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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Kaan, 1848, at N. Helv. Kal (C.), 1846, doubtful name at Los Ang. Kalohe, 1848, passp. from Hon., with wife. Kamp (Harold), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sonoma '71-82. Kampt, 1846, blacksmith at N. Helv., had a fight with Daylor. Kane (Elias K.), 1848, lieut of dragoons in Graham's battalion from Mex. v. 522; capt. and asst Q. M. at Mont. '50. K. (Peter), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); died before '82. K. (Wm S.), 1847, at S. Pedro. Kapawa, 1848, passp. from Hon. Kappis (Geo.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Karr (Wm), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Katt (Wm), 1798, Boston sailor at S. Diego. i. 545, 654. Kaufman (Julius), 1837, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kay (James), 1838, at Mont. Kays (John C.), 1846, at Los Ang.; at Sta B. from '48 to '85; his wife was Josefa Burke. See 'Keyes.' 

Keapnell (Fred.), 1847, Co, D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kearney, 1843, com. of the U.S. Constellation. iv. 564. K. (James), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). K. (John), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat., enlisting at S. Juan Oct. (v. 358). Kearny (Stephen W.), 1846, nat. of N.J.; lieut of 13th U.S. infantry from 1812; col 1st dragoons '36-46, stationed much-of the time at Ft Leavenworth. In '46, being put in com. of the exped. to N. Mex., he [p.205]was made brigadier-gen. and sent across the continent to occupy Cal. His march to Cal., defeat at S. Pascual, and final mil. operations of '47 with Stockton are recorded in v. 197, 328, 334-56, 385-99, 473, 483. For his controversies with Stockton and Fr‚mont, his rule as mil. gov. from March 1 to May 31, '47, his return east overland, and his prosecution of Fr‚mont, see v. 411-62, 489-90, 543, 564, 645, 460-2. The affair at S. Pascual must be regarded as an inexcusable blunder on Kearny's part, but otherwise his course in Cal. was consistent and dignified in the midst of difficult circumstances, and his military record throughout his whole career was an honorable one, the violent tirades of Benton and other partisans of Stockton and Fr‚mont being for the most part without foundation in justice. He died in '48. His name is borne by one of San Francisco's principal streets. His wife was a step-daughter of Clarke, of Lewis and Clarke exploring fame. 

Keeney (Jonathan), 1848, miner from Or., where he still lived in '82. Keeny, 1845, of Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579; prob. 'Kinney,' q. v. Keffer (J. L.), 1847, commander's clerk on the U.S. Columbus. Kehoe (Joseph H.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Mont. '48. Keith (Wm), 1833, Amer. physician who had lived some years in Sonora. He came to Cal. prob. with Santiago Johnson and John Forster. iii. 409; and lived at Los Ang. for 3 years as surgeon and trader, going back to Hermosillo in '36. He returned to Cal. in '48, went to the mines, and died at or near Stockton soon after '49. The Sonorense of Oct. 6, '48, contains a very flattering notice of his services in Sonora. Kekuacaca, 1848, passp. from Hon. 

Kell (John M.), 1846, mid. U.S.N., who took part in Marston's Sta Clara campaign of '46-7. v. 380. K. (Thomas), 1846, nat. of Engl. and overl. immig. from Mo. In the mines '48-9, and later a resident of S. Jos‚ or vicinity, till his death in '78 at the age of 84. He left 4 or more sons and 2 daughters, the latter being the wives of C. Colombet and T. Carrol. Kellett, 1837, lieut in com. of H. B. M. S. Starling of Belcher's exped. '37, '39. iv. 106, 142-6; capt. of the Herald in '46. v. 578. 

