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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Gabel (Ludovico), 1843, German sailor from Boston on the Admittance, under the name of Robt Foster, known as 'Bob the fisherman;' d. at Mont. '72, Swan. Gabriel (Ralph), 1847, at S.F. to '70. Alta. Gafan (CV.), 1837, mr of the Veloz Asturiano. iv. 106. Gaitan (Cayetano), at Jamacha rancho '36. iii. 611. G. (Jos‚ M.), Mex. convict '29-35. Gajiola (Jos‚ Ant.), sec. of ayunt. at Mont. '29. ii. 612; clerk at Soledad '36. iii. 690-1; sec. at S. Jos‚ '42-3. iv. 684. G. (Valentin), alf‚rez and habilitado at MonXXX '45-6. iv. 652; v. 41. Galbraith (Isaac), 1826, Amer. blacksmith and hunter who came with Jed. Smith's party and settled at San Gabriel. ii. 558; iii. 153, 155-6, 158, 160, 176; a crack shot, and a man of gigantic size and strength. I find no record of him after '29, when his age was 34. Gale (Joseph), 1841-2, mr of the State of Oregon. iv. 568. G. (Joseph), 1831, doubtful member of Young's party. iii. 388. 

Gale (Wm Alden), 1810, Boston trader, who 1st visited Cal. as clerk on the Albatross, which did a large business in furs at the Farallones. ii. 93-4. In '22-3 he came back as sup. of the Sachem the pioneer in the hide trade with Boston. ii. 474-5, 478, 492-3, 614. Again he returned in '25-7, still on [p.154]the Sachem, taking back as wife Marcelina Estudillo, the 1st Cal. woman to visit the 'hub,' who seems never to have returned to Cal. iii. 24, 62, 118, 148. His next trip was on the Brookline in '20-30; and his last on the Roxana '32, when he remained on the coast as agent of Bryant & Sturgis's ships till '35, getting a carta in '33. iii. 137-8, 146, 381. He died in Mass. '41. He was a most popular trader, famous for the zeal with which he drove his bargains in broken Spanish. His most common nickname was Cuatro Ojos, by reason of his spectacles; but his name was also translated into Tormenta, 'a gale;' and he was sometimes called Cambalache, or 'barter.' Galente (Rafael), 1847, lot at S.F. Gali (Francisco), 1584, Span. voyager down the Cal. coast. i. 94-6. Galiano (Dionisio), 1792, Span. com. of the Sutil and Mexicana in an explor. exped. to Cal. and the N.W. Coast; killed at Trafalgar. i. 490. 506-9; see also Hist. N.W. Coast, i. 

Galindo (Bautista), soldier at S.F. '37; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 27, wife Alvisa (?) Moreno. G. (Cris¢stomo), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 67, wife Jacoba Bernal, child. Francisco b. '24, Antonio '26, Jos‚ '29, Agustin '31, Juan '39. His daughter Ana Mar¡a married J. A. Forbes; and the family home was at Milpitas; grantee and cl. of S. Jos‚ mission land. v. 665. The full name was Juan C. See also Jos‚ Jesus and Juan. G. (Eusebio), b. at S.F. 1802; soldier in S.F. comp. '28-9; ment. in '40. iv. 23; juez de paz at Sta Clara '45. iv. 683. Still at Sta Clara in '77, when he gave me some historical Apuntes. G. (Francisco), son of Cris¢stomo or Jos‚ Jesus; in Alameda Co. '78. G. (Francisco), Span. not required to quit Cal. in '30. iii. 52. G. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '37-43. iv. 667. G. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '38-9. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), grantee of Laguna de la Merced and Sauzalito '35. iii. 712-13; corp. S.F. militia '37; killed Jos‚ Peralta at S.F. in '38. G. (Jos‚ de Jesus), died at Milpitas in '77, at the reputed age of 106; his son Francisco was then a resid. of Oakland; and his daughter Juana was the wife of Jos‚ M. Alviso and later of Jos‚ Uridias, still living in '77. Jos‚ Jesus may have been Cris¢stomo, q.v., whose age in '77 would have been 103. G. (Juan), corporal in S.F. comp. '19-29; very likely Juan Cris¢stomo, q.v. G. (Leandro), regidor at S. Jos‚ '22. ii. 604; militiaman and elector at S.F. '37. iii. 705; lot at S.F. mission '40. iv. 706; in '42 at S.F., age 55, wife Dominga Alaman, child. Seferino b. '30, Mar¡a '33, Antonio '35, Francisco '38, Gregoria '39, Genaro '40, and Mariano '41; militia corporal '44; juez de campo and grantee of a lot '46. v. 648, 684. G. (Manuel), 1825, Span. officer on the Constante. iii. 26. G. (Nasario), son of Leandro; soldier, corp., and sergt of S.F. comp. '32-43. iii. 567, 667, 678; in '55 near mission S. Jos‚, age 40. G. (Nicolsettler at S.F. 1791-1800. i. 716. G. (Rafael), soldier of S.F. comp. 1797-1800. i. 556; also '34-7, perhaps another man. Galista (Jos‚ Ant.), Mex. clerk at Mont. '36, age 50, wife Andrea Jimeno, child. Dar¡o b. '22 at Mont., Valentin '24, Domitila '27, Jos‚ '29, Felipe '31, Mar¡a G. '33, Jos‚ Ant. '36. 

Gallagher (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); an Irish farmer in Sonoma Co. '71-83, when he was at Bodega. Gallant (Victor), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlist. at Sonoma, Oct. Gallardo (Anastasio), Mex. convict '29-35. G. (F‚lix), at Los Ang. '36. iii. 491; and '46. v. 312; 2 of the name in '46. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), a settler at Brancif. 1797. i. 569. G. (Juan), soldier killed by Ind. at the Colorado 1781. i. 359-62. G. (Juan), Mex. shoemaker, and leader in the Apalrevolt of '35. iii. 282-6; still at Los Ang. to '46, when he was alcalde. iii. 504, 564; v. 50, 143, 625-6; claimantin '52 for land granted '38. G. (Rafael), at Los Ang. from '36; juez de paz '43. iv. 633; regidor '47. v. 626. G. (Simon), at Los Ang. '48. Gallego (Csettler on the Colorado, killed 1781. i. 359-62. G., trader forbidden to hold raffles 1798, i. 642. G. (Pablo), at Sonoma '44, age 35. Galleges, drowned at Sta B. '30. ii. 576. Galusha (Elon A.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Rochester, N.Y., before '83. Galway (James), 1847 (?), said to have come with his parents at the age of 5; page in the convention of '49; with Walker in Nic.; lieut in war of '61-5; editor of Sta Cruz Journal; d. in '70. Sta Clara News, Sept. 24, '70. 

Gamble (Wm), 1841, a young naturalist sent out from Phil. by Nuttall to [p.155]collect specimens; came from N. Mex. in the Workman party. iv. 278-9. Being financially crippled, he was employed by Com. Jones in '42 as clerk on the Cyane, and perhaps went away on that vessel; in '44 at Callao; said by Given to have ret. to Cal. about '49. G. (Wm M.), 1845, mid. on the U. S. Portsmouth. Gamon (Jos‚ M.), 1844, mr of the Trinidad. iv. 569. G. (Thos), 1826, at Mont. G(Pedro), apparently a clerk of Pedrorena '40-1. Gann (Nicholas), 1847, overl. immig. with wife Ruth, to whom, in camp at Stockton, Oct., was born the 1st child in S. Joaq., named Wm; at Gilroy '79-82. Gannon (Thos), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Sta B. '55. Gansevoort (Stanwix), 1845, mid. on U.S. Portsmouth. 

Gantt (John), 1843, member of the Chiles-Walker immig. party. iv. 392-4, 400. In earlier times said to have been an officer in the U.S. army. Capt. G. commanded Sutter's force in Micheltorena's service '44-5; and after the campaign made a contract to attack Ind. horse-thieves for a share of the recovered animals. iv. 480, 485-6, 506-7, 516-17, 543. In Sept. '46 Bryant found him ill at Dr Marsh's rancho, and it is likely that sickness prevented his taking part in the troubles of '46-7. In '47 he wrote from Sonoma asking an appointment as sub-Ind. agent, and from Yount's place in Napa, proposing to build a saw-mill on his 'mountain tract;' in '48 of firm G. & Hannah at Napa; in '49 mining on Feather River; died in Napa Val. later in '49. 

Garaycoechea (Jos‚), at S. F. 1795. i. 700. Garc‚s (Francisco T. H.), 1774, Span. friar of Quer‚taro college, and missionary in Sonora from '68; with Anza in his exped. to Cal. 1774-6; the 1st to explore the Tulare valley and the route from Mojave to S. Gabriel; later missionary at the Colorado pueblos, where he was killed by the Ind. in 1781. i. 221-3, 258-62, 273-8, 354-67, 573, and list of auth. ii. 43-4. 

Garc¡a (Anastasio), a desperado who killed Joaq. de la Torre and several other men in the Sta B. region '55. G. (Anselmo), at S. Jos‚ '47. G. (Antonio), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Bernardino), son of Francisco, age 19 in '41, when he enlisted in the S.F. comp. at Sonoma. iv. 667. He was the desperado, 'Four-fingered Jack,' who killed Cowie and Fowler in '46. v. 161-2; also ment. at Natividad. v. 370; Cal. claim of $1,375; I think he was hanged in later years. G. (Bibiana Romero de), widow at J. Jos‚ '41, age 21, child. Jos‚ Ant. b. '34, Francisco '36. G. (Bruno), settler at Los Ang. 1796. ii. 350. G. (Cditto 1813. G. (CCal. claim $2,152 (v. 462). 

Garc¡a (Diego), 1787, Span. friar, who served chiefly at S.F. and retired in '97. Biog. i. 713; ment. i. 388, 474, 498-500, 575, 577. G. (Dionisio), Mex. sold. at Mont. '36, age 37; owner of S. F. lots '39-46. v. 676, 682. G. (Eugenio), soldier at Sta B. '32. G. (Faustino), at Mont. '47. G. (Felipe), Span. sold. of the Mont. comp. before 1780; had a garden at Mont. about 1815. ii. 209; his wife was Petra Lugo (or Rincon), and they had 20 children. G. (Felipe Santiago), regidor at Los Ang. 1789-90. i. 461; perhaps same as preceding. G. (Felipe Santiago), son of preceding, b. at Mont. 1782; in '35, 46, juez de campo. iii. 674; v. 637; in '36 at Mont., wife Jacinta Fernandez, child. Jos‚ de Jesus b. '22, Antonia '25, Manuel Est‚van '27, Encarnacion '29. In '54 he gave Taylor, Discov. and Founders, ii. 25, his recollections; Cal. claim in '46 of $1,042 (v. 462); still living after '60. G. (Felipe), in Los Ang. region '46, age 25. G. (Francisco), maj. at Sta B. 1811-1820. ii. 364. G. (Francisco), Span. invalido of Sta B. comp. in '28-9, age 60. iii. 51. G. (Francisco), soldier of S. F. '34-5. G. (Francisco), Mex. at Mont. '36, age 34, wife Josefa Gonzalez, child. Bernab‚ b. '23, Pedro '25, Jos‚ '26, Epitacio '28, Lugarda '30, Bonifacia '31, Mar¡a Jesus '33, Micaela '34; grantee of ranchos in Mont. and Sta Clara '42, '45. iv. 655, 673; juez at S. Feliciano '45-6; iv. 625, 634, 637. Cal. claims of $14,625 and $2,170 in '46-7. (v. 462); still in Mont. Co. '50. G. (Francisco), at Los Ang '46. G. (Francisco), one of the Jack Powers gang hanged near S. Luis Ob. about '55; ment. in '46. v. 162; perhaps confounded with Bernardino. G. (Gabriel), at the S. Pascual fight 46. v. 352; a soldier at Sta B. before '37. G. (Hilarion), maj. at S. Diego '30. ii. 549; alf‚rez at Sta B. '39-46. iii. 583; iv. 642; v. 35. 

Garc¡a (Inocente), son of Felipe, b. at Los Ang. 1791; soldier in Mont. [p.156]comp. from 1807, serving in the escolta of S. Miguel and Soledad; from '13 trader and soap-maker; maj. of S. Juan B. '22-3. ii. 624; ment. at Mont. '28-30. ii. 612; iii. 41; took part in Alvarado's revolt of '36, and in Ind. exped. of '37-9. iii. 457, 460. 469; iv. 75; admin. of S. Miguel '37-45. iii. 555, 587, 685; iv. 659; arrested by Fr‚mont '46. v. 375-6. He went to the mines in '48; and for years supposed himself to be owner of a rancho near S. Luis Ob., bat lost it. His wife was Mar¡a del CRamirez, and there were many children. In '78 living at S. Luis in poverty, strong in body and mind, though 88 years old, and of good repute. He gave me his Hechos Historicos, a MS. full of interesting details of the old soldier's life and observations. ii. 232, 338-9, 386. In '85 I have not heard of his death. G. (Jacinto), soldier at S.F. '27-40. G. (Jesus), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Joaq.), sent to Mex. '30. iii. 85. 

