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Dallas Cottage, Thomas J. Ryan, 20 Dallas Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Dallas Hotel, Mrs M. Walt, prop., Dallas Rd, near Simcoe St, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Dalmahoy, Andrew Wright, 1006 St Charles St, 1908DIR, House.
Dalvenie, Mrs. Joseph Clearihue, 1500 Fort St, 1908DIR, House.
Dalvenie, r.o.J. & A. Clearihue, 166 Cadboro Bay Rd, cor Stadacona Ave, 1899DIR, House.
Dan Tock Tong, Chinese physician, drugs & groceries, 12 Cormorant St, 1900DIR, Business.
Danes (John A.) & Ruckhaber (C.W.), barbers, 94 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Danish Consul, W.A. Ward, vice consul, Bank of Montreal Building, 1900DIR, Government.
Danube, C.P.N. Steamer, 1901CEN, Ship.
Dardanelles Mining & Milling Co., Ltd., Board of Trade Building, 7 Bastion St, 1900DIR, Business.
Darling, John C., Caledonia Bakery, 112 Yates St, 1900DIR, Business.
Daughters of England, meets at 146 Yates St, 1900DIR, Society.
Daughters of St. George, meets at 150 Yates St, 1900DIR, Society.
Dauntless Lodge, C.O.O.F., meets at Sir William Wallace Hall, 28 1/2 Broad St, 1900DIR, Society.
Davidge, F.C. & Co., Ltd., commission merchant, 28 Store St, 1900DIR, Business.
Davie, Pooley & Luxton, barristers & solicitors, 21 Bastion St., 1900DIR, Business.
Davies Bros., druggists, 30 & 32 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Davies David Louis, second hand goods, 115 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Davies, Joshua, auctioneer, Board of Trade Building, Bastion St., 1900DIR, Business.
Davies-Sayward Mill & Land Co., Ltd., E. Crow Baker, sec.-tres., 54 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Davis & Buttery, milkmen, Garbally Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Dawfish, r.o. E. Arman Lewis, 982 Heywood St, 1909DIR, House.
Dawson City & Dominion Trading Corporation Ltd., J. Boscowitz, manager, n/g, 1900DIR, Business.
Dawson Hotel, Henry Christian Wulf, prop., 67 & 69 Yates St, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Day, Robert S., real estate & insurance, 42 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Daylerford, r.o. William J. Gray, Constance Ave, 1909DIR, House.
Dean (Willis M.) & Hiscocks (Edwin Hilliar), druggists, 59 Yates St, cor Broad St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dean Bros. (George & John), milkmen, Richmond Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Dean Lea, r.o. William Dean, Gordon Head, FCC, House.
Deaville, Sons & Co., grocers, Hillside Ave cor First St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dee Cottage, r.o. H.J. Martin, 13 Simcoe St, 1900DIR, House.
Dee Cottage, William R. Leeming, 574 Simcoe St, 1908DIR, House.
Deene Lodge, J. Riddell, 1019 Richmond Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Del Monte, Mrs. Israel Bowen, 2645 Work St, 1908DIR, House.
Delcany, Vacant, Craigflower Rd near Carrie St, 1908DIR, House.
Delmonico Music Hall, William G. Stevenson, prop., 109 Government St, 1901CEN, Business.
Delta Canning Co., R.P. Rithet & Co., agents, 61 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
Den, The, r.o. Lt. Hugh G. Glennie, R.N., H.M.S. Warspite, Esquimalt Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Den, The, Richard L. Newman, Esquimalt Rd, S.E. cor Lampson, 1908DIR, House.
Densmore Typewriter, Board of Trade Building, 1900DIR, Business.
Deptford Cottage, Walter J. Duncalfe, Head St, north east cor Dunsmuir, 1908DIR, House.
Derra Varach, Mary Cote Bowen, Esquimalt Rd, west of Nelson, 1908DIR, House.
Derreen, r.o. Robert S. Day, 6 Rockland Ave, 1901CEN, House.
Devon Cottage, r.o. Capt. E. Harold Edwards, Esquimalt Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Devoran Cottage, Richard F. Stephens, Sunnyside Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Dewdney's Canadian Syndicate, Ltd., room 7, Board of Trade Building, 1900DIR, Business.
Diana, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Dickinson, W.G. & Co., flour, feed, hay & grain, 93 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dingle, r.o. Charles W.R. Thomson, 141 Gorge Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Dingle, W.R. Thompson, 141 Gorge Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Dingley Dell, Edgar Fawcett, Dickens St, 1908DIR, House.
