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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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R. ('Il Signor'), 1827, sup. of the H‚ros. iii. 129-30. Raabes (Claudio), at S. Gabriel '46. Rabbens, or 'Raben,' 1847, mr of the Mathilde. v. 579. Rabbettoile (Pierre), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill.; 'Rabbittaile' on the roll; living in '64. Radford, 1847, lieut on the U. S. Warren, who went east overland with Kearny. v. 452. Radon (G.), 1846, mr of the Narwal. v. 579. 

Rae (Wm Glen), 1841, nat. of Scotland, and agent of the H. B. Co., in charge of the Cal. establishment of the co. at S. F. '41-5. He was an able man of business, and a jolly, popular bon-vivant. In '45 he was driven by a complication of causes, arising from business, political, and domestic troubles aggravated by dissipation, to commit suicide at the age of 31. iv. 216-19, 593-4, 665-8; v. 679. Rae's wife was Eloise, daughter of Dr John McLoughlin, and they had a son and 2 daughters. The widow became Mrs Harvey, and died at Portland, Or., in '84 at the age of 68. In a MS. Life of Dr McLoughlin, she had furnished me a valuable sketch of her experience in S.F. Her property was left to her son, Joseph McL. Harvey, but the will, acc. to the newspapers, is contested by the daughters of Rae, Mrs Wygant and Mrs Myrick. Raeckman (Israel), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Rafter (Wm), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518); still in the service '64. v. 521. Raggio (Luigi), 1847, Ital. from Mex.; justice of the peace S. Luis Ob. '51; S. Benito Co. '67-81 with family. Ragsdale, 1837, mr of the True Blue. iv. 106. 

Rainey (Dav. P.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Rainsford (John), 1829, Irish sailor from the Islands, known as 'Kanaka Jack,' and as Joaquin Solis from his personal resemblance to the convict. iii. 179. He worked as a lumberman; joined the comp. extranjera in '32. iii. 221; appears on Larkin's books from '34; got a Mont. lot in '35; age 30 in '36; sold out in '37; at S.F. in '39-41, acting as interpreter and mr of a launch on the bay. iv. 130. In '42 he lived at Sonoma, getting naturalization papers, and perhaps visiting the Geysers; grantee of a Napa rancho by the Sonoma alcalde in '45. Land Com., no. 804; died in '46. 

Ramirez (Agapito), at Los Ang. '45-6, iv. 522, 541. R. (Angel), 1834, Mex. ex-friar and ex-revolutionist, in charge of the Mont. custom-house '34-6; a leading supporter of Alvarado at first and later a conspirator against him; an intriguing, vicious fellow, who died in '40. His wife, or mistress, in '36 was Francisca Gutierrez, who came with him overland from Tepic. Biog. iii. 587-8; ment. iii. 357-8, 261, 297, 370-3, 377, 452, 455, 469, 477, 487, 513, 523-5, 569, 573, 670-2, 677, 683, 688; iv. 96, 163. R. (Angeles), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Aquilino), killed at S. Buen. '38. iii. 554. R. (Antonio), at Los Ang. '39, age 25. R. (Francisco), Chileno at S.F. '43-6; age 40 in '45; collector in '46. v. 648. R. (Ignacio), first man buried at Mont. 1770. i. 175. 

Ramirez (Jos‚), 1820, Mex. sub-lieut of artill. '20-26, when he returned to Mex. ii. 263, 371, 381, 422, 470, 510, 537, 674; iii. 25. He was an old man of 60, and soon died, leaving a widow, Mar¡a de Jesus Ortega, of Sta B., who returned to Cal., and in '75 was still living at Sta Clara. R. (Jos‚), resid. of Branciforte '28-30. ii. 627; wife Margarita Lorenzana, child. Riviano (Bibiano?), Vicente, Victor, Andr‚s, Jos‚ Arcadio, Luis, Estefana, BR. (Jos‚ Ant.), carpenter-instructor 1792-5; at Los Ang. '21. i. 615; ii. 351. R. (Jos‚ Guad.), soldier at S. Juan B. before 1800. i. 558. R. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), [p.296]1825, Mex. alf‚rez, who came with Gov. Echeand¡a, and was soon attached to the S. Diego comp. iii. 13-14, 16, 24, 78. He married Dolores Palomares, and in '30 was tried and acquitted for bigamy. Took part in the revolt of '31, and was the slayer of Vicente Gomez. iii. 204, 673; in '33-4 comisionado to secularize S. Diego mission. iii. 326, 620, 630; in '35-6 admin. of S. Antonio (possibly another man). iii. 354, 687-8; in '36 at Mont.; also comisionado of Sta In‚s. iii. 426, 463, 663-4; iv. 46. He was involved in the sectional quarrels of '37-8, being more than once arrested in the south. iii. 504, 555, 566; in '40 was grantee of land at Los Ang. iii. 634; iv. 635; and in '44 is ment. as lieut, being also instructor and adjutant of the Los Ang. comp. of defensores. iv. 407-8. An Alf. Ramirez was wounded at the S. Gabriel in Jan. '47. v. 396. R. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), soldier at Mont. '36, age 33, nat. of Oajaca. R. (Juan), at Los Ang. in '36, one of the vigilantes. iii. 432; age 32 in '39; juez de campo '36, '40, '48. iii. 636-7; v. 626; justice of the peace in '50. R. (Manuel), 1801, Mex. convict. ii. 170. R. (Mar¡a Potenciana), wife of Macario Castro 1777. ii. 141. R. (Miguel), s¡ndico at Branciforte '36. iii. 697; in '45, age 50, nat. of Tepic, wife Margarita Lorenzana, son Canuto b. '26 at B.; prob. same as Jos‚ above. R. (Ramon), at S. Gabriel '46. Ramon (Jos‚), Ind. grantee of Pur¡sima, Sta Clara. Ramos (Jos‚), Mex. convict settler 1798. i. 606. 

Ramsay, mr of the Good Hope. ii. 284. Ramsdale (Geo.), 1846, corp. Co. K, C, 1st U.S. dragoons. Killed at S. Pascual. v. 346. Ramsey (Chas), 1848, settler in Solano Co., still in Green Valley '78. R. (Dav.), 1847, corp. Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); kept a store at S.F. '48. v. 683. R. (John W.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Rand, or Ran (Caleb), 1847, settler in Sta Clara Val. with wife from '46-7; went to Or. '72; d. '79. R. (Geo.), 1847, perhaps of N.Y. Vol. (v. 499), under another name. R. (Joshua), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. before '82. Randall (Andrew), 1847, gunner on the U.S. Portsmouth; in '50 called a doctor and scientist; in '53 apparently the claimant for several ranchos. iii. 677, 712; iv. 655, 670, 672. R. (Chandler G.), 1847, said to have been orderly sergt in N.Y. Vol., but not on the rolls; a carpenter at S. Jos‚ from '49 to his death in '58, age 36. R. (Charles G.), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S. Jos‚ after '50; doubtless same as preceding. R. (Eli), 1847, at Stockton. Tinkham. R. (John), 1826, mid. on the Blossom '26-7. Randolph (Isaac N.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336); kept a hotel at Sonoma '48; in Amador Co. from '53 to '63, when he committed suicide. R. (J. B.), 1847, lieut on the U.S. Columbus. Raney (McKee), 1848, nat. of Va, settler of S. Joaq., apparently living in '84; also called 'Reany.' Rangel (Juan Jos‚), 1829, Mex. convict set at liberty '34. Ranguel (Manuel), at Los Ang. '46. Ransch (Joseph A.), 1847, at S.F. asking for land; perhaps 'Rausch.' 
Ratiguende (Wm), 1828, doubtful name; mr of the F‚nix. iii. 147. Rausch (Nicholas J.), 1847, Co. K, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot; later a prominent German citizen of S.F. where he died in '63. Rawson (Dan. B.), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Ray (Charles), 1823, mr of the Plowboy. ii. 492. R. (David), 1848, immig. from Or. with wife and 5 children; died on the Yuba the same year. Burnett. R. (John G.), 1846, memb. of the Sonoma council '47. v. 668; Cal. claim of $250 (v. 462); in '60 kept a hotel on the Geyser road. The John Ray who came to Rose Bar with his family in '48, Yuba Co. Hist., 83, may be he or David. Rayaty (Julian), at Los Ang. '39, age 26. Raymond (Almon P.), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). R. (Fred.), 1847, nat. of Mass., who died at S.F. May 27th. R. (Peter), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); murderer of J. R. von Pfister in the mines Oct. '48, but escaped from jail. I think he may possibly be the Peter Remer executed at Sta B. in Dec. for the Reed murder. v. 632. Raymore (Thos), 1832, memb. of the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221. Raynor (Wm), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). 

Read (Christina), 1846, of the Mormon colony. v. 546; owner of a S.F. lot. v. 679. R. (Edward), 1844, Amer. from Mazatlan, who went mad on the voyage, and seems to have died at S. Pedro. iv. 453. R. (Hannah T.), 1846, [p.297]of the Morm. colony with a child. v. 546; perhaps Mrs Jimison later. R. (John), 1826 (?), Irish sailor said to have come from Acapulco this year. iii. 176. I find no original record of his presence before '33 except that in '34 several witnesses testified to having known him for 6 years, or since '28. Prevented by Ind. from cultivating the Cotate rancho, and serving for a time as majordomo of S. Rafael, acc. to current sketches he came to Sauzalito in '32. Weeks claims to have visited him in the Sauzalito cabin in '31. His boat running occasionally to Yerba Buena, may be regarded as the 1st ferry. From '33 his name appears on Larkin's books and in various records. iii. 365; iv. 117. He was naturalized in Sept. '34, and in Oct. was grantee of the Corte de Madera del Presidio rancho. iii. 711. In '35 he was godfather at the baptism of Geo. Yount, and in '36 married Hilaria, daughter of Jos‚ Ant. Sanchez, being appointed admin. of S. Rafael, and perhaps serving as alcalde the next year, when he was visited by Edwards. iii. 718; iv. 86. Henry A. Peirce describes a visit to his place in '41, and he died in '43, leaving 4 children. The widow was still living in '72 with a daughter by a 2d husband. The son, John J., b. in '37, inherited his father's estate and was still living in '80, with wife Carlota Suarez and 2 children. Another son was Richard, b. about '39. One daughter, In‚s, Mrs Deffenbach, lived in '80 in the adobe house built by her father; the other, Hilaria, married J. Boyle of S.F. R. (Rachel), 1848, married at S.F. to F. Weaver. R. (Wm B.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). 

Reading (Pierson B.), 1843, nat. of N.J. and overl. immig. in the Chiles-Walker party. iv. 393-4, 400. He entered Sutter's service as clerk and chief of trappers, making wide explorations in '44-5, commanding at the fort during Sutter's absence in the Micheltorena campaign, and getting in '44 a grant of the S. Buenaventura rancho. iv. 483, 486, 673. In '46 he was active from the first in promoting the settlers' revolt, and served '46-7 in the Cal. Bat. as paymaster, with rank of major, owning a lot at S.F., and having a 'Cal. claim.' v. 127-8, 170, 179, 360, 404-5, 447, 674, 685. After his discharge he settled on his Shasta Co. rancho, but in '48-9 engaged extensively in mining operations on Trinity River, where Reading Bar bore his name, and in '49 had a store at Sac. in company with Hensley and Snyder, besides taking part in political affairs. In '50 he went east to settle his accounts as paymaster, and to pay a large debt at Vicksburg resulting from a business failure of '37, and returning was candidate for governor in '51, barely missing election. Subsequently he devoted himself to agriculture in northern Cal.; married Fanny Washington in '56, and died in '68 at the age of 52, leaving a widow and 5 children. Maj. Reading was a man of well-balanced mind, honorable, energetic, and courteous; one whose Californian record seems never to have furnished material for adverse criticism. 

Real (Antonio Suarez del), 1833, Mex. friar of the Zacatecas college, who served at Sta Cruz '33-44, and retired to his college in the latter year, or perhaps in '45. iii. 319, 693-5; iv. 371, 657, 662, 675. Padre Real was a dissolute man addicted to more than one vice, and even accused of theft, but credited with having been kind and indulgent to his neophytes. Sir Geo. Simpson, Laplace the French voyager, and Josiah Belden have something to say of the friar's character. R. (Jos‚ Mar¡a del Refugio Sagrado Suarez del), 1833, brother of Antonio, Mex. friar of the Zacatecanos, missionary at S. Cto '43, and priest at Sta Clara, with charge of S. Jos‚ and S. Cfrom '44. iii. 319, 679-80; iv. 5, 427, 549, 638, 651, 657, 682. In '46-7 he was in some difficulty about sales of mission lands and encroachments of immigrants. v. 564, 663, 665-7; and in later years his troubles with the authorities continued to some extent, until in '51 the guardian called on P. Gonzalez to suspend Real if he could not be induced to leave Cal. voluntarily. He went in '52; in '53 writes from S. Jos‚ del Cabo, L. Cal.; and in '55 he had severed his connection with the college and was serving as parish priest at Mazatlan. Padre Jos‚ Mar¡a somewhat resembled his brother in character, though an abler man, with more skill in concealing his irregularities. It was most unfortunate for the general reputation of the Cal. padres-a most excellent body of men, as [p.298]is fully shown in these volumes-that the Real brothers, Quijas, Mercado, and a few other black sheep of the fold were the friars whose conduct was best known to the foreign immig., and on whom many pioneers have founded their estimate of the missionaries. Reamer (Wm C.) of the Mormon col. of '46; did not come to Cal. Reausseau (Charles), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. in S.F. '68. 

