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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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M. (J. F. B.), 1840, from Hon. on the Don Quixote, author of Leaves from my Journal. iv. 157. McAllister (Michael James), 1822, Irish blacksmith, known at Mont. '29 as 'el herrero loco,' age 38. Still worked at his trade and drank his aguardiente in '31-40, as shown by various records, also selling grog at his shop, without much profit perhaps, as he is said to have taken no pay from sailors. He had been an Australian convict for 7 years before coming to Cal.; also called Patrick; died at Mont. '54. McA. (Robert), 1840, one of the Graham exiles. iv. 18, 33; perhaps returned, as there was a lumberman of his name in S.F. district '42, age 29. McArran (Robert M.), 1846, mid. on the U. S. Independence. McArthur (Henry), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Scipio, Utah, '82. McA. (Wm P.), 1848, ment. in Alta '51. McAulley (Alex.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). McBride (Haslam), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. 

McCaffery (Hugh), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). McCallum (James), 1828, Scotch carpenter at Mont. '28-9, age 22. McCann (Dan.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). McCarran (Joseph), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). McCartney (Bartholomew), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot. McCarty (Dav. C.), 1847, Co. C, ditto; later a real estate agent and inspector of customs at S.F., where he died in '62 at the age of 41; an Irishman. McC. (Edward), 1847, Co. C, ditto; d. Sta B. '52. McC. (James), 1825, signs a receipt of payment from Robt Livermore; perhaps an error in date. McC. (Nelson), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). McC. (Wm), 1832, one of the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221; named on Larkin's books '33-4. McCarver (M. M.), 1848, Kentuckian from Or.; memb. of the constit. convention '49; went to Idaho later. McCaulley (James), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247); also ment. in Pt Reyes region. 

McChristian (Patrick), 1845, overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587; one of the Bears in '46, having given Robt A. Thompson a narrative of that affair, of which I have a copy. v. 110; in the mines '48-9; and after a short residence at Sta Cruz, a farmer at Sonoma, where he prob. still lives in '85. McClain (John L.), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. McClarcklin 1845, at S. Jos‚ (McLaughlin ?). McClary (James), 1846, overl. immig. in Bryant's party. v. 528; served in Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); in lists of S.F. lot-owners and Cal. claimants. v. 685 (462); interested at Benicia '47; perhaps in some cases confounded with McClurg. McClaskey (Wm I.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S.F. '66. 

McClellan, 1842, went to Or. with Joel Walker in '43. McC., 1847, at Sutter's Fort June-July. McC. (Dav. Frank), 1843, nat. of Tenn. and overl. immig. of the Walker-Chiles party (iv. 392). He went east in '46 with his uncle, Jos. Walker, but came back in '48, being a trader and butcher in the mines, with several visits to the east, until '53, when he settled on a Contra Costa farm, where he still lived in '80. McC. (John), 1848, nat. of Pa, who died at S.F. '63, age 73. McC. (Michael T.), 1848, brother of Dav. F., and overl. immig. of the Chiles party with family; in Sonoma Co. '80. He had 15 children; one of his daughters was the wife of John A. Paxton, a well-known banker of Marysville and Austin, Nev. McCloud (Wm), 1847, from Hon. on the Xylon. 

McClure (James), 1847, owner of S.F. lot; at Benicia; perhaps 'McClary,' [p.230]q.v. McC. (John), 1841, from N. Mex. in the Workman-Rowland party. iv. 278; in '43 he went with Leese to Or. iv. 390; and was still there as late as '60. McC. (Wm), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig.; prob. went to Or. and not Cal. iv. 578. McClurg (James B.), 1847, trader from Hon. on the Xylon, also sup. of the Francesca; member of the firm McC. & Co. (Abell and Chever) at Los Ang. to Feb. '48; owner of S.F. lots '47. v. 678; at Mont. '48; at S.F. from '48; also interested at Benicia. He died at S.F. '57, age 42. McClusky (Philip), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

McComb (Benj.), 1848, overl. immig. from Mo.; perhaps his family were cl. for parts of the Entre Napa rancho. McCoon (Perry), 1844, Engl. sailor who may have come in '43. iv. 453. In Dec. '44 he was sent by Sutter to S. Rafael to obtain recruits for the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 486-501. Returning he worked a while at the fort, but in Dec. '45 moved to a farm of his own near by. In Feb. '46 he married Mrs Lewis, who died in June; and in '47 he married Elitha C. Donner, having a launch on the bay and river. Mentioned as a miner at Weber Cr. and Hangtown '48-9. He became locally somewhat famous for his skill as a vaquero; but in '51 was thrown from his horse and dragged to death by the riata at his home on the Cosumnes. His widow married Benj. Wilder and was still living in '80 at Elk Grove. McC. (Robert), 1848, owner of S.F. lot. McCord (Alex.), 1847, sergt Co. A, Morm. Bat. v. 477. McCormick (James), 1847, left an Engl. vessel at Mont.; owner of a S.F. lot; in the mines '48; later a resid. of S. Jos‚. McCoy (Redding), 1845, nat. of N. J. and mate on the Dromo; disch. at Mont. iv. 587. Shipping on the Fama he was wrecked at Sta. B. in '46; became an otter-hunter, having also several startling adventures with bears; got a S.F. lot in '47; at Bodega '48, and went to the mines 

McCracken (John C.), 1846, at N. Helv., prob. an overl. immig.; nat. of N. C.; died at Sonoma '70, age 55. McC. (Wm R.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). McCrady, 1845, one of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583. 

McCue (Patrick), 1846, one of the Mormon col. with wife and 4 children. v. 546; owner of S.F. lot; worked as a blacksmith at Bodega and other places; going east in '52. McCulloch (Hugh), 1822, merchant of Lima and member of the Cal. branch of McC., Hartnell, & Co., who visited Cal. on the John Begg. ii. 474-7, 479, 492-3, 519, 613-14; iii. 24, 71. He died in Liverpool in '42. McC. (James), 1831, brother of Hugh, at Mont. '31-2; not behaving in a manner satisfactory to his relatives. McC. (Levi H.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Fillmore, Utah, '82. McCusker (Mrs T. C.), 1843, nat. of Ga, from Or., maiden name not given; married in '45, at Sta Cruz to '59, in Mont. Co. to '81. McCutchen (John), 1846, overl. immig.; perhaps went to Or. v. 529. McC. (Wm), 1846, nat. of Tenn. and one of the Donner party with wife and daughter. He left the party before reaching the Sierra and from Cal. went back with the 2d relief party. The daughter Harriet died, but the father and mother, Amanda M., survived, settling 1st at Sonoma, and in '48 at S. Jos‚, where McC. still lived in '80. v. 531-2, 534. Portrait in McGlashan, 244. 

McDermott (Chas), 1848 (?), pres. of a Benicia lumber comp. in '48-9. McD. (David), 1847, mid. on the U. S. Columbus. McD. (D. A.), 1846, at S.F. '54. McD. (H.), 1848, from Hon. on the Euphemia; new passp. from Hon. Aug. McDonald, 1845, in Sutter's employ '45-6. iv. 578, 587; went to Or. Apr. '46. v. 526; but was perhaps back again in '48. McD. (Alex.), 1845, one of the men lost on the Warren's launch '46. v. 384, 587. McD. (Alex. C.), 1847, sergt-major N.Y. Vol. v. 503; at Sonoma to '59, and later on a rancho known as McD.'s station, between Cloverdale and Ukiah, where he died in '80 at the age of 65, leaving a widow, of the pioneer Smith family. McD. (Benj.), 1847, settler at Benicia. v. 672; married a daughter of Lundy Alford. McD. (Chas), 1847, perhaps of N. Y. Vol. under another name. McD. (D.), 1847, from Or. on the Henry. McD. (Wm.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). McD. (Wm), 1847, auctioneer at S.F. '47-8, of firm McD. & Buchanan. v. 680, 682; owner of town lots; died '48 at the age of 35. McD. (Wm), 1847, Engl. at Benicia '47-8. Tustin; perhaps same as Benj. McD. (Wm), 1846, testified at Napa '68 that he lived in Napa Val. '46-50; prob. [p.231]same as following. McDonnell (Wm), 1846, nat. of Mo. and overl. immig.; Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); disch. in Nov. at S. Diego; lived in Napa Co. to '50, marrying Eleanor Graves of the Donner party in '49. Later in Sonoma Co., acting as guide to the Geysers for many years; in '80 at Knight's Val. with family of 9 children. McDonough (Joseph), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); capt. in Meagher's brigade war of '61-5; at S.F. '82. McD. (Nicholas), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in L. Cal. '71-4; killed at La Paz. McDormant, 1847, at Sutter's Fort. 

McDougal, 1816, sup. of the Colonel. ii. 278. McD. (Geo.), 1845, nat. of Ohio, and overl. immig. from Ind. in the Swasey-Todd party. v. 575-6, 587. He lived at Sta Cruz and Gilroy; served as a kind of unattached volunteer in the Cal. Bat. '46-7; was a 'broker'-that is, a gambler-at S.F. '47-8, becoming the owner of many town lots in partnership with Lippincott. v. 676, 679, 680; and a trader at Sac. in '48-9. His movements in later years were too numerous and complicated to be recorded here. He made several trips to the East, where he had a family, and about '53 began a roving life, rarely making his whereabouts known, and spending much of his time among the Ind. in Arizona and Mexico. In '67 he was found by a naval commander in Patagonia, but returned to Ind., and in '69 went to Washington, D. C., when he died in '72. He was an eccentric but brave and popular man. McD. (John), 1848, brother of Geo., and overl. immig. from Ind.; a member of the constit. convention '49, and elected lieut-gov., becoming gov. on the resignation of Burnett. He died at S.F. in '66 at the age of 49. 

McDowell (Dugald), 1837, named in Larkin's books. McD. (James), 1845, overland immig., with his wife, Margaret Pyles, and daughter, Maggie A., age 3 years. iv. 578, 587. He came in a party which I am unable to identify, and most of the members of which went to Or. from Ft Hall. He was employed as a gunsmith by Sutter in '45-7, and possibly served in the Cal. Bat., having a Cal. claim for work (v. 462). In Aug. '47 he moved with his family across the Sac. Riv., where he bought a rancho and built a house. He was murdered in May '49. In '50 the widow had the town site of Washington laid out on her land; married Dr E. C. Taylor in '51; and died at Washington in '83. The daughter Maggie became Mrs M. A. Hunt, and in '84, living at Washington, furnished me information about her family. Another daughter, Harriet, in '81 Mrs Cooke, was born-prob. at the fort, though Mrs Hunt is sure it was at Washington-Feb. 21, '47; and a son Wm according to the newspapers in '48. McD. (John), 1841, overl. immig. of the Bartleson party, who went back to Mo. in '42. iv. 270, 275, 342. McDuff (J.), 1848, passp. from Hon. McDuffee (And. J.), 1847, connected in some way with the N.Y. Vol. (v. 499), but not on the roll; clerk in the naval store office at Mont. '47-8, and named in many records; trading at the dry diggings '48; at S. Jos‚ '50. Clark calls him McDuff. 

McElroy (Alex.), 1848 (?), long a resid. of Mariposa Co.; d. at Merced '82, leaving a widow and a married daughter; perhaps of Graham's dragoons (v. 522). McElroy (Hugh), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). McElvain (J.), 1846, lieut of Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336); not in Cal. McFerion (James), 1824, Scotch tailor from Lima. ii. 526; at S. Diego '28. v. 545; at Los Ang. '36, age 50 and single. McGee (Milton), 1843, overl. immig. of the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 392, 394. McGeehan (Patrick), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). McGhee (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at S.F. '61. McGill (James), 1847, Co. E, ditto. McG. (Pat.), 1847, Co. A, ditto. McGilvery, 1841, on the Cowlitz, from Columbia Riv. McGloene (James), 1847, perhaps of N.Y. Vol. under another name. McGlone (Wm), 1837, Irish sailor on the wrecked whaler Com. Rogers. iv. 118; employed in Graham's distillery and known as 'Billy the Brewer.' He was exiled in '40 but returned. iv. 18, 33; and I have his letter of '44 in which he complains that he has been 7 days in jail without food! Worked in Larkin's soap factory '45; perhaps joined Fauntleroy's dragoons '46 (v. 232, 247); and later Co. B, Cal. Bat., being wounded at Natividad. v. 371. He was at N. Helv. '47, in the mines '48; at Mont. '57, and a few years later was drowned [p.232]at Sta B. McGranaghan (Wm G.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). McGuier (A.), 1848, passp. from Hon. McGuire (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). MeIIollingworth (J.), 1846 (?), in S. Joaq. Co. '49. Tinkham. 

McIntosh (Chas), 1843, Cherokee or Delaware half-breed, in the Walker-Chiles party. iv. 392, 400; at Mont. and N. Helv. '45, serving in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 486, 501; served in Cal. Bat. '46-7, taking part in the Natividad fight. McI. (Edward), 1823 (?), Scotch sailor who landed at Mont. from a trader. ii. 475, 495. In a record of '29 he claimed to have come in '23; in another of Dec. '33, to have been 12 vears in Cal., or since '22; while in some accounts he is said to have visited Cal. in '13 and returned in '23. I think it likely he came on the Rover with Capt. Cooper.. In '28 he was baptized at S. Cas Edward Manuel. I have his letter of May '28. In '29 he appears in a Mont. list as a single carpenter, age 34. In '30 he bought Geo. Allen's interest in a Mont. inn for $90, becoming a partner of Wm Gralbatch. ii. 609; was naturalized in '33; got an otter-hunting license in '34, making a trip with Dye. iii. 395; still at Mont. '35. In '38, or perhaps a year or two earlier, he settled with James Dawson on the Estero Americano rancho near Bodega, iv. 117, being recorded in that year as agent for Vallejo and for the H. B. Co. In '39 he obtained a grant of the rancho, and is said to have left his partner's name out of the title, for which he was flogged by the irate Dawsom, who proceeded to saw their house in two and move his half to another rancho. iii. 712; iv. 129. In '40 he guided Spalding of the Lausanne to S.F. iv. 172; and was in trouble on account of a Frenchman found murdered on his place. He was at N. Helv. in '44-5, taking part in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 483; but does not figure in the war records of '46-7. Owner of a S.F. lot '46. v. 685; alcalde at Sonoma '46. v. 297, 663; alcalde of S. Rafael '47. v. 668; when he leased his rancho to O'Farrell and went to live with his old comrade James Black, both of them dying in '70, McI. at the age of 75. McI. (Jas W.), 1837, pass. on the Europa to Hon. iv. 103. McIntyre, 1845, making shingles at Larkin's soap factory. McI. (H.), 1848, passp. from Hon. with family. McI. (John), 1843, overl. immig. of the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 392-3; nothing more known of him. McI. (Terance), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). McI. (Wm L.), 1847, asst surg. Morm. Bat. v. 477, 480. 

McKaffray (Hugh), 1846, perhaps killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. McKay, 1846, mid. U. S. N., bearer of despatches from Wash.; perhaps 'Mackae.' McK. (Jean B. D.), 1825, hunter of the H. B. Co., who visited Cal. in '41 and prob. several times before. iii. 151; iv. 212, 214. McK. (John H.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in '80 claimed to have aided at Benicia in '48 in making the 1st casting in Cal.-a faucet for a still, made of copper balls. McKay (Thos), 1848, guide to Burnett's party from Or. McKean, 1847, mid. on the U. S. Independence. McK. (Wm W.), 1846, com. of the U. S. Dale, '46-7; v. 577; d. '65. McKee (James), 1848, at S.F. from Hon. June. McK. (James), 1847, murdered by B. K. Thompson at Stockton Jan. '48. McK. (James M.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Mont. Dec. McK. (James R.), 1846, bugler Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons. v. 336. McK. (Wm H.), 1846, Scotch physician at Mont., who possibly came a year or two earlier; often named in records of '46-8 at Mont., S. Jos‚, and Sac., where in '48 he seems to have been engaged in trade. In '52 he was claimant for the Jacinto rancho, Colusa. iv. 671. He married, I think, a daughter of Est‚van MunrS. F. Chronicle; iv. 453. McKenzie, 1845, at N. Helv. '45, '47; with Arce in '46. iv. 578, 587; v. 109; perhaps same as the following. McK. (Bernard), 1846, carpenter and mason at Mont. '46-8; in the mines '48, discovering the dry diggings at Placerville. Carson and Swan. A 'Capt.' McK. died at S. F. in '54. McK. (D'l), 1843, trader at S. Diego. McKern (Ed.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot; prob. 'Kern,' q. v. 

