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Pioneer Register of California
(From the History of California, Vol. II.-V.)
Pioneer Register and Index 1542—1848


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Yame (Blas), 1806, sailor on the Peacock. ii. 38. Yanonalit, Ind. chief at Sta B. 1782. i. 377. Yard (Edward M.), 1846, lieut on the U.S. Dale; [p.390]at Trenton, N.J., '78. Yarnall (Mordecai), 1847, prof. of mathematics on the Columbus. Yates (John), 1842, Engl. sailor who came from Mazatlan and was employed by Sutter as mr of his launch. iv. 229, 341. In '43 he was in some trouble at Sonoma, Sutter furnishing bail; in Nov. '44 his launch was wrecked at Ross; he is named in the N. Helv. Diary '45-7, and seems to have been the owner of land in the Chico region '46-7, having also a Cal. claim of $50 (v. 462). In '51 he went to the Sandwich Isl., where he was living in '72, in which year he sent me his Sketch of a Journey to the Sacramento Valley in '42, including a narrative of earlier adventures. It is a most interesting and useful MS., though there are indications that the valley trip may have been antedated by a year or two. Y. (John D.), 1847, Co. H, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); in '82 at Albany, N.Y.; a printer. Ybarra, etc., see 'Ibarra,' etc. 

Yeamans (Edward), 1847, Co. E, N. Y. Vol. (v. 499). Yellow Serpent, Or. Ind. at Sutter's fort '44-6. v. 300-2. Yems, 1817, sailor at Sta B., doubtful name. ii. 286. Yergeens (Fred.), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 518); living in '64. Yetch (August), 1847, perhaps of N. Y. Vol. under another name. Yim (James), 1828, Amer. pilot at Mont. '28-9, age 23; name doubtful; prob. 'Jim.' Yndarte (J. D.), 1845, mr of the Farici. iv. 565. Ynitia (Camilo), grantee of Olompali '43. Yonkins (Wm), 1847, Co. F, 3d U. S. artill. (v. 528); in the S. Jos‚ hospital '64, suffering from an incurable cancer. 

Yorba (Antonio), 1769, one of Fages' original Catalan volunteers; in 1777 corp. of the S. F. comp.; in 1782 corp. of the Mont. comp.; and in 1789 of the S. Diego comp. In 1797 he was retired as invsergt; and in 1809-10 grantee of the Santiago de Sta Ana rancho, Los Ang., which he or a son of the same name occupied down to '30, and the family later. i. 647, 663; ii. 104, 112, 172, 353, 565, 664; iii. 634. His wife, from 1782, was Marˇa Josefa, daughter of Alf‚rez Grijalva; and the children named in early years were Isabel Marˇa, Cecilia, Raimmunda (who married J. B. Alvarado), Francisca, and Jos‚ Domingo who died in 1796. Y. (Bernardo), son of Antonio, age 35 in '39, aux. alcalde or juez de campo at St Ana '33, '36, '40, '44. iii. 635-7; iv. 633; grantee of Ca¤ada de Sta Ana '34 and of Sierra '46. iii. 633; v. 628. His daughter Ramona married B. D. Wilson. Y. (Isabel), grantee of Guadalasca '46, and el. in '52. iii. 655. Y. (Jos‚ Ant.), son of Antonio, age 27 in '39; aux. alcalde and juez de campo at Sta Ana Abajo '36, '40. iii. 636-7; in '41 at S. Juan Cap. iv. 626, 628; in '47 regidor at Los Ang. v. 626. Y. (Jos‚ Domingo), son of Jos‚ Ant., b. at S. Diego 1795; cl. of S. Vicente Ca¤ada '52. v. 629. Y. (Ramon), cl. for Las Bolsas '52. iii. 633. Y. (Teodosio), son of Jos‚ Ant., age 22 in '39, aux. alcalde at Sta Ana '36 and '47. iii. 636; v. 626; a prisoner in '38. iii. 554-5; grantee of Arroyo Seco '40. iii. 711; at S. Juan Cap. '41. iv. 626; grantee of Lomas de Santiago '46. v. 627. Y. (TomAnt.), son of Jos‚ Ant., age 55 in '39, supl. of the diputacion '30, '32. iii. 50, 216-18; aux. alcalde at Sta Ana '31-2, '35. iii. 635; ment. in '39, '40, '43. iii. 589, 629, 637. 

Yorgens (Joseph), 1828, Amer. trapper of Pattie's party. iii. 163, 168; age 24 in '29. Either Y. and Ferguson were the same, or one of them could not have belonged to this party. York, 1834, Engl. sailor, age 23, in a Mont. list. Y. (John), 1845, nat. of Tenn. and overl. immig. of the Grigsby-Ide party, with his wife Lucinda Hudson and 2 sons, Wm E. and David, the latter being apparently born on the trip. iv. 579, 587. He settled at the head of Napa Valley; was at Sonoma during the Bear revolt; went to the mines in '48-9; and in '49-82 lived on his farm in Napa. There were 9 surviving children in '82, including those named above. Portrait in Napa Co. Hist., 62. Y. (Wm), 1846, Co. F, Cal. Bat. v. 358; at S. Jos‚ '48-50. 