Garc¡a (Jos‚), 1800, Span. friar who served at S. Luis Rey, and retired in 1808. Biog. ii. 108; ment. i. 577; ii. 159-60. G. (Jos‚), settler at Los Ang. 1808. ii. 350. G. (Jos‚), soldier at S.F. '28-33. G. (Jos‚), sent as prisoner to Sonora '37. iii. 638. G. (Jos‚), came in '36 from S. Amer.; flogged for forgery at Mont. '37; clerk at S. Jos‚ '41-2. iv. 684-5; ment. in '46. v. 321; said to have been killed at Natividad. v. 372. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), 1st death at Sta Clara. i. 306. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), petitioner for lands for N. Mex. colony '45. iv. 572, 635, 637. G. (Jos‚ Dolores), ment. at Sta B. '48, in con. with the Ca on Perdido. v. 588. G. (Jos‚ E.), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, worked at Sta B. for Capt. Robbins '45; served under Carrillo and Flores '46. v. 400; took part in hiding the cannon in '48; and in '78 gave me his Episodios. G. (Jos‚ Manuel), lots at S.F. '39. G. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), nat. of Sonora, of Span. parentage; s¡ndico at Sta B. '31-2. iii. 653, 212; maj. and admin. of Sta B. '34-6. iii. 346, 353, 657-8; alcalde in '34. iii. 654. His wife was Mar¡a Ant. Ayala. G. (Jos‚ Miguel), militiaman at S.F. '37; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 21, wife Rafaela Miranda, child. Guadalupe b. '39. G. (Jos‚ Norberto), murdered at S. Juan B. '44. iv. 662. G. (Juan), soldier at S.F. 1797-1800. i. 556. G. (Juan), soldier at Mont. '36, age 26. G. (Juan and Juan Jos‚), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Juan B.), soldier of S. F. comp. '34-42. G. (Julian), at Los Ang. '46; S. Luis Ob. '58. G. (Luis), at Brancif. '30. ii. 627; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 28. G. (Luz), comisionado at Brancif. '15. ii. 390; inv'28, wife Rosal¡a Vazquez, child. Rufino, Antonio, Jos‚ Mar¡a.

Gare¡a (M.), grantee of S. Miguel rancho '46. v. 637. G. (Manuel), 1822, mr of the S.F. de Paula.. ii. 457, 474. G. (Manuel), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Marcelino), 1844, one of the Bat. fijo. iv. 289, 405; in '77 at Salinas City, where he gave me his Apunte sobre Micheltorena. G. (Matias and Miguel), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Msoldier of the piquete de Hidalgo at Mont. '36, age 45. G. (Miguel), grantee of S. Miguel '46. G. (Norberto), at Salinas '36, age 35, wife Mar¡a Victoria Gomez, child. Mar¡a Francita b. '20, Rita '23, Jos‚ '25, Juan Jos‚ '28, Guadalupe '31, Teodora '34. G. (Paseual), soldier at Sta B. before '37. G. (Paseual), at La Brea '36, age 49, wife Juliana Sanchez. G. (Pedro), 1842, lieut of the batallon fijo. iv. 289. G. (Pedro Gonzalez), armorer and instructor 1792-5. i. 615, 684. G. (Rafael), soldier of S. F. comp. '23-33; at S. Rafael '24. ii. 598; grantee of Tamales and Baulinas '36. iii. 713; grantee of land in Mendocino '44. iv. 672; raid on the Ind. '45. iv. 541, 679. He died in '66 in Marin Co., age 75. G. (Rafael), at Los Ang. '46; soldier at Sta B. '32. G. (Ramon), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 27. G. (Reyes), in piquete de Hidalgo at Mont. '36. G. (Rosalio), son of Felipe; went to Chili to avoid mil. service. G. (Salvador), Span. sailor of the Asia; rem. in Cal. iii. 51-2. G. (Tomsoldier at Sta B. before '37. G. (Trifion), grantee of Atascadero '42. iv. 655. 

Garc¡a Diego (Francisco), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at Sta Clara to '35, being pref‚t of the northern missions, and in '41 came back as bishop of Cal., dying in '46. Biog. v. 632-3; ment. iii. 318-24, 328-36, 338, 347-8, 351-2, 726; iv. 63-5, 195-6, 219, 332-8, 372-4, 424-7, 519, 554, 565, 619, 640. Gard (Chas and John), 1848, at Mont. Gardner (Geo. W.), 1844, mr of the Nantucket. iv. 567. G. (Wyman), 1840, at Mont. (?). G., 1848, worked for John Williams on Butte Cr. Gareolo (Valentin), lieut [p.157]in Cal. '45 (?). Garfias (Manuel), 1842, Mex. lient in the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289; grantee of S. Pascual '43. iv. 635; rem. in Cal., and took part in the war against the U.S. '46-7, going to Mex. with Flores. iv. 513; v. 41, 49, 316, 391, 467. He came back to Cal., and was county treasurer of Los Ang. '50-1; in later years U.S. consul at Mazatlan, where he still lived, perhaps, in '77. G. (Salvador), Span. at S. Jos‚ '41, age 41, wife Crecencia Cibrian, child. Salvador b. 31, Ascension '36, Jos‚ Jesus, '34, Felicidad '29, Encarnacion '30, C'38, Josefa '40. Garibay (Gertrudis), accused of murder at Mont. '34. iii. 673. Garner (Philip), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (R.), 1848, landed at Sta B. (?). G. (Wm A.), 1847, ditto, made bricks and dug a well at S. Diego. 

Garner (Wm Robert), 1824, nat. of London, b. in 1803, who deserted from an English whaler at Sta B., the date being often given as '26. ii. 526. In '29 he was refused naturalization; in '31 married a daughter of Manuel Butron; in '32 joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221. He was a lumberman, and appears on Larkin's books from '33; in '36-7 was a lieut of Graham's comp. in Alvarado's service. iii. 458-9, 512; and in '39 was naturalized, then living at S. Juan B. His part in the Graham affair of '40 is recorded in iv. 5-6, 10, 12, 21, 27, he being the man who revealed the plot of Graham and his associates. It is not quite clear whether he simply acted in good faith as a Mex. citizen, was prompted by hostility to G., or was entrapped by Castro into confession for self-protection. Continuing his lumber business for a few years, in '44-8 he kept a boarding-house at Mont., being also at times clerk, policeman, translator, auctioneer, and alcalde's sec., besides serving apparently in the campaign against Micheltorena. iv. 495; v. 637. He went to the mines with Colton, and with his sons made several mining trips, and then moved to S. Luis Ob., from which point, in '49, he made an exped. against the Ind. of the interior and was killed with 6 of his men. His son Jos‚ C., b. about '32, in a letter of '75, gave me some information about his father; also to the S. Jos‚ Pion. of '78, when he lived at S. Jos‚, as he does still, perhaps, in '85. In their anger at the affair of '40, Graham and his friends accused Garner not only of treachery in that matter, but of having been an Australian convict, murderer, and desperado; but in the absence of proofs, it is well to judge the man's character by his Cal. record, which is in every respect better than that of his accusers. He is said to have been of a good family, and was an intelligent man of some education. Garnica del 'Castillo,' q. v. 

Garra, Ind. chief at Pauma '46. v. 567-8. Garraleta (Antonio), clerk at Sta B. mission '39. iii. 657. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), lieut of the frontier comp., sometimes visiting S. Diego; killed in '41 by his wife. iv. 619. Garrick (Peter), 1834, Engl. carpenter at Mont. in Spear's service; written Garruk and Garrenk. Garriger (Solomon), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), enlisting at N. Helv. Oct. Garter (David), 1848, doubtful name. Garue (Wm), 1834, nat. of Sto Domingo, from Hon.; cooper at Los Ang. '36. iii. 412. 

Gasquet (Louis), 1845, French consul at Mont. '45-7. iv. 385, 587, 590; v. 34, 60. 232-3, 364. Gastelum (Francisco J.), at Los Ang. '39-45. Gaten (H.), 1846, Co. B, artill., Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Gautier (Julian), 1843, d. at Los Ang.; his widow at Sonoma, Dec. Gavitt (John), 1847, lot at S. F. Gay (Geo.), 1832, Engl. deserter from a whaler. iii. 408; went to Or. in '35, and came back in '37 in the cattle exped. iv. 85; see Hist. Or., i. 98. 

Geddes (Paul), see Green (Talbot H.). Gehringer (Andrew), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); miner in '48-50; Sta Clara farmer '51-63; in '63-83 near Concord, Contra Costa. Geiger (Wm), 1841, N.Y. teacher, age 24, who came from Hon. on the Thos Perkins. iv. 104, 569; later in the year at N. Helv. Gelabert (Wm), 1846, Span. in U.S.N.; settled later at Stockton, where he died in '82, leaving a wife and 3 children. Gelston (Roland), 1847, mr of the Whiton, and a S. F. merchant of G. & Co. in '47-9; owner of town lot and building; in '53 claimant for lands in Sac. and S.F. v. 581, 676, 678, 683. Gendreau (François), 1844, Canadian in Sutter's employ '45-8; com. of an Ind. comp. in '46. iv. 453; v. 360. He, or his son Joseph, was in the 2d Donner relief '47. v. 540. His wife was a Walla Walla Ind., and their child [p.158]was buried at S. Jos‚ Mission in Dec. '44. His name is often written Gendran, Gendron, Geandreaa, and even Jondro. Genks, 1846, named at N. Helv. Genling (Joaquin), doubiful name of a juez in Mont. dist. iv. 653. Gennon (John), 1847, named by Lancey as a member of Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. Genoa y Aguirre (Fermin), 1817-18, sup. of the Hermosa Mexicana. ii. 282-3, 424. George (J.), 1848, from Hon. on the Julian. 

Gerardo (Rafael), maj. at Sta B. 1793-4. ii. 120. Gerke (Henry), 1847, German immig. at N. Helv. and S.F. in Oct. v. 556; lot-owner at S.F. '47-8. v. 656; later a well-known vineyardist in Tehama Co., where he still lived in '80. German (Antonio), juez de campo at La Brea and grantee of Juristac, iii. 674, 676, 711-12, being 50 years old in '36, wife Mar¡a de la Luz Pe a, child. Antonio b. '18, Juan '20, Jos‚ '22, Luis '24. In early times he had been a soldier at Sta B. G. (Cayetano), at Los Ang. '46; cl. for the rancho in '53. G. (Faustino), brother of Antonio, at Mont. '26. ii. 612; juez de campo '31, '35. iii. 672, 674; grantee with Ant. of Juristac '35. iii. 712; in '36 at La Brea, age 48, wife Mar¡a Ant. Garc¡a, age 40. Faustino, like his brother, lost all his land under the manipulations of Amer. sharpers, and died in poverty at S. Juan in '83, at the age of 95, leaving his widow, aged 87, but no children. G. (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). G. (Juan), vecino of S. Diego, killed in '26. ii. 549. G. (Jos‚ de los Santos), son of Antonio, b. at Sta B. '23; in '78 at Tres Pinos, S. Benito Co., engaged in raising cattle with his brother Luis C. German. The two gave me their recollections of Californian Sucesos, which, on several points, have proved valuable material for history. iv. 359, 463; v. 167. G. (Manuel), soldier at Sta B. before '37; at Los Ang. '30-48. Ger¢nimo, Ind. alcalde at Soledad '26. ii. 623. Gervasio (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '37-42. Gessen, 1845, a German in the south. iv. 490. Gettinger (Peter), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Geurron (J.A.), 1846, Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Gholston (Wm C.), 1846, Co. K, 1st dragoons; killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. 

Gibbins, 1840, at Mont. Gibbon (L.), 1841, mid. on U. S. St Louis. Gibbs (John), 1845, overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587; of committee repres. the immig. before Castro. iv. 606; prob. of the Bears. v. 110; settled in Napa; at N. Helv. Nov. '47. G., 1845, Amer. at Braneif., age 40. Gibson, 1842, purser with Com. Jones. iv. 308. G. (Horatio Gates), 1847-8 (?), lieut in 3d U.S. artill.; at S. Diego, S.F., and other points in Cal. to '61; colonel in war of '61-5; in '77 in com. of Fort Wardsworth, N. Y.; president of eastern assoc. of pion‚rs. I find no original record of such an officer before '49. G. (Joseph), 1831, Amer. trapper and tailor of 'Haqainsor' (Arkansas!), from N. Mex. with Jackson or Wolfskill. iii. 387. 405; at Los Ang. and S. Pedro '34-6; 44 years old in '36 and single. G. (Marion), 1845, Amer. farmer from Or. in the McM.-Clyman party. iv. 572, 587; in the mines with Job Dye '48; died at a date not recorded. G. (Samuel), 1845, Amer. immig. from Or., prob. in the McM.-Clyman party, and possibly identical with the preceding. iv. 578, 587. He took a prominent part in the proceedings of the Bears, being sergt. v. 110, 153, 163-4, 168; went south with Fr‚mont, remaining with Gillespie at Los Ang. and S. Diego, ranking as capt. in the Cal. Bat., wounded at S. Pascual, and serving under Stockton in the final campaign. v. 326-7, 340, 343-7, 360, 386, 434. In '48 he mined on Foather River in partnership with G.P. Swift, and was drowned in the winter of '48-9. Bidwell. G. (Thos), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 

Gifford (James), 1846, applicant for timber-land near S. Diego. Gift (Geo. W.), 1848, nat. of Tenn.; mid. on the U.S. St Mary; left navy in '52; banker at Sac. from '55; lieut in confed. navy from '61; newspaper man at S. Rafael and Napa till his death in '79, leaving a wife and 4 children. Gil y Taboada (Luis), 1801, Mex. friar of S. Fern. college, who served at many missions, being founder of S. Rafael, and died at S. Luis Ob. '33. Biog. iii. 680-1, ment. ii. 29, 121, 131, 135, 137, 159, 329-30, 337, 351, 355, 364, 366, 387, 394, 425, 562, 618, 623, 625, 627, 655. Gilbert (Albert), 1830, from N. Mex. to buy cattle; in trouble with the authorities; went to Hon. on the Volunteer in '32. 

