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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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O'Brien (H.), 1845, in Sutter's employ Dec.; went to Or. Apr. '46. iv. 578, 526. O'B. (James), 1838, Irish resid. of Mont. dist. iv. 119; exiled to S. Blas in '40, but returned in '41 with a pass, which was renewed in '42, iv. 18, 33, 37, when he was, however, banished to the Sonoma frontier. iv. 653. In '44 he died, and I have a letter from his father Daniel in London, in which, with 'hearty thanks for the information' of his son's death, he inquires as to the chances of collecting Jimmy's claim against the govt. O'B. (John), 1835, Irish sailor who landed from a whaler at Sta B. at the age of 25. iii. 413. He hunted otter on the islands for several years, and in '40 got permission to marry, being then in the employ of Lewis Burton. He was one of the first at the gold mines, but fell ill, and being brought down the river died at Benicia in Oct. '48. O'B. (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336); Q. M. sergt. O'B. (Thos), 1842, at Mont. under sentence of banishment to Sonoma; prob. James. 

O'Cain (Joseph), 1795, 'Englishman b. in Ireland from Boston,' sent to S. Blas from Sta B. i. 537. O'C. (Joseph), 1803, Amer. mr of the O'Cain, hunting otter on the coast under Russian contracts 1803-5. ii. 25-6, 32, 38-9, 63, 70-1. O'Connell (Anthony F.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. '66, age 48, leaving a widow and two children. He had been for many years a [p.265]drayman; known in the later years as O'Connor. O'C. (John), 1847, accredited to N.Y. Vol., but not on the roll; tarred and feathered at Mont.; drowned on the way to Or. S. Jos‚ Pion., '82. O'Connor (Bartholomew), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). O'C. (Owen), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). O'C. (Wm), 1845, at N. Helv. in '46; iv. 578, 587; said to have been in Sta Clara Co. '45. O'Donnell (Joseph), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). O'Donoj£ (Jos‚ Simon), 1834, Mex. of the H. & B. colony. iii. 263; at Sta B. '41; in '42-4 purveyor of the troops under Micheltorena; at Los Ang. '47. 

O'Farrell (Jasper), 1843, Irish surveyor who came to the U. S. in '41 and to Cal. by sea via S. America and Mazatlan. iv. 400. In '44 he signed the order for Weber's arrest, iv. 483, and in '45 served as Q. M. in Sutter's force, iv. 485-6. being mentioned in '44-6 at varions places but apparently making S. Rafael his home, being engaged most of the time in making rancho surveys. He seems not to have taken part in the troubles of '46, but is named as a witness of the Haro murder at S. Rafael. v. 171-2. In '47-8 he advertised as a surveyor in the papers, was appointed official surveyor in the northern district, and made the permanent street survey of S. F. v. 455, 648, 653-6, 680, 685. About '48 he exchanged a Marin Co. rancho which he had taken in payment of professional services for that of Jonive in Sonoma Co., purchasing later the adjoining Estero Americano, for which places and for Capay in Yolo he was claimant in '52. iii. 712; iv. 671; v. 675. He married a daughter of Patrick McChristian, and lived chiefly on his rancho, but took also some part in politics, serving in the state senate and also as state harbor commissioner. For so prominent and well known a man there is a remarkable lack of definite information about him. He died at S. F. in '75 at the age of 58. A street in S. F. bears his name. 

O'Grady, 1847, perhaps of N.Y. Vol. under another name. O'G. (Thos), 1846, Irish settler of Sonoma Co. '47-77, when he lived at Bodega. O'Hara (D. J.), 1847, in S.F. letter list. O'Neil, 1837, one of the cattle party from Or. iv. 85. O'N. (John M.), 1847, sergt Co. E, N.Y. Vol. v. 504. Nat. of N.Y.; maj. of cavalry in war of '61-5, being stationed 4 years in Utah; in '67-83 custom-house officer at S.F.; d. at Mont. '85. O'N. (Owen), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot; in Nev. '82. O'N. (Wm), 1816, said to have touched on the Cal. coast from China in '16. ii. 282; later an employ‚ of the H.B.Co.; died at Victoria '75, at the age of 74; a nat. of Boston. O'Reilly, 1837, a witness at S.F. Dec. O'R. (E.), 1847, farmer in S. Mateo Co. '61-78. O'Rourke (Francis), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). O'Sullivan (James), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); a printer who was editor of the Sonora Herald; member of the constit. convention of '78; in S.F. '82. 