Kelley, 1846, at N. Helv. K. (Geo.), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). K. (Hall J.), 1834, Amer. enthusiast on the subject of Pacific coast colonization, who visited Cal. en route to Or.; writer of books, pamphlets, and letters on his favorite subject. See iii. 409-11; iv. 129, 147; also Hist. Or. K. (Henry), 1831, Amer. sailor on the Leonor. iii. 405; at Sta B. '36, age 46 and single. K. (James), 1840, in Farnham's list of arrested foreigners. iv. 17. K. (John H.), 1842, sailor in Sutter's employ at Ross; at S. Jos‚ '44; at N. Helv. '45. iv. 578, 587; prob. one of the Bears in '46. v. 110; in Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); in the mines '48-50; last seen by Bidwell '51. K. (Nicholas), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). K. (Wm), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Sutter's employ '47-8 as boat-builder and lumberman. K. (Wm), 1826, mr of the Washington. iii. 149. See also 'Kelly.' 

Kelliher (Jeremiah), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Kellogg (Benjamin F.), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). The K. family seem to have been overl. immig. of this year, but I am unable to distinguish between the members. K. (Frank), 1846, resid. of Napa Co. to '68 and later. K. (F. E.), 1846, overl. immig. from Ill. with a family; Napa Co. official '50, '56; perhaps same as Frank. K. (Fred.), 1845, mid. on U.S. Warren. K. (H.), 1848, named in Mont. accounts. K. (Irwin), 1846, near St Helena '69; father-in-law of Wm Nash. 

Kelly, 1816, mr of the Atala. ii. 282. K., 1824, mr of the Hawaii. ii. 519. K. (James), 1847, musician Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). K. (John), 1847, Co. K, ditto; at N. Helv.; owner of S.F. lot. K. (Philip), 1847, Co. I, ditto; died in Calaveras '60. K. (Thomas). 1839, pilot of a Peruv. brig at S.F. K. (Wm H.), 1847, mr of the American whaler Georgian; died '72. 

Kelsey (Andrew), 1841, overl. immig. of the Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275, 279; went to Or. in '43 with his brothers, but returned in '44 with the party bearing his name. iv. 390, 444-5. He prob. served under Capt. Gantt in the Micheltorena campaign of '44-5. iv. 486; and took part in the Bear revolt. [p.206]v. 110; perhaps joining the Cal. Bat., though I find no definite record of his name. In '47 he and his brother with others bought live-stock of Salvador Vallejo and obtained the privilege of grazing their cattle near Clear Lake. Andrew and a man named Stone went to live at the place where Kelseyville-so named for him-now stands, thus becoming the 1st settlers of Lake Co. The natives were numerous, and under oppression became hostile; K. and S. were men who scorned to use conciliatory methods with 'Injuns and such varmint;' and they were both killed, as they well deserved to be, in '49; but soon a force was sent to butcher hundreds of the Ind. in vengeance. 

Kelsey (Benj.), 1841, brother of Andrew, and one of the Bartleson party, accomp. by his wife, Nancy A., the 1st woman who came to Cal. by the direct overland route. iv. 270, 272, 275, 279. What has been said of Andrew above may be applied to Benj., except what relates to the former's death. iv. 390, 444-5; v. 110, 148. The brothers called Napa Val. their home from '45, and though they worked sometimes at N.Helv. they preferred the adventurous life of hunters. They were rough men, often in trouble with the authorities. Though one of the owners, Benj. did not live at the Clear Lake establishment, but his treatment of Ind. carried practically as slaves to the mines did much to provoke the killing of his brother. The family lived in Or. again '51-5, later in Texas, and at various points of southern Cal. in '60-78 or later. There were 2 children in '45, and the scalping of a daughter on the way to Texas is mentioned. Ellen K., said to have been born at N.Helv. Aug. 2, '45, may have been his daughter. 

