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1 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times

Page 1 Headlines

1/5 To Rescue Of Emperor: Chinese Official Prepared To Dispatch 100,000 Troops To Sian Fu
Nine Hour Day: International Association of Machinists were bargaining for a 9 hour day for the USA, Mexico & Canada.
On The Black List: 742 names of heads of families in Vancouver were blacklisted by the Retail Growers ' Association and will receive no more credit.
Strike At Asylum: Officers & guards at the Westminster Asylum For The Insane went on strike.
1/6 Pan-American Exposition: A report on the preparations for the Buffalo, NY exposition.
Panic In The Palace: an earthquake struck Constantinople as a ceremony was being held by the Sultan of Turkey.
St. Petersburg (Russia) Riots
Science & Art, London: A court declared that the school board was unjustified in providing science and art classes out of the school board rates.
Big Irrigation Canal, Phoenix: The largest irrigation canal in the world was opened today. Waters of the Colorado River were turned below Yuma.
The Ophir at Suez: The steamer 'Ophir', bearing the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall and York, arrived this morning.
Salisbury Recovering, London: Lord Salisbury was progressing satisfactorily from his illness.
Organist Dead, London: Sir John Stainer.
1/7 More Bodies Recovered: A report on the Cumberland, BC, mine disaster.
Steel Rails, London: British Manufacturers were advised to be prepared for African orders.
Favor Competition, Ladners: A Meeting about the proposed railway line from the coast to the Kootenay, concluded that it should be built by the Province or a railway independent of the C.P.R. and that the Victoria terminal railway and ferry sould be an essential part.
Wages Increased, Pottstown, PA, USA: Puddlers at the Glasgow Iron Co., will receive an increase from $3.00 to $3.25. (A puddler was one who converted cast iron into wrought iron by
subjecting it to intense heat and frequent stirring in a reverberatory furnace in the presence of oxidizing substances, by which it is freed from a portion of its carbon and other impurities.)