Oakley (Chas H.), 1845, asst surg. on the U.S. Portsmouth. O. (Howard), 1846, of the Mormon colony. v. 546; of the 3d Donner relief. v. 540-1; owner of S.F. lots; no record after '48, but did not go to Utah. O.(Robert), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Sta B. '48. Ober (David), 1848, passp. from Hon. Obes (Ramon), 1825, Span. who came on the Aquiles; perhaps sent away '28-30. iii. '51-2. Obleie, 1844, doubtful name of a married foreigner. Oca (Ignacio Montes de), sentenced to presidio 1805. ii. 191. Ocampo (Francisco), 1834, Mex. of the H. & P. colony. iii. 263; at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; at Los Ang. '46-8; still at S. Juan Cap. '78. Ochiltree, 1847, mid. on the U.S. Independence. Odon, neophyte at S. Luis Ob., grantee of land '42. iv. 331. O., grantee of Escorpion '45. Ogden, 1828, leader of a party of H.B.Co. trappers who came to Cal. '28-30. iii. 161-2, 174; iv. 263. O. (Benj.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. Brooklyn, N. Y. '66. Ogier (J. S. K.), 1848, nat. of S.C.; member of the 1st Cal. legislature '49-50. Ogle (Chas A.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Olavide (Martin), 1791, alf‚rez with Malaspina's exped. i. 490. Olb‚s (Ramon), 1812, Span. friar who served for brief terms at four missions, retiring in '21. Biog. ii. 625; ment. ii. 225, 243-6, 364, 369, 387, 389-90, 394, 655. Olgin (Jos‚), settler at the Colorado riv. pueblos, killed by Ind. i. 359, [p.266]362. Olimpio, Ind. majordomo in Sutter's employ '47. Oliva (Raimundo), soldier of Sta B. comp. '32; ranchero '45. O. (Vicente Pascual), 1813, Span. friar who served at many missions, but chiefly at S. Diego, dying at S. Juan Cap. in '48. Biog. v. 623; ment. ii. 344, 357, 375, 383-4, 394, 551-2, 655; iii. 96, 619, 622, 641; iv. 422; v. 619. Olivar (Tomsoldier of Sta B. comp. '32. Olivares (Antonio M.), at Los Ang. '46. O. (Bonifacio), at Mont. '36, age 23, wife Mar¡a del Refugio; banished in '43 to Los Ang., where he took part in a revolt of '46. iv. 492, 654; v. 308. O. (Francisco), settler at Los Ang. '15. ii. 350. O. (Francisco), 1846, Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). O. (Miguel and Tomat Los Ang. '46. Olivas, named as having been killed at S. Buen. '38. iii. 551. O. (Cosme), settler at Los Ang. '16. ii. 350. O. (Domingo), messenger of Gen. Flores '47. v. 387. O. (Francisco and Jos‚), at S. Bern. '46. O. (Esculano), comisario de polic¡a at S. Diego '36. iii. 616. O. (Ignacio), soldier of the S. F. comp. '28-37; his child murdered '28. iii. 191. O. (Juan), settler at Los Ang. 1800. ii. 349. O. (Juan), at Sta B. before '37, wife Clara Pico, 4 children. O. (Luis), soldier at Sta B. '32. O. (Mat¡as), juez de campo and com. polic¡a at S. Diego '35-6. iii. 615-16. O. (Nicolat Los Ang. '39. O. (Raimundo), at S. Fern., age 28, '39; grantee of S. Miguel '41. 

