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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Pace (James), 1847, lieut Co. E, Morm. Bat. v. 477; made an exped. against the Ind. v. 489; capt. of a hundred on the return to Utah. v. 493. P. (Wm B. and Wilson C.), 1847, servants to officers of Morm. Bat. 

Pacheco (Antonio), militiaman S.F. '37; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 32, wife Mar¡a P. Soto, child. Jos‚ Prudencio b. '26, Jos‚ '33, Ventura '35. P. (Bartolo), Mex. soldier of S.F. comp. 1790, age 25, wife Soto, 2 children; Ind. exped. of 1801. ii. 136; inval. of the comp. '19-40; grantee of S. Ramon, Contra Costa, '33. iii. 713; at S. Mateo '35. P. (Dolores), alcalde and juez de paz at S. Jos‚ '38-41, acting sub-prefect '41, and depositario '43. ii. 729-31; iv. 684, 685-6; grantee of Sta Rita in '39. iii. 713; in '43, age 45, nat. of Cal., wife Juana Pacheco (Alviso?), child Salvador b. '36. Again alcalde, juez, and member of council in '46, and often mentioned in local annals. iv. 685; v. 8-9, 57, 105, 129, 246, 662, 664. I have much of Pacheco's official and private corresp. He died about '58, and his widow in '75 at the age of 80. P. (Francisco), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 33, nat. of Cal.; wife Paula Sep£lveda, child Antonio b. '39. 

Pacheco (Francisco Perez), 1819, Mex. carriage-maker who came with the artillery detachment under Ramirez. In '24, for bravery in putting down the Ind. revolt, he was promoted to brevet alf‚rez. ii. 532, 536; being a memb. of the dip. in '27. iii. 36; in '29 com. of the custom-house guard and for a time of the post at Mont. under Solis. iii. 46-7, 50, 74, 136; depositario in '31. iii. 672; signer of the Zamorano plan as brevet lieut '32. iii. 223, 672; treasurer and grantee of a rancho '33. iii. 673, 679; com. of the guard '33-4. iii. 376, 378; regidor in '35. iii. 673; grantee of Ausaymas and S. Felipe in '36-40. iii. 711, 678; being at this time 45 years old, wife Feliciana Gonzalez, child. Jacinta b. '14 in Mex., Isidoro '20 in Cal., Juan '23, Encarnacion '27, and Isidora '30. In '37 he was arrested at S. Juan. iii. 513; his rancho was sacked by Ind. '38; in '44 he was capt. of defensores and com. at S. Juan. iv. 407, 652, 654, 662; in '46 tithe collector. v. 637. He was claimant for S. Felipe. v. 678; and also for S. Justo and S. Luis Gonzaga, becoming one of the wealthiest rancheros of Mont. county, besides being always a man of good character and much influence. His daughter, apparently the only one of his children surviving him, was the wife of Mariano Malarin. P. (Guillermo), soldier of the S.F. comp. '44, age 40. 

Pacheco (Ignacio), Mex. soldier of the S. F. comp. 1790, age 30, wife Cantua, 1 child; before 1800 a settler at S. Jos‚, i. 716, where he was alcalde in 1824. ii. 605. P. (Ignacio), son of the preceding, b. at S. Jos‚ 1808; soldier of the S.F. comp. from '27, and sergt '37. iii. 323, 702; grantee in '40 of S. Jos‚ rancho. iii. 713; and juez de paz at S. Rafael '45-6. iv. 667; v. 669. He died on his rancho in '64. Portrait in Marin Co. Hist. His wife was Mar¡a Loreto Duarte, and his children Salvador b. '43, Gumesindo '52, Catalina '57, Agustin F. '59, Juan F. '61, and Benjamin '63. P. (Ignacio), soldier of the S.F. comp. '28-9. P. (Jordan), 1829, Portuguese laborer from S. Blas, at Los Ang. '36, age 50. iii. 179. P. (Jos‚ Reyes), soldier at the Colorado pueblos 1780-1, not killed. i. 359. P. (Juan Ign.), ment. in '48. v. 663. P. (Juan Sanchez), grantee of Arroyo de las Nueces, Contra Costa, '34. iii. 711. P. (Lorenzo), in Ind. exped. '29. iii. 111; soldier of S.F. comp. '28-30; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 37, wife Rafaela Soto, child. Nicolb. '37, In‚s '41; juez de [p.272]polic¡a '43. iv. 685. P. (Miguel), corporal of S.F. comp. 1790, age 36, wife Jos‚fa Mar¡a Sanchez; inval. and settler at S. Jos‚ 1797-1829. i. 716. P. (Pablo), soldier of S.F. comp. '19-26, corp. '27-31, sergt '32-35. iii. 701; alf. of Sta. B. comp. '36. iii. 650. P. (Rafael), convict settler 1791. i. 606. P. (Rafael), soldier of the S.F. comp. '37-40; at Sonoma '44. P. (Rafaela Soto de), grantee of S. Ramon, Contra Costa, '37. iii. 712. 

Pacheco (Romualdo), 1825, Mex. sub-lieut of engineers, nat. of Guanajuato, who came with Gov. Echeand¡a as aide-de-camp, serving in that capacity for 2 years, and also as sec. of the com. gen. in '26-7 at S. Diego, making several exped. to the Colorado and elsewhere, serving as substitute member of the dip., and being often named in connection with military trials. ii. 508-9, 547, 549; iii. 13-14, 36, 61, 63, 102. In '27-8 he was ayudante de plaza and acting com. at Mont., persuading the revolting troops to return to their duty, and making a survey north of the bay to Ross. iii. 40, 66, 115. At the end of '28 he was transferred to Sta B., where he acted as comandante, being promoted to lieut in '29, and being imprisoned on one occasion by the revolting troops. ii. 571-2; iii. 78-84, 99. In '30 he was also com. at Mont. for a short time, ii. 608, and was recommended for promotion to be capt. of the S.F. comp. In '31 he was granted the use of a part of Sim¡ rancho. iii. 656; but marching with a small part of his comp. to support Gov. Victoria, was killed in the fight near Los Angeles in Dec. of the same year. iii. 205-9, 214, 374, 650. Pacheco was a brave and skilful officer, intelligent, courteous, popular, and of unblemished character; a man against whom nothing was ever said, except that some Cal. officers complained of his too rapid promotion as a newcomer. In '29 he married Ramona, daughter of Joaquin Carrillo of S. Diego, being put under arrest for failure to comply with some formalities of military law. The widow married Capt. John Wilson of S. Luis Obispo, and still lives in '85. There were 2 sons b. in '30, '31, both of whom in '38 were sent to Honolulu to be educated, iv. 103, and remained there several years. Of one of them, Mariano, I have no later record than that he was a clerk for Wm H. Davis at S.F. in '43-4. The other son, Romualdo, born about a month before his father's death, after his return from the Sandw. Isl. spent some years on the Sterling and other vessels as supercargo's clerk, but in '48 settled on his mother's land in S. Luis Ob. From '53 he was almost constantly in office, holding the positions of assemblyman, state senator, county judge, county treasurer, brigadier-gen. of militia, lieut-governor, and acting governor; being also elected to congress but not admitted. In '78-82 he was a stock-broker in S.F.; and has since lived in Mexico and Texas to '85. His wife was Mary McIntire, married in '63, and there was one surviving child in '82. In respect of official positions, Gov. Pacheco has been more prominent since '48 than any other native Californian; and his record as a citizen, in respect of character, attainments, and social standing, has been a good one. 

Pacheco (Salvador), son of Ignacio, b. S. F. '34, who still lived in Marin co. '80; wife Vicenta Saiz; 4 children. P. (Salvio), soldier of Mont. comp. from about 1810, and corporal of the S. F. comp. '20-4, and perhaps to '29, being corp. of the escolta at S. Jos‚ in '24. ii. 599; sec. of the S. Jos‚ ayunt. '27, '29, '32, '34, and alcalde in '28. ii. 605, 730; suplente of the dip. '28-9, '35, '43. iii. '42-3, 111, 291, 293; iv. 361; alcalde '32. iii. 729; in '37-44 grantee of Monte del Diablo rancho. iii. 712; iv. 672; capt. of militia '37. iii. 732; surveyor of pueblo lands '38; iii. 730; grantee of Pozitos and partido elector in '39. iii. 712, 731; juez de paz '43. iv. 685-6, 362; suplente of the superior court '45. iv. 532; s¡ndico '46. v. 662; accused of revolutionary intrigues '48. v. 663. In '41 he is named on the S. Jos‚ padron as 48 years old, nat. of Cal., wife Juana Flores, child. Fernando b. '18, Padro Ign. '23, Salvador '24, Manuela '27, Concepcion '29. Don Salvio spent his life from '44 on the Mt Diablo rancho, on which the town of Pacheco bears his name, and died in '76 at the age of 83. P. (Silveria), owner of a house at S. Jos‚ '46. v. 378. P. (Tomsoldier of the S. F. comp. '26-32; in '34 elected regidor at S. Jos‚. iii. 730; in '37 alf‚rez of militia. iii. 732; in '39 regidor. iii. 731; in '41 juez de paz. iv. 684; sec. of the juzgado '43. iv. 685; grantee of Potrero de los Cerritos '44. iv. 672. 

Pacifico, Ind., executed at Pur¡sima '24. Packard (Albert), 1845, nat. of R. I., trader and lawyer, who came from Mazatlan. iv. 587; trading at Mont. and S. F. '46-8; still a resident of Sta B. in '76, having been city attorney and held other local offices. P. (Henry), 1847, sergt Co. A, Morm. Bat. v. 495; in '81 at Springfield, Utah. P. (P. W.), 1848, passp. from Honolulu. P. (Thos), 1846, doubtful name at Sta B. Packwood (Elisha), 1848, nat. of Va, who came overl. to Or. in '45 and by sea to Cal.; a miner '48-9 and trader at Mormon Isl. and Coloma, going East '49 and returning in '50; a stock-raiser till the floods of '61-2, then went to Or., where he died in '76. A son, Parrington P., was in the mines with his father, marrying Matilda Wardle while in Cal. P. (Sam. T.), 1847, a cousin of Elisha, in Sta Clara Co. '48 and prob. the P. named at N. Helv. '47. Pacomio (Jos‚), leader of neophytes in the revolt of '24. ii. 527, 532; in '36 a carpenter at Mont., age 40, wife Mar¡a Guevia (?); also com. de polic¡a. iii. 675. 

Paddock (Joseph), 1830, mr of the Whaleman. iii. 149. Padilla (Juan), occupant of Chupadero rancho, Mont., 1795. i. 683. P. (Juan de Dios), trader at Los Ang. '39, age 40; also called captain. iii. 637. P. (Juan Nepomuceno), Mex. barber; at S. Jos‚ '43. iv. 356; in '44-5 kept a saloon at S. F., was lieut of defensores, alcalde, and grantee of Roblar de la Miseria and Tamales ranchos. iv. 666-7, 673-4. In '46 he was in com. of a party of Californians north of the bay at the time of the Bear revolt. v. 160-4, 680; in '55 a resid. of Los Ang., age 31. P. (Julian), defender of Apal‚tegui at Los Ang. '35. iii. 285; accused of passing counterfeit coin. iii. 674; at Los Ang. '46. P. (Macedonio), 1842, Mex. lieut in the batallon fijo '42-5, remaining in Cal. after Micheltorena's departure. iv. 289, 513; v. 41. P. (Mariano), nat. of Cal., b. about '10; at S. Jos‚ '50-5. P. (Vicente), soldier of S. F. comp. '27-9; at S. Jos‚ '45-71. 

Padres (Jos‚ Mar¡a), 1830, nat. of Puebla; in '25 lieut of engineers and sec. of the com. gen. at Loreto; acting com. and sub-gefe pol¡tico after Echeand¡a's departure for Cal. In '30, having been promoted to lieut-col, he came to Cal. as ayudante inspector of the troops. ii. 607, 674; iii. 46, 52, 57, 190. In '31 he acted also as inspector of customs; as fiscal in the Rubio case; was the instigator of Echeand¡a's secularization decree; and was arbitrarily sent to Mex. by Gov. Victoria. iii. 184-5, 192-3, 197, 304-5, 376; iv. 160. In Mex. he devised the H. and P. colonization scheme, and returned to Cal. in '34 with the appointment of director of the colony in addition to his former position as inspector, which latter he soon resigned. In '35 with his associate H¡jar he was sent to Mex. by Figueroa to be tried on a charge of revolutionary plots. iii. 259-69, 272-91, 383, 613, 652, 670. Nothing is known of his later career, though a man of the same name figures at Ures, Sonora, as a petty official in '44-8. Padr‚s was a man of remarkable energy, intelligence, and magnetism, a most radical republican in the Mexican sense of the term; and one whose influence was long felt in Cal., through his teachings to the young men who later controlled the country. So well did they learn their lesson, indeed, that in colony times they turned against their teacher when he seemed to have forgotten their claims to office. Padushkin (Yakov), 1817, Russ. lieut who visited Cal. on the Chirikof. ii. 216, 283, 312-14, 373, 383. Paele (Pika), 1847, owner of S.F. lot. v. 685. Paez (Juan), 1542, probable author of Cabrillo's Relacion, and perhaps one of the exped. i. 69. 

