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15 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times

3/4 Extracted from the London Gazette, 26 Mar 1901: Fourth (Queen's Own) Hussars - second Lieut. R.D. Harvey, to be Leutenant, 4 Dec 1900 (nephew of Hon. J. Dunsmuir.
3/6 M.A. Myers (d.7, p.22, l.20), of Dawson is at the Dominion Hotel.
The following M.P.P.'s arrived yesterday: Thomas Taylor (d.6, p.3, l.48), S.A. Rogers, J.E. Garden, Hon. W.C. Wells, Price Ellison, J. Martin & D. Murphy (d.6, p.26, l.17) & R.G. Tatlow (d.2, p.2, l.14)arrived Saturday.
H.E. Morton & W.E. Ditchburn arrived yesterday.
Capt. Sutherland, of the bark 'Senator', now loading grain in Seattle, is in the city to meet his wife, who will arrive from the east in a few days.
Dr. John A. Duncan (d.6, p.21, l.12) & D.A. Upper returned to the city Saturday from Seattle.
B.H.T. Drake, Miss Drake, Miss Loewen & Miss Harvey arrived from Seattle yesterday.
H. Line, London, ON, is in the city on business.
Jno. Smoulter, Manticoke, PA & Thos. W. Hart, Wilkes Barre, PA, commercial men, are at the Driard Hotel.
J.H. Breck, Winnipeg, is at the Driard Hotel.
P. Keefer, D. Mowat, D. Cowan & W.E. Gillespie arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Mrs B. Dyne arrived from Seattle yesterday.
Major A.W. Jones & wife; Mrs Hastings & Capt Foster arrived yesterday from the Sound.
Wm. Hargreaves, Winnipeg; W.P. Angus, Toronto & T.R. MacPherson, commercial men are at the Driard Hotel.
J.C. Church & Mrs Church; C.H. Lugrin & N.P. Shaw arrived yesterday from the Sound.
Mr & Mrs A.G. Salisbury are at the Driard Hotel. Mr. Salisbury is a C.P.R. agent at Vancouver.
W.E. Gillespie, Toronto, is at the Dominion Hotel.
D. O'Hara, Sgt-at-Arms at the Provincial Legislature, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
T.H. Allice, arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
Dr. Hatton, A.G.H. Potts & H. Egleson arrived yesterday from the Sound.
G.C. Hinton & Jas. Fagan arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Mrs & Miss Gowen arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
J.H.R. Richaby arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
G.A. Hartnagle arrived from the Sound.
Capt Beecher arrived yesterday from the Sound.
R.S. Day arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
F.C. Gamble arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
R. Jamieson arrived Saturday from Vancouver.
4/5 J.C. Thompson, Nanaimo, is at the Queen's Hotel.
Ernest Latter, Toronto & S Singer, Vancouver, commercial men, are at the Victoria Hotel.
J.A. McLaren, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
H.S. Keller is at the Dawson Hotel.
M.P. Morris, Chilian Consul, of Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
5/1 Indians of the Songees reservation reported the sudden disappearance of Johnny Basherston. Described as 30 years old.
5/2 Sarah Brinn (d.C1, p.8, l.8) was buried yesterday.
5/3 Fred Plump, charged with attemt to murder & burglary was remanded to Thursday.
Geo. Perry charged with Vagrancy.
Thomas Mastill charged with drunkiness.
A large number of people attended a recital Saturday at Waitt's Hall. Miss Secile Russell, Miss Stoddart, Miss Violet Powell (d.6, p.13, l.16) & Herbert Kent performed.
Robt. J. Nixon, Oakland, CA married Kitty Mitts, Seattle, WA Saturday. (MRI: Robert Johnston Nixon mar Kitty Metts, 13 Apr 1901, Victoria.)
5/4 Story of Fred Plump beating Mr A. Borde, Chatham St during a burglary.
