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929.4/   Old Scots Surnames, The
929.4/ASH Ashley, Leonard F. N. What's In A NameŠEverything You Wanted to Know
929.4/REA Reaney Dictionary of English Surnames, A
929.4/SIM Sims, Clifford Stanley Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames, The
929.4/SMI Smith American Surnames
929.6/FAI Fairbairn Crests Of Families Of Great Britain & Ireland
940./BAX Baxter, Angus In Search of Your European Roots 2nd edition
940./RIL Riley Our European Origins
    British Isles
941./BUR Burke, Sir John Bernard Burke's American Families
941/HAM Hamilton-Edwards, Gerald In Search of British Ancestry
941./HAN Hanna, Charles A. Scotch - Irish Vol. I & II
941./JOH Johnstone, C.L. Historical Families of Dumfriesshire & The Border Wars, The 2nd edition
941.1/BLA Black Surnames of Scotland
941.1/JON Jonas Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors
941.1/LDS LDS Scotland, A Genealogical Research Guide
941.1/SMI Smith Genealogical Gazzetier of Scotland
941.1/WHY Whyte Dictionary Of Scottish Emigrants Vol. 2
941.5/ADA Adams Index To Ulster Emigration: PHIL,., (I803-50)
941.5/ADA Adams Ireland and Irish Emigration
941.5/BEG Begley Handbook On Irish Genealogy
941.5/BEG Begley Record Finder, A
941.5/BOL Bolton, Charles Knowles Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America
941.5/CLA Clare Guide To Copies & Abstracts Irish Wills
941.5/GIB Gibson Marriage, Census, and other Indexes for Family Historians 3rd edition
941.5/GIB Gibson Bishops' Transcripts and Marriage Licences, Bonds & Allegations
941.5/GIB Gibson Unpublished Personal Names Indexes in Record Offices and Libraries
941.5/GRE Grehan, Ida Dictionary of Irish Family Names
929.1/FAL Falley Irish & Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Vol. 1
929.1/FAL Falley Irish & Scotch-Irish Ancestral Research Vol.2
941.5/HEL   Directory of Irish Archives
941.5/LDS LDS Ireland, A Genealogical Research Guide
941.5/MIT Mitchell, Brian Guide to Irish Parish Registers, A
941.5/MIT Mitchell Guide to Irish Churches & Graveyards
941.5/MIT Mitchell Irish Immigration Lists
941.5/MIT Mitchell Irish Passenger Lists 1847-1871
941.5/MIT Mitchell New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland
941.5/MUR Murphy Directory of Irish Genealogy 1991
941.5/NOL Nolan Tracing the Past
941.5/O'BR O'Brien, Michael J. Irish Settlers in America Vol. 1
941.5/O'BR O'Brien, Michael J. Irish Settlers in America Vol. 2
941.5/RAD Radford Ireland - Fundamental Sources for Irish Genealogical Research
941.5/RYA Ryan Irish Records
941.5/VIC Vicars, Sir Arthur Index to the Prerogatieve Wills of Ireland 1536-1810
941.5/YUR Yurdan Irish Family History