Oliver, 1835, trapper at Suisun, perhaps of Young's party. iii. 394. O. (Jacob), 1843, at S.F., ment. in Peterson's Diary. O. (John), 1834, Engl., named in Mont. list of '34-5. O. (Wm), 1842 (?), doubtful name of a lumberman. iv. 341. Olivera (Antonio), at Sta B. '32-45. iii. 583, 651; alf‚rez in '39; grantee of Casmalia, Sta B., '40. iii. 655; wife Concepcion Romero, 5 children before '37. O. (Desiderio), at Los Ang. '19-48. ii. 355; age 53 in '39. O. (Diego), b. at Sta B. about 1789, and a soldier down to about '22; ment. in explor. ii. 57, 326; alcalde at Sta B. '37-8. iii. 654, 569-70; tithe collector '39. iii. 654; juez in '40. iii. 606; grantee of Guadalupe rancho '40. iii. 677. He is said to have clung to his old Span. ways, dress, and ideas to the last, becoming rich in lands and poor again, and dying in '67. Taylor's Discov. and Found. contains some of his reminiscences. O. (Ignacio), corp. and sergt of the Sta B. comp. from 1781; d. 1794; i. 463, 465-6, 532, 562; wife Mar¡a Ant. F‚lix, who died 1868; child. L£cas, Anna M., Diego, and Mar¡a Estefana, wife of Jos‚ V. Ortega. O. (Josefa), murdered with the Reed family at S. Miguel. v. 620. O. (Juan de Dios), at Los Ang. '46. O. (Juan Mar¡a), corp. of Sta B. comp. '32; wife Serafina Leiva; at Los Ang. '46. O. (L£cas), at Sta B. '37; wife Manuela Cota; 3 children; grantee of Jesus Mar¡a rancho. iii. 655; still a Sta B. ranchero in '45. O. (Manuel D.), 1829, Portuguese at Los Ang. '36, age 36. iii. 179; grantee of land at S. Gabriel '43. iv. 637; majordomo in '45. iv. 637; in charge of the Mission '47. v. 628-9. O. (Martin), at Sauzal rancho, Mont., '36, age 56; wife Josefa Noriega; child. Juan Mar¡a b. '17, Pedro '19, Nolasco '24, L'26, Agustina '21, Melchora 28, Catarina '30. iii. 679; grantee of Moro Cayucos '42. O. (Martin), at Los Ang. '39, age 25. O. (Rosal¡o), at Sonoma '44, age 45. O. (Tomat Sta B. before '37; wife Mar¡a Ant. Cota, 2 children; grantee of Tepusquet '37. iii. 656; still at Sta B. '45-7. Olivier (Pierre), 1834, Frenchman of the H. & P. colony. iii. 412. In '42 he kept a drinking and billiard saloon at Mont.; settled near S. Juan; married a daughter of Canuto Boronda; and his sons lived near S. Luis Ob. in '78. Olivor (Jos‚), 1847, in S.F. letter list. Olk (Wm), 1840, Amer. trader, age 24, with passp. from U.S. Olmstead (Hiram), 1847, Co. C, Mormon Bat. (v. 469); at Ogden, Utah, '82. Olole (Chas), 1846, doubtful name in a Los Ang. list. Olpstay (Chas), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Olvera (Agustin), 1834, Mex. who came as a boy with his uncle, Ignacio Coronel, in the H. & P. colony. iii. 263. In '36 living with C. at Corralitos; went south in '39, and in '41 was commissioner to distribute lands at S. Juan Cap., where he was juez in '42-3. iv. 625-7. In '45 he was sec. and supl. member of the junta, being also the grantee of Mision Vieja and Cuyamaca ranchos. iv. 495, 522, 540, 621. In '46 he was sec. and member of the assembly both under Gov. Pico and Flores, being grantee of la Ci‚nega. v. [p.267]38, 264, 321, 627; and in '47 one of the commissioners who signed the treaty of Cahuenga. v. 404-5. After the U.S. occupation he became a lawyer, being judge of 1st instance '49, county judge '50-3, supervisor '56-7, presidential elector, and receiver in the land-office, being also claimant. for Los Alamos. Don Agustin was a man of good abilities and reputation, who died at Los Ang. shortly after '74. His wife was Concepcion Arg ello; one of his daughters married Charles Forbes, and another Juan Toro. His son Cliving at Chualar in '78, permitted me to copy from his father's papers a valuable collection of Olvera, Doc. Hist. Cal. O. (Diego, Guadalupe, and Jos‚), on S. Luis Ob. assessment rolls '50. O. (Diego), sirviente at S.F. 1777. i. 297. O. (Julian), 1829, Mex. convict released in '36. O. (Santiago), soldier at S.F. '37-42. O. (Secundino), soldier at Sta B. before '37. 