6/2 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Saturday:
Geo. & Mrs Clarke
Miss Claxton
Mrs Burritt
Mrs Nightingale
Miss Casher
F.M. Black
W. Braid
Mrs Wm. Wilson
Mrs Caras
R.S. Day
Miss & Mrs Gowen
P. Regos
W.F. Lines
F.G. Gamble
Mr Symmonds
E. Hansen
S. Singer
S.P. Latham
J.D. Bell
F. & Mrs Cockburn
Mr Goldsborough
Capt. Gates-James
G. Leishman
H.T. Lockyer
H. Sherwood
T.H. Allice
Mr Henderson
F.G. Wright
H.J. Scott
Jas. Paterson
A.J. Wright
R.M. Palmer
Miss Roberts
W.G. Tanner
Miss M. Smith
Mrs H.W. Findlay
Mr McPherson
H.E. Ladner
G.C. Shaw
Mr & Mrs Cordes
Mr & Mrs Robinson
J.A. Bates
A.H. Holden
Mr Angus
S. Cook
A.J. McLeod
J.H.H. Rickaby
J.J. Wilson
R.G. Tatlow
R. Jamieson
J.W. Cambie
Allan & Alec Purvis
Mrs Dickinson
W.C. Hillbren
W. Hargreaves
J.A. Loudon
J. Pittenborough
Miss Askew
Mrs C.W. West
Mr Plear
Jno. Tighe
Mrs Chas. Hackett
Miss Grace Hackett
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Sunday:
Gus Leonard
W.H. Wilson
Jas. Anderson
Fred Richardson
Mrs Elliott
J.S. Munro
Mrs Foster
Jas. Fagan
P. Keepo
W.E. Ditchburn
T. Forster
W.M. O'Neill
Miss Wilkins
D. Mowat
--- Lucas & wife
G.H. Thompson
Mrs Morton
H. Cowan
J.D. Mitchell
H.E. Morton
C.A. Stoess & wife
G.C. Hinton
Miss Weaver
W.E. Gillespie
L.G. Wing
W.I. Hammatt
H.C. Killeen
A. Jukes
G.L. Clayton
S.G. Faulkner
J. Braden
J.G. Ure
Mrs G.W. Robertson
 & daughter
H.H. Price
P. Larson
Mr & Mrs Young
H. Earle & wife
H.O. Alexander
W.R. Creech
J.J. Murphy
J.F. Garden
L.J. McFeeley
Frank Stevens
A. Williams
W.C. Wells
W. McLean
R.A. Ritchie
G.R. Ingles
Price Ellison
A.D. Cameron
N. Black
Jas. Martin
Victoria Spriggs
A. French
D. Murphy
Gordon Wadeworth
M.P. Morris
J.A. Fullerton
W.E. Walsh
Wm. McNeill
Wm. Moffatt
J.T. Deaville
Mrs Fullerton
R.H. Bryce
Edward Smith
Bruce Bennett
C. Irwin Frear
Thos. Taylor
D. O'Hara
J.W. Scott
S.A. Rogers
O.H. Nelson & wife
V. Symonds
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Saturday:
A.H. Buckham & wife
Miss Madeline
C.H. Hood
Mrs Myers
Rod Tolmie
N.B. Thompson
Fred Gauder
D. Chapman
Mrs Erie
Mrs Weitz
T.N. Hart
R.S. McKinnon
F. Richards
A. Lemon
J.H. & Miss Wilson
T. Askins
P. Johnson & wife
H.E. Mangel
F.D. McCormick
H.P. Balkin
H.A. Fraser
N. Lafin
H.N. Nashan
A.N. Goffin
S.S. Bittencourt
C. Jackson & wife
Jno. Smolter
Thos. Hart
A. Woodworth
Mrs Ambrock
Mrs Wilson
M. Moore
H. Swartz & wife
N.J. Ben
Miss Colman
Mrs Hooker
C.J. Cowper
C.M. Rolston
H. Line
F. Gaboon
J.O. Keith
M. Seggert
M. Caldwell
Mrs Patter
Mrs Poncett
Mr Caldwell
C.N. Rodgers
Miss Ribble
R. Easton
M. Thompson
Mrs White
Mrs Parsons
F. Blanchard
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Sunday:
D.B. & Mrs Porter
C.T. & C.P. Newcombe
D. Scofield
W. & A. Newcombe
F. Cameron
F. Spellegh
J. Wolfe
Miss Linsburg
Miss Ryan
Miss David
Miss Kelly
H. McKenzie
Dr. Hatton
M. & Mrs Dyne
A.G.H. Potts
J.M. Adams
H. Egieson
L. Whitaker
S.B. Shand
J.B. St. Louis
J.D. Evine
W.J. Barnes
M.I. Calbert
Mrs Barnes
W. Langley
A.J. Enbeck
A.R. & Mrs Campbell
R.R. Watson
Miss Hitt
J.H. & Mrs Walters
A. Ford
C.A. Goodwin
Miss & Mrs Huck
Mrs Kelly
R.F. Smith
A. Daniels
T. Turner
A. Henfield
J. Mooney
G. Geddes
H. Heller
A. Munroe
J.C. Koontz
H. Williams
C.W. Miner
G.W. Bradley
J. Kipman
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Monday:
A Sweetapple
A. Gould
H. & Mrs Grathwold
J.C. & Mrs Church
H. Mart
H.C. Blige
Mrs Haynes
Miss Nelson
H. & Master Stebbins
S.L Brumm
M. Bruchard
Miss McDonald
M. Lather
C.H. Lingren
N.P. Shaw
G. Holmes
R. Jameson
C. Hansen
M.M. Lovering
J.P. Sutherland
F.O. Moffett
F.W. Benworth
C.E. Campbell
J.M. Citron
F. & Mrs Bellmont
A. McSweeney
A. Frinning
C.A. Flemming
G. Frend
Per steamer State of California from San Francisco:
H.C., Mrs H.C. Hunt & 2 children
D. Wilson
C.G. & A.D. Mortimer
Miss Williams
Mrs Esmond & child
H. Goldie
Geo. Lowell & wife
Miss Vrooman
Miss B. Davis
A. McLaren & wife
Mrs Mulcahey & child
Miss L. Raymond
Miss H. Pemberton
Miss Pemberton
Miss Bell
J.C. Enright
Capt. P. Mockler
J. Sutherland
J. Peach
C., Mrs A. & Lottie Fleming
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound - Sunday:
Miss Loewen
Miss Harvey
Major A.W. & Mrs Jones
Miss Drake
Mrs Langley
Mrs Pferdner
Mrs J.B. Hastings
Mrs Dunlop
E. Barton
Capt. Foster
W.K. Colbrin
R. Rahy
Mrs Alexander
G.A. Kirk
H.H.T. Drake
Carl Osten
C.M. Matheson
J.L. Lekens & wife
C. Van Horn
E.H. Gottschalk
Wm. Jenkins
H. Deakin
Col. Landes
E. & Mrs Ellis
Mrs Stitson & son
J.W. Dunlop
J.A. Henricks
R.G. Davis
Jno. W. Morris
Albert Ritter
N. Stevenson
T. Breeing
W. & Master Fleming
O.L. Williams
Geo. Angus
R.A. Walker
Miss M. Carre
Mrs Capt. & Master Owen
Mrs Rahy
D. O'Hara
C. Kolson
R.C. Connelly
R. Foster
H. Dahl
H. Lewis
L. McLaughlin
Capt. Beecher
Geo. & Mrs Town

16 Apr 1901, Tuesday, Victoria Daily Times

3/4 Regimental Orders:
Lieut.-Col. Holmes assumes command of the Military District #11 from 10 Apr.
