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8 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times

5/1 Troopers Elliott & Fraser, of the Strathcona Horse, were entertained at dinner in the Quamichan Hotel Thursday (4 Apr).
5/3 Mrs McB. Smith (d.3, p.15, l.12), Birdcage Walk, will hold a sale of needlework.
Funeral of late Mathew Kane took place to-day.
Bandmaster Finn played a concert Saturday. Cornet solo by Bandsman North & vocal by Mrs Jennie Haughton Edmunds of Seattle.
Funeral of the late Beatrice Mary Kate Pearse took place at the family residence Saturday.
7/3 Passenger list.

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound - Saturday:
Mrs Freeager
Louis Standard
J.H. Fisher
F.A. Stone
H. & Mrs Sweetapple
L. Simondson
A.B. Myers
J.G. Uilson
Mrs, Misses Anna, Rove & M. Devall
J. McCloud
T. Mathews
C. Carberry
J. & Mrs Haggart
Miss McPherson
Miss Bellamy
Misses Stewart
A.C. Earle
C. Oddy
J. Casse
J.S. & Mrs Lockwood
C.S Ward
A.H. Herd
A.H. Crawford
J.D. Toy
O.S. Megahan
J.C.T. Lacey
Miss Rauer
Rev. A. & Mrs Andrews
Miss Stanton
T. Christenson
J.B. Sawers
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Saturday:
E. Belar
Miss Mercy
W.J. & Mrs Reneeles
J.S.H. Matson
Miss Gladding
N. Olsen
L.M. Richardson
C. Ellerton
F. Pamphlet
J. Peirson
W.J. McMillan
J.M. Fisher
Percy Mason
R.M. Palmer
Frank Lovick
Geo. P. Powell
S. Tingley
E.M. Burns
Mr Falls
R. Genn
J.F. Collom
W.E. Elkington
W. Nevill
D. Price
C. Coyle
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Saturday:
H. Dayton
I. Culome
A.D. Bronson
S.D. Hilman
J. & Mrs Stanley
Jno. Russell
Jos. Whittingshaw
J.E. Dean
J. McBean
E.H. Wyman
J. Stevens
J.E. Moore
Miss High
R. Wiggins
F.M. Thornton
Mrs Vanharst
Miss Miller
Mrs Clark
N.D. & Mrs Fleming
F.L. Foxworth
Miss Bryant
Mrs Broadus
T.J. Voycles
Miss Clark
Miss Pelton
J. Randolph
A. Bonson
Miss Wilcox
M.S. & Mrs Boyd
T.B. & Mrs Tarden
Geo. H. Maynard
J.H. Hill
T.A. Hiram
H.B. Bell
Jno. Taite
Robt. Tarte
Sam Prince
Jas. McHurd
E.N. Niller
Mrs Lora
Jno. & Mrs Stanley
C.L. Vasser
M. Mass
Mrs Bailey
V.S. Hugenot
G. Wilkinson
Jno. & Mrs Scott
Mrs & H.S. Phinney
Frank Osburn
Miss Hees
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Sunday:
Mary Nicholls
A.C. & Mrs McAdam
S. Perry Mills
Miss Nicholls
H. Hewitt
W. Dickison
A. Campbell
Gus Goldsmith
S.H. Blashfield
T. Meinecke
C.R., Mrs & Master F.G. Richards
Mrs & Master Walker
R. Beans
I. Moore
Jno. & Master Wilson
J. Copeland
G. Markill
G. Ballet
N. Ross
J. Menzies
J. Murry
F.F. Poole
F. Anstey
F. Sewell
H.T. Gage
G. Frazer
A.B. Greer
Mrs Martin
F.N. Pattrick
F. Merryfield
Miss Anderson
Miss Most
J.C. McNeill
C. Carter
B.C. Pettingill
F. Moss
E.B. Levinson
Jas. Cooper
R. Greenwood
A.B. Clause
H. Cottle
N.S. Clark
B. Bottensen
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Sunday:
Mr Sommers
Mrs Gibson
W.J. Buckett
L. & Mrs Petrie
G.S. Carr
E. Bowler
Miss Mills
Mrs Gilles
W. Young
Mrs Monk
A. Arnold
A.L. McWilliams
W.B. Herbert
Mrs Marshall
J.H. Grant
F. Appleton
S.F. McKenzie
Mrs Trythall
C.R. McLeod
Cecil Smith
W.C. Marshall
Miss McGibbon
Mrs J.A. Dickie
Master Stoess
A.H. Harman
J.C. Conlin
Dr. G.L. Milne
I. & Mrs I. Oppenheimer
J.A. Dickie
Will Malan
Miss Nellie Howard
G.M. Leishman
S. Burrell
R. Bryce
T.R. Ellis
A.C. Thompson
Mrs J. McCready
W.J. Kerby
E.P. Davis
R.A. Welsh
C.H. Gardner
D. McEwan
Harry Jacobs
C. Landan
C.A. Stoess
Colin McLeish
Donald MacDonald
H.R. Young
Seymour Hadwen
8/2 Died John McRae (d.10, p.23, l.5), longshoreman, 39, b.Victoria, d. 8 Apr at Royal Jubilee.
8/4 James Jerome, H.H. Swaney & M.J. Carrigan are at the Driard Hotel.
C.H. Mugford, NY & Keith Fisher, Vancouver are at the Driard Hotel.
O.P. Magahan & wife of Columbus, OH are at the Dominion Hotel.
Messers Drummond & Raynor, of the Farmers' Institute, will leave for Salt Spring Island tomorrow.
Capt Harrison of the bark 'Senator' is at the Victoria Hotel.
Messers Anderson & Elliott, of the Farmers' Institute, will leave tomorrow.
Rev J.F. Vichart, Pastor of Cavalry Baptist Church left for Kamloops yesterday; will return next week.
S.F. McKenzie; J. Oppenheimer & wife; J.A. Dickie & wife G.M. Leishman (d.2, p.10, l.25) were among the passengers from Vancouver yesterday.
W.H. Smith, representing E.G. Prior & Co., is at the Dominion Hotel.
Dr C.R. Richards (d.9, p.15, l.13), V.S. recently graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, Toronto, arrived home by yesterdays Sound steamer.
Dr G.L. Milne (d.2, p.14, l.39) returned home after an extended tour of the Old Country.
J. Keith Fraser, manager of B.C. Cement Works Co., at the Driard Hotel.
James Goldsmith, of Schwabacher Bros. Co., Seattle, arrived here today on business & will leave tonight.
W. Gedley, manager Cowichan Lumber Co., arrived Saturday, is at the Dominion Hotel.
R. Genn, formerly of Victoria, now at Rossland, arrived Saturday, is at the Dominion Hotel.
W.H. Constance, Mount Sicker & W.H. Elkington, Quamichan is at the New England Hotel.
N.S. Clarke, mining man of Duncan, arrived yesterday, is at the Dominion Hotel.
G.A. Hartnagle (d.8, p.3, l.47) & Dr. O. Hartnagle went to Seattle yesterday.
R.M. Palmer (d.C2, p.4, l.22), inspector of fruit pests, is at the Driard Hotel.
T.J. Johnson has been appointed to the position of clerk of the steamer 'North Pacific'.
B.N. Conlin, representing Pither & Leiser, is at the Dominion Hotel.
8/4 Jas. Mallett (d.14, p.12, l.46), H.M. Customs, left yesterday on his way to St. Paul.
H.M. Hills arrived from the Sound Saturday.
Rev. Andrews & wife of Winnipeg, left for home yesterday.
J.H.S. Matson arrived from Vancouver Saturday.
S. Perry Mills returned from the Sound yesterday.