Oman (Geo. W.), 1847, lieut Co. A, Morm. Bat. v. 477; in com. of garrison at S. Luis Rey. v. 489. Ombis (Julian), 1845, doubtful name of a Frenchman in the Branciforte padron; wife Concepcion Espinosa. O¤ate (Juan), 1604, conqueror of N. Mex., who descending the Colorado to its mouth must have looked upon Cal. territory. i. 68, 108. Onge (Joseph S.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Ontiveros (Jos‚), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. O. (Juan P.), at Los Ang. '37-46, grantee of S. Juan y Cajon de Sta Ana. iii. 678. O. (Patricio), encargado de justicia at Los Nietos '25. Opham (Jean), 1825, mr of the Triton '25-6. iii. 149. 

Or(Crist¢bal), 1786, Span. friar who served at Sta B., Pur¡sima, and S. Gabriel, retiring in 1793. Biog. i. 664; ment. 390, 423, 425, 459, 576, 675. Orbell (James), 1837, Engl. sailor, age 24, who landed at S. Diego and engaged in trade. iv. 118. There was an order for his arrest in '40, not apparently executed. iv. 15; left in charge of Capt. Fitch's business during the latter's absence, and his accounts seemed to show a deficit of $6,000 in '42. In '44-5 he was mr of the Guipuzcoana. iv. 566; being naturalized, and in Nov. '47 ill at Sauzalito. Ord (Edward O. C.), 1847, nat. of Md, and graduate of West Point in '38. He came to Cal. as 1st lieut Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. v. 518, 520, 636. After the war he took part in several Ind. campaigns on the Pacific coast, going East by sea in '50. In the war of '61-5 he was brig.-gen. of volunteers and later in the regular army, with brevet of maj.-gen. For several years from '68 he commanded the department of the Pacific, and later that of the Texan frontier, dying at Habana in '83. O. (James L.), 1847, brother of E. O. C., who came as surgeon with Co. F, 3d U.S. artill., under contract and not belonging to the army. v. 518. He remained in Cal. as physician and farmer, settling at Sta B. and marrying the widow of Manuel Jimeno Casarin, originally Angustias de la Guerra. He was also claimant for land in Tuolumne. iv. 674; and later spent some years in Mex., holding about '82 the position of consul-general. In '74 he resided at Sta B., and in '78 was appointed attending surgeon to the U.S. troops at Ft Point, S.F., still residing in this city '84. He had one daughter, Rebecca, who in '85 lives with her mother at Salinas. Mrs O. in her Ocurrencias de California, a MS. dictated by her in '78, has furnished one of the most accurate and fascinating narratives in my collection. The Ords had two brothers, Pacificus and R. B., who came to Cal. after '48 and were somewhat prominent; also a sister. 

Ordaz (Blas), 1820, Span. friar, b. in Castilla la Nueva 1792, who came to Mex. in 1819 and to Cal. the next year, ii. 375, 394, 328, serving at S.F. '20-1, and accompanying Arg ello on his famous exped. to the north, of which he wrote a Diario. ii. 475-6, 595, 655. In '21-2 he was stationed at S. Miguel. ii. 620; in '23-33 at Sta In‚s and Pur¡sima. ii. 490, 529, 581-2; iii. 96, 661; in '33-8 at S. Buenaventura, being sometimes in trouble and once asking for release from his vows as a friar. iii. 257-8, 658; in '38-47 at S. Fernando. iii. 646; iv. 422, 638; v. 405; and in '47-50 at S. Gabriel, officiating for a short time also at S. Juan Cap. vi. 623, 628-9. After '48 he was the only survivor of the Fernandinos, v. 565, and died at S. Gabriel in '50. Padre Blas was a lively and good-natured man, but his fondness for women involved him occasionally in scandal and reprimand from his superiors. Orduno (Ramon), at Los Ang. '39-48. Ore¤a (Gaspar), Span. trader in Cal. '43 or earlier. iv. [p.268]364-5; sup. of the Guipuzcoana '46; a wealthy resident of Sta B. '50-85. His wife is the widow of CesLataillade and daughter of Jos‚ de la Guerra y Noriega. Oribes (Tomsettler at Los Ang. 1798. ii. 379. Orozco, ment. in '37. iii. 54. O. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), supl. juez at S. Diego '43. iv. 620; also receptor in the custom-house; grantee of Quejito rancho '45. iv. 621; taking part in the war at S. Diego '46. v. 329. Orrantes (Bernab‚) at Los. Ang. '46. Orriz (Bernardo), Mex. soldier of the Hidalgo piquete '36. Orta (Jos‚ Gabriel), Mex. convict released in '34. 