Page (Hugh N.), 1844, com. of the U.S. Levant on the coast '44-6. iv. 567; v. 204, 224, 231. P. (Rich. L.), 1847, lieut on the U.S. Independence. P. (Thomas), 1847, sheriff in Sonoma dist. '47-8; cl. of the Cotate rancho '52. iv. 671. Paine (Henry), 1820, named by Michael White as his cousin who aided in building a schr at Sta B. iii. 140. Painter (Theodore), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat., enlisting at Sauzalito Oct. (v. 358). Palacio (Francisco), 1848 (?), Mex. gefe pol¡tico of L. Cal. who favored the Amer. during the war, and after the treaty came to Mont., where he died in '73. Palacios (Geron. M.), 1602, capt. and cosmog. in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. P. (Lino), owner of land at Los Ang. '48. Palani (Keani), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. v. 678. Pallas (Cayetano), visiting padre at S. Diego 1791-1800. i. 655; perhaps a [p.274]Dominican from L. Cal. Palma, Yuma chief, 1774-82. i. 221-2, 260-1, 355-7, 361, 370. 

Palmer (Amasa), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). P. (Joel), 1848, a prominent citizen and official of Or., who came with the Or. miners and spent some months on the Yuba; author of a Journal of the trip overland to Or. P. (John), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). P. (Sam. R.), 1847, owner of a Benicia lot. v. 672. P. (Zemira), 1847, servant to officer of the Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Palo (Luis), companion of Brooks in the mines '48; son of a Mex. official at Mont. (?). Palomares (Francisco), son of Crist¢bal; b. at Sta B. 1808; from '33 a resid. of S. Jos‚, being juez de campo in that year. iii. 729; and juez de polic¡a in '46. v. 662. In the padron of '41 he is named with his wife Margarita Pacheco, and child. Benedita b. '30, Mar¡a de Jesus '31, Rosario '32, Crist¢bal '36, and Felipe '39. In '77 at S. Jos‚ he gave me a long Memoria of his adventures, chiefly as an Ind. fighter-all of them strictly true as is to be hoped. iv. 75-6; v. 313, 566. P. (Francisco G.), at S.F. '38-9; grantee of Corral de Tierra. iii. 711. P. (Ignacio), juez de campo at Los Ang. '34, and regidor '35. iii. 635; in '37-40 grantee of Azuza and S. Jos‚ ranchos. iii. 633; regidor and a prisoner in '38. iii. 555, 566, 636. He was juez de campo '40, juez de paz '41, elector '43, capt. of defensores '44, and suplente of the assembly '45. iii. 637; iv. 361, 540, 632. In '46 he took part in a movement against Flores, being also elected alcalde. v. 332-3, 626. He was a prominent ranchero in these and in later years, dying at Pomona in '82, at the age of about 70. P. (Jorge), com. of a volunteer cavalry comp. at Los Ang. '46. v. 51. P. (Jos‚), soldier and sergt of the Sta B. comp to 1806, from '10 a settler at Los Ang. ii. 117, 349; ment. in '17-19. ii. 354, 425; in '22-4 elector and member of the 1st diputacion. ii. 454, 462, 513, 559; iii. 7; s¡ndico '26, and fiscal in the Fitch trial '30. ii. 560; iii. 142-4. P. (Jos‚), possibly same as preceding, or his son; sec. at Los Ang. '28-30. ii. 550-1; in '37 alf‚rez, aiding Bandini in the capture of Los Ang. iii. 519. P. (Jos‚ Fran.), see P. (Francisco). P. (J. M.), capt. of Los. Ang. defensores '44. iv. 407. P. (Luis), soldier at Sta B. before '37. P. (Manuel), at S. Jos‚ '44. 

Palou (Francisco), 1773, Span. friar who was the founder of S.F. mission in 1776, and the successor of Jun¡pero Serra as president in '84. He retired in '85 and became guardian of S. Fernando college. He is best known as the author of the Vida de Jun¡pero Serra and Noticias de las Californias, standard works on the early mission history. He died about 1790 in Mex. See Biog. i. 473-6; notice of his works. i. 417-20; ment. i. 122-5, 154, 165, 171, 179, 184, 193-6, 198-206, 231-6, 246-7, 254, 280, 287-93, 297, 320, 382, 385-8, 398-407, 410-11, 416-17, 455, 458, 474, 476, 657; ii. 113, 571. 

Panano (Geo.), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. v. 678. Panaud (Clement), 1846, Frenchman at S. Juan B. in '47, with a claim for damages by Fr‚mont presented through the French consul. v. 615. He bought a mill in Salinas Valley from Wm Anderson, and sold it in '48 to Capt. Cooper. In '53 he was claimant for lands in Sta Clara and Mont. counties. iv. 673; v. 637. Panella (Jos‚), 1797, Span. friar who served at S. Diego, retiring in 1803. Biog. ii. 107; ment. i. 379, 382, 564, 577, 654-5; ii. 159. Panto, Ind. chief at S. Pascual, S. Diego Co., who rendered much aid to the Cal. authorities in keeping the Ind. quiet; also aiding Stockton in '46-7 with horses, etc., never paid for by the U.S. govt. His claim and that of his people to their land at S. Pascual seems, however, to have been respected by the govt and landsharks down to about the period of his death in '73. P. (Jos‚ Pedro), 1810, Span. friar whose missionary service was at S. Diego, where he died in '12, being poisoned by his neophyte cook in return for cruelty. ii. 344-5, 107, 159-60, 394. Pantoja (Francisco), regidor of Los Ang. '37. iii. 509, 636; at Sta Gertrudis rancho '39, age 43. P. (Juan), 1782, an officer on the Princesa, whose map of S. Diego is copied in i. 455-6, 378. P. (Matias), at S. Gabriel '46. 

Pardo, 1831, said to have come from N. Mex. in the Wolfskill party. iii. 387. P. (Roberto), Mex. or Ind. sergt of the Mazatlan comp., at Mont. as [p.275]early as '20; in '24 posted at Pur¡sima. ii. 533; in '33-4 engaged in otterhunting (?). iii. 394. From '38 or earlier he was alf‚rez of the Sta B. comp., being acting lieut and comandante '42-5. iii. 566, 589, 630, 651; iv. 282, 641. His wife was Candelaria Ca¤izares. Parish (De Witt C.), 1847, in S.F. letter list. Park (James), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re#"enl.; at Cedar Val., Utah, '81. 

Park (Thomas B.), 1826, nat. of Mass., and sup. of the Harbinger '26-8. iii. 147, 176. From '35 he was a resident of Cal., coming prob. on the Alert, acting as sup., or agent, of the California and other vessels from '36, and succeeding Alfred Robinson in charge of the Boston firm's business. iv. 101, 117; iii. 623, 657; often named in commercial records from '39. He was naturalized in '44, aiding the Californians against Micheltorena, and acting as sup. of the Sterling in '44-6. iv. 568. He was a man of some education and much business ability, though thought to lack the 'push' displayed by some of his rivals, being addicted to drink and neglecting his business in the later years. He died at Sta B. about '50, leaving a wife in Mass. Parker, 1840, a clergyman on the Alciope for Honolulu. iv. 100; prob. B. W. Parker, a Sandw. Isl. missionary who came with a letter of introd. to Larkin. P. (Edward), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (John), 1840, Engl. deserter from the Sulphur, who became a lumberman at S. Antonio; at Bodega '41. P. (Lewis), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. P. (Robert), 1834, at Mont. 

Parker (Robert A.), 1847, nat. of Boston, and sup. of the Mt Vernon, introd. by Mellus to Larkin as a 'tough customer'; owner of a S.F. lot and member of the council. v. 648. In '48 he had an adobe store on Dupont St., and from July was keeper of the City Hotel. v. 680-1; being in '49-51 keeper of the famous Parker House. In '54 he lived at Crescent City, but later went to L. Cal., dying at S. Quintin in '65 at the age of 45. His widow died in S.F. '83, age 61, leaving 5 children. P. (Wm C.), 1847, asst surg. of N.Y. Vol. v. 503, 511, 513; owner of S.F. lots. v. 654; surgeon of the S.F. guards '49; also engaged in trade, and named by Colton as owner of New York of the Pacific '49. He lived in S.F. to '76, and in Oakland till '82 or later. 

Parks (David), 1848, overl. immig. bound for Or., but turned from his way by reports of gold in Cal.; mined on the Yuba, gave his name to Parks Bar, and went to N. Orleans in '49 with $80,000 in gold-dust. His son David remained in Cal. and became a citizen of Marysville, as did John, who built the 1st hotel at M. P. (Wm), 1846, deserter from U. S. service, for whom Capt. Morrison offered $50 reward. P. (Wm A.), 1848, in S.F. list of letters. Parmo (Luigi), 1834, Ital. sailor at Mont., age 29. Parodi (Nicol1841, Ital. sailor from Salvador on the J¢ven Carolina as part owner of the cargo. 

Parr (Charles), 1846, Engl. overl. immig. with his parents, who settled at Sta Clara in '47, and in '81 still lived as a stock farmer in Almaden township, with wife T. Garc¡a, and 10 children. P. (Chas H.), 1846, brother of Chas, nat. of Iowa, overl. immig., who died in Sta Clara Co. '77, leaving a widow, Mary A. Kenny, and 2 children. P. (Jonathan), 1846, father of the preceding, who settled in Sta Clara Co., where he died in '67 at Los Gatos, leaving 6 children. P. (Wm J.), 1846, son of Jonathan; nat. of Ohio; farmer near S. Jos‚ '47-76. P(Francisco), 1803, com. of the Concepcion. ii. 19. Parre¤a (Santiago), 1810, agent for Bonaparte for N. Mex. and Cal.; prob. not in Cal. ii. 88. 

Parrilla (Leon), 1793, lieut of the Monterey comp. '93-5, retired for incompetency. Biog. i. 634, 678. Parrish (Joseph), 1845, mid. on the U.S. Portsmouth, acting lieut in Co. F, Stockton's battalion, '46-7. v. 385. Parron (Fernando), 1769, Span. friar, third of the missionaries to reach Cal., and founder of S. Diego mission, where he served till his retirement in '71 on account of illness. i. 120, 128, 136-8, 164, 167, 176, 178. Parrott (Enoch G.), 1846, lieut on the U.S. Congress '46-8, who served in the war of '61-5 as commander; as commodore was in com. at Mare Isl. '71; rear-admiral '73; and died '79 in N.Y. A nat. of N. H., b. '15. P. (John), 1845, nat. of Va, for [p.276]many years engaged in trade on the Mex. coast, and U.S. consul at Mazatlan in '45-6, rendering valuable aid to the naval officers in matters relating to the occupation of Cal. iv. 302; v. 13. His first visit to Cal. was in connection with his grand smuggling scheme which ended somewhat disastrously with the wreck of the Star of the West. iv. 560, 568, 587. I have many letters written by, to, and about him at that time. After the gold discovery he came with his family to S.F., where he was a shipping merchant to '59, and later a bauker and capitalist down to his death in '84 at the age of 73. He was famous for his uniformly successful investments and for never taking any risks, his caution and conservatism being in marked contrast with the prevalent spirit of the times. He left a widow and several children and grandchildren. Parsons (Alonzo P.), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (J. H.), 1847, perhaps ditto; not on roll. Parvin (John B.), 1847, Co. A, ditto; in Nev. '74; at Monticello, Minn., '82; in N.Y. '84. 

Pascal (John H.), 1848, mate of the Rhone; went to the mines, and later settled on a farm near Ione City, where he died in '72. Pascual (Juan), 1602, piloto in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. P. (Mateo Jos‚), 1818, negro of Bouchard's exped.; remained in Cal. ii. 237, 241, 393. Pask (Francis G.), 1847, artificer in Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Pasos (Manuel de Dios), 1822-4, Portuguese nat. of Brazil, who in '29 lived in the Mont. dist, age 23, single, and a resid. since '24; in '36 at Sta B., a catholic hunter of 'medium' character; in '45 at Los Ang., naturalized, and 23 years a resident. ii. 478. Pastor (Ignacio), grantee of Milpitas '38. iii. 677. 

Paterna (Antonio), 1771, Span. friar who served at S.Gabriel, S.Luis Ob., and Sta B., where he died in '93. Biog. i. 672; ment. i. 173, 176, 178, 181, 189, 193-6, 223, 299, 388, 411, 423, 469, 576. Patricio, a leader of the neophyte revolt '24. ii. 527. Patron (Felipe), soldier of S. F. comp. '39-42. Patry (Peter), 1845, at S.Jos‚ according to testimony in later litigation. 

Patterson, 1846, of P. & Foster who had a Cal. claim of $50 (v. 462); also a P. ment. at Mont. '48; and one in Ione Valley. P. (Mrs Christina), 1846, overl. immig. whose husband died on the journey; at N. Helv. and in S. Joaq. Val. '47; married Ed. Robinson, and was still living in '78. P. (F. E.), 1846, at S.Diego. P. (G.), 1848, passp. from Hon. P. (Geo.), 1840, Irish sailor who left the Columbia at S.F., worked in the redwoods, and in '44 entered Sutter's employ. iv. 120; apparently the man named in Yuba Co. Hist. as having occupied a rancho on the Yuba in '45-8; mining in '48-9; later a resid. of S.F., where in '72 he related for me his Adventures. P. (Mrs Isabella), 1844, overl. immig. of the Stevens party with several children, being the daughter of Hitchcock of the same party. iv. 445. In '45 she is named in the Branciforte padron as a widow, age 35; child. Isaac b. '31, Tedra (?) '32, Margaret '33, and Helen '38. A daughter, Mary, was married in Aug. '45 by Larkin to James Williams. iv. 587. P. (John Alex.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in the mines '48, and later kept a saloon at S.F. acc. to Swan; in '49 treasurer of the Regulators, elected to the constit. convention, and to the legislature. Annals of S.F.; in '50 at S.Jos‚. Swan says he died about this time. P. (John W.), 1823, nat. of Mass.; resid. of S.F. '67; died at S.F. '79 at the age of 73; arr. '23 acc. to Soc. Cal. Pion. rolls and the Alta of '67; perhaps a sailor who touched the coast at the date named and came back later. P. (Nath. G.), 1846, nat. of Tenn., and overl. immig.; served in Cal. Bat. '46-7 (v. 358); miner in '48; in '50 kept a stable at Stockton; finally settled at Livermore, where he lived in '82 with wife Kate Simpson and 2 children Chas T. and Susan (Mrs Davis). Alam. Co. Hist., 959. P. (Wm), 1846, saloon-keeper with Thos Smith at S.F. '46-8. v. 685. 