Promotions: No.4 Co.:
to Company Sergt.-Major, acting Com. Sergt.-Major Short
to Sergeant, acting Sergt. Royds
to Corporal, acting Corp. Lindsay
to Bombardier, acting Bmd. Hodgman
Granted discharges: No. 4 Co.:
no.151 Gr. T. Walker
no.176 Gr. J. Eccles
no.182 Gr. Mallandaline
Taken on strength: No.1 Co.:
no.44 Gr. H.C. Hall
no.128 Gr. J.H. Anderson
3/4 Miss Mary C. Eccles, d.o. R.E. Eccles, merchant Victoria married Wm. G. McMorris, s.o. Capt. D.C. McMorris, of the steamer 'Moyie' at the r.o. Frank E. Graham, Victoria St, Nelson. They will reside on Cedar St near the corner of Vernon St, Victoria. (MRI: William George McMorris mar Mary Elizabeth Eccles, 11 Apr 1901, Nelson.)
4/5 John Richards, returned to Victoria from Glenora
Dr. Wm. Newcombe (should be Charles F.) will leave Thursday on the str. 'Tees' for Skidegate, on his annual natural history science tour of the Queen Charlotte Islands
H.R. Richardson, NY, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Geo. White Fraser left Sunday for Vancouver on his way to Dawson.
A. Jukes, manager Imperial Bank, Vancouver & W. Moffat, Bank inspector, Toronto, arrived Saturday.
Capt. Richards, master of the str. 'Glenor' left for Vancouver Sunday.
T. Bradshaw, Toronto, W.C. MacDonald & J.H. Brock, Winnipeg, are at the Victoria Hotel.
C.H. Dickie, C.W. Munro & John Oliver, M.P.P.'s, after spending Easter holidays at their respective homes, arrived at Victoria yesterday.
C. Cree, J.W. Dodds & F.M. Middleton, Englishmen, thinking of settling on Vancouver Island are at the Dominion Hotel.
Geo. R. Jackson (d.12, p.11, l.35) returned yesterday from a tour of Eastern Canada & USA
A. Haslam, Nanaimo is at the Driard Hotel.
John Peck (d.7, 28, l.43), New Westminster is at the Victoria Hotel.
P.S. Scrive & wife, W.W. Low & wife & H.F. Wilcox & W.L. Murcer of Chicago are at the Driard Hotel.
Otto F. Weeks, representing the News-Advertiser, is in the city.
Jas. Cunningham, New Westminster merchant, is at the Orient Hotel.
Capt. Richardson, Dept. of Mines, is ill.
H. Eckert, New Westminster, is at the Dominion Hotel.
J.W. Mellor (d.12, p.11, l.48) has recovered from his illness.
5/2 Geo. Perry, charged with vagrancy, failed to appear in police court today.
Ah Sing, charged with stealing was remanded to the 17th.
5/4 D. Piers Hatton's fox terrier 'Filey Bob' won 3rd prize at a Seattle dog show.
5/5 Stolen goods taken from the residence of F. plump & his room on the str 'Queen City':
brooch, stolen 3 yr ago from Mrs Cessford, Victoria West
gold watch & jacket, stolen last Dec., from Mrs Capt. McDougall
ring, purse & watch, stolen last Dec. from Mrs Murdoch McDonald
opera glasses, stolen 18 mo. ago, from Mrs Ferguson, James Bay
watch, stolen last Nov., from Rev Mr Knox
watch, stolen last Nov., from Mrs Mansell, Victoria West
gold chain, stolen from Mrs Dick
silk underclothing, stolen from Marie Carolt, Herald St, owner, now in Seattle, WA
dental saws, etc, stolen from Dr. Moody
surgical apparatus, stolen from Dr. Foot
bicycle, stolen a year ago last Sep., from Mrs Richardson, of the Windsor Hotel
earrings, ring, watch, pin, etc., stolen last Dec., from the Raymond residence
wigs, clippers, whiskers & cosmetics, stolen last Jul, from Kosche
bracelets, ring, chain, watch & stage apparel, stolen last Dec., from Delmonico
quilt, stolen 1 yr ago, from a Broad St. residence
dress goods, silk, etc, stolen last Dec., from Madame Heller's dressmaking est.
