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22 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times

5/2 Wm. McDowell (d.3, p.14, l.38), s.o. Wm. McDowell (d.3, p.14, l.31), Victoria, received his M.D. at Cooper Medical Institute, San Francisco.
Funeral: Mrs David Thompson buried from the family residence Saanich.
Died: Alfred Rumble, 33, in Victoria 13 years, b.LAN, ENG (where his parents still live), bricklayer, has a brother in Vancouver & he will be buried in Vancouver.
5/3 Died: Mrs Annie Ellice, widow of Peter, d. at the Russ House yesterday, 69, b.OES. (DRI: Annie Allice, 21 Apr 1901, 69, Victoria)
Died: Ann (d.15, p.12, l.29), w.o. John Latham (d.15, p.12, l.28), b.Coventry, ENG, 46, at the family residence 7th St.
Died: Frank Williams (d.A1, p.1, l.17), bartender Globe Hotel, Esquimalt, on Sunday, about 45 yr.
Buried: Aaron Garland.
7/2 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Saturday:
Miss Sorby
Jas. Deans
D. Harrington
S. Maclure
W. Lloyd
J.B. Marshall
Mrs J.S. Munro
J.J. Austin
D. O'Sullivan
J. Collcutt
C.B. Sword
Mrs McClung
E.A. Carew-Gibson
S.H. Cohn
W. Holmes
W.J. Sloan
S. Malcomson
C.D. Nunn
Miss Douglas
Miss Scott
L. Munro
Arthur Slater
J.P. Hicks
D.R. Ker
Thos. Jones
M.A. Tollick
C.F. Todd
M. Lenz
A. Smith
D. McLean
E.G. Henderson
E.A. Quigley
Mrs & Miss Mills
Capt. Robertson
Mr & Mrs Clewes
C.L. Samuel
Jas. & Mrs Sloman
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Saturday:
G.M. & Mrs Standy
Mrs Dotworth
Mrs Proctor
Frank K. & Mrs Brown
Mrs Wilbur
Mrs McCaskie
Mrs Conway
Mts Patterson
Mrs Johnson
F.J. Winkle
Gus Haley
W.B. & Mrs Rice
E.H. Nichols
J. & Mrs Goodwin
F.F., Mrs & H.C. Beggerly
B.F. Taylor
H. Lyle
A.C. Mangle
J.C. Ackron
W. Wood
K. Starkweather
Mrs Higgins
Miss Hamway
W.W. & Mrs Lawson
Miss Lord
F. & Mrs Cuthbert
Mrs Laishly
Miss & Miss L. Honell
W. Carmichael
T. Burke
C.N. Best
O.B. Ormond
N.K. Luxton
F.R. Beattie
E. & Mrs Dier
E.E. Smith
J.H. Gallagher
C.R. Wilcox
B.N. Fox
J. Burkhart
Jas. Blower
C.G. Boovie
J. Saniler
A.W. Williams
Miss Fox
Mrs Gerson
Geo. Seddes
Miss & B.W. Nelson
H.F. Thomas
Ben Hargrave
Sid Ridley
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver Sunday:
W. Musgrave
D.J. Kerfoot
Selby Henserson
Annie MacDowann
Miss Hardle
L.T. Terry
W.A. Anderson
J.H. Warner
Eleanor MacDowann
H.J.S. Muskett
Fred Peters
K. Majors
C.L. Brown
Mrs Longfield
G.H. Gowan
D. Simpson
F. Kelly & wife
Geo. Rae
A.C. Unsworth
J.D. Byrnes
S. Arden Singlehurst
Norman McLean
Wm. Farrell
W. Taylor
A.M. Pound
Mrs J.W. Creighton
T. Bradshaw
W. Blakeley
A. Jullian
J. Peirson
W.C. MacDonald
L. Gill
F.H. Coles
W. Godfrey
A. Weeks
Jno. Burns
C.E. Neill
Mr Pease
Guy MacGowan
R. Stewart
A. Brignall
M.M. Boyd
F. & Mrs Stone
W. Worden
S.J. Pierce
R.S. McIntosh
Mrs Roberts
J.W. Leathorn
R. Green
L.B. Forsythe
S.H. Lee
T. Norman
J. Youngheart
O. Murphy
H. Gowan
Mr & Mrs Cobbett
Mrs Buckingham
Annir Carter
H. Taylor
J.W. Mould
Gustav Leppold
F.W. James
G.T. Myers & wife
C. Wentworth Sarel
G. McL. Brown
J.F. Garden
J. Oliver
C.W. Munro
Thos. Kidd
H.B. Gilmour
Capt. G.W. Robertson
J.A. Kinning
L.A. Mounce
McDonald Potts R.G. Tatlow
J.A. Fullerton & wife
H. Bell-Irving
Jos. Martin
A.W. Wood
Mrs Woodrow
L.D. Taylor
L.H. Hardie
Mrs E.J. McFeely
F.J. Patton
Mrs E.E. Billinghurst
J.E. Fagan
E.A. Quigley
J.W. Troup & wife