Pattie (James Ohio), 1828, a young Kentuckian trapper from N. Mex., who spent over a year in Cal., part of the time in jail at S. Diego, and had his Personal Narrative of adventures published a few years later. See iii. 162-72; ii. 543, 548, 551, 556, 567, 611, 616, 651; iii. 74, 82-3, 134, 139, 171; iv. 263. I have an autog. letter written by P. in Mex. '30, on his way from Cal.; and he is said to have revisited S. Diego after '50. P. (Sylvester), 1828, father of James O., who died in prison at S. Diego. iii. 162-5, 178. Pattison [p.277](T.), 1841, mid. on the U.S. St Louis. Patton (A. Gwinn), 1841, overl. immig. of the Bartleson party, who went back to Mo. in '42. iv. 270, 275, 342. P. (David), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). 

Paty (Henry), 1837, nat. of Mass. and merchant at Hon. from '33, of the firm Henry Paty & Co. I have his letters from '34, and he visited Boston in '34-5. In '37 he came to Cal. to sell the Clarion, which became the California. iii. 531; iv. 101, 106, 117-18. In '38-40 he came again on the Don Quixote, owned by his firm, commanding also the Morse and perhaps the Ninfa in '39-40. iv. 103, 105. In '41 on the way from Valpara¡so to Hon. he became demented on account of the ravages of small-pox on board, and cut his own throat with a razor. The firm, after his death, consisted of his brothers John and Wm, and Eli Southworth. P. (John), 1837, brother of Henry, who came on the Haw. schr Iolani. iv. 104, 117-18. In '38-48 he made one or more trips each year between Cal. and Hon. as master of the Don Quixote, and his name often appears in commercial records, many of his original letters being in my possession. iii. 570; iv. 25, 103, 314, 375, 512, 559, 565; v. 268, 577, 579, 681, 683. Capt. P. owned land at S.F., and his firm of P. & McKinley kept a store there in '43-5; he rendered occasional aid to the govt, especially in carrying away Micheltorena and his cholos; he was often engaged in smuggling operations, but was known to everybody and liked by all. His wife Mary and daughter came to Cal. occasionally from '42. From '46 he was senior captain, or a kind of commodore, in the Hawaiian navy. After '48 Capt. P. continued his voyages, celebrating in '65 or '66 the 100th trip between Cal. and the Islands; and he died at his Hawaiian home in '68 at the age of 61. His widow visited S. Diego about '80, one of her daughters being the wife of Lieut Benson, U.S.A., and another the wife of a lieut in the navy, living at Vallejo. Capt. Paty was famous for his skill and good luck as a navigator; and few in this list have left so enviable a reputation for business integrity and kindness of heart. 

Paul (John A.), 1848 (?), German broker who committed suicide at Oakland in '83. Paulding (Charles), 1833, at Sta B. P. (Joseph), 1832, nat. of Md, trapper and cabinet-maker, who came from N. Mex. in the winter of '32-3, iii. 388, 408, and distinguished himself by making the 1st two billiardtables in Cal. He was still at Los Ang. in '35, complaining of unjust imprisonment by the alcalde. He went to N. Mex., but returned during the flush times of '48-52, and after a residence of some years in Sonora returned finally to Los Ang., where he died in '60 at the age of 50; perhaps his name should be written 'Pawlding.' Paulet (Lord Geo.), 1843, com. of H. B. M. S. Carysfort. iv. 564. Paulina (H.), 1848, passp. from Hon. 

Payeras (Mariano), 1796, Span. friar who served chiefly at Pur¡sima, being also president or prefect of the missionaries from 1815 to his death in '22. One of the ablest and most prominent of the Fernandinos. Biog. ii. 489-90; ment. i. 500, 577, 686; ii. 106-7, 123-4, 152, 159, 235-6, 255, 258, 265, 297, 316, 328, 330-2, 335, 338, 351, 366, 394, 397-412, 414, 416, 418, 431-8, 442, 451-2, 458-9, 461, 463-5, 479-80, 496, 562, 571, 580, 587, 591, 597, 631, 643, 655, 657; iii. 11. Paymer (Phil.), 1845, at Sutter's Fort. Payne (R. K.), 1845, immig. from Or. in the McMahon-Clyman party. In the same party was a widow Payne-daughter of Owen Sumner, with 3 children-and the two were married at Sutter's Fort in Feb. '46, prob. returning to Or. or to the East a little later in the year. iv. 572; v. 526. Payson (Sam.), 1878, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Peace (James), 1838 (?), nat. of the Orkney Isl., of Scotch and Danish parentage, who in '75-84-and finally in the S.F. Bulletin of July 18, '85-claims to have deserted from the H. B. Co.'s ship Nereid at S.F. in '18. This vessel came to the N.W. coast in '36, and to Cal. for the 1st time in '38, which I have little doubt was the date of P.'s arrival. The 1st definite record of him is when he was exiled to S Blas in '40 and came back in '41. iv. 18, 33, 119. That he is not heard of in '38-9 is natural enough, and indeed, Brown and Weeks do mention him vaguely about those years; but that he could have lived here in '18-39 without a trace in the records is very unlikely, especially if, as he says, [p.278]he married a Valencia in '35, to say nothing of the fact that if he had had a native wife he would not have been exiled. He worked as a lumberman and mechanic, and is named in the S.F. padron of '44 as a Scotchman, age 45. For about 30 years, from '47-8, he lived on a farm at Halfmoon Bay; but since '78 has navigated S.F. bay in a sloop, earning a living by catching fish and clams for the S. Mateo Co. market down to '85. Peacock (John), 1846, Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247). Peale (T. R.), 1841, naturalist in the U. S. ex. ex. iv. 241-3. 

Pearce (Geo.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons. v. 341; nat. of Ky, b. '22. After his discharge he became a trader at Stockton and Sonoma in '49, also lobbyist in the 1st legislature; miner and trader in the northern counties '50-1; deputy sheriff at Sonoma '53-5; and from '55 a lawyer at Petaluma, being state senator in '63-7. He married Coulter Brown, and was still living in '80 with 3 children-prob. also in '85. Portrait in Sonoma Co. Hist., 48; also biog. sketch, including his recollections of S. Pascual in Id. 580-5. P. (Wm), 1844, mate on the Sterling, in care of the consul; d. at Mont. '45. Peard (Geo.), 1826, lieut on H. B. M. S. Blossom. iii. 121. Pearl (Joseph), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Pearsall (Sam. W.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Moquelumne Hill '82. Pearse (John), 1824, carpenter on the Rover. Pearson (David C.), 1848, at Benicia. P. (Ephraim), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). P. (Geo.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). P. (John B.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). P. (J. W.), 1848, passp. from Hon. P. (Robert H.), 1848 (?), nat. of Me, who brought the Oregon to Cal., and commanded many steamers down to '64; d. at S.F. '68, age 46. P. (W.), 1848, passp. from Hon. P. (W. S.), 1848, at Benicia. Pease (Sam.), 1826, sailor on the Rover. Peasley (Nesmith A.), 1847, Co. A, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. F. '51, 

Peck (Chas L.), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Mont. '54. P. (Chauncey L.), 1847, corp. Co. B, ditto. P. (Ed. M.), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Utah '82. P. (Isaac), 1847, Co. C., ditto; re‚nl. P. (Sherman), 1833, trader at Hon. who visited Cal. in '33-5 as sup. of the Volunteer and other vessels, representing J. C. Jones. I have much of his corresp. with Cal. traders '34-8, and he may have visited Cal. on other occasions. P. (Thorit), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. as corporal. Peckham (R. F.), 1846, nat. of R. I., deserting from the whaler Cabinet at S.F. He worked as lumberman, soldier, farmer, clerk, miner, carpenter, and trader, changing his occupation and residence half a dozen times a year-but finding time to marry and study law-until '51, from which time to '70 he practised law at Sta Cruz and S. Jos‚, serving also as district attorney and county judge. In later years he established a woollen mill at S. Jos‚, where he still lived in '81 with wife Ann Smith, and 9 children. Portrait in Sta Clara Co. Hist., 80. 

Pedraza, deserter from a galleon 1791. i. 484. Pedro y Gil (Rafael), 1774, Span. guarda-almacen at S. Diego '74-81. Biog. i. 451; ment. i. 227, 253. Pedrorena (Miguel), 1837, Span. sup. of the S. Amer. brigs Delmira and Juan Jos‚ '37-40, being also agent for McCall & Co. of Lima. iv. 103-4; iii. 727; also on the coast '42-3; owner of S.F. lost '45-6. iv. 669; v. 684; had a claim against the govt for $3,169; declined an appointment to present charges against Micheltorena. iv. 522. From '45 his home was at S. Diego, where he married Mar¡a Ant. Estudillo, being the grantee of S. Jacinto Nuevo in '46, and his wife of El Cajon in '45. v. 619; iv. 620-1. He strongly favored the cause of the U. S. in '46-7, acting as juez de paz, as Stockton's aide, with rank of capt. in the Cal. Bat., and in '47-8 as collector of customs. v. 286, 329, 360, 385, 572, 575, 618-19. In '49 he represented S. Diego in the constit. convention, being one of the most popular and influential members of the Spanish race. He died in '50, leaving a son, Miguel, and two daughters, Elena and Isabel, who inherited his large estate, and are still living, I think, in '85. Don Miguel was of a good Span. family, one of his brothers holding a high official position at Madrid; and he was himself an intelligent, scholarly man, of excellent character, who by his courteous affability made friends of all who knew him. Peed (John), 1846, sailmaker U. S. N., and acting capt. Co. G, [p.279]Stockton's naval battalion '46-7; prob. 'Reed.' Peguero (Alonso Est‚van), 1602, capt. in Vizcaino's exped. i. 98. P. (Mariano), sent to Mex. for complicity in the Solis revolt '29-30. iii. 68-71, 85. 

Peirce (Henry Augustus), 1828, nat. of Mass., b. 1808, who went to Honolulu in '25, and thence on the same vessel, the Griffon, com. by his brother, to the N. W. coast as clerk, touching at S.F. on the return in the autumn of '28. iii. 178. From that time for 14 years he was a trader at Honolulu, being a member of the firm P. & Brewer. Some of his original letters and much of the firm's corresp. are in my possession. Meanwhile he made many voyages as master to China, Kamchatka, and S.America. In '37 he went on the Peru from N.Y. to Honolulu, and returned via Lima and overland to Buenos Aires. In '38 he married Susan R. Thompson, whose brother Joseph P. is named in this register. In '39 he went to the Islands as part owner of the Morse, and in '41-2 came again to Cal. as mr and owner of the Maryland, going from Cal. to Mazatlan and thence overland to Vera Cruz. I have his original Journals of voyages in '39-42, including the visit to Cal. iv. 209, 224-5, 235, 250, 300, 348-9, 567, 640, 665. Details of Capt. P.'s subsequent adventures are too complicated for presentation here, but hardly one of the pioneers registered in this list has had so varied an experience. In '42-9 he was a Boston merchant trading with Pacific ports; and in '49 revisited Cal. on the Montreal, making extensive and unfortunate purchases of land at Sauzalito and the Islands, and in '50-61 resuming his business at Boston, which was cearly ruined by the war of '61-5. Most of his remaining wealth was lost in a Miss. cotton plantation in '66-7; and in '69 Peirce was made U. S. minister at the Hawaiian Isl., making the trip by rail to S.F. He held this position till '77, and after a brief term as Hawaiian minister of foreign affairs he came in '78 to S.F., where he has since resided down to '85, being in a sense the oldest living pioneer. Besides the journal mentioned, I have several MS. contributions from Mr P. named in my list of authorities. Portrait in Contemp. Biog., ii. 180. His wife resides in Mass. since '70; he has a son and daughter; and is a great-grandfather. (Capt. Peirce died a few days after the above was written, in July '85.) P. (Hardy), 1838, brother of Henry A., who, being mate on a Hon. vessel, died suddenly at Sta B., age 23. iv. 119, 224. P. (Marcus T.), 1828, brother of Henry A., and mr of the Griffon. iii. 147. P. (Wm), 1842, mate of the Sterling '42-4; died at Mont. '45. iv. 453. 

Pelham (Matthew), 1834, a Dane at Mont. iii. 412. Pell (E. Ward), 1846, one of the Mormon colony, with wife and 2 daughters. v. 546; an elder and counsellor, but excommunicated on the voyage. He lived with Robert Ridley in '46. v. 678; and in '47 he was sheriff and inspector of hides and tallow, owning a S.F. lot. v. 648. He still lived to testify in land cases in '65. His daughter Hettie C. married John H. Brown in '46, soon leaving him and becoming apparently Mrs Green. The other daughter is mentioned as the wife of Ed Cohea. Pellan (Antonio), neophyte alcade at S. Diego 1799. i. 655. 