McKinley (James), 1824, Scotch sailor boy left at S. F. or Sta B. by a whaler. ii. 526. This is the statement usually made in accounts of his h.e, and it is also said that he was but 11 years old, all of which may be erroneons. He is constantly named in commercial records from '30, when he was agent for Capt. Cooper at Mont., travelling much of the time, but making Mont. his home, and joining the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221. In '35 he went to Los Ang. as agent for Larkin; in '36 is named in a padron as a trader, aged 33; and from this year to '40 and later was owner of the Ayacucho schr, making trips up and down the coast. iv. 101, 117. Perhaps arrested as a matter of form in '40. iv. 17. From '42 in partnership with Fitch and Paty, but it is hard to say what place he regarded as home; I have many letters written by him at different points. From '43 the firm had a store at S.F. v. 682; in '44-5 McK. took a leading part at Los Ang. in the movement of southern foreigners against Micheltorena. iv. 495, 505-8; also in '44-5 was one of the purchasers of the mission estates of S. Juan Cap. and S. Luis Ob. iv. 553, 627, 655, 659; v. 558. In '46 he seems to have transferred his residence from Los Ang. to Mont., where in Jan. '47 he was placed under arrest by Lieut Maddox with a view of extorting information about Calif. operations in the south. Alviso Doc., 209-10. He married Cdaughter of Jos‚ Amesti, in '48; was claimant in '52 for ranchos in Mont. and S. Luis Ob. counties. iv. 655; and died at Mont. in '75, leaving several children. Don Santiago was a man of good repute throughout his long career in Cal. I have a letter from his mother in '43. McK. (J.), 1841, boatswain on the U. S. St Louis. McKinney (Wm S.), 1847, mr of the Primavera. v. 580. McKinstry (Geo., Jr), 1846, overl. immig., who became the 1st sheriff of the northern district at Sutter's Fort '46-7. v. 675; active in relief measures for the Donner party, v. 538, on which subject his letters were published in the S.F. Star; passenger on the 1st steamer to Sac. '47. v. 579; also owner of a S.F. lot. v. 678. He was somewhat prominent in public affairs at Sac. in early mining times; and had a trading post on the Cosumnes '49-50. I find no record of him from that time till '71-4, when he was a physician at Old S. Diego, and gave me the valuable original McKinstry Papers, including some of his summons to jurors, etc., as sheriff; and also some important records on the Donner party. He was an eccentric character while at S. Diego, spending much of his time in long tours among the Ind. Beyond a vague rumor of his death before '80, I have no trace of him after '74. 

McLanahan (T.), 1847, mid. on the U.S. Columbus; doubtful. McLane, 1846, mr of the Paladin. v. 579. McL. (Geo.), 1839, at Mont. '39-40; named in Larkin's books. McL. (Louis), 1846, nat. of Del., b. '19, entered the navy '35, and came to Cal. as passed mid. on the Savannah. He served with Fauntleroy's dragoons. v. 232, 289; and took a prominent part in recruiting and organizing the Cal. Bat., becoming capt. of the artill. comp., and later in the campaign ranking as major. vi. 359, 361. He was one of Fr‚mont's commissioners who signed the treaty of Cahuenga, closing the war. v. 404-5, 434. In '50 he resigned his position in the navy and returned to Cal. to engage in a series of important industrial and financial enterprises, being manager of Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express from '55 to '68, and of the Nevada Bank from '75 to '82. He left Cal. a little later, but is still living in '85. His wife was Sophie Hoffman of Baltimore, and there were 8 children. Portrait in Contemp. Biog. McLannan, 1846, from Hon. on the Euphemia. McLarey, 1846, sergt Co. B. artill. Cal. Bat. v. 358. McLean (Geo.), 1817, mr of the Currency Lass. '47-8; perhaps 'McLane' of '39. McLean, 1848, kept a furniture shop at S.F., of firm McL. & Osburn. v. 678., McL. (James D.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). McL. (Wm S.), 1846, ditto. McL., 1848, at S.F. from Tahiti. McLeod (Alex. R.), 1828, in com. of H. B. Co. hunters from the N. iii. XXX1; iv. 263. McL. (Francis J.), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). McL. (John C.), 1834, Scotch sailor on the Bonanza (?), in '34-6, iii. 412; returned to Cal. '50; and lived at Vallejo '60-79. Solano Co. Hist. McL. (John M.), 1838, on the Cadboro, agent of H.B.Co. McLine (Joseph), 1848, owner of a S. F. lot. McLoughlin (John), 1841, chief factor of the H. [p.234]B. Co., who visited Cal. on the Cowlitz. iv. 216-18, 250, 564; see also Hist. B. Col. and Hist. Or. McLown (Wm), 1839, sailor under arrest at S. F. 

McMahon (Green), 1841, nat. of Mo., and overl. immig. of the Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275, 279. He went to Or., but returned in '45 with a party to which I have given his name. iv. 572-4. Possibly there was a James McM. in the same party. v. 573. He settled on Putah Creek, Solano Co., and died at Dixon in '84 at the age of 65. By the death notice it appears that his name was Samuel G. McM. (Jeremiah), 1848, Irishman at Mont. '47-8; seems to have died about '56. McM. (Nelson), 1841, brother of Green, and one of the Bartleson party. iv. 270, 275. He went East or to Or., and I think did not return to Cal., though he is mentioned also as one of the Clyman party of '45. iv. 573. McM. (Patrick), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). McManus (James), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. '52. McMichael (Grove C.), 1848, nat. of Mo.; a gambler of good repute, killed in S. F. '54. McM. (Wm), 1831 (?), a sailor said to have visited Cal. about this time. iii. 405; settled at S. F. '51; a wharf superintendent '53-4; d. at sea '59, at the age of 55. McMillan, 1845. in charge of Sutter's launch; also called McMullen. McM. (Chas), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. after '60. McMonigle (Simpson), 1846, overl. immig. with Young. v. 529; served in Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); at Los Ang. '48. 

McNamara (Eugene), 1846, Irish priest who had a grand scheme for colonizing Cal. with Irishmen to the glory of God and the discomfiture of the Yankees. His project has been generally given more importance in connection with English plans than it deserved. McM. came to Cal. on the Juno. iv. 592; v. 37, 215-23, 577, 636. McNeilly (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). McPhail, 1848, from Or. with Brooks. McPherson (Chas J.), 1847, musician Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); living in N. Y. '84. McP. (Geo.), 1847, musician, ditto; d. Morrisania, N.Y., '69. McP. (James), 1826, on the Rover; on Larkin's books at Mont. '38; I have his autograph of '43. 

McPherson (John C.), 1848; Scotchman of good education and considerable ability as a writer; but eccentric to the verge of insanity, and almost constantly under the influence of liquor in his later years. It is not quite clear how he came, but apparently overl. from Mo., where he had been a teacher; though it is also said that he went to Texas and served in the Mex. war. He appeared in the mines in '48, and is mentioned by Burnett and others as the author of a popular song, 'Yuba, dear Yuba,' and other poetical effusions. He spent his later years in wandering about the country and writing pioneer sketches for the newspapers, under the signature of Juanita. Many of his sketches were of real value, though generally overburdened with eulogy; and the author was always an inoffensive, kind-hearted man. In '80 he fell through the trestle-work of a railroad bridge over the Tuolumne Riv. and was killed. McQuade (Peter), 1836, at Mont. McQuien (D.), 1848, passp. from Hon. 

McRae (Arch.), 1846, mid. U. S. N., bearer of despatches from Wash. v. 287. McRice, 1848, murdered by Scott at Sonoma. McSpadden (James), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). McRoberts (J.), 1845; mid. on the U. S. Warren. McTavish (Donald), 1826, sup. of the Colonel. ii. 278. McT. (Dugald), 1846, agent of the H. B. Co., visiting Cal. to sell the property of the comp. iv. 594. McVicker (Henry), 1837, Amer. named in Larkin's book '37-41 as being in the Mont. district; perhaps arrested in '40. iv. 118, 17. In '42 he was in com. of Sutter's trappers, but quarrelled with S.; in '44 at S. F., age 24, took part in the Micheltorena campaign, capturing Manuel Castro. iv. 486-7; in '45 named at Mont. and at N. Helv., where he had a fight with Geo. Davis. The latest record that I have found is that he left the fort Jan. '46 for Sonoma. 

Mace (P.), 1845, doubtful name of a man at Cahuenga. iv. 595. Machado, ment. in '19, '23. ii. 354, 550. M., 1875, mr of the Republicano. iv. 568. M. (Agustin), at Los Ang. from '24. ii. 526; juez de campo '38, and grantee of Ballona '39. iii. 633, 636; age 42 in '39; juez de campo '48. v. [p.235]626; justice of peace in '56. M. (Andr‚s), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Antonio Ignacio), regidor at Los Ang. '33, '38-9 acting sˇndico and alcalde. iii. 635-6; died in '78 at the age of '81. M. (Bat Los Ang. '48. M. (Benito), 1834, mr of the J˘ven Dorotea. iii. 382. M. (Eugenio), celador at Mont. '44. iv. 431. M. (Dolores and Francisco), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Hilario), at Los Ang. '19-27. M. (Ignacio), at Los Ang. '38-48; grantee of Aguaje del Centincla '44; age 33 in '39. iii. 565; iv. 634. M. (Jesus), at S. Bern. '46; cl. for Buenavista '52. iv. 620. M. (Jos‚), at S. Bern. '46, age 27. M. (Jos‚ Ant.), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Jos‚ Marˇa), soldier of S.F. comp. '39; at Los Ang. '46. M. (Juan), at S. Diego '40. iii. 610; at Los Ang. '46. M. (Juana), daughter of Jos‚ Manuel, a corp. of the S. Diego comp., and widow of Thos Ridington, who at S. Diego in '78, at the age of 64-though apparently about 40-gave me an interesting narrative of Tiempos Pasados de Cal. She has a son and 4 married daughters. M. (Manuel), regidor at S. Diego and in charge of Rosario rancho in '36. iii. 612, 615. M. (Marˇa Ant.), claimant for Las Vˇrgenes rancho. iii. 634. Machuca (Jos‚ S.), settler at Branciforte 1797. i. 569. 

Maciel (Luis G.), 1842, Mex. Lieut of the batallon fijo, suspended from his rank '43. iv. 289, 354, 364; but signed the treaty of Sta Teresa in '44. iv. 470. Mack (John W.), 1847, carpenter at Mont. '47-8; at Angel's Camp '49. M. (Wm), 1846, one of the Mormon col., who prob. did not come to Cal. v. 547. Macomb (Wm H.), 1847, lieut U. S. N., and acting mr of the Lexington. 

Macondray (Fred. W.), 1822, nat. of Mass. and sailor on the Panther, which touched at Mont. from Chile. ii. 478. Subsequently he was mr of trading craft and remained some years in China. In '49 he came back to Cal. with his family and cstablished the firm of M. & Co., being a prominent citizen of S. F. to the date of his death in '62. M. (John Oliver E.), 1832, brother of Fred. W., who came from Boston on the Newcastle with Larkin, having a coasignment of goods. iii. 208. His name appears on Larkin's books '33-7; in '36 he was a clerk for Watson, being then 29 years old; taking some part with other foreigners in the revolutionary events of '36, and especially aiding in retaking Mont. from the Mex. who had revolted against Alvarado. For this service he thought he had a claim on the U.S. (!) for 3 leagues of land in Cal., writing from Dorchester in Oct. '46 to Larkin on the subject, and enclosing a letter from his brother. He was about to sail for China, proposing to come to Cal. later. Macy (Alex.), 1826, mr of the Peruvian. 

Madariaga (Bonifacio), Mex. clerk at Mont. from about '30; comis. de policˇa and regidor in '36-7. iii. 675. In '36 age 27, wife Josefa Vallejo de Estrada (mother of Gov. Alvarado), children Dolores b. '32, Francisco '33. He went to Mex. in '42. Maddox (Wm A. T.), 1846, lieut of marines U.S.N. on the Cyane and Congress. After the occupation of Los Ang. he came to Mont. by land, capturing some Cal. officers on the way, and was made com. of the garrison and of the central district, ranking as capt. in the Cal. Bat. He made an exped. to S. Juan B., and marched to Sta Clara with his comp. to take part in the final Sanchez campaign. v. 282, 289-90, 294, 358, 360, 383, 519, 639. I have no record of him after '47. Madison (Geo.), 1839, sailor sent away on the Calijornia for robbing Spear's store; perhaps also Joseph M. Madox (James), 1841, doubtful name at Mont. Madrazo (Jos‚ M.), Mex. sergt of artill. who signed the Zamorano pronunciamento of '32. iii. 223. 

Magee (Henry), 1847, lieut Co. I, N. Y. Vol. v. 504; at S. Diego '71-9. Mager (Adam), 1847, Co. D, ditto. Maggard (Benj.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Magnent (Ollivier), 1844, Canadian immig. of the Stevens party. iv. 445, 453. He built a flour-mill at S. Jos‚, which he advertises for sale in the S. F. Californian of Apr. '48. Called also Magnet, Magnand, and Marquet. Acc. to the Fresno Co. Hist. there were two, Oliver and Francis, but the ref. is prob. to Deland. Mahon, see 'McMahon.' Mahony (John), 1848, in S.F. list of letters. 

Main (James), 1844, at Mont. '44-5. M. (Russell M.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Mainsford (John), 1836, Irish sawyer at Mont., age 30; [p.236]perhaps 'Rainsford,' q.v. Maison (Joseph), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Maitorena (Jos‚ Joaquin), 1801, came to Cal. as cadet of the Sta B. comp.; alf‚rez from 1806; lieut from '27; clected to congress in '23; died in Mex. '30. He was a drunken, good-natured follow, with some skˇl as an accountant when sober. Biog. iii. 45-6; ment. ii. 47, 100, 109, 117, 238, 361, 364, 424, 530-1, 536-7, 571-2, 576, 676; iii. 61, 64, 88. Majors (Alex.), 1845 (?); later of the pony-express firm of Russell, M., & Waddell; doubtful date of arrival. iv. 587. At S.F. '70. 

Majors (Joseph L.), 1834, nat. of Tenn.-some accounts say of Ky, Va, or Ohio-who came from N. Mex., perhaps with Graham. iii. 388, 412. At Los Ang. in Nov. '34 he signed, with other foreigners, a protest against being obliged to do military duty. In '35 he seems to have settled in the Sea Cruz region, and from that year his name appears often in Larkin's accounts and other records. He was one of Graham's men in the troubles of '36-S; and acc. to Job Dye's statement bought Tomlinson's interest in the Zayante disóillery about '37, selling out to Dye a few years later. In '39 he was naturalized, calling himself Juan Jos‚ Cris˘stomo, prob. a name received at baptism in N. Mex. or Cal. About the same time he married Marˇa de los Angeles Castro, by whom he had 19 children. (See 'Marones.') He was arrested in '40 bat soon released. iv. 17, 22, 24; receiving in '41 grants of the S. Agustin and Zayante ranchos, the latter of which he sold to Graham. iv. 655-6; yet in '42 he signed an appeal to the U.S. for indemnity for sufferings while under arrest! In '43 he signed a protest against Graham's offer of the services of foreigners to Micheltorena. iv. 356; and served as juez de campo at Branciforte. iv. 663; in '46 juez de paz, and a witness at the trial of Naile's murderer. v. 641-2; perhaps juez in '47; member of the Sta Cruz council '48. v. 642; alcalde and sub-prefect '49-50, and chosen delegate to the constit. convention. Sta Cruz Arch., 102. He was claimaut for the S. Agustin rancho, and a rich man in those years, but subsequently lost most of his property, dying in '68 at Sta Cruz, where his widow still lived in '80. Mak1814, mr of the Suv '14-15. ii. 274, 306, 373. Malaco, a Suisun chief '17. ii. 339. 

Malarin (Juan), 1820, nat. of Peru, and mr of the Se¤oriano in Cal. '20-2. ii. 293, 439-40, 467. In '24 he came back as mr of the Apolonia. ii. 518; and in '25 was chosen by Gov. Arg ello to take the Asia and Constante prizes to Acapulco. iii. 26; for which service he was made a lieut in the Mex. navy. About the same time he married Josefa Estrada, and made Monterey his home, though still going to sea. Mentioned in '29-30, being partido-elector. ii. 613; iii. 49-50, 76, 82; signed the Zamorano pronunc. '32, being called into service as alf‚rez. iii. 223, 672; in '33 mr of the Le˘nidas, capt. of the port, and grantee of Guadalupe rancho. iii. 383, 673, 677; ment. in '37-8. iii. 501; iv. 104; grantee of Chualar and mr of the Cervantes '39. iii. 677; iv. 102; justice and president of the tribunal superior '41-5. iii. 605; iv. 296, 357, 532; in '46 member of the Mont. council and of the 1st jury. v. 289, 637. He died in '49 or '50 at the age of nearly 60, leaving a large estate. Don Juan was a quiet, unobtrusive man of excellent character and much influence. His children in '36 were Marˇa Isabel b. '26, Mariano '28, Concepcion '32, Urbano '35. One of the daughters married COlvera, and lives, as does Urbano, at Chualar, and there was another son, Ignacio, a money-broker at S.F. in '83. M. (Mariano), son of Juan, educated in Peru; executor of his father's estate, and in that capacity successful claimant for the ranchos of Zanjones, Guadalupe, and Chualar; judge of 1st instance at Mont. '49; coroner '50-1; supervisor '56; member of the assembly '59-60; later a wealthy resident of Sta Clara, where he still lives in '85. 

Malaspina (Alejandro), 1791, Span. com. of an exploring exped. touching at Mont. i. 490-2, 498, 506; ii. 61. Malcolm, 1848, from Or. by sea, a companion of Brooks in the mines. M. (Alex. B.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Julian), 1814, sailor left at Mont. by the Isaac Todd. ii. 272, 277. Malculia, 1848, passp. from Hon. Maldonado, 1821, an actor or revo lutionary agent. ii. 431. M. (Jos‚ Marˇa), perhaps the same. Mex. clerk from Tepic; receptor of customs at Sta B. '33-5. iii. 377, 654; sec. of the [p.237]diputacion '34-6. iii. 250, 291, 426, 673; sˇndico and sec. of Mont. ayunt. '35 -6. iii. 674-5. In '36 at Mont. age 38, wife Antonia Velarde, child Vicente, b. in Tepic '26. I have no record of him after his arrest in connection with the revolt of Mexicans against Alvarado in '37. iii. 525. Malherbe, mr of the Eliza. iv. 565. Mallett (Chas G.), 1845, Amer. sailor in care of the consul, from the Warsaw; shipped for Boston on the California or Vandalia. Mallogh, 1846, doubtful Irish settler at S. Luis Ob. Quigley. Mallory, 1846, mr of the Prescott. v. 580. Malloy (Ed.), 1845, deserter from the Ilopewell at S. Diego. Malo (Jos‚ Ramon), grantee of Purˇsima and Sta Rita ranchos, Sta B. '45. iv. 653; v. 558; at Sta In‚s '54. Maltok (Richard), 1842, Engl. lumberman at S.F. 

