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University of California, Directory of Graduates
Graduates, 1864 - 1905

November, 1905
Published by U. C.  Berkeley

Explanatory Note  (pgs. 3-4)
Pages 5-11 were a summary of degrees containing no names and were not included.



            This is the first comprehensive Catalogue of Graduates of all Departments of the University of California.  It includes the Graduates of the Colleges of Agriculture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Commerce, Letters, Mechanics, Mining, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, these being the Academic Colleges; of the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science; of the Hastings College of the Law, and of the California College of Pharmacy.  The Mark Hopkins Institute of Art and the Post-graduate Medical Department alone are unrepresented in this catalogue; this is because their work does not lead to a degree, or to any event corresponding to graduation.  Graduates of the College of California from 1864 to 1869, inclusive, and Graduates of the Toland Medical College from 1864 to 1872, inclusive, rank as graduates of the University of California under the provisions of its charter, and under Section 1400 of the Political Code of California.  Under the wording of Section 9 of the Organic Act, the recipients of honorary degrees from the College of California are entitled to similar degrees from the University of California; they have therefore been included in this list.

            The Catalogue shows all degrees conferred by the University of California, in accordance with the records of the Regents and Faculties.  Degrees conferred by other colleges and universities have been included wherever possible; but as the University has no official list of such degrees, a few may have been omitted.

            In the arrangement by classes, the rule of the Faculties has been followed that “all graduates of any one calendar year – January first to December thirty-first – shall be ranked as belonging to the so-called class of that year.”

            Following this note is a table showing the various degrees that have been awarded in the different departments of the University.

            The compiling of the present catalogue, especially as to the addresses, has been done under the direction of the Secretary of the Alumni Association; great care has been used to make the list of addresses correct. The catalogue of graduates of the Academic Colleges, published in 1899, and similar catalogues of the graduates of some of the other colleges, have been used as a basis; these lists have been revised very carefully with the assistance of the Recorder of the Faculties, the Appointment Secretary, the Secretaries of the affiliated alumni bodies, and the various Class Secretaries.  About thirty per cent of the addresses given here – over one half of the addresses of the Academic Alumni have been furnished by the alumni themselves in response to inquiries by the Secretary of the Alumni Association.  The other addresses are as nearly correct as it has been possible to make them with the information at hand.  Corrections and additions are earnestly requested.

            In printing the list, the names of graduates deceased have been marked with an asterisk.  The following abbreviations have been used – S F for San Francisco, O for Oakland, B for Berkeley.

            Class Secretaries for each of the Academic classes have been appointed. Their names are printed in black-face type in the body of the catalogue, and are contained in the list of Class Secretaries printed herein.


            Information concerning graduates full names, full list of degrees, occupations, exact addresses, names of married alumae, and exact dates of death of deceased graduates, should be sent to the Class Secretaries in the case of the Academic Alumni; to the various College Secretaries in the case of the Affiliated Alumni; and also in any case to the President of the University of California, Berkeley, California.


Class Secretaries  (pg. 12)

Graduates of the Academic Colleges  

(pgs. 13-34, 1864-1890)
(pgs. 35-57, 1891-1897)
(pgs. 58-78, 1898-1900)
(pgs. 78-106, 1901-1903)
(pgs. 106-123, 1904-1905)


Graduates of the College of Medicine (pgs. 124-139)
Graduates of the California College of Pharmacy (pgs. 140-154)
Graduates of Hastings College of the Law (pgs. 155-171)
Graduates of the College of Dentistry (pgs. 172-186)
Graduates of the College of Veterinary Science (pgs. 187)


Directory of Graduates Index (pgs. 188-260)

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