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound - Sunday:
A.G.H. Potts
R.H. Sperling
Will & Mrs Jenkins
N.P. Shaw
R.H. Ella
J.E. & Mrs Bean
Mrs G., Miss & Miss Amy Leiser
A. Hoon
W.R. Lenfesty
Chas. & Mrs Platner
Mrs Sullivan
Miss A. Johnson
Mrs D'Eepia
Wm. Ritchie
E.B. Curtis
R.N. Peck
Mrs Austin
Mrs Yates
G.E. & Mrs Lamb
F.A. & Mrs Holmes
B.K. & Mrs Gilmore
H. Howard
E.B. Norton
Mrs & Miss Hunter
Jno. Davis
H.W. Windle
A. Ward
Mrs Swartz
J. Fraser
Mrs McNeil
Mrs Sampson
C. Hestor
E. Romano
G.O. & Mrs Roberts
J. Langmaid
E.E. & Mrs Sharp
J.C. & Mrs Jessop
J. Gilron
Jno. Holden
A. & Master Rahifs
W.O. & Mrs Webster
Mrs Walker
Mrs Wilkins
J. Mitchell
D.H. Henderson
W.F. Rogers
Jno. Hendray
J.K. Wilson
W.D. Jolly
Jno. & Mrs Black
Miss Sowry
Mrs T.L. Irving
W.A. Henderson
W. & Mrs Longden
E.S. Fowler
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Sunday:
Miss & Mrs Shaw
Mrs Newton
Miss Buckley
Miss Webster
Miss Winship
Miss Webster
Miss White
J. Tracey
A. Sharp
Miss Clark
Mrs Morris
Mrs Butler
Mrs Blanchard
K.R. Stewart
T. & Mrs Grimes
W.H. & Mrs Miller
Miss & Master Merrill
Mrs Herman
M. Bowman
H.G. Fuller
J. Todd
J.P. Conway
Miss Braid
Miss Benjamin
L.S. & Mrs Dean
J. Wolf
D. Rodgests
A. Stinson
F. Maine
H. Mulligan
R.G. & Mrs McCloud
J. Nixon
T.B. Inguish
T. Crankshaft
R.W. Peabody
H. Flett
J.W. Heron
C.W. Locken
U.T.T. Lokee
H.E. Graham
E. Umaner
Geo. Labell
Geo. Kelly
E. Morris
G. Courtney
Geo. Marshall
Mr Essier
Mrs Pratt
Mrs Bates
Miss Warren
Miss Bates
Miss Buckmaster
Mr Gardner
Mr Peoples
Mr. Hockett
J. Jones
Dr. Jordan
W.B. Hamilton
C. Sirling
T., D., J. & F. Rynerson
Wm. Lindstrom
Mrs Stanley
G. & Mrs Cook
J.W. Boyde
E. Dunn
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Monday:
W.H. Jay
W.J. & Mrs Daniels
A. Henderson
A. Sewell
G. Sehl
G. Sparles
R. Tolmie
J. Rhodes
J. McBride
J. McGuire
R. Jamerson
Mrs E. & Miss Roberts
B.L. Bancom
A.D. Goldstein
F.M. Cosman
Chas. & Mrs Hills
Jas. De Wolfe
W.H. & Mrs Moore
W.W. Gimes
J.D. Lynch
E. Ulin
Geo. Jabour
G.L. Hutchen
N. Cousins
R.F. Tolmie
G.S. & Mrs Bowerman
R.P. Rithet
Mrs George
Mrs Medny
8/2 J.D. Lynch, returned from the Sound yesterday.
R.P. Rithet is at the Driard Hotel.
E.E. Billinghurst (d.1, p.15, l.26), a recent arrival from the north is in Victoria.
Mr & Mrs Geo. W. Seymour, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
M.P.P.'s arrived at Victoria yesterday: J.F. Garden, J. Oliver, C.W. Munro, Thos. Kidd, H.B. Gilmour, L.A. Mounce & Jos. Martin.
J.W. Troup & wife arrived yesterday.
John Tillin is at the Victoria Hotel and will leave shortly for England.
G.H. Cowan, Mrs Longfield, N. McLean, G. MacGowan, H. Gowan, C. Wentworth Sarel & G. McL. Brown arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Selby Henderson arrived home yesterday.
Mr & Mrs Hunter returned from CA, USA yesterday.
A.G.H. Potts, R.H.S. Sperling, W. Jenkins & wife, N.P. Shaw & R.H. Ella arrived from the Sound yesterday.
A.W. Myers, Montreal, is at the Vernon Hotel.
H. Bell-Irving, Vancouver, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Dr. S.F. Reynolds, editor Ashcroft Mining Journal, & wife left for home yesterday.
Capt Spurr (d.7, p.28, l.31), of the British ship 'Drumcraig', & wife (d.7, p.28, l.32)are at the Victoria Hotel.
J.E. Fagan & E.A. Quigler arrived from the mainland yesterday.