Young, 1833, at S. Diego '33-4, in Ebbetts' service, called capt. Y., 1647, mr of the Com. Stockton, at S.F. and Bodega. v. 577. Y. (Alpheus), 1847, Co. D, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at S.F. '82. Y. (Charles B.), 1847, lieut Co. A, ditto. v. 503. Y. (Chas D.), 1847, musician, ditto. Y. (Ewing), 1830, capt. of trappers, who came to Cal. from N. Mex., and again in '31-2, going to Or. in '34, returning in '37, to purchase cattle, and dying in Or. '41. ii. 600; iii. 174-5, 180, 357, 387-8, 393-4, 410, 630; iv. 85-7, 263-4; see also [p.391]Hist. Or., i. 90 et seq. Y. (Francis), 1837, lumberman in the Mont. dist. '37-44. iv. 118. He failed in business '44; and nothing more is known of him unless he was with Ford at Olompali '46. v. 166. Y. (John), 1844, on roll of Soc. Cal. Pion.; nat. of Scotland, and nephew of Capt. John Wilson; perhaps did not come from Valparaˇso till '45. He was a trader and mr of vessels on the coast; and later superintendent of the N. Almaden mine. Died at S.F. '64. Y. (Jonathan), 1847, mid. on the Columbus. Y. (J. E.), 1848, miner at Mormon Isl., etc.; later a farmer in Placer Co. to '68. Y. (Lewis or Levi), 1833, mr of the Enriqueta. iii. 382. Y. (Nathan), 1847, of Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl. at Los Ang. Y. (Rom°), Mex. citizen at N. Helv. Y. (Sam. C.), 1846, nat. of Tenn., and overl. immig. with his family. v. 528-30. He settled as a farmer at Sta Clara, where he died in '78, leaving 3 sons-Leander C., who died in '82, M. D., at S. Jos‚ '81, and R. J., ditto. 

Yount (George C.), 1831, nat. of N.C. who came as a trapper in Wolfskill's party from N. Mex. iii. 386, 405, 166, 363. For several years he hunted otter chiefly on S.F. bay and its tributaries, also making shingles at odd jobs. His name appears on Larkin's books in '33. In '35 he was baptized at S. Rafael as Jorge Concepcion, and worked for Vallejo at Sonoma. In '36 he obtained a grant of the Caymus rancho in Napa Valley, where he built a cabin, or block-house, and for years was the only representative of the gente de razon in the valley. iii. 711; iv. 117. He still spent much of his time in hunting, and had many encounters with the Ind., though by his long experience with the natives, his fearless character, and by his tact in forming alliances with the strongest rancherˇas, he managed to keep all under good control. In '43 he was grantee of the La Jota rancho, an extension of Caymus, iv. 671, where he soon built a saw-mill, having also a flour-mill on his place; and the same year he was joined by two daughters who came overland with Chiles, the latter having in his visit of '41 brought news from the family and been commissioned to bring them. iv. 393. In several of the old trapper's experiences, as related by him and embellished by others, a trace of faith in dreams and omens is shown; but the oft-repeated story that a dream of his led to the relief of the Donner party has no foundation in fact. In later years the old pioneer found the squatters and land-lawyers somewhat more formidable foes than had been the Ind. and grizzlies of earlier times; but he saved a portion of his land, and died at his Napa home-called Yountville in his honor-in '65 at the age of 71. Portraits in Hesperian, ii.; Napa Co. Hist., 54; Menefee's Sketch-book, 160. Y. (Lot G.), 1844, ranchero named in Larkin's papers; prob. error for Geo. C. Youin (Juan), 1846, owner of S.F. lot. v. 684. 

