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Harbourville Community Columns

Harbourville, c. 1875
Image courtesy of Garnet Misner

View March 4th. 1860. Establishing a name for the district, hitherto known as Givan Wharf.
View 1892, Polling District 28 list.
View April 7th, 1897. Harbourville social news. Captain's Chute, Spicer, Curry, Slocomb etc.
View August 25th, 1897. Harborville has become very popular as a summer resort, and is full of visitors.
View January 18th. 1898. Ghost Ship on fire near Isle Au Haute.
View February 9th. 1898, Burlington. The ill fated vessel, the "Daniel Marcy," sank (nice poem).
View February 9th. 1898, Harbourville. The annual donation of the Harborville branch of the Berwick Methodist church.
View March 2nd, 1898. Harbourville. Capt. Charles McBride left here on Saturday, Feb. 26th, for Key West, Florida.
View April 6th, 1898. Harbourville. The singing school held in this place this winter, under the tuition of Prof. Brown.
View July 20th, 1898. Berwick Brass Band visit the Isle au Haute courtesy of Captain Chute of Harbourville.
View January 4th, 1899. Miss Mabel Collins and Mr. Aubrey Tupper were united in marriage.
View December 20th, 1899. A Pretty Wedding at Harborville, McBride - Connor.
View September 6, 1900. Obituary - Mr. John Burns, one of the oldest residents of Harborville
View October 24th, 1901. Harbourville - Capt. Charles McBride has returned home after an absence of a few months...
View March 20th, 1902. Capt. Wm. Spicer, of the "Elihu Burrett."
View May 1st, 1902. We regret to announce the death of Mr. Edmond Burns.
View August 7th, 1902. Harbourville now boasts a hotel, the "Clifton House."
View October 2nd, 1902. The schooner "Surprise" arrived on Friday from Rockland, Maine.
View December 31st, 1903. Schooner Surprise, Capt. Eddie Curry, struck on a sunken ledge.
View August 25th, 1904. Harborville is a pretty, picturesque village on the south shore of the Bay of Fundy.
View September 15th, 1904. The storm that recently swept over the country struck Harborville very severely.
View February 23rd, 1905. Harbourville - Captain Charles McBride is home after an absence of three years.
View November 29th, 1906. Capt. J.E. Morris and his family were drowned in the wrecking of the "King of Avon."
View July 18th, 1907. One of the most successful bay parties of the season was held on Monday, July 15th.
View December 2nd, 1909. Harborville Realty Co., The Annual Meeting of The Harborville Realty Company, Ltd.
View December 9th, 1909. Death of Mrs. Noble B. Margeson.
View February 10th, 1910. At Seaside Park, discussion about the architecultural plans.
View April 14th, 1910. Sea Side Park. The Harborville Realty Company's improvements are rapidly coming along.
View May 5th, 1910. A Heroic Rescue, by Capt. E. L. Curry and the crew of the Aggie Curry.
View June 2nd, 1910. Contractor Holland has about completed his contracts with the Harborville Realty Co., Ltd.
View June 9th, 1910. A Sea Side Resort: Mr. T. F. Anderson, in a Boston letter to the Morning Chronicle.
View June 23rd, 1910. Things at the Park are now in full swing, and the management is ready for business.
View July 7th, 1910. Letter to the Editor about Sea Side Park.
View July 14th, 1910. Letter to the Editor from E.W. KAPPELE, Manager Sea Side Park.
View August 17th, 1911. Mrs. E. L. Curry and little daughter Nina are enjoying the cool sea breezes at the shore.
View September 21st, 1911. Jackson – Cahill marriage at the Methodist Church at Harborville
View October 5th, 1911. The sudden death of Esther, beloved wife of Captain Peter Connor.
View December 28th, 1911. Mrs. Eliza Givan, wife of Alexander Givan, Esq., of Harborville, passes away.
View September 5th, 1912. Sea Side Park announcement.
View November 14, 1912. Obituary. MRS. E. W. KAPPELE.
View February 20th, 1913. The first Anniversary of the Oddfellows Lodge of this place.
View March 6th, 1913. A very enjoyable evening was spent at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Spicer.