Gilbert (Edward), 1847, N.Y. printer, and lieut Co. H, N.Y. Vol. v. 504. He made a census of S.F. and wrote an article on the town published in the Star. v. 647, 656; was a candidate for alcalde, and declined the collectorship. v. 575, 652, 659; but seems to have acted as Collector Folsom's deputy. He took a prominent part from '48 in public affairs; was editor of the Alta from its beginning in Jan. '49. v. 659; was a member of the constit. convention; and in Nov. '49 was elected as the 1st congressman from Cal. One of his editorial articles drew out a letter which led him to challenge Gen. Jas W. Denver, by whom he was killed in a duel near Sac. in '52 at the age of 33. He was regarded as a man of unusual ability and promise. G., 1848, at Mont.; of firm Newell, Brady, & G. G. (James), 1845, at N.Helv. in Sutter's service '45-6. G. (John), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (Wm), 1846, said to have been steward on the U.S. Savannah; at Stockton '79. 

Gilchrist (Edward), 1846, surgeon on the Congress and Cyane; justice of the peace at Mont.; acted as surg. of the Cal. Bat. v. 231, 361, 637-8. Gildea (Wm B.), 1845, Amer. physician who came overl. in the Swasey-Todd party; died at N. Helv. Jan. '46. iv. 576, 580, 587. Gili (Bartolom‚), 1791, Span. friar, who served chiefly at S. Antonio and retired in '94. Biog. i. 689; ment. i. 496, 500, 523-4, 576, 597. Gill (James), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); enlisting at S. Juan Oct.; lot at S.F. '47. 

Gillespie (Archibald H.), 1846, nat. of Penn. and lieut. of marines U.S.N., who was sent in Oct. '45 from Wash. to Cal. as a bearer of a duplicate of secret instructions to Larkin, with whom he was to co"perate, as was Fr‚mont, in carrying out those instructions. He crossed Mex., destroying his official despatch after committing its contents to memory, and arrived at Mont. in April '46 on the Cyane via Honolulu, thence proceeding to the Oregon frontier to overtake Fr‚mont. v. 24-9, 200, 636, 644. The original of his despatch is now in my possession, and also the copy written by him from memory at Mont. Fr‚mont claims to have received a very different despatch, and there is a bare possibility that Gillespie deceived him. In the various events of May-July, G. took an active part, being made adjutant of the Cal. Bat. at its 1st organization. v. 79-80, 101-2, 127, 177, 184, 247, 252-3. Going south in July, he was left at Los Ang. in com. of the garrison, and by his unwise policy caused the people to revolt and drive him out in Oct. v. 286, 306-15, 319. Joining Stockton at S. Diego, he was sent with a re‚nforcement to meet Kearny, and was wounded in the fight at S. Pascual in Dec. v. 328-9, 340, 343-7. Ranking as major of the battalion, G. commanded a division of Stockton's army, and was again wounded at the S. Gabriel in Jan. '47. v. 360, 386, 391-5. Declining the secretaryship of state under Fr‚mont, he was relieved from duty in Cal., and reported to Com. Biddle in May. v. 433, 437, 440, 445, 450. He went east overland with Stockton, and testified for Fr‚mont at the court-martial; also in the Cal. claims investigation. v. 453-6. He seems to have returned overland to Cal. in '48, and to have spent much of his later life here, though for some years previous to '61 he was in Mex., perhaps as sec. of legation. He was never prominent after '49, having to a certain extent 'lost his grip 'in the battle of life. He died at S.F. in '73, at the age of 60. 

Gillespie (Chas V.), 1848, bro. of Arch. H., nat. of N.Y., who came on the Eagle from China with his family, a cargo of merchandise, and 2 Chinese servants. He advertised in the Star as a merchant and conveyancer; and was made notary public and judge of election. v. 648, 652, 680. He also made inquiries for a rancho, and wrote, 'One of my favorite projects is to introduce Chinese immigrants into this country.' He took a prominent part under Howard in settling the Leidesdorff estate. In '85 he still lives in S.F., where he has been well known as a lawyer and searcher of records. In '75 he contributed for my use a statement on the Vigilance Committee and other topics of early S.F. life; and later gave me some items about early buildings in the city. Mrs G. organized a sabbath-school in '48, and has since been prominent in church affairs. v. 657. G. (James), 1828, mr of the Telemachus. iii. 149; a Mass. man who was lost with the same vessel near Mazatlan. Forbes' Pers. Remin., 90. G. (J.), 1848, mr of a vessel, or sup. Gillingham (Henry), [p.160]1847, musician Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lots '48. Gilman (G. D.), 1848, from Honolulu; of firm Wetmore & G. at S.F. '48-9. 

Gilroy (John), 1814, Scotch sailor, and the 1st foreigner to settle permanently in Cal., being left sick at Mont. by the Isaac Todd. ii. 204, 248, 272, 382, 393. His real name was John Cameron, but having run away from home as a minor, he changed it to avoid being arrested and sent back. His parents moved to England when John was very young; and indeed, he often claimed to be a native of Sunderland, Engl. In Sept. '14 he was baptized at S. Cby P. Sarr¡a as Juan Antonio Mar¡a Gilroy. In '18 Capt. Guerra, at Sta B., sent to the viceroy his petition as an 'Amer. cooper 'for permission to remain and marry in Cal., which was granted in '19; and in '21 he was married at S. Juan B. to Mar¡a Clara de la Asuncion, daughter of Ignacio Ortega. The same year he accompanied Capt. Arg ello in his famous exped. 'to the Columbia' as guide, or rather, interpreter, for Amer. intruders were to be met and talked to. ii. 444-5. The next we hear of him was in '33, when he obtained naturalization, producing certificates that he was a soap-maker and millwright of good character, with wife and 4 children, having also some livestock on the S. Isidro rancho. This rancho was granted the same year to the Ortegas; G. owned a league of it, on which he built an adobe house and spent the rest of his life. His name appears on Larkin's books from '34, when his age was given as 45. In '35 he was aux. alcalde at 'Los Ortegas.' iii. 674; by the padron of '36, age 40, wife age 28, child. Nicodemus b. '26, Miguel '28. iv. 117; age 46 in '40; not arrested in the Graham affair; often named in records of most years; said to have been sent to Fr‚mont's Gavilan camp in '46. v. 18. In '51 for the 1st time Gilroy wrote to his family in England, and I have the original reply-presented by Valentin Alviso-of his brother Alex. Cameron, tanner, at Newton Heath, near Manchester, dated June 29, '52. Alex. is glad to learn that he has a brother living, for father, mother, and the other brothers are all dead. John Gilroy was an honest, good-natured old sailor-ranchero, well liked by everybody, much too fond of his grog and cards, careless and improvident, and as powerless in the hands of land-lawyers as were the natives themselves. He lost all his lands and cattle, but he lived to see his old rancho the site of a flourishing town, which bears his adopted name, Gilroy; and he died, as poor as when he landed in Cal. more than half a century before, in '69, at the age of about '75. I have no definite record of his sons since '48. 'Juanita' (McPherson) has given many items on G.'s early life, obtained from himself, in the Sta Clara Argus and other papers. Gilt (Henry), 1840, at Brancif.; prob. 'Hill.' 

Gines, executed at Pur¡sima '24. Gingery, 1847, in Sutter's employ '47-8; millwright and blacksmith. Gios (Jos‚), sirv. S.F. 1777. i. 297. Girard (A.), 1846, lieut in com. of Co. B, artill., Cal. Bat., v. 361, enlisting at S.F. Oct. G. (Wm), 1846, came to S. Jos‚. Hall. Giraudeau, 1841, French viniculturist at Los Ang.; named by Mofras. Giribet (Miguel), 1785, Span. friar who served at S.F. and S. Luis Ob., retiring in 1800. Biog. i. 689; ment. i. 388, 422, 469, 473-4, 575, 577. Gitt, 1847, a physician named in the N. Helv. Diary '47-8. 

Given (Isaac L.), 1841, nat. of Ohio and civil engineer, who, on a visit to the Missouri River region in '40, heard of Cal., and failing to reach Independence in time to join the Bartleson party, went to Sta F‚, and with 4 of his comrades joined the Workman-Rowland party, or in a sense originated that party. v. 278-9. His 1st work in Cal. was to survey the Rowland rancho. In '42 he came north to apply for land for himself; explored the Sac. Val. with Capt. Merritt and others; visited Napa and Russian Riv.; and ret. to Mont. to get naturalization. Here he found letters from home which caused him to go east as clerk on the Dale. He came back in '49 by the Panamroute, worked as a surveyor at Sac., and was later engaged for many years in mining operations. His wife is Mary A. Thomes, sister of Rob. H. Thomes, a pioneer of '41. In '79-85 Maj. Given resides at Oakland, and his Immigrant of '41 is a MS. narrative of much value and interest. Given, 1847, mr of the Mt Vernon. v. 579. 

Glande (Giovanni), 1827, Ital. trader still at Mont. '29, age 25. iii. 176. Gleason (James H.), 1846, trader at Mont. '46-9; owner of S.F. lot. He came from Hon. on the Don Quixote, and was agent for Paty & Co.; one record has it that he died in '60. G. (John), 1848, roll of Soc. Cal. Pion. 

Glein (CF.), 1844, German blacksmith who came from Mazatlan on the California, settling at S.F., obtaining naturalization and a town lot the same year, and having a blacksmith shop at the cor. of Montgom. and Pacific streets from '45 to '49 and later. iv. 453, 563, 669; v. 684; also owner of a Sonoma Co. rancho in '47; made a trip to Honolulu in '48. Later for many years a dealer in hardware in S.F., where he still lives in '85. Gliddon (Geo. R.), 1846, sup. of the Barnstable, at S.F., Sonoma, Petaluma, and N. Helv. '46-8. Glines (James H.), sergt-major of Morm. Bat. v. 477; did not come to Cal. Gloria (Jacinto), at S. Juan Cap. 1776. i. 303. Gloss (John), 1847. Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Glover (Aquilla), 1846, memb. of 1st Donner relief. v. 538; owner of S.F. lots '47-8. v. 685. G. (Wm), 1846, member of the Mormon colony with wife and 3 children. v. 546. He was the owner of S.F. lots, member of the town council and of the school committee in '47. v. 648, 656, 682; a mason and builder; also com. for settling the affairs of Brannan & Co.; a miner in '48, being one of those who furnished Gov. Mason specimens of gold. He went a little later with his family to Utah, where he still lives in '85 at Farmington. His Mormons in Cal. is an important source of information on its topic, and he has also sent me valuable items about early buildings in S.F. G. (R. O.), 1841, purser on the U.S. St Louis. Glynn (James), 1847, com. of the U.S. Preble. v. 580. 

Goche (Wm), 1838, Fr. shoemaker from N. Mex., age 31, at Los Ang. '40. iv. 119. Goddard (Nicodemus), 1824, Amer. shoemaker on the Sachem. v. 526; at Sta B. '40, age 31, single and catholic. Godey (Alexis), 1844, nat. of Mo., of Fr. Canadian parentage, a hunter in Fr‚mont's 2d, 3d, and 4th exped. iv. 437, 453, 583. He is named in connection with several of F.'s operations in '46. v. 4, 15, 22, 24; went south and remained with Gillespie, was for a time in charge at S. Luis Rey, and took part in the fight at S. Pascual, ranking as lieut in the Cal. Bat. v. 314, 347, 353, 360. He went east with his party but came back in '49; married a sister of A. F. Coronel, and became a farmer and sheep-raiser, like his old associate, Kit Carson. As late as '78 he was still living in southern Cal. Gooway (J. M.), 1847, from Or. on the Henry. Goff (Daniel), 1840, one of the exiles to S. Blas, who did not return. iv. 18. Golden (Edward), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Goldsmith (Sam.), 1845, doubtful member of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583; said to have died in Valpara¡so in '69, leaving a fortune. Nev. Gazette. Goldwaite (Richard M.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Albany, N.Y., in '82. Golovnin (V. M.), 1818, Russian visitor and author of Voy. of the Kamchatka. ii. 251, 291, 317-18, 383, 416. 

Gomez, killed at Mont. '31. iii. 673. G. (Ambrosio), sec. of ayunt. at Mont. v. 636-7. G. (Felipe), at S.F. '37-44; owner of S.F. lot '40. iii. 706; age 57 in '44. G. (Felipe), son of Rafael, trader at Mont., and sometime postmaster, to '85. G. (Francisco), 1769, Span. friar with the 1st division of the 1st exped.; one of the party discovering S.F. bay; at S. Diego and Mont. '70; retired in '71. Mention i. 127, 136, 140, 147, 151, 167, 175-6, 178. G. (Francisco), at Sta Cruz 1794. i. 496. G. (Francisco), Mex. teacher at Mont. '45. G. (Guillermo), policeman at Mont. '46. v. 637. 

