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Merced County Genealogical Society

Local Records Available


The following are some of the records that can be found at the Merced County Recorders Office. Many of the older records aren't complete but enough is there to make them worth checking.

Indexes for: Grantor/Grantee: Mid. 1850's to Present.

There are some Articles of Incorporation. Also Maps which include Survey, Parcel, Floodway, and State Highway. Pre 1922 separate indexes were used and included, Wills, Leases, Homesteads, Patents, Mining Claims, Water Rights, Agreements, and Power of Attorney.

By 1922 a General Index was needed due to population growth so the following breakdown of records was started, Grantor/Grantee Index, Trust Deeds, Reconveyance of Trust Deeds, Fee Books, Real Property, General Deeds Index to Mortgages, Assignment of Mortgages, Index to Mortgages, Mortgagor of Real Property., Mortgagee of Real Property, Index to Mortgages of Personal Property, Release of Mortgages of Personal Property, General Index to release of Mortgages.


Marriage:  1850's - Present

The following information must be provided in order to obtain a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate .

The maiden name of the bride
The name of the groom
Date of marriage
City where the license was issued

Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate can be obtained from the Merced County Recorders.


Birth: 1870's - Present  

Death: 1890's - Present

Effective July 1, 2003, California health and Safety Code Section 103526 permits only specific individuals to receive an authorized certified copy of a birth or death record. An authorized certified copy may be required to obtain death benefits, claim insurance proceeds, notify social security and obtain other services related to an individual's identity. Those who are not authorized may receive an informational certified copy with the words "INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY" imprinted across the face of the copy.

Certified or Informational Copy can be obtained from the Merced County Recorder.

These indexes are part of the Merced County Genealogical collection located in the Doris Cochran Research Room.

State of California Death & Marriage Index (Micro-fiche)

Death: 1940-1995

Marriage: 1960-1981

Additional Marriage, Birth and Death Indexes.

These books are part of the Merced County Genealogical collection located in the Doris Cochran Research Room, Merced Co. Library Main Branch.

Merced County Marriage Books A,B,C,1 & 2 from 1855-1915, published by the Merced County Genealogical Society.

Index of recorded Merced County Births 1873-1912, published by Juanita Sapp

Index of recorded Merced County Deaths 1889-1910, published by Juanita Sapp