Fred Peters arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Frank Campbell, had a bicycle accident yesterday.
Mrs Austin & Mrs Yates arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Mrs Leiser & Miss Leiser arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Mrs E.E. Billinghurst (d.1, p.15, l.27) arrived yesterday.
F.J. Patton arrived from the mainland yesterday.
Capt. G.W. Robertson arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
G. Courtney arrived from the Sound yesterday.

23 Apr 1901, Tuesday, Victoria Daily Times

5/1 Mrs. Capt. Martin (d.17, p.9, l.29, Annie w.o. Patrick J.), who recently arrived down from White Horse, purchased yesterday the two story residence of E.C. Shepherd on Henry St.
5/2 Ada Lewis, arriving Friday, will be appearing in two comedies.
5/4 A.H. McKillop, travelling for a shoe firm in the east, reports the death of his father at Park Hill, ON.
Funeral: Frank Williams (d.A1, p.1, l.17) will be buried this afternoon. DRI: Frank Williams, 21 Apr 1901, 40, Esquimalt.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
M.T. Hampton
T.W. Robinson
F.J. Freed
G. Cordell
W. McGahn
J. Grady
W.H. Chadwick
Jas. Brown
Mrs Harry Young
J.T. Wheatman
Mrs M.C. Smith
Mrs Adams
Miss Synder
Per steamer Yosemite from the Sound:
Thos. Cunningham
Thos. G. Earle
E.C. Walch
J. Genelle
J.G. Crombie
W.E. Keurelide
W. Brewer
W.D. Burdis
Mrs Voucker
Mrs Hutchions
D.H. Betts
W. Laing
Capt. Mennon
Wm. Howes
J.F. Ford
P.H. Goodwin
J. Ker
C.G. Riderout
Dr. Powell
W.H. Goldsack
J. Oddy
W.E. Gillespie
Miss Fixion
Dr. Roper
Miss E. Adams
G. Davidson
D.T. Lewis
O. Brown
Master Dart
E.J. Coyle
R. & Jno. Robinson
E. Dangerfield
H. Ward
A.G. Gibbon
J. Sciater
J. Williamson
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
A. Nourtresses
J. Houghton
M. & Mrs Denton
J.C. Laing
J. Karr
R. Crook
A.B. Calder
J. Smith
W.J. Price
A.E. Johnson
J.N. Reed
W.H.A.T. Wallace
R.R. Sehl
R.J. Kern
H. Callow
B. Cohn
M.L. Reeves
P. & Mrs Caroline
J.J., W. & Miss D. Sehl
Miss Belfry
Ed M. Levy
Mrs Wilson
C.J. & Mrs Layboyurn
F. Turner
P. Jones
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Mrs Clemeson
Mrs & Miss Dearboon
Mrs A.S. & Miss Reefe
C.A. Richardson
J.B. & Mrs Tanner
L.J. Goldring
O.L. Call
C. Walkersdorph
T. Bruno
Jno. Schnen
T. Seibets
A.M. Ashby
Mrs Gowen
J.M. Campbell
W.J. Toge
Mrs H.C. Rice
Mme De Albieh
W.B. McIlwaine
F.F. & Mrs Adams
P. & Mrs Schmidt
J.T. Heffernan
W.D. & Mrs Guttman
H. Maloney
E. Malander
G.R. Watters
7/4 According to recently published statistics Berlin possesses now more than 50,300 telephones.
8/4 Mr G.R. Waters, arrived recently from Ketchikan, is at the Dominion Hotel.
McDonald Potts (d.10, p.14, 15), of the Klondike Corporation, returned from the north Sunday.
Lieut.-Gov. Joly (d.5, p.1, 44) & Lady Joly, his grand-daughter & Dr. Robertson left for CA, USA several weeks ago.
Capt. Ruston Nelson, arrived from the Sound.
J. Alexander, Duncan, W. Longden & wife of Seattle, Wm. Gidley, manager of Shawnigan Lake Lumber Co., D.M. McIntosh, Ladysmith & C.J. Saybourn, Minneapolis, MN, are at the Dominion Hotel.
E.A. Quigley, will give up his present position at the end of the month to becone purser of the steamer 'Canadian' on the Yukon River.
E.W. Molander, Mt. Sicker, arrived from the Sound yesterday, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Walter Fisk & bride, Elms, WA, USA, are at the Victoria Hotel.
W.D. Burdis, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
J.W. Leathorn, Montreal, is at the Vernon Hotel.
Jas. Fullerton, of the C.P.R., is at the Driard Hotel.
J.D. de Wolfe, advance agent for the Blanche Walsh Co., is at the Driard Hotel.
J. Burns, jr, Walter Taylor & J.D. Byrne, Vancouver are at the New England Hotel/
Mr & Mrs Adams, a bridal couple of NY, are at the Victoria Hotel.
James Kerr arrived from the interior the other day and is at the Driard Hotel.