Gomez (José Joaquin), 1830, Mex. trader who came on the Leonor; customs officer and comisario subalterno at Mont. '31-2. iii. 224-5, 376, 672; in '34 regidor and builder of the Peor es Nada. iii. 383, 673; in '35 regidor, comisionad¢ to secularize S. Cand grantee of Los Verjeles. iii. 354, 673, 679, 680; in '36 member of the dip., being then 48 years old, having a wife and children in Mex. iii. 426, 454, 460, 469. From '40 his rancho of Verjeles is often mentioned, being on the way from Mont. to S. Jos‚; here Larkin was captured in '46, and the fight of Natividad was in the vicinity; he was also grantee of Tucho in '43. ii. 616; iv. 134, 212, 453, 656; v. 4, 14, 364. In '46 [p.162]Don Joaquin was reported to the govt at Wash. by Larkin as a man of property and character, friendly to the U.S.; in '48 Los Verjeles was advertised for sale for the benefit of creditors. He had a son and a daughter, Dolores, who came to Cal. after his arrival. The latter married and died at Mont. after '78. G. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), soldier in S.F. comp. '19-26; killed by Ind. '29. iii. 110. 

Gomez (Jos‚ Miguel), 1842, Mex. priest who served as curate at Pur¡sima in '42-4, and at S. Luis Ob. in '44-56; claimant for S. Simeon rancho. iv. 371, 421, 426, 647-8, 656-7, 659; v. 638-9. G. (Juan), soldier of S.F. comp. '19. G. (Juan), 1834, mr of the Natalia, and of the Leonidas '36. iii. 265-7, 383; iv. 104. G. (Juan), son of Rafael, resid. of Mont. and S.F. in '75-85, who gave me the privilege of copying a col. of his father's Doc. Hist. Cal. G. (Manuel), Mex. sergt of artill. at S. F. and Mont. from '16; lieut from '19; left Cal. in '22. Biog. ii. 470; ment. ii. 225-32, 247, 263, 371, 422, 451, 454, 461. G. (Nicolone of the mission guard at S. Juan Cap. 1776. i. 303. G. (Pedro), executed at Sta Cruz '47 for killing his wife. v. 641. G. (Rafael), convict settler at S. Jos‚ 1798-1808. i. 606, 638; ii. 192. 

Gomez (Rafael), 1830, Mex. lawyer who came to Cal. as asesor, or legal adviser of the govt, a relation of Joaquin. ii. 607, 677; ii. 46, 54. As a supporter of Gov. Victoria, or rather by his legal opinions in the criminal cases of '31, he excited considerable opposition among the Californians, and tried to escape after V.'s downfall; but failed and was not molested. iii. 190-2, 195, 213, 660-1; grantee of Sta Rosa in '31. iii. 713, 721; iv. 160; supports Zamorano '32. iii. 222-3; action in P. Mercado's case '33. iii. 324; supports Figueroa '34. iii. 277; but resigned his office. He was grantee of Tularcitos in '34. iii. 679; regidor at Mont. '35. iii. 673; memb. of the dip. in '36, also appointed agent in Mex., but did not go. iii. 426, 454; being at this time 36 years old; wife Josefa Estrada, child. Felipe b. '33, Mar¡a Isabel '34, Juan '35. His Diario de Cosas Notables de '36 (erroneously accredited to his son in list of auth.) I have found to be a very useful document. iii. 422. A few years after '36, at his rancho of Tularcitos, he was accidentally killed by being entangled in the reata of a horse he was trying to drive away from his grain. Don Rafael was a man of good character and a lawyer of much ability, who came to Cal. in reality as a kind of political exile. G. (Teodoro), soldier at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499. G. (Vicente), 1825. Mex. guerrillero chief in the war of independence; a fiend known as El Capador, who, however, behaved well enough in Cal. during his stay of a few months. iii. 16. 

Gomez (Vicente Perfecto), 1842, son of Jos‚ Joaquin and nat. of Guadalajara, who came to Cal. as a clerk with Gov. Micheltorena. In '44 he was, or at least claimed later to have been, the grantee of the Panocha Grande rancho. iv. 655, 672. This grant, rejected by the courts, was the foundation of the famous McGarragan claim to the New Idria quicksilver mines; and Don Vicente is the villain of Bret Harte's Story of a Mine. He was also the unsuccessful claimant for Tucho. iv. 656. In '45 he was sec. of the juzgado at Mont. iv. 653; aided Manuel Castro in Nov. '46. v. 366; had a Cal. claim of $11,500, of which $500 was paid (v. 462); and in '47-8 was for a time in charge of S. Antonio mission. v. 640. As a witness in later land litigation he met with some severe criticism, much of it doubtless undeserved; and though an intelligent clerk and good penman, knowing little English, he had a hard time in the later years to pay his grog bills. In '75-6 he worked for me in the Library and various archives, doing much faithful service. Many were the stories he told of old times in Cal.; his fellow-laborers were instructed to write out his yarns; and the result is a large vol. of MS. called Gomez, Lo Que Sabe, full of interest, and by no means devoid of historie value. He died at Mont. in '84 at the age of about 60, a better man in several respects than he has been given credit for. He had no family. 

G¢ngora (Jos‚ Ant.), son of Jos‚ M., b. 1778 at S. Antonio; ment. in '22. ii. 614; sergt of S. Diego comp. '25-8. ii. 543; in '42-3 juez at S. Diego. iv. 619-21. G. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), soldier of S.D. comp. 1771; corp. of the guard at S. Antonio '73; sergt from '75; ment. in connection with Anza's exped. '76. i. 269-71, 287. In '79 Gov. Neve reported against his promotion; and in '82 [p.163]he was retired as an invand went to Loreto. His wife was Rosal¡a Maximiana Verdugo, married in '76, died '79 at S. Antonio. G"nnefgen (John A.), 1840, copy of his German passport of '24 made at Los Ang. by Fink '40. 

Gonzalez, soldier poisoned at Sta B. 1796. i. 670. G. (Alejo Ant.), of the S.D. guard. 1775. i. 250. G. (Bernardo), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800. i. 716; wife M¢nica, child. Petra and Antonia. G. (Cirilo), sirv. at Sta Clara 1776. i. 306. G. (Diego), 1781, Span. lieut in com. at Mont. '81-5, and S.F. '85-7; an incompetent officer, of bad conduct, sent to the frontier in '87 and dropped from the rolls in '93. i. 340-2, 466-70, 484, 678; ii. 44. G. (Dionisio), 1842, Mex. capt. of the batallon fijo with Micheltorena. Nothing is recorded of him in Cal. iv. 289. G. (Felipe), at Brancif. '45, age 24, wife Mar¡a Soria, child Antonio. G. (Francisco), 1797, Span. friar who served at Sta Cruz and retired in 1805. i. 498, 577; ii. 154-5, 159-60. G. (Francisco), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800; regidor in 1803. i. 716; ii. 134. G. (Francisco), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-24; also '37-40, perhaps another. G. (Francisco), corp. of the guard at Sta In‚s '24. ii. 582. G. (Francisco), at Brancif. '28-30, wife Mar¡a Engracia, child. Felipe, Margarita, and Natividad. ii. 627. G. (Fran.), at S. Felipe rancho, Mont., '36, age 30. G. (Fran.), said to have been drowned '44-5. G. (Francisco), Cal. claim of $15,850, '46-7 (v. 462). G. (Jacinto), s¡ndico at Sta B. '28. ii. 572. G. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '23-32. G. (Jos‚ Ant.), at Sta Clara 1776. i. 306. 

Gonzalez (Jos‚ Mar¡a de Jesus), 1833, Mex. friar of the Guadalupe college at Zacatecas, a nat. of Guadalajara, b. in 1803, coming to Cal. with the other Zacatecanos in '33. He served at S. Jos‚ mission '33-42, being president and vice-prefect of the northern missions in '38-43. iii. 318, 577, 593, 724; iv. 61, 64, 372, 680. From '43 he served at Sta B. iv. 426, 643. From '46 he was the bishop's vicar, and after the bishop's death the same year was governor of the diocese. v. 565, 634; thus being the chief ecclesiastical authority in Cal. until the coming of Bishop Alemany in '50, and later vicar; president of the Sta B. college of Franciscans '58-72; died at Sta B. in '75, the last survivor of the Cal. missionaries, a man respected and beloved by all from the beginning to the end of his career; one of the few Zacatecanos who in ability, missionary zeal, and purity of life were the equals of the Span. Fernandinos. Gonzalez Rubio was his full name. G. (J. M. J.), com. de polic¡a Sta In‚s '35. iii. 291. G. (Juan), at Brancif. '28, wife Eusebia Pinto. G. (Juan), at Brancif. '30. ii. 627; maj. and admin. of Sta Cruz '34-9. iii. 346, 694-5; juez in '42. iv. 663; in '45, age 40, wife Mar¡a Ana Rodriguez, both nat. of Cal., child. Ramona b. '23. Melan¡a '29, Francisca '30, Petra '33, Juana '35, Tomasa '38, Refugia '40, Rosa '36, Pedro '38, Gabriela '42. G. (Juan Jos‚), soldier in S.F. comp. '23-33; grantee of Pescadero, Sta Cruz, '33. iii. 678. G. (Juan Pablo), officer in Mont. custom-house '27. 

Gonzalez (Leandro), juez de campo at Sta B. '34; admin. and maj. of the mission '40-3. iii. 657-8; iv. 643; his wife was Josefa Guevara, with 4 child. before '37; still at Sta B. '50. G. (Macedonio), Mex. half-breed alf‚rez on the L. Cal. frontier from about '36; a famous Ind. fighter, who took some part with the sure¤os in the troubles of '37-40, being once arrested and sent to Sonoma. iii. 549, 606-7; iv. 68-9. In later years he lived in Cal., and was in S. Diego Co. '64, age over 70. G. (Manuel), settler at S. Jos‚ and S.F. from 1777; alcalde of S. Jos‚ '85. v. 297, 312, 350, 478; wife Gertrudis Acebedo, child. Francisco, Romualdo, Antonia, in '93. G. (Manuel), settler at Los Ang. '14. ii. 350. G. (Manuel), at Sta B. '37. iii. 657; perhaps still there in '52. G. (Manuel), executed at Mont. for murder '42. iv. 653-4, 686. G. (Mauricio), son of Rafael, appointed guarda of Mont. customs '29, but did not come from Mex. till '40. iii. 136; iv. 31; grantee of Cholam, S. Luis Ob. iv. 655; with Micheltorena in '45. iv. 511. In '77, living at Mont. with his wife, the daughter of Manuel Crespo, he gave me his Memorias, and a col. of Papeles Originales, that had belonged to his father; still living in '85. G. (Miguel), 1825, Mex. capt. of artill., comandante de armas at Mont. '26-8, a bad fellow, if we credit the Californians, often in trouble, and finally sent away in '30. His daughter, Hdefonsa G. de Herrera. was more or less a famous [p.164]character at Mont. iii. 39-41; also ii. 576, 605, 608, 610-11, 614, 624, 674; iii. 15, 44, 93, 121, 437. His full name was Gonzalez de Ávila. G. (Pablo), of terna for contador '27. iii. 63. G. (Pedro), 1791, surg. in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. 

Gonzalez (Rafael), 1833, Mex. admin. of customs and sub-comisario at Mont. '33-4, having been appointed in '29, but coming to Cal. with Figueroa in '33. iii. 46, 136, 237-8, 240, 376-7, 437, 672. His Diario is an important record of '32-3. He had been a lieut in the war of independence, and was an ignorant man of good character. In '35 he was alcalde at Mont. iii. 673, 441; also governor's sec. iii. 463; and grantee of S. Justo, ii. 678, being then 48 years old, wife CSierra, a Mex. He was arrested in the troubles of '37. iii. 513; comandante de celadores at the custom-house '37-46. iv. 339, 97, 210, 357, 377, 431, 577; v. 570; member of the junta '39-43, being also delegate to the consejo general of '46. iii. 590, 604; iv. 294-5, 360, 460; v. 45, 61; grantee of S. Miguelito in '41, being cl. in '53. iv. 656; had a Cal. claim of $26,200. Larkin reported him as a man of property and influence. He died at Mont. in '68, at the age of 82. His Doc. Hist. Cal. were given me by his son Mauricio; his daughter, Ana G. de Casta¤ares, was a woman with a will. iii. 437-8. G. (Rafael), 2d alcalde at S. Juan B. '35. iii. 692. G. (Rafael), son of Raf. Gerardo, b. at Sta B. in 1797, sold. of the Sta B. comp. '16-27. ii. 223, 235, 237-8, 337, 429, 508, 536. In '29-32 he was alcalde of Sta B., and again in '35 and '45. ii. 572; iii. 78, 212, 653-4; iv. 642; admin. and maj. of S. Buen. '38-42. iii. 660-1; iv. 644-5. His wife was Antonia Guevara, and there were 3 child. before '37. In '78 he was still living at Sta B., where he gave me an interesting narrative of his early Experiencias. G. (Rafael G.), Mex. soldier before 1800; wife Tomasa Quinteros. G. (Ramon T.), clerk of C‚lis at Los Ang. '40; at Sta In‚s '44. iv. 426; perhaps at S. Luis Ob. '50. 

