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29 Apr 1901, Monday, Victoria Daily Times

3/2 An Unprofitable Season: Capt. Townsend, steamer 'Queen City' reports on the seal hunt: from Capt. McPace, 'Sea Viva'. The 'Viva' had 334 skins; 'Favorite', 150; 'Triumph', 290; 'Florence M. Smith', 320; 'City of San Diego', 301; 'Allie I. Alger', 229; 'Otto', 230; 'Arietis', 300; 'Umbrina', 240; 'Diana', 261; 'Saucy Lass', 48; 'Sadie Turpel', 129; 'Geneva', 124; 'enelope', 425; 'Beatrice', 296; 'Victoria', 109; 'Ocean Belle', 150; 'Ainoka', 150 & 'Zillah May', 180.
'Queen City', arrived yesterday. Passengers include: Homer H. Swaney & party, & Mr McGregor & party.
The steamer 'Tosa Maru' with a valuable freight from Seattle for the Orient, arrived today. Among her passengers from this city were 9 Japanese stowaways, who landed here on her inward voyage.
3/3 Among the passengers to leave on the steamer 'Umatilla' for the Bay City this evening are: E.H. Griffiths, T. Samaygas & wife, Miss C. Pearson, M.E. Hamilton & Robt. Easton.
The Play 'More Than a Queen' will be at the Victoria Theatre on Wednesday, starring Blanche Walsh.
William H. Jenkins, leaving Albion Iron Works, will go to Moran Bros. of Seattle.
4/5 British sloop man-of-war, 'Condor', arrived at the quatantine yesterday. After leaving Acapulco, 10 of the crew were taken with yellow fever. They landed at Panama where a sailor (Crowther) died.
5/1 Delegates to the convention of the Women's Missionary Society included Mrs J.F. Betts & Master Harold Betts, guests of Mr & Mrs B.C. Alexander (d.3, p.10, l.38), 124 Toronto St.
5/2 Buried: Wm. Holmberg on Saturday.
In Police Court: James Golden charged with stealing underclothing from Samuel Reid (d.12, p.18, l.21), clothier was remanded till tomorrow.
Mrs Alice Warren (d.20, p.7, l.8) reported that she had been robbed Friday, of her purse.
Mrs Albert Sheldon (soprano) arrived in Victoira today for her musicial recital Thursday evening at the Institute Hall.
5/3 Dead: Mrs Robinson (Agnes, d.19, p.3, l.37), r.Skinner St, w.o. Gilbert Robinson, 72, b.IRL.
Married: Miss Annie Arden, Metchosin, to John Pearce, on Saturday at Metchosin. Miss Amy Arden, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid; Charles Pearce supported the bridegroom. (MRI: John Pears mar Sarah Winnifred Arden, 27 Apr 1901, Victoria.)
Dead: Margaret Alice (d.4, p.4, l.26), e.d.o. Henry & Alice Short (d.4, p.4, l.23), at the family residence Fairfield Rd, b.Victoria.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound - Saturday:
G.N. Garvin
Geo. Lewis
F. Provost
Miss Dillworth
E.F. Cote
Mrs Stensel
Mrs Noble
Mrs Kenzie
Mrs Hendrick
Wm., Mrs & Miss Zeigler
Mrs Adams
Fred Jakl
R.T. Johnstone
M. Latson
W. Chambers
A. Jennings
A.H. Nichols
J. Trighe
T. Weston
W. Noel
J. Johnson
F. Frinkle
F.R. Tracey
E.P. Garvey
E.F. Bridgman
L. & Mrs Banks
R.D. & Mrs Merrill
Miss Josephine
Ben Fonts
S.O. Davis
Miss Judson
S.P. Davidson
W.J. Holmes
Miss Hess
Miss Scott
B.W. Hixon
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Saturday:
F. Moss
Mrs & Master Pendray
Mrs Dempster
A. Dumbleton
J. Holland
Mrs Vigelius
R. Cassidy
Miss A.P. & Miss Flewelling
Rev. J.S.A. Bastin
Mrs Fulton
Mrs Johnson
Mrs Robertson
Thos. Jenkins
J. & Mrs Black
H.W. Robertson
D.R. Ker
T.R. Smith
J.N. Wey
F. & Mrs Stone
L.G. Brattin
Mrs Goodman
L. Langley
C.A. Haynes
H.H. Cooper
W.S. Hurst
