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30 Mar 1901, Saturday, Victoria Daily Times

5/1 J.K. Dahl (alias Jim Crow or S.F. Henderson)(d.15, p.24, l.11) arrested.
5/4 John Jessop (d.9, p.8, l.48), d. today, b.ENG, about 70, wife d. 2 years ago, leaves, Miss Scott (d.9, p.8, l.49, Jessie), a niece.

7/3 Passenger lists.
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
Mrs Youngs
A.R. Dunbar
R. Jones
Moss Cordero
Bugler Corbett
Miss Robertson
Mrs J.T. Higgins
H.M. Burritt
Mrs Jas. Peterson
G.H. & Mrs Sluggett
Mrs Cates
S. Roberts
W.H. McLaren
Geo. Brown
Jno. Williams
Miss Marshall
J.L. Beckwith
E.A. Burns
R.S. Byrn
J.J. Kingsley
W.H. Reed
Dr. Robertson
E.J. Coyle
A.B. Pottinger
Jno. Ranton
Dr. LaBau
C.L. Bailey
J.H. Hoare
J.J. Doran
S.F. McKenzie
Miss Edwards
Wm. McCallum
T. Ally
Per steamer Rosalie from the Sound:
Miss Wallace
W.S. Chambers
C.H. Palern
G.W. Adams
N.B. Lester
C.L. Armond
M. Cleland
T. Buckley
A.B. Culow
J. & Mrs J. George
O.J. Humphreys
G.M. & Mrs Allen
Mrs Carter
D.D. Campbell
J.B. Wilson
H.M. Harper
Mrs J. Connell
J.H. Leigh
Mrs Lee
J. Cuthbert

31 Mar 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Times - not published on Sunday

31 Mar 1901, Sunday, Victoria Daily Colonist

2/2 Dead: John Jessop (d.9, p.8, l.48), d.yesterday, b.29 Jun 1829, NOR, ENG, s.o.John (d.1894) & Mary (d.1886) Phillips Jessop; settled in ON 1846; to Victoria 1860; married at Victoria 31 Mar 1868, Miss Margaret Faucett, d.o.William Faucett, M.D. of Dublin; she d.1897; his only relative is a niece, Miss Scott (d.9, p.8, l.49).
5/2 Married Friday: Theodore S.Solomons, barrister, Nome, Alaska & Rosella M. Gould, Dawson, NWT.
Fred Forrest, remanded
Gun Drill: detachments from no.3, 4 & 6 Companies, Fifth Regiment,yesterday at Macaulay Point under Sergt-Major Mulcahy (d.3, p.19, l.1). Capt Hall & Lieutenants Thompson & Ridgway were in charge.
5/5 Victoria Café: dinner 25 cents, 5 to 8 p.m.
soup: ox tail; cream of clams
fish: boiled salmon, parsley sauce; fried tom cod
boiled: calves head & brains sauce
entrees: fricassee of chicken; calves sweet breads breaded; macaroni a la crème
roast: prime sirloin of beef; leg of lamb, mint sauce; fillet of veal with bacon
vegetables: boiled & mashed potatoes; sweet corn
dessert: boiled fig pudding, clear sauce; English apple pie; crab apple pie; black current pie;
stewed prunes
6/4 Chess: Results of games played in the round robins tournament: Standings:
1. A. Gonnason; 2. G. Hunter; 3. J.G. Hands; 4. T.H. Piper; 5. C.C. McKenzie; 6. A.E. Gibson; 7. Capt Michell; 8. Wm. Marchant; 9. R.J. Perry; 10. J.T. Meyer; 11. W.J. Sutton; 12. C.A. Lombard; 13. B. Williams; 14. C.W. Rhodes; 15. F.L. Wilmer; 16. A.S. Innes; 17. R.H. Hurst & 18. P.T. johnston.
7/1 Mr. F.W. Sterling, Kelowna Shippers' Union, at the Victoria Hotel leaves tomorrow.
7/2 Miss Barrett, Ottawa & Mrs Cranson, Vancouver, are in the city conducting classes in
Misses A. Drew & Dowling of Seattle are guests of Mrs Cochrane (d.9, p.3, l.35) of Yates St.
D.K. Mollison, travelling rep. of Gordon, MacKay & Co., Toronto is at the Vernon Hotel.
Mr. Neid, Toronto, traveller of J. Stephens & son is at the Vernon Hotel.
Geo. A. Maudson, principal of Wellington Public School is at the Dominion Hotel.
N.S. Clarke, manager of Lord Roberts Mine, Mt. Sicker; J. Harrison & J.C. MacNeale are at the Dominion Hotel.
A.H. Chute & wife are at the Dominion Hotel.
N. McCallum, Montreal, and wife are at the Dominion Hotel.
T.D. Conway, Chemainus & Miss Conway are at the Victoria Hotel.
J.T. Wilkinson, Vancouver, is at the Victoria Hotel.
Alex Begg, Orilla, ON, is at the Dominion Hotel.
Geo. H. Ramsay, Vancouver, is at the New EnglandHotel.
E.J. Boswell, Nelson, is at the Victoria Hotel.
A.E. Kennard & L.F. Cockran & wife, Lincoln, NE, USA, are at the Dominion Hotel.
Wm. Beyer, Nanaimo & Wm. Patterson, Ladysmith are at the Vernon Hotel.
W.J.M. Byrens, architect, is at the Vernon Hotel.
W. & R. Litchie, Nanaimo are at the Dominion Hotel.
W.R. Begg & F.L. Hutchins, Toronto arrived today, are at the Vernon Hotel.
H.H. Scovin, San Francisco, CA; C.C. Lacey & C.J. Rathbone, Seattle; W.P. Johnson & S.D. Morris, Chicago are at the Driard Hotel.
Capt & Mrs Tallow are in the city.
At the Victoria Hotel: John E. Blakey, Sunderland, ENG; Jas. Pattie & wife Glasgow, SCT; Harry D. Friedlander & J.M. Johnson, Chicago.
At the New England Hotel: J.D. Lynch, NY; C.J. McLaine * C,H,K, Smith, San Francisco.