Diocesean Synod Office (Anglican), Lindley Crease, sec., 17 Fort St, 1900DIR, Church.
Director, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Dirgelfa, r.o. Griffith R. Hughes, 214 Government St, 1909DIR, House.
Doane Block, Douglas St, bet. Yates St & Johnson St, 1900DIR, Building.
Dodds, William, florist, 207 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dodwell Co., Ltd., shipping agents, Norman Hardie, manager, 64 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Bakery, Blaquire & Heagerty, 221 Cook St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Cartridge Co., Ltd., H.J. Scott, general agent, 59 1/2 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Express Co., Frederick Oliver, agent, 26 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Graving Dock, Hospital St, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Government.
Dominion Hotel, Stephen Jones, prop., 119 Yates St, 1901CEN, Hotel.
Dominion Hotel annex, 162 Yates St, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Dominion Livery Stables, P. Crause, prop., 34 Blanchard St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Accident Insurance Co., J.F. Foulkes & Co., agents, 35 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Permanent Loan Co., A.W. More & Co., agents, 86 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Plate Glass Insurance Co., R.S. Day, agent, 42 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dominion Trading Co., Ltd., Annie V. Murphy, manager, 46 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dora Sieward, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Doran's Cottages, Esquimalt Rd, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Douglas Fir, George A. Macnutt, Head St, near Esquimalt Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Drayton Villa, Richard Caselton, 2532 Rose St, 1908DIR, House.
Driard Hotel, G.A. Hartnagle, prop., cor View St & Broad St, 1901CEN, Hotel.
Drill Hall, Andrew Mulcahy, caretaker, Menzies St, near Kingston St, 1900DIR, Government.
Drury, R.L., Prov. Mgr., Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada, 34 Broad St, 1900DIR, Business.
Drymen Cottage, L. Stephenson Bell, 2631 Blanchard St, 1908DIR, House.
Duck Block, 1318 Broad St, TOT, Building.
Dumbleton (Alan Southey) & Anderson (Alfred Charles), barristers & solicitors, 39 1/2 Langley St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dumfries Cottage, Charles A. Gass, 1473 Fort St, 1908DIR, House.
Dun, R.G. & Co., Merchantile Agency, James B. Giffen, manager, Board of Trade Building, 7 Bastion St, 1900DIR, Business.
Dunmore, Charles R. Stewart, St David St, 1908DIR, House.
Dunsmuir, R. & Sons, props Wellington Colliery, Store St, 1900DIR, Business.
Durand Bros. & Co., manufacturers agents, Five Sisters Block, 1900DIR, Business.
Duvals, Geo Henry Barnard, 1462 Rockland Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Duvals, r.o.George Henry Barnard, Belcher St, 1901CEN, House.
E.A. Morris, Building, 1116 Government St, TOT, Building.
E.B. Maroin, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Earle, Thos, M.P., wholesale grocer, 26 Yates St, 1900DIR, Business.
Earsman (John), Hardie (Lewis Herbert) & Co., wholesale commission & importing agents, 100 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
East Point Lighthouse, James Georgeson, keeper, Saturna Island, 1900DIR, Government.
Eastbourne, Halcrow P. Johnson, Newport Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Eastdon, r.o.D.R. Harris, Burdette Ave, 1899DIR, House.
Eastholme, r.o. Herbert Francis Hewett, 1580 Beach Dr, OBH, House.
Eastward Ho, James K. Worsford, 1012 Terrace Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Eberts (David McEwen) & Taylor (William John), barristers, solicitors, notaries, etc., 30 Langley St, 1900DIR, Business.
Edgehill, r.o. Fred W. Jones, 1759 Rockland Ave, 1909DIR, House.
Edgewood, r.o. Frank W. Adams, Gorge Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Egremont, r.o. Thornton Fell, 1133 Fort St, 1909DIR, House.
Elcot, Frank H. Wollaston, Oak Bay Ave, east of Monterey, 1908DIR, House.
Elcot, r.o. Archibald F. Gibson, Oak Bay Ave, 1900DIR, House.
Elford (John P.) & Smith (Wm. J.), contractors & brick manufacturers, Saanich Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Elk Saloon, Harry Noble, prop., 35 Pandora Ave & 113 Douglas St, 1900DIR, Business.