9 Apr 1901, Tuesday, Victoria Daily Times

3/2 Joseph Wilson, an old and retired miner, formerly of Victoria, now of San Francisco, arrived yesterday; is at the Dominion Hotel.
Robert Moran, Seattle & C.C. Lacey, head engineer of the P.C.S.S. Co., arrived yesterday, are at the Driard Hotel.
Dr. C.R. Richards (d.9, p.15, l.13), V.S., arrived home Sunday, will leave in a few days for the purpose of taking a post graduate course at Chicago.
Mr & Mrs Marshall, Vancouver are at the Dominion Hotel.
E.W. McLean returned from Vancouver yesterday.
Hon. Richard McBride (d.6, p.18, l.17) arrived from New Westminster yesterday.
Mrs G.D. Sexton, NY & Mrs A.D. Kieser, commercial travellers, are at the Driard Hotel.
Capt. J.S. Gibson, Chemainus & Capt C. Meyer, of the ship 'Roland' are at the New England Hotel.
J. Haughton of the N.P. Railway arrived this morning from Seattle.
W. Englehart (d.6, p.18, l.11), of the Provincial Government, arrived from the Sound this morning.
N. Hardie, of Dodwell & Co., arrived from the Sound today.
H. Briggs, of Rithet & Co., , arrived from the Sound today.
5/1 Capt Casement, HMS Amphion, has notified the police that 5 of the crewmen of that ship have not returned at the expiration of shore leave, the men coming ashore on Sunday. The reward of 1 is offered for the return of each of them.
5/2 Edward McCook Huestis & Miss Lilian Mullin, both of Seattle, married at the parsonage yesterday.
5/3 Died: infant child (DR: Sydney, d.8 Apr 1901, d.18, p.2, l.25), of Mr & Mrs Gooby, Alfred St.
Fred Forrest (d.15, p.24, l.6), with 2 charges of theft, pleaded guilty, gets 3 months imprisonment for each charge, the sentence to run concurrently.
Died: John McRae (d.10, p.23, l.5), at the Royal Jubilee, b.ON, 39; funeral tomorrow.
H.M. survey ship 'Egeria', Capt Smythe, left today for Alert Bay, will return Friday.
A sale of work is being held by the ladies of St. James Church at the residence of Mrs McB. Smith (d.3, p.15, l.12), 41 Birdcage Walk, this afternoon.
Another of the unfortunates on D'Arcy Island has been relieved of his sufferings, by death, which occurred about a week ago. He was buried by the others, of whom there are now only three. He was one of the first lepers sent to the island, and died from the ravages of the disease. The last death among them occurred a few months ago, and was due to pneumonia.
James Cash, hotel-keeper New Westminster, died yesterday at St. Joseph's Hospital; b.Kings Co., IRL leaves widow, 1 son & 1 daughter. Buried New Westminster.
In the application for a writ of habeas corpus fir the Chinaman, Fong Yuk, evidence showing that 167 Government St, of which Fong Yuk was an inmate, was a house of ill-fame. Elsie Chow (d.14, p.17, l.40), a Christian Chinawoman, said she knew it was a disreputable house, and she had herself been insulted when passing by men who frequented the place. Two other Chinawomen testified to the illrepute of the house and of Fong Yuk.
5/4 The forgery charges against F.C. Dahl, who now claims his name is A. J. Muller, with James Crow as alias, was heard today.
R.M. Palmer, inspector of fruit pests, leaves this evening for the mainland.
W.H. Kensit, returned from CA, USA is at the Dominion Hotel.