Thomas Cunningham & T.G. Earl arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
E.J. Coyle, a C.P.R. official, arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
James Selater, of the C.P.R., is at the Driard Hotel.
Frank Higgins, left for Seattle yesterday.

24 Apr 1901, Wednesday, Victoria Daily Times

5/2 Buried: Yesterday, Mrs Peter Allice
Miss Fuller, will appear here Friday evening, has a company of 22 people. Will be seen in the comedy 'An Accidental Sweetheart'. Cast includes Ada Lewis, Ida Banning, Charles Arthur, Harry Braham & Lizzie Trinder.
Rogers, the criminal, who struck Stoddart, a fellow inmate of the jail, about 2 weeks ago, pleaded guilty and got 6 months.
Fred Plump, committed for trial on the charge of burglarizing the house of P.A. Raymond, Springfield Ave, Victoria West, 4 Dec 1900, also on the charge of stealing $60.00 worth of jewelry from Kate Roscoe at the Delmonico Hotel, 1 Dec 1900.
Tonight at the Delmonico: Hypnotist Lew Farrell and juggler John Ramplin.
5/3 Funeral: Mrs John Latha, Seventh St, buried yesterday.
Miss J.L. Grady, retiring matron, Jubilee Hospital, leaves tonight on the steamer 'Danube' for the north.
Trial of Mrs Feigenbaum (d.8, p.20, l.37), San Francisco, proprietress of the Delmonico vs. proprietors of the Savory (Jackson & McDonald) upon the ground the lighting of the Delmonico has been interfered with by additions to the Savory.
5/4 Died: Sister Superior Mary Ann, of the St. Joseph's Convent died yesterday, about 47 y, came to BC 25 y ago, her mother lives in QC.
5/5 Thomas Farley. arrived yesterday from San Francisco, is at the Dominion Hotel.
J.W. Anderson, Land Commissioner, H.B.C., Winnipeg, is a the Mount Baker Hotel.
Charles Wilson, F.J. Wheeler, R. Collister, R. Cassidy & A.J. Fell, arrived yesterday from the mainland.
Miss Sehl & Miss Belfry arrived from the Sound yesterday.
John Coughlan arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
Mrs L. Green arrived yesterday from Seattle.
W.E. Buck arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
W. Tarkon
M.A. Ryler
J.T. Gregg
J.M. Hoage
Alfred & Mrs Myers
Jas. Paris
A. Sampson
Steve Brinker
E.J. & Mrs McNamara
J.S. Mahoffey
W. Naggert
C. Assena
Geo. Davis
C.C. Sims
J.T. & Mrs McLain
R.G. Knappen
R. Taylor
W.C. & Mrs Hager
H.G. Brown
Mrs G.F. Lee
Wm. & Mrs Don
W.R. & Mrs Williams
Miss Carson
Frank Kelly
Jas. Grinds
J.C. Dudley
R.W. Robinson
T. Wilkinson
R.H. Hanson
Sam Hadlock
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
J. Savannah
J. Walt
J.S. Brown
L., Mrs & Master Marks
J.C. Davis
Jno. Hackleman
D. McLain
C.S. Nunn
Miss Sinclair
W.W. Herman
Miss Cole
Mrs Lingard-Green
D.H. Le Neven
Capt. Beecher
G.J. & Mrs Lutgen
L.W. Simon
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
S. Gilley
Mrs Phillips
Miss Hodges
R. Morrison
W.J. Holden
Miss Gowen
J. Matthews
F. Hewlings
W.E. Buck
J.F. Pelbean
Mrs H. Smith
B.B. Draper
Wm. Green
H. Trythall
C.C. Worsfold
A.R. Green
E.J. Clark
K.B.M. Lennan
J.B. Giffen
Mrs Betts
Miss R. Lee
Miss H. Smith
J.P. Bowman
A. Matthews
Miss Alcorn
E.C. Calgell
P.J. Pearson
R.T. Cooper
R. Hamilton
May Jordon
S.G. Wing
Jno. Coughlan
F.E. Wright
Chas. Wilson
Jno. Hendry
F.J. Wheeler
J. Collister
W.J. Watkins
F.R. Stewart
H. Piercy
Jas. Jones
R. Cassidy
A.S. Thorne
D.W. & Mrs Anderson
J.H. & Mrs Schofield
A.J. Fell
Per steamer Umatilla from San Francisco:
Miss & Mrs Windle
Mrs & Miss Findley
Mrs T. Kiveun
Mrs A.G. Calthorpe
Miss Tripp
Mrs Joping
W. Symmes
W. Dunning
Geo. Catlow & wife
Miss Cordello
Capt. F.L. Oakes & wife
J. Richards
W.E. & D.H. Nachtrich
Mrs Lawrence & child
Mrs McCallum
Mrs Blackley
W. Jones
H.J. Butterfield & wife
W.G. Armour
Dr. W.W. Purlew

25 Apr 1901, Thursday, Victoria Daily Times

2/4 Marriage: Miss Edna T. Green (d.10, p.16, l.9), e.d.o. the late A.A. Green married Edward Carew Gibson, of the Dept. of Agriculture. The bridesmaids included her sister Miss Dorothy Green and the best man was C.M.Roberts (d.3, p.5, l.10), recently returned from South Africa. The bride was given away by her brother Mr. R. Green, Vancouver. The marriage took place at the r.o. her mother at the corner of Stanley Ave & Fort St.