Ellersley, r.o. John Jardine, Macauley Point, 1900DIR, House.
Ellesmere, r.o. Richard Angus, Belcher St, 1900DIR, House.
Elliott, John George, inspector Board of Underwriters, 46 Five Sisters Block, 1900DIR, Business.
Elsmere, r.o. August James, Belcher St, 1900DIR, House.
Emanuel Baptist Church, Rev. P.H. McEwen, pastor, North Chatham St & Fernwood Rd, 1900DIR, Church.
Empire Hotel, A. Lipsky, prop., 38 Johnson St, 1901CEN, Hotel.
Employers Liliability Assurance Corp., Ltd., of London, ENG, F.C. Davidge & Co., agents, 36 Store St, 1900DIR, Business.
English Creamery, John T. Collins, manager, Salt Spring Island, 1900DIR, Business.
Enslin, r.o. William A. Slow, Esquimalt Rd, cor Admirals Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Enterprise, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Equitable Life Ins. Co., Hall Goepel & Co., agents, n/g, 1900DIR, Business.
Erie Stouter Wharf, Dallas Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Erin Hall, r.o. Rev. Canon W.F.L. Paddon, Pemberton St, cor Cadboro Bay Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Erskine & Wall, grocers, Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
Erskine (Robt.), Wall (Edmond J.) & Co., groceries & liquors, Government St cor Broughton St, 1900DIR, Business.
Ervyger, r.o. Rev. William W. Bolton, Admiralty Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo (E. & N.) Railway Depot & offices, Store St, 1900DIR, Business.
Esquimalt Graving Dock, Capt. John Devereux, dockmaster, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Government.
Esquimalt Grocery Store, Herbert William Pauline, manager, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Business.
Esquimalt Hotel, John Day, prop., Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Esquimalt Post Office, W.S. Goodwin, postmaster, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Government.
Esquimalt School, Miss L.A. Campbell, principal, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, School.
Esquimalt Water Works, Theodore Lubbe, secretary, 77 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Government.
Esquimalt Waterworks, T. Astle, foreman, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Government.
Esquimalt Yard (Naval), Joseph Langmaid, fleet engineer, Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Government.
Ethelwold, r.o. Thomas R. Smith, J.P., Cook St cor Richardson St, 1900DIR, House.
Ethewold, Thomas R. Smith, 706 Cook St, 1908DIR, House.
Etta White, Steamer, 1900DIR, Ship.
Everett's Saloon, Joseph Ball, prop., Esquimalt Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Evergreen Cottage, William W. Suttie, 1045 Yates St, 1908DIR, House.
Excelsior Biscuit Co., breads, biscuits & cakes, Mary St, Victoria West, 1900DIR, Business.
Excelsior Preserve Factory, Okel & Morris, Work St, 1900DIR, Business.
Exchange Building, 1216 Broad St, n.w. cor Trounce Ave, TOT, Commercial.
Exmont, r.o. F.W. Foster, J.P., 434 Simcoe St, 1909DIR, House.
Eyres, E.J., photographer, 76 Yates St, 1900DIR, Business.
Eyrie, r.o. Albert Toller, St. Charles St, 1909DIR, House.
Eyrie, r.o. Arthur W. Vowell, 1004 Terrance Ave, 1909DIR, House.
Fair View Nursery, Mary Ann (Mrs Thos.) Connell, proprietress, Esquimalt Rd, office 36 Broad St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fairfield Farm Dairy, Cook St cor Dallas Rd, 1901CEN, Business.
Fairfield House, r.o. Joseph Trutch, Richmond Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Fairholme, r.o. Dr. J.C. Davie, Belcher St, 1899DIR, House.
Fairview, r.o. Mrs R. (Rebecca Palmer), Hulton St, 1900DIR, House.
Fallowfield, James S. McAdam, Esquimalt Rd, opp Fraser, 1908DIR, House.
Fashion Livery & Sale Stables, T.A. Barlow, prop., 101 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Favorite, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Fawcett, F.W. & Co., drugs, 49 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Federal Life Assurance Co., E.C.B. Bagshawe, district agent, 39 1/2 Langley St, 1900DIR, Business.
Federation Brand Salmon Cannery, Ltd., of Victoria, B.C., Walter Morris, pres., Gorge Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Felixstowe, r.o. Capt. P. Ellison, Quadra St, near Cook St, 1909DIR, House.