D.G. McKenzie
Mrs Byers
N.P. Shaw
Alec McDermott
D. Lamont
J.F. Elliott
J.A. Dalton
R. Easton
A.J. Vullinghs
C.H. & Mrs Hancock
Per steamer City of Puelda from San Francisco:
Mrs & Miss Caulfield
Mrs Burmester
Mrs H. Whitworth
Mrs W. Dale
Mrs H. Campbell
Dr. W. McDowell
R. Creelman & wife
Miss P. & O. Krenz
T.W. Cross
D.M. Reed
W. Hamilton
C.J. Wetmore & wife
F.H. King
Francis Hamber
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound - Sunday:
Mrs Erskine
Wm. & Mrs Broderick
P.T. & Mrs Patton
J.G. Woodworth
Wm. McKeon
Col. Henry & Mrs Landes
W.A. Anderson
Frank Turner
J.B. Ledram
Col. & Mrs Hayes
Max Gerson
C. Van Horn
G.R. Murray
J.S. Venurn
J.A. & Mrs Taylor
Mrs Brown
A.C. & Mrs Street
Thos. Hickey
Miss Macaulay
G.S. Hoet
H.W. Windle
W.M. hugh
M.C. & Mrs Mitchell
Mrs Connell
Mrs Dunn
Capt. Black
Miss Barron
D. Taylor
Mrs H.A.S. & Master Morley
N.W. Dennington
A.J. Smith
Chas. Todd
J. Baker
J. Hooper
J.D. Crabb
O. Sawyer
Wm. Fureyhugh
D. O'Hara
F.O. Pen
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver - Sunday:
Miss Murphy
W.G. Trethewey
Jos. Martin
Mr. Tremble
Mrs Gordon
R.G. Tatlow
Miss Rowe
R.H. Gordon
Mr Flumerfelt
Mrs Feegunbaum
D.R. Kennedy
M. Lenz
Mrs Madbury
Miss McDaniel
C.J. Marshall
J. Gregory & wife
Norman McLean & wife
W.H. Brooking
Mrs Leiser
B.H. Short
Miss H. Costello
F.H. Eaton
B.J. Short
J.P. Graves
J.H. Lawson jr
G.E. Handley
E.T. Fyler & wife
B.S. Ody
E. Hobson
J.J. McKay
E.H. Bridgeman
W.R. Megaw
J.W. Sharples
Campbell Sweerey
G.H. Cowan
E.P. Gilman
Wm. Furrell
H. Keith
A.B. Erskine
G.A. Henderson
G.E. Corbould
G.H. Hardie
W.R. Jones
Mrs E.C. Brdgeman
G. Holford
O. Obenvenutl
Mrs E.H. Bridgeman
M. Kelly
W.J. Brock & wife
A.D. Taylor
J.F. Garden
Miss Cussle
L. More
Hy. Schaake
Max Leiser
F. Spelletich
J. Burton
G.M. Cottrell
H. Wood
H.B. Williams
Mrs E.B. Hussey
R. Hamilton
H. Hopkirk
F.W. Peters
Miss Minoun
E.B. Hussey
E.J. Coyle
Marion Atwood
J.C. Brown
Thos. Kidd
Miss Carmentella
H.B. Gilmour
J. Oliver
W. Henderson
F.W. Hoover
C.W. Munro
H.G. Pooler
R. Musgrave
H.R. Wemp
--- Thompson
J.N. McGillivray
Mr Fraser
Hy. Tompkins
Miss Dukes
A. Gustifson
W.T. Noury
Mr Sanders & 2 sons
R.S. Byrn
C. Wise
Mrs White
Mrs E. Carter
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Monday:
D.A. Upper
J.W. Poller
W. Wilson
T.L. Munnos
R.T. Tolmie
J.F. McClure
H.M. Piser
C. Wurtele
D.H. & Mrs Pettis
W.A. & Mrs Nicholson
W.G. & Master Bickelampt
R & Mrs Moody
Mrs F.W. Hall
Mrs Brooks
J.A.W. Villieres
C.H. Berry
Mrs I. Petersop
G. Babbington
F.S. Hussey
Helen Brooks
W.F. Sewall
G. Partey
C. Schupard
C. Wengelse
G. Morrell
J. Cummings
N. Julian
J. & Mrs Lancaster
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound - Sunday:
A.E. & Mrs Greenwood
Mrs Pickey
Miss McKenzie
Miss Collins
Mrs Grimes
Mrs Roberts
Miss Watson
Miss & Miss E. Crook
Miss & Miss I. Clark
C.A. Kemp
Miss & Miss I. Kelly
A.W. Neill
J.W. Hamilton
H.P. Jayne
J.B. Ballentine
L. Cousins
Miss Bridges
A. Rhrens
J.P. Greenwood
J.J. Goldsmith
E.H. Wells
Jas. & Mrs Wittmer
J.C. Newbury
O. Henderson
M.C. Arsonson
J. Lynch
A. Wood
B. Jury
A. Psone
W.S. Kimball
R. Flynn
B. Smith
F.S. Cameron
I.G. Carlson
M. Simons
O. Iskongos
A. Pierce
G.H. Knox
P. Gibbons
G. Powell
A.B. Walker
S.R. Johnson
A.L. Hoginson
Miss Brelle
Miss Klotz
Miss Green
J. Cresswell
H.J. Taylor
R.L. Pickey
8/3 Mr Norger, postmaster at Quatsino, registered at the Victoria Hotel.
