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The exchange of information between genealogiical researchers is an important way to enhance our family history research. Each month the Kern County Genealogical Society receives and attempts to answer the many queries we receive from researchers around the country, and occasionally from around the world. To further that exchange of information we periodically publish pedigree charts submitted by new members of the KCGS as well as pedigree charts to accompany family stories that we publish in the quarterly KERN-GEN issues.. KCGS will also be publishing outgoing queries for "Brickwall Ancestors" submitted by our members in the quarterly KERN-GEN issues.


QUERY:  John W. Kennedy, from JoeK.

The first brickwall I've encountered is on the paternal side. I have no information regarding my great grandfather John W. Kennedy. Dates I give here are approximations. Born in 1848 in Ireland, was married to Ann O'Riley (or O'Reilly ?) in 1885, and his date of death is unknown. I have no idea whether they were married in Ireland and then emigrated, or if they married in U.S.

(Please send reply to, Attn. JoeK..)  


QUERY:  John Hirsch, from BettyC.

My great grandfather John Hirsch (born 7 Feb 1836 in Dubuque, IA) left home at age 14 for California where he spent the next 15 years  mining for gold, driving a stagecoach and exploring. He returned to Iowa in 1867 and married Mary (Anna Marie) Leibrand on 18 Sept 1869. Mary died on 23 May 1902 and John on 17 Nov 1919 and they were buried  in Menton Towndon township, IA. I have not been able to locate the areas that John Hirsch may have lived while in California or the name of the stagecoach line that he drove for.

(Please send reply to, Attn. BettyC.)  


QUERY:  Abraham (Abram) Wassercier, from ReginaS.

I am trying to find information on my grandfather, Abraham (Abram) Wassercier, born in the 1860's, from Staszow, Poland. A microfilm listing under the town of SANDIMIERZ shows that my grandfather was a twin (Abraham/Abram and Mortra B.). Is he of the KOHAN, LEVITE, or ISRAELITE tribe? A Rabbi told me that the tribe would be listed on the Birth Record. Would like to know how I can obtain a copy of the Birth Record. 

(Please send reply to, Attn. ReginaS.)  

QUERY: Anna K. Anderson, from JackieG.

I am trying to find the parents of Anna Kathinka Anderson. Anna was born in Denmark in 1870. While still in Denmark, Anna married Soren Jensen, Jr. (1864-1928) in July of 1891. In that same year, Anna and Soren emigrated to America. She had seven children, the oldest son was named Richard Carl Jensen (1893-1958). Any information on where Anna's parents lived in Denmark would also be appreciated. The family first lived in Illinois. By 1909 they had moved to Hope, Lincoln County, Minnesota, which had a strong Danish community.

(Please send replies to, Attn. JackieG.)

QUERY: Henry and Grisel Caldwell, from TerriL.

I am searching for information on Henry Caldwell, born 1770 in Westmorland County, Pennsylvania. Henry married a girl named Grisel, also born about 1770 in Pennsylvania. At some point the Caldwell's apparently moved to Salt Creek, Wayne Co., Ohio. That is where Henry died in 1849. I would like to know where Henry and Grisel lived and if he was a soldier. I would also appreciate any information on the parents of Henry and Grisel. Pedigree charts have been published on pages 97 and 98 of the September 2013 issue of the KERN-GEN.

(Please send replies to, Attn. TerriL.)

QUERY: Anne (Kerley) Palmer, from WmD.

I am looking for information on the parents of Anna Kerley. Anna was born 17 Apr 1774 in New York. She was the third wife of Azariah Palmer (1767-1846) whom she married on 6 Sept 1802, apparently in Monkton, Addison County, Vermont. They had 6 children, all of whom were raised in Vermont, although census data indicates that some of the children may have been born in nearby Quebec, Canada. Based on naming tradition, Anna's parents were William Kerley and Lucinda (Smith?). Anna and Azariah lived in Vermont until Azariah died in late 1841, when she went to live with her son, Orrin Palmer, in Grand Detour, Lee County, Illinois. Anna died 4 Dec 1845 in Grand Detour. A pedigree chart has been published on page 94 of the September 2013 issue of the KERN-GEN.

(Please send replies to, Attn. WmD)


QUERY: Solomon Baitler, from ArtM.

I am trying to find the obituary for Solomon S. Baitler, who emigrated from the Russian Empire in 1883 and lived in Webster, Maine, then eventually moved to Randolph, Maine. I believe he died in early February, 1938, but do not know the exact date. He and his wife Lena (Brisk) are buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Portland, Maine. Also I would like to find any emigration and immigration information that might identify the area in the Russian Empire where Solomon (1859-1938) and Lena (1861-1945) were born and married. Their Port of Departure and Port of Arrival are also missing information. I believe that Solomon was naturalized in 1890 and Lena in 1898 in either Maine or Massachusetts, but do not know what jurisdiction. Any information on the parents of Solomon and Lena would also be appreciated.

(Please send replies to, Attn. ArtM.)



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