Gonzalez (Teodoro), 1825, Mex. who lived at Mont. from his arrival; licensed to hunt otters '33. iii. 374; in '36 regidor and acting alcalde during the troubles with Gov. Chico. iii. 439, 675; grantee in '36 of Rincon de la Puente and Sur Chiquito. iii. 678; being then 30 years old, wife Guadalupe Villarnel de Rico, the mother of Francisco Rico. Alcalde in '37; at Buenavista '40; juez de paz '42-3; aux. de polic¡a in '46. iii. 525; iv. 24, 637, 653-4, 656. He became a man of wealth and good standing in Cal.; and in '78, though his memory was failing with age, gave me some information about the Revoluciones de Cal. His death occurred a few years later. His sons Mariano and Alfredo were prominently connected with the Monterey and Salinas R. R., and in '85 reside in S.F. with their mother. G. (Tiburcio), at Mont. '36, age 28, nat. of Cal., wife Cruz Espinosa, child. Ramona and Jos‚. Gonzalvo (M.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu. 

Goodhue, 1843, mate of the Admittance, died at sea on the passage home '45. Goodsell (J.), 1846, on the Cyane, acting commandant's clerk. Goodspeed (Galen), 1824, sailor and mate on the Rover '24-6. Goodwell (James F.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). G. (James T.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. Goodwin, 1847, mr of the Eveline from Hon., with wife. v. 578. G. (Andrew), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (Isaac), 1846, one of the Mormon col., with 6 children, his wife dying on the voyage. v. 546; nat. of Conn., and a mason who built a house for Larkin. Sent east to report to Brigham Young on Cal. prospects; interviewed in Utah '78 by Codman. Round Trip, 198-201. Goodyear (Andrew), 1847, nat. of Conn. and overl. immig.; at Benicia from '49; still living in '79. G. (Miles), 1847, trapper and trader at Los Ang., with a Cal. claim of $1,800 (v. 462); a nat. of Conn. who died in '49; perhaps a brother of Andrew. Goosebfh, 1809, mr of the Coniach. ii. 81. 

Gordon, 1844, officer on H.B.M.S. Modeste. G. (A. J.), 1846, nat. of Mo. and overl. immig.; prob. son of Joseph; perhaps the G. at N. Helv. from Benicia '47; in Sonoma Co. from '48; in Mendocino '77. G. (Benj.), 1848, in the mines on Amer. Riv.; at S. Jos‚ '50. G. (B.H.), 1846, married a daughter of Ed. Pyle; father of John M. G. of Los Gatos in '80. G. (Gilman), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (G. van), 1846, nat. of Mich.; in S. Luis Ob. '66-83. G. (Ira van), 1846, nat. of Penn. and overl. immig., prob. [p.165]with Harlan, whose daughter Rebecca he married in '41; one of Aram's men at Sta Clara; lot at S.F. '47; after several changes of residence and employment, became a farmer from '68 in S. Luis Ob., where he still lived '83. By some anthorities he has been accredited to '43. iv. 393, 400. Either identical with or a brother of the preceding or following. G. (John van), 1846, perhaps same as G., at N. Helv. May; not of '43. iv. 393, 400. G. (John), 1845, com. of H.B.M.S. America. iv. 562. G. (Jacob), 1846, overl. immig. with Young, v. 529, with family; perhaps went to Or.; perhaps one of the van G.'s. G. (Joseph), 1846, overl. immig. ment. by Bryant; with fam.; perhaps went to Or. or back east. v. 528-9. G. (Julian), 1844, in Sonoma dist. '44-6; age 45 in '46. G. (Jemima), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. G. (Nicholas), 1845, blacksmith at Mont. '45-8. iv. 587. G. (Robert), 1846, came from Hon. on the Elizabeth; in '47-8 editor of the Californian at S.F., and judge of election. v. 650, 658; at Sac. '48-9, active in politics. 

Gordon (Wm), 1841, nat. of Ohio, who became a Mex. citizen in N. Mex., where he married Mar¡a Lucero, and came to Cal. in the Rowland-Workman party. iv. 277-9. In '42 came north to Sonoma, original passp. in my col.; and in '43 was grantee of Quesesosi rancho on Cache Cr., becoming the pio¤er settler of Yolo Co. Here he lived till about '66, then moved to Cobb Valley, Lake Co., where he died in '76, at the age of 75. His wife died in '44, her sister being the wife of Cyrus Alexander; and in '55 G. married Elizabeth Corum. One of his daughters, Mrs Sarah Ingraham, died in Gordon Val. '68; another, Isabel, was the wife of Nathan Coombs. 'Uncle Billy' had been a trapper in his early years, and continued to be fond of the hunt in Cal.; a rough, uneducated, honest, and hospitable man. In '43-6 his place on Cache Cr. was a general rendezvous for settlers and hunters, and is oftener mentioned than any other place except Sutter's Fort and Sonoma. It was in the vicinity of the modern town of Fr‚mont. Portrait Yolo Co. Hist., 26; ment. iv. 573, 672; v. iii. 672. Gorgonio, neoph. who killed his wife at S. Buen. '17. ii. 424. G. (Jos‚), grantee of Pur¡sima, Sta Clara, in '40. iii. 712. Gorgy (D.), doubtful name of a Russian owner of land near Bodega '37. ii. 638. 

Gorman (Geo.), 1843, at Mont. G. (John), 1831, Irish. from Hon. with a letter from P. Short. iii. 405; joined the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221; got a lot in '35; in '36 at Hartnell's rancho, age 50 and single. Gormly (Martin F.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); claimant for a Marin Co. rancho. iv. 674; mr of the Bostonian, and killed by explosion of the Secretary in '54. Goss, 1847, on the Currency Lass from Hon. 

Gould, 1848, mr of the Mary Frances. G. (John C.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (John R.), 1846, assisted in printing the Mont. Californian. v. 293. G. (Samuel), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 489). Gouldin, 1847, doubtful name, Alameda Co. '55-78. Goulet (G.), 1845, in Sutter's employ '45-6; and Geo. Goutler had a Cal. claim of $60 for shoeing horses (v. 462). Gourville (Jean), 1836, Fr. laborer at Los Verjeles rancho, age 27. Goycoechea (Felipe), 1783, Mex. lieut and com. of the Sta B. comp. 1784-1802, being brevet capt. from 1797; habilitado gen. of Cal. in Mex. 1802-5; gov. of L. Cal. 1806-14, where he died at Loreto. A prominent and able officer. Biog. ii. 116-17; ment. i. list of auth., 396, 461-3, 464-6, 484, 501-2, 517, 521-2, 532, 537, 542, 573, 583, 588-94, 639; ii. 28, 30, 32-3, 36, 111, 154-6, 186, 188, 665, 669. 

Grable (Benj.), 1841 (?), nat. of Ohio; d. S. Luis Ob. '76. iv. 279; date of arrival prob. a misprint in Cal. Christ. Adv., Jul. 30, '76. Grady (Thomas), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Graf (Joseph), 1848, overl. immig. with wife, who settled at Nicolaus; a teamster. Graff (Geo. J.), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '74-82. Grafton (Ed. C.), 1845, mid. on the U.S. Portsmouth; acting lieut Co. C, Stockton's bat. '46-7. v. 385. Graham, 1848, from Or. with Martin; supposed to have been killed by Ind. the same year at Murderers bar. G. (Chas K.), 1847, mid. on the U. S. Columbus; maj.-gen. in war of '61-5; surveyor of port of N. Y. '79. G. (Geo.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); passp. from Hon. '48. 

Graham (Isaac), 1833-5, nat. of Ky, and for many years a trapper in the [p.166]great basin and N.Mex., whence he is generally said to have come to Cal. in '33. iii. 388, 409. I have found no details of his arrival, which was very likely in '34 or '35. In '36 he had a distillery and drinking-place at Natividad, and from the loafers about his place, chiefly deserting sailors, raised a comp. of 'riflemen' to support Alvarado in his revolution, going south in that cause in '37. See full details in iii. 454-9, 491, 524, 685. In '38 he was condemned to 8 months in the chain-gang for killing. cattle on Gomez' rancho. Mont. Arch.; and in '39 he and Naile tried to organize a comp. to cross the mts eastward. In '40, with a dozen of his associates and enough other foreigners to make up the number of 47, G. was sent to S. Blas on a charge of plotting against the govt; but with 18 of the exiles came back the next year. iv. 2-41, 95, 116, 348. The current versions of this affair, as fully explained elsewhere, have but a slight foundation in truth; the exiles were for the most part foreigners of the worst class, who had come to Cal. in defiance of the laws; and while the definite charges of conspiracy could not be proved, the arrest was only technical, and in the case of a few, an outrage, for which Gov. Alvarado was willing that Mex. should pay damages. Statements that Alvarado broke his promises to G., and that the prisoners were brutally treated, have no better foundation than the absurd ravings of Farnham and the complaints of the victims hungry for damages. After his return, G., with Majors and others, bought the Sayante rancho near Sta Cruz, built a saw-mill, and engaged also to some extent in tanning. His name appears constantly on Larkin's books. He made desperate efforts to get damages from Mex. through the U. S. govt for his exile; it is a popular tradition that he succeeded in getting $36,000, and possibly he did in later years get a small sum, but I find no definite evidence to that effect. iv. 40-1. In '43 he offered his support and that of his associates-without their knowledge-to Gov. Micheltorena, who declined at first. iv. 356; but he finally went south with Sutter's force in defense of the gov. in '44-5; iv. 472, 478, 483, 486, 507. In '45 he induced a young American woman to live with him, her mother making an effort through Consul Larkin and the alcalde to oblige him to marry, but apparently without success; though G. claimed that she was his wife, and she so appears in the padron of '45, when G. was 46 years old. I have much of the original corresp. connected with the scandal. At this time 20 of G.'s foreign fellow-citizens signed a petition to the prefect for his expulsion from the community, as a dissolute, lawless, quarrelsome corruptor of the public peace and morals. I think the woman left him in '49, about the time that some of his children by a former marriage came to Cal. The case of Graham vs Roussillon in '46 was the 1st tried by a jury in Cal. v. 289. After the U.S. occupation, G. continued to live on his Sta Cruz rancho, for which he was the claimant. iv. 656; and died at S. F. in '63 at the age of nearly 70. Two of his daughters, very respectable people, live in Sta Cruz Co. '85; and his brother also resided in Cal. for many years. Respecting Graham's character, much is said in my narrative of the events of '40. But for the unmerited praise that has been so profusely accorded him, and his own never-ending abuse of better men, it might be in doubtful taste to dwell on the man's true character. In N. Mex. and on the plains, where he was well known by Nidever, B. D. Wilson, Job Dye, and others, he had the worst of reputations, amply justified by his career in Cal. At the best, he was a loud-mouthed, unprincipled, profligate, and reckless man, whose only good qualities seem to have been the personal bravery and prodigal hospitality of his class, with undoubted skill as a hunter, and a degree of industry. 

Graham (John), 1791, Boston boy of Malaspina's exped. who died at Mont., called Groem. i. 491. G. (John), 1841, lieut on the U.S. St Louis. G. (Lawrence P.), 1848, brevet major 2d U. S. drag., in com. of a dragoon battalion from Mex. arriving at the end of Dec.; mil. com. of the southern dist in '49. v. 522, 618. G. (Wm), 1841, doubtful name at S. Jos‚. Bidwell. Grajera (Antonio), Mex. lieut in com. of the S. Diego comp. 1793-9; capt. from '98; conduct far from exemplary; left Cal. Jan. 1800, and died at sea 3 days after sailing. Biog. i. 676; ment. i. 522, 532, 538, 543, 563, 588-94, 630, 634, 653, 656, 730. Gralbatch (Wm), 1825, Engl. sailor and cooper who landed at [p.167]Mont. ii. 609; iii. 29. In '29 he kept a shop with Geo. Allen and applied for naturalization, age 26; a memb. of the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221; on Larkin's books from '33. In '36 he lived at S. Isidro rancho, being then single, but married before '40. I find no later record than Oct. '41; generally called Graybatch or Grayback, but I have his autographs. Grambis (Fred.), 1847, chief musician N. Y. Vol. v. 503; d. before '82. Grams (Philip), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died at Milwaukee, Wis., '80. Granados (Fran.), 1846, aux. de polic¡a. Mont. v. 637. Grant, 1844, off. on H.B.M.S.Modeste. G. (B.), 1845, doubtful name of the Grigsby-Ide immig. party. iv. 579; prob. went to Or. G. (James), 1825, Engl. waterman, age 25, protestant and single; in Mont. dist. '25-9. iii. 29. G. (Thos), 1832, got a carta. iii. 408. 

Graves (Franklin W.), 1846, member of the Donner party from Ill., accompanied by wife Elizabeth, 3 sons, and 6 daughters. The father, mother, and one son-Franklin W., Jr, age 5-died in the Sierra. v. 528, 530, 534, 537. Eight of the children survived. Jonathan B., age 7, and Elizabeth, Jr, died near Sutter's Fort in '47. v. 530, 534. Wm C. was, in '80-1, a blacksmith at Calistoga, and in '84 writes me from Merrimac, Plumas Co.; he also wrote for the newspapers a narrative of Crossing the Plains in '46. v. 530, 534, 536, 541. Eleanor married Wm McDonald in '49, and in '81 lived at Knight's Val., Sonoma, with 8 children. v. 530, 534. Mary Ann married Ed. Pyle in '47, and J. T. Clarke in '52, and in '81 lived at White River, Tulare, with 5 children. Lovina married John Cyrus in '56, and in '81 lived near Calistoga with 5 children. Nancy married R. W. Williamson in '55, and in '81 lived at Los Gatos, also with 5 children. A married daughter, also a survivor, was Mrs 'Fosdick,' q.v. G. (Hiram), 1848, at S.F. acc. to his later testimony. 