Ortega (Antonio), 1834, one of the H. and P. colony who was maj. at Solano '35-6, and grantee of S. Antonio rancho in '40. iii. 354, 711, 719-20. He died at S.F. about '68. O. (Antonio), convict settler of 1798. i. 606. O. (Antonio), soldier of Sta B. comp. before '37. O. (Antonio Mar¡a), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, member of the dip. '27-8. iii. 36-7, 41, 63; grantee of Refugio '34. iii. 655; iii. 566-7; capt. at Sta B. '39. iv. 641; proposed for sub-prefect at Sta B. '41. iv. 641, 602; juez in '46. v. 631. He was still at Refugio, for which he was one of the claimants, in '52. O. (Basilio), settled at Branciforte 1803. ii. 156. O. (Emilio Miguel), grantee of Punta de la Laguna, S. Luis Ob., '44; also cl. in '52. O. (Est‚van), at Sta B. '37, wife Deogracias Ruiz, one child; collector of taxes Sta B. '46 and juez de polic¡a '48. v. 631; still at Sta B. '50. O. (Eugenio), admin. at Pur¡sima '40. iii. 666. O. (Eusebio), at S. Juan Cap. '35. O. (Faustino), at S. Juan '43. O. (Felipe ? Mar¡a), sergt of Sta B. comp. 1795, and author of a Diario of explor. for mission sites. i. 553; ii. 28. There is some confusion between him and Jos‚ Mar¡a. 

Ortega (Franciso), musician of the S. F. comp. '39-42. O. (Francisco), juez de paz at S. Buen. '48. v. 634. O. (Francisco Mar¡a), son of Capt. Jos‚ F.; soldado distinguido 1794; elector at Sta B. '22, and memb. of the dip. '22-4. ii. 454, 462, 486, 510-11, 572. O. (Guadalupe), wife of Joseph Chapman. ii. 479. O. (Ignacio), son of Capt. Jos‚ F., who prob. came with his father in '69-73; soldado distinguido of the S. Diego comp. 1792; wife Gertrudis Arce. In 1812 he discovered a silver mine near Salinas. ii, 144, 176; and from about '10 to '30 was owner of the S. Isidro rancho in the S. Jos‚ region. ii. 378, 383, 594, 603-4, 654; though possibly this was not the same man. There was also an Ign. O. at Sta B. '50. O. (Isabel), prob. daughter of Ignacio, grantee of La Polka rancho, Sta Clara, '33. iii. 712. O. (Jos‚), at Sta B. before '37 with wife Dolores Quintero and 5 children; in '40 grantee of the Pismo rancho, S. Luis Ob. iii. 678; juez at S. Luis '44, '46. iv. 658-9; v. 638-9; visiting N. Helv. in '46. Mar¡a Ant. O., cl. of Atascadero '52, was perhaps his daughter. O. (Jos‚ Ant.), had a house at S.F. '38-41. v. 684; perhaps Antonio, as above. O. (Jos‚ Dolores), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a; in '11-20 maj. at Sta B. ii. 364; his daughter Soledad (or probably his sister) marrying Luis Arg ello in '19. iii. 11; at Sta B. about '32, wife Dolores Leiva and 4 children; grantee of Ca¤ada del Corral in '41, iv. 642, and still there in '45. 