7/4 Passenger list.
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
W.C. Smith
Misses Houghton
Miss McMicking
E.D. & Mrs Hillman
A. Jones
S.L. Phillips
H. Maburn
E.L. King
W. Cummings
H. Curry
N. Fraser
W. McCreedy
N. McFarland
N.P. White
Geo. Marshall
J. Lainbert
A. Philport
J. Seager
A.H. & Mrs Robinson
J.M. Taggert
J. Parkhurst
A.C. & Mrs Gleason
H. Boyton
G.T. Broughton
J. Clark
C.L. Piper
Jno. Clement
Miss Milne
J.H. Stafford
N. Milne
Mrs & Mr Lowrie
F. Williams
J.A. & Mrs Thompson
J.B. Corbett
L. Poole
E. Critch
J.N. & R. Twess
H.J. Martin
J. Fulton
N. Hodkiss
D. Seart
H.J. Barnes
W.J. Masson
J. Brown
C.W. Wadhams
J.E. & Mrs Knighton
Misses M. & L. Fox
J. & Mrs Voncast
Mrs Suston
B. & Mrs Davis
S. Stanley
S.E. Brooks
Steve Brinker
Fred Austin
Miss Stanley
F. Greiner
Ben Thomson
Miss Austin
S.S. Cassidy
Miss Turner
Miss Hampton
Bert Morrisey
Frank Preston
Miss Carroll
Max Johnson
Miss Hess
Miss Hart
Per steamer Yosemite from Vancouver:
Miss Tingley
R.J. Harton
J. Holliday
Mrs Howell
F.A. Burnett
Master Gallancy
J. Russell
W.O. & W.V. Wallace
W.C. Marsh
D. McMillan
Miss Newton
J.J. Johnston
Mrs R.J. Harton
Miss McMillan
P. Simpson
Mr McDonald
J. Cornwall
W. Lovett
S.C. Harris
W.C. Mason
D. von Cramer
F.J. Dean
E. Hughes
Miss Rae
Miss Monteith
J.J. & Mrs J. Mellis
L.C. Johnson
C.F. Dillon
G.W. Ward
M.E. Connors
R.S.V. Johnson
J. Gray
G.W. Warren
L.W. Wallbridge
P. Collis
H.A. Onors
Miss Dale
Mrs McBride
C.B. Williams
J. Ackerman
J. Davis
J. Carr
W. Culloch
Rev. Whittington
Thos. Wilson
A.D. Goods
E.W. McLean
A. Quality
H. Hutcheson
H. Benson
G.W. Wildrick
Mrs & J.W. Woodward
R. Campbell
H.G. Morton
M. Gillis
M. Forin
G.D. Sexton
Hon. R. McBride
J.C. McClure
F.S. Barnard
W.E. Curtis
Jas. Jones
Mrs A. Heathorn
C. Camble
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Miss Nelson
Chas. Markle
Mrs S. Kelly
P.O. & Mrs Dickinson
Mrs Chas. Stuart
M. & Mrs M. Johnson
Mrs W.T. & Miss Burwell
Misses von & F. Wedekind
C.E. Hanson
R.B. Yates
J.M. Robertson
J.P. Bully
C. Birch
H. Smith
W.A. Halley
Geo. Feny
R.T. Mazon
F. Fox
J. Bonney
A.G. Duncomb
R.P. Jones
Miss Francis
Chas. Moser
E. & Miss Mulvaney
Miss Kutzhan
Miss McKenzie
C. Smith
A. Willison
J. Whalen
Mrs G. Eisenbus
Mrs M. Klass
Mrs M.A. Brown
Miss Johnson
Miss Howard
Miss Cathcart
Frawley sisters
Miss Campbell
F.J. Rothchild
I. Bessenger
D.W. Davis
R.W. Angeline
Mrs Perkins
J.N. Richards
J. Meston
C.C. Lacey
Robt. Moran
A.R. Coleman
E. Hickman
E. Malander
A. Anderson
Jas. Tait
J. Bils
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
W.C. Butler
H. Briggs
Miss Crinn
Mrs & A. Von Hagen
D.F. Boesservain
A.E. Dent
J.H. McLafferty
S.M. Mayer
Lee Degenhart
Mrs Gome
G.W. Duncan
A.L. Proctor
M. Massa
J.P. Nirch
A.J. Malette
G. Harris
A.J. Mortimer
Miss McDonald
Miss Flemming
H.L. Edmonds
R. Wilson
J. Haughton
N. Hardle
O.W. Stouder
E.B. Darland
C. Johnson
H. Harris
G. Benson
J.P. Butler
H. Christianson
W. Englehart
Per steamer Umatilla from San Francisco:
F.D. Cross & wife
H.W. Kensit
D.R. Haggerty
J. Tremberth
Jos. Wilson
Mrs Forsythe
Mrs J.W. Church
W. Wilson