Local News

4/4 F.W. Sterling, Kelowna, leaves for home tonight
F.H. Pierce, Kitkatlan, arrived a few days ago, at the Victoria Hotel
George Walker (d.10, p.22, l.24), Lillooet, is in the city
W. Symmes, arrived from the west coast the other day, at the Victoria Hotel
Miss Barret, Ottawa & Mrs Cranston, Vancouver, left for Nanaimo yesterday
C.H. Pollen, arrived from England a few days ago, at the Victoria Hotel
Dr. J. Gibbs (d.3, p.3, l.22), of Victoria, has returned from Chicago
4/5 A. Climes, Los Angeles, CA; at the Dominion Hotel
Mrs M. Conlin (d.12, p.10, l.4), received a letter from her husband, who is in Dawson City, stating that he will be home soon
S. McCallum & wife, Montreal, at the Dominion Hotel
C.F. Saviers, Chilliwack, at the Dominion Hotel
Capt. J. Whitmore, at the Dominion Hotel, will leave for the north in a few days
R. Neld is at the Vernon Hotel
G. Mcl. Brown & G. MacGowan arrived from Vancouver yesterday
Misses A. Drew & Dowling f Seattle are guests of Mrs Cochrane
A.. Benchley (d.1, p.18, l.1) & wife arrived from the sound yesterday
Jno. Oliver; T. Kidd & J. Martin, MLA's, returned to Victoria yesterday
A. St. G. Hamersley, Vancouver, arrived yesterday from Vancouver
Fred Peters; K.C.E.W. McLean & G.H. Cowan arrived from Vancouver yesterday
N.C. White, proprietor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Helena, MT, USA, is at the Victoria Hotel
J. Leeming; R. Jamieson & F. Bowser arrived yesterday from Vancouver
H.M. & Miss Grahame arrived yesterday from Vancouver
Miss Murphy arrived yesterday from Vancouver
J. Bell-Irving, cannery man, arrived yesterday from Vancouver
Capt. H.J. Lewis & R. Collister arrived Saturday from Vancouver
C.W. Murray, Vancouver, is at the Dominion Hotel
F.J. Wheeler, arrived yesterday from Vancouver
Capt. & Mrs Tatlow arrived Saturday from Vancouver
R.L. Drury (d.10, p.10, l.34), Chief census officer, arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
H. Bostock & Jno. Coughlan, arrived yesterday from Vancouver
Albert T. Hill, New Westminster, is at the Dominion Hotel
G.H. Ramsay, Vancouver, is at the New England Hotel
5/3 R.E. Peake,
Capt. Gaudin
J. Wilson, sup. C.P.R. Telegraph
H. Fleming
5/4 Capt. Wm. Holmes (tug 'Hope'), d. 1 Apr at Jubilee Hospital
T.S. Solomons married Miss R.M. Gould, 29 Mar.
7/3 Passenger lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Saturday:
T. McHibbon
Miss Schroder
Miss Lamont
Wm. Neely
P.S. Philpots
Miss Poppinberger
J. Jones
J. & E.A. Ritchie
Mrs S.P. Bruce
F.A. Wahhuse
M.P. Johnson
T. Cannon
E. Larson
- Starkweather
J. Gillett
A. Bradley
R.G. Beck
P. McPherson
F.J. Revett
Capt Rathbun
F. Coles
M. Doherty
N. Brown
T. Dunham
T.M. Burney
Jas. White
Miss Sherman
Miss Faulkner
Mrs Rinehart
A. & Mrs Clark
Mrs Miffin
Mrs Harbottle
Mrs Hensen
Miss Drew
Miss Dowling
J.J. Moore
Ted Matthews
J. Gibbs
J. Lamont
Mrs Smith
J. Scott
N. Nostler
N.H. Hull
J. & L. Graham
L., Mrs & Master Cochran
A.K. Kinnard
Mrs Costa
Mrs Cadham
Mrs Fuslenfler
Mrs Veess
Mrs Freed
H. & P. O'Connell
N.T. Begg
M. Weir
J. House
J.D. Cummings
Miss Martin
Mrs Toulkes
Mrs Decker
Miss Rivers
E. Lastoge
E.A. Smith
W.O. Streeter
N. McCallom
Miss Rinehart
Miss Hannon
J.S. Dalton
Jas. Crane
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Saturday:
F.V. Austin
A. Knight
Master & Miss Farr
J.M. Byrens
M.W. Williams
P. Rowe
J.P. Vitch
G. Tribe
Miss Peck
Thos. Jenkins
E.S. Grimison
P.A. Apenes
L.H. Cohen
F.D. & Mrs Gross
J. McDonald
J.H. Church
E, Manley
H.T. Weston
R.L. & Mrs Warson
W. Boswell
F.D. Morris
R.L. Drury
F.L. Hutchins
R.G. Tatlow
Capt H.G. Lewis
R. Collister
H. Camble
J.T. Wilkinson
B. Weild
W.P. Begg
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver- Sunday:
R. Wilson
C.B. McNeill
Jno. Wallace
O. Crowhurst & wife
A.St.G. Hamersley
E. Turbayne
Miss Munch
N. Humphreys
A.R. Dunbar
H.M. Harris
H.G. Rose
A.E. McNaughton & wife
C. Killam
N. McLean
W. Fraser
Miss Perry
Jno. Peck
R.D. McPhail
S.B. Netherby
A.J. Hill
J. Sowerby
Mrs Jones
Hewitt Bostock
--- Bosworth
Mrs Rome
L.G. McPhillips
Geo. Walker
A.J. Bates
G.E. Corhould
G. Buscombe
F. Peters
J.C. Jolliff
G.I. Wilson
E.W. McLean
G.L. Betts
Alex Ewen
Miss Murphy
W.D. Burdis
H. Bell-Irving
G.H. Cowan
R.A. Welsh
Jno. Oliver
H.M. Grahame
Geo. Alexander
Capt. G.W. Robertson
Miss M. Grahame
Miss MacLean
Thos. Kidd
C.E. Cartwright
Jno. Coughlan
H.B. Gilmour
J. McKenzie
J. Leeming
J.A. Mars
J.J. Mulholland
W.G. Tanner
R. Jamieson
G.H. Moore
Mr Robinson
Jos. Martin
Mrs Robinson
F. Western
Wm. Farrell
J.A. Fullerton
F.J. Wheeler
Geo. McL. Brown
Jos. McCreery
F.W. Peters
F.W. Hoover
G.W. Murray
Guy MacGowan
F. Bowser
D.F. Dyson
T. Langton
C.E. Bachty
V.E. Ashdown
E.S. York
Jas. Taylor
A. Bushfield
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound - Sunday:
W. Scharsschmidt
E.J. Palmer
Mrs A. Ferguson
Mrs Foster
A. & Mrs Brenchley
P.G. Copeland
Stephen Jones
S., Mrs & Master Jennings
G.S. Holt
H.W. Windle
C.R. Stoherschmidt
G.A. Howard-Potts
E.D. Conings
Jno. Pearce
M.R. Grant
T.M. Brayshaw
W.J. McKeon
D.S. Tait
A.M. & Mrs Muir
Mrs G.W. Penketh
Mrs J. Johnson
Madam Laird
Miss Mitchell
Miss Dracy
J.H. & Mrs King
Mrs Allbest
Mrs O'Brien
Miss McLean
Miss Crease
Miss Irene Howell
M. King
L. Marks
L.A. Wolff
A.E. Hensee
G.A. Murray
E.L Jackson
Wm. Ritchie
Wm. Clark
R.F. Tolmie
R. Fairfull
T. Belling
J.W. Garbett
C. Ford
J.A. Nicholson
Jno. Brown
J.A. Dahien
J. Crego
M. Ryan
C.W. -----
J. Herman
Jas. Morgan
O.C. Howell
J.H. Steve
J.E. Cline
Miss Diamond
J. Mitchell
H. King
L.R. Hadley
Capt Dedrich