Recio (Antonio M. Jimenez del), parish priest at Los Ang. '47. v. 625; prob. came in '45 or earlier. Rector (Geo. W.), 1847, nat. of Ky; resid. of S. Luis Ob. Co. '68-83. Reddick, 1845, one of Fr‚mont's men perhaps. iv. 583; went east with Sublette in '46, or perhaps to Or. v. 526. Redmond (John B.), 1848 (?), Irish settler of Marin Co. '64-80. Reed (B. F.), 1846, Cal. claim of $300 (v. 462). R. (Edward), 1831, mr of the Harriet. R. (Geo.), 1828, mr of the Rascow. iii. 148. 

Reed (James Frazier), 1846, nat. of Ireland and a prominent member of the Donner party from Ill., accomp. by his wife, 4 children, and his wife's mother, Mrs Sarah Keyes. The latter died in May at the age of 90. In Oct., before reaching the mts, Reed, in a quarrel, killed John Snyder and was banished from the company. With one companion he crossed the Sierra, and after an unsuccessful attempt to recross with relief, served as lieut in the Sanchez campaign, and in Feb. '47 went back to the lake in the 2d relief. All the family saved their lives and settled at S. Jos‚, where R. became wealthy and held local offices, dying in '74, and his wife, Margaret W., in '61. James F. Jr was living at S. Jos‚ in '80, as was Thomas K., also Virginia E., wife of John M. Murphy, with 6 children, and Martha J., widow of Frank Lewis, with 7 children. Portraits of father, mother, and the daughters in McGlashan's work. v. 508, 530, 532, 534, 664, 666, 668, 676. 

Reed (John), see 'Read.' R. (John), 1837 (?), nat. of N.C., who came from N. Mex.; often accredited to the Workman party, but his name is not in Rowland's list, and Given is positive he was not of the party. iv. 118, 278. Accredited to '37 by the Los Ang. Co. Hist., but perhaps did not come till after '41. Served against Micheltorena in '45. iv. 495; signed the declaration against Castro in June '46, and in Stockton's campaign of 46-7 served as sergt in the Cal. Bat. A visit to Sutter's fort is recorded in '47. He was a sonin-law of John Rowland, and became owner of La Puente rancho, where he died in '74, leaving a widow, but no children. R. (John), 1846, of the Mormon colony. v. 546; perhaps should be 'Read,' or the others 'Reed.' R. (John), 1846, lieut in Marston's force Sta Clara campaign. v. 350. R. (John), 1846, sailmaker on the Congress, acting capt. in Stockton's Bat. '46-7. v. 385. R. (Joseph), 1847, accredited to N.Y. Vol., but not on roll; in St Helena '75. R. (Martin), 1830, asked permission to cut timber at S.F.; may be an error for 'John Read.' R. (P. H.), 1847, on the Vandalia at S.F. and Mont. R. (Rachel), 1846, of the Mormon colony. v. 546; perhaps 'Read.' R. (Richard), 1845, deserted from the Hopewell at S. Diego. R. (Thos B.), 1845, doubtful name of an overl. immig. iv. 578. R. (Wm), 1826, claimed to have been with Jed. Smith. iii. 153. R. (Wm), 1837, Engl. sailor and lumberman in Mont. district '37-8; being also named as pilot and mate of the schr California '37-9. iii. 532; iv. 101. He married a native and settled near S. Miguel before '46, in which year, with Petronilo Rios, he got a grant of the mission rancho. v. 561, 637. Returning to his home from a successful trip to the mines he was murdered in Dec. '48, with wife, children, and servants-11 persons in all-by 4 robbers, some of them discharged N.Y. Volunteers. One of the assassins was killed in the pursuit, and the others, calling themselves Lynch, Remer, and Quinn, were executed at Sta B. Dec. 28th. v. 592, 639-40. R. (Wm), 1842, trader at S.F. from N. Orleans, aged 32, with wife and 3 children, John, Maria, and Eliza, the last born of S.F. Padron in Dwinelle. 

Reer (James), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Reese (Dav.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). R. (Geo.), 1847, ditto. R. (James), 1846, Co. E, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Reeves (S. C.), 1848, Columbia River pilot who came to Cal. on the news of gold, in a long-boat rigged for the trip; returned to Or. as mr of the J¢ven Guipuzcoana, but came back to navigate S.F. bay on the [p.299]Flora, and was drowned in '49. Hist. Or., i. 589, 808. Reffe (Winchester), 1847, nat. of Ky and overl. immig.; a farmer near Stockton '49-56; settler in Lake Co. '65-80; wife Lucy Maxwell. Regalado (Pedro) invcorp. of S. F. comp. '39-40. R. (Victor), 1848, nat. of Texas who came from Sonora to the mines; later at Los Ang. Reichart (John), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); supposed to be living in '67. 

Reid (Hugo Perfecto), 1834, nat. of Scotland, who had been 6 years in Mex., coming to S. Diego in Aug. '34 with a pass from Gefe Pol. Monterde at La Paz. iii. 412. He settled at Los Ang., aged 23, and in '35 was accused of complicity in the Apalrevolt. iii. 285; iv. 117. He is ment. in various records from this time, and seems to have been engaged in trade with Leese and Keith. Becoming naturalized in '39, he settled on the Sta Anita rancho, granted to him in '41-5. iv. 635. I have several of his letters to Hartnell, who aided him in getting the land against the efforts of J. A. Carrillo in behalf of the Lopez family. In '39 he had a wife, Victoria, and 3 children, the wife having a grant of the Cuati rancho in '38. iii. 633. He is named as mr of the Esmeralda in '42-3. iv. 565; in '43, '46, encargado de justicia at S. Gabriel, iv. 637, of which establishment he was purchaser with Workman in '46. v. 561, 627-9. In '47 he sold Sta Anita to Dalton. v. 628; was owner of a S. F. lot. v. 685; is named as sec. of a meeting at S.F. on land matters; visited the mines in '48, being also Pio Pico's agent to explain the motives of his return. v. 588; and in '49 was a member of the constit. convention. He gave much attention to Ind. manners and customs, on which subject he wrote a valuable series of papers, published in the Los Ang. Star. i. 180. His death was in '52. Felipe and Jos‚ Dolores seem to have been his sons, iv. 119, the former being at S. Juan B. in '49. R. (Joseph), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Napa '71-82. R. (Patrick), 1847, corp. Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. v. 519; supposed to be living '64. R. (Wm), 1835, Amer. physician at Los Ang., accused of complicity in the revolt. iii. 242-5, 285. The ayunt. passed complimentary resol. on his medical services; prob. confounded with 'Keith,' q.v. Reinhart (John), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Reintrie (Henry), 1842, sec. of Com. Jones. iv. 310, 321; a nat. of Cuba of French parentage, who was sec. on the Independence in '47; in '68 vice-consul-general at Habana. Reisch (Jacob), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Remer (Peter), 1848, one of the murderers of the Reed family at S. Miguel, executed at Sta B. in Dec. v. 632, 640. I think he was Raymond of the N.V. Vol., '47, who killed Pfister in Oct. '48. Remington (Darius C.), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in Wash. Ter. '74. Remon (Jos‚ Ant.), 1819, at Los Ang. ii. 354. Renard (Wm), 1840, mr of the Francis Henrietta; letters of introd.; perhaps did not come. Rendall (John), 1826, mid. with Beechey. iii. 121. Rendon (Guadalupe and Julian), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Ignacio), settler at Los Ang. '10-19. ii. 349, 354. Renom, 1817, boatswain on Roquefeuil's vessel, d. at S.F. ii. 288. Renshaw (Wm B.), 1846; lieut U.S.N., acting capt. in Stockton's bat. '46-7; came from Mazatlan with despatches on the Malek Adhel Oct. '46. v. 290, 357-8, 386, 391-5. Repeto (James), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Repoll (Sam. F.), 1846, killed at S. Pascual. v. 346; prob. the following. Repose (Sam. T.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). 

Requena (Manuel), 1834, nat. of Yucatan, a trader who came by sea from Guaymas, sold his vessel, and remained in Cal. In '35 he was fiscal at the Apaltrial. iii. 285; alcalde of Los Ang. '36. iii. 418-19, 431, 481, 636; took a prominent part '36-8 in the southern opposition to Alvarado, and after the affair at Las Flores retired for a time across the frontier. iii. 491, 504, 518, 548-9, 555, 558, 561, 565. In '39-41 he was a member of the junta. iii. 590, 604; iv. 193; in '44 alcalde. iv. 411, 633; and in '45 ministro of the sup. tribunal and suplente congressman. iv. 532, 539-40; v. 50. In the troubles of '46-7 he seems to have taken but slight part; but in '50-67 he was often member of the city council. He died in '76, at the age of about 72, having always been a citizen of excellent standing and much local influence. His wife was Gertrudis Guirado, who died in '74. His daughter married Dav. W. [p.300]Alexander, from whom I obtained copies of a small collection of Requena, Doc. Hist. Cal. Retar (Henry), 1840, sailor on the California. Revell (Andrew or Joseph), 1848, S.F. letter list. 

Revere (Joseph Warren), 1846, nat. of Mass., and lieut on the Cyane. He was the officer sent to raise the U.S. flag at Sonoma in July, and remained in com. of the northern district for several months, making a tour to Clear Lake-the 1st ever described in print-and visiting Sutter's fort to repel the threatened Walla Walla invasion. v. 59-60, 128-9, 238, 242-3, 254, 296-7, 301, 433, 667. In '47 com. of the prize Admittance. v. 576; later claimant for a Marin Co. rancho. iv. 673. His Tour of Duty, published in '49, contained an interesting narrative of his adventures and observations in Cal. He resigned in '50 to become a ranchero in Mex., soon entering the govt service, but in '61 reentering that of the U.S. as colonel of a N.J. regiment. He rose to the rank of brig.-gen., but was dismissed from the army by court-martial in '63 for alleged misconduct at Chancellorsville. He resided at Morristown, N.J.; published another book, Keel and Saddle, in '72; took much interest in pioneer Cal. matters. v. 148-9; and died in '80. Revilla (Crist¢bal), 1775, mate on transports '75-6. i. 241, 287. 

Rey (Chas), 1823, mr of the Plowboy. ii. 492. R. (Crist¢bal), in trouble 1797. i. 639. R. (Joseph), 1842, French lumberman in the contra costa. Reyes (Antonio), at Los Ang. i. '19-39; ii. 355; and Ant. Mar¡a '46-8, perhaps the same. R. (Dionisio), in Los Ang. revolt '46. v. 308. R. (Fecundo), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Francisco), settler at Los Ang. 1787; alcalde '93-5; owner of ranchos; d. before 1816. i. 461, 553,561-2, 612, 661-3; ii. 172, 185, 349. R. (Ignacio), juez de campo at Los Ang. '45. iv. 634. R. (Inocencia), ment. at Los Ang. '46. v. 318. R. (Isidro), aux. alcalde at Los Ang. '38. iii. 636; age 26 in '39; cl. for Boca de Sta M¢nica '52. iii. 633. R. (Jacinto), settler at Los Ang. 1804. ii. 349. R. (Jos‚), saddler-instructor 1792-5. i. 615. R. (Jos‚), convict settler of 1798. i. 606. R. (Jos‚), corp. of S.F. comp. '20-8; perhaps same at Los Ang. '46-8; Sta. B. '50. R. (Manuel), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Martin), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. R. (Saturnino and Seferino), at Los Ang. '46-8. 

Reynolds, 1810, mr of the Sultan '10-14. ii. 282. R. (Ed. D.), 1847, purser on the U. S. Southampton. R. (Sam.), 1843, visited Cal. from Hon. R. (Stephen), 1833 (?), Mass. trader at Honolulu, often named in Cal. corresp. of '30-44, many of his original letters being in my collection. I think he visited Cal., but find no positive record. He died insane in Mass. about '53, having lost his property in a sugar plantation at the Islands. R. (Wm), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). R. (Wm), 1845, named at S. F.; also as alcalde of S. Rafael, and later claimant for part of Nicasio rancho. iv. 587, 593, 672, 677. There may be some confusion between him and the following. R. (Wm John), 1839, Engl. sailor and carpenter on the Index, who left the ship and settled at S.F. in '43. iv. 119. In '44, being 25 years old, he became a Mex. citizen, owner of a lot, iv. 669, and corporal in the defensores. He worked as a carpenter with Davis and Rose, spending much of the time, '45-6, in Napa Valley, where he seems to have worked on a mill, and where he built a small vessel, the Londresa. His visits at N. Helv. are recorded in the Diary of '45-7; and he is said to have been married in '46 (?) by Alcalde Boggs. There is no reliable record of the part he took in the revolt of '46, though some vague and inaccurate reminiscences are recorded in the Napa Register of '72. He was familiarly known as Chino Reynolds, was rarely detected in telling the truth about early events, and died in '76 at Sonoma. R. (Wm P.), 1845, son of Stephen, b. in Manila, mate on the Fama. iv. 565; worked for Davis & Grimes; served in Fauntleroy's dragoons (v. 232, 247); owner of S.F. lot. v. 684; in '49-52 was in charge of Lugo's rancho, Los Ang., and later a trader; still at Los Ang. '58. Rez(Nikolai Petrovich), 1806, Russ. chamberlain, who visited S.F. to establish commercial relations bet Alaska and Cal. ii. 38, 67-80, 182, 219. 