Manchester (Alex.), 1845, sailor on the Marˇa, or Morea. M. (Thomas), 1846, overl. immig.; served in Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); owner of S.F. lot '48; in the mines '48; drowned in S.F. bay before '69. Mancilla (TomDominican friar in L. Cal. who visited S. Diego '29-30. ii. 552; v. 620. Mancisidor (Juan Ignacio), 1822, Span. supercargo of the Col Young, '22-3. ii. 474, 293; iii. 118. He came back in '25 on the Thos Nowlan and remained as agent of a Lima firm, being a resident of Los Ang. from '27. He was obliged to quit the country in '30 under the law expelling Span., and in spite of his petition of '28 to be allowed to remain. iii. 51-2, 100, 145. He had no family. Mangot, 1848, mr of the Con de Talcahuano. Manjares (Graciano), Mex. grantee of Saucito '33. iii. 679; in '36, age 35, wife Maximiana G˘ngora, child. Domingo b. '29, Jos‚ '30, Ponciano '31, Estanislao '32, Juana '35; juez auxiliar in '42. iv. 653. Manrique (Miguel), com. of transports 1775, 1797. i. 241, 543. M. (Jose Ant.), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Juan), soldier of Sta B. comp. '32. M. (Julian), at Sta Ana rancho, Los. Ang. '39, age 35; in '44 grantee of Laguna. iv. 621. Mansaneli (Marˇa Ant.), at Mont. '36, nat. of Tepic, apparently the sister of the wife of MunrManser (Jacob), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Manso (Juan), 1844, Span. trader in Virmond's employ; in '45 appointed commissioner to form inventories of the mission estates, and lessee of S. Fernando. iv. 550, 553, 637-8, 643, 683; v. 558, 630. M. (LŁcas F.), 1834, com. of the Morelos which brought part of the colony. iii. 267, 269, 383. Manson (Cephus), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). Manuel, N. Mex. of Sta B. garrison '46. v. 316. M. (Andr‚s and Jos‚), grantees of Guajome '45. iv. 621. Maqueda (Juan D.), 1791, piloto in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. 

Mapes (Geo. W. and Walker B.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Maple (Dav.), 1847, carpenter on the Independence. M. (John), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Marago (V.), grantee of Pauba. iv. 621 (Moraga?). Maranasio (Tom), 1845, nat. of Oahu, in charge of custom-house boat at Mont. Maraviof, 1825, mr of the Elena '26-6. iii. 146. March (Edwin), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. '60. M. (Wm J.), 1847, employed at Fitch's Sotoyoma rancho '77-8. Marchand (J. B.), 1848, owner of S.F. lot. Marchena (Fern.), 1844, ditto. iv. 673. Marcy (Sam.), 1847, 2d mr on the U. S. Independence. 

Marcy (Wm G.), 1847, A. A. Q. M., U. S. A., commissary of N.Y. Vol. v. 503, 511. A son of the sec. of state at Wash.; went to the mines with Colton in '48; sec. of the constit. conven. '49; member of the legislature '55; pay-master in the navy from '61; at Wash. 71-4; living at Alameda '82. Marˇa de Jesus (Madre), 1800, sent from Mex. in charge of foundlings. i. 606. Mariano, leader in Sta B. outbreak '24, ii. 532. M. (Man.), 1828, Mex. convict released in '36. Marin, Ind. chief for whom Marin Co. was named; vaguely mentioned '16-24. ii. 328, 538, 598. Marin‚ (Fruto), soldier of Mont. comp. '39. M. (Juan), 1795, Span. artilleryman retired after '21 with rank of lieut de premio from '27; at S. Gabriel '28, age 60. ii. 543; iii. 51; perhaps his name was 'Mariner.' Mariner (Juan), 1785, Span. friar who served at S. Diego till his death in 1800. Biog. i. 654; ment. i. 388, 422, 455, 459, 553, 576-7; ii. 106-7. 

Mark (Joseph), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Louis), 1847, Co. E, ditto; d. before '80. Market (Augustine), 1847, Co. D, ditto. Markham [p.238](Mrs E.), 1846, came to Sta Clara Co.; maiden name not given. Markof (Alex.), 1845, Russ. visitor, who published a narrative. iv.562. Marks (Chas), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). Marlin (Hen.), 1845, doubtful name of an immig. iv. 578. Marones (Jos‚), at Branciforte '45, age 33, wife Marˇa Castro, child. Jos‚ Joaq. b. '40, Marˇa '41, Danira (?) '42, Santa (?) '43, Roberto '44. I think this may be intended for 'Majors,' q.v. Maroni (Fran.), at Mont. '39-41. Marple (Dav.), see 'Maple.' Marquet, 1845, doubtful member of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583. Martin. Marquez (Fran.), grantee of Boca de Sta M˘nica. iii. 633; a blacksmith, age 47. 

Marquez (Manuel), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289; implicated as an accomplice in a poisoning case and transferred to Sta B. '43. iv. 364, 641; adj. and instructor of the S. Luis Ob. defensores '44. iv. 407; at Mont. Apr. '46. v. 41. M. (Rafael), soldier killed by Ind. on the Colorado 1781. i. 363. Marquinez (Mareclino), 1810, Span. friar who served chiefly at Sta Cruz, and left Cal. in '17. Biog. ii. 387; ment. ii. 149, 159-60, 218, 326, 384, 394, 421. 

Marron (Jesus), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Juan Marˇa), had a house at S. Diego '21. ii. 546; took part in the revolution of '31. iii. 201; regidor '35-6, and elector in '36, being owner of the Cueros de Venado rancho attacked by Ind. iii. 483, 611, 615; iv. 67. He was juez suplente in '39-40. iii. 616; owner of land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; grantee of Agua Hedionda '42. iv. 620; and juez in '44. iv. 540. In '45 he was elector de partido and admin. of S. Luis Rey. iv. 540, 620-1; 623-4; and in '46 alcalde. v. 325, 329, 618-19. He died in '56. His widow, Felipa Osuna, b. at S. D. 1809, and still living there in '78, gave me her Recuerdos of early times, to which is attached a col. of original Doc. Hist. Cal. presented by her brother. Marsh (Eton S.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. v. 685. M. (Geo.), 1826, purser of H. B. M. S. Blossom in Beechey's exped. iii. 121. 

Marsh (John), 1836, nat. of Mass. and graduate of Harvard, who after residing in Wisconsin and Mo. spent 6 years in New Mex. and Sonora, and came to Cal. early in Jan. '36 from Sta F‚. iv. 117-18. Presenting his diploma as a physician to the ayunt. of Los Ang. he got in Feb. a license to practise medicine; but came to the north early in '37, in which year Edwards met him in the Mont. district, v. 86, and from which time his name appears on Larkin's books. He seems to have travelled considerably in the northern districts, but in a year or two became the owner of the rancho of Los M‚danos-also called Pulpunes, Umpines, and later New York, at the foot of Mt Diablo, near the modern Antioch-granted to Noriega in '35. Here he built a rude hut and spent the rest of his life, gradually accumulating wealth in live-stock. In '40 he was arrested but not exiled, had some dealings with Sutter, and wrote letters to Mo. for the purpose of encouraging immigration. iv. 9, 17, 23-4, 134, 265. In '41 he received the 1st immig. party, Bartleson's, at his rancho, and afforded them much assistance, though he made the new-comers pay well for his services and grievously offended many of them by his meanness. iv. 272-5, 347. The officers of the U. S. ex. ex. also came in contact with him this year, and Dr Pickering, Races of Men, 102; Willies' Narr., v. 193-4, mentions the Dr as his former classmate and friend. His Letter to Com. Jones, of '42, on the state of the country, is a doc. of some value, as the writer was an intelligent, observant man. iv. 348. In '44 he was naturalized; and in '44-5 joined Sutter's force against the Californians, with a view to disorganize it, made a contract with the govt to furnish Ind. horse-thieves in comp. with Capt. Gantt, and signed at S. Jos‚ the call to foreigners. iv. 486, 491, 516-17, 543, 599. He took but slight part in the troubles of '46-7, v. 7, 17, 641, leading for the most part the life of a hermit, though he wrote a long letter to Lewis Cass on the country and its prospects. He took much interest in politics, desiring to see Cal. in possession of the U. S., but not favoring filibusterism. In '48 his house was robbed, and he tried his fortune in the mines. He was murdered, by a party of young Californians, on the road between his rancho and Martinez in '56, at the age of 52. One of the murderers was sent to prison for life some 10 years later. Dr M. was a peculiar and generally [p.239]disagreeable man, whose notorious parsimony kept him constantly in treuble with most that came in contact with him; yet he was apparently an honest man, of more than ordinary ability, and several of the Californians, among them Vallejo, speak of him in terms of warm praise. He left a son in the East, who is said to have joined him just before his death; he seems to have had some children by an Indian woman; and John Currey, who was his attorney and gives much information about him, states that about '51 he married a teacher from Mass., who died a few years later. 

Marshall, 1846, widow, married to James Smith at N. Helv.; perhaps mother of Henry. M. (Earl), 1846, nat. of N. J. and one of the Mormon col., with his wife, Letitia Dorsey. v. 46. A milkman at S. F.; in Alameda co. from '50; died '81, leaving a widow. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 24. M. (Henry), 1845, Engl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party, with mother, brother, and sisters. iv. 579, 587. He was employed by Sutter, and during the Bear revolt was stationed at the fort, v. 79, 125, but later enlisted in the Cal. Bat. and was wounded at Natividad, v. 369, 371, recovering in time to serve with Weber in the Sta Clara campaign (v. 379). After the war he lived at Sonoma, Petaluma, and Benicia, going to the mines in '48. In '50 he settled in Green Valley, Sonoma co., where he still lived in '78. His reminiscences as given to R. A. Thompson are in my collection, and were published in the S. J. Pion., Aug. 10, '78. His sister Eliza was the wife of James Gregson; another was Mary A. Marshall (James W.), 1845, nat. of N. J., a carriage-maker and carpenter by trade, who came overland to Or. in '44, and in the MeMahon-Clyman party to Cal. the next year. iv. 572, 574, 587. He entered Sutter's employ and is often named in the N. Ilelv. Diary '45-8. He seems to have taken part in the Bear revolt (v. 101), and to have gone south with the Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Returning north he resumed his work at the fort, and in Aug. formed a partnership with Sutter to build a saw-mill on the Amer. river, selecting a site at Coloma and beginning work at once, with half a dozen workmen. Here in Jan. '48 he made the famous discovery of gold, for full particulars of which see vol. vi. There have been attempts to show that M.'s companions have been deprived of the credit due them in this connection; but it seems clear that M. was the first to see the metal, and his visit to the fort Jan. 28th on 'very important business' is recorded in the Diary. He is doubtless entitled to his fame as the discoverer of gold. Sutter has also been praised as the real discoverer, and indeed if he had not settled in the Sac. Val., or Cabrillo had not discovered Cal., or Columbus America, the 'glittering particles' might have been found by another man under different circumstances. Marshall was not able to protect his mill and land at Coloma from the raids of miners and lawyers, and for many years led the life of a miner and prospector without much luck. In '70 his Life and Adventures, by Geo. F. Parsons, was published at Sac.; and subsequently a small pension was paid M. for some years by act of the legislature. He is still living in '85 at the age of 73, and seems always to have borne a good character. I have an original daguerreotype taken in early years; and his portrait may also be found in the Annals of S. F.; Plumas Co. Hist., etc. (He died near Coloma in Aug. '85, after the above was written.) 

Marshall (John), 1845, brother of Henry and overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587; at Sonoma '47. M. (John), 1836, Amer. age 45, in a Los Aug. list. M. (Joseph), 1836, on Larkin's books '36-7. M. (Robert), 1834, mr of the Catalina '34-5, '43. iii. 381; iv. 564. M. (Wm), 1845, Amer. deserter from the Hopewell at S. D. iv. 587; in '46 in charge of Warner's rancho charged with theft in April. S. D. Arch., 320; and in Dec. entertained Kearny and his dragoons. v. 339. A little later he was an instigator of the Pauma massacre, for which crime he was hanged in '51. v. 589. M. (Wm P.), 1841, Eugl. physician on the Index; at Mont. '42. Marst (Wm). 1847, owner of a S. F. lot. Marston, (J. D.), 1847, teacher at S. F. v. 656-7, 685; married Mar. '48 to Miss S. Still. M. (Ward), 1846, capt. of marines on the U. S. Savannah; in com. of S. F. garrisen; and of the force that marched to Sta Clara against Sanchez Jan. '47. v. 380-3, 659. 

Martell (James L.), 1846, purser's clerk on the U. S. Dale and Southhampton; disch. '49 and lived at S. F. to '85, being part of the time a custom-house officer. Martiarena (Jos‚ Manuel), 1794, Span. friar and founder of S. Juan Bantista, where he served to 1804 when he left Cal. Biog. ii. 153-4; ment. i. 500, 557-8, 576, 689, 712; ii. 131, 159-60. Martin, 1847, of M. & Dent, Mont., '47-8. M., 1848, came with family in party of Peter J. Davis. Sta Clara Co. Hist., 660. M., 1848, leader of a party from Or. El Dorado Co. Hist., 182. M. (Augustus), 1847, a witness at Los Ang. 

Martin (Dennis), 1844, overl. immig. of the Stevens party, iv. 445, with his father and brother, returning in '45 to rescue Schallenberger at Donner Lake and the party left on the Yuba. iv. 454. He worked for Sutter in '45-6, but I find no definite record of him in the troubles of '46-7, or in mining times of '48-9. He was a hunter and lumberman, settling in S. Mateo Co., where he still lived in '78 and later. M. (Ed.), 1847, sergt Co. C, Morm. Bat. v. 477; in '82 at Salt Lake City. M. (Edw. J.), 1848, nat. of Ireland, who came by sea from Chile in Nov. He became prominent in various enterprises, being for many years treasurer and sec. of the Hibernia Bank. He died in '80 at the age of 61, leaving 8 children. M. (Jesse B.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Sutter's service at the discov. of gold '48. 

Martin (Fernando), 1811, Span. friar who served at S. Diego till his death in '38. Biog. iii. 619; ment. ii. 345, 394, 551-2, 655; iii. 19, 91, 96, 102, 317; iv. 63. M. (John), 1822, Engl. or Scotch sailor who left the Orion. ii. 478. In '24 he was admitted to the church at S. Juan B. ii. 526; in '29 had been living for several years at S. F. presidio; in '30 was at Mont. ii. 609; in '31 he got permission to cultivate a league of land at Gotoqui, or S. Patricio; at S. F. '32. He was known as the 'old Scotch carpenter' and lived for some time at Reed's rancho, being in '37 on the Corte de Madera de Novato rancho, Marin Co., which was granted him in '39. iv. 86, 117; iii. 711; owner of S. F. lots '41-5. iv. 669; v. 684; in '46 applied for land in S. Jos‚ dist. I find nothing about him after his claim before the land com. in '52. M. (John), 1848, passp. from Hon. M. (Juan), 1794, Span. friar who served 27 years at S. Miguel, where he died in '24. Biog. ii. 620; ment. i. 561, 576, 664, 675; ii. 45, 149-50, 159, 325-6, 384, 394, 655. 

Martin (Julius), 1843, nat. of N. C. and overl. immig. of the Walker-Chiles party, with wife, Elizabeth McPherson, and 3 daughters. iv. 393, 400. Early in '44 he settled, or established his family, in the Gilroy region, working at different places for a few years; prob. in Sutter's force '44-5. iv. 486. I have his letter of July '45. In '46 he served under Fr‚mont and Fauntleroy. v. 16, 22 (232); and later commanded a comp. of S. F. volunteers in the Sanchez campaign. v. 381; owner of S. F. lots '47. v. 684; at N. Helv. '48. From '50 he lived on his farm near Gilroy, owning also land in Napa, though he finally lost most of his property. He was blind from about '61; still living in '81, and I think in '85 at the age of 81. His 3 daughters that crossed the plains were Mary wife of P. B. Tully, Arzelia Mrs Lewis, and Martha Mrs Oldham; three others born in Cal.-one of them perhaps in '44-were Susan Mrs Bartlett, Georgie Mrs Johnson, and Julia Mrs Hornback. M. (J.B.), 1847, nat. of Va, and one of the earliest settlers of Ione Val., having crossed the plains with Childers and Hicks. Claimant for the Cosumnes rancho. iv. 671; still living at Sutter Cr.'81. M. (Montgomery), 1846, lieut in Cal. Bat. on detached service. v. 360; clerk for Larkin '47; and still at Mont. '48. M. (Patrick), 1844, Irish immig. of the Stevens party with his sons Dennis and Patrick, Jr. iv. 445, 453; owner of S. F. lot '47. His daughter married James Murphy. 