Gray (Andrew F. V.), 1846, lieut on the U.S. Congress; com. of the force sent by Stockton to Kearny's relief at S. Pascual; served as S.'s aide in the final campaign of '47; went east overland with despatches; and testified at the Fr‚mont court-martial in Wash. v. 328, 350, 385, 420, 456. G. (Alonzo), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). G. (E.), 1847, mr of the Antonita. v. 576. G. (E. L.), 1846, from Hon. on the Euphemia; perhaps same as preceding. G. (G. R.), 1841, lieut on the U.S. St Louis. G. (G.L.), 1847, at Hon. from Cal. twice, 1st on the Currency Lass, 2d on the Gen. Kearny. G. (James A.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); nat. of Penn.; and memb. of 1st Cal. legisl. '49-50; resid. at Salinas City '82. G. (John B.), 1847, came from Va with letters from Fauntleroy and Minor to Larkin; at N.Helv. '48, interested in mines. G. (L. C.), 1847, trader on the coast '47-8 from Honolulu on the Gen. Kearny, Louise, and Undine; owner of S.F. lot. v. 679; at Benicia '49-50, and perhaps the S. C. Gray whose lecture in Benicia is published in the Solano Co. Hist., 146; still living, I think, in '85. G. (Robt), 1788, mr of the Washington, sighting the Cal. coast on his way north. i. 445, 499; see Hist. N. W. Coast. G. (Wm), 1837, lumberman and militiaman at Sonoma. G. (Wm D.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Grayson (Andrew J.), 1846, nat. of La, and overl. immig.-being at the start in com. of a small party-with wife and child, living for a time in the Upper Sac. Val. v. 528. Active in raising men for the Cal. Bat., in which he ranked as lieut; but remained in the north, and took part in the campaign against Sanchez. v. 359, 361, 383. Mrs G. seems to have remained at Sonoma, where she is named as a witness in Jan. '47. In '47-8 G. obtained lots at Benicia and S.F., where he kept a little stationery shop in the City Hotel. v. 672, 680; also acting as Capt. Folsom's agent at Corte Madera, Marin Co., and soon founding-on paper-the town of Graysonville on the S. Joaq. Riv. In these days, though a gambler and associate of Lippincott, McDougal, and other like characters, he was regarded as a man of good abilities and character. In '50 he settled at S. Jos‚ and gave his attention to the study of ornithology, in which branch, and as an artist, he became widely known to scientific men in all parts of the world. In '57 he went with his wife to Mex., and died at Mazatlan in '69 at the age of 50. His descrip. and paintings of Pac. coast birds have as yet, unfortunately, remained unpublished. His widow returned to Cal., married Dr G. B. Crane, and was still living at St Helena [p.168]in '77, as she is, I think, in '85. G. (Ned), 1846, at S. Jos‚ '54. Annals of S.F., 822; perhaps the preceding or his son. 

Green (Alfred A.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. v. 513, 610; a nat. of New Brunswick, who after a brief experience in the mines became a somewhat prominent lawyer at S.F., being at one time memb. of the legislature, and well known in connection with the pueblo land question, Santillan claim, and vigilance committee. In '78 he gave me a narrative of the Adventures of a '47er, containing many interesting details of early S.F. annals; still living in S.F. '82, and I think in '85. There is some confusion in the records between him and H.A. Green, at Sonoma in '47-8. G. (Alonzo), 1848 (?), doubtful date of a Sonora settler. G. (Cambridge), 1832, one of Young's trappers, who killed a man named Anderson, and is said to have been imprisoned at Los Ang.; also had a brother in the same party. iii. 388. G. (Daniel S. or C.), 1846, surgeon on the U. S. Dale; in confed. service '61-5. G. (Ephraim), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Sutter's and in the mines '48. G. (Francis), 1836, Amer. age 40, in a Los Ang. list; perhaps at Sta Cruz '39. G. (Geo. W.), 1829, on the Brookline. iii. 138-9; living in Mass. '72. G. (Harry), 1848, named by Glover as a Mormon who went to Utah '49. G. (Henry A.), 1844 (?), a lumberman and builder-possibly the G. at Sta Cruz '39-named in various records of '44-6 at Mont. and Sta Cruz. iv. 455; Cal. claim of $76 (v. 462). In '47 he was at Sonoma, being a member of the town council, v. 668, and employed in preparing material, under a contract with Larkin, for houses which were erected at Benicia in '48. v. 671-3. There was a Mrs G., perhaps his wife, at Sonoma in '47. G. (H.F.A.), 1848, at Mont., acc. to consulate arch. G. (Hugh W.), 1847, purser on the U. S. Independence. G. (Jacob), 1846, Swiss trapper at N. Helv. '46-7; Cal. claim $25 (v. 462); ment. by Ward in '48. G. (J.L.), 1848, owner of a S.F. lot. G. (James), 1847, doubtful member of N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '74. G. (James), 1831, perhaps of Young's party. iii. 388. G. (James M.), 1845, nat. of Conn., who came on a whaler. iv. 587; long a resid. of Hon., and mr of vessels running to Cal.; memb. of firm C. A. Williams & Co.; also ship-chandler at S. F.; died in Stockton insane asylum '68. Newspapers. G. (John), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). G. (John D.), 1847, resid. at Sta Cruz, acc. to the county hist. G. (Judson), 1846, overl. immig. with Steph. Cooper. G. (Lewis), 1846 (?), at Los Ang. '59-76. G. (Michael), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). G. (T.C.), 1847, at N. Helv. 

Green (Talbot H.), 1841, nat. of Penn., and overl. immig. of the Bartleson party. iv. 268, 270, 275, 279. Early in '42 he entered Larkin's service at Mont. as clerk; and in May '43 made a contract to carry on L.'s business for one year for $400 and 5 per cent of the profits. This arrangement was continued to the end of '45, and in Jan. '46 G. made a contract for 3 years to take the business, with $10,000 worth of goods, for one third of the profits. v. 55-6. I have much of his business corresp. In '44 he got a renewal of his passport, possibly naturalization; in '46 served on the 1st jury, v. 289, and was grantee of land near Mont. v. 637; and in '46-7 was collector of the port, having also a Cal. claim of $10,855, and obtaining a lot at S.F. v. 289, 433, 467, 570, 572. He made a trip to Mazatlan, and contributed items for the Californian. In '48 visited the mines. From Jan. '49 he was a member of the S.F. firm of Mellus & Howard, a prosperous and popular man of business, member of the town council, and taking an active part in political affairs. He married the widow Montgomery, of the Stevens immig. party of '44, by whom he had a son, in '85 state librarian at Sac., his mother, now Mrs Wallis, being a resident of Mayfield. In '51 Green, being then a prominent candidate for mayor, was recognized and denounced as Paul Geddes of Penn., a defaulting bank clerk, who had left a wife and children in the east. There is no agreement about the circumstances of the discovery. The charge proved true, but G. protested his innocence, and went east via Panamfor the avowed purpose of clearing his reputation, being escorted to the boat by a large company of prominent citizens. There are several confused versions of his later life. I have his letter to Larkin in '53, in which he expresses shame and penitence [p.169]for the deception he had practised; says he has lost $3,200 from his trunk, and is 'penniless and destitute, with spirits broken and energy gone;' begs L., 'for God's sake,' to send him his share of the proceeds of the Cal. claims and other debts; confesses that he has deceived Thompson; but intends to buy a small farm in Tenn. Some day he will send a full history of his life. In '54 he visited Cal. and was seen by Wm F. White-whose Grey's Picture of Pion. Times, 124-31, contains a good account of G.'s life-and in '55 he writes to Larkin from N.Y. that he had settled with Mr H. (Howard ?); that Mr B. (Brannan) had settled the Penn. affair; and that he is about to start for Tenn. He is understood to have rejoined his 1st wife and to be still living in '85. In the S. J. Pion. of Apr. 21, '77, it is stated that G. had been for some time asst sec. of the U.S. senate, and that he visited Cal. in '76. Lieut Maddox accused Green of dishonorable conduct in '46-7, and there are some slight indications that his Penn. defalcation was not his only transgression; but his Cal. record, as a whole, was excellent. 

Green (Theodore P.), 1846, lieut on the U.S. Congress. G. (Wm), 1840, one of the S. Blas exiles, arrested in the south. iv. 14, 18. G. (Wm G), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. Rafael '71. Greenman (J. D.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu. Greenock, 1846, ment. by Revere as the frontier settler on a journey from Napa Val. to Clear Lake. I think there may be some connection between this name and 'Guenoc,' that of a Lake Co. rancho granted in '45 to Geo. 'Rock.' Guenoc is still the name in use. 

Greenwood (Caleb), 1844, trapper and mountaincer, who, with his two sons, Britain and John, by a Crow wife, guided the Stevens immig. party across the plains; and performed like service for other parties in '45-6, being sent to Ft Hall to divert the Or. immig. to Cal. They served in Sutter's force '45; Bryant met the old man in Lake Co. '46, when he claimed to be 83 years old; Britain was with the 2d Donner relief of '47, and lived in Mendocino Co. '84; S. S. Greenwood, apparently one of the 3, is said to have been a nat. of Nova Scotia, to have come with Fr‚mont, and to have been justice of the peace and assessor at Sac., where he died in '78. John served in Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), and had a trading-post in Greenwood Val. '48. It is impossible to distinguish between the 3, or to locate any one of them at any definite time. iv. 445, 453-4, 486, 539, 575, 579. 

Gregory (John), 1844, Engl. in Cal. '44-6; came back in '55; in Sonoma Co. '61-80 with wife and 3 child. Son. Co. Hist., 691. G. (Robert), 1846, Co. K. 1st U.S. drag., killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. G. (Thos), 1848, at S. F. from Honolulu. Gregson (James), 1845, Engl. who came to Phil. as a boy, and overl. to Cal. in the Grigsby-Ide party, with his wife, Elizabeth Marshall, and her two brothers, mother, and sister. v. 579, 587. In '45-8 he worked as a blacksmith for Sutter, serving in the Sac. garrison during the Bear revolt. v. 79; and later in Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), being perhaps at the Natividad fight, and taking part in the southern campaign of '46-7. Returning, he resumed work for Sutter, got a lot at S.F. v. 685, and was at work at the famous mill when gold was discovered. Mrs G. is mentioned in '47 as passenger on the 1st steamboat to Sac. v. 579. In '50-80 he lived in Green Val., Sonoma Co., with 9 children. His daughter, Annie, b. Sept. 3, '46, married Robert Reid of S. Luis Ob.; another, Mary Ellen, b. '48, married McChristian. Prob. still alive in '85. I have a MS. Statement from him. Portrait in Son. Co. Hist., 509. G. (Wm), 1834, Amer., age 29, in Spear's service at Mont. Gremell, 1848, in list of letters, S.F. Grems, 1821, mr of the Sigloe (?), at Sta B. ii. 440. Grey (Wm), 1837, in S. F. militia. G. (Louisa C.), 1848, wife of W.L.G., d. Stockton '79, age 31; named as 1st Amer. child born in Sonoma. 

Grien (Carl), 1844, blacksmith as Mont. Griffin, 1847, from Honolulu on the Euphemia; in '48 mr of the Ariel. v. 576. G. (John S.), 1846, asst surg. U. S. A. from '40, prob. nat. of Ky, who came with Kearny from N. Mex., being present in the fights of S. Pascual, S. Gabriel, and the Mesa. v. 336-7, 385. His Journal of '46-7 is one of the best authorities extant, and is supplemented by his original Doc. Hist. Cal. in my collection. He was stationed at S.D. and Los Ang. in charge of the mil. hospital; visited the mines [p.170]on leave of absence in '49, became interested with Vallejo and Frisbie in Napa lands, and was stationed at Benicia till '52, when he was transferred to the south; went east in '53, and in '54 resigned and settled at Los Ang., where he has since resided and practiced medicine down to '85. G. (M.), 1847, at S. F. from Honolulu. G. (Peter K.), 1844, Amer. at Mont., getting a pass for a year. G. (Sam. P.), 1846, mid. on the U.S. Savannah; serving in garrison at S. Jos‚, v. 378, where he applied for land. 

Griffith (Calvin C.), 1845, nat. of N.C., who came with his parents in the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587. He served with the Bears, v. 110, and in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358), later becoming a miner and farmer. In '81 he lived at Rutherford, Napa Co., with his wife, Lydia Lensibaugh, mar. in '55, and 7 children. G. (F.G.), 1846, in Cal. Bat., and named in a list of Bears; perhaps a brother of Calvin. G. (James A.), 1845, overl. immig. of Grigsby-Ide party, with wife, Elizabeth R., and one or more sons. Bonds given by Yount Nov. 19th. iv. 579, 587. The family settled in Napa Val.; Cal. claim of $1,000 for repairing barracks (v. 462); died in Sonoma '68. G. (Jonathan), 1846, one of the Morm. Col. with wife and 2 children. v. 546; lot at S.F. '47; Mrs G. and son at Mont. '48. G. did not go to Utah. G. (Thomas), 1846, doubtful name of a Bear; possibly a son of James A. G. (Joseph), doubtful name of a trapper in S. Joaq. Val. in very early times. Mont. Co. Hist., 29. 