10 Apr 1901, Wednesday, Victoria Daily Times

5/2 The remains of the late John Forin (DRI 29 Mar 1901, age 75) were sent to Belleville, ON last night.
John Dogherty Tait (d.10, p.23, l.4) died at the Jubilee Hospital last Sunday, 29, miner, worked at Altin for the last 3 years; came to Victoria for medical treatment.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
E.R. Peace
T.J. Robinson
Miss Frye
W. & Mrs Tyle
J.W. Darr
W.E. Pletenia
A. Wagner
A. Strromberg
G.W. Lambert
Jas. Combrand
W.M. Smith
L.A. Lewis
Jno. Cochrane
Miss Lewis
J.H. & Mrs Campbell
W.D. Berg
H.A. & Mrs Kimball
K.G. Kropp
H.L. Dillaway
Jas. Stables
W.B. Herr
Mrs J.B. Hastings
Mrs J. & Miss Gorst
Miss M. Coe
F.J. Cram
E.M. Miller
R. Sudden
Capt Cawan
W.W. & Mrs Erskine
J.B. Likens
Miss Butcher
R. Cassidy
H. Vine
Jas. Cotton
Mrs Henry Landes
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
F.F. Kranas
R. McMurry
E.S. York
F.L Smith
H. Hewett
J.S. Morrison
J. Dean
E.B. Smith
R. Francis
F.N. Collins
E. Ulin
N.I. & Mrs Dupre
L. Beal
Miss Dickinson
W.S. & Mrs Nanew
N.R. & Mrs Dickinson
G.S. Patterson
Jas. Ferner
S.S. Howe
Jas. Arthur
J.S. Dean
A. Douglas
P. Francis
D. Deane
E. Smith
L. Gasner
Mrs Jennings
A. PEarl
Miss Horn
W.E. & Mrs Swan
Mrs & Miss Davidson
L.N. Bally
S. Pearson
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
W.G. Armour
F.C. Dawes
Mrs Beamish
R.G. & Mrs Tatlow
W.E. Buck
Mrs W.R. Jackson
Miss Gordon
Rev. R. Hughes
Mrs Fisher
Mrs Thiele
H.M. Hillis
Mrs Switzer
A. Engvik
C.J. Harris
J.H. Burrows
C.W. Wadhams
F.J. Rothchilds
J. Pedbielancik
J.W. Berry
M. O'Keefe
L.N. McKechnie
T.R. Jackson
C.L. Lightfoot
W.F. & Mrs Irwin
Miss & W.R. Robertson
W.F. Geitchell
W.G. Johnson
Geo. Stevens
Chas. Moser
W.A. James
T. Burnside
N. O'Neill
Mrs Hy. Elliott
R. Machhin
A. Harley
F.J. Hall
Nelson Holmes
J. Smith
D.A. Ross
Frank Darling
G.T. Porter
Geo. McL. Brown
F.W. Peters
F.W. Hoover
P.W. Evans
G. Mueller
A.J. Harley
Capt. & Mrs Pybus
A.S. Rey
W.F. McLaren
Mrs A.C. Thompson
W.A. Ellis
Mr Balfour
Mrs McKinnon
Jno. McPherson
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
Mrs Gillfoil
Capt. Olberg
M. Williams
H.J. Clark
C.A. Stetson
J.B. Allen
F.W. & Mrs Bjork
Mrs Silletoe
Miss Hardle
Miss Cao
A. Williams
A. Piggott
D. Jackson
W.T. Trythall
Mrs Henderson
Misses Bevins
W.W. Shellingham
W.A. Waters
G. Wilson
J.P. Woolman
N.P. Shaw
C. Raymond
S. Sampson
H. Spade
W. Osborne
H. Harman
T. Summerill
T.L. Coung
R.M. Jenkins
T. Morrison
R. Jeans
J. Cobb
H. Harrison
A. Henderson
8/3 G. Smith, Mt. Sicker, is at the Dominion Hotel.
T.I. Dougan, Cobble Hill & A.W. Kensit, San Francisco arrived on the noon train.
J.T. Mizony is at the Victoria Hotel.
S.M. Mayer is at the Dominion Hotel.
Commercial travellers at the Victoria Hotel: W.W. Miller Champ; H.L. Williams; L.S. McKenzie; Mrs Kielser; Wm. Brydson (d.7, p.28, l.37); J.P. Balfour & H.L. Knowles of Toronto; Char. Lightfoot, Vancouver; G.T. Porter, Chicago; Miss D. Sexton, NY & P.D. Ross, QC.
F.V. Knauss, Portsmouth, OH, USA & A. Morrison are a the Dominion Hotel.
Capt C.E. Hansen, at the Victoria Hotel, will leave tomorrow for the north and will take charge of the steamer 'Strathcona', which will run on the Skeena River route this year.
Capt Pybus of the R.M.S. Empress of Japan & Mrs Pybus arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
F. Darling, manager of the White Pass & Yukon Co.s Water Lines and D.A. Ross, Vancouver are at the Driard Hotel.
H. Carmichael, leaves for Nelson tonight.
Jas. Stables, M.P.P. of Cassiar, returned to the city yesterday, is at the Vernon Hotel.
R.G. Tatlow (d.2, p.2, l.14), M.P.P. & wife (d.2, p.2, l.10) arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
H.M. Hills & Rev. R. Hughes arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Married: at New Westminster, 8 Apr, John Brydges, s.o. F.H. Brydges f WLS to Genevieve Caroline, y.d.o. the late Robert Dickinson. (MR: John Brydges, 26, r.Winnipeg, MB, b.Montreal, accountant, CE, s.o. Frederick Henderson & Jean Crawford Brydges mar Genevieve Caroline Dickinson, 25, r. & b.New Westminster, CE, d.o. Robert & Caroline Dickinson, 8 Apr 1901 at New Westminster.)