Archie McCulloch, Port Essington, is at the Dawson Hotel.
F. Johnson, A. Johnson, & R. Murray, Dolphin, MB, farmers, arrived yesterday and intend to settle in BC.
Mayor Megaw, G.A. Henderson, manager Bank of Montreal & Editor McKelvin, of the Newa, are a delegation from Vernon.
Frederick L. Siexas, St. Paul, MN, & Mrs Siexas, are at the Victoria Hotel.
J.A. Scott & wife, tourists, are at the Victoria Hotel.
H.W. Robertson, Vancouver, are at the Victoria Hotel.
Capt. Gilmore & F.M. Stanley, arrived yesterday with Mrs Gilmore, Miss Ruth Gilmore & Mr & Mrs Waters, are at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs Dempster, A. Dumbleton, J. Holland, Mrs Vigelius & R. Cassidy, arrived yesterday from Vancouver.
R. Erskine & wife, Wm. Broderick & wife, P.T. Patton & wife & Col. Henry Landes & wife arrived from the Sound yesterday.
G.H. Hadwen, Duncan arrived Saturday from mainland.
8/4 R. Rochester arrived from the west coast yesterday for medical treatment.
H.W. Windle & G.S. Holt, Seattle, arrived yesterday for a short visit & returned to Seattle on the same boat.
Superintendent Eaton has returned from Kamloops.
Mrs Thos. Earle, Misses Earle, Mrs Belyea & Mrs J.R. McKilligan went to Seattle Friday.
D.G. MacKenzie & Alex McDermott arrived from Vancouver Saturday.
B.I. Short, W.C. Tretheway, H.B. Short, C.J. Marshall, of Vancouver, are at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs & Master Pendray arrived from Vancouver Saturday.
R. Lee & J.J. Coughlan arrived Saturday from the Sound.
J.N.B. Dalton, Shelbrooke, is at the Victoria Hotel.
H. Tomkins, Rock Island, BC is at the Victoria Hotel.
H.M. Peyser, San Francisco, arrived today, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Mrs H.A.S. Morley & son returned from the Sound yesterday.
Col. G.H. Hays & Mrs Hayes returned from Portland yesterday.
W. Chambers arrived from the Sound Saturday
C.H. Dickie, M.P.P., came down from Duncan today, is at the Victoria Hotel.
W.G. Hurst, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Mr. Lewis, P.J. Pearson & A. Howe, of Chemainus, are at the Victoria Hotel.
D.R. Ker arrived from the mainland Saturday.
C.A Haynes arrived from the mainland Saturday
W.J. Holmes arrived from the Sound Saturday
Mrs. F. McKenzie, Seattle, at Victoria Hotel.
Notice: George B. Morrison, Victoria, will apply at the next sitting of the Board of Licensing Commissioners as a Licensing Court, for a transfer of the license held by me to sell wines & liquors by retail or premises, known as 'Rock Bay Hotel', corner Bridge & Work Sts., Victoria to Robert Williams.

30 Apr 1901, Tuesday, Victoria Daily Times

4/5 Victorians Killed:
4/6 J.H. Erickson, T.S. Lippay & wife, & Mrs G.N. Gibson of Seattle are tourists in Victoria.
Mrs J. Peterson is at the Dominion Hotel.