Martin (Thomas S.), 1845, nat. of Tenn. b. '18, resid. of St Louis '40-5, and one of Fr‚mont's party in '45. v. 583, 587. He served in Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); went East with F. in '47; and came back in the exped. of '48-9. In '49-53 a horse-trader in dif. regions; then settled with a wife at Sta B., still to some extent a trader and hunter, also serving as city marshal and deputy sheriff. In '78 he gave me a Narrative of Fr‚mont's Exped., which is in some respects valuable, as the official journal has never been published, but is [p.241]marred by the author's tendency to claim participation in many Cal. events which he can only have known by hearsay. Many parts are notably accurate; and others have but slight foundation in truth. iv. 505; v. 107, 168-9, 172, 189. M. (Wm H.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of a S.F. lot; at Oakland '71; d. Stanislaus Co. 74. M. (Wm J.), 1843, Amer. mason who came overland in the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 393, 400; though sometimes accredited to the Stevens party of '44. iv. 446; still living '72. Martinau (A.), 1846, Co. B, artill. Cal. Bat. (v. 358). 

Martinez (Agustin), juez de campo '31, '46, in Mont. dist. iii. 672, 637, 566. M. (Andr‚s), at S.Jos‚ '41, age 40, wife Marˇa de J. Narvaez, child. Jesus M. b. '34, Antonio '36, Luciana '21, Mariana '27, C'28, Flavia '31, Concepcion '33; Cal. claim '46-7 (v. 462). Still at S. Jos‚ '50. M. (Bartolom‚) soldier at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499. M. (Blas), at Salinas, Mont., '36, age 40, wife Josefa Am‚zquita, child. Eugenio b. '21, Marˇa Josefa '23, Jos‚ '26, Emiliana '27, Francisca '30, Leon '32, Juan '33; grantee of Tucho '35, iii. 679, and of Laureles '39. M. (E.), sentenced to presidio '45. iv. 654. M. (Est‚van), 1779, com. of the S. Blas transports on the coast, 1779-99. i. 328-9, 378, 430, 444, 505. M. (Felipe), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Francisco), Span., age 45, who left Cal. on the Thos Nowlan. iii. 51. 

Martinez (Ignacio), 1800, nat. of the city of Mex. b. 1774, who entered the mil. service as cadet of the Sta B. comp. in 1799. i. 639; promoted to alf‚rez of the S. Diego comp. from 1806, being also much of the time habilitado. ii. 99-101, 110, 341, 424-5, 540. In '17 he was recommended for promotion to lieut of the Sta B. comp., but by some error at Madrid or Mex. the commission was made out for the S.F. comp., and to S.F. he had to go much against his will, his name appearing on the rolls-as comandante in '22-7 and from '28-down to '32, taking part in some Ind. exped., as fiscal in some criminal cases, and being otherwise mentioned in connection with routine duties of his position, besides being a member of the junta, or diputacion in '24, '27. ii. 235, 361, 370, 440, 500, 512-13, 537-8, 583-4, 592, 640; iii. 20, 36-7, 64, 75, 88, 110, 121, 132, 156, 186, 191-2, 701. In '31 he was retired with use of uniform and full pay, being credited with 41 years of service. Meanwhile he had obtained, in '29, the Pinole rancho, Contra Costa, regranted in '42. iv. 672; and here-after having apparently lived at S. Jos‚ for several years, being regidor in '34-5, and serving as comisionado for the secularization of S. Rafael in '34-he went to live in '36 or a little later. ii. 594, 664; iii. 193, 346, 716, 718, 730. In '37 he was alcalde at S.F. iii. 703, 705, 552; suplente of the junta '39. iii. 590; a creditor of Sutter. iv. 132, 134; defeated the Ind. in 40. iv. 76; and entertained Wilkes in '41. iv. 245. He was living at Pinole in '41 with his wife, Martina Arellanes, age 53, and 6 daughters, Encarnacion b. 1808, Susana '24 (who soon married Capt. Hinckley, and after his death Wm M. Smith), Francisco '24, Rafaela '27, Marˇa '29, and Dolores '31. Another daughter, Marˇa Antonia, was the wife of Capt. Richardson; others married Victor Castro and Dr Tennant. His son Vicente J., b. in '18, was still living in Contra Costa '82, with seven children by two wives, Guadulupe Moraga and Nieves Soto. I cannot give the date of Don Ignacio's death, but it was before '52, when his heirs were claimants for Pinole. He was not popular as an officer, being haughty and despotic, as it seemed to his men, and he was several times reproved and unfavorably criticised by his superior officers; but as a ranchero he is spoken of as a very courteous and hospitable man. The town of Martinez takes its name from him or his family. M. (Ignacio), at S.F. '43, age 23; also named-perhaps another-as lieut of militia at S. Jos‚ '37. iii. 732. 

Martinez (Jos‚), 1875, com. of the Asia. iii. 24-5, 146. M. (Jos‚), son of Ignacio, lieut of militia at S.F. '37. iii. 701; in '41 living in S. Jos‚ dist., age 27, wife CPeralta, children Rafael b. '39, Alejandro '41; Cal. claim '46-7 (v. 462). He was noted for his liberality and for his skilful horsemanship, but was killed in '64 from an entanglement with his riata. A second wife was an English woman named Tennant. M. (Jos‚ Ignacio), soldier killed by Ind. on the Colorado, 1781. i. 359-62. M. (Jos‚ de Jesus), at Los Ang. '46. [p.242]M. (Jos‚ Manuel), ditto. M. (Jos‚ Marˇa), settler at S. Jos‚ before 1800; alcalde in 1797 and 1806. i. 716, 719; ii. 134. His wife was Marˇa Garcˇa, son Mbrother Reyes, sister Juana. M. (Josefa), grantee of land in Mont. Co. '44-5. iv. 656. M. (Juan), soldier killed on the Colorado, 1781. i. 359, 362. M. (Juan), at Mont. '36, age 36, wife Francisco Garcˇa, child. Cb. '25, Jos‚ Blas '26, Francisco' 29, Marˇa '34. M. (Juan, Juan Andr‚s, and Leonor), at Los. Ang. '46. M. (Juan de Jesus Marˇa), 1831, Dominican from L. Cal., at San Gabriel, '31-2. iii. 311, 641. M. (Leocadio), carpenter and settler at S.F. and S. Jos‚ before 1800. i. 499, 634, 716, 718. 

Martinez (Luis Antonio), 1798, Span. friar who served at S. Luis Ob. for 32 years. A very able man and prominent in missionary annals, but rather in the industrial and political than in ecclesiastical phases of his profession. He was banished in '30 for alleged complicity in the Solis revolt, and wrote from Madrid '32-3. Biog. ii. 618-19; ment. i. 689; ii. 148, 204, 219, 224, 235-6, 255, 276, 311, 327, 384, 394, 438, 441, 479, 493, 516-17, 576, 655; iii. 21, 51, 84-5, 92, 94, 98-100. M. (Msoldier of S.F. comp. '19-23; in '33 and '44 grantee of Corte de Madera, Sta Clara. iii. 711; iv. 671; regidor at S. Jos‚ '33-4. iii. 729-30; in '41 age 51, wife Damiana Padilla, child. Nicolb. '28, Evinisa (?) '26, Jos‚ Ant. '33, Dolores '34, Jos‚ Marˇa '35, Guadalupe '38, Clara '41. M. (Miguel), at S. Bern. '46, age 50. M. (Pedro Adriano), 1797, Span. friar who served at S. Juan B. and S. Miguel, retiring in 1804. Biog. ii. 149; ment. i. 558, 577; ii. 159-60. M. (Rafael), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Santiago), N. Mex. at Los Ang. with families, applying for land '42-6. iv. 343, 572, 635. M. (Sixto), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Vicente), son of Ignacio; militiaman S. F. '37; at S. Jos‚ dist. '41, age 29, wife Guad. Moraga, child. Francisco b. '38, Merced '39; sˇndico of S. Jos‚ '43. iv. 685; Cal. claim '46-7 (v. 462). Marx (Ernest), 1847, musician N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Mascarel (Joseph), 1844(?), French mayor of Los Ang. '65, and resident '80. iv. 453. Mashim (Rosistof), 1840, mr of the Baikal. iv. 101. Mason, 1848, keeper of a gambling and grog shop at Sta B. M. (Alfred), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Sac. before 83. M. (E.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Mason (Ignacio), at S. Gabriel '39, age 27, a jeweller; perhaps 'Mazon.' M. (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Marcos or Anthony A.), 1816, 'Anglo-Amer. Irishman from Boston,' baptized at S. Cand recommended by P. Sarrˇa in '17 as about to go to the Philippines. ii. 276-7, 288. M. (M.), 1842, lieut on the U. S. Cyane. M. (Richard B.), 1847, coloncl 1st U. S. dragoons who arrived in Feb., and on May 31st succeeded Kearny as mil. gov. of Cal., holding that position till Feb. '49. For account of his rule, including his controversy and proposed duel with Fr‚mont, see v. 582, 615; also 416, 436-7, 443-4, 446-7, 451, 455, 464, 515, 571-5, 646, 666, 675; also vol. vi. He performed most satisfactorily the duties of a difficult position, and though by his strict discipline and apparent harshness of manner he made an unfavorable impression in some quarters and inspired bitter enmities, yet his record is that of an honest, faithful, and able officer. He went East by steamer in in May '49, and died of cholera at St Louis in that year or the next. His widow married Gen. Don Carlos Buell, and still lived in '75. Mast (Herman), 1847, perhaps of N.Y. Vol. under another name; at S. F. '74. 

Mata, member of a court-martial at S. Diego '26. ii. 549. M. (Juan de Dios), Mex. convict released in '35. Matamoros (Tommurdered in 1805. ii. 191. Matchin (C. F.), 1845, mr of the Matador. iv. 567. Mateo, 1818, mulatto from Bouchard's fleet. ii. 230. Mathias (Thos), 1828, in Cal.; autog. letter. Mathers (James), 1846, nat. of N.Y.; settled in Sta Clara; at S. Luis Ob. '58 to his death in '70 at the age of 80. Matias (Juan), at Los Ang. '46. Mathurin (Louis), 1833, Fr. sailor at S. F. '40-1. iii. 409. Matsell (Henry C.), 1847, lieut Co. B, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; trader at S. Diego; in Kansas '71-9. Matt (James), 1848, at Sutter's Fort April. Mattheson (Alex. J.), 1839, Engl. pilot on the schr California, implicated in a plot against the capt.; on Larkin's books '40. 

Matthews, 1836, Amer. otter-hunter with Nidever. M., 1847, in Sutter's service. M., 1846, at S. Jos‚ with a son-in-law. Hittell. M. (Geo.), [p.243]1839, named in Larkin's books '39-40. M. (H.), 1843, witness at S. F. '66. M. (Henry), 1846, arr. in Sept., acc. to Sac. Cal. Pion. rolls; at Benicia '47. iii. 673; at S. F. '60. M. (James), 1834. at Mont. M. (John), 1831, Engl. sailor, who landed from a whaler at S. F. iii. 405, 708-9. On Larkin's books '33-42; naturalized before '40; but this may be one of the following. M. (John), 1836, Italian fisherman, living with the Greek Demedrion at Mont. M., 1836, Amer., age 35, at S. Isidro (Gilroy's); perhaps Matthew, a given name, who was a cook for Murphy in '30. M. (Wm), 1831, Engl. sailor who landed from a whaler at S. Luis Ob. iii. 405. In '36 at Sta B.; came north and appears in various records from '34; in '70 permitted to live at S. F. or Sonoma; arrested but not exiled. iv. 17; from '44 or earlier at Mont., keeping a boarding-house. Matthews' mill is also mentioned in '42. He may be the M. whose wife is said to have furnished some material for the Bear flag. v. 148; and in July he carried despatches from Mont. to S. F. v. 235; starting with Larkin in Nov. at the time of the latter's capture. v. 364. He is vaguely said to have died about '58. 

Matute (Juan B.), 1791, com. of the Aranzazu, explor. and transport on the coast '91-2, '95-6. i. 493, 506, 517, 537-8. Maube (Arno), 1843, French grantee of land near S. Gabriel; at Sta Cruz '47 with claim against the govt. iv. 400, 615, 637. M. (Henry), 1847, held Larkin's note for $120; perhaps same as preceding. Mau‚t (John), 1847, at Sutter's Fort. Maun (Francis), 1842, at Sta Crtz. M. (James), 1845, employed at Larkin's soap factory. Maurelle (Antonio), 1775, Span. naval officer on the coast '75, '79, '84; author of a Journal. i. 241, 329, 444, 509; see also Hist. N. W. Coast, i. Maury (Wm L.), 1841, lient U. S. N. on the U. S. ex. ex. iv. 241; on the Warren '46-7. v. 539. Mavilla (Antonio), 1846, at S. Gabriel '46. Mawrey (James), 1847, servant to an officer in the Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 

Maxfield (Wm C.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. Maxim (Harvey), 1847, sergt Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. i. 519. Maximo, 1799, negro slave of Alberni. i. 639. Maxwell (Chas), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. M. (H.), 1848, settler at Stockton. M. (James W.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Lucien), 1845, hunter and guide of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583; v. 24. M. (Richard T.), 1842, nat. of Penn. and asst surg. U. S. N. on the United States. iv. 304, 308-9, 341, 348. He returned to Cal. in '54, and became a prominent physician of S. F. In '77 he gave me his Monterey in '42, or recollections of the capture of that town by Com. Jones, and also a MS. furnished by Dr Marsh to Jones at that time. He died in '83 at the age of 62, leaving an estate which has been the occasion of much litigation arising from the doctor's death-bed marriage. M. (Wm), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); a farmer in Williams Val., N. Mex., '82. M. (Wm C.), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); died before '82. M. (Wm H.), 1847, Co. B, ditto; d. N. Y. city '76. 

May (Henry), 1835, nephew of Larkin, bound to Cal. on the Alert; no record of arrival. Maya (Ign.), at S. Bern. '46. Mayan (Mrs), 1847, died at N. Helv. July. Mayberry (Ebenezer), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Mayer, 1832, about to visit Cal. from Sitka for scientific purposes; letter of introd. from Khl‚bnikof to Hartnell. M. (John), 1840, Engl. at Mont. and S. F. Jan., Nov. M. (Lewis W.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518); in the mines '49-50; a German wine-maker, who lived in Sonoma '65-80. Mayfield (Benj. F.), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); sergt of re‚nlisted comp. v. 495; a resid. of S. Luis Ob. Co. '68-83; a nat. of Tenn. Mayhew (John), 1826, on the Eliza. Maynard (James), 1837, on Larkin's books; perhaps same as John. M. (John), 1840, Engl. exile with the Graham party; not known to have returned, though he got a license to do so. Maynes (James), 1845, laborer at Mont. Mayo (Geo.), 1816, Mass. sailor, baptized at S. CTaylor; ii. 276-7. Mazateco (Juan), at Sonoma '44, age 19; prob. a 'Mazateco' Ind. or from Mazatlan. 

Mead (James D.), 1841, nat. of Ia, episcopal clergyman, and perhaps physician in the West Indies, who came from N. Mex. in the Workman party, and in '42 went to the Sandwich Isl. or China. iv. 278; said to have been a [p.244]bishop later. M. (Orlando F.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); later at Sutter's Fort; at Spanish Fork '82. M. (Sam.), 1832, one of the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221. Meadows (James), 1837, Engl. sailor, who deserted from a whaler at Mont. iv. 117-18. His name appears in the records from '38; one of Graham's riflemen '36-8 (iii. 457); later a lumberman; exiled to S. Blas in '40, but returned in '41 to live as a sawyer in Mont. dist. iv. 18, 23, 33. Not much is known of him in '43-8, except that he is mentioned from time to time as at S. Jos‚, Sacramento, or in the mines. He finally settled on the Palo Escrito rancho near Mont., which was confirmed to him in '54, iii. 679, and where he was living in '77 with a native wife and several children. He gave me an interesting narrative of the Graham Affair, he being one of the last survivors of the exiles. In respect of accuracy, his account compares favorably with the testimony of others on the subject-which is not paying it a very high compliment. I have not heard in '85 of his death. Mechacken (John C.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Mecham (Henry), 1848 (?), nat. of N. Y. and resid. of Sonoma Co. '53-77. 

Meder (Moses A.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with wife and child. v. 546. A nat. of Ohio, who engaged in the lumber business at Sta Cruz, the firm of Stout, Sirrine, & M. advertising in the Star of '47. He worked also for Graham, whose receipt of $36,000 indemnity he claims to have witnessed. Still a resid. of Sta Cruz in '80 and prob. in '85; portrait in Sta Cruz Co. Hist., 44. His 1st wife, Sarah D. Blod, died in '72, and in '73 he married Olive A. Linnett. Medina (Guadalupe), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5; teacher at Los Ang. '43-4; com of the garrison '45. iv. 289, 321, 403, 492, 629. M. (Jos‚), ship's boy and teacher at Sta B. 1797-1800. i. 643. Medrano (Jos‚ Maria), artill. sergt at Mont. '26-32. iii. 77, 671-2. 