Rhea (John), 1831, Amer. trapper from N. Mex. in the Wolfskill party, who settled at Los Ang., where he kept a saloon, with a billiard-table, from [p.301]'34 to '36, but is thought to have gone east about '37. iii. 387, 405. Rhett, 1845, perhaps one of Fr‚mont's party. iv. 583. Rheusaw (Hiram), 1845, overl. immig. of the Swasey-Todd party. v. 576, 587. He is ment. at Sutter's fort early in '46; and went south with Fr‚mont in Aug., remaining there with Gillespie, and ranking as lieut in the Cal. Bat. during the final campaign. v. 360, 386, 435; Cal. claim of $15 (v. 462). I have no record of him after his discharge from the service in April '47. Rhinehart (Joseph), 1846, German memb. of the Donner party, who perished in the snow. He had no family. v. 531, 533. 

Rhoads (Daniel), 1846, son of Thomas, nat. of Ill., and overl. immig. with wife and his father's family. He worked for Sinclair on the Grimes' rancho, and was a member of the 1st Donner relief, v. 538, of which he has furnished for my use a valuable narrative in MS. Working in the mines '48-9, after a visit east he settled in '51 on a rancho near Gilroy, moving in '57 to the Kings River country, and living in '83 at the age of 62 near Lemoore, Kern Co. He had at that date a son and three daughters. Portrait in Kern Co. Hist., 168. R. (Henry C.), 1846, son of Thomas, in Fresno Co. '72. R. (H.), 1847, visited Cal. on the Gen. Kearny. R. (John B.), 1846, oldest son of Thomas; member and perhaps capt. of the 1st Donner relief, and also memb. of the 4th; on the jury in the Keseberg trial. v. 538, 541. He settled in the Sac. Valley, was a memb of the legislature '63, and died in '66. R. (Thomas), 1846, nat. of Ky, a Mormon, and overl. immig. with wife and 12 sons and daughters. He settled on the Cosumnes, and the visits of different members of the family are often recorded at Sutter's fort in '47. In that year Mrs R. died on Sutter's launch while being carried to S.F. for medical aid, and was buried at Benicia. R. subsequently went to Utah, where he died in '69 at the age of 77. The sons, Daniel, Henry, John, Thomas, and Wm B., are named in this register. Of the daughters, Elizabeth married Sebastian Keyser in '46, and in '72, as Mrs Pierce, lived at Kingston, Fresuo Co.; Sarah married Wm Daylor in '47, in '51 became the wife of Wm R. Grimshaw, and in '72 lived at the Daylor rancho with 7 children. Grimshaw's narrative has been my chief source of information about the Rhoads family. A 3d daughter married Jared Sheldon in '47, and in '72 lived at Daylor rancho with 2 children. The youngest daughter went to Utah and married John Clawson. The wife of T. Elder is also named as a daughter of R. R. (Thomas Jr), 1846, son of Thomas; prob. the T. Rhoads who served in the Cal. Bat. (v. 358); drowned while crossing the plains in '52. R. (Wm B.), 1846, son of Thomas; in Fresno Co. '72. Rhodes (Jonas B.), 1848, at S. F. from Valpara¡so. R. (Stephen C.), 1846, sailor on the U.S. Dale; came back to Cal. in '49, and died at S.F. '50 at the age of 40. 

Rice (Daniel), 1832, Amer. carpenter from S. Blas. iii. 408; at Los Ang. '40, age 30; married a Romero about '35. R. (Geo. Joseph), 1826, nat. of Mass., who came from Hon. on the Rover. iii. 176; ii. 558; and settled at Los Ang. In '28 he made a trip to Hon. on the H‚ros for his health, returning by L. Cal. and S. Diego, obtaining naturalization and a license to marry in '29. His wife was a Lopez, and he was for a time associated in business with John Temple, the partnership being dissolved in '32. I have several of his letters of '31-4. In the later years he kept a billiard-saloon, which he sold to Fran. Figueroa about '35; and he is said to have left Cal. for the east about the same time. R. (John), 1830, Amer. shoemaker from N. Mex. iii. 180; at Los Ang. '36, age 25. R. (Joseph M.), 1846 (?), Soc. Cal. Pion. R. (Thos), 1825, mate on the Rover. R. (Wm H.), 1846, died in Alameda Co. '67; said to have been a sailor in the navy '46. R. (Wm), 1826, mr of the Warren '26, '29 (?). iii. 149. 

Rich (Wm), 1841, botanist in U.S. ex. ex. iv. 241, 243. R. (Wm), 1847, maj. U.S.A., and paymaster '47-8; came on the Preble. v. 517, 646. Richards (Henry), 1842, sentenced at Los Ang. to 10 years of presidio in Jalisco for murder; nothing known of the case. iv. 296, 342, 633. R. (James), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). R. (Q.), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). R. (Nathaniel), 1833, mr of the N. America. iii. 383. R. (Pierre), 1844, Frenchman [p.302]in Mont. district; fined for buying smuggled goods; had a claim for damages done by Fr‚mont. iv. 453, 566; v. 615. R. (Peter F.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. R. (Wm), 1829, British subject who got a carta. 

Richardson (A.), 1846, mr of the Brooklyn, which brought the Mormon colony. v. 545, 576; d. in N.Y. '84 at the age of 86, and his wife the same day aged 77. R. (Artemas W.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); county surveyor in Tuolumne; d. at Sonora '54. R. (Benj.), 1848 (?), a capitalist of S.F. and N.Y. whose arrival is doubtfully accredited to this year in newspaper sketches of '84. R. (Charles), 1847, sergt Co. B, N.Y. Vol. v. 504; d. at sea '55. R. (Henry), 1844, clerk on the Sterling; d. in Cal. iv. 453. R. (Henry P.), 1847, trader on the coast '47-8; owner of S.F. lot and of property at Benicia. R. (Paul), 1840 (?), a noted trapper and mountaineer, who several times crossed the continent to Or., and may have entered Cal. before '48, as he did in '49. iv. 120. 

Richardson (Wm Antonio), 1822, Engl. mate on the whaler Orion who 'left' his vessel at S.F., was permitted by Gov. Sola to remain on condition of teaching his arts of navigation and carpentry, and in '23 was baptized at the mission by P. Est‚nega, receiving at that time the name of Antonio, and being 27 years old. ii. 478, 495-6, 591. I have his autograph letter of '23 in Spanish, and many of later date. In '24 he was in trouble about debts. ii. 526; and this was by no means the last occurrence of such difficulties; but in '25 he married Mar¡a Antonia, daughter of Comandante Ignacio Martinez. ii. 592; iii. 29; and in '27-9 he applied for naturalization-obtained in '30-calling himself a piloto, with some ideas of ship-building, speaking Spanish, and having a capital of about $3,000, besides some live-stock, and producing a certificate from P. Altimira of great usefulness to the mission by carpenterwork, and teaching calking to the Ind. He had a boat that traders could hire, served as pilot on the bay, as in the case of Duhaut-Cilly. ii. 590; was more than suspected of smuggling with the support of his father-in-law, and in '29 was employed to vaccinate Ind. at different missions, iii. 168, whence his later title of doctor. At the end of '29 he moved with his family to S. Gabriel, where he made his home till '35, though making trading trips up and down the coast in different vessels. ii. 558; iii. 143, 285, 382. In '35, returning north, after aiding in founding Sonoma, he erected the 1st structure in S.F., a kind of tent, or shanty, replaced in '36 with a large adobe building; became the owner of town lost; declined the office of alcalde in '37; and from the 1st day of '37 served as capt. of the port by Vallejo's appointment. iii. 295, 512, 700, 705, 709; iv. 97-8, 116, 153, 601-2; v. 682. His private business was the collection of country produce by a launch running on the bay. In '36 he became owner of the Sauzalito rancho, granted to Galindo in '35; and in '41 he went there to live, though still holding his office of capt. of the port of S.F. till Nov. '44, with no little trouble arising from his interested leniency to whalers who insisted on going to Sauzalito 'for wood and water.' iv. 245, 314, 376, 430, 665-6, 669-70, 683. In '46 he afforded some slight aid to the Californians against the Bears. v. 176; but under Stockton's appointment served again as capt. of the port and collector in '46-7. v. 572, 659, 433, 539. Had a Cal. claim of $6,683 (v. 462); was claimant for Sauzalito, where he spent the rest of his life, and his wife for Pinole. iii. 713; iv. 672; was a witness in the Limantour and other land cases; and died in '56, leaving a widow, still living in '80, a son, and 2 daughters. Capt. R. was a skilful sailor and an energetic man of business; and though somewhat too often involved in business difficulties, and severely criticised-as who was not ?-in land litigations, is still given a good name by men of all classes who knew him in the early days. A biog. sketch is given in the Marin Co. Hist., 386, the very inaccurate nature of which would not be noticed here but for the statement that it is founded on an original diary. R. (Wm B.), 1832, Amer. tailor said to have come on the Esp¡a, though I find no other record of such a vessel. iii. 408. Named in Larkin's books from '33; and in '40 at Mont., age 30, and married. In '46 he served in Co. B, Cal. Bat. (v. 358), and was still living in Mont. Co. '50. Called also Rocherson and Rickerson. Sometimes a Wm R. appears [p.303]in the records, at Sonoma and elsewhere, who cannot be identified with Wm A. or Wm B., so that there may have been a third of the name Richer, see 'Nief.' 

Richie (Benj.), 1847, Co. C. Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Richmond (Wm), 1847, Co. D, ditto. Richter (Carl), 1832 (?), writes to Hartwell, in Russian, from Sitka, and seems to have spent some time in Cal., being a friend of the padre prefecto. Rickman (Robert), 1841, overl. immig. of the Bartleson party; visited Mont. in Jan. '42 with letters from Sutter, but went east the same year. iv. 267, 270, 275, 342. Rico (Francisco), nat. of Mont. b. about '20; in '42-4 clerk and celador of the Mont. custom-house, being also grantee in '42-3 of S. Lorenzo and Rancher¡a del Rio Estanislao ranchos. iv. 339, 377, 431, 655, 672. In the revolution against Micheltorena '44-5, Rico took a prominent part from beginning to end. iv. 460, 462, 487, 501, 505, 588. In his Notes of '45 Larkin describes him as an honorable, straightforward man of good standing but little property. In '46-7 as capt. of defensores he was an active supporter of the Flores movement, being 2d in com. in the Natividad campaign, chief of a sub-revolt against Flores, and finally commissioner sent to treat with Fr‚mont. v. 45, 307, 316-18, 321, 333, 362, 365, 368, 372, 404. As late as Feb. '48 he was required to give bonds to commit no hostilities against the U. S. v. 585-6. In later years he was a ranchero in Mont. Co., being apparently supervisor in '56. In '77 he gave me his Memorias, a narrative confined exclusively to the events of '44-7 which fell under his personal observation, the general accuracy of his statements being well attested by original documentary records. In '85 I have not heard of his death. R. (Martin Gonzalez), appointed in Mex. district judge for Cal. in '29, but never came. R. (Vicente), sergt at Sta B. '29-30. iii. 78, 114. Ricord (John), 1847, N. Y. lawyer who had been attorney-gen. of the king of the Sandwich Isl. An unfavorable letter from Com. Biddle to Gov. Mason respecting his record at Hon. and in the U.S. preceded him in Cal., and he was unable with all his arts to secure a high govt position. He opened a law office at Mont., and in '48 was a speculator in quicksilver mines. 

