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Yuba County - 2

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foster-william.jpg (59461 bytes) William McFadden Foster - Born October 25, 1815 in Meadville, Crawford Co., PA - Died February 25, 1874 in San Francisco. - Buried in Mission Dolores cemetery - Founder of Foster's Bar and survivor of Donner Party 1846   Source: Yuba County Library
foster-sarah.jpg (105885 bytes) Sarah Ann Charlotte Murphy Foster - Born November 4, 1826 in Union Co., S. C. - Married William McFadden Foster on December 29, 1842 in Clark Co., MO - Died December 20, 1906 in San Francisco, buried in Ft. Bragg. Children: Jeremiah George, Alice E., Georgiana C., William Budd, Minnesota, Harriet, Frances S. - Survivor of Donner Party 1846 - Source: Yuba County Library
jones-archie-and-phebe.jpg (22649 bytes) Archie and Phebe Ellen (Forbes) Jones, married in Marysville -  Contributed by Mary Thomas []
forbes-carrie-williams.jpg (30086 bytes) Carrie (Williams) Forbes - 1871 - 1894, born and died in Yuba County. -  Contributed by Mary Thomas []
forbes-ira-family.jpg (50841 bytes) Ira Elmer Forbes, Carrie (Williams) Forbes, baby Phebe Ellen (Forbes) Jones - Carrie, born January 14, 1871 in Yuba Co., died June 20, 1894 in Yuba Co. -  Contributed by Mary Thomas []
leplongeon-augustus-alice.jpg (42921 bytes) Augustus And Alice LePlongeon - Source: Yuba County Library
leplongeon-augustus.jpg (20090 bytes) Augustus LePlongeon - Source: Yuba County Library
leplongeon-alice.jpg (29415 bytes) Alice LePlongeon - Source: Yuba County Library
williams-mary-ellen-laverty.jpg (23778 bytes) Mary Ellen (Laverty) Williams - Born January 26, 1852 in Mo. - Died February 4, 1916 in Hammonton, Yuba Co. Contributed by Mary Thomas []
hudiburg-mary-laverty.jpg (34380 bytes) Mary (Laverty) Hudiburg "Marie" - Born December 19, 1879 in Ca. - Died September 13, 1948 in Alameda Co. Ca. - Daughter of John Laverty and Mary Jane (Anderson) Laverty. Contributed by Mary Thomas []
laverty-myrtie-estella.jpg (24369 bytes) Myrtie Estella Laverty - Born November 23, 1889 in Yuba Co. - Died January 31, 1981 in Yuba Co. - Daughter of John Laverty and his second wife Elsie Bradley Milligan. Contributed by Mary Thomas []
laverty-john.jpg (47417 bytes) John Laverty - Born 1810 in Co. Tyrone, Ireland - Died September 13, 1858 - Buried St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Marysville, Yuba Co., Ca. - Photo taken 1980. Contributed by Mary Thomas []
laverty-house.jpg (62237 bytes) Old stone House in Loma Rica, Yuba Co., Ca. - Built by John Laverty and Mary (Carron) Early Laverty in early 1850's. Contributed by Mary Thomas []
marysville-laporte-stage.jpg (29552 bytes) Marysville - La Porte Stage - This photo was taken at La Porte in Plumas Co. The back says "Stage in La Porte, Bustillos driver, sisters passengers." The driver would have been one of the sons of Jesus Bustillos who had a lot of children (at least eleven). The photo was printed by Gustav Schubert's studio in La Porte which operated between 1880 and 1900 but the actual date is unknown. Photo courtesy of George Dunlap. (Submitted by Brad Sharpe.)
macy-rowland.jpg (82946 bytes) Roland H. Macy - MACY & CO. - Text
mcgruder-sally.jpg (50647 bytes) Sallie B. Magruder - Graduated from Miss Poston's school in 1868 - Daughter of Lloyd Magruder (County        Recorder of Yuba County and also Assemblyman) - Sally married James Reed September 22, 1867                          Source: Yuba County Library
mccoy-henry-alonzo.jpg (30432 bytes) Henry (Hank (Alonzo) McCoy - Sheriff of Yuba County - Source: Yuba County Library
mccoy-and-harkey.jpg (30919 bytes) Henry (Hank (Alonzo) McCoy, Sheriff of Yuba County (sitting) - Sheriff B. Harkey, Sutter County (standing) c1889  Source: Yuba County Library
j-q-packard-library.jpg (35755 bytes) J. Q. Packard Library - Marysville - Contributed by Craig Hahn
mitchell-naomi-pike-1.jpg (71615 bytes) Naomi Pike (Schenick) Mitchell as a girl in Marysville
mitchell-naomi-pike-2.jpg (81077 bytes) Naomi Pike (Schenick) Mitchell - Naomi as an elderly woman in Dalles, Oregon. She came across the plains and Sierra Nevada's as part of the Donnor Party (1846) - Daughter of William Pike, step-daughter of Michael C. Nye.
