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From Millenia Legacy Family Tree, 23 Dec 2013:

2014 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Schedule announced

LogowhiteMillennia Corporation and FamilyTreeWebinars.com are pleased to announce that registration is now open for its 2014 Legacy Family Tree Webinar Series. Choose from 52 classes from genealogy's leading educators (nearly 80 hours of free genealogy education) on topics ranging from genealogy technology to in-depth research methodologies and evidence analysis. Legacy Family Tree Webinars was awarded the Best Genealogy Education or Learning Experience by the About.com 2013 Genealogy Readers' Choice Awards.

Sign up for one or for all of them today (so you don't forget later) and you will receive a reminder email both one day and one hours prior to the live event. Brand new - sign up for multiple webinars at the same time by clicking here or visit www.FamilyTreeWebinars.com.

July 2014

August 2014

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014

Webinar Brochure

Print the webinar brochure to share with your friends, genealogy society, or Family History Center.

FamilyTreeWebinars.com memberships

All live webinars are free, and their recordings are free to watch for the next 7 days. If you missed a previous webinar you can now have access to the entire archives (now more than 200 hours) and instructors' handouts (more than 500 pages) through a monthly or annual webinar membership. Click here for more information or to subscribe.

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From the July 2014 issue of  The Immigrant Genealogical Society Newsletter:

If you haven't visited the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild recently, you might want to. You might be surprised what has been added over time due to their legion of volunteer's.

Do you have Hessian ancestors? Check the main Hessian website in Germany. You may find that you can send your inquiry, if his/her town or village of origin is known,directly to the website of that place and receive an answer to a question you've always wanted to ask.

From the 28 June 2014 Mocavo newsletter:  

Mocavo is joining the Findmypast family. This partnership represents a major turning point in Mocavo's quest to bring all the world’s historical information online for free. One of the immediate benefits of the acquisition is that Mocavo is putting the complete US Federal Census index online for free (forever!), making Mocavo the first commercial provider in history to ever do this. This means that as a Mocavo Community member, you now can now search each individual United States Federal Census Index to your heart's content - all for free! Search the United States Federal Census NowNot sure where to start? With the help of Mocavo's Chief Genealogist, Michael J. Leclerc, Mocavo has compiled a United States Federal Census Guide that is full of research tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your census research. Download your United States Federal Census Guide.
From the Bismark-Mandan Historical and Genealogical Society's June 2014 periodical The Dakota Homestead Historical Newsletter:

Italiangen.org: You don't have to be Italian to benefit from the great volunteer effort on this site to index New York's five boroughs' vital records.

JewishGen.org: Thousands of databases, research tools and other resources are available to help those with Jewish ancestry.

SteveMorse.org: Having trouble with the spelling of your immigrant ancestor's surname? This free site helps you search in one step.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: The museum has 42 million records, including a vast database of survivors and Holocaust victims.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? The Learning Channel is again broadcasting a new season of Who Do You Think You Are? The celebrity line up includes Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood, Cindy Crawford, and Jim Parsons to name a few. The 5th season begins Wednesday, July 23, 2014. For more information, check out the website.

From the 23 June 2014 issue of  LEGACY NEWS:

FamilySearch Records Update - More Than 4.9 Million New Indexed Records and Images for Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, United States, and Venezuela


Indexed Records

Digital Images


Belgium, Hainaut, Civil Registration, 1600–1913



Added images to an existing collection.

Canada, Ontario Births, 1869–1912



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

Colombia, Military Records, 1809–1958



Added images to an existing collection.

Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1860–1975



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

Mexico, Sonora, Catholic Church Records, 1657–1994



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

Portugal, Braga, Priest Application Files (Genere et Moribus), 1596–1911



Added images to an existing collection.

Portugal, Viana do Castelo, Miscellaneous Records, 1636–1962



Added images to an existing collection.

Russia, Samara Church Books, 1779-1923



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

Switzerland, Bern, Civil Registration, 1792–1876



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917–1918



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

Venezuela, Catholic Church Records, 1577–1995



Added indexed records to an existing collection.

For Facebook users:

(in English) -- Found on the internet, a downloadable PDF file with links to over 3800 Facebook sites related to genealogy.

From the Ancestry.com Learning Center:

Free State Research Guides

Learning about the history and what resources are available for the places your ancestor lived can give your research a solid boost. The Ancestry.com State Research Guide series includes historical background, a chronology, helpful information on census and vital record availability, highlighted collection for that place on Ancestry.com, and links to important resources beyond Ancestry.com.

Ancestry.com will be continuing to add states throughout 2014, so if they don't have your ancestor's state yet, stay tuned.

          Alaska (02 January 2014)                    Arkansas (20 June 2014)                    California (08 January 2014)                    Connecticut (1 March 2014)

          Florida (27 March 2014)                     Georgia (25 November 2013)             Idaho (26 June 2014)                              Indiana (12 December 2013)  

          Kansas (29 January 2014)                   Kentucky (16 May 2014)                   Louisiana (18 April 2014)                         Maine (04 April 2014)

          Maryland (11 April 2014)                    Michigan (07 February 2014)              Minnesota (9 May 2014)                         Mississippi (6 June 2014)

          Nebraska (20 March 2014)                 New Mexico (22 January 2014)          New York (14 January 2014)                  Ohio (12 March 2014)

          Puerto Rico (10 June 2014)                 Oregon (12 February 2014)                 Rhode Island (23 May 2014)                   South Carolina (2 May 2014)

          Texas (25 November 2013)                Vermont (24 April 2014)                      Virginia (9 December 2013)                    Wisconsin (30 May 2014)


From the July 2014 issue of The Jotted Line newsletter from the Fresno County Genealogical Society:

ANCESTRY.COM ANNOUNCES MAJOR CHANGES.  Ancestry.com has announced that several of its areas will no longer be accessible as of September 5, 2014. Closing down, or being "retired" will be MyFamily, My Canvas, Mundia, and their Y-DNA and mtDNA tests. Also, Genealogy.com will be converted to "read only" format and will not accept any new uploads effective Sept. 5th. Those in the DNA programs have the option, for a small fee, to transfer their tests to another company. There are more details available in the June 4 press release posted on blogs.ancestry.com. For each area, there is a series of questions with a drop-down discussion of how to transfer (if applicable), get refunds, etc.      

Binns Genealogy has Virginia county tax records for two missing census years, 1790 and 1800. These records will whet your appetite to look further into Virginia tax records, complete after 1782.

Dinwiddie County, Virginia has land tax records from 1782 until 1875. Tax records survived at the state level when most of the Dinwiddie County records burned prior to the 1830's.  

From the Immigrant Genealogical Society's August 2014 NEWSLETTER:

For passenger lists dated after 1892 there may be markings, codes or annotations written on the forms. To learn the meanings of these scribblings Marion L Smith, Historian for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, has written "Manifest Markings: A Guide to Interpreting Passenger List Annotations". It is found on the webpage of JewishGen, Inc.

When researching your immigrant ancestors in the U.S. to find clues to the person's home village in Europe, you may be studying the Federal census data. To know more about how the answers to census questions were recorded, you will want to study the guidelines used by the enumerators.
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