Riddell (D. A.), 1834, mr of the Wm Lye. iii. 384. R. (Timothy W.), 1834, mr of the Martha. iii. 383. Ridington (Thomas), 1833, Amer. sailor, who landed from the Ayacucho and settled at S. Diego as a shoemaker, age 33. iii. 409. In '35 he applied for naturalization, and in '38 got provisional papers from CCarrillo as gov. His arrest was ordered in '40, iv. 15, but he was not exiled; and in '44 and '47 he served as justice of the peace. iv. 618-20. I find no record of him after '48. His wife was Juana Machado, widow of DAlipwho still lived at S. Diego in '78, with 4 married daughters, giving me a narrative of Tiempos Pasados. Ridley (Robert), 1840, Engl. sailor and clerk, who appears on Larkin's books from Jan., being in com. of Sutter's launch, and for a time in charge of Ross '41, acting also as clerk for Spear and Rae at S.F. iv. 117, 120, 129, 138, 186, 233, 668-9, 678-9. In '44 he was naturalized, owner of a lot, corporal of the militia, and married to Juana Briones of North Beach, all at the age of 25. He was a pronounced cockney, a fine-looking fellow, prone to gossip and big stories, capable of drinking prodigious quantities of brandy, and popular with all classes. In '45 he got a grant of Sonoma rancho. iv. 671; and this year or the next built a house in town-the Leidesdorff cottage, at the corner of Montgomery and California streets. He was capt. of the port in '46, and for a time 2d alcalde; but having a fight with Leidesdorff-whose letters are full of denunciation of this 'greatest blaggard in town'-he was removed from the office. v. 648-9. In July, as a Mexican official, he was arrested by the Bears and cast into prison at Sutter's fort, but released in time to get some votes for alcalde in Sept. v. 126, 129, 136, 178, 239, 295, 644-5, 659. In '47 keeping a saloon at S.F.; he went on a voyage of search for the Warren's launch. v. 384, 680; later appears at Mont. for a time; but in '48 was appointed alcalde at S.F. mission, where he spent the rest of his life, dying in '51. His heirs were unsuccessful claimants for the Visitacion rancho. v. 671. His name was prob. Robert T., though the 2d initial is written also J. and F., and he is also called Richard and Joseph. 

Riely, 1847, of Lee & R. at Mont. Rielson (Geo.), 1846, at Bernal's rancho near S. Leandro. Riffe (Wm), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 328); prob. same as 'Reffe.' Rigby (Geo. F.), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S. Jos‚ '50. Riley (James), 1846, with Kearny from N. Mex. as asst in the engineer dept. v. 337. R. (James), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot '48. Ringgold (J.), 1841, lieut U.S.N., com. of the Porpoise in U.S. ex. ex. iv. 232, 235, 568. Rins (Louis), 1840, refused grant of Sta Catalina Isl. as a foreigner; doubtful name. Rioboo (Juan Antonio Garc¡a), 1783, Span. friar who served as supernumerary at S.F. and S. Diego, retiring in '86. Biog. i. 455-7; ment. i. 379, 388, 404, 422, 459. 

Rios (A.), land-owner at S. Juan Cap. '43. iv. 621. R. (Cayetano), soldier of S. F., drowned '17-18. v. 202, 382. R. (Gregorio), at Los Ang. '46. C. (Joaquin), sub-majordomo at S. Juan B. '35; land-owner at S. Juan Cap. '41. iii. 692; iv. 626. R. (Petronilo), Mex. sergt of artill. at S.F. '27-40. v. 592; iii. 71, 584, 672, 702; prob. came in '24-5. In '36 named in Mont. padron as 30 years old, wife Catarina Ávila, child. Jos‚ Camilo b. '34, Mar¡a Lina '35, Jos‚ Simon '36. In '42 grantee of S. Bearnab‚ rancho, Mont. iv. 655; in '46 grantee with Reed of the S. Miguel estate. v. 375, 561, 637, 639-40; and in '52 claimant for Paso de Robles. iv. 655. He still lived in S. Luis Ob. Co. '60; and in '77 his widow, living at Sta Clara, gave me her Recuerdos of the Reed murders at S. Miguel in '48. R. (Santiago), juez de paz at San Juan Cap. '42-3, where he was also grantee of land. iv. 627. R. (Severiano), settler at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626. R. (Silverio), at S. Diego '31. iii. 201; in '39 at Sta Ana rancho, Los Ang.; in '46 at S. Juan Cap., age 45, wife Francisca, child. Salvador b. '39, Jos‚ Dolores '41, Jos‚ Santos '45. R. (Silverio), at S. Juan Cap. '46, age 32, wife Primitiva (?), child Margarita b. '39, Manuel '42. 

Riper (Abraham van), 1847, sergt Co. E, N.Y. Vol. v. 504. Ripley (Francis L.), 1833 (?), nat. of Ga, who in newspaper sketches is said to have visited Mont. this year as mate on a whaler. iii. 409. In '48, being wrecked on the L. Cal. coast he came up to Mont. on the Ohio, and, except a short time in the mines, spent the rest of his life in Mont. Co., being city recorder and county surveyor for several terms. He died at Sta Rita '79. Ripoll (Antonio), 1812, Span. friar who served at Pur¡sima and Sta B., and fled from Cal. in '28; a very enthusiastic missionary. Biog. 578; ment. ii. 235, 264, 354, 364, 366, 394, 416, 423, 530-2, 534-5, 655; iii. 92-4. Rippstein (Jacob), 1846, overl. immig. with Hoppe and Buckelew; Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); owner of S.F. lot '47; in Yuba Co. '85, a farmer. Riser (John J.), 1847, Co. C, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl.; settled in Cal. on discharge, visiting Utah '48-50, and '51-82 in Alameda Co. with wife and 6 children, Catharine, Geo. C., Chas W., May B., Franklin A., and Helen R. 

Ritchie (Archibald A.), 1848, a sea-captain who bought land in Solano Co.; later successful cl. for several ranchos. iv. 671, 674; of the S.F. firm R., Osgood, & Co.; d. in '56, leaving a family. R. (M. D.), 1846, nat. of Pa, known as 'colonel' for services in the Blackfoot war, overl. immig. with family. v. 528-9. Working a while for Sutter and being one of the first Donner relief. v. 538-9; he settled at Napa in '47, working on the ranchos of Boggs and Bale, and renting a mill of Vallejo in '48. He died at Napa in '74, having lost his wife in '73, leaving 6 married daughters-Mrs Stark and Poulson of Lake, Mrs Pond, Cooper, and Hecox of Napa, and Mrs Howard of Solano-with 32 grandchildren. Riter (Henry), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). R. (Levi), 1848, Mormon who went to Salt Lake '49. Glover. Rithey (Wm M.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); at Sutter's fort '47. Ritschard (John), 1848, resid. of Sac. '48-52; d. in Switzerland '77. Rittenhouse (J. B.), 1844, purser on the U.S. Levant. Ritter (Henry), 1839, deserter from the schr. California at S.F. R. (John), 1847, Co. A, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); r‚enl. 

Rivas (Juan), at Los Ang. '46-8. Rivell (Andrew), 1848, in S.F. letter list. Rivera (Antonio) Mex. sold. in the Hidalgo piquete at Mont. '36, age 27. R. (Francisco), Alvarado's comisionado to Mex. '42. iv. 283; grantee of [p.305]S. Luis Gonzaga, Mariposa, '43. iv. 673. R. (Joaquin), mason-instructor 1792-5. i. 615. R. (Pascual) corp. at the Col. Riv. pueblos, killed by Ind. i. 359, 362. R. (Salvador), mason-instructor, 1792. i. 615, 684. Rivera y Moncada (Fernando Javier), 1769, capt. in com. of the Loreto garrison from 1756 or earlier, and in '69 in com. of the 1st exped. by land to Cal., accompanying Portolalso on the 1st exped. from S. Diego to Mont. and S.F. i. 115-25, 132-6, 140-1, 150-5; returned to L. Cal. '70-1. i. 165, 167, 171-2, 175, 178, 182. In '74, by appointment of Aug. 17, '73, he came back to Cal. to succeed Fages as mil. com. of the province from May 25th. i. 216-18, 220, 225-6, 231, 238, 486, 608. His rule lasted until the arrival of Gov. Neve Feb. 3, '77, and then he went to Loreto to act as lieut-gov. of L. Cal. For events of his rule, including his troubles with Anza and Serra in '76, see i. 230, 232-5, 244-5, 248-9, 255-7, 264-73, 276, 279-80, 286-8, 292, 294-5, 298-309, 683. In '78-9 he was commissioned to raise colonists for Cal., and at the Colorado River on his way was killed by the Indians July 17, '81. i. 319, 339-44, 361-3, 487; ii. 44. On his character and family, see i. 363-4. Riviere (P.), 1847, doubtful name in N. Helv. Diary '47-8. 

Roach (Chas T.), 1848, in S.F. letter list. R. (John), 1830, Amer. from N. Mex. iii. 180; in the comp. extranjera at Mont. '32. iii. 221; also named in a list of '36. R. (Thomas), 1846, gunner in Stockton's Bat., campaign of '46-7, according to a newspaper sketch. R. (Thomas J.), 1847, lieut Co. C, N.Y. Vol. v. 504, 511; deputy collector of the port of S.F., where he engaged in trade after a tour in the mines. In '50 he settled at Trinity bay, and in '52, being county judge elect of Klamath, was drowned in trying to cross a mountain stream, at the age of 28. His brother, Philip A. Roach, is a well-known citizen and official of S.F. R. (Wm), 1847, sergt Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 504); county sheriff of Mont. for several terms; in Sept. '66 his body was found in a well near Watsonville. Roan (Francis), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Roane (Archibald), 1847, Co. F, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. at Georgetown, D.C., '79. R. (John), 1847, musician of N.Y. Vol. 

Robb (James B.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Robbins, 1842, mentioned as a lieut. with Com. Jones. iv. 308. R. (Isaac R.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony with wife and 2 children. v. 546; a councillor of the church in Utah '84. R. (John), 1833, at Mont. R. (John R.), 1846, one of the Mormon colony, v. 546, with wife and 2 children, 2 children also having died on the voyage; agent to settle affairs of Brannan & Co. 47; owner of a S.F. lot. v. 678; in Utah '84. R. (Thomas M.), 1823, nat. of Mass. and mate on the Rover '23-5. ii. 495; mate of the Waverly '26-8. iii. 147, 149, 154. About '30 he settled at Sta B., where he opened a store, commanded the Sta B schooner, and in '34 married Encarnacion, daughter of CCarrillo. ii. 573; iii. 140, 384; iv. 117. He is named in the padron of '36 as an Amer. trader, age 35, a catholic with wife and child. In '37-9 Capt. R. commanded the govt schr California in the service of Alvarado and Vallejo, winning an honorary commission as capt. in the Mex. navy. iii. 531; iv. 101-2, 552, 569, 580; v. 317. His name does not appear except in private commercial records in 40-4, though I have a copy of his MS. Diary of weather and movements of vessels at Sta B. for the 1st quarter of '43. In '46 he was grantee of La Calera rancho and Sta Catalina Isl. iv. 642; v. 628; being also in some slight trouble with the Flores govt. v. 330, 304; Cal. claim of $143 (v. 462). He was claimant for La Calera in '52, and died in '57, his widow living until '76. Capt. Robbins is remembered as a hospitable, good-natured old salt, whose store was a general rendezvous for seafaring men and traders, who were always welcome at his table. 

Roberts (Mrs), 1847, first person buried at Benicia, drawn to the grave by an ox-team. Tustin; perhaps 'Rhoads,' q.v. R. (Geo.), 1836, nat. of Ga, at Sonoma and Ross; baptized at S. Rafael '38 as Jorge Mar¡a. iv. 118. R. (J.), 1846, Cal. Bat. (v. 358); perhaps same as preceding. R. (James), 1840, at S. Diego. R. (L.), 1847, Co. E, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in '82 a farmer at Kaysville, Utah. R. (Robert), 1847, owner of a S. F. lot. v. 679. R. (Sam.), 1847, Co. E, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); chief of the Hounds at S.F. '50, sentenced [p.306]to 10 years in the penitentiary. Pop. Trib., i. 90, 99-100. R. (Wm), 1847, Or. missionary at S. F. v. 657. R. (Wm), 1848, Amer. sailor at the mines. Robertson, 1848, kept a gambling and grog shop at Sta B. R. (John), 1848, Engl. from Chile on the Confederacion; kept a bakery and saloon at Mont., going soon to the mines. Settled in Salinas Val., and died there in '70 at the age of 55. R. (Robert), 1840, at S. Diego '40-8. iv. 15, 120. Robeson (Thomas), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 326). 

Robidoux (Antoine), 1846, nat. of St Louis, Mo., who had lived 15 years in Mexican provinces and married a Mex. wife. He came with Kearny as guide from N. Mex., and was severely wounded at S. Pascual. v. 337, 346-7. Going east in '47 he came back after '49 to remain until '54. From about '56 he lived at St Joseph, Mo.-founded by his brother-where he died in '60 at the age of 66. The name is variously written, but I follow his autograph. R. (Louis), 1844, brother of Antoine, who came from N. Mex. in '44, having possibly visited the country before, iv. 265, 453. He purchased the Jurupa rancho, where he settled with his family, a man of considerable wealth. In the troubles of '46-7, being juez de paz at S. Bernardino, v. 625-6, he favored the Americans, was one of the chino prisoners (v. 311), and served in the Cal. Bat. He was cl. for Jurupa and S. Jacinto. iv. 621, 633; was a prosperous ranchero down to about '62; and died in '68 at the age of 77. Robinson, 1838, mate of the Llama. iv. 91. Robinson, 1841, storekeeper at S. Diego. iv. 619; perhaps 'Robeson.' R., 1847, of the firm R. & Townsend at Mont. '47-8. 