Meehan (Dennis), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); killed at Stockton '49. M. (James), 1847, Co. G, ditto, killed at Los Ang. about '50. M. (Thos), 1847, Co. E, ditto; killed by a steamboat explosion on the S. Joaq. '53. Meek (John), 1829, mr of the Tamaahmaah '29, possibly of another craft '25, and of the D. Quixote '33-6. iii. 149, 179, 382; iv. 103, 141. He is also said by Wm H. Davis to have visited Cal. as mate of the Eagle before '20, possibly M. of the Amethyst '11-12. ii. 267. He was a nat. of Mass. who came to the Isl. about '12, and died at Hon. '74 at the age of 85. M. (Joseph), 1833, Rocky Mt. trapper who came with Walker's party, going back to Salt Lake in '34. iii. 390. He visited Cal. again in '48 and later, and died in Or. '75, his adventures being the basis of Mrs Victor's River of the West. M. (Stephen II. L.), 1833, nat. of Va and brother of Joseph, also a mountain man who came and departed with Walker. iii. 390, 409. He came back to Cal. after the discov. of gold, possibly having made intermediate trips, and in '76 wrote me a letter from Etna, Siskiyou Co., Cal. M. (Stephen H. L.), 1843, signed a certificate for a sailor at Mont. Sept., and in Jan '44 he got a passport. Apparently not the preceding. A Dr Meek at Mont. '33 is mentioned by a newspaper writer. M. (Thomas), 1811, perhaps on the Amethyst '11-12. ii. 96, 267. Said by Brewer to have gone to Hon. on the Chinchilla from Boston in '23; at Hon. '36. iv. 141; d. at Marblehead, Mass., about '41. Peirce. M. (Wm), 1848, nat. of Ohio who came from Or. to the mines and went back. In '59 returned to Cal. and settled at S. Lorenzo, Alameda Co., where he became a wealthy farmer, serving also as county supervisor and regent of the university. He died '81 at the age of 65, leaving a widow and 5 children. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 937. Meel (Robert), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Meeres, 1845, possibly of the Grigsby-Ide immig. party. iv. 579. 

Mein (John), 1842, mr of the Bertha & Jenny. iv. 563. Meineke (A. and D.), 1848, passp. from Hon. Mejˇa (Hip˘lito), 1838, killed by Ind. iii. 693. M. (Jos‚ Marˇa), 1842, Mex. capt. in the batallon fijo, who was sent to Mex. by Micheltorena in '44 to obtain aid. iv. 289, 308, 364, 404-5, 461, 471. M. (Juan), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800. i. 716. Meldguem (John), 1814, Irish deserter from a vessel; in Mont. dist '29, age 40, and single. Melendez, 1796, com. of the Concepcion. i. 538. M., 1826, mr of the Gen. Lravo. iii. 147. M. (Sebastian), 1602, alf‚rez in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. [p.245]Melleck (Joseph), 1837, in charge of the Clementina. M. (Vicente), at Los Ang. '46. Mellish (J.), 1835, at Sta Cruz. 

Mellus (Francis), 1839, nat. of Boston, who came on the California at the age of 15. iv. 117, 119. He became clerk for A. B. Thompson at Sta B., and on the Bolˇvar; and his Diary of trips up and down the coast in '39-40 is an interesting MS. of my collection. In later years he was clerk, traveling agent, and from Jan. '49 partner with his brother in the firm of M., Howard, & Co. at S. F.; and in '50-6 with D. W. Alexander in charge of a branch of the business at Los Ang., where he settled permanently; claimant for Providencia rancho. iv. 635. In '52-3 he was county treasurer, in '54 councilman, in '55 memb. of the legislature, and later in charge of Wells, Fargo, & Co.'s express. He died in '63, leaving a widow-Adelaida, daughter of Santiago Johnson-and 7 children. M. (Henry), 1835, brother of Francis, who came before the mast with Rich. H. Dana on the Pilgrim. iii. 413. He left the ship to be agent's clerk, and is named in a Los Ang. list of '36 as 26 years old; but in '37-8 made a trip to the states. Returning in '39 he remained on the coast as agent or supercargo of the vessels of Appleton & Co., including the Admittance and Tasso, iv. 562, 569, and his name often appears in commercial records of the time, making his home chiefly at Los Ang. In '45 he formed a partnership with W. D. M. Howard, and the firm of M. & H. soon became the most prominent in S. F., buying the H. B. Co. property in '46, v. 699, building the 1st brick store in town, and establishing branches at S. Jos‚, Los Ang., and Sac. He became owner of many town lots and a very rich man. In '47 he married Anita, daughter of James Johnson of Los Ang., and in '48 made a visit to the East, and on his return had a stroke of apoplexy, from the effects of which he never entirely recovered. In '50 he sold his interest in the firm and went East, subsequently losing most of his wealth in unfortunate business enterprises. About '53 he brought a suit, finally abandoned, against Howard on the plea that he had not been of sound mind at the time of settlement. This created some ill feeling against him in S.F., and it is said that by H.'s influence the name of Mellus St was changed to Natoma. In '59 he came back to Cal. and settled at Los Ang., where he was elected mayor in May '60, but died in Dec. of the same year at the age of 45, leaving a family. Mellus was a man of remarkable business ability, of good character, and of courteous, pleasing manners. Melros (M.), 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. Meluren (Louis), see 'Mathurin.' Melville, 1848, at S. F. from Tahiti. M. (Hugh), 1845, sailor of the Morea, disch. at S.F., and sent to the Mont. hospital. Melvin (James W.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. '74. 

Ménard (François), 1846, teamster with Kearny's force from N. Mex. v. 337; killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. M. (Louis), 1844, doubtful member of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 437. Menchaca (R.), 1842, mr of the Trinidad. iv. 569. Mendenhall (Wm M), 1845, nat. of Ohio, and overl. immig. of the Hastings party. iv. 586-7; at Sutter's Fort in '46. I find no further original record of him in early times, but in the county history it is said that in '46-7 he took part in the Bear revolt, went south with Fr‚mont, was commissary at S. Jos‚ in the Sanchez campaign, kept a bakery at S.F., and married Mary Allen; in the mines '48; in Or. '49; Sta Clara Co. '50-3, '68-76; Contra Costa '53-60, '65-8, and Alameda Co. '60-65, and from '76 to '85, where he is a prosperous farmer at Livermore, age 62, with 9 surviving children: James M., Lizzie Mrs C. H. Lindley, Emma Mrs Black, Eila, Archer, Wm Oswald, Ascey, and Etta. In the earlier records he is called H. and Philip Mendenhall. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 56. 

Mendez (Antonio), Mex. com. of artill. at S.F. '31-2. iii. 702; at Mont. '36, age 38, wife Juana Soto, child. Baltasar b. '29, Sofia '31, Evaristo '33; juez aux. '44. iv. 653; had a store, which in '46 was broken open and robbed. M. (Juan Ign.), trader and carpenter from 1798; had a grand commercial scheme 1800. i. 628. M. (Pedro), at Los Ang. '46-8. Mendoza (Antonino), at S. Jos‚ '41. M. (Antonio), settler killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359, 362. M. (Henriquez), weaver-instructor 1792-5. i. 615. M. (Jaime), resid. of Branciforte [p.246]'30. ii. 627. M. (Manuel), soldier at Soledad 1791-1800. 1. 499. M. (Mariano Jos‚), weaver-instructor 1792-1801. i. 615, 658; ii. 174. Menendez (Antonio), 1825, Span. Dominican friar of the L. Cal. frontier, relieved from missionary work for irregular conduct, and employed as chaplain of the troops at S. Diego from '25. ii. 425, 544, 552, 658; iii. 8; quarrelled with Alvarado. iii. 41; in the '28 list of Span., iii. 51, but not sent away; teacher and chaplain of the dip. '29. ii. 548; iii. 43, 77, 141; transferred to Mont. '30. ii 609; iii. 144, 451; died at Sta B. '32. iii. 317, 656. M., 1792, com. of the Aranzazu. i. 517; and of the Concepcion in '94. i. 523. M. (Jos‚ Ant.), Mex. trader '33-9. iii. 242, 623. Meneses (Jos‚ H.), artilleryman at S. Diego '20. Mensing, 1846, mr of the Patriot. v. 579. Menzies, 1847, mr of the Gen. Kearny. v. 578; and of the Louise in '48. Mequelixt (Michael), 1822. ii. 479; prob. 'McAllister,' q. v. 

Mercado (Jesus Marˇa Vasquez del), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at S. Rafael, S. Antonio, and Sta Clara, leaving Cal. in '44; a quarrelsome and vicious padre who did much harm, though of good abilities and education. Biog. iv. 682; ment., with record of his controversies, iii. 300, 319, 321-4, 354, 426, 477, 586-7, 686-90, 716, 726; iv. 162, 373, 423, 473. M., sergt at S. Diego, and sometime teacher, '10-11. ii. 424. M. (Mariano), 1842, cornet of batallon fijo. iv. 289. Mercure (H.), 1848, in S. F. letter list. Merelo (Lorenzo), 1799, Span. friar who served for brief term in S.F. and S. Antonio, retiring in 1801. Biog. ii. 152; ment. i. 577, 712; ii. 147, 159. Merino (Agustin), 1797, Span. friar who served at S. Jos‚ until forced by illness to retire in 1800. i. 555, 577. Merium (W.), 1846, Co. G, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Merrick, 1847, lieut ill at Los Ang.; doubtful name. Merrilies (Robert), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); a Scotchman with no antipathy to whiskey, and fond of Burns' poetry, who deserted, like most of his comrades, for the mines in '48; was at Mont. '58-9; and later a sheep-herder in the south. 'Mirilies' on the roll. 

Merrill, 1831, at Los Ang. M. (Ferdinand), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); farmer at Salt Lake '82. M. (John H.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lots, and superintendent of sabbath-school. v. 657. I have his letter of '48 complaining of various persecutions by Lieut Brewerton. He was later a resid. of S. Jos‚, and in '82 at Wash., D.C. M. (Philemon C.), 1847, lieut Co. B, Morm. Bat., and acting adjutant. v. 477, 483; in '81 at St David, Ariz. M. (Squire G.), 1847, son of John H., and drummer of Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499), age 12; attended school at S. F.; clerk for Belden at S. Jos‚; in trade at Alviso, and later at S. F. He went East in '59, served in the war of '61-5, and in '77 had been 10 years a clerk in the adj.-gen. office at Wash., D.C., where he still lived in '82. M. (W. H.), 1847, builder and keeper of a boarding-house at S. F. '47-8. v. 681, 685; possibly same as John H. Merriner (Nicholas), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. Mrs M. with sons in Marin Co. '46. 

Merritt (Ezekiel), 1841 (?), Amer. trapper, the exact date and circumstances of whose arrival are not known. He may be the man who appears on Larkin's books in '37. iv. 117-18; is ment. as one of Walker's men in '33. iii. 391; was at N. Helv. '41. iv. 233; in the Sac. Val. '43; implicated in the attempt to release Dr Bale in '44. iv. 445; in which year, in getting naturalization papers, he claimed to have been in Cal. 2 years! He was one of Capt. Gantt's men in the Micheltorena campaign of '44-5. iv. 486; and from '45 is often mentioned in the N. Helv. Diary. He commanded the party that stole Arce's horses in '46, and was nominally in com. of the Bears at first, his name appearing on the original proclamation of June 14th. v. 107-9, 114, 121, 127, 169. Returning with the prisoners to the fort, he subsequently went south with Fr‚mont, and remained with Gillespie at Los Ang., being sent at one time with a small garrison to S. Diego. v. 308, 317, 324-5, 617. Bidwell says that he became partner with Wm C. Moon on a Tehama rancho, and died in the winter of '47-8, though possibly it was a little later, as there are vague references to his presence in the mines. Merritt was a coarse-grained, loudmouthed, unprincipled, whiskey-drinking, quarrelsome fellow, well adapted [p.247]to the use that was made of him in promoting the filibusters' schemes. M. (Robert G.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Napa Co. '75; d. at Ukiah '83. M. (Thos), 1837, named in Larkin's accounts. Mervine (Wm), 1846, commander U.S.N. in com. of the Cyane and Savannah, the officer who raised the U. S. flag at Mont. and took com. on shore. After the outbreak of the Flores revolt he went south to S. Pedro, and was defeated by the Californians in Oct. while attempting to march inland to Los Ang. He took no further active part in the war; was owner of a S.F. lot in '47, negotiating also for land at Sonoma; and started for the East in March. He was capt. in the war of '61-5. v. 27, 200-3, 224, 229-31, 253, 289-90, 296, 304, 318-20, 327, 383, 539, 580. 

Mesa (Alejandro), Cal. claim of $4,220 for horses in '46-7 (v. 462). M. (Andr‚s) soldier of the S.F. comp. '23-9. M. (Antonio), 1781, negro settler of Los Ang., with wife and 2 children. i. 345. M. (Antonio), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-30; militiaman at S.F. '37; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 46, wife Dolores Higuera, child. Alejandro b. '34, Isidro '37, Benedicto '39. M. (Cayetano), soldier killed by Ind. on the Colorado. i. 359-62. M. (Dolores), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800; regidor in 1806. i. 716; ii. 134, 171. M. (Dolores), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 48. M. (Domingo), soldier of S.F. comp. '28-31; named in '46. v. 162. M. (Encarnacion), claimant for S. Antonio, Sta Clara. iii. 712. M. (Francisco), soldier of S.F. comp. '34-5; in '36 maj. of the rancho nacional, age 37. iii. 677; drowned near Mont. in '45. M. (Ger˘nimo), soldier of S.F. comp. '41-3. iv. 667. M. (Hilario), corporal of the guard at S. Jos‚ 1783-98; settler '86. i. 477-8, 495. M. (Joaquin), soldier at Sta Cruz and settler at S. Jos‚ before 1800. i. 496, 716. M. (Jos‚), 1791, chaplain in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. M. (Jos‚ Ant.), grantee of Los M‚danos, Contra Costa, '39. iii. 712. M. (Jos‚ Ign.), soldier at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499. M. (Jos‚ de Jesus), soldier of S.F. comp. '23-33, '38-9; two of the name as militiamen at S.F. '37; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 39, wife Juana Miranda, child. Marˇa b. '36, Trinidad '38. M. (Juan B.), owner of S.F. lot '44. v. 684. M. (Juan Prado), soldier of S.F. comp. from '28; corporal from '32, in com. of Sta Clara escolta. iii. 728; sergt 36, and acting alf. from '37. iii. 511, 522; in '39 full alf‚rez, com. of the S.F. garrison, grantee of S. Antonio rancho, and engaged in Ind. fights. iii. 701-2, 712, 722; iv. 75-6. On the roll as alf. to '42, and mentioned occasionally as in mil. com. at S.F., where he was owner of a lot. iv. 665, 666-7, 669, 678. He seems to have died at his rancho in '45. M. (Luis), at Pilarcitos rancho '36, age 43, wife Marˇa Ant. Martinez, child. Juan b. '21, Serafina '24; juez del campo. iii. 674-5, 678. M. (Marˇa Ant.), grantee of Rinconada del Arroyo de S. Francisquito '41. iv. 672-3. M. (Miguel), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 30, wife Hilaria Benavides, child. Francisco b. '34, Agueda '37; juez de campo '43. iv. 685. M. (Nicolregidor at S. Jos‚ 1805. ii. 134. M. (Pedro), sold. of S.F. comp. '27-37; juez de campo at S. Jos‚ '39. iii. 731; in '41 age 24, wife Teresa Higuera, child. Joaquin b. '39, Jos‚ Ant. '41; another of the name at S. Jos‚ '41, age 33. M. (Petra Higuera de), widow at S. Jos‚ '41, age 38, child. Jos‚ b. '28, Domingo '30, Guadalupe '31, Rufina '32, Albino '33, Pamela '37, Jos‚ Ant. '39. M. (Rafael), one of the original settlers at Los Ang. 1782. i. 345-6. M. (Rafael), soldier of the S.F. comp. '23-31; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 34. M. (Ramon), soldier of S.F. comp. '34-42; at Sonoma '44, age 25; grantee of Soulajule, Marin Co., '44. iv. 674; named in connection with the Bear war '46. iv. 674; v. 162. M. (Santiago), at S. Mateo '35. M. (Valerio), corp. of S. F. comp. 1777. i. 297, 312; at S. Jos‚ '93, wife Leonor Barboa, child Nicol 

Mesnard, 1837, connected with Petit-Thouars' exped. iv. 149. Metcalf (T.), 1848, from Hon. on the Hope. Metzger (Jacob N.), 1848, came from Or. in May, and after a successful visit to the mines went to Or. in Aug. to bring his family. Mexica (Teodora), at Sta Cruz '18, ii. 225. Mexwell (Wm H.), 1848, at Stockton. Herald; prob. 'Maxwell,' q. v. 

Meyer (Chas), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. M. (Francis), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). M. (Geo. S.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a German in the mines '48-9, kept a hotel at S.F.; and settled at Mt Eden, Alameda Co., [p.248]in 53. Still living in '83, age 71, with wife Sophia Prüger, and 4 children, Geo. A., Henry H., Matilda Mrs Martin, and Amelia. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 520. M. (John Daniel), 1832, from Strassburg and Mex., a blacksmith at Los Ang. naturalized in '34. age 27. iii. 408. He was one of the vigilantes in '36 (iii. 130), and was at S. Diego in '40. Meyers (R. G.), 1848, nat. of Pa, resid. of S. Joaquin '50-78, being several times member of the legislature. M., see also 'Myers.' Meyerholz, 1847, at N. Helv. 