Fell & Co., Ltd., groceries & liquors, 49 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fell (Thornton) & (Francis B.) Gregory, barristers & solicitors, Board of Trade Building, 1900DIR, Business.
Fens, The, r.o. George Choker Fox, Macauley Point, DN, 1902, House.
Fenside, Charles F. Moore, 1401 Taunton St, 1909DIR, House.
Fernbrae, r.o. A.R. Anderson, Topaz Ave, near Quadra St, 1909DIR, House.
Ferncliffe, r.o. William & Elizabeth Fisher, Metchosin, FP, House.
Ferndale, Gordon F. Grant, 3044 Douglas St, 1908DIR, House.
Ferndale, r.o. Gordon F. Grant, Douglas St, near Francis Ave, 1900DIR, House.
Ferndale, William T. Phillips, Lampson St, north east cor Lyall, 1908DIR, House.
Fernhill, r.o. Thomas Edward Pooley, Lampson St, above Esquimalt Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Fernleigh, r.o.James Thompson, 33 Gorge Rd, 1899DIR, House.
Fernwood, r.o. Hon. Benjamin W. Pearce, Cadboro Bay Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Fernwood, r.o. Mrs B.W. Pearce, 1618 Fort St, 1909DIR, House.
Fernwood Lodge, C.O.O.F., meets at Odd Felloew's Hall, Spring Ridge, 1900DIR, Society.
Field Cottage, Mrs. Sellick, 117 Medana St, 1908DIR, House.
Findlay, Durham & Brodie, cannery proprietors, commission & insurance agents, 98 Wharf St, 1900DIR.
Fingal, C.P.N. Steamer, 1901CEN, Ship.
Finlayson Building (Hartwig Court), 1202-1214 Wharf St, TOT, Building.
Fire Hall No.1, Thoams Deasy, Chief, Cormorant St, end of Broad St, 1901CEN, Government.
Fire Hall No.2, T.M Hodges, driver, Yates St cor Camosan St, 1901CEN, Government.
Fire Hall No.3, Frank Leroy, driver, 32 Kingston St, 1901CEN, Government.
Fire Hall No.4, Oaklands, 1900DIR, Government.
Fire Hall No.5, Catherine St, Vic West, 1901CEN, Government.
Fireleigh, Frank Sylvester, 1246 Fisgard St, 1908DIR, House.
Fireman's Fund Marine Insurance, Heisterman & Co. & R.P. Rithet & Co., agents, 100 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Firlands, Ernest E. Greenshaw, 36 Government St, 1908DIR, House.
Firs, The, George F. Matthews, Lampson St, S.E. cor Lyall, 1908DIR, House.
First Congregational Church, Rev. Fred Payne, pastor, 47 Pandora Ave, 1900DIR, Church.
First Presbyterian Church, Rev. J. Campbell, M.A., Ph.D., pastor, cor Pandora Ave & Blanchard St, 1900DIR, Church.
Firwood, John Collison, 905 Cook St, 1908DIR, House.
Fisguard Lighthouse, on western side of the entrance to Esquimalt Harbour, MVL, Government.
Fisher, Ira John J., blacksmith, 55 Store St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fisherman's Canning Co., Turner, Beeton & Co., agents, n/g, 1900DIR, Business.
Fit Reform Wardrobe, Allan & Co., 73 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fit Reform Wardrobe, Allan & Co., 73 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Five Sisters Block, cor Government St & Fort St, 1901CEN, Building.
Fleming Brothers Photographers, Kodak agents, 50 1/2 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fletcher Bros., pianos & sewing machines, 93 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Flint & Company, notaries public, real estate, financial agents, Trounce Ave, 1900DIR, Business.
Flora, Capt John Williams, captain, Ship, 39 Quadra St, 1900DIR, Ship.
Florence M. Smith, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Foo Kee, tailor, 40 1/2 Cormorant St, 1900DIR, Business.
Foresters' Hall, 73 1/2 Government St, 1900DIR, Building.
Fort Rood Hill, coastal gun battery, on western side of the entrance to Esquimalt Harbour, MVL, Military.
Foulkes, J.F. & Co., stock brokers, real estate & insurance agents, 35 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fountain Cottage, r.o. Robert L. Ledingham, 2650 Douglas St, 1909DIR, House.
Four Mile House, Joseph Calvert, prop., Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Business.