Robinson (Alfred), 1829, nat. of Mass., who at the age of 23 came on the Brookline as clerk, and remained in Cal. as agent of Bryant & Sturgis of Boston. He was baptized as Jos‚ Mar¡a Alfredo before '33, travelling up and down the coast from S. Diego to S.F. to bargain for the purchase of hides and the sale of goods, often mentioned in commercial records, and many of his original letters-generally signed 'Alfredo' or 'Robinson'-being in my collection. iii. 137, 146, 179, 258, 374; iv. 116; v. 590-1, 619-20. Early in '36-obtaining in his haste a dispensation of two bans with a hint from Padre Duran to contribute $20 to the church-he married Ana Mar¡a, daughter of Capt. Jos‚ de la Guerra y Noriega; and in '37 with his wife sailed for Boston via Honolulu. iv. 101. He came back on the Alert in '40 to resume his former agency, remaining till '42, when he again went east via Mazatlan, carrying despatches from Com. Jones to the govt, and also gold to the Phil. mint from the Los Ang. placers. iv. 297, 320, 403, 562, 640. While prevented by a certain personal reserve and dignity from achieving the 'hail fellow well met' popularity of some of his contemporaries, Robinson always inspired respect by his straightforward dealings; and his alliance with the leading family of southern Cal. naturally did much to give him a good standing among Californians. In '46 he published anonymously his Life in California, a standard work, followed by most writers on the annals of '30-42, and worthy of much praise, though showing here and there the personal and political prejudices of the author and his father-in-law. For notice of the book, with citations on various topics and a sketch of the author, see iv. 343-5; ii. 176, 563, 620-5; iv. 2-3, 6, 20, 35-6, 332-5; v. 98. In '49 he came back to Cal. as agent of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co., in later years becoming agent for the sale and management of several large estates in the south; and in '85 still lives at S.F.-the oldest surviving pioneer so far as my records show. In '80 he furnished a brief Statement, which has been found useful in connection with his book and his original correspondence. His wife, after living in the east I think from '37 to '50 or later, died at Sta B. in '55. There were 8 children, 2 of them b. before '40, James (who died at West Point at the age of 17), Alfredo, Miguel, James 2d, Elena, Mar¡a, Antonia, and Paulina. One of the sons lives at S.F. '85, his wife being a daughter of Horace Hawes. 

Robinson (Christopher F.) 1847, at Mont. from Hon. '47-8. R. (Edward R.), 1830 (?), Amer. sailor, said to have touched at Mont. iii. 180; then 'coasted off and on' for 10 years, and settled in the Sac. Val. Mentioned 45-8 in the N. Helv. Diary; in '47 married Mrs Christina Patterson and lived on Dry Creek, [p.307]S. Joaq. Co.; but went to the mines in '48; testified in a land case '60; near Gilroy '72; and in S. Joaq. Co. '78. R. (Geo.), 1839, mate on the California schr, who seems to have died before '42. iii. 532; iv. 101, 119. R. (Geo.), 1842, officer of marines on the United States. Maxwell. R. (Geo.), 1846, Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). R. (Geo.), 1847, sergt Co. G, N.Y. Vol. v. 504. R. (James), 1841, nat. of the Bermudas, sailor disch. from the Julia Ann; still at Mont. 42. R. (J. F.), 1848, passp. from Hon. R. (L.), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). R. (Robert), 1835, Scotch sailor, in trade at S. Diego to '50. iii. 423. R. (T.), 1847, gunner on the Columbus. R. (Wm), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). R. (Wm), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). R. (Wm), 1848 (?), sup. of a N.Y. vessel wrecked in S. Amer., said to have arrived this year; at Benicia '49; later county judge of Shasta, and finally a filibuster in Peru. R. (Wm D.), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol.; (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot; watchman at Mont. '48; still at Mont. '72-82. R. (Wm M.), 1847, nat. of Va; member of S. Joaq. Pion. Soc. 

Robles (Avelino), soldier S.F. comp. '27-30; killed at Branciforte '39. iii. 588. R. (Antonio), nat. of Zacatecas; at Branciforte '28, wife Rosal¡a Merlopes, child. Jos‚ Raimundo, Teodoro, Secundino, Guadalupe, NicolFulgencio, and Estefana. In the padron of '45 he appears as Jos‚ Antonio, age 70, wife Gertrudis Merlopes age 50. He had settled at B. in 1797. i. 569; regidor 1805; comisionado '17; secretary '27; and alcalde '33. ii. 156, 390, 605, 627. iii. 696-7. He died in '42 and his widow in '49. R. (Fulgencio), son of Antonio, a rough character, killed in '42. iv. 663. R. (Juan Jos‚), 1769, soldier of the 1st exped.; from '76 sergt of the S. Diego comp.; killed on the Colorado '81 by Ind. i. 342-3, 362, 452. R. (Manuel), soldier at S. Diego '71-2. R. (Miguel), alcalde at S. Luis 1781. R. (Nicolson of Antonio, in trouble at Branciforte '39. iii. 588; named in '43. R. (Rafael), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-30. R. (Ramon), at Mont. '36, age 27; nat. of Branciforte; wife Perfecta Castro, child Felipe b. '33. R. (Secundino), son of Antonio, b. '13; maj. of Sta Clara mission from '41. He claims to have been one of the discoverers of the N. Almaden quicksilver mine about '28; and respecting affairs of the mine, and on the Sanchez campaign of '46-7; in '77 at his rancho of Sta Rita, Sta Clara Co., he gave me a Relacion. He was also one of the claimants of Rincon de S. Francisquito. iv. 672. His wife was Antonia Garc¡a, and they had 29 children. Still living in '81. R. (Teodoro), brother of Secundino, and with him cl. for S. Francisquito. iv. 672. Robredo (Jos‚), 1791, lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 498. 

Roca (Jos‚), 1796, Mex. sergt of artill., son-in-law of lieut Sal.; mentioned to 1802, and after an absence came back in 1805. i. 540-1, 648, 679; ii. 30-1, 144, 147. R. (Ramon), appointed capt. of the S. Diego comp. '17, but never came to Cal. Rocha (Antonio Jos‚), 1815, Portuguese who came on the Columbia. ii. 273, 393; naturalized '31; in '36 living at Sta B. with his wife, Josefa Alvarado, and 5 children, age 45; perhaps the grantee of La Brea '28. ii. 350, 565, 633. An Antonio R. was assessor at Los Ang. '69-70. R. (Cornelio), 1798, Mex. convict settler. i. 606. R. (Juan Est‚van), corp. at S. Diego, 1775. i. 250-1. R. (Juan Jos‚), 1825, Mex. brevet alf‚rez who came with Echeand¡a under sentence of banishment for 2 years. iii. 13-14. He was put in com. of the Mont. detachment of the S. Blas comp., and is often named in the records of later years, being comisionado for the secularization of S. Juan Cap. in '33-4, in charge of S. Gabriel '36-7, and acting com. of the southern force in the sectional war of '37. ii. 549; iii. 13-14, 36, 61-2, 69, 73, 99, 204, 326, 346, 481-2, 488, 491, 495, 504, 520, 626, 644-5, 648. He died at S. Diego, at a date not recorded. His wife was Elena Dominguez; and a son Manuel died at S. Diego in '54. R. (Ramon), soldier at Sta B. before '37 Roche (Eugene de la), 1845, came from Hon. to S.F. this year or the next acc. to his testimony and that of others in the Santillan case. Rochin (Francisco), soldier of the S.F. comp. '27-37; at S. Jos‚ '41, age 30, wife Mar¡a Archuleta, child Francisco b. '40; still at S. Jos‚ '47. R. (Ignacio), soldier at Sta B. executed for murder 1795. i. 638, 669. His wife was Ana Mar¡a Bojorques. R. (Leandro), regidor at S. Jos‚ '35. iii. 730; in '41 [p.308]named in the padron as 32 years old, wife Mar¡a Fran. Romero, child. Jos‚ Ant. b. '30, Petra '27, Concepcion '28, Efigenia '29. R. (L£cas), soldier of Mont. comp. '36, age 15. R. (Miguel), killed by his wife '33. R. (Vicente), drummer in the Hidalgo piquete at Mont. '36, age 11. Rochon (Z.), 1846, came to Sta Clara Co., where he still lived in '82. 

Rock (Geo.), 1836, first appears at Sonoma as a witness against a horsethief. iv. 118; seems to have had a rancho near Sonoma, and in '37 was nominal grantee of S. Julian, Sta B., iii. 655-6, being in '37 grantee of Guenoc, Lake Co. iv. 671. According to the Lake Co. Hist., he lived at Guenoc from about '48, as agent for Jacob P. Leese. R. (James), 1841, Amer. deserter from the U.S. ex. ex. iv. 279; though there is a record that seems to show the banishment of a woman for trato il¡cito with Santiago Rock in '40. He settled at S. Jos‚, where in '45 he signed the call to foreigners. iv. 599. In '46 he served as lieut of Co. G, Cal. Bat., but was cashiered by court-martial in Jan. '47. v. 361, 366, 434; and was killed by Ind. in S. Joaq. Val., according to the S.F. Star of July 24, '47. Rockwell (Orrin P.), 1848, guide to the Mormons on the journey east. Tyler. 'Rocky Mountain Jack,' 1826, claims to have been one of Jed. Smith's party. iii. 153. 

Roderick (John), 1841, Engl. mate of the schr California '41-2; mr of the Bol¡var '44-5. iv. 279, 563. Rodford (Wm), 1845, lieut on the U.S. Warren. iv. 587. Rodgers, 1838, mr of the Flibbertygibbet. iv. 103. R. (1843), at Mont., mr of a vessel. Peterson. R. (Geo.), 1845 (?), lumberman before '46. iv. 587. Brown. R. (James), 1842, nat. of Md, deserter from the U. S. Cyane, and captured by Salv. Vallejo March '43. Rodman (Geo.), 1845, coxswain of the Warren's launch, lost in S.F. bay '46. iv. 587; v. 384. R. (Robert C.), 1847, sailmaker on the U.S. Columbus. Rodrian (Chas), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of S.F. lot. 

Rodriguez, at S.F. '44, age 20. R., corp. at Sta Cruz '24. ii. 519, 522. R., sailor sirviente at Sta Cruz 1795. i. 496. R. (Alejandro), alcalde of Branciforte '35. iii. 696-7; in '36 at the Trinidad rancho, Mont., age 44, wife Concepcion Martinez, child. Manuel b. '18, Jos‚ '23, Mar¡a del Sacramento '26, and Juan Buenaventura '32; at Branciforte '45, age 50 (?), with the same family less Manuel; died in '48. R. (Antonio), 1829, Mex. convict, liberated '33. R. (Antonio), drummer in the Hidalgo piquete '36, at Mont., age 13. R. (Antonio), soldier at Sta B. '32; wife Mariana Arellanes; commended for valor '24. ii. 552; juez or alcalde at Sta B. '39-40, '44. iii. 654-5; iv. 642; arrested in '45, served under Flores '46, suspected of hostile intentions '48. iv. 542; v. 330, 586; justice of the peace '51-2. R. (Antonio), mentioned as 103 years old at Los Ang. '73. R. (Antonio), alcalde of Branciforte '37, and grantee of S. Vicente rancho '39. iii. 678, 695, 697; also of Bolsa del P'36. On the Branciforte padron of '45 he is named as 46 years old, nat. of Cal., wife Dolores Galindo, child. Guadalupe b. '22, Magin '31, Venancio '34, Miguel '37, Jos‚ Mar¡a '43, Balvaneda '35, Adelaida '38, and Mar¡a Ant. '41. R. (Antonio), regidor at S. Jos‚ '37. iii. 729-30. R. (Antonio Catarino), 1809, Span. friar, who served chiefly at S. Luis Ob. and Pur¡sima, dying in '24. Biog. ii. 580; ment. ii. 155, 159-60, 236, 292, 369, 384, 387, 394, 529, 532-3, 581, 618, 655. 

Rodriguez (DAntonio), corp. of Mont. comp., transf. to Sta B. comp. in '18; sergt '21-30, ii. 572, being a leader of insurgents in '29, iii. 78, and alf‚rez from '31. From '33 he was alf‚rez of the S.F. comp., sometimes com. of the post, iii. 396, 573, 701-2, being an invat Sonoma on full pay from '37. In '44 he was instructor of the Sonoma defensores, grantee of Lac rancho, and perhaps 2d alcalde of S. Rafael. iv. 407-8, 671, 677. In '46 named as supl. juez, and as in the Olompali fight with the Bears, which took place on his land. v. 168, 688; had a Cal. claim of $2,675 (v. 462). He died soon after '46. R. (Fecundo), at Mont. '36, nat. of Cal., age 22, wife Guadalupe Robles, child. Rafaela b. '33, Concepcion '36. R. (Felipe), at Sta B. before '37, wife Rafaela Soto; soldier of S. F. comp. '44; prob. 2 men. R. (Francisco), Sta Cruz poet of '18. ii. 245; in '28 at Branciforte, wife Rafaela Castro, child. Jesus, EscolBenita, and Antonia; alcalde in '30. ii. 627; grantee [p.309]of Arroyo del Rodeo '34. iii. 677; still living in '55. R. (Fran.), at Los Ang. '43-6; justice at Alamitos '56. R. (Giacundo), at Sta Cruz '43. R. (Ignacio), grantee of Conejo rancho 1802 et seq. ii. 112, 172, 516, 664. 