7/3 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
J. Carmichael
W. Oliphant
Geo. R., wife & Miss Jackson
Mrs F.J. Stephens
C. Cluff & wife
A.M. Payton
C.L. Keith
Jno. Samplin
R.G. Walker
J.R. Wilson
N. Martin
Geo. Thomas
Thos. Williams
C.L. Lightfoot & wife
Mrs Williams
Mrs Binke
Mrs Davis
C. Cummings
C.W. Clifford & wife
Geo. Paris Carter
Gus Dirks
Miss Halgreen
Miss Moore
Geo. Beamis
J.H. Little
Per steamer Yosemite from Vancouver:
H. Eckertt
Mrs A. & Miss M. Bower
N. McLean
Mrs J. Trorey
J. Peck
H. Benson
J. Cunningham
A.M. Gray
G.W. Kennedy
T.R. McInnes
Chief Justice McColl
C.E. Dickinson
J.H. McGregor
H. Jones
B.M. Creperon
J.G. Wilson
G.B. Blackman
W.H. Pooley
G.H. Cowan
J.L. Walworth
Mrs M. DesBrisay
Wm. McDonald
Mrs L.L. Bryce
G.A. Martin
Miss Mailleue
L.A. Mounce
Jno. Houston
Thos. Kidd
J. Oliver
J.E. Brown
R.F. Green
S. Curtis
Jas. Stables
J.F. Fulton
G.W. Munro
W. Weeks
L.T. Terrig
C. Cree
F. Middleton
T.T. & Mrs Winnie
Mrs A. Munroe
B.W. Bowdler
G.H. Calbert
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
W.H. Slipter
J. & Mrs Buchanan
Wm. Mendenhall
J.E. Calibreath
Jno. Hall
Jno. MacDermald
J.M. Dutton
Miss O'Sullivan
K. Rahy
Mrs Denman
Chaes. Bamraft
Miss M. Kennedy
R.M. Wakeford
Jno. & Mrs Holland
C. Bevin
S. & M.B. Melly
E.M. & Mrs Webster
J.M. Stradley
F. & Mrs McDermond
F. & Mrs Kelly
8/6 Passenger Lists
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
Mrs Berrett
W.G. Tanner
R. & A. McDonald
N. & Mrs Olds
Mrs Graham
Mrs Riggs
W.W. Low
H.T. Wilcox
A. Allen
E. Russell
E. Levens
D. Gilmore
A.J. Cohn
J.G. McCloud
F.G. Blake
Phil & Mrs Serve
M.G. & Mrs Young
A.C. & Mrs Health
P. Smith
A. Billy
C. Spopper
A. Ross
A. Cantwake
A. Gee
W.L. Mercer
D. Gatta
L. McNiel
J. Williams
R. Evans
A. McCullogh
F. McGinnis
A. Beedy
G. Brown
H.A. Hewitt
H. Went
A. Gustafson

17 Apr 1901, Wednesday, Victoria Daily Times

1/7 Suicide at Nanaimo: Mrs Annie Taylor, 23, of Victoria. Her mother was in the New Westminster Lunatic Asylum and her father lives in Victoria. (MR: Charles Frederick Taylor, 26, r. & b.Victoria, painter, Psb, s.o. Charles & Elizabeth mar Ann Smith, 17, r. & b.Victoria, Epis, d.o. Joseph & Elizabeth, 1 Dec 1893, Victoria.)
5/4 Mrs Alex McDonald (d.15, p.7, l.17), over 70, fell yesterday fracturing both her wrists.
James Marshall (d.9, 2, l.37), waiter at the Poodle Dog Restaurant, was informed of the death of his father in Chilliwack. (DRI: James Marshall, 15 Apr 1901, 60, Chilliwack.)
7/1 New matron appointed: Miss Edithe P. Alcorn is to succeed Miss Grady at the Jubilee Hospital.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Donald Kean
H. Nicholson
Mrs Johnson
A. Jackson
W.T. Henly
J.S. Morrison
W.E. Buck
J.H. Lawson jr
J.G. Mills
E.C. Cargill
Dr. Robertson
C.A. Schooley
Miss McCord
A.E. McNaughton
W.A. McLennan
Miss Wells
A. Day
W.L. Fagan
J.J. Southcott
H.O. Palen
R.S. Bull
M. Kelly
A. Bowman
J.T. McBride
L.A. Singlehurst
A.B. Williams
Beo. Bushby
G. Gunz
Mrs A.M. Winter
R.B. Skinner
A.C. Wells
W.S. & Mrs Durand
Jas. Fulton
F. Pollock
F.E. Holt
W.R. MacInnes
F.W. Peters
G.M. Bosworth
J. Oppenheimer
G.S. Leitch
R. Chipp
Ald Painter
Mr Pottinger
C.S. Henry
Sergt. Duncan
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
T. & Mrs Binford
Gus & Miss J. Binford
Mrs J.N. Rhodes
S. Davies
P. Longer
I. Swanson
A. Rex
Mr Wilson
P.A. Grush
A. Inguirs
E. Tooly
J.A. Devlin
R.W. Gibbs
T. Willis
L. & Mrs Becker
Miss Finlaison
Miss & Mrs Harrison
Mrs Greer
W.L & Mrs Rhodes
Mrs J.P. Hughes
F.C. Penny
Miss Judd
W.J. & Miss Helm
Mrs Thompson
Mrs Plimley
W.G. Sheppard
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
A.M. Allen
A. Renfrew
Rev. A. Fisher
J.W. & Mrs Calderhead
Miss & Robert Brown
M.K. Weldlich
Mrs Belin
Mrs Copeland
J. Hess
V. Schreyer
T. Bennett