Kelsey (David), 1844, brother (or possibly father) of Andrew and Benj.; came to Or. in '43, and to Cal. in the Kelsey party of '44 with his wife, 3 daughters, and perhaps a son. iv. 444-5. He settled at French Camp, but died at Stockton in '45 of small-pox, from the effects of which disease Mrs K. became blind. v. 674. Of the son nothing appears. A married daughter, Mrs Rebecca Fowler, left her husband and was married by Sutter, in Dec. '45, to Grove Cook. Joseph¡ne married Dr C. Grattan, and died at Stockton in '71. America married Geo F. Wyman in '46; and a 4th daughter became the wife of Willard Buzzell. K. (Samuel), 1844, brother of Andrew and Benj., and member of the Kelsey party from Or., having started with Hastings in '43, but turned back on meeting his brothers. iv. 269, 444-5, 453. I have his autog. letter of Sept. 7, '44, at Sonoma, on troubles in which the brothers were involved in connection with the Bale affair. He was prominent in the Bear revolt and a signer of the original proclamation of June 14th, in my possession. v. 95, 104, 110, 153; also one of the Cal. claimants (v. 462). Nothing appears about his family or what became of him. K. (Wm) 1847, boat-builder at N.Helv. 

Kemble (Edward C.), 1846, printer who came with the Mormon colony, though possibly not a member of the church. v. 546. He served in Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); and from April '47 was editor of the S. F. Star, succeeding Jones. v. 657-9. His connection with the Star and its successors, the Star and Californian and Alta California, as editor or proprietor continued to '55, though he was also the founder of the Sac. Placer Times and its editor in April-June '49. He was sec. of the S.F. council in '48, and somewhat prominent in local matters. vi. 649, 656; being regarded as a young man of good abilities and character. After '55 he went east, and in the war of '61-5 was connected with the army as paymaster, subsequently spending some years from '67 on the Pacific coast as inspector of Ind. affairs; and being later connected with the Associated Press in N.Y., where he still lives in '85, a card from him on 'Early journalism in S.F.' appearing in the Bulletin of Feb. Kempsey (Bartholomew), 1848, died in '61. Herald. Kempst (Geo. W.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kemsey (Thomas), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). 

Ken (John M.), 1845, mid. on the U.S. Savannah. Kendall (Alva), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kendrick (John), 1789, mr of the Columbia, the 1st Amer. vessel to visit the N.W. coast, sighting the Cal. coast on the way north. He visited Mont. in com. of the Aranzazu in 1794, and in [p.207]'99 was perhaps sup. of the Eliza. i. 445, 523-4, 545. Kennedy (Andy), 1848, said to have come to Cal. with Col Davis. K. (Edm. P.), 1836, com. of the U.S. Peacock. iv. 104-5, 140-1. K. (Edw. P.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). K. (James), 1831, Irishman who in '35 got a lot at Mont., and in '36 was a clerk for Watson, age 46, and single. iii. 405. Naturalized in '41, when he lived at S. Jos‚, and claimed 10 years of residence in Cal.; at Sta Cruz, '42-3. K. (Joseph), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons; fatally wounded at S. Pascual. v. 346, 345. K. (Wm A.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kennersly (A. J.), 1847, Co. E, ditto. Kenney (Chas), 1847, watchman at Mont. '47-8. K. (Wm S.), 1847, inspector of hides at S. Pedro; called Guillermo S. Kene. Keno (T.), 1846, one of the Donner relief party (?); had a claim on the Cosumnes; at Stockton in '80. Sac. Co. Hist. Kentzburg (Adolphus), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kenway (Geo. S.), 1847, from Hon. on the Gen. Kearny, and went back on the Toulon. 

Kerby (John), 1844, sailor on the schr California. Kern (Edward M.), 1845, artist of Fr‚mont's exped., and author of a published Journal. From the outbreak of the Bear Revolt he commanded the garrison at N. Helvetia, ranking as lieut in the Cal. Bat. He started east with Stockton in '47, but was left behind ill, and sailed from S. F. in Oct. on the Com. Shubrick; owner of a S. F. lot; Kern river and county are named for him. iv. 583, 585; v. 3, 6, 123, 244, 298-9, 359-60, 450, 453-4, 538, 675. Kerphy, 1847, mr of the Maria Helena. Kerr (Thomas), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. 