Pena (Antonio), 1825, Span. artilleryman, age 50 in '28; prob. sent to Mex. in '30. iii. 51, 85. P. (Antonio), soldier of S.F. comp. '35, sergt '36, alf. '37. iii. 702. P. (Cosme), 1834, Mex. lawyer who came with the H. and P. colony with an appointment as asesor; prominent in Alvarado's revolt of '36; subsequently govt sec., and appointed prefect of the southern district in '39, but not approved in Mex. He left Cal. soon after '39. Biog. iii. 594; ment. iii. 267, 285, 415, 440, 452, 461, 469, 475, 487, 523-5, 585-9, 594, 639-40, 670, 675; iv. 72. He left 2 daughters in Cal., Cb. '24, and Cesar¡a '28. P. (Demetrio), 1840, son of Juan Felipe, with whom he came from N. Mex.; a settler in Solano Co. '41-79; wife In‚s Berreyesa, and 6 surviving children in '79. P. (Eustaquio), soldier at Sta B. about '32. P. (Francisco), soldier of the 1st exped. 1769-74; ment. '75-6; killed at the Colorado pueblos '81. i. 250, 303-4, 363. P. (Gerardo), soldier of the 1st exped. '69-74. P. (Jos‚), artilleryman and teacher at S.F. '22, elector '30, teacher at Sta Clara '37-41, owner of a S.F. lot '39, grantee of Rincon de S. Francisquito '41, retired soldier as teniente de premio from '44. Possibly more than one of the name. ii. 584, 591; iii. 50, 705, 728; iv. 408, 672, 682. In '41 he is named as a Mex. teacher, age [p.280]64, in the S. Jos‚ padron. His wife was Gertrudis Lorenzana, age 56; she died in '65 at the reputed age of 107 (really 80). P. (Jos‚ Ant.), soldier of the 1st exped. '69-70; of the S. Juan Cap. guard '76. i. 303. P. (Jos‚ German), grantee of Tzabaco rancho, Sonoma, '43; his heirs were claimants. iv. 674. 

Pena (Juan Felipe), 1840, N. Mex. immigrant with wife and 6 children, who with Vaca settled in Solano Co. '41, and was the grantee of the Putah rancho in '43. iv. 672. He died in '63 at Laguna Val., age 73. P. (Luis), soldier of the 1st exped. '59-74; at Sim¡ rancho 1802. ii. 111. P. (Manuel), scldier of the S.F. comp. '28-34; ment. in '29. iii. 111; in '41 at S. Jos‚, age 36, wife Guadalupe Mesa, child. Dolores b. '28, In‚s '31, C'32, Enearnacion '33, Hilaria '34, Rosario '38, Paulino '40. P. (Narciso Ant.), juez at Sta Clara '43. iv. 683, 685. P. (Rieardo), land-owner at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626. P. (Romualdo), musician of S.F. comp. '39. P. (Tom1772, Spanish friar who founded and served long at Sta Clara, retiring in '94, holding later the office of guardian at S. Fernando college, and dying in 1806. Biog. i. 722-3; ment. i. 189, 195-6, 227, 289, 291-2, 295, 297, 304-5, 351, 388, 401-3, 474, 476, 484, 496, 511, 576, 578, 581, 631, 720; ii. 166. Pe¤a, see also 'Pi¤a.' Penaud, see 'Panaud.' 

Pendleton, 1844, mr of the Benj. Morgan. P. (Geo. A.), 1847, lieut Co. D, N.Y. Vol. v. 504. In Tuolumne Co. '49-54; d. in '71 at S. Diego, where he had been county clerk for 14 years. penhallow (Dav. P.) 1837, mr of the Alert '37-9. iv. 68, 101; may have visited Cal. earlier as mate or sup., since on the roll of the Soc. Cal. Pion. '22 is the date of his arrival. In '47 he writes from Honolulu. Pennie (A.), 1848, passp. from Hon. Penny (Moses H.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); went to S.C. '50. Penrose (Geo. F.), 1847, lient Co. A, N.Y. Vol. v. 503, 511; also quartermaster; d. Mont. after '50. Peoples (Geo.), 1847, sailor on the Ohio; later a circus-rider; d. in Texas '67. P. (John H.), 1848, chief of a party for relief of snowed-in immig. from Or.; drowned later. Peotrowski (R. K.), 1844, doubtful date; perhaps '54; d. in France '83. Newspapers. Pepper (Thos), 1833, said to have been at S.Jos‚. Hall; Sta Clara Co. Hist. Atlas; doubtful. iii. 409. Pera (Alexis), 1844, of Fr‚mont's party; did not reach Cal. iv. 437. 

Peralta (Antonio Mar¡a), son of Luis; in '35 at S. Mateo; in '37 alf. of militia at S.F., also elector. iii. 701, 705; in '41 named in the S.Jos‚ padron (living at S. Antonio rancho), age 39, wife Mar¡a Ant. Garc¡a, child. Antonia Mar¡a b. '32, Guadalupe '33, Fernando '34, Rita '37, Crisanto '38, In‚s '40; in '46 juez of the contra costa. v. 662. In '52 he was the claimant with his 3 brothers for S. Antonio. P. (Domingo), son of Luis; in '27 s¡ndico at S.Jos‚. ii. 605; in '33 grantee of Ca¤ada del Corte de Madera, Sta Clara. iii. 711; for which, as for S.Ramon and his share of S. Antonio, he was claimant. iii. 713. In '41 named in S.Jos‚ padron, age 47, wife -- Garc¡a, child. Angela b. '25, Juan '24, Mar¡a Ant. '29, Francisca, '36, Ramon '38, Loreto (?) '39. His residence was at Temescal on the S. Antonio rancho. P. (Felipe), at Los Ang. '46. P. (Francisco), soldier of the S. F. comp. '38-9. P. (Gabriel), Mex. corporal of the S.F. comp., at Sta Clara and S.Jos‚; an invsettler at S. Jos‚ from '90. i. 297, 306, 312, 478. His wife was Francisca J. Valenzuela, and his danghter Gertrudis (i. 312) married NicolBerreyesa in '79. P. (Ignacio), son of Luis b. 1791; corp. of S.F. comp. '19-29; elector at S.F. '27, '35, '43. ii. 592; iii. 577, 704; iv. 361; juez of contra costa '39, '41. iii. 705; iv. 684; in '43 supl. of the junta. iv. 361. Named in the S. Jos‚ padron '41, age 51; wife Rafaela Sanchez, child. Francisco b. '22, Miguel '25, Joaquin '27, Luis M. '31, Jos‚ de Jesus '33, Juan '35, Gabriel '39, Rafael '40, Lodrivina (?) '29, Mar¡a Ant. '37. He was claimant for a part of S. Antonio in '53. P. (Jos‚), at S.Jos‚ '17. ii. 425; at S.Mateo '35; of S.F. militia '37; murdered '38. iii. 705. P. (Juan), named in '46. v. 162. P. (Juan Jos‚), at S.Jos‚ 1783. i. 350; invat Branciforte '99; comisionado 1811. ii. 390. P. (Juan P.), at Los Ang. '39, age 31. 

Peralta (Luis), nat. of Sonora, who probably came as a boy with Anza's exped. of 1776, enlisting in 1782, being a corp. of the S.F. comp. from '91 or earlier, and in com. of the S. Jos‚ mission guard in 1798-1800. i. 494-5, 556, [p.281]598, 716. From 1801 he was a sergt, taking part in several exped. against the Ind., and from 1807 comisionado in charge of S. Jos‚ pueblo. He showed good qualities as a soldier, and was several times recommended for promotion to aif., but failed to secure it. ii. 35, 126, 132, 134, 138, 370, 378, 584, 604. His wife was Mar¡a Loreto Alviso, and the birth of a son Ignacio is recorded in 1791. In 1820 he obtained a grant of the S. Antonio rancho, including the sites of the later Oakland and Alameda, which was occupied by his sons perhaps before '25, the rancho buildings-the first erected in Alameda county except at mission S. Jos‚-being at S. Antonio, later known as Brooklyn and East Oakland. ii. 375, 594, 664, 712. Peralta retained his position as comisionado till 1822, and his place on the comp. rolls as active sergt to '26, and as invto '41; meanwhile continuing to live at S. Jos‚ and serving as elector, treasurer, and perhaps juez in '30-3. ii. 606; iii. 50, 729. In '41 he appears on the padron as 87 years old, his daughters Josefa and Guadalupe-aged 46 and 23-living with him. Other daughters were Teodora-grantee of Buacocha, Marin '46, v. 670-and Trinidad. In '42 he divided his S. Antonio rancho between his sons Antonio M., Ignacio, Vicente, and Domingo, and died in '51 at the age of 97. The great value of the lands granted to Peralta, the claim that his daughters were entitled to a share of the property, the alleged insanity of Don Luis at the time of making his will, and various rascalities practised by the land-sharks in later years on some of the heirs, gave rise to complicated litigation which can hardly be regarded as at an end in '85. P. (Migucl), militiaman at S.F. '37. P. (NicolN.), at Sta Ana rancho, Los Ang. '39, age 38. The Santiago de Sta Ana rancho had been granted to a Peralta with Yorba in 1809. ii. 112, 172. P. (Pedro), soldier of the S. F. comp. 1785, married a daughter of Lieut Grijalva. ii. 104; corp. of the escolta at Sta Cruz 1797-1800; invcorp. on the comp. rolls 1819-32. P. (Sebastian), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-22; in '33 regidor at S. Jos‚, making an exped. against the Ind. iii. 359, 390, 394, 729; in '40 grantee of Rinconada de los Gatos and maj. at Sta Clara. iii. 712, 728; in '41 a widower, age 48; in '46 quarrel with Fr‚mont. v. 8, 9. P. (Vicente), son of Luis, whose home was at Temescal on the subdivision of his father's rancho; sergt of militia at S.F. '37; in '41 age 29, wife Encarnacion Galindo, child Guadalupe. In '46 he was one of the Bears' prisoners at Sutter's Fort. v. 124, 128, 298. Percival (John), 1845 (?), com. of the U.S. Constitution. iv. 564. Perdu (Joseph L.), 1846, one of the Chino prisoners wounded. v. 313-14; at Mont. '47; Cal. claim $1,305 (v. 462). Pereira (Joaquin), 1826, Portuguese age 20, on the J¢ven Angustias stranded at Sta B. iii. 176; a vaquero in '36 and '40, when he figured as the revealer of a political plot. iii. 606. 

Perez (Cornelio), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, b. at StCruz '11; juez de campo '42. iv. 663, and perhaps in 33; in '45 on the Branciforto padron, wife Rosario Pinto, child. Jos‚ Ramon b. '37, Celedonia '39, Mar¡a '41, Juan de Dios '42, Benigna '43. In '77, still at Sta Cruz, he dictated for me a brief Memoria chiefly relating to Ind. troubles in early times. P. (Cruz), Mex. convict released in '33. P. (Domingo), at the rancho nacional, Salinas, '36, age 27, wife Fermina Espinosa; claimant for Los Gatos '52. P. (Eulalia), nat. of Loreto, long a resid. of S. Gabriel, and famous for her reputed great age-140 years-at the time of her death in '78. The evidence respecting her age is too complicated for presentment in detail here; but 30 years at least of the reputed 140 rest on the incorrect assumption that she came with the 1st exped. in 1769. She really came with her husband, Antonio Guillen, a soldier of the S. Diego comp., about 1800, Guillen's name first appearing in 1803. If, as she states, she was married at 15, and her oldest child, Petra, was 11 years old on arrival at S. Diego, she was less than 30 years old in 1800. In the Loreto archives, which exist only in fragments, I have found no record of her birth; but her brother Mariano, son of Diego and Rosal¡a-whom she names as her parents-was baptized in 1768 and buried in 1777. The S. Diego mission records show the birth of two daughters and the burial of a son in 1810-12. There is some circumstantial confirmation of my supposition that her age was less than 30 in 1800, and therefore less than 108 at her death, and there [p.282]are numerous inconsistencies in the evidence adduced in support of her great age; 104 is a more accurate figure than 140 for her age in '78. Do¤a Eulalia was well known as a nurse and midwife at S. Gabriel; had a second husband, Juan Marin‚, for a few years from '32; and in the later years was an object of great interest to visitors on account of her age. Mentioned ii. 13, 356, 543; iii. 143, 209. I met her in '74, and in '77 she dictated a narrative of some 30 pages, Una Vieja y Sus Recuerdos, full of interesting items. Two of the old woman's daughters lived with her at S. Gabriel in '77, one of them Rosario, b. '14, the wife of Michael White, a pioneer of '29. Her son, Isidoro Guillen, died at Pur¡sima about '64, and her daughter Petra at Los Ang. about '44. 