J. McAndrews
R. Beindo
J.L. Bray
T.W. Boswell
Mrs J.L. Bray
S. Murchison
C.C. & Mrs C.C. Smith
Wm. Robinson
T.O. Greer
B.A. Boyson
A.S. Harrison
Mrs Black
C.S. Thompson
H.F. Harrison
J.W. Letschenger
T.B. Degman
Miss Russell
A.S. Savage
Mrs Boswell
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
Capt. Johnston
A. Bradley
H.C. Bennett
R. Danielson
F.F. Tollows
C.E. Campbell
C.C. Hinchey
C.F. Hook
A. Prugino
G. Uszuza
D. Green
W. Robinson
Wm. Williams
H. Gonlon
W. Sepley
W. Winkleman
W. Moshs
W. Cook
B. Williams
A. Cameron
M.A. King
A. Hammond
A. Taylor
A. Stanton
T. & J. Birch
Mrs H.J. Fellows
Miss M. Montgomery
Geo. Mould
C.E. Eley
Lee & Mrs North
F.R. Stewart
B. & Mrs Croft
J.E. Ballame
Mrs Greenwood
W. Jameson
W.F. McLaren
R.J. Jamerson
W.J. Ovens
J.T. & Mrs Shay
8/2 Chas. W. Wiedrick, Vancouver, is in Victoria.
G. Koenig, of Shawnigan Lake Hotel, returned there this morning.
Miners from the USA, going to the Yukon, at the Dawson Hotel: H. Howison, W. Howison, B. Bryson & Alfred Renfro.
G.M. Bosworth, CPR, Montreal; W.R. McMunes; F.W. Peters & R.J. Chipp are at the Driard Hotel.
H. Scholfield & E. Bennett of Seattle, mining experts, visited Mt. Sicker yesterday.
S. Arden Singlehurst, NY, is at the Driard Hotel.
V. Schreyer & J. Hesse, Dawson, arrived yesterday, are at the Victoria Hotel.
George Powell (d.2, p.11, l.13) & wife returned the other day from southern California.
W.L. Fagan, Vancouver, is at the Driard Hotel.
J. Oppenheimer & wife went to Vancouver yesterday.
J.H. Lawson jr. arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
A.M. Robertson, Vancouver, is at the Driard Hotel.
8/4 Birth: Piercy - 16th Apr, w.o. John Piercy (d.2, p.14, l.31), a son Piercy (George d.24 Apr 1901, age 9 days).

18 Apr 1901, Thursday, Victoria Daily Times

2/4 'Tees' sails tonight for northern BC. Among the passengers are: W. Dempster, Bishop of Columbia; S.A. Spencer; A.C. Mowat; Dr. Newcombe; W.A. Wadhams & Mrs Wadhams & R.R. Hayward.
5/2 Police court: Char. Gifford did not appear on the charge of frequenting a bawdy house.
Ladies Choral Society Concert: 'Little Red Riding Hood' under W.H. Barton with Miss McNiffe & Miss Lombard, accompanist Miss Gertrude Loewen.
Mrs Dr Watt (d.2, p.9, l.17) read an excellent paper yesterday - 'Some Characteristics of Canadian Poetry'.
7/2 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Aorangi from Honolulu and Australia:
Rev. & Miss Harding
A.W. Judd
J.F. Riley
Rev. C. Mack
Miss & Miss A. Ward
Mr Jaeger
W.B. & Mrs Scott
L.D. Bradeen
Mr & Mrs Smith
C. Lemox
Miss E.F. Wells
G.H. Brol
B. Groocock
A. Ireven
O. Tietze
Mr Jensen
J. Helm
T. Anderson
C. Broughton
M. Trahnert
W. Main
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
D.H.H. Deming
T.P. Haley
R.H. Wilson
J.S. Segers
P. McHugh
E.M. Woodeck
Miss Seekon
Misses Pope
Miss E.N. Hill
Miss Tester
J.J. LaSalle
J. Kendall
E.N. Coffee
Miss, T.H. & Mrs Southard
C. Tardon
Mrs A.B. Head
M.V. & Mrs Hill
Mrs Bolding
Mrs Robbins
W. Winterhalter
T.E. Evans
Miss Seeberg
Mrs Hood
Mrs Brown
W. Ingram
W. Douglass
Miss Harrison
Mrs Smith
A.B. O'Neill
Wm. & Mrs Little
F.C. & Mrs Clapp
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
L.S. Dewar
Mrs Johnson
H. MacKintosh
Miss C. Hill
Liza Young
A. & Mrs Hanfield
C. Phillipps- Wolley
Mr & Mrs Pace
Mrs Henrick
D.A. & Mrs McKee
J. Genelle
R.E. Walker
A.J. Bloomfield
Mrs Herber
J.E.D. Stallings
Jas. Anderson
S. Vila
H.T. Tilley
G.D. MacKay
W. Hill
G.T. Porter
R. Castle
M. Hirschbaum
R. Collister
Jno. Irving
J. Buntzen
J.H. Friend
C.M. Walker
T. Blake
X. McPhillips
J.H. Meyer
Mr Howes
A.A. Sandeman
A.S. MacDonald
Miss Imrie
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
C.W. Croysdill
R. Barber
T.M. McCord
J.H. Whitcomb
Jno. Caplice
J.E. Marion
T. Appleton