Keseberg (Louis), 1846, Prussian, member of the Donner party, with wife Philipine, and children Louis and Ada. Both the children perished, the parents surviving. v. 531, 534, 541, 544. K. was the last of the party to be rescued; was forced to subsist on human flesh longer than his companions, among whom he had been unpopular from the first, and by some of whom- but chiefly by Capt. Fallon and his disappointed treasure-seekers of the last relief party-he was charged with robbery and murder. On this man have been concentrated in the public mind all the horror and loathing arising from the events of that terrible winter; he has been pictured as a fiend exulting in his cannibalism. It is fair to state that the charges rest on no tangible evidence, and that K. is entitled to be regarded as an unfortunate victim. His narrative as given by McGlashan bears every mark of truth, while the statements of his accusers are clearly tainted with exaggeration and falsehood. A portrait is given by McG., p. 220. Keseberg worked for Sutter as supercargo of his launch in '47, and later for Vallejo at Sonoma; went to the mines in 48-9; kept a boarding-house and hotel at Sac.; and was later a brewer at Calistoga and Sac. He made and lost several fortunes, being the victim of successive reverses by fire and flood. His wife died in '77; and in '80 he was living at Brighton, at the age of 66, in extreme proverty, with two grown-up daughters, both idiots. Two other married daughters survived, and 7 of his children had died. He was a man of intelligence, good education, and much business ability; and his record in Cal., except as affected by suspicions growing out of the affair of '46, was a good one. In '85 I have not heard of his death. 

Ketchum (Thomas E.), 1847, lieut Co. B, N.Y. Vol., leaving N.Y. with recruits after the departure of the regiment. v. 503-4, 511; capt. of Cal. volunteers in the war of '61-5; and later brigadier-gen. of militia. A resident of Stockton, '71-82. Kettle, 1848, at S. F. from Tahiti. Kettleman, see Kittleman. Keyes (John), 1843, Irish steward on the Soledad, who had a barber-shop at Mont., but went soon to Los Ang. and Sta B., where he married a Miss Burke, and still lived in '70; claimant for Ca¤ada de Salsipuedes. iv. 400, 642. Apparently identical with John C. 'Kays,' q. v. K. (Robert C.), 1845, overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party, who went to Or. early in '46, but came back in '47; at Mont. '48; sheriff at S. Jos‚ '49. v. 526, 576, 579, 587. K. (Mrs), 1846, of the Donner party, but died before reaching the Sierra. She had a son in Or., whom she expected to meet at Ft Hall, and who was possibly Robt C. Keyser (Guy M.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Utah '81. 

Keyser (Sebastian), 1840, nat. of the Austrian Tyrol, a trapper who came overland to Or. with Sutter in '38, and again joined him at N. Helv., possibly not till '41. The first definite record is a letter of introd. from Sutter to Su¤ol in Aug. '41. iv. 117, 120, 139. He accompanied Dr Sandels in his valley travels of '43, having then selected a rancho adjoining Dickey's; was naturalized in '44, getting a grant of the Llano Seco rancho in Butte co. iv. 671; in '45 settled on Bear River as half owner of Johnson's rancho, serving also in Capt. Gantt's company. iv. 486. In '46 he was probably a Bear Flag man; may have served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358); had part of his left hand blown off; and married Elizabeth Rhoads, who left him soon, but returned to make him happy in '47. He was one of the 4th Donner relief party. v. 541; sold his interest in the rancho in '49; and subsequently lived on Daylor's place, running a ferry on the Cosumnes for Daylor and Grimshaw, by the sinking of which craft he was drowned in '50. He left one child and $15,000 in golddust. His widow became Mrs Pierce, and was living in Fresno Co. '72. I have a letter of that year, in which she gives information about Keyser. Khl‚bnikof (Cyril), 1820, agent of the Russ. Amer. Fur Co. at Sitka, who visited Cal. in '20, '25-6, and '30-1. ii. 263, 317-19, 383, 644, 648; iii. 146, 213; iv. 160. Khorstof (Nicholas), 1806, mr of the Juno. ii. 70. 