Grigsby (Franklin F.), 1845, Co. E, Cal. Bat. '46-7 (v. 358); prob. a son of John and immig. of '45. G. (Granville W.), 1845, ditto. G. (John), 1845, nat. of Tenn., came to Cal. from Mo. in the immig. party that bears his name, with his family. iv. 578-81, 587. He was one of the most active in fomenting the Bear revolt of '46; was for a few hours leader at Sonoma on June 14th; com. the guard that took the prisoners to N. Helv.; and after the U. S. occup. was in com. of the Sonoma garrison, being capt. of Co. B, Cal. Bat. v. 110, 114-19, 164, 168, 175, 184, 242-3, 296, 298. After the reorganization of the battalion in Nov. Capt. G. com. Co. E, in the southern campaign. v. 358-61. He had a Cal. claim (v. 462); and in '47 is mentioned in connection with political affairs at Sonoma. v. 433, 609. He settled in Napa, where he continued to live till about '72, when he went to Texas, and died in Mo. '76, at the age of 70. There is a strange lack of information about him and his family after '46. Two of the name, perhaps his sons, have been mentioned; his daughter was the wife of Wm Edgington; and he had a brother Jesse in Cal. I have copies of a small col. of Grigsby Papers furnished by the Sonoma Pion. Soc. Grijalva (Juan Pablo), 1776, Mex. sergt with Anza's exped.; served at S.F. '76-86; alf. of S. Diego comp. '86-96; retired as lieut '96-1806, the date of his death. His daughters married Ant. Yorba and Pedro Peralta. Biog. ii. 104; ment. i. 258, 262-76, 286-7, 296-7, 359, 362, 452, 472-3, 547, 553, 647, 652-3, 663; ii. 57. G. (Luciano), at Los Ang. in '33. 

Grimes (Eliab), 1838, nat. of Mass.; lieut on a privateer in the war of 1812; later for 20 years a well-known merchant of Honolulu, of firm E. & H. Grimes. iv. 141. In '38 he visited Cal. on the Rasselas, of which he was owner, and went to Boston. iv. 105, 117, 119. His next visit was on the schr California in '42, at which time he selected a rancho in the Sac. Val., which, after he had returned from a trip to Hon. on the Fama, was granted to him in '44. iv. 672. From this time Capt. G. may be regarded as a permanent resid. of S.F., though he made another trip to Hon. on the Don Quixote in '47. He had a lot and house, was a well-known trader, and was a memb. of the legisl. council in '47. v. 433, 653, 678, 680. G. & Sinclair had a Cal. claim for horses (v. 462). For some years he made 'Kent Hall' his home while in town, and kept there a case of extra fine liquors, which nothing would induce the old man to open for convivial purposes but a story that could arouse his interest; hence there was a continual rivalry in yarn-spinning among the younger merchants. As a boat was going up the Sac., after the gold excitement, the occupants were asked who was left at S.F., and 'nobody but old Grimes' was the reply; but 'old Grimes' died in Oct. '48, at the age of 69. G. (Hiram), 1847, nephew and partner of Eliab at Honolulu; partner of Wm. H. Davis in '45-6; came to Cal. in Feb. '47 on the Don Quixote; and again on the Euphemia [p.171]in July with his wife and child. Often named in S.F. annals of '48-9; claimant for several ranchos. iv. 672-3; still in Cal. '54. G. (A. J. and B.), 1847-8, doubtful mention; prob. confounded with the preceding. 

Grimshaw (Wm Robinson), 1848, nat. of N.Y. city, b. in 1826 of Engl. parents; sailor on the Isaac Walton, and after arrival on the tender Anita, U.S.N.; also mr of the launch Susanita, on the trip up the Sac. v. 580. He worked as book-keeper for Brannan & Co. at Sac. in '48-9; and from Nov. '49 was partner of Wm Daylor in a store or Ind. trading-post on the Cosumnes. Daylor having died in '50, G. married his widow in '51, and continued to reside on the rancho, where in '72 he wrote for me his Narrative. This is not only an interesting sketch of his own life and adventures, but one of the best accounts extant of the events of '48-50 in the Sac. region. Still living in '80, with 7 children, Wm R., Jr, Thos W., Emma (Mrs W. D. Lawton of S.F.), George, Francis, Frederick, and Walter. Grinnell, 1848, from Hon. on the Starling. G. (Chas C.), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. Griswold (Theodore), 1847, at N.Helv.; lot at S.F.; named in '48. 

Groem, 1791, see 'Graham.' i. 491. Groh (Jacob), 1847, Co. F. 3d artill. (v. 518). Grogan (Alex.), 1848, from Valpara¡so with letter from Atherton; clerk for C. L. Ross at S.F. '48-9; still in S.F. after '80. Grove (Wm), 1848, lieut of S.F. guards. Grovecot, 1846, perhaps in Sta Clara. Grover (Sam.), 1816, Mass. sailor bapt. at S. Cii. 276-7. Grow (Wm), 1847, sergt Co. H, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; at Yreka '78; at Deadwood, Dakota, '83. Guadalupe (Jos‚ M.), soldier at S. Miguel 1797. i. 560. Guat (Santiago), 1836, juez de de campo at Mont. iii. 678; prob. James 'Watt.' Guchapa, Ind. chief at S. Miguel 1804. ii. 150. 

Guerra (Antonio Mar¡a), son of Jos‚ de la G. y N., b. '25; reg. and sec. of ayunt. '49; memb. of the Cal. senate in '53, several times mayor of Sta. B., holding other local offices; in the war of '61-5 a capt. of Cal. volunteers serving in Ariz. He is said to have been one of the ablest of the family; but in later years the loss of his palate and of his eyesight obliged him to lead a life of retirement. He never married, and died at Sta B. in '81 at the age of 56. G. (Bautista), 1831, from N. Mex. with Wolfskill. iii. 387. G. (Francisco), son of Jos‚ de la G. y N., b. '18; acc. to the padron of '32 there were two Franciscos; from '43 member of the junta, elector at Sta B. '45, taking a somewhat prominent part in political and mil. affairs in '46-7, and involved in the imaginary Sta B. revolt of '48. iv. 361, 522, 540; v. 38-9, 404, 586. He took no pains to conceal his hostility to Amer., but after the change of flag was mayor of Sta B. for several years from '51. He inherited a rancho, but died poor in '78. His 1st wife was Mar¡a Asuncion Sep£lveda, by whom he had Francisco, Jr (county assessor of Sta B. in '82), and Mar¡a Antonia; the 2d wife was Concepcion Sep£lveda, sister of the 1st, and her children were Juan, Osbaldo, Jos‚, H‚rcules, Pablo, An¡bal, Anita (Mrs F. W. Thompson), Erlinda, Rosa, and Diana. There were also two natural children legitimated. G. (Joaquin), son of G. y N., b. '22; once sheriff; no family; d. before '70. 

Guerra (Jos‚ Antonio), son of G. y N., b. 1805; cadet in the Sta B. comp. '18-28. ii. 572, 576; accomp. his father to Mex. '19; s¡ndico '29 and alcalde '33. ii. 572; iii. 654; elector in '34. From '35 a memb. of the dip., taking a prominent part in support of Alvarado's govt in '36-7. iii. 291, 426, 454-5, 461, 506; in '37-40 capt. of the port of Sta B., being made capt. by Vallejo, and at times acting as mil. com. iii. 583, 601-2, 651, 654; iv. 98; vocal of the dip., and grantee of Los Álamos '39. iii. 585, 655. Prop. for sub-prefect '41. iv. 641; admin. at Pur¡sima '41-2. iv. 647-8; where there were serious charges against him by P. Abella and others. In '43 he was capt. of the port, and in '44 receptor. iv. 431-2, 640, 642; and in '44-6 a memb. of the assembly, being in '45 leader in an outbreak at Sta B. iv. 410, 497-8, 541, 559; v. 37-8, 142, 264, 280, 321-2. In '48 took part in the affair of the lost cannon at Sta B. v. 588. In later years he was several times sheriff of S. Luis Ob., holding that office-or his son-in '69. He had the whim of signing his name Jos‚ Noriega, as he had no right to do. Don Jos‚ Antonio's record was, in several respects, not of the best, though there is nothing very bad to be said of him. [p.172]His wife was Mar¡a Concepcion Ortega, and his children-6 of them born before '40-were Jos‚ Ant. J., Ramon (sheriff of S. Luis Ob.), Alejandro, Guillermo, Dolores, Catarina, Sola (?), Cristina, and Juana. G. (Juan J.), son of G. y N., b. about 1810, educ. in England; later at the Mont. school under Hartnell and P. Short; died in '33, unmarried; ment. i. 432. I have a long letter, in good English, written by him in '28 from Stonyhurst College, Engl. G. (Msaid to have been exiled in '29, and again in '39. iii. 78, 84-5, 580. G. (Miguel), son of G. y N., b. '23, wife Trinidad Ortega, child. Gaspar, Ulpiano, Leon, Mar¡a (wife of Alex. S. Taylor), Josefa, Olimpia, Joaquina, and Paulina. Died at Sta B. in '78. 

Guerra (Pablo), son of G. y N., b. '19, educated in Hartnell's school at Mont., where he is ment. in the padron of '36. His baptismal name was Pablo Andr‚s Antonio Mar¡a Saturnino; and in '40 he is called Pablo Gaspar. From '38 he was vista, and from '42 contador and acting administrator of the Mont. custom-house. iii. 598; iv. 97, 309, 339, 353, 357, 364, 377, 431, 556, 570, 590; in '44 grantee of Nicasio rancho. iv. 672; in '45 elector de partido. iv. 515, 540, 651. In '46 Don Pablo was active agthe Amer., trying to reconcile the hostile factions of his people, and favoring an Engl. protectorate. v. 43-4, 61, 68-9. On the raising of the U. S. flag he went south; served as Castro's commissioner to Stockton. v. 235, 268-9; and after Castro's departure returned to Mont., where he was arrested in Nov. on the outbreak of Flores' revolt, and kept a prisoner till Feb. '47. v. 363. He was alcalde of Sta B. in '47, and was suspected of complicity in a revolutionary movement in '48. v. 631, 586. His next public service was as memb. of the constit. convention in '49; and subsequently he was state senator for several terms, acting lieut-gov., U.S. marshal, and district judge from '64 to within a short time before his death, in '74. Don Pablo was by far the most prominent of the Guerra family, except his father; a man of good ability and education; of gentlemanly manners, though somewhat haughty and overbearing; a good speaker in Spanish and English; and one whose family name gave him an influence in the south greater than he could otherwise have acquired. It has been customary to eulogize him far beyond his merits; he was a politician of not the best type, trimming his sails adroitly to catch the breeze of popularity, and changing somewhat a bruptly from secessionist to union man in the race for office; yet his record in office seems always to have been an honorable one. In private life also he is reported to have been liberal and honest, though health and property were largely sacrificed to his fondness for brandy and cards. He married Josefa Moreno in '47 at S. C 