Perez (Francisco), juez de polic¡a at S. Jos‚ '44. iv. 685. P. (Jos‚), regidor at Los Ang. '31-2; iii. 196, 218; suplente of the dip. '33. iii. 246; alealde '34. iii. 635, 637. One of the vigilantes, and taking part in the sectional troubles '36-7. iii. 432, 495; 2d alcalde '38. iii. 636; grantee of S. Pascual '40. iii. 634; mentioned in '45. iv. 664. P. (Jacinto), at S. Bern. '46, age 24. P. (Jos‚ Bern. de Jesus), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, who served at Sta Clara and as sec. to Prefect Garc¡a Diego, disappearing from the Cal. records after '35; but in '42 guardian of the college at Zacatecas. iii. 319, 350; iv. 332. P. (Jos‚ C.), should be Juan C. iii. 645. P. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), Mex. settler 1798. i. 606; in '24 at Branciforte. ii. 627; in '28, wife Margarita Rodriguez, child. Cornelio, Juan, Anita, Rafaela, Ramona, Simon, and Rufino. v. 627. P. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), in revolt at Sta B. '29. iii. 78. P. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), 1842, cornet in the batallon fijo '42-5. iv. 289. P. (Juan), 1769, com. of the S. Antonio in the 1st exped. to Cal. '69-71; in '74-5 com. of the Santiago. i. 116, 121, 126-7, 129-30, 136, 167-9, 172, 178, 208, 219, 224, 241, 244. P. (Juan), son of Jos‚ M., b. '13; a soldier of the S.F. comp. '31-4; at Branciforte '45. wife Mar¡a Ant. Armas, child. Jos‚ Ant. b. '36, Louisa '37, Asconsion '41, Felieidad '44. In '77, still at Sta Cruz, he dictated for me his Recuerdos. P. (Juan Crispin), part owner of the Sta Gertrudis rancho, Los Ang., '21-30, and aux. alcalde there '31-6. ii. 565, 635; in '35 grantee of Paso de Bartolo. iii. 633; in '41-5 maj. S. Gabriel. iv. 636-7; in '46 at Los Ang.; age 40 in '39. P. (Manuel Ant.), at S. Gabriel '39, age 42. P. (Marcos), at Los Ang. '46. P. (Pedro), settler at S.F. 1777. i. 297; at Los Ang. 1805. ii. 340; another Pedro, prob. son of the 1st, was at Los Ang. '39, age 42; also in '46. Perez del Campo (Jos‚), 1825, Mex. alf‚rez. iii. 15. P. Fernandez (Jos‚), 1792, alf‚rez of the S.F. comp. 1792-7, being also habilitado and acting com. '94-6. i. 680, 471, 629, 642-3, 705. 

Perkey (J. D.), 1845, Amer. saddler from Or. in the McMahon party. iv. 572, 587. He entered Sutter's service and is often named in the N. Helv. Diary '45-8; summoned as a juryman for the trial of B. K. Thompson Feb. '48. Called also Purky, Parky, and Perkins. Perkins (Chas), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (John G.), 1848, passp. from Hon. P. (Rufus) 1828, sup. of the Franklin. iii. 133, 147, 167. Per Lee (Theron R.), 1847, lieut Co. K, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; in '48 a lawyer at S.F., and president of the guards; in '49 justice of the peace and editor of the Placer Times; in N.Y. '79-80; Baltimore '83. Perrin (Chas), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). P. (James), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Perrot (Baptiste), 1846, teamster with Kearny from N. Mex. v. 337. 

Perry, 1844, mr of the Eagle. iv. 565. P., 1845, at N. Helv. '45-6; also Mrs P. v. 511. P. (Alex.), 1847, surgeon N.Y. Vol. v. 503, 511, 513; owner of S.F. lots '48; in N.Y. city '74-82. P. (Cornelius), 1845, doubtful name in the Micheltorena campaign. iv. 495. P. (Elijah), 1840, one of the Graham exiles, not known to have returned. iv. 18. P. (John), 1838, Amer. from Realejo, Nic., where he had a family; came on the Fearnaught and lived a year or two with Spear at S.F. iii. 709; iv. 119. Acc. to Wm H. Davis, Perry became a Mex. citizen and got a grant of the lot where Spear built his store for the purpose of deeding it to S., going away with the intention of returning with his family, but dying at Realejo in '40; still there was a John P. at Mont. in '44 awaiting a passage to Hon. P. (L.W.), 1848, kept a paintshop at S.F. v. 684. P. (Moses W.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Los Ág. [p.283]'71-6; at Tucson, Ariz. '82. P. (O. H.), 1841, lieut in U.S. ex. ex. iv. 241. P. (Peter), 1844, Hawaiian in Larkin's service at Mont. P. (Wm), 1848, passp. from Hon. Persons (Ebenezer), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Sutter's service at the time of the gold discovery; often called Elijah F. P. (Harmon D.), 1847, Co. B, ditto. Pesinger (J. H.), 1847, on the Henry at S.F. from Or. 

Pet, 1837, in the Willamette cattle exped. iv. 85. Petch (Robert), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with wife and 2 children. v. 546; owner of S.F. lot '47. v. 680. He never went to Utah; wife died before '84. Peters (John), 1847, litigant at S. Diego. P. (Noah), 1845, at Mont. and N. Helv.; in '46-7 served in Co. G, Cal. Bat. v. 578, 587 (358). Peterson (Fred.), 1847, Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (Peter), 1843, mr of the Admittance '43-5. iv. 562. He was a Dane who had perhaps visited the coast earlier as mate with Capt. Arther. Capt. P. is still living at Boston in '85 at the age of 80; and his original Diary of '43-5 has been shown me by Wm H. Thomes, his son-in-law, who was a sailor-boy on the Admittance. P. (Peter), 1847, perhaps of Co. C, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '74; not in Clark's final list. P. (Wm H.), 1846, said to have come with Kearny from N. Mex.; owner of S.F. lot '47. v. 337, 676. Petison (Geo.), 1846, at S. Leandro. Estudillo Doc.; perhaps 'Patterson.' Petitt (Huber), 1846, Cal. claim of $35 (v. 462); bought land of Vallejo '47. v. 455. Petit-Thouars (Abel du), 1837, com. of the French corvette V‚nus, and author of a Voyage containing much important matter on Cal. iv. 147-50; also i. 432; iii. 535, 680, 699; iv. 106. Petrof, 1808, mr of the Kadiak. ii. 80. Petrowski (R. K.), 1844, doubtful name and date. iv. 453; a Pole who was a miner and farmer in Cal., dying in France '83. Pettegrew (David), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat., who served also as a preacher and spiritual director; at Salt Lake City '55. v. 475, 477, 488, 490, 494. P. (James P.), 1847, Co. B, ditto. Petter (Thos), 1833, at S. Jos‚; see also 'Pepper.' Pettet (Wm), 1847, painter and owner of many lots in S.F. '47-8; also sec. of the council and somewhat active in town polities. v. 539, 648, 650, 678, 680, 684. Peyri (Antonio), 1796, Span. friar who served at S. Luis Ob. and at S. Luis Rey, of which he was the founder, from '98 until his departure in '32; in Spain '36. Biog. iii. 621-2; ment. i. 564, 577, 587, 657, 689; ii. 108-9, 159, 346-7, 394, 453, 518, 553, 655; iii. 87, 91, 96, 102, 183, 210, 233, 317, 364; iv. 151. 

Pfeiffer (Max W.), 1847, Co. G. N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Pfiester (Adolph), 1847, Co. K and G, ditto; settled at S. Jos‚, where he was mayor in '75, and still lived in '82; a German b. '21. Pfister (Ed. H. von), 1847, mr of the Com. Shubrick from Hon. in April, and in Aug. bringing on the Providence from the Islands a stock of goods with which he opened a store at Benicia in Sept. or Oct. v. 672-3. In '48 he went to the mines and kept a store in comp. with Brannan, and later Vaughan; but returned to Benicia in '49 to keep a hotcl, and still lived there in '80 and later. P. (John R. von), 1847, brother of Ed. H., who prob. came with him from Hon.; agent for the Cal. Star in March '48, and murdered by Peter Raymond at Sutter's mill in Oct. 

Phalen (Wm), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Phelps (Alva), 1847, of the Morm. Bat. v. 481; died on the way to Cal. P. (Bethuel), 1848, at Mont., Benicia, and S. F. '48-55, having business relations with Larkin; claimant for Pt Reyes rancho. iii. 712. P. (Geo. H.), 1846, tanner at Sonoma; with Smith at Bodega '47-9. P. (Wm D.), 1840, nat of Mass., and mr of the Alert '40-2, making an exploration of the Sac. River in boats, and engaging in the Com. Jones war by spiking the guns of the S. Diego fort. iv. 36, 95, 101, 135-6, 139, 156, 320, 562, 618-19, 665. In '46 he came back as mr of the Moscow, remaining on the coast till '49 as mr and sup. of different vessels, being com. for a time of the prize schr Malek Adhel, affording aid in divers ways to the Bears and later to the U. S. officers. v. 15, 177-8, 190, 280-2, 467, 579. For one item of his services to Fr‚mont he had a Cal. claim of $10,000, which was paid after a slight reduction of $9,950. Capt. P. bad exceptional facilities for gaining a knowledge of current events in '46-8, and his published Fore and Aft, besides being a most interesting and oft-quoted [p.284]narrative of personal experiences, contains much useful information about Cal.; yet it must be noted that the captain, with all his honesty and zeal, was not on all points an accurate witness. I have many of his original letters of '41-2 and '46-8, with some of later date from Lexington, Mass., where he still lived in '72. Philip (John V. N.), 1846, act. lieut on the Cyane; lieut Co. D, Stockton's Naval Bat. '46-7. v. 386. Philips (A. B.), 1848, owner of S. F. lot. P. (David), 1834, Engl. cooper at S. Diego '36 from Sonora with a Mex. wife, age 44. iii. 412. P. (James), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (Joel), 1844, Amer. naturalized in Nov.; 'Joel Felipe' possibly only the baptismal name. P. (John), 1846, one of the Mormon colony. v. 546; owner of S. F. lots '46-7. v. 678; living in Utah '84. P. (John B.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. F. '71-82. P. (Joseph), 1846, gunner on the U. S. Dale. P. (Wm D.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot; prob. 'Phelps.' 

Piatt (Oliver K.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Pichette (Louis), 1830 (?), Canadian trapper well known in Or. and B.C., who, acc. to notices of his death in '76, made a trip to Cal. from Or. in '20, which is doubtless an error, though he may have come 8 or ten years later. 

Pick‚s, 1841, mr of the Conxoy. iii. 382. Pickering (Chas), 1841, naturalist of U. S. ex. ex. iv. 241-3; owner of a S. F. lot '48, perhaps another man. Pickernell (John), 1837, named in Larkin's accounts. Pickett, 1815, mr of the Forrester. ii. 274. P. (Chas E.), 1846, Amer. lawyer who had lived several years in Or. and came to Cal. by land in June. In '47 he practised law at S. F., also living at Sonoma and visiting Honolulu; and in '48 kept a store at Sutter's Fort, being tried, and acquitted by a jury on the 2d trial, for killing R. Alderman in a quarrel about an enclosure at the fort. From the first he was an eccentric character, of marked ability but unbalanced mind, always ready to make sacrifices for a friend or abuse an enemy, never tiring of airing his opinions and whims and quarrels in the newspapers; best known as Philosopher Pickett, and the author of pamphlets on all sorts of subjects. He died in Cal. about '80. iv. 395; v. 125, 526, 645, 649, 654, 981. Pickman, 1841, doubtful name of the Workman party of immig. iv. 278. Pickup (Geo.) 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 

Pico (Andrés), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, b. at S. Diego in '10. His 1st appearance in the public records is in '36-8, when he was in charge of the Jamul rancho, elector, and receptor of customs. iii. 446, 485, 609, 611, 613; iv. 98. At the same period he took an active part on behalf of the south in the sectional political strife against the Monterey govt, being half a dozen times a prisoner in that play at warfare and diplomacy. iii. 488, 498, 518-9, 546, 559, 555, 566, 578, 580, 624. In '39-42, ranking as alf‚rez of the S. Diego comp., he served as elector, was for a time in charge of S. Luis Rey, and obtained lands at Sta Margarita, S. Juan Cap., and Temécula. iii. 591, 609, 612, 614, 621, 624, 626-7, 639. He was sent to Mex. in '44 by Gov. Micheltorena to obtain funds. iv. 401-2, 563; and after his return devoted himself, as lieut of the comp. and capt. of defensores, to the organization of the militia at Los Ang. iv. 407, 471, 475-6, 491-2, 619. In '45 he was obliged to join the revolutionists and was in mil. com. for a time at Mont. and at Los Ang. iv. 492-3, 515, 523, 651-2; being subsequently commissioner to make inventories of mission property, and becoming lessee of S. Fernando and purchaser of S. Jos‚. iv. 550. 553, 561, 630, 637-8, 643, 665-6, 683. In '46 Don Andr‚s ranked as capt. of the regular comp.; was left in chief command on the flight of Castro; surrendered and was paroled with other officers; but broke his parole to serve as 3d in rank under Flores; was in com. of the Californians at the victory of S. Pascual-the most notable achievement of his life; took part in the fights of Jan. '47, and being left by Flores in chief command, concluded with Fr‚mont the treaty of Cahuenga closing the war in Cal. v. 49, 143, 264, 266-7, 309, 330-55, 387, 930-1, 403-5, 422, 448. In '48-9 Capt. P. had a company of miners at work on the Mokelumne, was a resid. of S. Jos‚ in '49-50, but subsequently of Los Ang., being the claimant for several ranchos, iii. 633, 711; v. 675; elected to the assembly in '51; presidential elector in '52; land receiver: brigadier-gen. of militia '58; state senator in '60-1. Much of his time in later [p.285]years was devoted to land litigation, especially in connection with his S. Fernando estate; and he died in '76. Andr‚s Pico was a brave, reckless, coarsegrained, jovial, kind-hearted, popular man; abler in several respects than his brother Don Pio, but not overburdened with principle. He was never married. I have a valuable col. of original Papeles de Mision from his private achives. 