Kilbey (James), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469), re‚nl. Kiddey (Wm), 1848 (?), Engl. liquor dealer at Sta Clara '76. Kiernan (John B.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Stockton after '60. Kiesler (Lafayette), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sonoma '48. Kilborn (Wm K.), 1847, mr and owner of the Henry '47-8. v. 578; of the S.F. firm K., Lawton, & Co. '48-9. Kilburn (Benj.), 1846, Cal. Bat. Co. B, artill., enlisting at S. Jos‚ (v. 358); owner of a S.F. lot '47. v. 676. K. (Ralph L.), 1842 (?), a settler of Napa Val. from '44, but generally accredited to '42. iv. 341. In later years he stated that he built a mill on Dr Bale's rancho in 43. I find nothing about the manner of his coming. Naturalized '45, and subsequently married by Sutter; in '47-8 had an interest at Benicia, where he built houses for Larkin. v. 673. Alcalde at Napa '49; county treasurer '50; cl. for lands in '52. He died at Rutherford in '79, age 70. His daughter married a man named Lockwood. Kild (Adam H.), 1835, named as one of the owners of Palo Colorado rancho, Mont. Kileven (Tom), 1806, mate of the Peacock, in prison at S. Juan Cap. ii. 38; perhaps the following. 

Kimball, 1806, mr of the Peacock. ii. 37-8, 109. K. (Hazen), 1848, overland Mormon immig. met by Bigler at the Humboldt sink in Aug.; memb. of Soc. Cal. Pion., and a resident of S.F. '83. Kimsey (Alvis and Thos L.), 1847, owners of S.F. lots. Kinch, 1847, mr of the Com. Stockton. v. 577. King (Ed A.), 1847, mr of the Elizabeth and purchaser of the Primavera; mr of the Hope in '48. v. 577, 580; lumber dealer and underwriters' agent at Mont. '48; harbormaster '49 at S.F., where he still lived in '54. K. (Henry), 1839, clerk in Sutter's employ. 

King (Henry), 1845, one of Fr‚mont's party, who served as capt. and commissary of the Cal. Bat., and went east on the Com. Shubrick in Oct. '47. v. 94, 360, 450, 453-4, 583. Joining Fr‚mont's 4th exped. in '48, he was frozen to death before reaching Sta F‚, and probably eaten by his companion. He seems to have been a brother of James King of William. K. (John H.), 1846, overland immig. who played poker in Eureka down to a late date acc. to the papers. K. (John M.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). K. (Manuel), 1835, Portuguese on Larkin's books '35-8. iii. 413. K. (Robert), 1834, Engl. lumberman, who was one of Graham's men in '36-8, and was arrested in '40, but left at Sta B. sick. iii. 412; iv. 17. Naturalized in '41 and arrested for stealing lumber at Sta Cruz in '42, but escaped from jail; perhaps the man named in Larkin's Accts '45. K. (Thomas), 1848, passp. from Hon. K. (Wm), 1846, came to S. Jos‚. Hall. K. (Wm), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

