha
Wayland Russell E Wilkins Edna G Wooley Millard E
Wear Donald E Jr Wilkinson Francis S Wooley Robert
Weatherford Frank Wilkinson James S Wooley Roy
Weatherford Othel Wilkinson Marilyn S Woolley Margaret L
Weatherred Melvin R Willey Mary Alice Worden George 1961
Weaver Melva Mildred R Willey Sharon L Worden George 1974
Weaver Phares C William Leo J Worden Gladys M
Webb Barach O Williams Andrew I Wortman Carrie
Webb Elzie E Williams Arthur W Wortman Clyde E
Webb Harry Williams Audrey A Wortman Frank A
Webb Herbert B Williams Benjamin H Wortman George W
Webb Isabella Williams Clara D Wortman Lee
Webb Joe W Williams Clay M Wortman Loda A
Webb Louie E Williams Corrine Wortman Thelma
Webb Robert W Williams Darwin E Woten Hedwig H
Webb Welter W Williams Devere Wray James E
Webb William W Williams Ellen C Wreden May H
Weber Edward Williams George L Wren David W
Webster Anna I Williams Harry Wright Al T
Webster Douglas Williams James E Wright Arthur
Webster Emma B Williams John Wright Dewey L
Webster Laura E Williams John E Wright Floy R
Wedge Oatho L Williams June Wright Hazel L
Weillie Harold H Williams Lauren J Wright Helen Mae
Weir Georgie E Williams Lee V Wright Ina G
Weise Carl T Williams Lulu G Wright John
Weise Michael R Williams Mary L Wright John R
Weisenberger William Williams Matt J Wright Joseph G
Weitzel Bette L Williams Maude L Wright Keith
Weitzel Richard F Williams Melissa Wright Leonard L
Welch Dan L Williams Nellie Wright Lewis R
Welch John Williams Neta Wright Marion S
Weldon Frank Williams Octavia P Wright Marion S Jr
Welker Jonathan Williams Roy M Wright Melville
Welker Mabel Williams Stephen L Wright Michael
Wellbaum Earl 1938 Williams Valerie Wright Richard C
Wellbaum Earl 1940 Williams Vickie V Wyseur R J
Wellemeyer Ernst E Williams Virginia E
Wellemeyer Myrtle Williams Virigil V