Rodriguez (Jacinto), nat. of Cal., first mentioned in public records as lieut of militia and employed by Alvarado in '36. iii. 491. From '39 he was alf‚rez of the Mont. comp. aiding in the arrest of the foreigners in '40. iii. 671; iv. 23, 282, 652. Celador of the Mont. and S. F. custom-house '43-46, being grantee of the Jacinto rancho, Colusa, in '44. iv. 377, 431, 463, 557, 570, 671. Named in the Branciforte padron of '45 as 31 years old, wife Guadalupe --, child. Rafaela b. '32, Concepcion '35, Guadalupe '36, and Josefa '39. Alcalde at Mont. in '49 and member of the constit. convention, the reasons for such a choice by the Montereyans not being very apparent. He still lived in Mont. Co. '74 and later, a man of some property. I obtained from him a brief Narracion of his recollections of early events. His oldest son, Porfirio, died at Mont. '77. R. (Jos‚), sirviente at S.F. 1777. i. 297. R. (Jos‚), soldier at Sta B. 1832, wife Bernarda Rosas. R. (Jos‚), prisoner at Mont. '47; alias 'Letra.' R. (Jos‚), s¡ndico at S. F. '38. iii. 705; at S. F. '42, age 35, wife Romana Miramontes, child. Mar¡a b. '38, Mar¡a '40, Jos‚ and Francisco '37; perhaps the same who had a Cal. claim of $46 (v. 462), and was at S. Jos‚ '50. R. (Jos‚), at Branciforte '45, age 21. R. (Jos‚), soldier, carpenter, and teacher at Mont. 1796-1800. i. 643. R. (Jos‚ Antonio), soldier at S. Antonio '93 and earlier; corp. of the escolta at S. Miguel '97. i. 560; invat Branciforte from '99, being comisionado of the villa for some years to 1810. His wife was Mar¡a Vicenta de Leon, and 6 of his sons were soldiers of the Mont. comp. after 1800. i. 571; ii. 156, 171, 390. He died in '37. R. (Jos‚ Ant.); at Trinidad rancho, Mont., '36, age 26, wife Mar¡a Elena Castro; juez at S. Juan B. '44. iv. 661; perhaps was drowned in attempting to save goods from the Star of the West in '45. R. (Jos‚ Br¡gido), son of Jos‚ Ant., b. at S. Antonio 1793; soldier of the Mont. comp. 1811-30; a tailor by trade. From '34 he was a ranchero in Sta Cruz Co., and in '77, at the age of 84, residing near Soquel, he gave me his Recuerdos Hist¢ricos. He died in '80, leaving only one surviving member of his family, an aged sister. 

Rodriguez (Jos‚ Mar¡a), at Sta B. before '37 with wife CDominguez and 5 children; at Los Ang. '46. R. (Juan), resid. of S. Diego '30. ii. 546. R. (Luis), at Sta B. before '37 with wife Mar¡a Arrellanes and 3 children. R. (Manuel), Mex. soldier of the Mont. comp. at Soledad 1791-1800. i. 499; in 1819 comisionado of Branciforte. ii. 390; being an invcorporal; s¡ndico in '39 and alcalde '44. iii. 697; iv, 408, 664; in '45 on the padron as 68 years old, nat. of Sinaloa, with a daughter Josefa b. '11.; memb. of town council '48. v. 642; though this may have been the following. R. (Manuel), at Branciforte '45, age 28, wifo Mar¡a Gonzalez, child. Jos‚ b. '42, Santa '44. R. (Manuel), 1795, Mex. cadet and alf‚rez of the S.F. comp. though serving in the S. Diego comp., of which he became lieut and comandante. In 1806 he was made capt. of the S.F. comp. and sent to Mex. as habilitado general, dying in '10. Biog. ii. 98-9; i. 646-7; ment. ii. 11-15, 39, 106, 109, 125, 188-9, 370, 421. R. (Mar¡a Engracia), at Sta Cruz '47. v. 641. R. (Matias), soldier at S. Juan B. before 1800. i. 558. R. (Nemesio), soldier of S.F. comp. '41-2. R. (Norberto), soldier at Sta B. before '37. 

Rodriguez (Pablo), Ind. settler at Los. Ang. 1781-6. i. 346, 348. R. (Pedro), at Trinidad rancho, Mont., '36, age 25, wife Gertrudis Espinosa, child. Juan de Parma b. '32, Jos‚ '35. R. (Ramon), grantee of Agua Puerca '43 and Ca¤ada de S. Miguel '46. iv. 655; v. 632; killed '48 in attempting to arrest the murderers of Reed in Sta. B. Co. v. 632, 648. R. (Ramon), in Branciforte '28, wife Teresa Soto, child Jos‚ de la Cruz. ii. 627; in '45, age 40, wife Mar¡a Ignacia Alviso. R. (Sebastian), sergt of the Mont. comp. '28-30, and comisionado of Sta Cruz '31. ii. 609; iii. 307; in 36 at the Trinidad rancho, Mont., nat. of Cal., age 50, wife Mar¡a Perfecta Pacheco, child. Jos‚ b. '12, Jacinto '13, Francisco '17, Teresa '22, Desiderio '23, Bernab‚ '26, Mar¡a Ant. '28, C'30, Ramona '32. iii. 679. Grantee of Bolsa del Pin '37, iii. 677, for which he was cl.-as also for Rincon de la Ballena, [p.310]Marin, iii. 678-and about which there was much litigation between his heirs and those of his brother Alexander. He or another of the name is named as a retired soldier with the rank of alf‚rez in '44-5. iv. 408. He died in '54 or '55. R. (Tomaso A.), grantee of Llajome rancho, Napa. iv. 671. 

Roe (Chas), 1832, one of the comp. extranjera at Mont. iii. 221. Roeder (Louis), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Roether (Chas), 1845, German immig. prob. of Grigsby-Ide party. iv. 579, 587. His name often appears in the N. Helv. Diary '45-7; settled at 'Charley's rancho' in Butte Co., moving in '58 to Feather River in Yuba, where he died in '68, leaving a widow and 3 children. Rogenade (Jacob), 1848, nat. of Poland, who came with the U.S. dragoons (v. 522); murdered at Los Ang. '54. 

Rogers, 1847, teamster in Sutter's employ. R. (James), 1834; Engl. mr of the Iolani '35; on Larkin's books '34-43; arrested in '40 but not exiled. iii. 382, 412; iv. 17, 23. R. (John P.), 1848, from Or. to the mines; brother-in-law of Gov. Burnett. R. (Lewis), 1847, owner of a S.F. lot. v. 684. R. (M.), 1848, passp. from Hon. R. (Sam. H.), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Ariz. '81. R. (Seth), 1827, mr of the Andes '27-9. R. (Wm.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). R. (Wm H.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Brooklyn, N.Y., '74-84. R. (Wm J.), 1843, mr of the John Jay. iv. 566. Roget (Dr), 1848, intending to settle at Benicia. 

Rohlman (John), 1843, Ger. settler in Sta Clara '76; carta '44, then in Sac. Val.; perhaps the name should be 'Rohlan.' iv. 400. Rojas, at Los Ang. '37. iii. 504. R. (Feliciano), at Corralitos rancho, Mont., '36, age 16, nat. of Mex.; in '41 at S. Juan Cap. iv. 626. R. (Justiniano), Ind. said to have been baptized at Sta Cruz in 1791 at the supposed age of 40; d. Sta Cruz 1875, a famous centenarian. Rojo (Jos‚ Mar¡a), at Sta B. before '37 with wife Altagracia Garc¡a, juez de paz in '39. iii. 657-5; grantee of Cuyama in '43. iv. 642. 

Roland (Fred. C.), 1828, Engl. sailor, age 23, who landed at S. Pedro, went to Los Ang., and sailed from S. Diego '29 on the Mar¡a Ester; yet apparently at Los Ang. '30. ii. 558. R. (John), 1841, overl. immig. of the Bartleson party, who seems to have returned east in '42. iv. 270, 275. R. (John), 1846, grantee of Los Huecos, Sta Clara, and of land on the S. Joaq., for which ranchos he was cl. in '52. v. 665. At N. Helv. '48. I do not know if this was the same man as the preceding, Rohlman or Rohlan, John Rowland of the south, or distinct from all. Roldan (Mariano), aux. alcalde in Los Ang. dist '36. iii. 636; grantee of La Habra '39, iii. 633, when he was 39 years old; juez de campo '40. iii. 637; at S. Gabriel '46-7. v. 626, 628. He seems to have been a Mex. who came about '36 and went back after '47. Rolfe (Tallman H.), 1847 (?), nat. of Me, who came from Or. '47 or '48, salesman for Brannan & Co. at Sutter's fort '48, and later alcalde in Yuba Co., but was a printer by trade, perhaps working on the S. F. Star, and later connected with many papers in Cal. and Nev., being long the editor of the Austin Reveille and Nevada City Gazette. He died at S. Bern. in '72. Some sketches represent him as having come in '46 and served in the Cal. Bat. Rollin, 1786, surgeon of La P‚rouse's exped. i. 435. Rollins (Henry), 1846, according to Glover one of the Mormon colony (v. 546), with son Isaac and a daughter; prob. 'Robbins,' q. v. R. (John), 1843, at Mont.; perhaps 'Robbins.' R. (John), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); in Springville, Utah, '82. R. (John), 1847, Co. E, ditto. 

Romaldo, neoph. grantee of land, S. Luis Ob. '42. Roman, tailor of 1798. i. 598. R., neoph. accused of murder '27-8. iii. 193. R. (Richard), 1848, doubtful date; at Vallejo '51; state treasurer '49. Romana (Miguel), 1841, sup. of the J¢ven Carolina. iv. 566. Romero, a discov. of silvernear Mont. '25. ii. 667. R., soldicr ment. '34, '37. iii. 257, 638. R. (Abelino), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 52, nat. of Cal., wife Juana Rubio, child. Matilde b. '24, Pedro Ant. '29, Victoria '31, Jos‚ Ant. '34, Francisco '37, Rosario '39. R. (Antonio), two sirvientes of the name at Sta Clara 1777. i. 306; one grantee of S. Jos‚ land 1783. i. 350; regidor '85. i. 478; alcalde '90. i. 478; in '95-7 owner of a rancho near Mont. i. 683, 716. R. (Antonio), perhaps son of the [p.311]preceding, regidor at Mont. '33-4; grantee of rancho '40. iii. 673, 679. R. (Antonio), soldier at Sta B. before '37; settler at Los Ang. 1807. ii. 350. R. (Balbino), gunner at the Mont. revolution of '36. ii. 461. R. (Domingo), 2d alcalde at Los Ang. '35; in trouble '40. iii. 635, 639. R. (Felipe), blacksmith at S. Diego 1775. i. 250; wife in '78 Rosario Marquez, several children born before '83. R. (Domingo), soldier at Sta B. before '37; at Los Ang. '39, age 47. R. (Florencio), at S. Jos‚ '41, age 36, wife Encarnacion Miranda, child. Jos‚ b. '35, Patricio '37, Jos‚ Ant. '39. R. (Gabriel), soldier at the Colorado pueblos, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359, 362. R. (Guadalupe), at Los Ang. '46; named in '58 as a centenarian. R. (Ignacio), soldier of the S.F. comp. '28-31. R. (Inocencio), soldier of the S.F. comp. '23-33; in '37 alf. of militia at S. Jos‚. iii. 732; in '44 grantee of a Contra Costa rancho. iv. 671. R. (Javier), tanner at S. Jos‚ '41, age '38, nat. of L. Cal. R. (Joaquin), at Los Ang. '46. 

Romero (Jos‚), 1823, Mex. capt. who made an exploring exped. from Sonora to Cal. '23-5. ii. 507-9, 542, 568; iii. 14. R. (Jos‚), soldier of the S.F. comp. '19-22, '30; in '41 at S. Jos‚, nat. of Cal., age 42, wife Mar¡a Garc¡a, child. Teodosia b. '30, Estefana '31, Garc¡a '33, Jos‚ '32, Lovribano (?) '35, and Poliarno (?) '38. R. (Jos‚), at S. Isidro rancho, Mont., '36, age 48, nat. of Cal., wife Paula Cantua, child. Jos‚ b. '29, Aguilino '32, Mar¡a '31, Francisco '34, and Juan '35. R. (Jos‚), Mex. at Branciforte '45, age 48, child. Jos‚ b. '37, Dolores '40. R. (Jos‚), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Jos‚ Antonio), settler at the Colorado pueblos, killed by Ind. 1781. i. 359, 362. R. (Jos‚ Antonio), soldier and settler at S. Jos‚ 1777. i. 212. R. (Jos‚ Ant.), teacher at S. Jos‚ '23. ii. 603; at Mont. '26. ii. 612; maj. and alcalde S. C'35. iii. 354, 674, 680; being also grantee of Ca¤ada de Laureles. iii. 677. R. (Jos‚ Ant.), at Sta B. '37, wife Dorotea Alanis, 5 children. R. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), soldier of artill. militia 1801-10. ii. 190. He was a son of Juan Mar¡a, b. about 1788. In '77, living at Los Nietos, he gave me some vague Memorias of the olden times. ii. 237-8. 