skinner-home.jpg (14786 bytes) Skinner Home in Greenville - L-R: Mary Alice Skinner, Roby Mullin Skinner, Joseph H. Skinner, Mary Golden Beaty, Henry Skinner, Josephine Skinner Burnell. - Source: Yuba County Library
prinderville-houses.jpg (62906 bytes) "Pinderville House" located on corner of 6th & D streets. One of the unique features of the of the historic section of Marysville are that each house has a different look or style to it. It is rare to see two houses alike in the same area here. Contributed by Craig Hahn
vanmale-home.jpg (17209 bytes) Dr. VanMale's Home - in Challenge - c1915 - Source: Yuba County Library
rose-john.jpg (17525 bytes) John Rose - Age 75 years - Born March 9, 1817 in Leigh, Scotland - Died April 7, 1899 in Smartsville.              Source: Yuba County Library
barrie-john-f-residence.jpg (132815 bytes) Ranch and Residence of JOHN F. BARIE - Yuba Co. Cal.
belcher-i-s-residence.jpg (123920 bytes) Residence of I. S. BELCHER - Marysville - Yuba Co. Cal.
bishop-zend-d-residence.jpg (124183 bytes) Residence and Farm of ZEND BISHOP - Dan Valley Slate Range Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
boyer-j-h-residence.jpg (100787 bytes) Residence and Ranch of J. H. BOYER -Linda Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
boyer-john-residence.jpg (123658 bytes) Residence of JOHN BOYER - Smartsville - Rose Bar Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
brown-a-p-residence.jpg (143510 bytes) Residence of A. P. BROWN - Smartsville - Rose Bar Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
brown-j-p-residence.jpg (126906 bytes) Residence of J. P. BROWN - Slate Range Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
buttlemann-fred-residence.jpg (134933 bytes) Residence of FRED BUTTLEMANN - Cor. C and 8th St.
camp-at-donner-lake-1846.jpg (132398 bytes) Camp at DONNER LAKE - Nov. 1846
cantlin-d-l-residence.jpg (123876 bytes) Home and Residence of D. L. CANTLIN - Wheatland - Linda Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
clark-l-b-residence.jpg (144069 bytes) Virginia Rancho - Residence of HON. L. B. CLARK - Yuba co. Cal.
coombs-n-d-residence.jpg (110294 bytes) Ranch and Residence of N. D. COOMBS - Yuba Co. Cal.
dam-b-f-residence.jpg (113961 bytes) Farm and Residence of B. F. DAM - Wheatland - East Bar Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
decker-and-jewett-building.jpg (139766 bytes) Banking House of DECKER & JEWETT - No. 60 D St. - Marysville - Yuba Co. Cal
donner-arrival-of-relief-party-1847.jpg (125267 bytes) Arrival of DONNER RELIEF PARTY - Feb. 18th, 1847
dunning-z-residence-and-hotel.jpg (108800 bytes) Dunning's Hotel - Residence and Property of Z. DUNNING - Linda Bar Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
eich-john-residence.jpg (128737 bytes) Residence and Farm of JOHN EICH - Yuba Co. Cal.
falck-john-residence.jpg (140348 bytes) Woodville House - JOHN C. FALCK - Proprietor - North East Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
flannery-r-j-residence.jpg (111996 bytes) Residence of R. J. FLANNERY - No. 196 D Street - Marysville - Yuba Co. Cal.
flint-joseph-residence.jpg (132586 bytes) Residence of JOSEPH A. FLINT - Smartsville - Rose Bar Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
foss-and-son-residence.jpg (122846 bytes) New York Racing - Residence and Farm of L. FOSS AND SON - New York Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
foster-w-t-residence.jpg (124643 bytes) Residence of W, T, FOSTER, Cabbage Patch - Yuba Co. Cal.
freeman-thomas-residence.jpg (143530 bytes) Property of THOMAS FREEMAN - Slate Range Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.
garrison-a-n-residence.jpg (130492 bytes) Ranch and Residence of A. N. GARRISON - Wheatland - East Bear River Tp. Yuba Co Cal.
gillette-c-p-residence.jpg (129767 bytes) Ranch and Residence of C. P. GILLETTE - Wheatland - East Bear River Tp. Yuba Co Cal.
mill-crane.jpg (131302 bytes) Shemon Valley Mill - CRANE AND BRG. - New York Tp. Yuba Co. Cal.