King of William (James), 1848, nat. of Georgetown, D. C., assuming the affix 'of William' at the age of 16, from his father's given name, to distinguish himself from others named James King. He came to Cal. by way of Panam[p.209]and Valpara¡so in Nov. '48, made some money in the mines, worked as clerk for Reading & Co. at Sac., and in '49 opened a bank at S.F., his family from the east joining him in '51. In '54-5 he was obliged to close his business, and was employed by Adams & Co. until the failure of that firm. In Oct. '55 he started the S.F. Evening Bulletin, and began a violent, fearless, and desperate crusade against prevalent corruption in the city. Though harsh and often injudicious in his methods, bitter in his prejudices, and generally disposed to abuse all who did not agree with his ideas of reform, he was honest in stating facts and aimed to be just in his attacks; and he was indirectly the instrument of great good to the community. He was shot in May '56 by James P. Casey, a politician and newspaper man whose unsavory record he had exposed, and his murder led to the organization of the famous Vigilance Committee. In my Popular Tribunals, vol. ii., the reader will find much information about King; and there is a sketch of his life and a portrait in the Contemp. Biography. He left a widow and 6 children, some of whom still live in S.F. in '85. Kingery (Sam.), 1848, nat. of Ohio; resid. of S. Luis Ob. Co. '68-83. Kingsbury, 1846, doubtful mention of a major at Sutterville. Sutter Co. Hist., 18. K. (Elisha), 1848, on roll of Soc. Cal. Pion. Kingsley (Francis), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). Kink (Robert), 1843, doubtful name of an Englishman at Branciforte in '45, age 36, wife Estefana Juarez, child Robert. v. 43. Kinley, 1846, doubtful mention at Hock Farm. 

Kinlock (Geo.), 1830, Scotch carpenter and trader at Mont. with his wife, Mary Anderson, also Scotch, and the 1st foreign woman who lived in Cal. As their son Geo. David-the 1st child of foreign parents born in Cal.-was born in '30, they may have arrived a year or two earlier. From '30 K.'s name appears constantly in all kinds of Monterey records. In '36 his age was 39. He died about '58. His son Geo. D. in '48-9 was with Rose & Reynolds at Rose Bar. There was a daughter Catalina, born in '33. iii. 179-80, 221, 609; iv. 17. Kinnane (Patrick), 1847, Co. F. 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Kinney (A. and S.), 1845, overl. immig., perhaps of the Grigsby-Ide party. A. had a family and perhaps went to Or. in '46; S. was a 'hard case,' employed by Sutter during the winter, and went back east in the spring. v. 526, 579. K. (James), 1847, teamster in Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Kinns (Alex.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Sonoma Dec. '47. Kinsey, 1845, at N. Helv.: and a Dan. D. Kinsey is named in one list as one of the Stevens party of '44. Kintring (Chas M.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Kirby (Henry), 1839, Engl. steward of the Corsair, who kept a restaurant at S. F. in '40; a witness against Capt. Hinckley in '40-1. iv. 119. K. (James), 1844, attendant of a sick sailor at Mont.; perhaps same as John K., a sailor. K. (Richard C.), 1846, Engl. tanner, who left a whaler on the Or. coast in '45, and came by land to Cal. with a party the next year. v. 526. He worked at his trade for Sutter during Bear Flag times, and later had a small tannery in the North Beach region at S. F. In '47-8 he worked at Sta Cruz; as miner and trader in the mines '48-9 he made a small fortune, which he soon lost in a city speculation; and from '50 he was engaged in the manufacture of leather at Sta Cruz, where he still lived in '79, and I think in '85. Portrait in Sta Cruz Co. Hist., 16. Kirchner (Henry), 1848, partner of Weber at Stockton. Tinkham. Kirk (Thomas), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Kirkwood (James and John), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); there was also a James, Jr, at Mont. in '47. The K.'s were overl. immig. mentioned by Bryant. Kisling (John W.), 1846, Danish sailor at S. F., who got a lot in '47, went to the mines in '48, and returning lived in town to '59, later at S. Mateo, and died in '61, leaving a widow and 2 children. 