Guerra y Noriega (Jos‚ de la), 1801, nat. of Spain, b. Mar. 6, 1779, son of Juan Jos‚ de la G. (died 1820) and Mar¡a Teresa de Noriega (died 1815), both, and especially the mother, of old and distinguished Span. families. In boyhood he wished to be a friar, a freak that caused his parents much sorrow; but soon he went to Mex. to be a clerk in the store of his uncle, Pedro Noriega. In 1793 he left the store-much to the displeasure of Don Pedro, who afterwards relented and gave him much aid-and became asst in the office of Habilitado gen. Cby whose influence he was enrolled as cadet in the army and attached to the S. Diego comp. Respecting this and most other parts of his life I have more original corresp. than I have room to utilize. In 1800 he was promoted to alf‚rez of the Mont. comp., and came to Cal. on the Concepcion in Aug. 1801. At Mont. he was habilitado, and acting com. much of the time, in 1802-6, being mentioned in con. with many minor affairs. ii. 50, 78, 132-3, 135, 140, 150, 153, 155; having in 1804, with permission of the king, married Antonia, daughter of Raimundo Carrillo, with the condition that she and her children should not be entitled to montepio unless he were killed in battle. In 1806 he was promoted to lieut of the Sta B. comp., and sent to S. Diego as habilitado in 1806-9, being knocked down in a quarrel with Lieut Ruiz, which greatly alarmed his friends as likely to interfere with his rapid promotion. ii. 85, 99-100, 117, 540. From 1808 he received large consignments of goods from his unole Pedro in Mex., the sale of which [p.173]greatly improved his financial condition. ii. 186. In 1810 he was sent to Mex. as habilitado gen. of the Cals, but being arrested by insurgents at S. Blas, was unable to reach the capital, and returned to Cal. in '11, taking his position at Sta B., and continuing his commercial operations, though going to S. Diego again as habilitado in '13-15. ii. 98, 188-9, 197-8, 341, 419-21. From '15 he was com. at Sta B., taking part in the arrest of foreign smugglers, in defensive operations against Bouchard, having a quarrel with P. Se¤an, and being promoted to Capt. in '18. ii. 222-5, 235-42, 275, 284-5, 317, 332, 361, 382, 405, 416, 424. In '19 he was sent again to Mex. as repres. of the Cal. companies to obtain supplies, and prob. with a hope of getting an appointment as gov., returning in '20 after accomplishing very little, though all that was possible. ii. 260-2, 265, 354, 422. He was busied, besides his official duties, in '21-2 in obtaining ranchos, quarrelling with the friars on the subject, and getting a grant of Conejo in '22. ii. 441, 566, 569-70, 580. In '22 he was a candidate for gov., and but for his Span. birth and Can¢nigo Fernandez' consequent opposition, would have been chosen; being also favored by the friars for congressman. ii. 451, 453-4, 465-8. There is no truth in the statement of Wilkes, U.S. Explor. Exped., v. 173, on this matter, and but little in that of Petit-Thouars, Voy., ii. 90; though his disappointment may have had an influence on Don Jos‚'s later policy between Mexicans and natives. Mention in '23-5, including his acts in suppressing the Ind. revolt of '24. ii. 495, 510, 530, 533, 536-7, 561, 576; iii. 27. He was elected dip. to congress in '27, and against the advice of many went to Mex. in '28, but was not given his seat, returned in '29, and was for some time, as a Span., nominally suspended from his command. ii. 570-1, 574-5, 676; iii. 33-4, 51-2, 61, 127; iv. 343. In '29-30 he bought a schr, perhaps had another built, and bought the cargo of a wrecked vessel. iii. 140, 146. He did not join the movement against Victoria in '31. iii. 205, 210; controlled the policy of CCarrillo in congress. iii. 214; and in all these years acted as a kind of treasurer and confidential adviser of the friars-s¡ndico apost¢lico; accused in '34 of being engaged in a conspiracy against the govt. iii. 250, 257-8. In the sectional troubles of '36-8 Capt. G. was a firm supporter of Alvarado's cause, though personally a friend of Carrillo. Alvarado wished to make him com. gen., and did grant him the S. Julian or Nacional rancho. iii. 436, 492, 510, 533, 550, 582, 650-1. In '39 he made vain attempts to collect his back pay, being still com. at Sta B. iii. 584, 651; and having to his credit, including extra allowances, 51 years, 9 months, and 1 day of mil. service on May 10th. In '40 he asked for retirement because he could not get the $12,000 due him, nor the promotion to which he was entitled, and because of his ailments and age of 62. He finally retired from the mil. service on April 1, '42. Ment. in '40-2. iii. 655; iv. 199, 632, 640-1; ment. '44-6. iv. 403, 408, 530; v. 282. Though not friendly to the U. S., he kept quiet for the most part, and did not indulge in any offensive partisanship. In later years he was claimant for several ranchos. iv. 643, 655-6; living quietly at Sta B., and being a man of great wealth, most of which his sons managed to squander even before their father's death. He died in '58, leaving over 100 direct descendants. None of the pioneers here registered exerted for so long a period so wide and good an influence as Capt. de la Guerra. He was a man of excellent character and conduct throughout his career, though no great or brilliant achievements can be placed to his credit, though he had the advantage of rich and influential friends from the first, and though his Span. birth prevented his reaching the highest rank; yet his honest and efficient performance of each duty, his well-balanced judgment, his dignified conservatism, command admiration. At Sta B. he was known as the patriarch, to whom the people were wont to apply as a matter of course to settle their controversies; and he was famous for his charities. No man in Cal. ever came so near, by peaceful, legitimate means, absolute control of his district. He did not purchase popularity at the cost of independence, for many were his controversies, even with the friars, though their life-long friend and a devout churchman. The Guerra, Doc. Hist. Cal., copies of which I was permitted to make by the kindness of Mr Dibblee, executor of the estate, are the [p.174]most extensive and valuable family archives in Cal. except those of Vallejo. In person, Don Jos‚ was short and stout, with a flat nose and an ugly face. His intimate friends in their letters were fond of applying nicknames. Gen. Cand the leading friars used such endcaring epithets as corcobado, chato maldito, chato flojo, etc. On account of pride in his wife's family he had a foundness for her name, and was as often called Capt. Noriega as by his proper name; in the case of his sons this became ridiculous affectation. His wife, Mar¡a Antonia Carrillo, died in '43. His 5 sons have been named in this list, being for the most part prominent citizens of good enough abilities and character, yet hardly what a union of the two best families of Cal. should have produced. The daughters, noted for beauty and intelligence, were 4, all of whom eventually married foreigners. Theresa de Jesus, b. 1809, married W. E. P. Hartuell, and still lives in '85, having furnished for my use valuable docuinents of the family archives and a Narrative of personal recollections. Mar¡a de las Angustias, b. 1815, married Manuel Jimeno Casarin, and later Dr J. D. Ord; and sho also is living in '85, her Ocurrencias being one of the best personal narratives in my collection. Ana Mar¡a, b. '20, married Alfred Robinson and died in '55. Mar¡a Antonia, b. '27, married Cesario Lataillade, and later Gaspar Ore¤a, a Span. with whom she still lives at Sta B. in '85. 

Guerrero y Palomares (Francisco), 1834, Mex. who came from Tepic, I think, in the H. & P. colony, at the age of 23. iii. 263; but possibly in '28, as per Soc. Cal. Pion. rolls and Lancey. He perhaps obtained a S.F. mission lot in '36; was elector '37, '39. iii. 705, 590; receptor and admin. of customs from '39 to '44. iii. 700; iv. 98, 375, 431, 483, 670; in '39-41 juez de paz and alcalde. iii. 705-6; iv. 247. 665; grantee of several town lots and the rancho de los Putos. iv. 669, 673, 676, 682. In '42 he was 31 years old, wife Josefa de Haro, age 17, and one child; in '44 grantee of Corral de Tierra rancho; in '45-6 sub-prefect at S.F., being often mentioned in local annals of the north. iv. 667; v. 17, 129, 239, 241, 295, 455, 644, 648; in '49 again sub-prefect. He continued to reside at the mission, where in '51 he was murdered, and where his widow still lived in '80. A street in S.F. bears his name. Don Francisco seems to have been a kind-hearted, genial man, of much intelligence, and good character. G. (Jos‚ M.), at Los Ang. '46. G. (Jos‚ Vicente), ditto; s¡ndico '41; 2d alcalde '48. v. 626. G. (Joaquin), soldier killed on the Col. 1781. i. 363. G. (Matias), teacher at Mont. about '15. ii. 427; sec. at S. Jos‚ '24. ii. 605. G. (Pedro), ment. in '29-31. iii. 68-9, 208. Guescote (Fran.), armero of S.F. comp. '42; perhaps 'Westcot.' Guest (John), 1846, passed mid. on U.S. Congress, and act. lieut on the Warren; capt. in Stockton's bat. v. 350, 386; commodore in '72; d. '79, in com. of Portsmouth navyyard. Gueval (P.), 1848, passp. from Hon. Guevara (Antonio), in revolt at Sta B.; sent to Mex. '29-30. iii. 78, 85. G. (Canuto), at Sta B. before '37; wife Rafaela Lugo, 3 children. 

Guibal (Eugene), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in S. Joaquin '71-5; d. at Gilroy '83. Guilcost (Wm), 1826, mr of the Maria Teresa. iii. 148. Guild (H.M.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); carpenter at Mont. '48. Guile (Wm), 1847, musician Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Guillen (Antonio), guard at S. Diego 1803. ii. 13. G. (Isidoro), son of Eulalia Perez de G., sergt of Sta B. comp., made alf. in '39. iii. 583, 650; juez de paz at S. Jos‚ '41-3. iv. 684-6. Guillon (Chas F.B.), 1847, asst surg. on the U.S. Columbus. Guirado (Bernardino), trader at Los Ang. from '39; supervisor in '58-9. G. (Rafael), 1833, Mex. trader from Sonora, owner and sup. of the Leonidas, who settled at Los Ang., age 32; in '35-6 regidor. iii. 283, 635-6; in '39 clerk at S. Gabriel. iii. 645; owner of S. F. lot in '47. v. 684; coroner in '52; died at Los Ang. in '72. 

Gulnac (Wm), 1833, nat. of N.Y., who had lived long in L. Cal., and who came on the Volunteer, via Honolulu, with his family, settling at S. Jos‚. iii. 409; iv. 86, 117. He was naturalized in '34; in '38 owner of S. F. land, and employed to survey S. Jos‚ town lands. iii. 705, 730; in '39 regidor, and possibly arrested in '40. iii. 731; iv. 17, 120. In the padron of '41, age 40, wife Isabel Cese¤a, child. Jos‚ Ramon b. '26, Juan P'31, CMar¡a '33, [p.175]Susana '34, Isabel '36, and Luisa '38. In '44-5 he joined Sutter's army, somewhat elactantly, and was grantee of the French Camp rancho, sold to Weber. iv. 462, 486, 671, 674; signed the S. Jos‚ call to foreigners in '45. iv. 599; on the 1st jury '48; and died in '51. Two of the sons, Cand Juan, served with Fauntleroy's dragoons in '46 (v. 232, 247); and another, Pedro, is named in '43. Gunn, see 'Gann.' 

Gutche (Valentin), 1848, in Sutter's employ. Guthrie, 1845, apparently one of Fr‚mont's men. iv. 583. G. (Alfred), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); doubtful; at S.F. '74. G. (Dexter), 1846, overl. immig. from Ill., who lived in Napa Val. till his death by suicide in '81. G. (R.), 1846, one of Fauntleroy's dragoons. v. 332, 347. G. (Wm), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Coulterville '82. 

Gutierrez, carpenter at S. Juan Cap. 1797. i. 658. G. (Cirilo), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 51, wife Ana M. Romero, child Pablo, b. '38. G. (Fran.), sergt Catalan vol. 1796. i. 540. G. (Fran.), 1825, Span. prob. from the Asia, iii. 27. G. (Joaquin), soldier at Mont. '36, age 20; juez aux. Mont. dist '42. iv. 653; cl. for Potrero de S. C'52. iii. 678. G. (Jos‚ M.), Mex. at Brancif. '45, age 40, wife Guadalupe. G. (Jos‚ de Jesus Mar¡a), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at Solano, S.F., and S. Antonio till '45, after which I find no record of him; prob. left Cal. iv. 680-1; iii. 318, 322, 353-4, 392, 399, 553, 660, 686-8, 713, 719. G. (Juan), 1842, sub-lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. G. (Manuel), Span. who came to Cal. before 1790; on the Dominguez rancho, Los Ang. dist. from 1811. ii. 350, 353, 386; ment. '19. ii. 292; alcalde of Los Ang. '22-3. ii. 559; in '28-30, 80 years old, claiming exemption from expulsion as a Span. iii. 51-2. G. (Manuel), Span. who came in '21, age 43 in '28, claimed exemption. iii. 51-2; had a vineyard at Los Ang.; alcalde at S. Pedro '36. iii. 635; at Sta In‚s '42. iv. 646. 

Gutierrez (Nicol1833, Span. capt. in Mex. army, who came with Gov. Figueroa and was prom. the same year to lieut-col. He was comisionado for the secul. of S. Gabriel in '34-6; acting com. gen. Oct. 8, '35, to Jan. 2, '36, and from that date gefe pol. and com. gen. to May 3d; mil. com. in the south during Chico's rule; again gov. and com. gen. on Chico's departure from Sept. 6th to his own overthrow by Alvarado on Nov. 4, '36. See his rule and the revolution, iii. 445-66, with biog. 448; ment. iii. 236, 240, 258, 281, 284-5, 288, 298-300, 346, 414-20, 422, 431, 433, 442, 644-5; iv. 83, 102, 112, 141, 164. Gov. Gutierrez was an easy-going, faithful officer, of ordinary abilities and not very strict morals, the current charges against whom in justification of the revolt have but slight foundation in fact. Nothing is known of his later career. G. (Octaviano), Mex. artill. corp. at Sta B. from '24. ii. 532; lieut in '39. iii. 583, 651; in '46 juez de paz, v. 635, and again in '49; claimant for the Laguna rancho '53. iv. 642. G. (Pablo), Mex. grantee of rancho in Yuba Co. '44. iv. 671; in Sutter's employ '44-5; made plans with Bidwell to seek for gold on Bear Riv., but B. says he was captured and hanged by Castro in the Micheltorena campaign. Sutter tells a similar story; but I know nothing further of the matter. G. (Romualdo), 1804, Span. friar who served at Sta In‚s, and retired on account of ill health in 1806. Biog. ii. 29; ment. ii. 122, 159-60. G. (Tomgrantee of land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; in '46 at S. Juan, age 63, wife Mar¡a Ant. Cota, child. Luis b. '33, Ignacia '34, Francisco '37, Petra '39, Mariano '41, Ramona '45. Guy (Omnes), 1842, Fr. sawyer at Sta Cruz who was naturalized in '44. iv. 341. Guzman, settler at Brancif. 1797. i. 569. G. (Laureano), 1842, fifer in the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. G. (Manuel), 1829, mex. convict, pardoned in '34. 

Gwinn (Frank), 1841, blacksmith from N. Mex. in the Workman-Rowland party; went back the next year. iv. 278. Gyzelaar (Henry), 1816, mr. of the Lydia, arrested at Sta B. ii. 275-8, 362-3, 382. In '18 he came back as mr of the Clarion with a warning against Bouchard. ii. 222, 291. In 22-3 he returned again as mr of the pioneer Boston trader Sachem, and remained in Cal., ii. 474-5, 478, 492-3, being drowned in '25 or '26 in trying to cross Russian River. iii. 29.