B. Wheeler
F. Jaynes
W.S. Dickson
T, Rahy
F.W. Grindy
J. Drews
J.E. Brockwell
J.W. & Mrs McLain
Jas. Harrison
D. Crankshaw
J. Lewis
C.W. Herron
H. Fitzgerald
Geo., Mrs & Master Clark
H.M. Westervret
Mrs Blygh
E.R. Ingersoll
W.R. & Mrs Cautree
Judge Boyd
A.W & W.G. Schmidt
C.F. & Mrs Jeffrey
A.L. & Mrs Brightman
C.A. & Mrs Fowler
Mrs Morrill
Miss Sargent
Mrs Mark
T.J. Kelly
Chas. & Mrs Bright
Chas. Hegland
J.W. Hawkins
H. Dake
L.T. Manson
J.F. Higgins
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
A. Palace
C. Soebner
C. Prechlin
J.M. Miller
W. Greenaway
Joe Glenson
Miss Melby
A. Honnebrook
Miss & J. Houghton
Miss Thoburn
Miss Fraser
Miss Spencer
W. Millen
K. Mowat
W. Wilby
G.J. Apple
W.G. Glicher
J.W. Morris
Capt. & Mrs McCullough
Miss & Mrs Bowman
Miss Tick
R, Hughes
G.H. Sprague
Miss Huddleton
Miss & Miss B. Black
Miss Golday
Mrs & Miss Stark
J.D. & Mrs Carpenter
8/3 G.D. MacKay, cigar importer & A.J. Bloomfield (d.7, p.28, l.46) are at the Victoria Hotel.
Homer H. Swaney, left the other day for the Sound.
Mr & Mrs Smith of Honolulu arrived yesterday, are at the Queen's Hotel.
J.C. Brown arrived today, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Geo. Appie, who wintered in CA, USA, will be returning to Dawson soon.
A.B. O'Neil (d.7, p.21, l.31), McKeesport, PA, USA, is at the Dominion Hotel.
A.W. Schmidt & W.G. Schmidt are at the Victoria Hotel.
Frank Jaynes, Western Union Telegraph Co & W.S. Dickson, Pittsburg, were in the city yesterday.
A.A. Sanderson, commercial man, Montreal, is at the Driard Hotel.
D.A. McKee, Delta, rancher, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Dr. R.E. Walker, New Westminster & Dr. X. McPhillips, Vancouver are at the Driard Hotel.
W.R. Creech, Vancouver, is in the city.
Jno. Irving & J. Buntzen arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
W.R. Scott & wife, Honolulu, are at the Dawson Hotel.
G.D. MacKay arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
J.H. Friend, Whatcom, cannery man, is at the Dominion Hotel.
C. Phillips Wolley arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
E. Ladner, Ladner's Landing, is at the Driard Hotel.
R. Collister arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
8/4 Marriage: Francis Henry Wollaston (d.5, p.6, l.41), s.o. P. Wollaston, Victoria married Miss Alice Virginie Harrison (d.5, p.7, l.19), 4th d.o. E. Harrison, Victoria. Dr. R. Ford Verrinder (d.5, p.7, l.14) entered as bride's brother-in-law.
Marriage: Geo. Clark (d.11, p.12, l.21) married Miss Mary Elliot, d.o. Mrs W.G. Elliot, at the r.o. Mr & Mrs Clark (d.11, p.12, l.19-20), 68 North Pembroke, Springridge.
Three bridal couple staying at the Dominion Hotel: W.H. Moore & wife (MRI: William Harrison Moore mar Margaret McLellan, 16 Apr 1901, Nanaimo.), Nanaimo; Mr & Mrs S. Louis (MRI: James Lewis mar Charlotte Jane Peterson, 18 Apr 1901, Nanaimo.), Shawnigan Lake & Eugene F. Jeffery & wife, Salinas, CA, USA.
8/6 Birth: Walker: at 46 2nd St, 18 Apr, w.o. T.W. Walker (d.15, p.1, l.10), a son.

19 Apr 1901, Friday, Victoria Daily Times

5/3 Funeral: The late Mrs Taylor, d.Nanaimo, 16 Apr, was buried from St. John's Church, Victoria.
Four children of the late Wm. Snedden, killed in the Cumberland disaster, were taken into B.C. Orphans' Home, arrived in Victoria yesterday.
Died: Aaron Garland, engineer E. & N. Railway, d.yesterday at Mt. Sicker; b.STS, ENG, 64.
Died: At his residence, 552 Burrard St, Vancouver, Wednesday, Capt Revely, 62, formerly of Victoria; Mrs Revely is a d.o. Mrs Chas. gowan, Victoria.
5/5 Band concert: Led by Bandmaster Finn, guest soloist Christian Hansen, Scandinavian violinist.
A Winchester rifle, taken from (Fred) Plump's residence was claimed. Several hundred articles remain unidentified.