4/5 M.J. Murphy, miner from Easington, is at the Dawson Hotel.
Dr. Fagan leaves today for Langley to post mortem a man named Holloway who d. of gunshot wounds.
R. Cunningham, cannery man, Skeena River, arrived from the north yesterday.
J.R. Anderson, Dept. of Agriculture, left for the mainland yesterday and will return 5 May.
Mrs. Windle & Miss Ethel Windle, London, ENG, arrived to spend a few weeks with Mr & Mrs H. Walshe Windle (d.6, p.4, l.40).
Mr.. McMullin & bride, Seattle, arrived yesterday from Seattle, are at the Dominion Hotel.
Frank Higgins (d.5, p.6, l.8), left yesterday for Ottawa & Washington.
J.A. Giffen, Vancouver, arrived Tuesday, is at the New England Hotel.
E.J. Palmer & wife & Miss Palmer arrived from Chemainus yesterday, are at the Driard Hotel.
S.A. Spencer, H. Bell-Irving, W.H. Price, W.K. Houston, T.H. Leeming & Fathers McGuckin & Bunoz arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Thomas Jones, gold prospector at Cape Cormorelle, Vancouver Island, is in the city.
4/6 P.J. Pearson, arrived yesterday, is at the Victoria Hotel.
W.J. Mathers, New Westminster, is at the New England Hotel.
B.B. Draper, Vancouver, left for Vancouver yesterday.
J.P. Maclure & wife & sister, from Seattle, are at the Dominion Hotel.
F. Maitland Dougall, Provincial Police, Cowichan, his sister & Miss MacKenzie are in the city.
E.C. Musgrave, Duncan & Clermont Liingston, both connected with the Tyee Mine, are in the city.
J. Francis Lee, arrived from Vancouver yesterday.
Henry McCoy, member of the Nebraska State Legislature, & Mrs McCoy are at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs. Dr. King arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Capt. F.L. Oakes & Mrs Oakes arrived from San Francisco yesterday.
Wm. Thompson, mining engineer, of London, ENG, returned from the interior yesterday.
C.E. Eckert, of the B.C. Box Factory, is at the Dominion Hotel.
A. Vandergucht arrived from the Sound today.
Mrs Frank Hall arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Whitmann Symmes, of San Francisco, is at the Victoria Hotel.
5/1 Dr. Lewis Hall (d.19, p.8, l.28) will visit Chemainus, Extension & Ladysmith.
5/3 Leon Marsden (d.6, p.21, l.50), pleaded guilty in Police Court to stealing a sack of barley from the Victoria Truck & Dray Co.'s stables. A second charge will be heard tomorrow.
Plump was taken to the Provincial Jail yesterday.
5/4 Mrs Albert Smoldon, Portland, OR, will give a musical recital at the Institute Hall, Thursday, 2 May.
Dr. Fred Proctor (dentist) (d.6, p.7, l.8), charged with the theft of $10 & $5 appeared in court today. The action was taken by his ex-partner Dr. West (d.3, p.14, l.39).
Funeral: Of Sister Mary Anne, Mother Superior, of St. Anne's Convent took place today.