11 Apr 1901, Thursday, Victoria Daily Times

3/4 Lieut.-Col. Holmes arrived yesterday to be the new D.O.C. for No. 11 (B.C.).
5/2 Died: d. today, infant d.o. (DRI:
Olive Mary Wynne Morley, 10 Apr 1901) Mr & Mrs Percival Morley, 204 Douglas.
5/3 Deportation case for Fong Yuk: Sum Tong testified Fong Yuk was known under four different names. As Ah Sing she married him in 1895 by Rev. Mr. Cleaver.
F.K. Dahl, alias A.J. Muller, was committeed for trial.
Mary Ann Lawson fined $5 + $1 costs for being drunk.
Wm. Lawson fined $10 + &1 costs for assault.
5/4 H.B. Bennett, formerly of Victoria, who has just returned from the Old Country, is at the Dominion Hotel.
Commercial men at the Dominion Hotel: A.M. Buchman; D. Bowles; John Morrison; W.H. Cuff; I.A. Mayer & W.D. Begg of Seattle; F. Merwin, Philadelphia; J.C. Conlin; Thos. Burnside, Vancouver; W.H. Kensit, San Francisco; D.H. Bolssevain, Yesier County.
At the Driard Hotel: Louis Cleghorn; T.R. Allen & E.W. Walker
Alex Trainer (d.9, p.20, l.41), long time employee of the Dominion Hotel, will leave for the north in a few days.
J.W. Berry, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel for a week.
C. Raven, Seattle, will leave on the Willapa tonight.
R.H. Winning & J.B. Carrington of Nicola are at the Dominion Hotel.
W.S. Mayer & wife of Seattle are at the Dominion Hotel.
M. Lenz & Dr. & Mrs Jordan arrived from the Sound today.
Wm. Summer, wife & chilf of Tacoma are at the Victoria Hotel.
F.W. Peters; C.J. Coyne; J.A. Fulton & W.E. Miller, all of the C.P.R., are at the Driard Hotel.
Mr & Mrs Chas. Jackson, Calgary, are visiting Miss A. Hurst (d.7, p.20, l.16), Capt. of the Salvation Army.
J.G. Woodworth & wife left for the Sound today.
H. Smith, Duncan & F.J. Stephens, Vancouver are at the Victoria Hotel.
M. Holzaufel, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, ENG, arrived yesterday and is at the Driard Hotel.
Mr & Mrs Jms. Patterson, of the Vernon Hotel, left for a visit to Vancouver yesterday.
Dr. Telford & Mr & Mrs T.D. Connery, of Chemainus are at the Victoria Hotel.
Colin McLeish & J. McDonald left yesterday for Skagway.
W.W. Shillinglaw, steamboat man, is at the Driard Hotel.
J. Thomas, Tacoma, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs Norman Macaulay, is at the Victoria Hotel.
C.M. Rolston, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
6/2 Play, 'A Charming Nell Gwynn': actors: Edythe Chapman, Mr Neill, Maud Gordon, Frank MacVicars & John W. Burton.
7/4 Passengers Lists