8/5 Alfred William, d.31 Mar, s.o. Frank Townsend, age 3 y, 11 m. Buried from family res. Foul Bay Rd.

2 Apr 1901, Tuesday, Victoria Daily Times

4/4 funeral of John Jessop
5/3 Mrs Mary Attwood (d.15, p.24, l.7) charged with stealing a skirt from a Chinaman and John Hill (d.15, p.24, l.9) charged with having the skirt in his possession were both remanded until tomorrow.
F.K. Dahl, with 6 charges of forgery against him, was remanded until Thursday.
5/4 Joseph Hartley, of Duncan, came down on the E. & N. train today and was taken to the Jubilee Hospital.
Hospital Point Barracks is ready to be vacated by the remaining members of 'A' Company, RCR. Lt.-Col. McKay, Lt. Clarke & 9 non-commissioned officers & men leave for Vancouver & Halifax.
Artistes Madame Albani, from England, and Muriel Foster, England & Douglas Powell (baritone), Tivador Naemez (Russian violinist), Mons. Bossa (flautist) & Frank Watkins (accompanist).
5/5 Passenger list.
7/1 Passenger list.

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
V.D. McGee
Henry Dupre
Henry Weeks
E.C. Hawkins
C.W. Reed
Jas. M. & Mrs Ashton
R.J. & Mrs Nixon
J.C. Mankowsky
S.D. Bowers
H.S. Griggs
Mrs & Misses Lugrin
J.F. & Mrs McKinnon
E.P. Foote
Miss May
W.F. & Mrs Oro
J.F. Garden (M.P.P.)
W.W.B. McInnes (M.P.P.)
Miss Earle
T.H. Clermbe
H. Johnson
Jno. H. Shaw
W.J. Thompson
T.J. Williams
J.D. Graham
J.W, White
J.H. Baker
Wm. & Mrs Pigott
Mrs Crooke
Mrs Grant
Miss Cravat
J.R. & Mrs Clay
Mrs & Miss Crawford
Miss Adams
R., Mrs & Miss Airey
H.T. Raymond
T.M. Furey
H. Hewett
F.J. Stevens
J. Mason
F. Crowe
T. Trouville
F. Roper
J.H. Cribbs
J.F. Crowley
A.B. Robinson
C. Williams
8/4 Death: George Mitchell (d.C2, p.7, l.45), 55, d. at family res. Richmond Rd; b.Dundas, ON.