Fow Yuen, shoemaker, 5 Cormorant St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fox, M. & H.A., ), cutlery dealers, 75 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fraser, Walter S. & Co., hardware, 1 Bastion St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fraser, Walter S. & Co., Ltd., hardware, iron, steel, pipe fittings, mining supplies, 81 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
French Consul, Harry M. Grahame, 41 Government St, 1900DIR, Government.
Friends Meeting Hall, 59 1/2 Pandora Ave, 1900DIR, Church.
Fuji & Co., merchant tailors, S. Fruseya, manager, 156 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Fullerton, John, boots & shoes, 103 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Funchal Cottage, Andrew Cox, 1737 Oak Bay Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Futcher, Thos. S., Japanese goods, 41 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gables, The, Mrs. Augusta Loenholm, 541 Gorge Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Gables, The, r.o. H.B.W. Aikman, Gorge Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Gabriel & Lenfesty, cooked meats, 64 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Business.
Garesche, Arthur J., dentist, 26 & 28 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Garrick's Head Saloon, Harry E, Morton, 23 Bastion St, 1901CEN, Business.
Garrison House, Frederick Peters, Oak Bay Ave, S.E. cor Newport, 1908DIR, House.
Gatineau Cottage, Lorne Cates, 646 Bay St, 1908DIR, House.
Gawley & Co., fish & game, 52 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gee Chung, merchant tailor, 6 Cormorant St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gee Lee, laundry, 70 King's Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Gee Yick Co., tea store, 27 Cormorant St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gelleswick, Rev Allen Baugh, 1219 Pandora Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Gem Restaurant, James Rutledge, 42 Broad St, 1900DIR, Business.
Geneva, Schooner, 1901CEN, Ship.
Genista, Clara E Dupont, 1421 Stadacona Ave, 1908DIR, House.
German Consul, Carl Loewenberg, 83 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Government.
Germania Saloon, William Thiemsen, prop, Johnson St cor Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Giant Powder Co. (San Francisco), E.C. Jennings, general agent, 90 Government St, works at Telegraph Bay, 1900DIR, Business.
Gideon Hicks & Co., pianos, 88 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gilt Edge Creamery, C.W. Cundall, manager, Salt Spring Island, 1900DIR, Business.
Gim Fook Yuen, merchant, 178 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gin Wan, laundry, 185 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Girl's Central Public School, Miss Williams, principal, School St, 1900DIR, School.
Gisborn-Moss, r.o. Robert Irvine, Belcher St, 1900DIR, House.
Gisburn, John B. Hobson, 1300 Rockland Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Gladwyn, Matthew Fagan, 521 Wilson St, 1908DIR, House.
Glaslyn Cottage, r.o. Thomas H. Laundy, 570 Simcoe St, 1909DIR, House.
Gled Holt, r.o. A.S. Barton, Esquimalt Rd, near Lampson St, 1909DIR, House.
Glen Arm, Thomas S. Kennedy, Craigflower Rd south west cor Carey, 1908DIR, House.
Glen Cottage, Capt. W. Martin, Esquimalt Rd, west of Nelson, 1908DIR, House.
Glenarm, r.o. T.S. Kennedy, Craigflower Rd, near Carrie St, 1909DIR, House.
Glencairn, Douglas J. Giffin, Esquimalt Rd, west of Fraser, 1908DIR, House.
Glencairn, George Mitchell, 1807 Oak Bay Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Glenclune Cottage, Robert Steele, Carrie, near Craigflower, 1908DIR, House.
Glenday, Norman Hardie, Esquimalt Rd, west of Nelson, 1908DIR, House.
Glendora, Josiah Hemans, Esquimalt Rd, 2nd west of Rithet Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Glendwr, r.o. William Vaughan, 3021 Quadra St, 1909DIR, House.
Glengariff, Capt. Arthur Wheeler, 1601 Richmond Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Glengyle, r.o. Walter Scott, this house was named in 1912., 1318 Transit Rd, OBH, House.
Glengyle, Walter Scott, St James St, 1908DIR, House.
Glenholm, r.o. Alex. Stewart, Esquimalt Rd, near Admiral's Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Glenkindie, Mrs. Alex Strachan, 648 Dallas Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Gleno, Peter Walker, 703 Esquimalt Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Glenrosa, r.o. John Dunlop Reid, Rocky Point Rd, Metchosin at head of Pedder Bay, FP, House.
Glenvar, r.o. Thomas A. McDowell, 1803 Blanchard Ave, 1909DIR, House.