Kittleman (John), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with a family; owner of S.F. lot '47; died at Sta Cruz '52. His children, each of them obtaining a S.F. lot, were George; Thomas, who married Angeline Lovett at S.F. in '47, and was a constable in the same year; Sarah, who married E. P. Jones; and Wm, who died in Utah '55, leaving a widow and 6 children living at Centreville, Utah, '85. None of John's 4 children survives in '85. v. 546, 678, 680, [p.210]685. Kleinbroth (John), 1847, musician N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot. v. 678. Kleinschrooth (John), 1847, Co. G, ditto; owner of S.F. lot; in S F. '52; in Germany '82. Klengel (Francis), 1847, Co. C, ditto. Klier (Wm), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Klopper (Michael), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Knapp (Albert), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Mont. '48. K. (Joel B.), 1848, came from Hon. and went to the mines. K. (M.), 1848, from Hon. on the Julian. Knight, 1846, said by Lancey to have come with Kearny; a newspaper writer in S.F. '84. Knight (Henry), 1840, one of the S. Blas exiles. iv. 18. K. (Henry), 1844, Swiss, at S. F.; age 40; perhaps same as preceding. K. (John), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Ukiah '71-82. K. (Thomas), 1841, German sailor and sawyer, who left the Alert and got a passport. K. (Thomas), 1845, native of Me; trader in La, Ark., and Mo.; overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party, or of the Swasey-Todd branch of that party. iv. 576, 579, 587. All his property, including a stock of goods for sale, was destroyed by the explosion of a keg of powder under his wagon in the Sierra. He settled in Napa Val., took part in the Bear revolt. v. 110; and had some experience in the mines. In '51-70 he was a farmer in Napa and Sonoma counties, being owner of the Moristal or Berreyesa rancho. v. 671-2; and later a dealer in real estate at S.F. In '72 he wrote for me his Recollections, containing much information about early times and men; and in '79 he dietated another and briefer statement of Early Events in Cal. His wife was Serena Haines, married in '54; and in '72 they had two children, Chas P. S. and Thos G. He still resides in S.F. '85, at the age of 65. 

Knight (Wm), 1841, nat. of Ind., naturalized and married to a native in N. Mex., who came with the Workman-Rowland party, returning in '42 to bring his family. v. 278-9. He settled in '43 on the Sacramento, at the place named for him, Knight's Landing-obtaining in '44 a renewal of his naturalization papers that had been lost. He served Micheltorena in Gantt's comp.; was a signer of the S. Jos‚ call to foreigners; got a land-grant in '46; and took an active part in the Bear revolt, perhaps serving in the Cal. Bat. iv. 486, 501, 573, 599: v. 106, 110, 114-19, 637. After the discovery of gold he established Knight's Ferry on the Stanislaus, where he died in '49. He was a great hunter, and though said to have been educated as a physician, was a man of very rough ways, violent in temper, always ready to take offence, and to settle all differences by force. His title to lands, resting on Sutter's general title and a fraudulent grant from Pico, was not confirmed; and though reputed to be rich, his heirs are said to have received very little. Three of his daughters, still living in '85, I think, married respectively Chas F. Reed, J. N. Snowball, and Nathaniel Jacobs. A good sketch of Knight is given in Yolo Co. Hist., 31. 

Knoss (M.), 1846, Co. B, artill. Cal. Bat., enlisting at Sac. in Oct. (v. 358). Knott, 1847, mr of the Sweden, bringing recruits for the N.Y. Vol. v. 511. Knowles (Richard), 1846, one of the Mormon colony, with his wife; owner of S.F. lot '47. v. 546, 678. He died in the faith, and his widow was living in Utah '84. Knox (Sam. P.), 1841, com. of the Flying Fish, of U.S. ex. ex. iv. 241, 565. 

Kob (Geo.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Koeger (Henry E.), 1846, at S. Jos‚. Hall. Kohler (Deoden), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. K. (Theodore G.), 1845, said to have arrived this year. iv. 587; in '49 a clerk for Wells & Co., S.F.; later connected with the Cal. press; died at S.F. '75. Kolan, 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. Kolmer (Michael), 1846, accomp. by wife and 3 children; settled near Bodega, one daughter marrying Wm Howard and another Wm Benitz. Sonoma Co. Hist., 201. K"enig (Wm), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); drowned in Sac. Riv. '47. Kontz (John G.), 1847, Co. F, ditto. Kook (Chas), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). K. (Theodore), 1839, at S. Diego. 