7/3 Passenger lists.
Per steamer North Pacific from the Sound:
M. Hibbon
Miss Dowling
Miss Schroder
J.J. Moore
Miss Lamont
Ted Matthews
Wm. Neely
J. Gibbs
P.S. Philpot
Mrs Smith
J. Jones
J. Scott
J. & E.A. Ritchie
N. Nostler
N.H Hall
Mrs S.P. Bruce
F.A. Wahuse
J. & L. Graham
M.P. Johnson
L. Cochran
T., Mrs & Master Cannon
E. Larson
A.K. Kinnard
R. & Mrs Starkweather
Mrs Costa
J. Gillett
Mrs Cadham
A. Bradley
Mrs Fusionder
R.G. Beck
Mrs Veess
P. McPherson
Mrs Freed
F.J. Revett
H. & P. O'Connell
Capt. Rathbun
F. Cotes
N.T. Begg
M. Doherty
M. Weir
N. Brown
J. House
T. Dunham
J.D. Cummings
T.M. Burney
Miss Martin
Jas. White
Mrs Toulkes
Miss M.E. Bruce
Mrs Decker
J.H. Hand
Miss Rivers
Miss Sherman
E. Lastoge
Miss Faulkner
E.A. Smith
Mrs Rinehart
W.O. Streeter
A. & MrsClark
N. McCallum
Miss Rinehart
Mrs Miffin
Miss Hannon
Mrs Harbottle
J.S. Dalton
Mrs Hensen
Jas. Crane
Miss Drew
Per steamer Charmer from Vancouver:
F.V. Austin
J.H. Church
A. Knight
F. Manley
Master & Miss Farr
H.T. Weston
R.L. & Mrs Warson
J.M. Byrens
M.W. Williams
W. Boswell
P. Rowe
F.D. Morris
J.P. Virch
R.L. Drury
G. Tribe
F.L. Hutchins
Miss Peck
R.G. Tatlow
Thos. Jenkins
Capt. H.G. Lewis
E.S. Grimison
R. Collister
R.A. Apenes
H. Cambie
L.H. Cohen
J.F. Wilkinson
F.D. & Mrs Gross
R. Weild
W.R. Begg
J. McDonald