7/1 Regimental Order: Promotions:
to be Sergeant - Corp. J.C. Harris, vice Sergt. H.F. Dickinson, discharged
to be Corporals: Bomb. W. Richdale, vice Corp. Whiteside, discharged
Bomb. J. Irwin, vice Corp. J.C. Harris, promoted
to be Bombardiers: Gr. C.G. MacLean, vice Bomb. W. Richdale, promoted
Gr. C.J. Loat, vice Bomb. J. Irwin, promoted.
7/3 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
J.M. & Mrs Cunningham
A. & Mrs Magneson
Misses Pech
F.C. Reid
Henry George
F.R. McIntyre
P.H. Goodwin
Wm. Lloyd
Mrs Miller
F. Golden
Mrs Nordstrom
A.K. Munro
W.E. & Mrs Calkett
Mrs & Master Freedman
Mrs Friegenbaum
J.T. Sherfey
E.B. Shaw
H.M. Shepherd
B.W. Bowree
W.E. Green
L.E. Lentz
W.L. & Mrs Mooney
J. Giebert
Pefer Loch
R. Shieport
Chas. & Miss Ridgeway
A. Gietsch
L.W. Hicks
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
Capt. ALberg
A. & Mrs Naught
Geo. Wilson
H. & Mrs Elliott
D.W. Boxley
S.J. Davis
S. & Mrs Maldrow
Mrs Palmer
P. Hills
H. Blake
C. & Mrs Reynolds
W.J. Young
R.G. Smith
Mrs Geo. Carter
Geo. & Mrs Fields
Mrs Tucker
L.B. House
Miss Pendray
Mrs McGregor
Miss McGiven
Miss Kraid
W.E. McGregor
Mrs Shaw
W.J. & Mrs Jennings
Mrs Congy
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
L.J. Hartman
W. Cullingford
L. Langley
C.E. Ely
Dr. G.L. & Mrs G.L. Milne
Dr. E. Hall
G.M. Leishman
R. Harvey
Thos. Hooper
Jno. Killin
Miss M.L. Johns
E.G. Ekins
Mrs T.R.E. McInnes
W.C. Mitchell
White Fraser
P. McIntyre
Jno. Rumble
A.B. Erskine
W.J. gage
L.B. Hicks
Miss & P. Leach
H. Shuttleworth
M.E. Stafford
J.H. Dodds
M. Townsend
D. Allen
A.D. Goldstein
L.M. Pearson
D. Edwards
F.E. Beer
G.E. Tufts
G.J. Wonder
F. Carter-Cotton
Alec McDermott
F.S. & Mrs Reynolds
A.W. & Mrs Myers
V.P. Hicks
Geo. Ancourt
A.H. & Mrs Mitchell
E. Wilson
Prof. Dongour
Per steamer Walla Walla from San Francisco:
Mrs Silas
Miss Smith
Miss E.A. Lee
E.H. Peilerfield
D.G. McNaughton
H. Warren
Miss B. & Mrs Atkin and child
Mrs J.A. Gould
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
A.W. Knight, Patterson Shoe Co.
T.A. Clark
W. & J. Wilson
H. Jackson, Fletcher Bros.
8/2 'Quarrelsome Criminals at Provincial Jail': John Rogers (d.15, p.23, l.43) struck Fred Stoddart (d.15, p.23, l.39) (alias Geo. Simpson) with a shovel. Rogers 'belongs to the gang of Seattle thieves' was convicted last Dec. for 12 months. The assault arose out of a quarrel between Rogers and W.S. Russwarm (d.15, p.24, l.1) (sentenced 22 Mar for stealing).
8/5 Capt. J. Balsett, of the bark 'Antonletta', and Capt. Harrison of the bark 'Senator' ,are at the Victoria Hotel.
H.R. Richardson is at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs B. Freigenbaum (d.8, p.20, l.37), Portland, owner of the Government St, Delmonico property, accompanied by Mrs L.A. & Master Freeman are at the Driard Hotel.
W.J. & Mrs Gage arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Miss Rosalind Watson (d.5, p.9, l.36), of the high school staff, has been granted an M.A. my McGill University.
Miss Thoburn, Miss Fraser & Miss Spencer arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Dr. E. Hall, G.M. Leishman, R. Harvey & Thos. Hooper arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
L.S. Reynolds & wife are at the Victoria Hotel.
Dr. G.L. Milne & Mrs Milne arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Alex McDermott arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
A. Magneson & wife arrived yesterday on the steamer 'Rosalie'.
Wm. Wilby arrived yesterday from the Sound.
A.B. Erskine arrived yesterday from Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
H.M. Sheppard arrived yesterday from the Sound.
Mrs T.R.E. McInnes arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
R. Hughes arrived yesterday from the Sound.
Miss Britting, left for Portland yesterday to visit her mother.
Capt. McCullough & wife arrived yesterday from the Sound.
John Prentice, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Capt. J.S. Gibson, Vancouver, is at the Driard Hotel.
F. Carter-Cotton arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
8/6 Died: At Mount Sicker, 17 Apr, Aaron Garland, n.o. STS, ENG, 64.