H.M.S. Icarcus is expected to arrive hourly, from Honolulu, after a 6 month absence. It will form part of the Behring Sea patrol during the Fall sealing season. Capt. Knowling is in charge.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
E.B. Hillman
J. Holmes & wife
F.A. Clark
W. Franklin
J.E. McMillan & wife
O.O., Mrs & Miss Hodson
Miss Kerg
Mrs Wright
J. Patton
F. Earlston
C. Barker
Miss Sullington
H. Grover
H. McCoy & wife
A. Burn
T. Williams
Mrs Zimmerman
Mrs Wilcox
D.D. Hennessy
C. Carbury & wife
W. Britton
C. Lewis
W.A. Eagerton
Mrs & Misses Whittimore
Fred Wright
Miss Stark
Miss Jones
Ben Holliday
H. Lovell
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
J.W. Combie
J.F. McClure
S.E. Smith
R. Croft
J.H. Getchemann
H. Martin
W.H. McLellan
T. Higgins
Mrs Manning
Mrs Ollard
M.W. Miller
J. Holland
H. Warren
Chas. Watson
H.S. Hall
C. Adams
C. Glass
F.S. & Mrs Moore
Mrs McClure
Miss Snyder
H. Kirk
P. Barrett
W. Norman
G.B. Oaklink
A.E. Fawcett
H. Lovell
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
F.W. Parker
G.T. & Mrs G.T. Smith
Mrs Clark
F.W. Kalloch
A. & Mrs Hamfield
L.B. Druce
B.A. & Mrs Gener
Mrs Carne
G.H. & Mrs Parks
Ivey & Geo. Metcalf
Mrs Rowland
Geo. Cunningham
G.L. Stall
J. Closkey
J. Jenes
Mrs Dr. King
V.M. Craner
C.M. Perry
Thos. Swanson
T.W. Hawkins
Miss Stevens
H.A. Gardner
A. Malcord
Miss Windsor
Mrs Frank Hall
Jno. Rowland
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Mr Vidello
W.H. Price
Mrs Goulding
C.H. Hopkins
Miss Sea
Miss Porter
W.K. Houston
J.R. Robertson
T.H. Leeming
Father McGackin
Father E. Bunoz
C.E. Eckert
Jno. Matthews
G. Borthwick
Miss & Miss L. Green
Miss A. Mullhall
Mrs F.M. Robertson
H. Poulin
L.B. Peeples
R. Wood
E. & W. Pearse
Arthur Warren
S.A. Spencer
H. Bell-Irving
W.H. Reed
W.C. Adam
J. Frances Lee
W.G. Damer
J. Fife
W.H. Little
H. Carmichael
Wm. Thompson
H. Hutchinson
C.J. Chubbulk
B.C. Rainsford
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Thursday:
F.H. Boynton
H. Martin
D. Fox
C. Sternhorn
G. Larson
R. Lehman
J. Peterson
P. Townsend
J. Lawrence
Ed Ross
A. Vandergucht
J.M. Haul
H. Monday
T. Billings
A. Scott
J. Kennah
M. Godman
A. Taylor
A. Jones
A. Smith
Mrs J.C. Jessop
E.G. Rickett
H.O. Ulberg
L. Henderson
Mrs Donaldson
Mrs Fraser
Miss L. Henderson
C.L. & Mrs Frye
Mrs Kane
Mrs & Master Miller
Mrs Sweetapple
S.L. Lobell
C. Jonas
J. Schram
W. Barrett
J. Devine
F.H. Warden
J. Cummings
A.O. Benjamin
8/5 Died: On 25 Apr, George, infant s.o. John (d.2, p.14, l.31) & Henrietta Piercy, aged 2 days.
Married: At Tacoma, 2 Apr 1901, C.E. Owens & Miss Florence Mabel Caselton, formerly of Victoria.
8/2 Married: At Salt Spring Island, 16 Apr, E.H. St. Louis, Shawnigan Lake & Miss Rosalia Bitancourt (d.H1, p.1, l.9), Vesuvius Bay. The bridesmaid was Miss M. Bitancourt; the best man was J. St. Louis.

26 Apr 1901, Friday, Victoria Daily Times

2/6 Regimental Order: Taken on strength:
No.1 Company:
No.3 Gr. S. Booth, 18 Apr 1901
No.9 Gr. S.H. Hoskins, 23 Apr 1901
No.4 Company:
No.126 Gr. S. Schroeder, 11 Apr 1901
No.151 Gr. W.H. Spofford (d.11, p.23, l.34), 24 Apr 1901
No.166 Gr. C.E. Radford (d.A1, p.4, l.14), 24 Apr 1901
No.182 A.H.C. Phillips, 24 Apr 1901
Leave of absence with permission to travel abroad: 2nd Lt. F. Finch Smiles, 5th Regt. C.A., from 27 Mar to 26 Jun.
No. 239 Gr. L. Gleason is transferred from No.5 Company & will do duty as medical orderly. To Be Corporal: Gr. L. Gleason, 15 Apr 1901.
3/5 At Institute Hall last evening: The Ladies Choral Society presented 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Soloists: Miss S. McNiffe (d.1, p.18, l.25) & Miss Edith Lombard (d.6, p.10, l.25); also Mr Jones & Mr Barten, Miss Estelle Hibben (d.12, p.11, l.33), Mrs G.J. Burnett (d.2, p.1, l.44, Rosa) & Mr Burnett (d.2, p.1, l.43), Master E.C. Fawcette (violin), Miss Laura A. Devlin (piano) (d.5, p.14, l.20), J.P. Jones.
Under 'Sidney Notes': Thomas Riley (d.H5, p.3, l.16) has been placed in command of the steamer 'Iroquois' & George Miller (d.H5, p.3, l.29) has been made purser. Messrs. Horton, White & H. Brethour returned from a fishing excursion to Cushion Lake. Also: Mr Netherby (d.12, p.27, l.27), school inspector, is conducting examinations for entrance to high school.
4/6 Mr Armstrong & bride, married yesterday in Vancouver, arrived last evening, are at the Victoria Hotel. The bride was given away by her uncle Wm. Damer.
J.D. German & D. McMurray of Vancouver, miners, are at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs Kane & Mrs Miller & family arrived yesterday, have just returned from a trip to the eastern states. Mrs Kane left the city this morning for her home at Douglas Ciry, Douglas Island.
Geo. H. Cowan, barrister, Vancouver, who has been in Victoria for some time, returned to Vancouver yesterday.
