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Contact Information

We can be reached by mail at:


PO BOX 2214

BAKERSFIELD, CA 93303-2214


Or by telephone in the Genealogy Room of the Beale Memorial Library at 661-868-0773 (1PM to 4PM Mondays and 11AM to 4PM Tuesday thru Saturday), or by email to kerngen@aol.com for general questions but not to place a request for research.  Requests for research must be mailed to the PO Box and accompanied by a check for the appropriate amount. Please click on the [RESEARCH] tab to the left to review the Kern County Genealogical Society's research policy. 


Officers, Board Members, Chairpersons & Library Volunteer's

             OFFICERS     2014                                  BOARD MEMBERS

          President :   Delores Dahleen                         Kay Keith                2014 / 2017
          Vice President : Lynda Finch                         Art Murray               2014 / 2017
          Program Chairperson :  Lynda Finch             Shirley Jackson        2012 / 2015
          Secretery :   Andrea Smith                             Betty Jones              2012 / 2015
          Treasurer :   Bill Dahleen                               (Open)                    2012 / 2015

    Next Board Meeting :  *** NO BOARD MEETING IN JUNE OR JULY***   The next scheduled Board meeting will be at 9:00 AM on 11 Aug 2014, at Carrow's, 1300 Easton Dr., Bakersfield, CA. (just off California Ave, across from Barnes & Noble bookstore and behind Del Taco) . All KGCS members are welcome to attend any board meeting.


                       Librarians:  Shirley Jackson,  Kay Keith,  Dee Dahleen
                       Library Staffing :   KCGS Board of Directors
                       Research Chairpersons :   KCGS Library Volunteers
                       Publicity :   KCGS Board of Director
                       Promotions Chairperson :  Noreen Webb
                       Telephone / Email Chairperson :  Bill & Delores Dahleen
                       KernGen Co-Editors :   Bill & Delores Dahleen
                       Periodical Mailings : Noreen Webb  
                       Facebook:  Lynda Finch
                       Website :   Art Murray                        
                       Volunteer Coordinator :   Dee Dahleen    
                       Windowbox Displays:  Lynda Finch, Anita Jo Cowan, Noreen Webb

                           BEALE LIBRARY VOLUNTEER STAFF

                   Miriam Martin           Art Murray                  Kay Keith          
                   Betty Jones                Shirley Jackson           Doris Roderick
                   Bob Hoffman            Noreen Webb              Delores Dahleen
                   Barbara Long            George Otman             Jewell Burton-Avery
                   Gary Dieckman         Margaret McCaine

                   Alternates: Anita Jo Cowan     Esther Livingston     

For KCGS members interested in being a volunteer in the Genealogy Room at Beale Memorial Library please contact Dee Dahleen, KCGS Volunteer Coordinator, in the Genealogy Room (661-868-0773) on Fridays between 11AM and 4PM. The next Volunteer Orientation session will be held at 3:00 PM on 12 July 2014 in the Gates Computer Lab at the Beale Memorial Library. For more information on other volunteer opportunities or to register for the orientation class, call the Beale Memorial Library at (661)-868-0745.

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