Micheltorena (Manuel), 1842, Mex. brigadier-gen., governor and com. gen. of Cal. from '42-appointed Jan. 22d, took possession formally Dec. 31 to Feb. 22, '45, when he signed the treaty of surrender to the revolutionist Californians who expelled him. On his early career, appointment, arrival, convict army, etc., see iv. 285-95; Com. Jones affair, iv. 308-26; rule in '43, iv. 350-67; policy in mission, commercial, and maritime affairs, iv. 368-78; rule in '44, iv. 401-20; revolution against in '44-5; defeat, departure, and later career, iv. 455-517; miscel. mention, iii. 550, 561; iv. 34, 409, 423-33, 448, 521-2, 561, 619, 630, 636, 652. As his career in Cal. is fully recorded in this vol., I need not go further into details here. He was a nat. of Oajaca, a friend of Guerrero, a man of some literary pretensions, and a colonel as early as '33. Elsewhere I say of the gov. that he was 'a strange mixture of good and bad; a most fascinating and popular gentleman; honest, skilful, and efficient as an official in minor matters; utterly weak, unreliable, and even dishonorable in all emergencies;' yet under ordinary circumstances, by reason of his intelligence, experience, and tact in winning friends, he might have been a good ruler for Cal. By his liberality in granting lands as well as by his personal courtesy he made a good impression on most foreigners, who as a rule have given an unfair version of the revolution by which he was overthrown. In the Jones affair at the outset he simply made an ass of himself, and of his acts in the last months nothing can be said in praise; while his breaking the treaty of Sta Teresa, by which he had promised to send away his battalion of cholo ruffians, and his bribing Sutter to arm the foreigners and Indians against the Californians, were in the highest degree dishonorable and unpatriotic. After leaving Cal. he took a somewhat prominent part in the war against the U.S., serving as member of congress in '47 and com. gen. of Yucatan in '50. He seems to have taken a very discreditable part in the Limantour forgeries, though little is known of details. I have found no definite record of his last years or death. Michael (John), 1844, at S. Jos‚. Sta Clara Co. Hist. Atlas. Michi (John), 1825, mr of the Tamaahmaah. iv. 149; prob. 'Meek,' q. v. 

Middleton, 1847, mr of the Xylon. M. (Thomas), 1845, at N. Helv. iv. 578, 587; bought mules of Lassen and Sill, which were driven across the plains eastward in '46; in '76 a resid. of Rohnerville. Eureka W. C. Signal. Mier y Teran (Jos‚ M.), sec. of ayunt. at Mont. (?) '34. iii. 673; sec. of S. Diego ayunt. '35-6. iii. 615-16; sˇndico '37. iii. 616. Miguel (Jos‚ de), 1790, Span. friar, who served chiefly at Sta B. and San Gabriel, dying in 1803. Biog. ii. 355; ment. i. 423, 492, 522, 576-7, 587, 669, 672, 689; ii. 114, 148, 159. 394. Miles (John), 1832, of the comp. extranjera; still at Mont. '33-4. iii. 221. M. (Sam.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); asst alcalde at S. Diego. v. 490; in '81 high councillor and justice of peace in Utah. Milford (Edmund N.), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Princeton, Mariposa Co., '83. Millard (Ormon), 1845, disch. from the Warren, and shipped on the Guipuzcoana, at Mont. 

Miller (Augustus), 1847, Co. I, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. M. (Chas), 1847, Co. G, ditto. M. (Daniel), 1832, Engl. sailor from the Chalcedony, at Mont. to end of '34. M. (Edward), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Feltis), 1847, settled on Sac. Riv., at Cache Creek. M. (Francis), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Henry), 1847, Co. D, ditto. M. (Hiram O.), 1846, overl. immig. of Bryant's party. v. 528; member of 2d Donner relief. v. 540; settled in Sta Clara Co., where he died in '67. M. (James), 1844, Irish immig. of the Stevens party, with wife (Mary Murphy), son Wm J., age 12, and 3 daughters. iv. 445-7, 453. He settled in Marin Co., where he still lived in '80 with a large family. M. (J.), 1845, commander's [p.249]clerk on the Savannah. M. (J. J.), 1845, mid. on the Savannah. M. (John), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (John Morgan), 1848, nat. of Va, who came from Or. to the mines; settled from '50 near Sebastopol, Sonoma Co., where he died in '75 at the age of 61, having been postmaster and justice of the peace. M. (Miles), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). M. (M. R.), 1847, overl. immig., who again crossed the plains in '48, '49, '52, and '73; had an orchard in Pleasant Val., Solano. M. (Valentine), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Wm), 1846, deserter from the U. S. Savannah. 

Millhause (Gustave), 1847, Co. F, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sta B. '71-82. Milligan (John), see 'Mulligan.' M. (R.), 1841, mid. on the U. S. St Louis. Milliken (John), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Sta Clara Co. about '78. Millington (Chas), 1847, mr of the Xylon. v. 581; owner of S. F. lot. Mills (John), 1847, boatswain on the U. S. Independence. M. (J. H. A.), 1848, nat. of Mo., at S. Jos‚ '59-76; livery-stable man. M. (Wm), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). Millwright, 1847, doubtful name at N. Helv. Milner (Danell), 1845, signer of the S. Jos‚ call to foreigners. iv. 599. 

Minard (Thos A.), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Miner (A. T.), 1848, name in S. F. letter list. Minier, 1846, at Sutter's Fort '46-7 with family; called a volunteer. M., 1845, mid. on the U. S. Warren. Mink (Wm), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons, transf. from Co. K. v. 336. Mi¤on (Juan Jos‚), Mex. gen., appointed gov. of Cal. '27; did not come. ii. 515; iii. 8. Minor (Allen B.), 1847, of N. Y., left S. F. for Panamon the Charles Drew. M. (Colville J.), 1847, lieut Co. F, 3d U. S. artill.; d. at Mont. in Aug., age 23; a nat. of Wash., D. C., and graduate of West Point. v. 518, 520. M. (Geo.), 1846, lieut U. S. N. on the Savannah; memb. of 1st jury at Mont.; in com. of garrison at S. Diego; in '47 assist q. m. in Stockton's battalion; a witness at Wash. in the Fr‚mont court-martial and Cal. claims. v. 289, 292, 324-6, 328, 385, 420, 456. Minter (J.), 1846, overl. immig. in Bryant's party (v. 526;) Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). 

Miramontes (Candelario), Mex. said to have had a potato-patch in '33 on what was later the plaza at S.F. iii. 709; in '41 or earlier grantee of Pilarcitos, Sta Clara. ii. 616, 664, 672; in '42 at S.F., age 53, wife Guadalupe Briones, child. Miguel b. '19 at S.F., Marˇa Dolores '23, Rodolfo '20, Jos‚ A. '24, Jos‚ de los Santos '26, Raimundo '29, Guadalupe '31, C'32. M. (Ignacio), soldier of S.F. comp. from '35; corp. '38-44; brought small-pox from Ross '38. iv. 74, 165; age 30 in '44. M. (Jos‚ Arciano) son of Candelario; soldier of S.F. comp. '44. M. (Juan), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-30. M. (Mariano), soldier of S.F. comp. '37; d. '43. M. (Miguel), sergt in S.F. militia '44, age 26. M. (Raimundo), soldier of S.F. comp. '44, age 20. M. (Ramon), Cal. claim of $15,000 '46-7 (v.462). M. (Rodolfo), son of Candelario; soldier of S.F. comp. '37-44; juez de campo '46. v. 648. M. (Santos), soldier of S.F. militia '44, age 16. M. (Vicente), soldier of S.F. comp. '28-37; in '37 elector. iii. 705; in '39 juez supl. and elected alcalde. Ib.; in '42 juez supl. iv. 665; in '42 at S. Jos‚, age 32, wife Marˇa de Jesus Hernandez, child. Jose Marˇa b. '38, Benita '40, and Mariana; in '43 owner of a lot, on which he lived with his fam. '44-8. iv. 669; v. 680; in '44 alf‚rez of militia. iv. 667; in '46 juez supl. v. 648. In '54-5 he lived at the mission, testifying in the Santillan case. 

Miranda (Alejo), inval. soldier of S.F. comp. and brevet corporal '19-30; piloted Vancouver's vessels 1792. i. 510; corp. of the guard at S. Jos‚ mission '97. M. (Antonio), chino settler of Los Ang. 1781. i. 345. M. (Apolinario), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-36; grantee of Ojo de Agua de Figueroa '33, '38. iii. 712, 705; in '42 age 47, wife Juana Briones, child. Presentacion b. '22, Gomez(?) '29, Narcisa '30, Refugio '32, Jos‚ de Jesus '35, Manuel '37; in '43 in trouble with his wife. iv. 666. See 'Briones' (Juana). M. (Hilario), soldier of S.F. comp. 1797-1824. i. 555-6; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 60, wife Juana Cibrian, child. Jos‚ Fran. b. '28, Jos‚ de Jesus '31, Casimiro '33, Alejo (?) '36, Clemente '38, Marˇa de Gracia '39. M. (Jos‚), soldier of S.F. comp. '34-42. M. (Juan), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-22; sec. at S. Jos‚ '25. ii. 604-5; in '44, age 52, grantee of Arroyo de S. Antonio, Marin. iv. 673. M. (Juan Jos‚), settler on the Colorado 1780-1. i. 359. M. (Manuel), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 24, [p.250]wife CAlviso, child. Marˇa de los Santos '38, Marˇa Rosa '41. M. (Mariano), soldier of S.F. comp. '37-43. iv. 667; named in '46. v. 162; also had a Cal. claim of $4,400 (v. 462). M. (Presentacion), daughter of Apolinario; at Mission Dolores '55, and witness in the Santillan case. M. (Santos), soldier of S.F. comp. '39-43. iv. 667. M. (Teodoro), at Sonoma '44, age 22. Mirantes (Ignacio), at S.F. '42, age 31; doubtful name. Mirayno (Jonathan), 1840, doubtful name in Farnham's list. iv. 17. 

Misroon (John S.), 1846, lient on the U.S. Portsmouth, somewhat prominent at the time of the Bear revolt, being sent by Capt. Montgomery to Sonoma and N.Helv. v. 130-1, 154, 156-9, 241, 299. Owner of a S.F. lot. v. 683. Before his departure in '47 he made arrangements for investing in lands and cattle, and apparently did invest with Larkin, but had a misunderstanding with L. and Sutter, which, perhaps, put an end to the speculation. I have many of his letters on the matter. Misteril, 1834, Swiss sailor on the Natalia, badly injured at the wreck. iii. 412; worked on a rancho near Mont. '35-6. 

Mitchell, 1845, mr of the Fama. iv. 565. M., 1847, mr of the Providence. v. 580. M. (Benj.), 1846, in Napa Val. '69. M. (Hue), 1842, sailor on the Admittance; deserted at S. Diego '44. M. (Joseph B.), 1845, mr of the Fannie, at S.F. Oct. M. (Wm), 1846, mid. on the U.S. Congress; stationed with a garrison at Sta B. Aug.-Sept. v. 267, 287, 630; made a com. U.S.N. '65; d. at Wash. '71. M. (Wm), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in Australia before '82. M. (Wm H.), 1847, Co. E, ditto; in Amador Co. '74. Mitchener (T.), 1847, from Hon. on the Francesca. 

Mocho (Dan.), 1831, nickname of an Irishman at Los Ang. Moerenhaut (Jacob Antonio), 1846, Fr. consul in Cal. '46-8. v. 290, 576, 614; a nat. of Belgium. There is no agreement respecting his initials. Moffat (Richard), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. v. 686. Moffitt (Alfred P.), 1847, Co. F, 3d artill. artificer (v. 518). M. (James), 1846, nat. of N.Y., sailor on the U.S. Savannah, disch. at S.F. '49; in '82 at East Oakland with wife-Margaret Mulgrew, mar. '59-and 9 children, Frank J. (deputy sheriff), Mary, Maggie, Martha, Joseph, Emma, Geo., Harry, and Nellie. M. (Wm B.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 299). 

Mofras (Eug‚ne Duflot de), 1841, French attach‚ of the Mex. legation, who visited Cal. and Or. in '41-2, commissioned by the govt to examine and report on the country, with its institutions, resources, history, and prospects, the result being published as Mofras, Exploration, etc., a well-known and standard work. For a full account of his visit and work, including something of Mofras' character, see iv. 248-55; also i. 224; ii. 108, 642; iv. 191, 209-10, 218, 224, 233-4, 297, 329, 343, 564, 618-19, 636, 640, 650, 665. M. was still in the French diplomatic service, as ministre plenipotentiaire, in '78, and I have not heard of his death down to '85. Mohr, 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. Jos‚ '71-4, doubtful name, not in Clark's last list. Mohron, 1847, mr of the Com. Shubrick; perhaps 'Morgan.' Mojica (Bernardo), at S. Jos‚ '22. ii. 605. M. (Jos‚ Vicente), at Branciforte 1797; alcalde in 1802. i. 569; ii. 156. M. (Venancio), at S.F. '37-44, age 55. 

Molckenbuhr (Henry), 1847, German carpenter at Mont. '47-8; name written in half a dozen ways; perhaps 'Molokenbuker.' Moliua, settler at Mont., taken prisoner by Bouchard '18. ii. 233, 237-41. M., maj. at S. Rafael '33. iii. 323-4. M., killed at Jamul, S. Diego '37. iii. 614. M. (Alejandro), at Los. Ang. '46. M. (Jesus). at S. C'40-2, grantee of S. Bernab‚. iii. 680; iv. 655. M. (Joaquin), sirviente at S. F. 1777. i. 297. M. (Vicente), at Mont. '45. iv. 653. Molini, contract to make adobes for Larkin 1848. Molteno (Frank), 1848, mr of the S.S. v. 580; on the Julian from Hon. later in the year. Molvee (Herman), 1815, sup. of the Suvarof. ii. 307. Molvisto (Nicolai), 1825, pass. on the Elena. iii. 146. 

Mondojia, 1791, com. of the Horcasitas. i. 523. Mone (Alex.), 1847, overl. immig. from Mo. with wife and father, who settled at Sta Cruz and engaged in the lumber business, with a brief mining experience in '48. He furnished lumber for Meiggs' wharf S. F. at two hundred dollars per M. In [p.251]'53 settled at Pescadero, where in '78 he gave me the narrative of a Pioneer of '47. Monet (John), 1846, Cal. claim $30 (v. 462); owner of S. F. lot '47. Money (Wm), 1843 (?), Scotchman, the date and manner of whose coming are not known; at Los Ang. Feb. '43. iv. 400. He is said to have come as the servant of a scientific man, whose methods and ideas he adopted. His wife was a very handsome Sonore¤a. In '46 the couple started with Coronel for Sonora, and were captured by Kearny's force, but perhaps continued their journey, as Mrs M. had a child born on the way, and they returned from the Colorado with the Morm. Bat. Money became an eccentric doctor, artist, and philosopher at S. Gabriel, where his house in '80 was filled with ponderous tomes of his writings, and on the simple condition of buying one thousand dollars' worth of these I was offered his pioncer reminiscences. He died a few years later. His wife, long divorced from M. and married to a Frenchman, was also living at Los Ang. in '80. It was her daughter who killed Chico Forster. 

Monneron, 1786, with La P‚rouse. i. 435. Monroe, 1845, at Sutter's Fort. Monroy (Jos‚ de Jesus and Lino), at Los Ang. '46. Montalba (Bernardo), at Los Ang. '46. Montano (Antonio), at Bajada Huerta Vieja, Mont., 1795. i. 683. M. (Jos‚ Marˇa), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 40, wife Josefa Gutierrez, child. Apolonio b. '35, Maria '37, Bruno '39. Monteith (Dan.), 1837 (?), at Sta Cruz '81. Montenegro (Eugenio), Mex. corporal of Mont. customhouse guard '34. iii. 378; served under Alvarado's govt as alf‚rez. iii. 508; and in '38-40 was sub-comisario and com. of celadores at Mont. iii. 672; iv. 96-7; owner of S. F. lot '41-5. iv. 669; ministro supl. of the sup. court '42. iv. 296; grantee of Laguna de los Gentiles '44, not serving against Micheltorena. iv. 473, 671; a capt. of aux. cavalry '45-6. v. 41; at S. Luis Ob. '50. Montero (Manuel), soldier of the escolta at S. Miguel 1797. i. 560; at Branciforte '30. ii. 627. 

Montgomery, 1844, officer on H. B. M. S. Modeste. M. (Allen), 1844, overl. immig. from Mo. in the Stevens party with wife. iv. 445, 453. He was one of the party that at first remained at the mountain camp with Schallenberger. iv. 454. He is mentioned in the N. Helv. Diary in '46, and apparently had a rancho on the American Riv. v. 107; but went to Honolulu on the Julia in '47, and I find no further record of him. Mrs M.-n‚e Armstrong, sister of Judge A. of Sacramento, and married in '43-was a woman of somewhat remarkable qualities, who in '45-6 lived at S.F. v. 679; married Talbot H. Green, became wealthy, and in '85 as Mrs Wallis resides at Mayfield, taking part sometimes in public meetings of progressive and strong-minded females. M. (Isaac), 1848, liquor dealer from Hon. at S. F.; member of the council '49. 

Montgomery (John B.), 1845, capt. U. S. N. in com. of the Portsmouth '45-7. His ship was stationed at S. F. during the Bear revolt, and it was he that raised the U. S. flag in July, being commandant of the northern district in July-Dec. iv. 568, 587; v. 102, 127, 129-31, 154, 200, 224, 228-9, 231, 238-41, 294-9, 380, 552, 580, 659, 682. For him Montgomery street was named, and Portsmouth square for his ship. Two sons, John E. and Wm H., were with him on the fleet, and were lost on the Warren's launch in Nov. '46. v. 384, 587. The capt. and Wm H. were owners of lots in S. F. v. 682. He later became commodore and admiral, was in command for some years of the Boston navy-yard, and died in '73. M. (John M.), 1847, nat. of Ky and overl. immig., who worked as a carpenter at Mont., went to the mines in '48, and finally engaged in raising cattle, settling in Merced Co. '54, and being a state senator in '75-8. Montijo (Marcos), soldier of the S.F. comp. '39-42. Montreuil (Louis), 1844, of Fr‚mont's party; perhaps did not reach Cal. iv. 437. Montriel (Herman), 1847; Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). MonyŁ (Jaime), 1825, Span. of the Asia's crew, who remained in Cal. and married before '28. iii. 51. 