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
W.E. Reeves
Rev. Dr. Campbell
Mr & Mrs Patterson
Jas. Neill Co.
Chas. Thompson
R.W. Robinson
Miss Marshall
Miss Cridge
Mr Alexander
C.M. Roiston
R.J. Preston
C.E. Jarvis
Mr Calderhead
T.J. Stephens
J.F. Bledsoe
H.B. Opie
A.H. Morton
Mrs & R.L. Drury
E. Levins
Miss Wilson
J.R. Nagle
E.J. Coyle
R. Collister
J.A. Fullerton
M.T. Johnson
R.J. Kerr
W.O. Miller
S.P. Moody
J.H. Allen
E.W. Walker
H. Line
Col Holmes
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
A. Magneson
Mrs N. Macauley
J.H. & Mrs Hamilton
G. & Mrs Welch
K.J. Kitts
P.G. Johnson
H. Taylor
H.W.S. Copeland
R. Stephens
R.H. Simms
W. Shoemaker
A., Mrs A. & Master Foster
Fred Bagwell
V. Olson
W.S. Bittancourt
O.F. Huntley
E. & Mrs Rayfield
Wm. Wilson
J.C. & Mrs O'Connor
W.B. & Mrs W.B. Long
O.C. Auburn
Mrs & Miss Clements
Capt Grant
Fred Stearns
A.S. McKenzie
Jno. Calato
Wm. Price
A.M. Buchman
F.T. Marvin
C.O. Vanderhoof
M.S. & Mrs Mayer
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
M. Hazelton
J. O'Brien
G.N. Cassidy
S. Knard
Thos. Sutherland
G. Sullivan
C. Bend
N. Fraser
B. Lillis
B. Aiken
H. Fraser
G. Henike
F.K. & Geo. Thomas
H. Hennessy
J.A. Williams
Mrs Mills
Mrs Freeborn
E. & Mrs Milner
M. Slenemyer
N. Jones
J.P. Cooper
J. Dillon
M. Thomas
E.N. Dewar
E.C. Norberg
N. Waterman
F. Gillis
Mrs A.T. Morris
H. Dewar
T.H. Bissell
J.S. Clark
C.D. McDonald
J.M. & E.S. Hall
M.G. Swanson
E.E. Notower
Miss Thomas
Mrs J. Hillmore
Mrs J. Henry
Miss Dodd
F.T. Loost
A.G. Saunders
M.G. Baker
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
Miss Millie Bechtel
Miss Blanch Bechtel
P. Kramer
J. Higgins
C. Androff
D. Willison
G. Standwall
A. Holdo
H.C. Bennett
M.S. Ellis
Miss Therge
V. Findley
C.A. Gardner
Mrs E. Boman
L. Vinardetus
J.C. Townsend
C.H. Minter
A. Hastle
A. Price
G. Egale
Wm. & Mrs Sumner
E. Temple
W.W. Gume
Miss Plain
F.W. & J.A. Grant
M. Lenz
Mrs & Master Sparrow
W. & Mrs Goodchild
C.A. Eggleston
H. Hagart
C.H. Rhodes
D.T. Barnett
T.D. Gunnes
C.D. Neroutses
G.E. Black
A. Branstaner
Dr. & Mrs Jordan