3 Apr 1901, Wednesday, Victoria Daily Times

2/4 W.D. Fraser, member of Strathcona's Horse, just returned to Victoria from South Africa.
W.F. Fernie, member of Strathcona's Horse, is at the Oriental Hotel.
4/5 E.R. Chedle, at the Dominion Hotel, just returned from Manila.
A. Corbett, at the Dominion Hotel, farmer from CO, USA.
Sir Henri Joly de Lotbiniere (d.5, p.1, l.44), Lt.-Gov & Lady Joly (d.5, p.1, l.45), Miss Boswell & Dr. H.H. Robertson (d.6, p.34, l.47) left for southern CA, USA yesterday.
M. Dashwood, London, ENG; George M. Suckling, Toronto; N.S. Wright, San Francisco; W. Townsley, Cleveland, OH; W.A. Holland, Vancouver arrived yesterday & are at the Driard Hotel.
Miss Carolyn Ryder & Miss E.F. Alden, Tacoma, WA scholl teachers, are at the Dominion Hotel for the Easter holidays.
W. Cathcart, Dr. Findley, D.G. MacDonell, W.E. Buck, F. Carter arrived yesterday.
H. Weeks, returned to Seattle yesterday.
Leaving on the Charmer yesterday was Capt McCoskrie, bound for ENG, where he will marry Miss Tite. She was a missionary at Metlakatlah for some time before going to the old Country.
4/6 Wm. Morrison (d.15, p.5, l.42) & wife, Second St, leave Thursday for Atlin
H. Leadley, arrived from Winnipeg a few days ago, is at the Dominion Hotel
Rev. A. Macmillan & Rev. P.H. McEwen arrived from Vancouver yesterday
Lt.-Col. Benson left this morning for Montreal to take up duties as D.O.C.
F.M. Studley & Capt Gillmore left for the Sound yesterday.
Dr. Fagan (d.5, p.12, l.3) arrived yesterday.
H.M. Stearns, NY & T.J. McAlpin, Princeton, are at the Dominion Hotel.
W. & Mrs Burrell came over from the Sound yesterday.
F. O'Reilly left for the Kootenays yesterday.
Mrs C. Ryder arrived yesterday from the Sound.
J.F. Bledsoe arrived from the west coast the other day, is at the Driard.
Mrs H.B. Findley, left for Vancouver yesterday.
E.S. Jackson & Mrs Jackson of Revelstoke are at the Dominion.
Capt & Mrs Langley arrived from the Sound yesterday.
S. McClure was a passenger from Vancouver yesterday.
Mrs A. Lucas arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
5/3 Died: Mary M. Foster, b.SCT, 55, r. Cobourg St.
James Cannon (d.15, p.24, l.8), boatswain of the Drumcraig, in court for assaulting mate Toohey.
Mrs Mary Attwood, found guilty of stealing a skirt, gets 2 months imprisonment.
Married: at r.o. Mrs Barnes, Simcoe St, Otto Weiler (d.6, p.22, l.15) married Mrs Offerman (d.6, p.22, l.17 & d.1, p.2, l.37), d.o. Mrs Barnes (d.1, p.2, l.36); Mrs Huxley (d.1, p.2, l.38), cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid & George Weiler (d.6, p.22, l.13), brother of the groom was best man.
5/4 Passenger lists:

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Mr Scarp
G. Emmett
W. Townsley
A. Wright E.J. Callaway
S. Maclure
Miss Partridge
W. Cathcart
Miss Nicholles
Miss Hooper
A Watson
H. Cobbett
F. Drysdale
E. Richardson
Mrs A. Lucas
Jno. Rumble
Dr. Findley
J.G. Matthews
Jas. Anderson
Geo. Bigger
L.J. McAlpine
Wm. Holden
W.S. Holland
Mrs. L.A. Lacey
Rev. A. McMillan
F. Upjohn
P. McGregor
D.G. Macdonnell
W.E. Buck
J.J. Loutet
Rev. P.H. McEwen
Mrs J.E. Durand
E.S. Jackson
Mrs. Jackson
Jan Mapley
Geo. Laduke
A.C. Martin
W.M. Louck
Miss Haves
N. McPherson
F. Carter-Cotton
H. Darling
G. Bartley
H.E. Payne
J.C.T. Lacey
A. Leadley
Geo. Mall
S.H. Tack
W.T. Pitchers
J.L. Scott
W. McCulloch
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
R. Fawcett
N.F. Cooper
J. Steele
F.S. Shaw
P. Wintz
J.H. Bissell
Fred Wright
Chas. Butler
H. Miller
A. Scott
Mrs Scott
Miss Barring
M. Adby
Mrs. Adby
Mrs. Alden
Mrs. C. Ryder
Thos. Institch (?)
N.C. McEachern
J.E. Dayen
J. Beaner
Mrs. Forrest
Mr. Istey
J.N. Fraser
Capt Langley
Mrs Langley
Fred Bretz
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Miss Snow
Miss King
W. Burrell
Mrs W. Burrell
S.R. Gifford
R.L. McClay
F.A. Strout
Josiah Collins
R.E. Tubes
F.H. Mason
J.H. Spear
Dr. Fagan
A.M. Rosseau
A.E. Chanten
Mrs Olin
Miss Dickenson
G.E. Adams
Miss Dudgeon
P. Welley
C. Smith
C. Parwright
H.M. Straus
W. Free
R.C. Johnson
J.E. Brace
J.A. Morrow
E. Carm
C.E. McDonald
J.B. Ballentine
R. Ledington
Wm. Goodchlld
Mrs. Goodchlld
F.R. Prentice
Mrs. Prentice
Mrs. Hastings
Miss Hastings
R. Ledington
B. Cruikshank
Miss King
Steward Brown
Leland Armstrong
M.G. Bashwood
M.L. Daucey
8/4 Death: Mary Massy Foster, 55, b.Glasgow, SCT, at family residence 14 Cobourg St, on 2 Apr.

4 Apr 1901, Thursday, Victoria Daily Times

5/4 Miss Beatrice Mary Kate Pearse, only daughter of B.W. Pearse, d. this morning; born in Victoria, 24 years old. Mrs Pearse is in CA, USA, on a tour to benefit her health.
6/1 The 'Walla Walla' will sail for CA, USA this evening: Passengers include: W. Townsley; M.S. Wright; Chas. Conrad; James Durrant & Miss J.M. Perry.
R.M. S. Miowera leaves for Honolulu & Australian ports tomorrow. Passengers include: R.E. Peake (Pacific Cable Engineer); J. O'Brien & wife; G.E. Schweynd & wife; F.S. Cockburn; Mrs McLean & child; Mr & Mrs Niles; Mr Scott & wife; J. Hinck; J.J. Kingsby; Mrs Robertson; Mrs Palmer; Mrs Eddy & children; A.J. Eddy; D.C. Davidson; Mr & Mrs Anderson & children; Mrs Normanday; Mrs & Miss Davis; Pape - Ponsfrd party; Mr & Mrs Adam Brown; C.A. Parsons; E. Brooks & G.A. McDonald.
6/2 Steamer 'Tees' sails for northern BC ports this evening. Some passengers are: F.A. Deveraux; C. Christians; J. Tremblay; M. Weir; J.B. Johnson; R.J. Bailey & George Bailey.
7/7 Mortgagee's sale: Mortgagee: Donald Urquhart, deceased; executor: Alexander Urquhart; mortgage holder: Thomas Stamper Milligan. Mortgagee's sale: Mortgagee: Donald Urquhart, deceased; executor: Alexander Urquhart; mortgage holder: John Leonard.
7/2 Passenger lists.