Pico (Antonio María), son of Jos‚ Dolores, b. at Mont. in 1808. In '33 maj. at S. Jos‚; alcalde in '35. iii. 729-30; lieut. of militia '37-8, involved in a conspiracy. iii. 513-14, 573, 732; in '39 suplente of the junta and grantee of Valle de S. Jos‚ rancho. iii. 590, 713, 731; 2d juez, com. of an Ind. exped., and grantee of Pescadero in '43. iv. 362, 673, 685; in '44-5 juez and alcalde, capt. of defensores taking part in the revolt against Micheltorena, and a suplente of the assembly. iv. 407, 469, 486, 540, 685-6. He was purchaser of the S. Rafael mission estate in '46. v. 561, 670; and was in some trouble through favoring the cause of the U.S.; 2d alcalde in '47, and prefect '49-50, having been a member of the constit. convention. In '61 he was a republican elector, and was appointed by Pres. Lincoln register of the U. S. land-office at Los Ang., resigning in '62. His death occurred in '69. He seems to have been a man of limited abilities and excellent character. His wife was Pilar Bernal, who survived him with 3 sons and 3 daughters, Petra Mrs Gelesch, Marcelina Mrs Campbell, and Vicenta Mrs Castro; or at least, these were the signers of the funeral invitations in '69. Three volumes of Documentos para la Historia de California from the private archives of Don Antonio Mar¡a were added by his family to my collection. P. (Fernando), ranchero at Sta B. '45. P. (Francisco), concerned in the revolt of '45. iv. 487; grantee of Calaveras in '46. v. 665; Cal. claim of $2,950 (v. 462). P. (Francisco Javier), brother of Jos‚ Mar¡a; soldier of Sta B. comp. 1786-1806, retiring as inválido; one of the grantees of Sim¡ 1795-1821. i. 663; ii. 566. P. (Jos‚), mestizo soldier at Sta B. 1785, age 21. P. (Jos‚ Ant. Bernardino), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, b. at S. Diego 1794. About '15 he enlisted in the S. Diego comp.; is ment. as clerk in '17. ii. 425. sergt of the comp. from '28. ii. 543; iii. 165; charged with conspiracy '34. iii. 257-8; promoted to alf‚rez '34, and comisionado to secularize S. Juan Cap. in '34-6. iii. 608, 626-7. In '36-8 he was transferred to the Mont. comp.; promoted to lieut in '38; and in '39 transferred to the S. F. comp. at Sonoma. iii. 549, 584, 608, 671, 667-8. He left the mil. service in '43, being the grantee of Agua Caliente, S. Diego, in '40, of S. Luis Rey '46, and also one of the purchasers of S. Jos‚ Mission. v. 561, 611, 620-1. Nothing is heard of him in the troubles of '45-8, but he continued to live in the south, dying at S. Diego in '71. He is described as a lively old man, full of jokes, nicknamed Picito on account of his diminutive size; and ridiculed to some extent by Wilkes in his narr. of '41. I know nothing of his family, except that he got permission in '28 to marry Soledad Ibarra. 

Pico (Jos‚ Dolores), Mex. soldier who came to Cal. about 1790, marrying Gertrudis Am‚zquita in '91, and serving in the Sta B. comp. to '95 or later. Before 1804 he was transferred to the Mont. comp., marrying Isabel Cota, and serving in the Sta Cruz escolta. From '11 he was sergt of the comp., and is ment. in connection with several Ind. exped., being dangerously wounded in '15, obtaining in '19 a grant of the Bolsa de S. Cayetano rancho, and being in charge of the rancho nacional, Salinas, from '21. ii. 56, 335-6, 338-9, 379, 416, 609, 615-16; iii. 43. He died in '27, leaving a good record as a soldier and Indian-fighter, who lacked the education or birth which might have given him promotion. He was the founder of the northern branch of the Pico family, Antonio Mar¡a and Jos‚ de Jesus being the most prominent of his sons. There were 13 children. A daughter, Mar¡a Ant., was claimant for S. Cayetano. iv. 655. The widow died at Castroville in '69 at the age of 86, leaving over a hundred descendants. P. (Jos‚ de Jesus), son of Dolores, b. at Mont. in 1807. In '27-31 he served as a soldier of the Mont. comp., taking part in the Solis revolts of '28-29. iii. 66-7, 74; but subsequently getting a substitute and living on his father's rancho. In '36-8 he was somewhat prominent in Alvarado's [p.286]revolution. iii. 457, 461, 491, 501-2, 524, 567, 572, 638; iv. 96; admin. of S. Antonio '38-41; grantee of Piedra Blanca, S. Luis Ob. '40; admin. of S. Miguel '41-3. iii. 678, 688; iv. 252, 660. He took part in the movement of '44-5 against Micheltorena. iv. 458-9, 487, 658, 682. In '46, ranking as capt. of defensores, and being juez de paz at S. Luis Ob., he was paroled with other officers, but broke his parole and supported Flores in the Natividad campaign. He was accordingly arrested by Fr‚mont in Dec. and condemned to death, but pardoned at the intercession of his wife and children. He became a most devoted friend of Fr‚mont, aiding him in bringing about the treaty of Cahuenga, and accompanying him on his famous ride of '47. v. 282, 321, 362-3, 374-5, 403, 443, 638-9. In '48-9 Don Jesus made some successful tours in the mines, and later lived on his S. Luis Ob. rancho with his family, being county assessor and assemblyman in '52-3. In '78 he dictated his recollections for my use, cited as A contecimientos, and containing many items of valuable testimony. ii. 230, 232, 339, 384, 417, 427, 446, 624. I have not heard of his death down to '85. 

Pico (Jos‚ Mar¡a), brother of Dolores, son of Santiago Pico of Sinaloa, and founder of the family in southern Cal.; a soldier of the S. Diego comp. from 1782, corp. of the guard at S. Luis Rey from 1798, and sergt 1805-18, being retired-perhaps with brevet rank of alf‚rez-in '18, and dying at S. Gabriel, where he had long been in com. of the escolta in '19. His wife, married in 1789, was Mar¡a Eustaquia Lopez. nat. of Sonora. His 3 sons, Andr‚s, Jos‚ Ant., and Pio, are named in this register; and there were 7 daughters, of whom Concepcion married Domingo Carrillo, Estefana and Jacinta married Jos‚ Ant. Carrillo, Isidora was the wife of John Forster, Tomasa of an Alvarado, and a sixth was Feliciana. P. (Manuel), one of the grantees of Sim¡ '42, prob. son of Javier, Miguel, or Patricio; encargado at Sta Isabel '43. iv. 620, 640. P. (Miguel), brother of Jos‚ Mar¡a, soldier of the Sta B. comp.; grantee of Sim¡ rancho 1795, 1821. i. 663; ii. 566; in '32 an invwife Casilda Sinoba, child. Mar¡a Ignacia, Petra, Apolonia, Juan de Mata, and Mariano. The widow died in '60 at the age of 74, leaving 15 children, 116 grandchildren, and 97 great-grandchildren-116 males, 112 females. P. (Patricio); brother of Jos‚ Mar¡a, one of the grantees of Sim¡ 1795, 1821, '42. i. 663; ii. 354, 663; iv. 643. 

Pico (Pio), son of Jos‚ Mar¡a, b. at S. Gabriel 1801, moving to S. Diego after the death of his father in '19, where he kept a small shop. For mention of his early life, see ii. 168, 344, 425, 546, 559, 604. In the public records he first appears as clerk at a trial in '26. ii. 549; was a vocal of the dip. from '28. iii. 41-2; being ment. also in connection with the Fitch elopement in '29. iii. 141; and getting the same year some kind of a title to the Jamul rancho. Dept. Rec., vii. 61, 94; confirmed in '31. iii. 611. In '31 he was a leader of the southern opposition to Gov. Victoria. iii. 189, 197, 201, 203-4, 206; and in '32, according to the plan, should have been gov. ad int. as senior vocal and president of the dip., but was unable to secure the place, though he is often erroneously named as gov. in that year. iii. 216-20, 224, 226, 231, 245. He was again member of the dip. '34-5, being a candidate for alealde and chosen elector '36. iii. 246, 249-50, 275, 300, 483-4, 615; in '34-40 administrator of S. Luis Rey, having also a profitable contract to slaughter cattle on shares at S. Gabriel. iii. 349, 353, 623-4, 628; iv. 54, 61; and in '37-9 an active partisan of the south against Alvarado's govt, being more than once a prisoner, though like most others never in a fight, and playing a not very creditable part in the sectional strife. iii. 495, 499-502, 504, 506, 508-9, 516, 518, 520, 546, 548-50, 555, 558, 564-6, 578, 580, 602, 614. He was again member of the junta in '30-41, protesting against Monterey's claims as capital; also one of the terna for gov., tithe collector at Los Ang., and provisionally grantee of Tem‚cula. iii. 584, 590, 604, 606, 612, 623, 637; iv. 193. In '41 he was the grantee of Sta Margarita and Las Flores. iv. 621, 628; in '42 supposed to be plotting in favor of England. iv. 282; in '44-5 again member of the junta, and capt. of defensores, appointed comandante de escuadron. iv. 361, 403, 407, 410-11, 425, 475. On the downfall of Micheltorena in '45, having taken some part [p.287]in the campaign, Don Pio, as president of the junta, became temporary gov. from Feb. 22d. iv. 404, 492-3, 495-9, 503-7, 509, 521, 530. His office was confirmed in Mex., and Apr. 18, '46, he took the oath as constitutional gov. For his rule of '45-6, general acts and controversy with Gen. Castro, see iv. 511-45; v. 30-53; on mission affairs, iv. 546-62; v. 558-64; Fr‚mont affair and Bear revolt, v.5, 138-44; on foreign intervention and McNamara project, v. 59-62, 69, 217-19; miscellaneous mention, v. 567, 570, 590, 603, 624. On the approach of the U.S. forces Pico left Cal. for Mexico. v. 261-78; but in '48 returned. v. 588-90; and has since resided at Sta Margarita-sold to John Foster in '64-and at Los Angeles down to '85, having been claimant for other ranchos, iii. 611, 633, and being still a man of some wealth. He married Mar¡a Ignacia Alvarado in '34, but I find no record of children. Pio Pico is a man who has been abused far beyond his deserts; a man of ordinary intelligence and limited education; of generous, jovial disposition; reckless and indolent; with a weakness for cards and women; disposed to be fair and honorable in his transactions, but without sufficient strength of principle to keep always clear of doubtful complications or avoid being made the tool of knaves; patriotic without the ability to accomplish much for his country. In his controversy of '45-6 with Castro his conduct was foolish in the extreme; in other respects down to 1848 his record is better rather than worse than might be expected of a commonplace man in so prominent a position. Not much fault can be found with his mission policy; he did not, as has been charged, run away in '46 with large sums of money obtained by illegal sales of mission estates; he had a perfect right to favor his friends by land grants in the last days of his power, and to prefer that Cal. should fall into English rather than American possession. That he seems to have antedated some land grants after his return in '48 is the most discreditable feature of his record; yet my study of land litigation leads me to hesitate in condemning or exonerating any official or citizen, native or pioneer, on charges originating in that most unfathomable pool of corruption. In '78 Don Pio dictated for me a Historia de California, which in interest and accuracy compares favorably with other pioneer statements: and at the same time gave me two volumes of original Doc. Hist. Cal., including several important papers. 

Pico (Rafael), at Sim¡ rancho '29-31. ii. 566; iii. 635. P. (Ramon), son of Antonio Mar¡a. b. in '27; in '63-6 capt. of Co. A, 1st battalion of native Cal. cavalry, stationed for a time in Arizona. He added to my collection 3 vols of Doc. Hist. Cal., containing many original papers belonging to his father, and others relating to the captain's own military career. Major Jos‚ Ramon is still a resident of S. F. in '85. P. (Salomon), son of Jos‚ Dolores, of whom nothing appears before '48 except that a rancho in Tuolumne was later claimed on a grant of '44 to him. iv. 674. After '49 he became a noted highwayman and murderer in the region of S. Luis Ob. and Sta B. About '57 he went to L. Cal., where in '60 he was put to death by order of the sub-gefe pol¡tico Esparza. P. (Santiago), a settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461; at Simf rancho 1802. ii. 111. He seems to have been a soldier of the S. F. and S. Diego comp. in '76-80. It is just possible that he was the father of Jos‚ Maria and Dolores, though I find no definite record that that Santiago ever came to Cal. P. (Vicente), at Sta B. before '37, wife Estefana Garc¡a, 4 children. 

Pieras (Miguel), 1771, Span. friar, founder of S. Antonio, where he served till his departure from Cal. in 1794. Biog. i. 688-9; ment. i. 173, 176, 188-9, 196, 255, 279, 298, 388, 469, 576. Pierce (Charles), 1847, Co. B, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. P., 1795, Engl. Nootka commissioner at Mont. i. 527. P. (Harrison M.), 1843 (?), settler in Napa, who landed in Or. from a whaler in '42 acc. to Menefee and Lancey. Bidwell thinks he was in Cal. '41-2. In '68 he testified that he worked for Dr Bale in '45-8; the first definite record is his signature to the S. Jos‚ call to foreigners in March '45. In '47 named as an Amer. bachelor at N. Helv.; in '48 built the first structure in Napa City, used as a saloon, and still standing in '81. He died in '70. iv. 400, 599; v. 128, 670. P. (Stephen H.), 1846, of the Mormon colony, who prob. did not come to Cal. v. 547. P. (Wm), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons [p.288](v. 336). Piercy (Sam. G.), 1847, Irishman of Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518); one of the few who did not desert for the mines; name James G. on the roll. He worked as copying clerk during the constitutional convention of '49; and after his discharge in '51 went to N. Y., but returned and lived from '53 at Oakland, where he died in '77, leaving a widow and married daughter. Pierola (Arnoldo) at Mont. in '25. iii. 26. Pierre (Jean), 1806, boatswain of the Peacock. ii. 38. 