12 Apr 1901, Friday, Victoria Daily Times

2/4 'But One Sealer Spoken': The steamer 'Queen City' returned last night and reported that the sealer 'C.D. Rand' was on the coast and had 140 skins. Passengers on the 'Queen City' include: H. Gager, G.H. Hayes, G.H. Byrnes, C.H. Hand, C.F. Loe, D. McCanley, I. Kirkpatrick, J. Condon & O. Coulsen.
4/5 L. Kilpatrick, of Port Renfrew, arrived from the west coast yesterday at the Dominion Hotel.
Registered at the Dominion Hotel: O.B. Hoskel & A.G. Price of Tacoma; W.C. Morrison, Extension; Capt. N. McCallum, wife & son, of Glasgow, SCT; Curtis Gardner & M.E. Bowman, Portland, OR; H. McLean, Vancouver; Chas. Holmes & W.J. Holmes, Somenos; & J.W.W. Stewart, manager of Imperial Life Insurance Co., Vancouver.
J. Francis Lee, manager White Pass & Yukon Railway, arrived from the mainland yesterday.
J. Crawspaw & C. Crowspaw, Minneapolis, MN, arrived in the city the other day and are at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs J.E. Kennedy, Miss Kennedy, Miss Hornsby, Mrs J.S. Plaskett, Mrs H.E. Kennedy and children, of Toronto, ON, tourists, arrived yesterday, are at the Dominion Hotel.
G.E. Black, Seattle, E. Brandenstein, San Francisco, C.H. Hand, Butte, MT, R.H. Shipley, Leadville, CO, H.F. Thomas, NY & W.S. McGregor, Toronto are at the Driard Hotel.
D.A. Upper, J. Keith Wilson, & daughter, Miss Pemberton & F.J. Patton are Victorians who left for Seattle yesterday for the kennel show.
H. Darling & Mrs Darling arrived yesterday and are at the Driard Hotel.
J. Prentice arrived yesterday and is at the Victoria Hotel.
4/6 A. Waters, Madoc, ON, arrived in the city and likely will become a resident.
David Wilson, M.A., inspector of public schools, left San Francisco on 11 Apr. and is expected to arrive in Victoria Sunday. He was in CA for his health.
W.E. Ditchburn, W.H. Wilson & C. Blain are delegates from the Victoria Lacrosse Club who will leave tonight for the B.C. Lacrosse Association convention in Vancouver.
Mr & Mrs Howe & family are in the city on vacation and are guests of Steve Jones (d.7, p.21, l.18), proprietor of the Dominion Hotel (Jones is Mrs Howe's brother)
Dr. Jones, brother of Dr. O.M. Jones, Victoria, left yesterday for the Old Country.
T.U. Durrant, has been appointed cashier of the Dawson branch of the W.A. & T. Co., Seattle.
Jas. Stables, M.P.P., left for the mainland yesterday.
J.S. Pitts & wife & Miss MacKay, of St. John's arrived yesterday and are at the Driard Hotel.
Frank Eaton, M.A., superintendent of schools, Victoria, has gone to Kamloops for his health.
F.J. Wheeler, Vancouver & E.V. Bodwell arrived from the Sound yesterday.
C.H. Minter, of the Pacific Coast Photo Co., & R.J. Dwyer & son of Butte, MT, are at the Dominion Hotel.
Rev. Father Althoff, after visiting Port Townsend, arrived yesterday.
E.J. Palmer & G.T. porter, left for Seattle yesterday.
H. Davis, Montreal & W.W. Beaun, NY are 2 commercial men staying at the Driard Hotel.
Mrs A. McBride, mother of the Hpn. Richard McBride, is in the city.
M. Hirshbaum, San Francisco, arrived yesterday.
Capt. A.A. Sears & wife returned from Seattle yesterday.
F. Carter-Cotton & S.F. MacKenzie, of Vancouver, are at the Driard Hotel.
Capt. Harrison, of the bark 'Senator', is at the Victoria Hotel.
Jos. Cathcart & P.J. Pearson of Chemainus are at the Victoria Hotel.
F.W. Foster & E. Dewdney arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
T. Taylor, M.P.P. for Revelstoke, left for home yesterday.
J.A. Hinton, arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
5/2 Mrs J.H. Edmunds will sing at the Drill Hall tomorrow.
Died: Mary J.C. Ahern, infant d.o. Mr & Mrs James Ahern, d. last Wednesday, at the residence, 173 Simcoe St. (This family is not in the census.)
5/3 Died: Mr & Mrs Charles McKenzie, 54 Fourth St, mourn the death of their infant son, Thomas (d.15, p.10, l.12), 1 y, 4 m.
Ah Lee is on trial charged with stealing an alarm clock & $110 from 29 Chatham St.
At the Veteran's Association meeting tonight at Pioneer Hall, W.H. Cullin will read a history of the 90th Batt. in the 1885 campaign. Songs by J.G. Brown & F. Richardson.
Neill Company Presented the play 'A Social Highwayman' last night. Casts includes Mr. Neill, Miss Chapman & Miss Forbes.
5/4 Band Concert Tomorrow at the Drill Hall: Vocals by Mrs Jennie Houghton Edwards of Seattle; solos by Bandsmen North (cornet) & Finn (euphonium).
5/5 Funeral: John D. Tait, yesterday.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
J.R. Andrews
Prof. Dongour
Chas., Mrs & Master McCallum
J.H. Henderson
Miss F. Farrington
J.R. Wright
W.S. McGregor
H.E Davis
J.L. Steele
Jno. Young
A. Robertson
R. Jamieson
Hy. Darling
D. Aiken
Capt. Duthie
W.W. & Mrs Brown
H. McLean
F. Carter Cullin
J.F. Lee
Mrs H. Darling
L. Doatpe
J.W. MacFarland
F.R. Hatch
Miss Plekard
Miss Wallace
Mr Watkis
Miss Johnson
A. Robinson
Rev. Mr Allen
Mr Parkes
F.W. Foster
Bert Howell
Wm. Henderson
F. Lamb
Mrs Oliver
E. Dewdney
J.A. Hinton
W.C. Lyall
Mrs D. McGregor
G. Dewolf
D.G. Lew
J.W.W. Stewart
T. Hallock
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
F.J. Wheeler
E.V. Bodwell
F.H.R. Johnson
G.A. & Mrs Lebbe
R.H. Shipley
A. Koch
A.M. Cratt
F.E. Davis
G.L., Mrs & Miss Howe
Alfred & Mrs Water
W.E. McCord
A. Bekander
J.D. Lynch
S. McKenzie
Mrs J. Cochrane
Miss Wilson
Chas. Kelly
Jas. Devia
C. & Jas. Hanson
Alex Hall
J.N. Castle
H.H. Morris
J.D. Willis
G.G. Haley
C. & Mrs C.Fellows
Capt. A.A. Sears & Mrs
Mrs Obendauer
R.C. Campbell
Mrs Brown
Mrs Dumwright
J. & Mrs Mulholland
J.E. Chipman
M. Hirschbaum
Father Althoff
R.L. Thomas
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
J.R. Bickaby
J. Podblelaneill
T. Masher
R.G. Dwyer
J. Cartell
H. Poners
F.E. Freed
C. & J. Craffsbank
J. Merbon
J. Fraser
J. Rintone
Mrs Kennedy
Miss Housby
Mrs Dre--ott
Mrs H.E. Kennedy
J. Heath
B.S. & Mrs Bromley
J.M. & Mrs Freese
N.S. Cannon
C.A. Butler
8/5 Marriage: At Nelson, BC, 11 Apr, Mary Elizabeth, e.d.o. Robt. Eccles, Victoria married William George, only s.o. Capt. Daniel McMorris, Nelson.

