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From The Acadian

White Rock, Sept 11, 1913

To the Editor of THE ACADIAN:

Dear Sir,

I read in THE ACADIAN that Mr. Robert Starr had seen five generations in two families, that is something to think of, but I have seen seven generations in two families. Robert Arthur Schofield came from England and was the first Englishman to marry in Nova Scotia. He lived to be 115 years old; he was my great grandfather. The second on my father's side was William Ward and family from England. Nathan Schofield married Hannah Ward and they became my grandfather and grandmother. William Ward was my great grandfather. Ward lived 115 years. Now the race counts seven generations that I have seen from my great grandparents to my own great grandchildren. There are branches of the Schofield and Ward families could count seven generations. I know of some families of five generations living, the Cyrus Atwell family is one of them. There are some large families of connections of ours which are so far away we cannot count! At present; they are over the hills and far away. My wife and I have passed our 59th anniversary of our wedding day. My wife is 82 and I am 86 years old.

Yours truly, James T. Schofield.

(The following was found on the same sheet of paper)

August, 1914.

Sixtieth Anniversary

The sixtieth anniversary of the wedding of James T. Schofield and Sarah Pick, both of White Rock, was made the occasion of a very pleasant gathering at their residence on the old Schofield farm, the former of Mr. Schofield's father, on Saturday July 18, 1914.

The table was set under the wide spreading branches of an apple tree, twenty inches in diameter, that Mr. Schofield, in his boyhood, watched his father set out. About thirty-five gathered to partake of the good things provided. The aged couple are respectively 87 and 84 years of age. Mr. Schofield claims to have seen eight generations, from his great great grandfather to his great grandchildren. Among the invited guests were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schofield (Amy Emma Pick), aged 80 and 82, Mrs. and Mrs. Allen Benjamin (Mary Elizabeth Pick) 81 and 75 - these ladies being the sisters of the bride. It is a notable fact that these three sisters and Mrs. Falkner (Nancy Matilda Pick), the only other sister, have all lived to see fiftieth wedding anniversaries with their husbands. Another friend and relative present was Mrs. Alice Pick, age 80. All the surviving children of Mr. and Mrs. Schofield were present, Mrs. Frank Ricker of Maine, coming home for the occasion; also a number of grandchildren and one great grandchild, son of Mr. William Murphy, of Wolfville.

Of Mr. Schofield's brothers and sisters, only one brother and two sisters are living, Charles, Mrs. Jehiel Kinney (Rachel Schofield), formerly of Gaspereau, now of Boston, Mrs. Leander Schofield (Sarah Jane Schofield), Alton, NS. They are all past 70. None were able to be present. Of those deceased none died in early life; all were past 70 years of age.

Mr. Schofield is well and hearty and still able to do a good day's work. Mrs. Schofield does her own housework. THE ACADIAN joins their numerous friends in hearty congratulations, and wishes them continued health and happiness.