Kooser (Benj. Park), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill.; nat. of Pa. He was a printer and connected with the press, even before his discharge, working as pressman on the Californian in '47, and writing letters for the eastern [p.211]papers. To one of his letters on the gold discov. in the N.Y. Herald is attributed much influence in directing the 1st stream of gold-seekers to Cal. After quitting the mil. service he was connected chiefly with S. Joaquin Co. papers till '65, having married Belle Ward of S. Jos‚ in '62. Then he became editor and publisher of the Sta Cruz Sentinel for 11 years, his valedictory address appearing May 27, '76. He took a deep interest in pioneer reminiscences, and wrote many articles on the subject, his Pioneer Soldiers of Cal., an account of the artill. company, being published in the Alta of '64. v. 520. In '76 he went east as centennial commissioner for Cal.; and died at Sta Cruz in '78, at the age of 56. Korn (Julius), 1847, perhaps of N.Y. Vol. under another name. Kornish, 1847, ditto. Kosier, 1848, mr of a launch at N. Helv. Kostromitinof (Peter), 1829, Russ. manager of Ross. '29-36; and in '40-1 agent for the sale of Ross and settling up all Russian business in Cal.; also visiting the country several times in later years on the same mission. ii. 651; iii. 426; iv. 161-4, 174-5, 178-80. Kotzebue (Otto von), 1816, com. of the Russ. exploring ship Rurik, and author of a Voyage of Discovery; and again com. of the Predpriate in '24, and author of a New Voyage. For notice of his visit and writings, containing much useful information about Cal., see ii. 212-13, 278-80, 299, 309-10, 373, 517, 519, 522-5, 587, 590, 592, 597, 602-3, 645-6. Kountze (Wm), 1847-8, Mormon, at Sutter's mill. Bigler. 

Kraft (Chas), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Krauss (Chas), 1847, musician, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kreutzer (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. (v. 518). Krewzburg, 1847, named at N. Helv. as one of the N.Y. Vol. Krienan, 1847, named in '48 as a deserter from the N.Y. Vol. Krohn (John M.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Krusof (Stephen), 1822, mr of the Apollo. ii. 643. 

Kunhardt, 1848, from Hon. on the Sagudahoc. Kuntze (John C.), 1847, at N. Helv. and S.F., where he owned a lot. Kuppertz (Gerard), 1836, mr of the Peor es Nada. iv. 105; in '37 (or '34) he announces that he has succeeded Sill & Co. as a baker at Sta B. Kuprianof (Ivan), 1840, ex-gov. of the Russ. estab. in Alaska; visited Cal. on the Nikolai. iv. 105, 167, 174-6. Kurtz (Lewis), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Kuskof (Ivan A.), 1808, Russ. explorer of the coast in 1808-11; founder of Ross in '12, and manager of that establishment until succeeded by Schmidt in '21, having visited S.F. in '16. ii. 80-2, 88, 198, 203-4, 210, 212-13, 267, 280, 294-318, 373, 630, 672-3. Kutchback (Chas), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Kyburz (Daniel), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. K. (Sam. E.), 1846, overl. immig. from Wisconsin with his wife and her brothers. Entered Sutter's employ as a kind of superintendent, and is often mentioned in the N. Helv. Diary '47-8, also owning a S.F. lot in '47. He took an active part in events connected with the gold discovery; and in '48-9 kept a hotel at Sac. In '50-4 he seems to have been a trader at S. F. Mrs K. had two children born at Sutter's Fort, one of them, a son, in Feb. '48; and she was living at Clarksville, El Dorado Co., in '80.