Ortega (Jos‚ Francisco), 1769, Mex. sergt, nat. of Guanajuato, who came with Portoland Serra, was lient from '73, com. of S. Diego, founder and com. of Sta B., com. of Mont., retired as brevet capt. in '95, died near Sta B. '98. He was an officer whose record was an excellent one, the author of several important records of the earlier Cal. events, and founder of one of the leading Cal. families, many of the members of which are named in this register. Biog. i. 670-3; ment. i. 122, 133-6, 140-1, 148, 153, 155, 159-60, 167, 178, 216, 225, 230-1, 236, 249-50, 252-3, 265, 303-4, 312, 315-16, 335, 372-3, 377, 441, 451, 462-3, 468, 484, 501-2, 663, 671, 678, 690; ii. 113. O. (Jos‚ Joaquin), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, member of the dip. '30-4. iii. 50, 246, 249-50, 275; diputado and otter-hunter '31-3. iii. 187, 189, 200, 216-18, 246, 374, 394; maj. and admin. of S. Diego '35-40. iii. 353, 499-501, 578, 590, 620, 625; in '42-3 encargado de justicia of the ranchos, elector, juez, and grantee of Pamo. iv. 361, 620-1; in '43-5 maj. at S. Luis Rey, grantee of Sta Isabel, and suplente in the assembly. iv. 540, 621, 623-4; in '46 juez de paz. v. 618-19; cl. for Pamo in '52, and still living in '63. There is some confusion between Jos‚, Joaquin, and Jos‚ J., and more than one man may be referred to. 

Ortega (Jos‚ Mar¡a), son of Capt. Jos‚ F., b. 1759, who came to S. Diego a soldier in '69-73; soon made corp. of the Sta B. comp., and com. of the escolta at Pur¡sima. i. 425; marrying Mar¡a Fran. Lopez in '79. From '91 (appointed in '88) he was sergt of the Sta B. comp. i. 614, 665. About 1797 he was partially relieved from military service in order to aid his father in lifting a load of debt; perhaps retired altogether. He obtained the Refugio rancho, where, as ranchero and trader, he is often mentioned down to about '20. i. 639, 641, 663, 671; ii. 28, 112, 124, 185, 236, 249, 274, 354, 663-4. His children, as named in the Sta B. Co. Hist., were Martin, Jos‚ Vicente, Antonio Mar¡a, Jos‚ Dolores, Jos‚ de Jesus, Joaquin, Pilar wife of Sant. Arg ello, Soledad wife of Luis Arg ello, Mar¡a de Jesus wife of Jos‚ Ramirez, Concepcion wife of Jos‚ Ant. de la Guerra, and Catarina wife of Jos‚ Carrillo. O. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-22; a man of same name supervisor at Sta B. '54. O. (Jos‚ R.), at S. Bern. '46. O. (Josefa), wife of Jos‚ M. Amador '28. ii. 585. O. (Jos‚ Vicente), son of Capt. Jos‚ F.; wife Estefana Olivara; child. Luis (2), Manuel, Pedro b. '15, living '80, Rafaela wife of Daniel Hill. 

Ortega (Juan), son of Capt. Jos‚ F., who came in '69-75; ment. in '75 at S. Diego. i. 255; sergt of the Sta B. comp. '11-18, and comisionado at Los Ang. '18. ii. 326, 350, 361; wife Rafaela Arrellanes; child. Emigdio (married Concepcion Dominguez), Mar¡a wife of Guadalupe Hernandez, Buenaventura wife of Joaq. Cota, Mar¡a Ant. wife of Pedro Dejeme, and Mar¡a de Jesus wife of Fern. Tic¢. O. (Juan Mar¡a), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 16. O. (Magdalena), Cal. claim $20 '46-7. v. 462. O. (Manuel), at Sta B. about '32; wife Andrea Cota; 1 child; maj. at S. Simeon '39. iii. 685. O. (Mar¡a Ant.), cl. for Atascadero. iv. 655. O. (Mar¡a Clara), daughter of Ignacio, and wife of John Gilroy. ii. 444. O. (Mar¡a Simona), widow at S.F. 1796. i. 603. O. (Mariano), ment. in newspapers as 108 years old in '73, at Agua Mansa, S. Bern. O. (Martin), alcalde at Sta B. '29. ii. 572. O. (Miguel), owner of the V¡rgenes rancho, Sta B., 1790-1802. iii. 111-12, 172; at S.F. 1807. ii. 192. O. (Pedro), at Sta B. about '32; wife Lugarda Ortega; 1 child; arrested at Refugio '41. iv. 672; at S. Luis Ob. '58. O. (Quintin), son of Ignacio, b. at S. Diego 1792; ment. in '18. ii. 234; grantee of S. Isidro '33. iii. 670, 713; in '36 juez de campo. iii. 675; wife Vicenta Butron; child. Pilar b. '20, Magdalena '24, Miguel '26, Quintin '32; at S. Juan '37. iii. 512; juez de paz '46. v. 640. Ortiz (Hilario), at Corralitos, age 24, in '36. O. (Nasario), at Los Ang. '46. Orville (James), on Larkin's books '38. 