Mooar, 1845, mr of a vessel at Mont. '45-6. Moody (Washington), 1847, at Sta Clara '47-8. Moon (Wm C.), 1841, nat. of Tenn. and overl. immig. of the Workman party. iv. 278-9. Named at Los Ang. '42 and Mont. '44. In [p.252]'45 he 'mined' for grindstones in the Sac. Val., and in '48-9 for gold, having settled on a rancho in Tehama Co., where he died in '78. He was a famous hunter, and a partner of Ezekiel Merritt. Mooney (James), 1847, owner of a S. F. lot. 

Moore, 1830, mr of the Globe. iii. 147. M., 1837, of the Or. cattle exped. iv. 85. M., 1795, mr of the Phanix. i. 537, 625, 669. M., 1848, employed as a shepherd at Sutter's Fort. M. (Alex.), 1847, son of Eli, overl. immig. with wife, who settled in '53 at Pescadero, where he still lived in '78. M. (Andrew), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Sta Clara Co. from '67; at Gilroy '82. M. (Andrew J.), 1847, Co. B, ditto; in Phil. '82. M. (Benj. D.), 1846, capt. Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons, killed at the fight of S. Pascual. v. 336, 343-7. M. (Benj. F.), 1848, nat. of Florida, on the S. Joaquin '48; member of the constit. convention '49; one of the earliest settlers at Sonora. M. (Calvin W.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Spring City, Utah, '82. M. (Eli), 1847, overl. immig. with family, who settled at Sta Cruz, buying of Bolcof what is known as Moore's rancho. He died before '78. One of his daughters was Mrs Sam. Besse of Watsonville. M. (John H.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); perhaps at S.F. and S. Jos‚ '50. M. (John W.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in the mines '48-51; killed by Ind. near Mariposa in '51. M. (Otis L.), 1846, sergt Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons, transf. from Co. K; killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. M. (Patrick), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). M. (Risdon A.), 1845, one of Fr‚mont's men. iv. 583; v. 453; a blacksmith and nephew of Cyrus Alexander. He served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358); had a Cal. claim of $524 (v. 462); was at Wash., D. C., Jan. '48; prob. came back with Fr‚mont in his 4th exped.; and in later years lived at Belleville, Ill. M. (Robert), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). M. (Thos W.), 1847, son of Eli, and nat. of Tenn.; at Pescadero '53-78. M. (Wm H.), 1846, Kentuckian immig., who lived in Sonoma Co. to '56. and later in Lake Co. till his death in '67. M. (Wm), 1816, carpenter on the Lydia. ii. 275. Mora (Regina de la), mentioned in '35. iii. 285. Morace (Erastus), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Moraga (Domingo), son of Gabriel, sold. distinguido of S.F. comp. from '18. ii. 571; in the Sta B. comp. as corp. before '37. M. (Fran.), 1st Ind. convert at S.F., named M. for his godfather, the comandante. i. 296. M. (Fran.), soldier of S. F. comp. '37-9; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 27, wife Josefa Duarte, child. Marˇa b. '38, Teodora, '40; in '43 juez de campo. iv. 685; Cal. claim of $3,320 '46-7 (v. 462). M. (Gabriel), 1776, son of Jos‚ Joaq. who came as a boy with his parents, enlisting in 1784, and serving as soldier, corporal, sergt, alf‚rez, and lieut of the S.F., Mont., and Sta B. companies till his death in 1823. Biog. ii. 571; ment. i. 470, 549, 559, 569-72, 587, 716-17, 719, 723; ii. 47, 50-7, 91-2, 126, 132, 140, 150, 199, 202, 204, 254, 288, 300-4, 319, 322-30, 334, 336-7, 341, 354, 361, 370, 385, 442, 559, 585, 631. His wife was Ana Marˇa Bernal; and later Marˇa Joaquina Alvarado at Sta B. in '50; among his children were Domingo, Jos‚ Guadalupe, and Vicente. M. (Ignacio Marˇa), niece of Jos‚ Joaq. and wife of Jos‚ Arg‚llo. i. 470; iii. 11. M. (Joaquin), prob. a son of Gabriel, soldier of S.F. comp. '19; at S. Mateo '35; grantee of Laguna de Palos Colorados, Contra Costa, '35-41. iii. 712; iv. 671; in '41 a widower, age 48, with the following children: Jos‚ b. '16, Luisa '18, Marˇa '26, Marˇa Ant. '29. A part of the Moraga Valley is still owned by D. Joaquin's sons and grandsons, but there has been much trouble about boundaries with squatters. M. (Jos‚), sˇndico at Sta B. '41. iv. 641; juez at S. Buen. '46. v. 634; justice at Sta B. '52. M. (Jos‚ Joaquin), 1776, Mex. alf‚rez who came with Anza, and being made lieut was the 1st comandante of S.F. He was the founder of the presidio, mission, Sta Clara, and the pueblo of S.Jos‚. He died in 1785, and his widow, Marˇa del Pilar de Leon, in 1808. Gabriel was the only son of whom anything is known. Biog. i. 470; ment. i. 258, 262-4, 266-8, 271, 280-92, 295-7, 305-6, 312, 349-50, 385, 463, 474, 479; ii. 44, 47; iii. 11. M. (Jos‚ Guadalupe), son of Gabriel, soldado distinguido at S.F., and cadet at S. Diego '17-20. ii. 341, 571. M. (Vicente), son of Gabriel; teacher at S. Ant. and Los Ang. '33-5. ii. 571; iii. 630; sec. and [p.253]sˇndico at Los Ang. '33-4. iii. 635, 564-5; admin. at S. Antonio '40. iii. 688; iv. 61; grantee of Pauba '44. iv. 621; at Los Ang. '46; constable at S. Buen. '52. His wife was Marˇa Ant. Dominguez. 

Morah (M.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Morales (Bernardo), soldier on the Colorado, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359, 362. M. (Francisco), Mex. teacher at Los Ang. '18-20; 2d sindico of the ayunt. '23, '26-7, '29; ii. 559-61. M. (Leandro), ment. as having killed Ávila in '31. iii. 208. M. (Pablo), at S. Bern. '46, age 50. Moran, 1847, mr of the Com. Shubrick and Julian '47-8. M. (John H.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. '71; a printer who worked on the Californian and was sergt-at-arms of the legislature. 

More, 1845, doubtful name at Sta Clara. M. (Andrew B.), 1848, nat. of Pa who came to Cal. from Mex.; one of the More Bros of Sta B., in '80 a miner in Idaho, with resid. at Monterey, Cal. M. (John H.), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. Morehead (Joseph C.), 1847, lieut Co. D, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; nat. of Ky; repres. of S. Joaq. in 1st Cal. legislature '49-50; d. before '82. Morelos (Juan de Dios), surgeon of the Cal. troops at Mont. 1800-3. ii. 140, 147, 150, 153. 

Moreno (Antonio), at S. Jos‚ '41, nat. of L. Cal., age 46, wife Juliana Tapia, child. Rita b. '18, C'20, Antonia '26, Magdalena '28, Lucia '30, Manuel '33, Pedro '35, Jos‚ '37, Pedro 2d '38, -- '39. M. (Cat S. Jos‚ '41 age 29, wife Francisca Garcˇa; a nat. of U.S.; prob. Chas 'Brown,' q.v.; grantee of land at S.F. '42. M. (Guadalupe), described in the papers as 115 years old, at Los Ang. '58. M. (Jesus), sˇndico at S. Diego '36. iii. 615; juez de paz '41. iv. 619; owner of land at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; d. at S. Luis Rey '71. M. (Jos‚), mulatto settler of Los Ang. 1781-6. i. 345. M. (Jos‚ Matˇas), Franciscan of Sta Cruz college, Quer‚taro, killed by Ind. at the Colorado Riv. pueblos 1781. i. 359, 362. M. (Jose Matˇas), 1844, nat. of L. Cal. and son of an Engl. whaler, his real name being Brown. He received some education from the frontier padres, and lived in Upper Cal. '44-6, being arrested at Los Ang. '45. iv. 522-3, 631. In '46, ranking as capt. of defensores, he served as clerk and acting sec. to Gov. Pico for a short time, and escaped with the gov. to Mex., carrying, as is thought, many doc. of the archives. v. 279. He returned later to S. Diego, married Prudenciana Lopez, and settled on the frontier rancho of Guadalupe. In '61-2 he was for a time sub-prefect of the L. Cal. frontier district; and died at his rancho in '69 at the age of 52, leaving a widow and 5 children. A search of Moreno's papers, kindly permitted by the widow in '78, resulted in a volume of copies cited as Moreno, Doc. Hist. Cal. M. (Juan), 1836, Swiss who came with Gov. Chico. iv. 118; at S.F. '40-2. M. (Juan), grantee of Sta Rosa, S. Diego, '46. v. 619; owner of Los Ang. land '48. M. (Juan), ment. in '80 as living near Los Ang. and at least 110 years old, having been 12 years old when his father (Jose ?) settled in 1781 at Los Ang.; doubtful. M. (Juan), 1827, Span. friar who served for short terms at 5 missions, and died at Sta In‚s in '45. Biog. iv. 645-6; ment. ii. 576, 623, 625, 655, 659, 664, 683, 685, 691; iv. 46, 421, 426, 553, 647-8. M. (Juan Bautista), 1844, Sonoran soldier who deserted and came to Cal., paying his way by gambling and making saddles. In the campaigns of '46-7 he served as capt. of volunteers, and was wounded at the S. Gabriel fight. He went to Sonora with Flores, but came back, and in '78 at Sta B. dictated for me his recollections of a Vida Militar. v. 308, 352, 394, 396, 449. M. (Rafael de Jesus), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at Sta Clara, and also in '34-8 as president and vice-prefect of the northern missions. He died at mission S. Jos‚ in '39. Biog. iii. 726-7; ment. iii. 318-19, 338, 432; iv. 44, 63-4. M. (Santiago), 1824, nat. of Ecuador and a sailor; went to China on the Rover in '25-6; was collector and sˇndico of the Mont. ayunt. '27-9. ii. 612; ment. in connection with the Solis revolt '30. iii. 82; regidor '32-3. iii. 673; maj. and admin. of S. Luis Ob. '35-9. iii. 354, 587, 682-3; at Mont. '51. M. (Teodoro), 1829, Mex. who was maj. at Laguna Seca rancho '36, age 50, wife Marˇa Ant. Cantua, child. Tomb. '31, Juan '33, Francisco '35. iii. 677. 

Morey (Barton, Origin, and Rinaldo), see 'Mowry.' M. (Harley) 1847, [p.254]Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). M. (Joseph M. W.), 1840, Engl. who got a passport. M. (Michael), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. v. 685; perhaps 'Murrey.' Morgan, 1837 (?), left an Engl. schr at S.F., and with John Levick built a cabin in which they lived and made a large fortune, till '57, when L. was lost on the Central America, and M. drank himself to death in a menth or two. Herald; iv. 118. M. (Geo. E.), 1846, mid. U.S.N.; acting lieut Co. B, Stockton's battalion '46-7. v. 386. M. (Van Renssalaer), 1846, mr on the U.S. Congress. 

Morillo (Brˇgido), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 46; child. Marˇa b. '26, Ramona '28, Miguel '30, Paula '32, Jos‚ Manuel '36. M. (Hilario), aux. alcalde in Los Ang. dist. '48. v. 626. M. (Jorge), at Los Ang. '46; cl. for Potrero de Lugo '52. iv. 635. M. (Jos‚ Ant.), at Los Ang. '46. M. (Jos‚ Justo), at Las Bolsas, Los Ang. dist., '39-52. iii. 633. M. (Julian, Miguel, and Tomat Los Aug. '46. Morin (A.), 1845, one of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 453, 583; served in Cal. Bat., Co. B, artill. (v. 358); died in the mts in the exped. of '48. M. (John L.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Morineau (M. P.), 1833, visitor to Cal. about this year, and author of a Notice. iii. 408-9. Morjano, 1833, visiting priest at S.F., prob. chaplain of a Span. vessel. Moro (Faustino), 1842, Mex. director of hospitals, or 'oficial de salud militar,' with the batallon fijo; perhaps did not come till '44. iv. 289, 563. Morphew (J.), 1825-6, mr of the Eliza. iii. 146; perhaps 'Murphy.' Morrell (Benj.), 1825, mr of the Tartar, and author of a Narralive. ii. 548, 551, 588-90, 592, 610, 614, 616; iii. 25, 28, 149. M. (Jesse), 1823, nat. of N. H., said to have visited the coast on a trader; later U.S. consul in Australia and a druggist at Sac., where he died in '70, leaving a family. Morris, 1847, named at S.F. 

Morris (Albert F.), 1834, British subject and descendant of a surveyorgen. of Nova Scotia, for 9 years a sailor. At Los Ang. '36, a bachelor aged 27; one of Graham's riflemen '36-8. In '40 he was exiled with the rest, but came back with a claim for damages. iv. 8-9, 18-22, 24, 27-8, 31, 33, 37, 116. In '42 he went up the Sac. with Capt. Phelps; is mentioned by Mofras; was at Sta Cruz in '43. iv. 356; and in '44 was perhaps grantee of the Arastradero rancho. iv. 655. I find no definite record of his later life, though a newspaper states that he spent the last part of his life with Harvey S. Beal, and died at Ten Mile River (Mendocino Co. ?) before '72, leaving to B his claim of $30,000! It was about this time that his Autobiography of a Crazy Man fell into my hands. It is a most interesting narrative, and one of the best original authorities on the Graham affair, though marred by bitter prejudice and even falsehood, like all testimony about that matter. The author was in most respects very far from being a 'crazy man,' a term that had been given him by certain enemies, on whom he exhausts his vocabulary of irony and wrath. M. (John S.), 1847, named by Brackett as a lieut. in N.Y. Vol.; not on the roll. M. (Thos), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); hospital steward at S. Diego; in '82 a gardener near Salt Lake City. 

Morrison, 1847, named as a sergt visiting Sutter's Fort. M. (Bradbury), 1823, sailor on the Rover. M. (Ludlam), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (Perry), 1848, nat. of Ind., who came from Or. to the mines; in Alameda Co. '49-82; wife Martha Hastings; children Sam. and Geo. P. M. (Roderick M.), 1847, lieut Co. K, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; killed near Stockton '49. M. (W.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), later transferred to Co. B, artill. Wm M. is also said to have settled in Alameda Co. '47. Morrow (W. J.), 1848, settler in Sonoma Co. Morse (Henry), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. Joaq. '49. M. (Thompson H.), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. Morsine (Juan J.), 1848, of N. Mex. caravan. v. 625. Morton (Freeman). 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Stockton about '50. M. (Henry S.), 1847, sergt Co. E, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; d. at Stockton '55. 

Mosely (Sam.), 1846, surgeon on the U.S. Congress; witness at the Fr‚mont court-martial. v. 420. Moses (Ambrose T.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with wife Clarissa and 4 children. v. 546. He left the church or was excommunicated on the voyage. He lived 5 or 6 years at the mission, and then went [p.255]to Sta Cruz, where he died, perhaps after '70. His wife died in the faith at S.F. a little earlier. A son, Norman, still lives, perhaps at Sta Cruz. One daughter married Eustaquio Valencia and died at S.F.; another became Mrs Mason, and after her husband's death went to Utah, where she still lived in '84. Moss (David), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Mossia (Antonio), 1857, musician N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Mota (Antonio Ruiz de la), 1825 (?), Mex. lieut-col in the war of independence, and later a robber chief sent to Cal. as a convict. On the coming of Gov. Figueroa, an old friend. he was released and became maj. of Jimeno Casarin's estate. He married and had two sons, Antonio and Maximiano, acquiring some property as a ranchero and in settling Jimeno's affairs. His conduct in Cal. was good, and he took but slight part in public affairs, though mentioned in '46. v. 363. About '53 he went to Mex., where he lost all his property, and in '56 was brought back to Cal. by Mrs Jimeno. He rented some land near Sta Cruz, was abandoned by his sons, and died in great poverty. M. (Manuel), 1836, Portuguese laborer on Hartnell's rancho, where he died '38. M. (Rafael), Mex. at rancho S. Felipe, Mont., '36, age 40. iii. 678; still at Mont. '51. Moti, a Sotoyome chief '37. iv. 72. Mott, 1846, mr of the Vancouver. 

Mouet (John), 1847, at Sutter's Fort and the mines '47-8. Moulton (B. F.), 1848, Soc. Cal. Pion. rolls. M. (Elijah T.), 1846, Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); said to be living at Los Ang. in late years. M. (Joseph), 1846, French creole of Fr‚mont's garrison left at Sta B. under Talbot. v. 316. Moultry (Riley Septimus), 1846, overl. immig. with wife, Mary Lard, married on the journey, and one of the 1st Donner relief. v. 538. He settled at Sta Clara; I have no record of what became of him; was possibly still living in Sta Clara Co. '80-4,. as was Mrs M. at Saratoga. A son, Wm Elliott M., born at Sta Clara Oct. '47, lived at Sta Cruz '84. Mounich (Wm), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Mount (Hiram B.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. M. (Joseph), 1848, said to have come this year; cl. for part of Entre Napa rancho '52. Mouser (John), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); drowned in S. Joaq. Riv. '47. Mover (M), 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. 