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
W. Holgate
A. & Mrs Tompkins
J. Cleesley
E. Lyons
Jno. Cochrane
C.W. Wadhams
H. Burnett
W. Williams
B. Dawson
Geo. Greenwell
L. Hart
W.A. Anderson
E.F. Davies
A. Day
H.T. Ceperley
Mrs Wm. Murray
Jno. McClung
G.E. Adams
Miss Ashbury
J.R. Stitt
W.H. Hancock
A.W. McKenzie
J.H. Caskey
Mr Driver
A.C. Galt
Alex Hay
G.T. Porter
W.H. Reed
C.S. Baxter
C.H. Gibbons
Miss G. Camble
Jno. Leslie
Madame Albani
A.N. Gray
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Neil Burgess
M. & MrsKalish
Mrs E.W. Purdy
Miss Macauley
Mrs Anderson
E.B. Shaw
Miss Wright
Miss Smith
G. & Mrs Hennul
J.T. Brennan
A. Thayer
A. Dickison
G.N. Phillips
C.G. Webber
R. & Mrs Robertson
B.C. Lowry
J. Peters
J.H. Wilson
Chas. Post
N. Currie
O. Hartnagle
R. Bray
A.H. Gould
J.H. & Mrs Scott
J.S. & Mrs McCanna
C. Schultz
Mts T. Middleton
T. & Mrs Frost
Jno. Kelly
Geo. Earle
W.H. Beatty
L.E. Koontz
W.H. Bouncer
J.R. Shaw
Miss Isitt
Jos. Dawling
Mrs Francis
D.H. Reed
Miss Drummond
Mrs Pech
C.R. Kerr
K. Ross
N. Weart
Miss Evans
Miss Norton
G.H. & Mrs Bradt
Mrs Myers
Mrs Bangs
W.R. Reeves
F.A. Smith
A. Aoneson
A.M. Harman
C. Frauh
R. Ross
H.A. Strickland
T.N. Peppard
C. Conrad
Capt Beecher
H.E. & Mrs Lewis
J. Aldridge
T.E. Dewey
Mrs Jno. & Miss Hayden
E.E. Billinghurst
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
E. Ednardo
N. Sevastion
E.S., Mrs & F.W. Carter
Jas. & Mrs Bowen
Sid Ross
Mrs Sharman
E.B. & Mrs Simpson
J. White
Jas. Williams
C.E. & Mrs Kant
Per steamer Walla Walla from San Francisco:
Mrs Sonnes & son
E. Orchard
Mrs G. & Miss Markno
Mrs J. Williams
Mrs K. Langridge
A. Holland
J. Westerman
Miss A. Alexander
Mrs J.D. McArthur
P.H. Bennett
W.E. Choate
Lizzie Gibson
8/4 A.E. Choak, Port Hope, ON, at the Dominion Hotel.
S.A. Tuck, J.L Scott & W.T. Pitchers; tourists from London, ENG at the Dominion Hotel
George Lewis, Duncan, is at the Dawson Hotel
Otto F. Weeks & R. Bruce Bennet of Vancouver, M.P.P.'s left for Vancouver
Dr. Hugh Watt, Fort Steele, is visiting his son Dr Watt at the Quarantine Station, also E.C. Smith, M.P.P. for S.E. Kootenay.
H.L. Blanchard, Port Haddock, lecturing on poultry, arrived from Nanaimo Tuesday & left on the E. & N. yesterday.
Mrs Strange left for Skagway.
Registered at the Victoria Hotel: J.E. Deweese, Kansas City; A.W. MacKenzie, Portland, OR; E.C. Edwards, NY & Jno. Leslie, Toronto.
Registered at the Dominion Hotel yesterday from Tacoma: John McKinnell & wife; J. Aldrich; Miss Smith; Miss Wright; Mrs Meyers; Thomas Peppard & H.A. Chickling.
Registered at the Driard Hotel: A.C. Galt, barrister from Rossland; E.R. Ladner, Ladner's Landing & H.T. Cepepley, Vancouver.
Registered at the Dominion Hotel: J.G. Whitacre, Toronto & Frank R. Warren, pipe organ builder.
The Neil Burgess Teatrical Company arrived yesterday.
Jno. Cochrane; C.W. Wadhams; W.H. Reed; Alfred Magnesen; MacDonald Potts; H.M. Price & Dr. O.A. Hartnagle arrived yesterday.
Mrs N.S. Clarke w.o. manager of the Lord Roberts Mine, Mount Sicker, is at the Dominion Hotel.
C.B. Simpson & bride, Tacoma, are at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs E.W. Pardy & Miss Macaulay arrived yesterday.
J.R. Stitt, Vancouver, is at the Dominion Hotel.
C.H. Gibbons, managing editor of the Vancouver Province, arrived yesterday.
Wm. Louches, left yesterday after a few days in the city.
E.J. Conway, Chemainus, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Hans Melgesen, ex-M.P.P., arrived yesterday, at the Dominion Hotel.
Mr & Mrs A. Scott of Ontario, are at the Dominion Hotel.
Capt Beecher & E.E. Billinghurst arrived yesterday.
J.H. Caskey, of the Dawson News, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Dr. J. Thomas, Nanaimo, is at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs F.C. Isitt, Dawson, is at the Victoria Hotel.
H.G. Kileen, bridge inspector, is at the Dominion Hotel.
A.R. Johnson, Nanaimo, is at the Victoria Hotel.

