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Religious Denominations in Victoria, 1909
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Right Rev. W.W. Perrin, Bishop of Columbia 
Church Cathedral, Rev. Canon Arthur Beanlands, M.A. rector, 832 Burdette Ave. 
Church of the Holy Saviour, Rev. C.E. Cooper, M.A., rector, 310 Henry 
St. Baraabas Church, Rev. E.G. Miller, rector, 1102 Caledonia Ave. 
St. James Church, Rev. J.H.S. Sweet, 305 Quebec 
St. Johns Church, Rev. Percival Jenns, rector, 702 Princes Ave. 
St. Marks Church, Rev. Wilmot Baugh Allen, rector, Boleskine Rd. 
Anglican Mission Sunday School, Foul Bay Rd. school house 
Chinese Mission, 525 Cormorant 


Baptist Church, Rev. D. Spencer, LL.D., pastor, cor. Fernwood Rd. and Gladstone 
First Baptist Church, Rev. Christopher Burnett, 1415 Blanchard Ave. 
Baptist Mission, 524 Mary 
Tabernacle, Rev. F.T. Tapscott, M.A., pastor, Fort, cor. Cook 


Congregational Church, Hermon A. Carson, B.A., 760 Pandora Ave. 


St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 981 Mears 


Centennial Methodist Church, Rev. S.J. Thompson, pastor, 639 Gorge Rd. 
James Bay Methodist Church, Rev. G.B. Kinney, B.A., pastor, 255 Menzies 
Metropolitan Methodist, Rev. T.E. Holling, pastor, Pandora, Ave., Quadra 
Vlctoria West Methodist Church, Rev. A.E. Roberts, pastor, 303 Wilson 
Chinese Mission, 526 Fisguard 


First Presbyterian Church, Rev. John Campbell, D.D., pastor, 806 Pandora Ave 
Knox Church, Rev. Joseph McCoy, M.A., pastor, 2025 Stanley Ave. 
St. Andrews Church, Rev. W. Leslie Clay, B.A., pastor, 924 Douglas 
St. Columbia Church, Rev. Joseph McCoy, pastor, 1602 Hulton 
St. Paul's Church, Rev. D. MacRae, pastor, 326 Henry 
Chinese Misslon, L.W. Hall, missioner, 1423 Government 


Church of Our Lord, Rev. Edward Cridge, D.D., bishop; Rev. Thos. W. Gladstone, rector, 626 Blanchard 


St. Andrew's Cathedral, Very Rev. A.J. Brabant, pastor, Blanchard, cor. View 
St. Joseph's Church, Rev. Wm. Fisser, pastor, Esquimalt Rd., cor Nelson 
St. Mary's Church, Very Rev. A.J. Brabant, pastor, 419 Langford 


Christadelphians, meet A.O.U.W. Hall and Labor Hall, Douglas 
Christian Science, K. of  P. Hall 
Gospel Hall, 731 Pandora Ave 
Harmony Hall Mission, 825 View 
Psychic Research Society, K. of P. Hall 
Salvation Army, Staff Capt. Hayes in charge, 1412 Broad
Seventh Day Adventists, Felix Conway, minister, 1251 Pandora 
Spiritualism, R.H. Kneeshaw, 1003 Caledonia Ave. 


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