H. Dawson, Cowichan, registered at the Victoria Hotel today.
H.B. Gilmour, M.P.P. left for Vancouver yesterday, will return Monday.
J.J. Whalen, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
E.C. Wilson, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs E.A. MCDonald, Tacoma, is visiting her cousin Mrs J.T. McDonald, Terrace Ave.
W.P. Lockwood, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
F. Carter-Cotton arrived yesterday.
Capt. S.F. MacKenzie, Norman McLean & F.J. Wheeler, left yesterday for the mainland.
H. Reifel, Nanaimo, is at the Victoria Hotel.
F.C. Davidge, Vancouver, arrived yesterday.
J.S. Poupure, Nelson, mining man, s at the Dominion Hotel.
G.M. Leishman, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
5/4 H.M.S. Egeria left for the north today, to resume the work of surveying the coast.
tonight at Delmonico Hall: Lew Farrell, hypnotist & John Ramplin, juggler.
Death: News of the death of Mrs Matilda Douglas, 69, b.IRL, leaves 5 children.
Temperance Concert, Wednesday evening, at South Saanich: Rev. R.B. Blyth (d.14, p.7, l.13), lecturer; Misses Howell (duet); Miss Scowcroft (soloist), Victoria; Mr Spragg (reading); John Martindale (song); Misses Martindale (duet); Miss Bailey (recitation).
R.N. Chaumetre, arrived from Seattle the other day.
Died: J.D. Maynard, d. Vancouver Wednesday, leaves widow & 4 children.
Plump Sentenced,:Fred Plump gets 6 years.
6/1 Important Notices: Victoria announcements in the Provincial Gazette:
John Black McKilligan (d.5, p.14, l.5), Victoria, Surveyor of Taxes, to be J.P. for the counties of Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Westminster, Yale, Caribbo & Kootenay.
List of Assessment Districts Assessors include Victoria, Cornelius Booth; Pender Island, Evan Hooser; Galiano Island, Herbert Macklin; Mayne Island, W.M. Robson & SSI, E.D. Walter (Ganges Harbour).
7/2 Famous dancer tonight: La Li Fuller will be at the Victoria Theatre.
7/3 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Miss Daisy Anderson
Miss Darner
G. Obenauer
T. Young
S.M. Thompson
L.T. Watson
M.G. McDonald
Frank York
Jas. Wilson
W. Ives
W.L. Work
Jas. Ferguson
R. Carmichael
R. Ritchie
Mrs & Miss Jaunce
E.N. Chaumett
W.M. Smith
T.R. Noyes
Miss Hedrick
J. Gopperd
M.E. Underwood
F.I. Towle
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
C.M. Thompson
Miss Farwell
F.C. Davidge
A. Marcon
J. Raymond
G.M. Leishman
H. Dunnell
Miss See Too Lan
F.W. Tiffin
A.B. Grossman
S. Henderson
D.F. & Mrs Armstrong
D.W. White
Miss Arden
H.R. Jayne
Prof. Dongour
L.F. Enderby
D.F. McEwen
E.C. Wilson
G.F. Potter
W.P. Lockwood
A.R. Johnson
F. Carter-Cotton
J.E. Poupore
D. Reid
C.A. Clarke
Miss & Mrs A.E. Wescott
Mrs Moore
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
G. McMillen
C. Morgan
A.J. Somers
P.L. Lewis
D.A. Williams
E.J. Wolf
H. Buster
W. Adair
J. Jaques
J. Parton
W. Gordon
J.T. & Mrs McDonald
Mrs E.A. McDonald
A. Watson
H.D. Allison
J. Frex
L.J. Green
Miss Bradley
Mrs Green
Mrs Copeland
Mrs & Miss McCockrell
Mrs Foster
Mrs Westfall
Mrs Green
Mrs Lingenfelter
Miss Chester
A.C. & Mrs McInnis
Ed Fortun
Miss Celtic
Ben & Mrs Farnham
Miss Judd
W.E. Carlin
Miss Braid

27 Apr 1901, Saturday, Victoria Daily Times

4/4 Professor Conway MacMillian, Minnesota State University is at the Driard.
Mrs C.A. Carncross (d.5, p.18, l.48), Surrey, returned to the mainland after a successful operation at Royal Provincial Jubilee Hospital. Since her operation she has been a guest of Mr & Mrs Sergt. Robert T. Walker (d.5, p.18, l.44), 323 Government St.
Wm. Thompson, London, ENG, left for the east yesterday.
Manager McCloskey and the Tacoma Baseball team arrived this morning, and are at the Victoria Hotel.
Miss Annie Carter, f.o. Victoria, just returned from Detroit, MI, where she has been attending school.
D.G. Porter & H.E. Barber, are at the Victoria Hotel.
P.T. Patton (d.5, p.14, l.10) & wife (Christiane I., d.5, p.14, l.11) & W.A. Anderson, left for the Sound yesterday.