Died: At 552 Burrard St, Vancouver, 17 Apr, Fred Shields Revely, 62

20 Apr 1901, Saturday, Victoria Daily Times

5/1 Anna Eliza Taylor was buried yesterday from the r.o. her father, Joseph Smith, 19 Pioneer St.
5/2 Next attraction at the Victoria Theatre: Lole Fuller, next Friday followed by Blanche Walsh in 'More Than a Queen'.
5/3 Ah Sing fined $5.
Trading stamp case of James Hastle & Lionel Dickinson (d.8, p.10, l.49) was remanded.
Aaron Garland will be buried tomorrow.
Married: 17 Apr, at Seattle, Wm. Peden (d.2, p.17, l.14) & Miss S.G. Breidjford.
Died: Mrs David Thomson (d.13, p.8, l.47, Flora), Alfred St., b. Cedar Hill, leaves her husband & 3 children.
7/5 passenger list

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Geo. O. & Mrs Roberts
J. & Mrs Langmaid
C.E. & Mrs Sharp
J.C. & Mrs Jessop
J. Gibson
Jno. Holden
A. & Master Rahifs
W.O. & Mrs Webster
Mrs Walker
Mrs Wilkins
J. Mitchell
D.H. Henderson
W.T. Rogers
J. Handray
J.K. Wilson
W.P. Jolly
Jno. & Mrs Black
Miss Sowrey
Mrs T.H. Irving
W.A. Henderson
W. & Mrs Longden
E.S. Fowler
E. Williams
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
T. Drom
E. Mackler
J.H. & Mrs Greer
Miss & Master Greer
Mrs Fritz
Mrs Fischer
C. O'Brien
Miss Taylor
Mrs Roe
T.H. & Mrs Huddleston
Mrs Groves
Mrs Pitherick
P.A. Hunter
W. Mohr
W.R. McMickin
Capt. George
Miss Smith
J.W. Henderson
H.H. Cochran
B. Young
A. Grisson
F. Carlson
J.G. Smith
J.V. Gordon
C.O. Tucker
L. Sardon
Capt. Myers
E. Mayo
A.C. & Mrs Ross
Miss Hastings
H.H. Norton
R.C. Hill
Miss Moore
M.S. Kenny
P.S. Rooney
S.S. Roberts
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Mrs L. Mayer
F.H. & Mrs Glard
W.H. Guest
J.S. Bass
Mrs J. Gosse
W.J. Hanna
D.M. Rogers
J. Janion
T.B. Jackson
P.F. Mathias
A.M. Wood
Mrs F.R. Greer
W.H. Walsh
Rev. R.F. Vichert
J. Williams
Gideon Hicks
G.L. Clayton
M. Hirschbaum
C. Clyn
G.R. Green
W.J. Greaves
W.W. Brauner
Geo. Monk
Andrew Gray
J.H. Poff
Chas. Landen
R. Earle
M. Vennier
W.H. Ellis
E.B. Hussey
J.T. Deaville
E.W. Powell
J.W. Spencer
Mrs Tennant
Jas. Dougall
Wilson Ward
B. Shore
R. Fletcher
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
Thos. Graham
J. Wishart
C. Baxter
A. Luffman
Mrs Baxter
Mrs Boothword
H. Bremer
C. Tweedle
G.W. Woodard
J.A. Johnston
F. Hogan
Mrs J.A. Johnston
Mrs Ed Fredette
Mrs J.A. Parker
G.W. & Mrs Semore
Mrs Mabury
J.J. Limdell
J.M. Corbett
E.E. Billinghurst
J.W. & Mrs Laing
Miss Tilley
Mr Mulligan
S.F. McKenzie
J. McHardy
C.C. Whie
F.A. Moulder
F.A. McCollough
Mrs L. Todd
Mrs L. Dent
J. Jennell
Capt. Foster
Sam Gordon
C. Johnston
G. Frank
G. Thompson
B. Benhoff
B. Jones
J. Stewart
E. Semaka
8/3 W.H. Ellis, immigration inspector, D.M. Rogers, J. Janton & Gideon Hicks, Victorians arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
J.H. Greer, wife & family, & Mrs B.W. Greer & family, returned from Seattle yesterday.
E. Nordlund & wife, Clallam, WA, are at the Dawson Hotel, are bound for Quatsino Sound to settle.
Capt. George, pilot of the steamer 'Humboldt', arrived the other day, tpend a few days with his family.
T.M. Henderson, late of SCT, is in Victoria, will leave for Sidney Inlet, where he intends to locate.
Rev. J.F. Vichert (d.12, p.23, l.20), returned from Kamloops yesterday.
S.A. Mott, San Francisco, is at the Dominion Hotel.
E.B. Hussey, of the Whitepass &Yukon Railway, Seattle, is at the Driard Hotel.
W.C. Longdon & wife, London, Eng, is at the Dominion Hotel.
Char. Landau, Montreal, is at the Driard Hotel.
John Oliver (d.7, p.21, l.37) & C. Munro, M.P.P.'s, left for home yesterday.
S.F. MacKenzie, Vancouver, is at the Driard Hotel.
F. Souves, Clinton, is at the Driard Hotel.
Char. Baxter & wife, arrved from the Sound yesterday.
Mrs Capt. Gould returned from San Francisco yesterday.
J.M. Corbut, Belfast, IRL, is at the Dominion Hotel.

21 Apr 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Times - not published on Sunday