Osborn (Charles), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). O. (Jeptha), 1846, in Sta Clara Val. with 6 children; at S. Jos‚ '48. O. (W. B.), 1844, sailor on the Benj. Morgan. iv. 453. O. (Wm B.), 1847, Co. G, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); miner in Placer Co. '49; physician at Los Angeles '49 to '67, the date of his death. He was a famous gardener, and held the offices of postmaster and justice of the peace. Osbourne (James A.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Osburn, 1848, of McLean & O. furniture dealers at S.F. v. 678. Oseguera, in trouble 1799. i. 639. Osgood (Henry M.), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. Luis Obispo '71-82, the date of his death. 

Osio (Antonio Mar¡a), nat. of L. Cal. and said to be of the family that was somewhat famous in very early times in connection with the gulf pearl fisheries. But for the record of offices held by him there is a remarkable lack of information about the man. He first appears as a candidate for treasurer in '27, and as in charge of the Mont. customs '28-30 as sub-comisario, and memb. of the dip. in '30-1. ii. 607; iii. 49-50, 63, 67, 73, 86, 136. In '31 he was contador in charge of the revenue at S.F., taking some slight part in the troubles with Victoria. iii. 187, 189, 376, 700. In '32-3, besides being still vocal of the dip., he was receptor of customs at Los Ang. and S. Pedro. iii. 216-17, 245-6, 377, 635, 641; still in charge of the revenues for some years later. iv. 82. In '35-7 he was a member of the Los Ang. ayunt., sometime s¡ndico. Ment. in connection with the Apalrevolt and the vigilance committee, and taking an active part with the sure¤os against Alvarado. iii. 283, 285, 417-18, 481, 485, 487, 489, 496-8, 501-2, 506, 508-9, 516, 636. Notwithstanding his opposition to [p.270]Alvarado, the latter put him again in charge of the revenues at Mont. '38-42; and he was also in '39 vocal and sec. of the dip., partido elector, substitute member of congress, and grantee of Los Angeles Isl. in S.F. bay. iii. 584-5, 590, 672, 711; iv. 91, 96-7, 99, 210, 212, 339, 341. In '40-5 he was justice of the superior court. iii. 605; a partisan of Alvarado against Vallejo '42. iv. 282; grantee of Punta de los Reyes '43. iv. 672; and of S. Jos‚ mission lands '46. v. 665; again substitute congressman '43. iv. 361; in '44 capt. of defensores, an opponent of Micheltorena, juez at S. Rafael, and of quinterna for gov. iv. 407, 409, 423, 460, 462-3, 530, 652, 676-7. In '46-7 he made a trip to Honolulu with wife and 5 children, taking no part in the troubles of those years. Soon after the change of flag he went to L. Cal., and in '58 seems to have been elected gefe pol¡tico, though forced by ill health to resign. In '68 he lived at S. Jos‚ del Cabo, and I have not found the date of his death, or any definite information about his family. Don Antonio Mar¡a was a man of fair ability and education, and of excellent reputation for honesty. As a politician he was somewhat too cautious and timid, disposed to seek safe ground on both sides of a controversy, and in an emergency to have an urgent call to some far-away spot. In his later years he wrote a Historia de California, a copy of which I obtained through the kindness of John T. Doyle, the original MS. being after '80 in possession of the writer's daughter in S.F. It is a work of considerable merit, valuable as a supplement to those of Vallejo, Alvarado, and Bandini, as presenting certain events from a different point of view; but like all writings of this class, it is of very uneven quality as a record of facts. None of them, nor all combined, would be a safe guide in the absence of the original records; but with these records they all have a decided value. O. (Antonio), celador of the Mont. custom-house '42-3. iv. 339; suspended for gambling. O. (Jos‚ de Jesus), 1847, in trade at S. Diego. O. (Salvador), grantee of Todos Santos, Cosumnes, and Aguas Frias ranchos '41-4. iv. 463, 670. 