Mowatt (Andrew), 1848, passp. from Hon. Mowry (Barton), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with wife and two sons. v. 546. He, like each of his sons, was owner of a S.F. lot from '47, and a member of the town council in '48. v. 649, 679, 686. He left the church and became a spiritualist, dying, I think, at S.F. many years later. His wife, or widow, with one of the sons, Rinaldo, went to Utah, where they lived in 84. The other son, Origin, nat. of R.I. and a mason by trade, was a miner and trader in '48-9, and later a rich farmer in Alameda Co., where he lived in '85, age 60, with 4 children. Portrait in Alam. Co. Hist., 616. M. (James), 1847, perhaps of Morm. Bat.; re‚nl. M. (John T.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); at Paris, Id., '82. M. (Ignacio, Joaquin, Jos‚, and Juan), at Los Ang. '46. Moya (Ramon), 1808, com. of the S. C ii. 87. M. (Trinindad), convict tanner in '34; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 37; in '43 owner of S.F. lot. iv. 669; v. 680. Moz (François), 1833, Canadian who came perhaps with Walker, iii. 391, or from N. Mex.; naturalized in '40, being than a tanner at Zayante. 

Mugártegui (Pablo), 1774, Span. friar who served chiefly at S. Juan Cap. and retired in '89; at one time vice-president. Biog. i. 459; ment. i. 218, 224, 227, 299, 304, 351, 388, 417, 498-9, 581, 597; ii. 123. Muir (Wm S.), 1847, sergt Co. A, Morm. Bat. v. 477; a farmer in Utah '81. Mulholland, 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Mulkey (Wesley), 1848, nat. of N.C., who came overland to Or. in '44, and to the Cal. mines in '48-9; in '62 went to Idaho, where he still lived, at Lewiston, in '85; married '38 to Mary Black; no children. 

Mulligan (John), 1814-15, Irish sailor who landed, perhaps from the Isaac Todd, certainly from some vessel before '19, when he was permitted to settle and marry. ii. 272, 277, 292, 393. At Mont. '23-6. ii. 496, 612; taught the art of weaving to Ind. at different missions; and later had an interest in Cooper's rancho on the Salinas, where a sand hill was long known as Mulligan [p.256]Head. He was a hard drinker, lost his property, and died in '34. His name was properly Milligan, and I have several letters from his father in Ireland. M. (Simpson), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Mullington (Chas), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. Mulvey (James), 1847, sergt Co. F, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; d. S.F. in '65. Mumm (Christian), 1846, at Los Ang.; Cal. claim $23 (v. 462); at Napa and N. Helv. '47. 

Mu¤oz (Juan Ant.), 1832, Mex. capt. of artill. '32-36, being exiled with Gutierrez in '36, being then 36 years old, wife Manuela Cruz, child. Joaquin b. '27, Jesus '32, Ramona '29. Biog. iii. 467; ment. iii. 239, 445, 455-6, 460, 463-6, 671, 674, 677. M. (Luciano), 1830, capt. appt. to Cal.; prob. did not come. iii. 54. M. (Manuel), ribbon-maker and instructor 1792-5. i. 615. M. (Maria de la Luz), 1st person buried at S.F. '76; wife of J. M. Valencia. i. 297. M. (Pedro), 1804, Span. friar who served chiefly at S. Fernando, retiring on account of illness in '17. Biog. ii. 357; ment. ii. 52-5, 85-6, 115-16, 149, 159-60, 246, 328, 394, 449. M. (Sebastian), grantee of Orestim ba rancho '44. iv. 672. 

Munr(Est‚van), 1820, Span. trader at Mont., described in '28 as 8 years a resident; elector de partido and memb. of the dip. in '27; not obliged to quit Cal. on account of his race. ii. 613; iii. 33, 36, 51-2; joined the comp. extranjera in '32, having been prominent in aiding foreigners. iii. 82, 221. In '36 age 46, wife Catalina Manzaneli of Tepic, child. Concepcion b. '23, Antonia '26, Engracia '33, Anastasia '28, Jos‚ Narciso '35; his position in the Alvarado revolution. iii. 454-5, 469, 524; alcalde in '37 and juez in '40. iii. 675-6; vocal of the junta '43-5. iv. 361, 411, 521, 540, 654. He was the grantee of 3 ranchos, Laguna Seca, S. Francisquito, and S. Vicente, the first two being in his wife's name. iii. 677-8. In '45 Larkin described M. as a man of property and character, disgusted with Mex. politics, and ready for a change of govt. He died about '53. One of his daughters married Dr McKee. M. (Manuel), juez de paz at Mont. '39. iii. 675. M. (Salvador), brother of Est‚van who came after '36; sˇndico at Mont. '44. iv. 653; treasurer in '46. v. 289, 637. Larkin describes him in '45 as an old resident, a man of family and property, disgusted with politics. On the Mont. assessment rolls '50-1; said to have gone to Spain in '58. Munroe (James), 1847, settler at Benicia. M. (John), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Munson (Leonard), 1847, Co. A, ditto; at Two Rocks, Sonoma Co., '82. 

Murch (Wm B.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Mont. '47. Murcilla (Andr‚s), 1839, mr of the Dan. O'Connell. iv. 103. Murdock (John R.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). M. (Price), 1847, ditto. Murel (Jean B.), Fr. servant of Estrada at Mont. in 36, age 24. Murey (H.), 1848, from Hon. on the Juliana. Murga (Manuel), 1801, com. of the Activo. ii. 5. Murguˇa (Jos‚ Ant. de Jesus), 1773, Span. friar, who served chiefly at Sta Clara, where he died in '84. Biog. i. 476; ment. i .123-4, 194, 196, 297, 299, 304, 306, 351, 385, 388, 410, 631. Murielle (Pierre), Fr. servant of Herrera at Mont. '38, age 19. Murillo (Brˇgido), maj. at S. Luis Rey '28-30. ii. 553. M. (Eugenio), banished to Texas '35. iii. 674. Muro (Miguel), 1842, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at S. Jos‚ mission, and retired in '45. Biog. iv. 680; ment. iv. 371, 423, 553, 675. 

Murphy, 1836, a priest apparently connected with Hartnell's school; ment. by PP. Short and Bachelor at Hon. '39. M. (Bernard), 1844, son of Martin and member of the Stevens overl. immig. party. iv. 445, 453. He settled in Sta Clara Co.; was owner of a S.F. lot '47; was claimant for several ranchos. iii. 712; iv. 674; and was killed in '53 by the explosion of the Jenny Lind in S.F. Bay. M. (Bernard D.), 1844, son of Martin, Jr, who came in the Stevens party at the age of three, being a nat. of Canada. iv. 445, 453. He was educated at Sta Clara, becoming a lawyer and banker; memb. of the assembly '68, and of the senate '77; mayor of S. Jos‚ '73. He married Annie Mc-Geoghegan in '69, and still lives at San Jos‚ '85 with 5 children, Mary, Eveline, Martin, Elizabeth, and Gertrude. M. (Daniel), 1844, son of Martin, and nat. of Canada. iv. 445, 453. He served in Co. G. Cal. Bat. (v. 358); had a Cal. claim of $15 for a horse (v. 462); owned a S.F. lot '47; and settled [p.257]with his father and brothers in Sta Clara Co. He was claimant for Las Llagas rancho, and became the owner of immense tracts of land in Cal., Nev., Ariz., and Mex., being one of the largest stock-raisers in the world. He died in Nev. '82, leaving a widow and two children, Daniel, Jr, age 22, and Diana; another daughter, Mrs Chapman, having died before. M. (J.), 1825, mr of the Eliza. iii. 146. M. (Jacobo), 1792, alf‚rez in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. M. (James), 1825, owner of live-stock near S. Jos‚; prob. an error in the date. M. (James), 1837, pass. on the Europa. iv. 103. 

Murphy (James), 1844, son of Martin, b. in Ireland, accomp. on the overland trip by wife and child. iv. 445, 453. He worked as a lumberman at S. Rafael, and is often named in the N. Helv. Diary '45-7; owner of S.F. lots '46-7. He settled in Sta Clara Co. '48; was claimant for Cazadores rancho, Sac. Val., iv. 671, and also with his brothers for Las Llagas. Still living in Sta Clara Co. '85. His wife was Ann Martin, daughter of Patrick M. of the Stevens party, and his children were Mary F., b. '42, Martin B. '45, Wm B. '50, Lizzie A. '53, Julia A. '57, Daniel J. '61. M. (James), 1844, son of Martin, Jr, who crossed the plains as a boy. iv. 445, 453; ment. at Sutter's Fort '45; perhaps cashier of his brother's bank at S. Jos‚ '78. M. (James), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). M. (John), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Stockton about '50; also said to be living at S. in '75. Indep. M. (John Landrum), 1846, son of Mrs Lavinia M. of the Donner party; died in the mts. v. 531, 534 

Murphy (John M.), 1844, son of Martin, and memb. of the Stevens party. iv. 445, 453. He was active in raising volunteers in '46 at Sta Clara, and in the Sanchez campaign served as lieut. v. 298, 380; at N. Helv. '47; owner of S.F. lots; and member of the S. Jos‚ council. v. 664. In '48 associated with Weber in trade at Stockton; also engaged in mining with great success-except in keeping his gold. Murphy's camp took its name from him. In '58 he testified that he had held the offices of treasurer, recorder, and sheriff of Sta Clara Co., and mayor of S. Jos‚. Still living at S. Jos‚ as a trader in '80, and prob. in '85. His wife was Virginia Reed of the Donner party, and they had 6 children. M. (Lavinia), 1846, widow from Tenn., in the Donner party, with 4 sons and 3 daughters. v. 531, 534-7. She and 2 sons, Lemuel B. and John L., died in the Sierra; 2 sons, Wm G. and Simon P., surviving, as did the daughters Mrs Pike, Mrs Foster, and Mary. The latter married Wm Johnson in '47, and in '48 Chas Covillaud. The city of Marysville was named for her, and she died before '80, leaving 5 children. M. (Lemuel), 1846, son of Lavinia, who died as above. 

Murphy (Martin), 1844, nat. of Ireland who emigrated to Canada in '20, and to Mo. '40. Here he became dissatisfied on account of malaria which killed his wife, and the lack of religious influence for his children, and at the age of 60 resolved to cross the plains to Cal. as a catholic country of fertile soil and salubrious climate. He came in the Stevens party with his children and grandchildren as named in this register, and settled in Sta Clara Co., where the family became prominent and wealthy. He was the owner of a S.F. lot in '47, and in '52 was claimant for a rancho. iv. 672, 684. Several of the sons served under Sutter in the campaign of '45. iv. 486. The old patriarch died in '65 at the age of 80. His daughter Mary was Mrs James Miller; Ellen was Mrs Townsend in '44, and later Mrs C. M. Weber; Johanna was later Mrs Fitzpatrick of Gilroy; and Margaret became Mrs Kell of S. Jos‚. M. (Martin, Jr), 1844, son of Martin, accomp. by wife and 4 sons, a daughter being born in camp at Donner Lake. iv. 445, 453. He settled on the Cosumnes, and his visits to New Helv. are often noted in the diary. His rancho is often mentioned by travellers between the bay and Sac. and there it was that Arce's horses were taken and the Bear revolt begun. v. 108. In '50 the family settled in Sta Clara Co., where in '81 the golden wedding was celebrated, and where Martin died in '84 at the age of 78, leaving an immense estate. His sons, Bernard D., Patrick W., James, and Martin, are named in this register. His daughters surviving him were Mrs R. T. Carroll and Mrs Joaquin Arques; another, Mrs Wm P. Taafe, having died. Portrait of M. in Sta Clara [p.258]Co. Hist. M. (Martin J.), 1844, son of Martin, Jr, a small boy at arrival; seems to have died before '84. M. (Patrick W.), 1844, son of Martin, Jr, a boy at arrival, who became a rich farmer in S. Luis Ob., representing that region in the state senate '65-8, '78. Portrait in S. Luis Ob. Co. Hist., 32-3. M. (Simon P.), 1846, son of Lavinia and survivor of the Donner party. v. 531, 535, who returned to Tenn., served in the war of '61-5, and died in '73, leaving a widow and 5 children. M. (Thomas), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Murphy (Timothy), 1828, Irishman from Lima, who worked for a year or two as clerk for Hartnell & Co. at Mont., subsequently entering the service of Capt. Cooper. iii. 178; ii. 609. From '29 his name appears in various records; joined the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221; on Larkin's books '33-5; often engaged in otter-hunting. About '36 he settled north of the bay, and in '37-42 he was admin. of S. Rafael. iii. 718; iv. 117, 676. I have many of his original letters of these years. Don Timoteo was a good penman, but his Spanish was peculiar, and his letters too often contained vulgar expressions and insults to all with whom he did not agree; yet he was on the whole a good-natured and popular man. In '39 he was naturalized; in '40 once put in the calabozo by Vallejo. iv. 171; in '41 ment. by Sir Geo. Simpson, who says he had been a candidate for marriage with one of Vallejo's sisters. iv. 218. As compared with other administrators, M. was a faithful guardian of the neophytes' interest; favored those of Vallejo as he was employed to do; and by no means neglected his own. In '44 he was grantee of the S. Pedro, etc., rancho, later confirmed to him. iv. 676; and he also represented the Ind. in their unsuccessful claim for Tinicasia. Juez de paz in '45. v. 676-7. In the troubles of '46-7 he took no part; owned S. F. lots in '47; took some part in local politics. v. 452, 455, 610; was alcalde, Ind. agent, and land commissioner '47-8. v. 670; and is mentioned by Sherman, Revere, and Mason. He was a liberal giver to several catholic institutions, and died in '53, leaving his property to nephews. M. (Wm G.), 1846, son of Lavinia and survivor of the Donner party. v. 531, 534. He remained in the Sac. Val. till '49, when he went East to be educated and married, returning in '58. He was a lawyer at Virginia City, Nev., to '66, and since that time at Marysville, Cal., being city attorney, and having a family of 7 children in '80. 

Murray, 1848, shoemaker at S. F. Feb. with wife; arriv. at S. F. from Tahiti, March; at the mines from Mont.; had a store at Sutter's Fort, of firm M. & Lappeus-prob. several individuals. M. (Chas), 1847, purser on the U. S. Erie. M. (Edward), 1847, Co. A, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Calaveras '55. M. (Ed.), 1847, Co. K, ditto; owner of S. F. lots. He was perhaps the M. who was in trade in Sac. '48, and later lived in the North Beach region of S. F., with a reputation not of the best; still living in '55. M. (Francis), 1847, Co. H, ditto; owner of a S. F. lot; corp. in S. F. Guards '48; d. before '82. M. (Mary), 1846, one of the Mormon colony. v. 546; left the church; said to live at S. Jos‚ '84. M. (Michael), 1846, settler at S. Jos‚; in the mines '48; in Sta Clara Co. '60. Hall; Breen; Carson; Hittell. M. (Owen), 1848, Soc. Cal. Pion. rolls; d. Oakland after '81. M. (Robert), 1847, assist surg. U. S. A., serving with N. Y. Vol. and Co. F, 3d artill. v. 503, 511; at S. F. '71-4; in '82 assist surg.-gen. in N. Y. M. (R. A.), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). M. (Walter), 1847, Co. A, N. Y. Vol. v. 504-6; serving at Sta B. and in L. Cal. He was a nat. of England, and by trade a printer. Went to the mines '48; established the Sonora Herald '52; and in '53 settled at S. Luis Ob., where he practised law and established the Tribune, serving also in the legislature. In '73 he was appointed judge of the 1st district, and held that position at the time of his death in '75. His Narratice of a Cal. Volunteer is a copy of his original diary, and is one of the best authorities on the history of the regiment. 

Muse (Wm), 1847, mid. on the U. S. Lexington. Musgrave (Alfred), 1846, nat. of Tenn. and overl. immig., who served in Co. E, Cal. Bat. v. 358; lived in Napa till '67, when he left Cal. M. (Charles), 1846, brother of Alfred, who also served in the Cal. Bat. and lived in Napa; in '69 in S. Luis [p.259]Ob. Co.; also called Calvin. Musty (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Mutrel (Jean Baptiste), 1827, French pilot on the Nereid, wrecked on the L. Cal. coast in a schooner employed by the Nereid for seal-hunting. v. 478. He came to Cal. in '27 to drive cattle across the frontier. iii. 176; and in '28-9 became a resident at S. Diego. ii. 545; in '36 at Buenavista rancho, near Mont., age 27; went to Mont. in '40; in '46 at Los Ang. 

Myers, 1845, at Sutter's Fort; perhaps 'Meyers.' M., 1845, apothecary at N. Helv. Nov. from below. M., 1848, of firm Adler & M., Sonoma. M. (A. S.), 1847, captain's clerk on the U.S. Lexington. M. (Courten), 1847, doubtful name at N. Helv.; called a volunteer; on his way to Salt Lake with a band of horses. M. (Geo. A.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 358). M. (Jack), 1847, at Sutter's Fort; perhaps John. M. (John), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). M. (John J.), 1845, one of Fr‚mont's men, iv. 583, who served as sergt-maj. of the Cal. Bat., v. 360, and was later lieut; Cal. claim of $130 (v. 462). M. (Russell), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); later trader and deputy sheriff at Sonora; major of vol. in war of '61-5; in N.Y. city '84. M. (Sam.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); sergt of r‚enl. comp. v. 495; trial in '48. v. 610-11; in '81 a carpenter in Utah. M. (Wm), 1848, associate of Lassen in Tehama Co., who prob. came earlier; alcalde in '49. M. (Wm H.), 1846, gunner on the U.S. Dale. Myler (James), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Myrick, 1844, mr of the Sarah '44-5.