Lake County Genealogical Society


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The Lake County Genealogical Society was form in 1977 to promote family history and collect and save documents for future generations. Today we still are active society working on many projects and continuing help family researchers find their families roots in Lake County.

Tuesday Class

Family researchers have been sharing their DNA test with the class. Some have found many new cousins and sources of information they may not of found otherwise. While others are not so sure about the results.

Anyone interested in family history may attend the class. It is not a formal class, sometimes we have topic for the week, but lately we have been doing more sharing and brick walls. Technology seems to bring something new all the time to how we research.

Library News
The Lake County Visitors Center is closing in September. At this time we have no information on the future our library. We will let our members know when decisions are made.
If you are planning a research trip, PLEASE e-mail us, and let us know you are coming.