Osman (Thomas), 1828, Engl. blacksmith, age 21, who deserted from a Fr. whaler at Todos Santos, L. Cal., and came up to S.Diego; ordered to depart '29. Osmer (Chas H.), 1826, clerk with Beechey '26-7. iii. 121. Osorno (Pedro), 1798, convict settler. i. 606. Ossa (Vicente), sec. and regidor of the Los Ang. ayunt. '32-5. iii. 283, 635; in '38 s¡ndico, favoring Alvarado's govt, age 30. iii. 565, 636; in '42-3 grantee of Providencia rancho. iv. 634-5; in '46 at Los Ang., and in '56 justice at Encino. Ostein, 1817, deserter from Roquefeuil's vessel at S.F. ii. 288. Ostrander (James), 1847, Co. H, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Kinderhook, N.Y., '74. Ostwald (August), 1847, Co. B, ditto; at Sac. '82. Osuna (Juan Mar¡a), born in Cal. before 1800; a soldier and corporal of the S. Diego comp., and later a settler. In '30 elector, taking part in the revolution of '31. iii. 50, 201, 544; in '35 alcalde. iii. 615; in '36-45 grantee of S. Dieguito. iii. 612, 557; iv. 621; in '39 juez de paz. iii. 584, 616; in '40-3, maj. and admin. of S. Diego mission. iii. 620; iv. 371, 619, 621, 624; in '46 juez de paz. v. 618. He died about '47 at the age of 60, his widow, Juliana Lopez, being cl. for S. Dieguito. His daughter Felipa, widow of J. M. Marron, gave me her Recuerdos in '78, as elsewhere noted; and also a collection of her father's Papeles Originales. O. (Jos‚ Hilario), at Los Ang. '46. O. (Leandro), perhaps son of Juan M.; took part in the fight at S. Pascual '46. v. 329, 352. O. (Miguel), settler at S. Jos‚, 1791; property destroyed by Ind. '95; alcalde in 1801. i. 683, 716; ii. 134. O. (Ramon), com. de polic¡a at S.Diego '36; collector of tithes '39; grantee of Valle de las Viejas '46. iii. 616-17; v. 619. O. (Santiago), killed by Ind. at Pauma '46. v. 617. 

Otondo (Felipe), sirviente at S. F. 1777. i. 297. Ousley (Henry) 1846 (?), settler in Napa Val., where he still lived in '68-9; perhaps 'Owsley.' Owen, 1848, of O. & Wright, liquor dealers at S.F. O. (Isaac), 1848(?), Methodist preacher; d. S.F. '66. Owens (Alex.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). O. (Edward), 1845, immig. from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party with 4 others of the name, perhaps brothers. iv. 572-3; v. 526. O. (Henry), 1845, ditto; went back to Or. '46. O. (James), 1845, ditto; went to Or. '46. O. (John), 1845, ditto; went to Or. O. (James), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); [p.271]owner of S.F. lot; at S.F.'74. O. (James), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). O. (Richard), 1845, nat. of Ohio, and member of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583; v. 6, 24, 80. From him Owens river and lake derive their name. He served as capt. of Co. A, Cal. Bat., being in com. at S. Gabriel and somewhat prominently connected with Fr‚mont's controversies. v. 361, 441, 445-6, returning East with F., and being present as a witness at the court-martial in Washington. v. 453. O. (Robert), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). O. (Thos), 1845, from Or. in McMahon party; prob. returned to Or. '46. iv. 572, 526. Owney, 1847, negro witness at a S. F. trial. Oxborough (C.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu. Oyag e (J. M.), 1827, doubtful name of mr of the Huascar. iii. 147.