View June 18th, 1913. This beautiful spot has put on its lovely summer garments, and is as charming as ever. (Sea Side Park.)
View August 21st, 1913. An Excursion from Harborville to Port Greville.
View December 11th, 1913. That Harborville Bridge.
View January 14th, 1914. Harborville Postal Service History.
View January 21st, 1914. Henry Brady Kennealy entered into rest at the old Hamilton homestead.
  January 21st, 1914. The sudden death of Mr. James E. Coonan aged 80 years.
View June 17th, 1914. Vocabulary of the Sea.
View March 17, 1915. The Ruby L made her first trip here this week with goods for Messrs. Parker and Mr. Barlow.
View June 2nd, 1915. The prevailing high winds of last week played havoc along the water front.
View June 30th, 1915. Shocked to learn of the sudden death of Chas. F. Givan, of Somerville, Mass.
View September 1st, 1915. There are many summer visitors here. A number are registered at the Clifton House...
View September 8, 1915. A letter, from Sergeant Will McLeod, a grandson of Mr. Noble B. Margeson.
View December 29th, 1915. Harborville’s Au revoir.
View February 16, 1916. Our school is progressing splendidly.
View August 2nd, 1922. Harborville - The Port of Many Tragedies.
View August 9th, 1922. The Nova Scotian Skipper. A great read!!
View December 6, 1922 - Harborville
View 1923. Two Harborville Ladies Are Descendants of Doughty Clan. Mrs. A.A. Donnellan and Mrs. Mary Sweeney.
View May 9th, 1923. Origin of "Bluenoses." This article is about the history of the famous Nova Scotian nickname.
View March 26th, 1924. Mrs. Rachael Morris, Harborville Lady Celebrates 101st Birthday.
View July 2nd, 1924. Bluenose Sailor’s Greatness.
View April 13th, 1927. Harbourville-By-The-Sea. The lighthouse and more.
View April 20th, 1927. Harbourville-By-The-Sea. The ships built in Harbourville.
View April 27th, 1927. Harbourville-By-The-Sea. Local and far away news.
View August 31st, 1927. The terrible storm of Wednesday of last week, sure hit us just about as hard as it could.
View March 13th, 1929. Harbourville-By-The-Sea. I must tell you a good joke on me that hit me last Thursday afternoon.
View April 3rd, 1929. Harborville-By-The-Sea. The arrival of the steamer Ruby L. Captain Clare Baker.
View May 8th, 1929. James W. Northrup celebrates 90th birthday.
View June 19th, 1929. Splendid Road To Popular Shore Resort Minimizes Danger And Distance.
View July 10th, 1929. Why A Magistrate For Peaceful Harborville?
View July 10th, 1929. Harborville Attracts Many Visitors.
View July 10th, 1929. A Welcome Epistle From P. F. Lawson. Trip to the West Indies.
View October 30th, 1929. Seaside Park Hotel Destroyed By Fire
View November 13th, 1929. Harborville Hotel To Be Reopened
View August 19, 1931 - Our Weekly Budget From Harborville
View August 26th, 1931. Various news items. Curry, Brown, Parker etc.
View Poem about Harbourville, written in 1933.
View May 10th, 1933. Captain. Bloom Morris looses vessel.
View March 21, 1934 - THE CHANTY MAN'S LAMENT
View April 4th, 1934. A Tender Message Of Farewell From Our Old Time Harborville Correspondent
View October 10th, 1934. Harborville – Waterville Reunion In Boston.
View June 26th , 1935. Veteran Master Mariner Embarks On Last Voyage, Capt. I. B. Morris passes away.
View January 29th, 1936. Funnygrams.
View March 2nd, 1938. The yacht "Nyanza" and of her veteran skipper, the late Capt. I. B. Morris of Harborville.
View September 28, 1938 Captain McBride Named Chief Of Southern Fleet 1938
View June 10th, 1942. News and Views of The Bay Shore Port of Harborville.
View May 25, 1961. Demolition of Harbourville Lighthouse Ends Another Familiar Landmark
View October 7th, 1971. Picture of, Harbourville – At The Turn Of The Century
View Thursday, April 6, 1972, A LONG LIST OF Harbourville’s Sea Heros
View Thursday, April 13, 1972, A LONG LIST OF Harbourville’s Sea Heros (part 2).

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Wharf damage Canda Creek and Harbourville
Jan. 17th 1974