Romero (Jos‚ Mariano), 1834, Mex. teacher who came with the H. &. P. colony (iii. 259), and established what he called a normal school at Mont., writing also a Catecismo de Ortolog¡a, printed at Mont. in '36. He opposed the Cal. revolutionists, and left the country with Gutierrez in '36. iii. 463. R. (Juan Mar¡a), corp. of the Sta B. comp. 1788; his wife was Lugarda Salgado. R. (Juan Mar¡a), 1816, Irish interpreter in the Lydia case at Mont. ii. 276. R. (Manuel), at Los Ang. '39-48. R. (Mar¡a), miner of Carmelo Vol. '25. ii. 667. R. (Mariano), soldier of the S.F. comp. '22-33. R, (Martin), 1818, Paraguayan of Bouchard's insurgents. ii. 237. R. (Miguel Ant.), soldier at the Colorado pueblos 1780-1. i. 359. R. (Pedro), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791. i. 716; wife Guadalupe Garc¡a, child Mar¡a Guad., in '93. R. (Pedro), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. R. (Pedro), at Los Ang. '45-6. iv. 541; v. 308, 628. R. (Pierre), 1831, Fr. laborer at Los Ang., age 53, from N. Mex. iii. 387, 405. R. (Rafael), Span. locksmith at Mont. '20-8. iii. 51. R. (Teodoro), grantee of Potrero de Felipe Lugo '45. iv. 635. R. (Tomsoldier at Sta B. '32, wife Felipa Lugo; sergt '35. iii. 650; alf‚rez '39. iii. 583. R. (Vicente), soldier on the southern frontier from '25; in later years at S. Diego. His Notes of the Past were dictated to Benj. Hayes. 

Romeu (Jos‚ Antonio), 1791, Span. lieut-col and gov. of Cal. from April 16, '91, to his death on April 9, '92. He was an officer from whom much was expected, especially in financial reforms; but though presumably a competent man, and certainly a conservative and amiable one, he was prevented by ill health from attending to any but routine duties during his brief term. Rule and biog. i. 481-500; ment. i. 370, 389, 393, 441, 471, 474, 479, 501-2, 530. Romeu's body was buried at S. Cand has been multiplied in current newspaper sketches into the remains of dozens of governors. Romie (Ernest), 1841, doubtful name of a German at Mont. Toomes; at S.F. '84. Swan. R. (John F.), 1843, tailor at Mont. '43-8; also visiting Sutter's fort; had a son at school '46. iv. 400. Roody (John L.), 1846, farrier Co. C, 1st U.S. dragoons (v. 336). Rook, 1848, from Hon. on the Sagadahoc. Roper (John), [p.312]1832, one of the comp. extranjera at Mont iii. 221. Ropiam, 1816, Hawaiian sailor on the Albatross. ii. 275. Roquefeuil (Camille), 1817, mr of the Bordelais '17-18, and author of a narrative of the Voyage. ii. 287-91, 222, 251, 331, 373, 419. 

Rosa, ment. at Mont. 1798. i. 691. R. (Cat S. Diego 1803. ii. 13. R. (Jos‚ de la), 1834, Mex. printer who came with the H. & P. colony. iii. 263, 289; going to Sonoma and becoming a kind of proteg‚ of Gen. Vallejo; had some skill as a musician, and also worked at mending clothes and tinware. In '45 he was alcalde at Sonoma, being also the grantee of Ulpinos rancho, for which he was the unsuccessful claimant in '54. iv. 674, 678-9. In '46 he was the messenger sent to Capt. Montgomery with news of the Bear revolt, also having a quarrel with Berreyesa. v. 129-30, 668. In 1875 Don Pepe was still living at or near Martinez. Rosales (Bernardo), settler of 1779-83. i. 350, 605. R. (Cornelio), soldier at S. Jos‚ mission 1797-1800. i. 556. R. (Jos‚ Ant.), at S. Jos‚ '30. R. (Juan), at S. Francisquito rancho, Mont., '36, nat. of Mazatlan, age 48, wife Isidora Garc¡a, child. Jos‚ b. '33, Mar¡a '36; in later years juez de paz. iii. 678, 680; iv. 653; v. 637. Rosales Pacheco (Jos‚ Mar¡a), 1843, Mex. priest who served as curate at S. Buen. till '48, and in '49 at S. Antonio; also as chaplain of Flores' army '46-7. He was sent away by his superior in '49-50 for some ecclesiastical offence. iv. 371, 422, 644-5; v. 400, 632, 635. Rosal¡o (Eugenio), owner of Mont. rancho 1795. i. 683. Rosamel (J. de), 1840, com. of the Fr. corvette Dana¡de. iv. 35-6, 103. Rosas (Alejandro), Ind. settler at Los Ang. 1781-6. i. 345, 348. R. (Basilio), ditto. i. 345-6, 348-9, 460. R. (Feliciano), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Jos‚), convict settler of 1798. i. 606. R. (Jos‚), maj. at Soledad '36. iii. 691. R. (Jos‚ Ant.), nat. of Los Ang. and soldier, shot and his body burned at Sta B. 1801 for a cr¡men nefando. i. 639-40; ii. 119. R. (Juan), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800. i. 716. R. (Manuel), fifer of S.F. comp. '39-42. R. (Ramon), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Sinforoso), at Los Ang. '46. 

Rose (John), 1818, Scotchman of Bouchard's insurgents captured at Mont., age 27; in '21 at Pur¡sima, his spiritual welfare being the object of much anxiety to the authorities. ii. 232, 241, 248, 292, 393, 412, 444. Rose (John), 1841, Scotch carpenter and sailor registered at S. Blas since '39, who touched at Cal. ports in '41-2, and landed permanently at Mont. from the Clarissa in Nov. '43, settling at S.F. and going into partnership with Davis and Reynolds as carpenters and builders. iv. 279. In '44, being 36 years of age, he obtained a town lot, was naturalized, and served as corporal in the defensores. iv. 669, 593. In '46-7 he was town treasurer. v. 295, 648; served as lieut in the Sanchez campaign. v. 381; was a member of the council. v. 648. In '46 his firm built a schooner in Napa Creek, and in '47-8 a mill for Salv. Vallejo, going to the mines in '48. Rose gave his name to Rose bar on the Yuba, and was the first settler of Nevada Co., where he had a trading post from '49. Still living at Smartsville in '80 and prob. in '85. R. (John M.), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). R. (Thomas), 1847, employed by Larkin to carry despatches. R. (Wm), 1843, Engl. naturalized; prob. an error. Rosecrans (Geo. W.), 1847, lieut Co. C, Morm. Bat. v. 477. Rosencrantz (Andrew), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518). Lancey; not on the roll. Rosenberg (N.), 1833, mr of the Polifemia '33-5. iii. 383. Rosentiel (Anton), 1847, musician N. Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S.F. '55. Rosete (Marcos), soldier of the Hidalgo piquete. Rosistof, 1838, mr of the Sitka. iv. 106. 

Ross, 1846, came to Sta Clara Val. Hall; went to the mines '48. R. (Chas L.), 1847, nat. of N.J. who came on the Whiton with a cargo of goods for sale, member of the firm Gelston & Co., a prominent merchant and landowner of S.F. '47-9, also taking part in public affairs, and serving as school trustee. v. 650-1, 656-7, 678-9, 681, 683. He lived in S.F. for some years after '50; kept a hotel in Calistoga '66; returned to S.F.; and shortly before '85 went to the Sandwich Isl. In '80 he furnished me a statement of Experiences of '47. R. (Geo. W.), 1842 (?), in S.F. almshouse '81, said to have come in '42. iv. 341. Chronicle. R. (Henry), 1831, sailor on the Catalina; at S. Diego again '34 with Hugo Reid. R. (John), see 'Rose.' R. (J.). [p.313]1876, Co. F. Cal. Bat.; later Co. B, artill. (v. 358). R. (Sam. H. P.), 1848, nat. of La, who came on the Major Tompkins, and went to the mines, age 18. Afterward trader, county surveyor, assoc. judge, and superintendent of schools in Merced Co.; d. at Hopeton '73. R. (Wm), 1828, mr of the Times. iii. 149. Rossen (Joseph), 1848, an Or. pioneer of '43 who came to Cal. '48; at Weaverville '73. Rossignon, 1848, Fr. trader in the mines with Amaador and Su¤ol, who ran away to Peru with the profits of all three. Prob. 'Roussillon,' q. v. 

Rotchef (Alex.), 1836, Russian manager at Ross '36-41. iv. 117-18, 129, 153, 164, 171-6, 179-86; iv. 233. Roteta (Antonio V.), 1825, naval officer on the Asia. iii. 25-6. Roth (John), 1848, German sailor in the navy, disch. in '48; in the mines '48-51; trader at Mont. '52-73; d. at Castroville '79, leaving a wife. Roudon (Guadalupe), at S. Bern. '46, age 35. Rouelle (Jean B.), 1841 (?), Canadian trapper from N. Mex. iv. 278-9. Nothing is known of his coming, but he is named as the discoverer of gold in '42 in the S. Fernando region. iv. 631. A few years later he moved with his family to the Sac. Val., and was there during the mining excitement, being named in the N. Helv. Diary. Finally settled on Feather River. Rouissillon, 1802, Polish count who sailed with Cleveland and Shaler. ii. 11, 22. Roulam (Henry), 1846, of the Mormon colony. See 'Rowland.' Rouleau (Francois), 1836, Fr. laborer at Los Verjeles rancho, Mont., age 30. Roulette (Wm R.), 1845, overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party; lived in Capay Valley '45-6; prob. went to Or. '46. iv. 579-80; v. 526. Round (Joseph), 1845, mr of the Pacific. Rousseau, 1846, with Gillespie when he met Gen. Kearny. Roussillon (Charles), 1843 (?), Fr. trader who 1st appears at Los Ang. this year, but is said to have come in '37, or even in '33. iv. 400. From '44 he was in the Mont. district, chiefly at Sta Cruz, where he had a mill and dealt in lumber, building a schooner in '46, v. 641, and in '47-8 being a partner of Sainsevain. The 1st jury trial in Cal. was that of Graham vs R. in '46. v. 289. I have some of his business corresp., but no record after '48. Perhaps he went to S. Amer. See 'Rossignon;' age 31 in '45. 

Rowan, 1842, doubtful name of a trapper at Los Ang.; came again to Cal. '50. v. 341. R. (H.), 1847, lieut on the U. S. Cyane. R. (James), 1799, mr of the Eliza. i. 545, 706; and of the Hazard 1802-4. ii. 11, 17-18, 24-5, 108, 119, 122, 130. R. (James), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in '48 teamster for Brannan & Co. at Sac. R. (Stephen C.), 1846, lieut U. S. N., and acting maj. of Stockton's Bat.; wounded at the Mesa Jan. '47. v. 385, 395; in later years vice-admiral. Rowe, 1848, at Sonoma, called one of the N.Y. Vol. R. 1848, went to Hon. on the Currency Lass. R. (James), 1816, sailor on the Lydia. ii. 275. Rowland (Henry), 1846, of the Mormon colony with his son Isaac and perhaps a daughter. v. 546. They were generally called 'Rollins' by the Mormons. Henry R. died in the faith before '80. R. (John), 1841, nat. of Pa and leader of the Workman-R. immig. party from N. Mex., where he had lived 18 years, amassing considerable wealth and marrying a native wife. iv. 276-9, 637. He was suspected of complicity in certain revolutionary or filibustering schemes in connection with the Texans, and this was a leading motive of his emigration; indeed, warnings were sent to Cal., but they did not prevent his getting in '42 a grant of La Puente rancho in company with Workman. iv. 331, 635. Then he went to N. Mex. and brought his family, spending the rest of his life on his rancho. iv. 343. In '45 he joined the other southern foreiguers in their opposition to Micheltorena. iv. 495, 508; and was one of the Chino prisoners in '46, v. 314, having a Cal. claim of about $1,500 (v. 462); but as a rule took no part in public affairs, being noted for his retiring disposition and fondness for home life. He died in '73 at the age of about 80. His son Wm R. was sheriff in '73, and he or another son married a daughter of Bernardo Yorba. Roy (C.), 1822, mr of the whaler Alert. ii. 474. R. (Chas), 1823, mr of the Plowboy. ii. 492; perhaps Ray. R. (Pierre), 1782, Fr. sirviente at S. Buen. i. 377. Royabe (Claudio), at Los Ang. '46. Royal (B.), 1845, at Sutter's fort '45-6; perhaps one of Sublette's men. 