Pike (Wm M.), 1846, of the Donner party from Tenn. He was accidentally killed before reaching the mts, leaving a widow and 2 children. The widow, Harriet F. Murphy, survived, marrying Michael Nye in '47 and dying in Or. '70. One of the daughters, Naomi L., also a survivor at the age of 3, married Dr Mitchell of Marysville in '65, and in '80 was Mrs Schenck at The Dalles, Or. The other daughter, Catherine, an infant, died at the Sierra camp. v. 531, 533-4. Pilikin (John), 1844, disabled Amer. sailor of the Monmouth, in care of the consul at Mont. 

Pi¤a (Blas), with Arce's party, 46. v. 106. P. (Joaquin), Mex. corporal of artill. at S.F. from '29, when he wrote a Diario of an important exped. against the Ind., the original of which is in my possession; in '44 acting com. at S.F., also owner of town lands. iii. 75, 111, 113, 212, 702; iv. 463, 669, 672. P. (LMex. artill. corporal at Mont. '29, at S. Rafael '32. iii. 76, 716; in '36 at Mont., age 39, wife PlVillela, child. Jos‚ de Jesus b. in Mont. '26, German '29, Ant. A. at S.F. '31, Feliciano at Mont. '32, Francisco '33, Luis G. '35. In '37 he was corporal in the S.F. cav. comp., and from '38 sergt and acting alf‚rez, sometimes in com. at Sonoma, and the grantee of Agua Caliente in '40, besides being owner of a S.F. lot in '45. iii. 193, 583, 702, 711, 722; iv. 12, 121, 172-4, 669, 684. He is named by Revere in '46. v. 297; but soon went to Mex., where he is said to have been killed at the battle of Cerro Gordo. P. (Mteacher at Los Ang. '17-18. ii. 353. P. (Pedro), Mex. soldier in the Hidalgo piquete at Mont. '36, age 28. Pinard (J. B.), 1848, Canadian farmer at S. Jos‚ '58-76. Pineda (Joaquin), Mex. soldier at Mont., age 26. P. (Lorenzo), grantee of Los Uvas, Sta Clara, '42. v. 674. Pinkerton (James), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). Pinkney (Robert F.), 1846, lieut on the U. S. Savannah, in com. of S. Jos‚ garrison during the Sanchez campaign of '46-7; also of the U. S. ex. ex. in '41, but not in Cal. iv. 241; v. 378, 661. Pino (Miguel), 1770, 2d off. on the Spanish transports '70-3. i. 168, 208. 

Pinto (Antonio), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-22. P. (Francisco), son of Serafin, at S. Jos‚ '41, age 34, wife Prudenciana Servian (?), child Mar¡a Ignacia; in '46-7 kept under arrest at Mont. by Maddox for 6 months to prevent his raising a force to join Flores in the south. P. (Joaquin), resident of Branciforte '30. ii. 627. P. (Juan Mar¡a), soldier of the S. F. comp. 1797-1800. i. 499, 560; of the S.F. comp. '19-27; in '28 at Branciforte with his wife Apolonia Mesa and 4 child., Claudio, Clara, Cand Rosario, also at B. '30-6, ii. 627; iii. 697. P. (Juana F.) married to M. A. Cordew 1776, the first marriage at S.F. i. 296. P. (Manuel), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 56, wife Mar¡a Am‚zquita, child. Paulina b. '23, Mar¡a de la Cruz '25, Est‚van '28, Miguel '33, Felipe '36. P. (Pablo), corporal of the S.F. comp. i. 297. P. (Rafael), son of Serafin, b. at Branciforte '18, educated at Mont., and in '36 joining Alvarado's revolt was made alf‚rez and soon lieut of volunteers, in which capacity he served in the south '37-9, his regular appointment as alf‚rez of the Mont. comp. coming from Mex. in '39. ii. 585; iii. 191, 491, 550, 555, 578, 587, 671; iv. 652. In '40 he was one of the officers who went to Tepic with the foreign exiles, returning in '41. iv. 13, 23, 23, 28, 30. After serving as an aide to Micheltorena for a year or more he resigned; in '43-4 was a custom-house guard at Mont.; and in '45-6 was receptor of customs at S.F., refusing to join the movement against Micheltorena, and going south with Castro after the occupation of S.F. by the U.S. iv. 292, 377, 4XXX1, 463, 557, 670; v. 68, 135, 239, 659. After the fall of Los Ang. in Aug. Pinto returned north, was paroled, and took no further part in the war, becoXXXing a ranchero in later years; had a 'Cal. claim' of $2,464 (v. 462). His wife was [p.289]Mar¡a, daughter of Juan Amesti, with whom and 4 children he lived in '78 on his rancho near Corralitos, Sta Cruz Co., a man of good reputation. His Apuntaciones is a valuable MS. narrative dictated for my use at that time; and he also gave me the original S.F. custom-house records in his possession since '46, a most important col. of Doc. Hist. Cal. P. (Serafin), resident of Branciforte '18, and earlier to '30 and later; alcalde in '22, '27. ii. 627. His wife was Ignacia, daughter of Pedro Amador, and his children Francisco, Rafael, Ascension, Antonia, Dolores, Mar¡a, Ignacia, and Cthe wife of J. B. Bonifacio. Pio, one of the grantees of Ulistac, Sta Clara, '45. iv. 674. 

Pioche (F. L. A.), 1848, Frenchman who came to S.F. from Chile, engaging in trade and becoming a millionaire, prominently connected with many great enterprises of city, state, and coast. The town of Pioche, Nev., bears his name. Becoming involved in financial troubles, he finally committed suicide in '72. Pioneer (Jacob A.), 1847, Co. D, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Pioquinto (Jos‚ Ant.), at Los Ang. '46. Piper (Asabel D.), 1847, came on the Loo Choo from N.Y., but not of N.Y. Vol.; owner of S.F. lot; aided O'Farrel in his survey of the town. In '52 he furnished for the Alta his recollections of the city in '47; went in '71 to S. Amer., where he was killed by Ind. in '73. Pistrowski, see 'Petrowski.' 

Pitnak (C1828, mr of the Gen. Sucre. iii. 147; doubtful name. Pitts (Henry F.), 1844 (?), said by Hall and others to have arrived at Sta Clara in '41. I have a letter purporting to be written by him in April '40, at a quicksilver mine in Cal., doubtless an error. Swan says that Wm P., presumably the same, landed from an Amer. whaler in '44, and from that date he appears on Larkin's books. iv. 453. In '46 he was employed to carry despatches from Mont. to S. Jos‚ and S.F. v. 238, 245; his receipt for $140 on July 7th appearing in the Consulate Archives. ii. 16. In '47-8 he worked at the quicksilver mines; also in the gold-fields '48; in '74 still prospecting for quicksilver in Mont. Co., and still living in '84. Pixton (Robert), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Sutter's employ '47-8; returned to Utah. 

Place (Wm), 1833, Amer. sailor left sick at Sta B. by a whaler. iii. 409; still there in '36, age 34; and in '45 permitted to marry a neophyte. Placencia (Luis), com. de polic¡a at Mont. iii. 675. Placiat (Antoine), 1827, mr of the Com‚te. iii. 146. Plaza (Ignacio), 1842, Mex. lieut of the batallon fijo. iv. 289. Plemmonds (David and John), 1848, came with Col Davis. Sta Clara Co. Hist., 660. Pliego (Jos‚), settler at S. Jos‚ before 1800. i. 716. P. (Rodrigo), 1825, Mex. alf‚rez of the Mont., Sta B., and S. Diego comp. '25-31; a bad fellow who left Cal. in '32 with Gov. Victoria. Biog. iii. 210-11; ment. ii. 572, 608; iii. 15, 50, 62, 78-9, 84, 186, 191-2, 195, 205, 608, 650, 671. Plino (Louis), 1836, French servant of Abrego at Mont., age 38. Plummer (Henry), 1835, Engl. cooper who landed from a whaler and became an otterhunter in the Sta B. region. iii. 413; named in a list of '36 as 38 years old and single; joined Nidever in many hunting trips down to '70. P. (Wm), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Plucois (Pedro), doubtful name in a Sta B. list of '41. Plunkett (James), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Poalclcoin (John), 1841, doubtful name of a deserter from the Juan Jos‚, who worked as a carpenter for Stearns at Los Ang. Poenicar (Jos‚), 1806, doubtful name, mr of the Reisos. ii. 39. Poett (J. Henry), 1848, physician at S.F.; possibly earlier. Poinsett, 1845, perhaps one of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583. Polanco (Jos‚), grantee of Conejo, Sta B., soon after 1800; at Los Ang. 1804, '19; a P. owned S. Jos‚ de Buenos Aires '40; and an In‚s (?) P. was sent a prisoner to Mex. in '30. ii. 112, 172, 185, 349, 354, 566, 664; iii. 85, 634. Polley (James H.), 1846, boatswain on the Dale '46-7; went East '48 on the Congress; returned on the Vincennes, deserting for the mines '50; again in the navy '61-66, when he died. Lancey. Pollock (James), 1847, Co. F. 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); a Scotch weaver supposed by Kooser to have died before '64. P. (James), 1846, settler in '50 with his family on the Cosumnes, where he died '76 and wife in '80. Sac. Co. Hist.; possibly same as preceding. P. (Lewis), 1840, one of the Graham exiles not known to have returned. iv. 18. Pollorena, ment. at Los Ang. '47. v. 396. P. (Juan), at Los Ang. [p.290]'19. ii. 355; also in '46. P. (Mar¡a Ant.), at Los Ang. '48. P. (Pedro), corp. of the S. Diego comp. 1797, and in com. of S. Gabriel escolta. i. 658, 664; settled at Los Ang. 1805. ii. 310. P. (Rosal¡a), at Los Ang. '48. 

Pombert (Louis), 1826, Canadian trapper of Jed. Smith's party, who left the party in '27, lived 18 months on Higuera's rancho, and in Apr. '29 at S. Jos‚, age 28. iii. 159-60, 176, 180. In '32 he joined the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221; in '34 had a wife-Filomena, daughter of Dolores Pico-and a son Juan, born in '30, a daughter Isabel being born in '35. He was a sergt in Graham's comp. supporting Alvarado '36. iii. 458, 675. His name, written generally Pombare, appears in Larkin's books to '45 and in other records to '47. His sons are said to have lived at Castroville in '77. Pomeroy (S. D.), 1848 (?), nat. of Ohio, in Sonoma Co. '55-77. Pomponio, ex-neophyte and famous outlaw captured near S. Rafael and put to death in '24. ii. 537, 597, 614. Poncabar‚ (Agustin), 1833, mr of the Mariquita '33, '35. iii. 383. Ponce de Leon (Manuel), Mex. clerk at Sta B. in '38-9 and earlier. iii. 656-7; wife Francisca Sol¢rzano, 3 children; in '40 sec. of sub-prefect. iii. 655. Ponton (Jos‚ M.), Mex. lieut sentenced to 5 years in Cal. as a convict in '36; no record of his coming. Pool (Peter), 1846, of the Mormon colony, with his mother Mary and sister Elizabeth. v. 546; living in Utah '84. Pooley, ment. at N. Helv. '47. 

Pope (Wm), 1828, Amer. trapper from N. Mex. in Pattie's party, imprisoned for a time at S. Diego. iii. 163, 166-7, 178. He got a pass for Sonora from the gov. in Nov., and subsequently became a naturalized citizen, having a family at Taos. Before '40, perhaps in '36, he came back to Los Ang. with 8 members of his family and a company of 12 men. He was known in Cal. as Julian P., that being prob. the baptismal name received in N. Mex. In '41 he obtained a grant of the Tocoallomi rancho, named for him Pope Valley, Napa Co., and settled there in '42. I have the original passport of March 2, '42, under which he came north, the expenses of the journey being paid by the govt. A little later, prob. in '43, he accidentally killed himself by severing an artery with his axe. iv. 280. His widow married Elias Barnett; his son Joseph was claimant for the rancho. iv. 671; one daughter was Mrs Burton of Pope Valley; and there were 4 or five other children. 

Porter (H. F.), 1841, mid. on the U.S. St Louis. P. (Sanford), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Porterfield (Harvey), 1845, nat. of Tenn., and overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587. He worked as a carpenter at Sonoma; prob. joined the Bears in '46. v. 110; went south in Co. B, Cal. Bat., taking part in the fight at S. Pascual, and in Stockton's final campaign; and after his discharge returned to Napa Valley. He went to the mines in '48; was wrecked on Vancouver Isl. in an attempt to reach Trinity River in '49; in '50-1 a stock-raiser in Yolo; in '52 went East by Panamreturning '53 overland with a wife, Martha Alexander; and from '56 lived in Napa Co. to '81. His wife died in '66, leaving 3 children, and his 2d wife was Mattie Galbraith. 