Glenwood, r.o. William D. Allen, 1512 Fort St, 1909DIR, House.
Glenwood, r.o.Walter S. Chambers, Gorge Rd, 1900DIR, House.
Glenwood, r.o. Frederick Robson, Mayne Island, AGI, House.
Glimpsereef, Matthew J. Little, 642 Dallas Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Globe Hotel, A.W. von Rheim, prop., Esquimalt, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Glymont, Frederick Kroeger, Joseph St, near Arcadia, 1908DIR, House.
Going, Alvah S., civil engineer, Board of Trade Building, 1900DIR, Business.
Gold, Thomas F., cigar manufacturer, 23 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Business.
Golden River Quesnelle, Ltd., 45 Fort St, 1900DIR, Business.
Golden Rule Bazaar, stationery & toys, William Wilby, 91 Douglas St, 1900DIR, Business.
Goldstream Mine, James Phair & Theodore Lube, owners, Goldstream, 1900DIR, Business.
Gonzales, r.o. Geo. Gardiner, St. Charles St, 1900DIR, House.
Gonzales, Teresa (wid Joseph D.) Pemberton, 615 St Charles St, cor Rockland Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Goodacre, Lawrence, wholesale & retail butcher, 121 Government St & 65 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Business.
Goodacre's Stables, 29 Pandora Ave, 1900DIR, Business.
Gordon Bush, r.o. Robert Weir, section 32, Swanwick Rd, Metchosin, FP, House.
Gordon House, r.o. Peter House, 908 Blanchard St, 1909DIR, House.
Gore, Burnet & Co., surveyors, 28 Fort St, room 2, 1900DIR, Business.
Gorge Hotel, Mrs Elizabeth Marshall, n/g, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Gorphwisfa, r.o. Brenton J. Boulton, 1126 Richardson St, 1909DIR, House.
Gorsfield, r.o. Edwin MacDougall, 638 Dallas Rd, 1909DIR, House.
Goslyn, r.o. Capt. William F.C. Sullivan, Hillside, Esquimalt, 1909DIR, House.
Gospel Hall, 103 1/2 Government St, 1900DIR, Church.
Government House, r.o. Lieut.-Governor of BC, 17 Moss St, 1900DIR, House.
Gowrie, Mrs. Archie Muir, 520 William St, 1908DIR, House.
Grahame, Harry M. (McAdoo), financial, real estate & insurance, French Consul, 41 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Grand Pacific Hotel, Reda & Fernardo, props, 26 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Hotel.
Grandview, William Meed, 664 Dallas Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Grant's Wharf, Point Ellice, 1900DIR, Business.
Grassendale, Mrs. Piggott, 1613 Belmont Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Great Northern Railway Co., Charles Wurtele, general agent, 75 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Great Northern Railway Telegraph Co., William Dee, manager, 74 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Great West Life Assurance Co., L.A. Ferguson, general agent, 41 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Green Transfer Co., 37 Erie St, 1900DIR, Business.
Green Waters, r.o. William Cain, Cain Rd, Galiano Island, IHB, House.
Greenbank, Abiathiar Malpass, 1619 Quadra St, 1908DIR, House.
Greenwood (Alfred E.), Smith (Philip R.) & Randolph, printers & bookbinders, 43 1/2 Yates St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gregg, A. & Son, tailors, 62 Yates St, 1900DIR, Business.
Grieve Mining Co., Andrew Thomas; H.E. Hammond; A.D. Grieve; John Welsh & Benj. Eve, Happy Valley, 1900DIR, Business.
Griffin, J.Y. & Co., provisions, Richard T. Cooper, agent, 5 Johnson St, 1900DIR, Business.
Grosvener Cottage, Sidney Thompson, 2319 Fernwood Rd, 1908DIR, House.
Grotto Saloon, Steve O'Brien, prop., Trounce Ave, 1900DIR, Business.
Grove Saloon, J.S. Rollins, prop., Gorge Rd, 1900DIR, Business.
Grove, The, Arthur Davis, 1648 Belcher Ave, 1908DIR, House.
Guarantee Co., of North America, 40 Government St, 1900DIR, Business.
Guardian Fire Assurance Co., of London, Turner, Beeton & Co., agents, 90 Wharf St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gue Tai, tailor, 38 Fisguard St, 1900DIR, Business.
Gyppeswyck, r.o. Mrs. A.A. Green, 17 Moss St, 1899DIR, House.