Zabriskie (Jerome), 1847, Co. B, Morm. Bat. (v. 469); re‚nl.; in Utah '82. Zaldˇbar (Pedro), 1818, deserter from Bouchard's insurgents. ii. 241. Zalvidea (Jos‚ Marˇa), 1805, Span. friar whose missionary service was chiefly at S. Gabriel and S. Juan Cap. He died at S. Luis Rey in '46. Biog. v. 620-1; ment. ii. 48-50, 109, 114-15, 159-60, 352, 355-6, 394, 555, 567-8, 655; iii. 91, 96, 102, 317, 358, 625, 627; iv. 371, 422, 622-4. Zamora (Ignacio), soldier at the Colorado pueblos 1780-1; killed by Ind. i. 359, 362. Z. (Juan), capt. appointed for Cal.; did not come. iii. 54. Z. (Manuel), Mex. soldier of the Hidalgo piquete at Mont. '30, age 26. Z. (Nicanor), supl. com. de policˇa at Mont. '36. iii. 675. Zamorano (Agustin Vicente), 1825, Mex. alf‚rez who came with Echeandˇa; nat. of Florida, of Spanish parentage; capt. of the Mont. comp. from '31, and of the S. Diego comp. from '35. He left Cal. in '38, but returned in '42 as lieut-col, and died in that year at S. Diego. He is named in the Mont. padron of '36 as 36 years old, wife Luisa Arg ello, child. Dolores b. '27 (married J. M. Flores), Luis '29, Gonzalo '32, Guadalupe '33 (married Henry Dalton), Josefa '34, and Agustin '36. An Eulalia is also named by Hayes as having married Vicente Estudillo. Of the sons I have no record. Biog. of the capt. iii. 559-61; ment. ii. 543-4, 549, 608, 669, 676; iii. 13-14, 33, 44, 47, 50, 61-2, 81, 84, 91, 99, 102, 205, 214, 220-32, 239, 243, 347, 364, 441, 445, 463, 515-20, 533, 549, 556, 568-9, 608, 614, 669-71; iv. 68, 290, 408, 619; v. 365. Zampay, chief of the Yolo Ind. '36. iv. 72. 

Zarembo (Dionisio), 1827, mr of the Okhotsk '27-9. iii. 148; and of the Urup '31-2. iii. 213, 384; again in Cal. '45 as Russian agent. iv. 187-8. Zavaleta (Aniceto Marˇa), Mex. artilleryman at S. Diego '21 and earlier, a somewhat unmanageable fellow, though a good soldier. He became sergt, and about '28 was retired as teniente de premio; serious charges against him in '31; had much trouble in collecting his pay in later years; sec. of the ayunt. at S. D. '41. iv. 619; ment. in '45. iv. 508. Zavalishin (W.), 1824, Russ. agent who visited Cal.; author of a work on the Russ. colony, Delo o Koloniy Ross. ii. 641, 647. Zeballos (Areaco), 1791, Span. lieut in Malaspina's exped. i. 490. Zeilin (Jacob), 1846, lieut of marines on the Congress; acting capt. in Stockton's Bat. '46-7. v. 281, 385, 391-5; perhaps 'Zielin.' Zenon, Ind. leader of a plot at S. Jos‚ '42. iv. 338. Zerman (John Napoleon), 1846 (?), Fr. lieut at Waterloo; veteran of many campaigns; in Mex. war; in Cal. '49 et seq. and in '74; possibly in '46. Zertaje, 1821, mr or sup. of the S.F. Javier. ii. 440, 202. Zetch (August), 1847, gen. accredited to N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); seitled at Petaluma; d. at S. F. '79; prob. the following. Zetschsky (Charles), 1847, Co. C, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499); at Petaluma '83. Clark. 

Zimmerman (Bernard), 1847, Co. F, 3d U.S. artill. (v. 518). Z. (W.), 1847, ditto; in Cal. '64. Zindel (Louis), 1844, one of Fr‚mont's party; prob. did not come to Cal. iv. 437. Zinky (D.), 1846, doubtful name of the Cal. Bat. (v. 358). Zinns (Geo.), 1846, nat. of Lorraine, and overl. immig.; Cal. Bat. (v. 358); married Mrs Wolfinger at Sutter's fort '47, and is said to have built the first brick house at Sac. He was later a brewer and fruit-grower, but being ruined by fire and again by slickens, he lived on a chicken ranch from '72, and died at Oakland in '85 at the age of '86. Zittle (Michael), 1847, Co. I, N.Y. Vol. (v. 499). Zorrilla (Francisco), 1842, named as in charge of the Los Ang. gold mines. iv. 630. ZŁ¤iga (Jos‚), 1781, lieut of the S. Diego comp., acting as habilitado and com. to 1793. Later capt. at Tucson, Sonora; lieut-col 1810. He was one of the most efficient of the old presidio officers. Biog. i. 645-6; ment i. 335, 340, 343, 372, 396, 398, 400, 441, 454, 461-3, 467, 484, 502, 522, 653; ii. 78. Z. (Guillermo), land-owner at Los Ang. '39, age 48. Z. (Nicolsoldier of the Mont. comp. '36, age '21. Z. (Pio Quinto), soldier of the S. Juan Cap. escolta 1776-9. i. 303. Z. (Ramon), soldier at Mont. '36, age 25. Z. (Valentin), at Los Ang. '39, age 42. Z. (Ventura), boy at Los Ang. 1802; soldier in '10. ii. 91. Zurrillaga 1824, mr of the Constancia. ii. 519. Zurita (Jos‚), murderer at S. Juan B. '44. iv. 662.