Rub (Geo.), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Rub¡ (Mariano), 1790, Span. friar whose missionary service was at S. Antonio and Soledad. He retired in '93, and was prob. expelled from the college for immorality. Biog. i. 499; ment. i. 388, 492, 576, 597. Rubio (Casimiro), at Los Ang. '43-5. iv. 541, 633; fatally wounded at S. Pascual '46. v. 347. R. (Francisco), soldier of the S.F. comp. '24-31; executed in '31 for crime committed in '28. His was one of the causas c‚lebres of Cal. ii. 592, 594; iii. 191-3, 699. R. (Francisco), at Los Ang. '46; killed at the S. Gabriel fight Jan. '47. v. 396. R. (Jos‚ M. de J. Gonzalez), see 'Gonzalez.' iii. 318, 724. R. (Jos‚), at Los Ang. '46-8. R. (Manuel), at Los Ang. '46. R. (Mateo), nat. of Flanders, soldier of the S. Diego comp. in 1779 and earlier, and a settler at Los Ang. 1794-1819. i. 454; ii. 349, 354. His wife was Ursula Dominguez, and the birth of 4 children is noted before 1790, one of them being Francisco Ramon. R. (Nabor), Mex. at Mont. '36, age 40. R. (Rafael), soldier of the S.F. comp. '24-6. R. (Santiago), at Los Ang. '19. ii. 355. R. (Tomat San Juan Cap. '46, age 30, child Candelaria; at Los Ang. '48. 

Ruckel (Joseph L.), 1847, a prominent trader at S.F., S. Jos‚, and Mont. '47-8, of the firms Sherman & R. and R. & Cooke. v. 663. About '55 he went to Or., where he became a steamboatman and pres. of the O. S. N. Co., still there in '74-5. Rucker (Dan. H.), 1848, capt. of dragoons in Graham's battalion. v. 522. R. (R. A.), 1848, at S.F. and Mont. Rudacof, 1846, Russ. naval lieut on the Baikal at S.F. Rudd (John), 1848, came from Callao on the Lady Adams and took com. of the U.S. Dale. v. 577. Rudenstein (John), 1846, asst surgeon on the U.S. Dale, d. '69. Rudierkof, 1846, Russ. lieut; prob. same as 'Rudacof.' v. 576. 

Rufus (Ernest), 1844, nat. of Germany, about the manner of whose coming, perhaps earlier, nothing appears. iv. 453. He was naturalized in March '44, appointed in July a lieut in Sutter's army, fighting for Micheltorena, and in Dec. got a grant of the Cazadores rancho in Sac. Val. iv. 479, 485, 671, 680. In '45, in partnership with Wm Benitz, he leased the Ross property from Sutter; and in '46 was grantee of the Rancho de German, north of Ross. iv. 679; v. 669. He sold the rancho, or parts of it, to Glein and Hin '47, but seems still to have resided in Sonoma Co. as late as '79. Ruggles (John), 1847, Co. K, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Sac. in '82. 

Ruiz, mentioned in 1798. i. 670. R. (Agaton), wounded at the Olompali fight. v. 166-8. R. (Anselmo), at Los Ang. '39-46, age 25 in '34. R. (Cat Sta B. before '37, wife Mar¡a Ant. Verdugo, 4 children. R. (Catarina), widow of M. Nieto, grantee of Las Bolsas '34. R. (Efigenio), settler at Los Ang. 1790. i. 461. R. (Eustaquio), killed at Pauma '46. v. 617. R. (Francisco), com. de polic¡a at S. Diego '36, regidor '37. iii. 616. R. (Francisco), at Los Ang. '39-48. R. (Francisco Mar¡a), nat. of L. Cal. and sergt of the Sta B. comp. from 1795, alf‚rez 1801, lieut 1805, and from 1806 comandante at S. Diego, being promoted to capt. in '20 and retired from active service in '27. He received a grant of the Pe¤asquitos rancho, and died in '39 at the age of about 85. He never married. Biog. ii. 5, 39-41; ment. i. 636, 665; ii. 50, 85, 99-101, 109, 117, 191, 240, 245, 340-1, 345, 451, 457, 546-8, 551-2, 571, 663; iii. 7-8, 612. R. (Fructuoso), settler at Los. Ang. 1799; regidor 1802. ii. 110, 349. R. (Ger¢nimo), zanjero at Carpenter¡a '48. v. 631. R. (Guadalupe), at S. Gabriel '46. R. (Hilario), soldier at Sta B. before '37. R. (Joaquin), grantee of Bolsa Chica, Los Ang., '41, being also claimant '52; at Los Ang. 13, '39, '46; age 47 in '39. ii. 350; iii. 639. R. (Jos‚), invsettler at Los Ang. '15. ii. 349. R. (Jos‚), soldier at Sta B. '32, wife Isabel Uribe. R. (Jos‚), at Sta B. '32, wife Maria Ign. Lugo, child. Deogracia, Ger¢nimo, Baltazar, Hilarion, and Gabriel; in '45 a ranchero. R. (Jos‚ Manuel), brother of Francisco M., lieut in L. Cal., appointed to Cal. in '24 but did not come; he became gov. of L. Cal. ii. 515, 540. R. (Jos‚ Pedro), grantee of Calleguas rancho Sta B. '47, his heirs Gabriel et al. cl. iii. 655. R. (Jos‚ Mar¡a), settler at S. Jos‚ 1791-1800. i. 716. R. (Juan), settler at Los Ang. '12. ii. 350; at Sta B. '50. R. (Juan Mar¡a), mentioned in 1801. ii. 171. R. (Leon), 1842, Mex. sub-lieut of the batallon fijo '42-5. [p.315]iv. 289. R. (Manuel D.), mason-instructor 1792-5. i. 615. R. (Manuel Garc¡a), made alf‚rez 1789, but did not come to Cal. i. 340. R. (Mariano), at Los Ang. '39, age 25. R. (Martin), settler at Sta B. '32, wife Catalina Lizalde; at Los Ang. '46. R. (Nicolat Sta B. '37, wife Encarnacion Pico, and 5 children. R. (Santiago), mason-instructor 1792-5. i. 615, 684-5. R. (Toribio), ditto. i. 615. Ruiz de la Mota, see 'Mota.' 

Rule (John H.), 1847, Scotch teacher at Mont., from Callao on the Guipuzcoana. Ruinville (Geo. W.), 1839, at Mont., as per Larkin's books. Rumsch¢ttel (Richard), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); hospital steward at Sac.; at Vallejo '71-4; drowned at Stockton '74. Runyan (Levi), 1847, Co. D, Morm. Bat. (v. 469). Rupe (Henry), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518); supposed to be living in '64. Ruschenberger (W. S. W.), 1836, surgeon on the U.S. Peacock, and author of a Narrative of the voyage. iv. 140-2; iii. 680. Rush (Madison), 1847, acting lieut on the U.S. Columbus. 

Russ (Adolph Gustav), 1847, son of J. C. C., born in Germany '26; of Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); owner of a S.F. lot; in the mines '48. He settled in S.F., where he still lived in '82, having been a member of the legislature in '67. His Biography and Remembrances in my col. of MSS. are brief sketches of the family and of S.F. affairs in early times. He married Frances Simon in '51, and had 5 children surviving in '79. R. (August), 1847, brother of A. G., b. N.Y., drummer of Co. F, N.Y. Vol.; still living in S.F. '82. R. (Chas Christian Ed.), 1847, brother of A. G., b. in Germany '28; fifer of N.Y. Vol.; owner of a S.F. lot. v. 676. After his disch. at Sta B. he went to the mines in '48, making many later mining tours down to that of Frazer River in '58. The intervals were filled in with business enterprises at S.F. He married in '52, and was the father of 7 children. Still a rich and prominent citizen of S.F. in '82; life and portrait in Contemp. Biog. R. (Henry B.), 1847, brother of A. G., who came, as a boy, with the family; in later years supervisor of S.F., where he still lives in '85. R. (Jacob), 1846, overl. immig. of Young's party. v. 529. R. (J. C. Christian), 1847, German of Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). He had made a fortune as a jeweller in N.Y., and lost it by burglarly one night when he closed his shop and went to see a procession in honor of Gen. Jackson. He enlisted with 3 sons, and was accomp. by his wife and other children. Opening a jeweller's shop at S.F., he obtained, as did his sons, building lots, v. 676, and rapidly regained his fortune during the flush times. He became the owner of much real estate, besides the original lot on which he built the hotel still owned by the family and called the Russ House. His house on this lot was in '47-8 the southern limit of settlement, being separated from the town by a sand hill. He also built a residence on Harrison St in the far-off wilderness, and the Russ Garden near by was from '57 a popular place of suburban resort. He died in '57, and his widow, Christina, in '80. The sons are named in this Register; a daughter, Mrs Mebius, died in Dresden '85. 

Russell, 1846, mr of the Sarah Parker. v. 580. R. (Chas), 1846, of the Mormon colony, but prob. did not come to Cal. v. 547. R. (Eugene), 1845, one of Fr‚mont's men, and of the Sta B. garrison '46. iv. 583; v. 316; later in Co. A, Cal. Bat. (v. 358). He applied for land in the S. Jos‚ district '46. R. (Geo. W.), 1847, sailor on the Independence; applied to Larkin for a clerkship. R. (Henry or Wm), 1847, carpenter and builder at Benicia, a partner of Bryant and of Briggs. v. 672. R. (John), 1845, sailor on the Benj. Morgan. R. (J.), 1848, passp. from Hon. R. (Robert E.), 1846, of Cal. Bat. (v. 358); Cal. claim $46 (v. 462); witness at Wash. '48; at S. Jos‚ '50. Perhaps same as Eugene. R. (Thomas), 1835, Amer. sailor picked up by the Pilgrim at Sta B. and landed at S. Diego in '35. iii. 412. He became a permanent resident of S. D., and is named by Dana in his Two Years. In '36, with one Weldon, he made an exped. in search of buried treasure at the Colorado River missions, the affair causing more excitement than increase of wealth. iii. 613. The same year he was in trouble through sending a challenge to Lumsden for a duel. iii. 618. In '40 he worked as a carpenter, being married to a native, 37 years old, and a naturalized citizen. Next heard of in '47, when he was in trouble for refusing obedience to the alcalde, or perhaps for an attempt to [p.316]commit murder. v. 618; and in '48 ment. by Buffum in the mines at Weber Creek. A man of the same name was cl. for land in Sta Cruz Co. '52. R. (Wm), 1845, Amer. at Mont.; perhaps the owner of a S.F. lot '47; or one named in Napa Val. '47-8; or as present at Dr Semple's marriage at Benicia '47. v. 672; or some of these may be the following. R. (Wm), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). 

Russell (Wm H), 1846, nat. of Ky who had been somewhat prominent in local politics, memb. of the legislature, U.S. marshal, etc.; also serving in the Florida war. He came to Cal. overland with Bryant and Jacobs. v. 528; made a flowery oration at the S.F. reception of Com. Stockton in Oct. v. 295-6; served as ordnance officer with rank of major in the Cal. Bat. v. 160, 399; and was one of the commissioners to make the treaty of Cahuenga, v. 404-5, being somewhat active in the Fr‚mont-Kearny controversy, and sec. of state at Los Ang. during Fr‚mont's rule as gov. v. 422-4, 432-3. In March '47 he was sent east with despatches, his chief mission being to secure F.'s appointment as gov. v. 445, 454; and he was one of F.'s principal witnesses at the court-martial. v. 420, 423, 456. He came back to Cal. in '49, and practised law at S. Jos‚, Sac., and S.F. to '54 or later; about '61-2 was U.S. consul at Trinidad de Cuba, but resigned and returned to Ky, where he died. A daughter married a grandson of Henry Clay. A second wife was married about '62. Russell was a boastful man of many words, and a hard drinker, but honorable, intelligent, and popular, with much ability. R. (Wm W.), 1847, lieut of marines on the U.S. Independence. Russum (Thos), 1846, Engl. mr of the Euphemia and Mary Ann '46-7. v. 578-9; heard of in England in later years. Ruth (John), 1847, Co. G, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Rutledge (John), 1847, acting lieut on the U.S. Erie. Rutter (Henry), 1841, employed on Leese's launch at S.F. R. (John), 1829, mr of the Planet. iii. 148. 

Ryan (Edward), 1847, Co. B, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); d. S.F. '66. R. (Geo. F.), 1843, Irishman who got a pass in Dec. R. (Geo. P.), 1847, went to Hon. on the Gen. Kearny. R. (P. H. W.), 1847, Co. A, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). R. (Q.), 1847, blacksmith at Mont. R. (Wm), 1845, sailmaker on the U.S. Savannah. R. (Wm Redmond), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). He returned east by Panamand wrote his Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower Cal., 1848-9, published in London '50. Died at N. Orleans '52. Ryder (Geo. W.), 1847, arr. Oct., according to Soc. Cal. Pion. roll; died S.F. '68, age 49.