Portilla (Pablo), 1819, Mex. capt. of the Mazatlan cavalry comp. '19-38, being stationed for the most part at S. Diego, and taking part in Ind. exped. and military trials. ii. 253-4, 340-2, 422, 451, 480, 534-6, 540, 543, 547, 549, 551, 675; iii. 62. In '31 he rendered somewhat unwilling and ineffective service against Gov. Victoria, and from that year was nominally comandante of the post at S. Diego. iii. 201, 203-4, 206, 608. As comisionado he secularized San Luis Rey in '33-5. iii. 326, 331-2, 346, 353, 613, 623-4; and in '36-8, after rendering some slight support to Chico and Gutierrez, he joined in the southern intrigues against Alvarado's govt, and finally figured as com.-gen. under CCarrillo, leaving Cal. after the final defeat of the latter in '38. iii. 440, 446, 459, 463, 515, 520-2, 528, 532-3, 548-9, 565, 568-9, 614, 648; iv. 67-8. Capt. P. was a good-natured, easy-going officer of little force or influence, but of good intentions. He went to Sonora, where he was capt. of the post at Guaymas in '46. In '49 Dr Stillman-Overl. Monthly, xv. 247-met him at S. Ignacio, L. Cal., in com, of a party of 30 Sonorans bound for the Cal. gold mines, 75 years old, but 'hale and full of enterprise.' P. (Silvestre), brother [p.291]of Pablo, ment. in '36 in connection with a proposed Ind. exped., and as grantee of S. Jos‚ del Valle rancho. iii. 612; iv. 68. Portol(Gaspar de), 1769, capt. of dragoons in the Span. army, and gov. of the Californias 1768-70; com.-in-chief of the 1st exped. to Alta Cal., and 1st ruler of that province to July 9, 1770, rather as military commandant than as gov. His Diario of the exped. to S.F. and return to S. Diego in '69 is included in my list of authorities. Nine years after he left Cal. he was gov. of Puebla. i. 87, 89, 115-25, 134-6, 140-64 et seq., 172, 225, 231, 376, 486. 

Posados (Pedro), prospector at S. Luis Rey '22. ii. 666. Post (Fred. L.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in '82 at S.F., a clerk in the P.O. for 20 years. P. (Gabriel B.), 1847, at Hon. from Mont. on the Mar¡a Hclena; member of the S.F. firm S. H. Williams & Co. '48; later G. B. Post & Co.; in '49 memb. of the town council and of the state senate. I think Post street, S.F., may have been named for him. 

Poti¤on, ment. at Los Ang. '36. iii. 419. Pott (Geo.), 1847, owner of S. F. lot. v. 685. Potter, 1845, doubtful member of the Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579; perhaps John. P. (Andrew), 1848, passp. from Hon. P. (John), 1844 (?), immig. with a family accredited in newspaper sketches to this year; perhaps of '45. iv. 453. He settled in the Chico region, is noted at Sutter's Fort from June '46; and in '48 gained a fortune in the mines by the aid of Indians. Burnett's party from Or. passed his place and deemed his head somewhat turned by his good fortune. He died there about '51, and is said to have left large sums buried on his farm. His sons-one of them James, said to have been born '46 in Cal.-and daughters were living in Mendocino Co. '74. Potter (Stephen), 1832, mr of the Wm Thompson. iii. 384. Potts (James M.), 1847, mid. on the U.S. Lexington. Poulson (Oliver P.), 1846, Co. B, artill. Cal. Bat. (v. 358); prob. an overl. immig. 

Powell (David), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. P. (Gilbert), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). P. (John W.), 1846, Co. E, F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); ment. in '48 at Sta Cruz. v. 642; at S. Jos‚ '50. P. (Wm J.), 1846, surgeon on the U.S. Warren; owner of S.F. lots. v. 682. I think Powell St., S.F., was named for him. Powells (Wm E.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Mont. '48. Power (Edward), 1847, Co. F, ditto; d. S.F. about '50. P. (James), 1844, doubtful member of the Fr‚mont party. iv. 437. P. (John A.), 1847, brother of Ed., sergt Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); after his discharge he became a gambler; and later a robber and murderer known as 'Jack Powers.' His associates were chiefly Mexicans, and their depredations were for the most part in S. Luis Ob. and Sta B. counties '51-6. When the vigilantes put an end to their career of crime P. escaped to Sonora, where he was killed in '60. Poyorena, see 'Pollorena.' 

Prado, ment. as a lieut '39. iii. 653; perhaps Prado Mesa. P. (Tomregidor at Branciforte 1802; killed at S.F. 1807. ii. 156, 192. Prat (Pedro), 1769, surgeon of the 1st exped., who died in Cal. '72-3. i. 128, 130, 136, 140, 168, 210. Pratt (Addison), 1848, clergyman who married a couple at S.F. P. (Jacob H.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Praule (Raphael), 1844, one of Fr‚mont's men 1st and 2d visits; served in Cal. Bat. '46-7. iv. 437, 453, 583; sometimes called 'Prone;' died in the mts of N. Mex. on Fr‚mont's next exped. of '48. Prause (Wm), 1826, mr of the Inca. iii. 147. Pray (John), 1846, interpreter in Marston's force '46-7. v. 380. Prendergast (John), 1848, passp. from Hon. Prentice (Chas), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). P. (Samuel), 1830, nat. of R.I. who came on the Danube from Lima. iii. 180. A mason by trade, but by preference a hunter; arrested for smuggling '33. iii. 393; one of the vigilantes of Los Ang. '36, being then 37 years old and single; still named as a hunter in '41, and said by Warner to have died on Sta Catalina Isl. about '65. Monenean (?) Prentis signed a doc. at Los Ang. '46. Prentiss, 1843, mate of the Admittance, discharged by Capt. Peterson; a nat. of Mass. Prescott, 1846, mr of the Columbus. Presse (Alex.), 1847, surg. of N.Y. Vol. (?); at N.Y. city '84. S. F. Bulletin. Prestamero (Juan), 1773, Span. friar who served as supcrnumerary at S. Luis Ob., and retired on account of illness in '74. i. 194, 196, 227. Preuss (Chas), 1844, [p.292]artist and draughtsman in Fr‚mont's 2d, 3d, and 4th exped. iv. 437, 583; v. 453. 

Price (John), 1833, nat. of Ky, who came with Walker's trappers from Salt Lake, remaining in Cal. as a carpenter; named in Larkin's books '34-5; killed in '37 by a fall from his horse at San Jos‚ mission. iii. 388, 391, 409. P. (John M.), 1836 (?), Engl. in Mont. dist. '36-8; iv. 118; exiled with Graham in '40, but returned in '41, and in '48 was alcalde at S. Luis Ob. iv. 18, 33, 37; v. 639. Acc. to his own statement in S. Luis Ob. Co. Hist., 63-9, he deserted from the Kent at Colima and came to Cal. in '30, going to S. Luis about '36, marrying Andrea Colona in '44, by whom he had 13 children, and serving after '48 as county judge and supervisor. Living in '83 at Pismo rancho. P. (Rodman), 1846, nat. of N.Y. and purser on the U.S. Cyane. He took part in the ceremonies of raising the U.S. flag at Mont. in July, and for a brief period was a kind of 2d alcalde at that town. v. 231, 287-9, 637; and in Aug. was sent south with despatches for Stockton, taking, however, no part in subsequent military operations. From Mazatlan he was sent with despatches by Mex. and Vera Cruz to Washington. In '49 he came back to S.F. as navy agent; was a member of the town council and of the constit. convention, a candidate for congress, and the owner of city property, including lots obtained in '47, which made him rich. He went East in '50, was elected to congress from N.J., and subsequently became gov. of that state, where he still lives in '85. As a member of pioneer associations, he has taken much interest in annals of the conquest; but in his testimony, as reported in various publications, the governor shows that in all the years that have passed his imagination has at least kept pace with his memory. Priest (Albert), 1848, German from Or., of the firm Priest, Lee, & Co. at Sac. '49-50. After '51 he lived chiefly in N.Y. He was an Or. immig. of '43, who shipped lumber to S.F. in '45. Prieto, 1822, contador on the S. Cii. 458. P. (Antonio), at Los Ang. '46. Prince (Geo.), 1832, mr of the Tranquilina. iii. 384. P. (Geo.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Prinon (Sam.), 1828, Amer. bricklayer from N. Mex., at Los Ang. '40, age 43; perhaps 'Prentice.' Prior, erroneous ment. '27. iii. 160. Prone, see 'Praule.' Prouse (Wm), 1826, mr of the Inca. iii. 147. P. (Wm), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). 

Prudhomme (Leon I.), 1835 (?), Fr. cooper said to have come to Los Ang., v. 413, this year in a record of '46. He married a Tapia, and in '52 was claimant for the Habra and Topanga ranchos. iii. 633-4. He died in '71, leaving a family. Prudon (Victor), 1834, Frenchman who had lived 7 years in Mex. and came to Cal. as a teacher in the colony at the age of 25. iii. 263, 412. Remaining at S. Gabriel and Los Ang., in '36 he was president of the vigilantes. iii. 418, 432; iv. 116; and in '37-8 was Gov. Alvarado's sec., being also capt. of militia. iii. 506, 523, 529. In '39-40 he lived at S.F., keeping some kind of a shop, or drinking and gambling place. v. 684; and in '41, being grantee of Bodega, he was made sec. of Com. Gen. Vallejo. iv. 204, 670. In this capacity he was sent, in '42, to Mex. in Vallejo's behalf, returning with the rank of capt. and brevet lieut-col in the regular army. iv. 281-5, 319, 563. From '43 he lived at Sonoma, being in '44-5 the grantee of Sac. Isl., and Laguna rancho, Yolo, being also mentioned in connection with various minor affairs. iv. 358, 396, 408, 445, 561, 671, 673, 678. With Vallejo, he favored the cause of the U.S. in '46, and with him was made a prisoner by the Bears. v. 41, 45, 61, 112-21, 298-9, 667; having a 'Cal. claim' of $7,390 (v. 462). He kept a store at Sonoma in '47-8 in partnership with Haan; and in '48-9 made some money in the mines. I have no later record of him than '53, when he was a witness in the Limantour case. His wife, who was separated from him about '48, was Teodocia Bojorques. Victor Prudon-Prudhomme was the original form-was a man of good education, a master of the Spanish and English languages, and an adept in the use of the graceful, flowery language that delights all of Span. race, many of Alvarado's and Vallejo's state papers being for the most part the secretary's work. He was socially an agreeable companion, of attractive personal appearance and fine manners; [p.293]impulsive and often imprudent, but never involved, so far as I know, in anything very bad or good so far as character and conduct were concerned. Prueth (Chas R.), 1831, clerk or sup. on the Louisa. 

Pryor (Gabriel), 1840, one of the exiled foreigners, arrested in the south. iv. 14, 18. P. (Nathaniel Miguel), 1828, Kentuckian silversmith and clock-maker who had lived 4 years in N. Mex. and came to Cal. in Pattie's party. iii. 163, 168, 178; ii. 554. After his release from prison he worked at S. Luis Rey, found favor in the eyes of P. Peyri, and in '29 got a carta from Gov. Echeand¡a, being then 24 years old. From '30 he lived in the vicinity of Los Ang., sometimes mending clocks, but oftener engaged in otter-hunting, not always with due respect to the revenue laws. iii. 393. In '36 he obtained from the ayunt. a certificate of long residence and good character, and a few years later married a Sep£lveda who died in '40. He served against Micheltorena in '45. iv. 495; commanded a comp. of citizen artill. in June '46. v. 50; was arrested for aid to Amer. during the Flores revolt, and in '47 served as regidor. v. 626. He died in '50. A son Paul, born in '37-9, married a daughter of Juan Ávila, and died by accidental poisoning in '78. iv. 119. 

Puaani (Kale), 1847, Hawaiian owner of S. F. lot. v. 685. Puga (Joaquin), sirviente at Sta Clara 1776. i. 306. Puget, 1793, officer of Vancouver's exped.; in Cal. '93-4, exploring Bodega. Puget Sound in the north bears his name. i. 513, 518, 533. Puig, 1769, sergt of Cal. volunteers in the 1st exped. i. 136, 160. Pujol (Francisco), 1795, Span. friar who served at S. Cand died at S. Ant. 1801, being poisoned by the Ind. i. 576, 686; ii. 146, 149-50, 159. Pulaski (Albert), 1846, at N. Helv. occasionally '46-8. Pulis (John C.), 1847, sergt Co. F, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; owner of S.F. lots; d. at S.F. '50. Pulpule, Ind. at Sutter's '40. iv. 138. Pulsifer (David), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in '82 at Concho, Ariz. Purcell (Henry), 1846, Co. C, 1st U. S. dragoons (v. 336). P. (Matthias), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at S. F. '50. Purdy (Sam. L.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in L. Cal. '48. Puter (James), 1828, Amer. trapper, age 20, of Pattie's party. iii. 163, 168; nothing known of him later. Putnam, 1847, mr of the Susan Drew. v. 511. 

Pyle (Edward), 1846, overl. immig. from Mo., who settled with his family at S.Jos‚, where he died in '75. His daughters married B. H. Gordon and J. W. Laird. His son, Edward, Jr, married Mary A. Graves of the Donner party in '47; is ment. in '48 as at N. Helv. raising recruits for service at Mazatlan (?); also as a member of the Stockton Mining Co. The same year he was murdered near S. Jos‚ by Valencia, who was hanged for the crime in '49. His widow married J. T. Clark in '51, and in '80 was living at White River, Tulare Co. Another son, John F., was in S. Joaq. Co. '48; Sta Clara Co. '50-76; and in Kern Co. '79. Still another, Thomas, served in Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); settled with wife and 2 children in Nov. '46 on the Moquelumne; in '47 is ment. as visiting Sutter's Fort; and in '48 moved to Coyote Cr., Sta Clara Co., where he was murdered in '55.