13 Apr 1901, Saturday, Victoria Daily Times

5/1 In the Seattle Divorce Court Thursday, Lutie Jenns divorced her husband, Lewis H Jenns, on the grounds of abandonment and non-support. She was given custody of the 3 year old son. She is the d.o. Col. Landes, of Port Townsend, and maried Jenns 5 years ago (MRI: Louis Henry Jenns mar Susie Huntington Landes, 29 Aug 1896, Victoria.).
5/2 Ed Norton married Miss H.V. Craven yesterday.
Buried yesterday infant d.o. Mr & Mrs Low Morley from the family residence on Douglas St.
Buried today infant son (DRI: Thomas James McKenzie, 11 Apr 1901, 1, Victoria.) of Mr & Mrs Chas. McKenzie from the family residence on Fourth St.
A.J. Morris, who went to Dawson in Feb., returned on the 'Senator' to Seattle yesterday, met Mrs Morris there and returned to Victoria on the Rosalie last night. Their 3 1/2 year old daughter had died a week and a half ago at Victoria.
7/3 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
D. McMillan
N. & Mrs Breden
J. Soranson
Miss Wilson
G. Weyburn
J. Holgreen
E. Ryder
A.D. Howell
N. Storms
V. Sodergreen
M.C. March
T. Marshall
Fred Smith
A.B. Ballentine
G.F. Little
O.R. Courtney
A.H. McDonald
Miss Scott
Percy & Mrs Wilson
Mrs R.W. Jackson
Mrs Tompkins
Mrs Ryder
Miss Lancaster
Miss Miller
H. Litchfield
Miss Donills
Mrs & Miss Sherman
Miss Foss
R.S. Holloway
N. Anderson
Miss Snell
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
H. Findley
R.A. Dickson
J. Longfield
T. Fell
T. Bahn
Geo. P. Weiler
S.P. Mills
H. Keightley
W. Miller
A. Cruickshank
J.D. Breeze
E. Scott
Thos. Bell
A.C. Mowat
W.A. Anderson
Miss McGibbon
C.H. Rhodes
A. Rodder
W. Dass
J.K. Fisher
A.H. Mugford
T.R. Ella
W.G. McKenzie
C.S. Spencer
F.W. Peters
E.J. Coyle
A.W. Smith
C.H. Gibbons
P. McVeigh
J.E. Poupore
J.H. Brock
W.A. Kibler
T. Senford
J. McMicking
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
E. Herman
Jos. & Mrs Carroll
Mrs Oskon
C. Lawson
L. Dongal
W.F. Hore
J.A. Hearn
M.M. Myers
Thos. Forman
A.J. Morris
W.R. McIntosh
W.C. McDonald
T. Bradshaw
R.W. Johnson
Mrs Marston
Mrs McCloud
Mrs Baker
Jno. Closkay
Mrs H. Smith
Mrs Tetrow
J.W. & Mrs Creighton
T.E. Henry
E. Parkinson
F. Parson
J.W. Miller
Miss Moore
H.S. Beraney
C.E. Atherton
W. Scott
M.J. Corrigan
T.B. Stoy
F. Parker
Gus Hauck
G.M. Piper
Geo. Swan
Miss Holcomb
J.H. Frank
A. Rogers
G.W. Lawson
Mrs A.J. Morris
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
T. McWilliams
H.A. Frank
J.W. Paul
J. Jackomay
W. McKay
W. Masters
J.W. Stewart
G. Brown
H. Rowe
W. Appleton
J.A. Duncan
D.A. Upper
K.K. Piser
J.W. Steed
H.J. McGregor
W.H. Harnebrook
N.P. Kitchen
A.E. & Mrs Salsbury
S.E. Dalvige
J.E. Dixon
D.A. Brombaugh
M. & Mrs Carter
Mrs Edmunds
M. Goodman
G.A. Hartnagle
Mrs Hyams
Mrs & M. Hendricks
Mrs Pemberton
W.J. Grady
M. & Mrs Starkweather
8/1 Fong Yuk, to be deported, claims to be married to Low Wing, was married to Lum Ton in Victoria, 20 Jun 1895. (MRI: Tan Lam mar Sing Ah, 20 Jun 1895, Victoria.)
8/6 E.W. Molander & J.H. Little of Mt. Sicker, arrived yesterday, are at the Victoria Hotel.
E.J. Coyle & F.W. Peters went to the Sound yesterday.
W.G. McKenzie, C.H. Gibbons & J. McMickling arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
F.J. Bittancourt is confined to St. Joseph's Hospital.
P. McVeigh & J.E. Poupon of Nelson, are at the Dominion Hotel.
T.R. Ella arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
A.C. Mowat arrived yesterday from the mainland.

14 Apr 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Times - not published on Sunday