Mrs A.L. Belyea (d.1, p.12, l.46) & Mrs T. Earle (d.5, p.4, l.27), left for the Sound yesterday.
Wm. Broderick (d.2, p.9, l.37) & wife (Florence, d.2, p.9, l.38) & Mrs Erskine, left for the Sound yesterday.
5/2 Mr J.P. Jones will sing at St. Andrew's Psb. Church Sunday.
5/3 Burial: The remains of the late J.W. Holmberg (d.7, p.11, l.33), d. on sealing schooner 'Enterprise' returned yesterday & was buried today in Ross Bay Cemetery.
Annual Meeting of the Centennial Methodist Church Sunday School Committee: N. Shakespeare, Superintendent; W.C. Holt, Ass't. superintendent; Mr Deaville, treasurer; P. Shakespeare, secretary; Miss Tranter, organist; J.P. McConnell, leader of singing & T.H. Matthews, leader of orchestra.
5/4 Young Criminal Convicted: Edward W. Ross, 16, charged with obtaining money under false pretences. He tried to con Alfred Wey, manager Bradstreets', of $20.00 and gets 2 months & hard labour.
This morning a Chinese cook, on the tug boat 'Chehalis', d. suddenly.
6/1 Schooner 'Enterprise' loses man when nearing port: On the 1st sealer to return, Wm. Holmberg, a Russian Finn, d. Tuesday night last (23 Apr) off Vancouver Island. Capt. Gullin decided to return even though 7 days remained in the sealing season. (DRI: William Holmberg, 23 Apr 1901, 37, Victoria District.) 'Enterprise' had other misfortunes: in Drakes' Bay, Leonard Burr & Frank Irvine drowned when trying to go ashore & their boat capsized; Herman Haltz (d. 07, p.11, l.23) was saved.
6/2 Steamer 'Boscowitz' arrived this morning: s include - A. McCuloch, C. Rann, A.D. Dood & W.D. Hutchins.
6/3 La Loi Fuller & company drew a large audience last night at the Victoria Theatre. The cast include: Miss Fuller, Harry Braham, Isabella Dawson, Mrs Fiske, Ada Lewis & Miss Blanche Walsh.
7/5 Passenger Lists

Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
F. White
W. Lawrence
J. Ward
J. & Mrs Parry
F. McDonald
C. Hartwick
W.G. Sloane
A. Simpson
W. Jones
J. Green
F.M. Hunbert
J.R. Jennings
R. Lee
Mrs Henderson
Mrs G.D. Tedwick
Mrs Hutchens
J.J. Coughlan
S.J. Tonneehan
G. Thomas
J. McCloskey
D. Zeafoss
M.J. Lynch
J. Thealman
T. Menefee
J. St. Varain
J. McCarty
J. Copeland
B. Shelton
J.P. Jones
L.T. Terry
C.F. McIntyre
Chas. Carter
T. Alice
G.S. Teler
A.J. Burke
W.A. Ward
L. Macks
M. & L. Steager
Mrs Street
Mrs Cannon
Miss A. Street
Miss Shoemaker
Miss Hunt
Miss Mellican
Miss J. Hart
D. Clarke
Wm. Jones
W.J. & Mrs W.J. Jones
Miss Wilson
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
R. Margueson
Wm. Nickison
A.B. Baker
Capt. Roberts
F. Morris
A.J. O'Brion
A. Waldron
Wm. Watkins
Dr. Jordan
D.A.R. McKenzie
Jno. Hanson
J.H. Mikhree
Jno. Bolton
Jno. Hellier
Henry & Mrs Kirk
A. Wragg
F.W. Crerry
Arnold Becker
E.C. Anderson
L. Olson
Wm. Gray
Capt. Gatter
Wm. & Mrs Lawrence
H. Oldfield
S. Megerwald
Mrs Skinner
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
W.L. Saunders
Jas. & S. Thompson
B.S. Hyer
J.A. Furguson
D.P. Harris
W. McGuire
Mrs Blair
W.S. Sharpe & wife
C.W. Speer
N.S. Dodds
D. Stevens
J. Thorbarn
A.N. Dougherty
B.A. Rounds
H. Corner
F. Colbey
A.F. McCramer
R.H. Wilson
Mrs Williams
Mrs Irwin
Mrs St. Louis
Mrs & W.K. Stevens
Mrs E.A. Webster
C. McDonald
E. McDonald
P.J. Allan
J.E. Curtis
J. Holmes
J.W. Hunt, wife & son
H. Goffjor
H. Anderson
F.L. Scitzland & wife
E. Grandy
T.L. Wright
Miss Sonny
Mrs Hornberg
Jno. Collins
A. Schyler
N.K. Luxton
Miss Curtiss
F. Sullivan
W.K. Lukton
Miss Lewis
Chas. Arthur
F. Ohouse
Miss Filler
Miss Deacon
D. Braham
W.H. Robison
Miss Black
H. Hamberg
F. Schonton
Jno. Thorbourn

28 Apr 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Times - not published on Sunday