5 Apr 1901, Friday, Victoria Daily Times - not on film

6 Apr 1901, Saturday, Victoria Daily Times

5/2 Funeral: will take place Anna McDonald from her residence on Admirals Rd, Esquimalt on Monday.
Larry Mooney (d.15, p.23, l.20) charged with stealing a pair of pants and a pipe was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment with hard labour.
5/3 John Alexander, charged with cruelty to animals was acquitted.
The funeral of Thomas Steele (d.15, p.20, l.31) took place this morning.
The funeral of Miss Beatrice Kate Pearse (d.10, p.24, l.22) took place this afternoon.
Obit: Thomas Steele died Thursday at the family residence, 2 Market St, b.PE, sons: Mr. Steele, Canadian Bank of Commerce; H. Steele, formerly of the Colonist; Herbert Steele, st Dawson & C. Steele. Also 2 daughters. The late Capt Steele of the steamer 'Boscowitz' was also a son.
Theatrical event by James Neill: play 'Ellen Gwyn' of the Kings' Playhouse.
5/4 Rev. Alfred Andrews & Mrs Andrews of Winnipeg are at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs F.J. Wheeler, Vancouver, in Jubille Hospital for some time is now at the Driard Hotel with her husband, F.J.
Miss M. Nicholas (d.10, p.4, l.12), teacher at Mount Sicker P.S., is spending Easter with her parents in Victoria; returns to Mt. Sicker Monday.
Miss Irene Howe, Seatte, is staying with her uncle, Stephen Jones (d.7, p.21, l.18), proprietor of the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs J.M. Brownlee & daughter left for Atlin last evening to join Mr Brownlee.
R.M. Burns, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
7/3 Passenger lists.

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
W. Rowat
Jno. Fraser
Miss Thyall
R. Paterson
H.L. Salmon
W. McGregor
Mrs Anderson
Miss Hardie
F.C. Malpas
Miss Tiber
E.V. Bodwell
A.H. Dougherty
Rev. Seymore
J.C. Cornish
McKay & Mrs Smith
J. Findlay
Mr Weles
J.E. Reed
Mrs Willis
H.M. & Mrs Lennan
S.F. Hone
R.M. Burns
Miss Turnbull
Mrs W.J. Sloan
A.B. Knowlton
Miss Godson
J.M. Bridges
J.H. Freeman
H.S. Knowles
Jno. Laverty
W. Lowndes
W.G. McKenzie
W.R. James
F.J. Wheeler
R. Jameson
Miss L. Woodrow
P.F. Scharschmidt
T.A. Brady
Wm. Brydson
A. & Mrs Mills
S.A. Sutherland
F. Morley
F.P. Watson
J.S. Korish
T.J. Davies
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
W. Driscoll
Geo. McCarty
J. Pullman
Geo. Cooper
Mrs Houston
H.M. Sheppard
F. Bruce
J. McNack
C. Moore
T. Hannon
A. Edmonds
R.H. Wilson
W.H. Smith
C. Repath
Mrs George
W. Constance
F.N. Marr
J. Braden
Dr. & Mrs Gardner
J. Herbert
A. Dunningan
Mrs Pearson
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound
McDonald Potts
A. Magneson
E.R. & Mrs Peoples
C.F. Rupell
H.M. Price
J.H. Green
H. Keown
M. Bayn
Capt. H. Bailey
M. Evans
A.W. Huston
Jno. Richards
S. Simpson
Thos. McDonald
T. Ohnshi
T. Oka
J. Bailey
E.A. Barry
J.W. Wait
W.H. Tomlison
Miss & Mrs A. Deltz
J. Genelle
Mrs McNeil
Miss Munsie
Miss & W.H. Layton
W.H. Hawkes
Mrs A.C. Frame
Mrs Hanson
J. Hinch
H.C. Manners
F.J. Hoehel
R.A. Apenes
Mrs Leatch
Mrs & Miss Osberg
Peter Lord
E.B. Wyatrode
E. Stephen
Mrs Foote
Walter Gray
L.T. Smith
T.L. & Mrs Mullinger
Geo. Wilson
J. Henry
Jos. Mannerman

7 Apr 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Times - not published on Sunday