Mrs Thos. Earle & the Misses Earle & Mrs Belyea arrived from the Sound yesterday.
Capts. Myers & Beecher & Co. H. Landes went to the Sound yesterday.
Thos. Merril & wife & R.D. Merril & wife arrived from the Sound yesterday.
A.R. Johnson, wholesale grocer, Nanaimo, is at the Victoria Hotel.
J.D. McCabe & wife are at the Dominion Hotel.
G.H. Copeland & Miss Copeland are at the Dominion Hotel.
W. Holden, Vancouver, is at the Yukon Hotel.
E.B. Hussey & wife left for the Sound yesterday.
R.W. Robinson, Chicago, is at the Dominion Hotel.
Capt. Wm. J. Bryant left for the Sound yesterday.
Alex Lucas, Revelstoke, is at the Dominion Hotel.
5/3 Mrs Albert Sheldon arrived yesterday and was met by her sister Mrs G.N. Gowen (d.10, p.6, l.40). She will give a recital next Thursday at the Institute Hall.
Police statistics for April shows that the following cases were disposed of: drunks, 22; stealing, 12; assault, 5; vagrancy, 4; malacious damage to property, 3; violation of street bicycle by-law, 2; violation of wash-house by-law, 1; cruelty to animals, 1; burglary, 1; cutting & wounding, 1; frequenter of bawdy house, 2; possession of liquor, 1; obtaining money underfalse pretenses, 1, There were committed to the police station for safe keeping during the month 18; which makes a total of 87 (for the year).
5/4 James Golden was convicted of stealing from the store of Samuel Reid. Gets 6 weeks & hard labour.
The steamer 'Queen Adelaide', Capt. F. McNair, arrived today from the Orient.
E.B. Hussey, of Seattle, is in the city.
7/3 J.J. Baird & S. Wood arrived today from Port Renfrew, are at the Dominion Hotel.
W.A. Ward, returned home on Sunday from a 3 month trip to England.
J.F. McClure, Seattle Times; W.M. Wilson, Dawson Daily News & A.M. Lucas, Revelstoke Herald, are at the Dominion Hotel.
7/4 Passenger Lists

Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
H. Greenfield
J. & Miss Copeland
T. Gusmer
W.A. Hamilton
B. Bult
J.J. Voegtly & wife
Mrs Voegtly
W. Sims
J.A. Barnes
Mrs Milmot
Mrs & Walter Harris
Ben Grosscup
Miss & Frank Hillman
Arthur Fox
N.J. & Mrs Cox
S.S. Fairfield
A. Anderson
Capt. McIntyre
Mrs Brown
Mrs & Miss Baker
Per steamer Utopia from the Sound:
E. & Misses Earle
W.T. & Mrs Home
J.J. Mulholland
C.G. Kidecut
J.W. Ely
Robt. Anderson
J., Mrs & Miss Tapalla
F.T. Hamshard
A.A. Johnson
C. McDonald
M. Doyle
Mrs Todd
J. McClelland
F.J. Freeze
H. Nichols
T.M. Mayr
W.W. Armstrong
A.C. Hammer
P. Peroni
P. Bartoch
P. Baris
P. Caseier
G. Moran
A.L. Anderson
C.T. Woodard
Wm. Sullivan
G. Davie
A. Johnson
H. Posinski
A. Sinsco
J.E. McMullen
J. Johnson
W. Walker
F. Wood
T. Beede
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Capt. Wm. J. Bryant
F.S. & Mrs Streator
Miss Deiel & sister
H. Sutherland
H. Wayne
H.P. Rounds
J. Broder
Prof. & Mrs Lippy
Mrs D.K. Gilson
J.F. & Miss Shea
Al. Thompson
J.H. Erickson
H. & Mrs Marquette
Mrs & Miss Boyd
C.B. Pratt
J. Hess
Miss Green
Miss Thomas
Mrs Thos. & Misses Earle
Mrs Belyea
W.E. & Miss Ferris
C.E. & Miss Shepherd
Mrs Englehardt
A. Rochester
C.F. Johnston
F.C. Elliott
Mrs Maynard
8/5 Birth: Humber - on the 25th Apr, the w.o. Dr. A.A. Humber, a son.
Died: In Victoria, Sunday 28 Apr, Margaret Alice, Henry & Alice Short, 27. Buried from the family residence on Fairfield Rd.