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April 7th 1897



At Baptist Parsonage, Falmouth, march 19th, by Rev Joseph Murray, Rev James E Blakeney, of New Ross, to Mrs. Susan Vaughn, of Westville, Hants.

At Canning, March 28th, by the Rev AD Higgins, Jotham McDonald to Mary Steele, both of Scotts Bay.


At Scotts Bay, March 18th, of consumption, Walter Munroe, aged 24 years.

Suddenly at South Berwick on Friday morning, April 2nd, Fred M son of Wm Lee Esq in the 29th year of his age.

Victoria Harbor:

We regret that Mr Daniel Ogilvie, our oldest resident, is quite ill. A very interesting sermon was preached at his place on Wednesday afternoon by Rev DH Simpson of Berwick. Quite a number was present but owing to the wretched roads those living at a distance could not attend.

Mrs Jas Dempsey is dangerously ill.

Mr Howard Ogilvie gave an entertainment to a few friends recently. It is needless to say it was appreciated.

A few of our farmers had potatoes to sell when a car was loading at Aylesford.

The farmers in this locality will not dairy much this summer on account of the price paid for butter, 10 and 12 cents; we have come to the conclusion that there are other ways of getting rich.

Mr John McKinlay visited Margaretville last week to attend the wedding of his grad-daughter, Miss Bessie Mapplebeck of that place and Mr Thomas Palmer of South Berwick. The bride is well known in this community and many are the wishes of Joy given by the many friends here.

Mrs S Bennett of this place is quite seriously ill.

Mrs Wm Dempsey who has been spending a few days with her parents is again at home.

Mr Leander Rand, formerly of Hillfoot Farm, Aylesford, has completed his new building intended as a repair shop and has commenced work. The enterprise is much needed in this place and we trust it will be patronized, not only by our residents but by the public around about.

The announcement of the death of Mr Elias Clem of Pleasant Street cast a gloom over this place, Mr Clem has been in ill health for years, and his death has not been unexpected. Burial Friday, April 2nd at Aylesford Baptist cemetery.


Editor of Berwick Register:

Dear Sir:

Mr. Parker in his biography of the Shaw family makes a mistake in saying that Capt. Moses Shaw was a U. E. loyalist. Although no doubt he was loyal to the English flag he was not one of the "Refugees." He was a captain in the Massachusetts Militia and participated in the battle that resulted in the capture of Port Royal and afterwards got a grant of land at Stony Beach, Lower Granville, where he was living during the war of the Revolution. He afterwards died and was buried there.

David Shaw moved to Berwick when my father (Sidney Shaw) was about two years old and as he was born Nov. 8 1808 it would make the date of his migration about 1810 or 1811.

The rest of the story is practically correct - Father said his first religious awakening came to him listening to Mr. Preston's preaching in a log school house at or near the "Corner." So you see that a school house was the first institution in the place after a few homes were started. The log school house was superseded by a more pretentious one until to-day your schools are your pride and a credit to the place.

We who are the descendents of those sturdy pioneers, know that their zeal for learning, their love of religion and their daily practice of the strictest morality laid the foundation of the high state of what we are pleased to term civilization as it exists in West Cornwallis to-day.

After the school came the old Valley Meeting house where Parson Chipman gave "line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little" Although some of the younger generation may not endorse all of the extreme doctrines preached in those days, still we all know and believe that the "religion of the Lord Jesus Christ", which includes all morality, brotherly love and kindness of heart that was inculcated in his sermons and daily life fell in good ground and is made manifest in this day and generation.

Then came Acadia College, out of which have gone forth, as you all know better perhaps than I do, learning and piety, zeal, which has spread to the uttermost parts of the earth. You can trace it all back to that log school house where a colored man first sowed the good seed.

They had the courage of their convictions to do or die for the truth as they believed "and their works do follow them."

Yours truly,

Alfred Shaw

Wollaston Park, Mass., March 22 '97.


The winter has passed and spring has made its appearance, the streets of our little village are quite dusty.

Quite a number of our young men have gone to the States for the summer, we regret to part with those who intend to reside there permanently.

Last Sabbath March 28th Rev Messrs Simpson and Bishop held services in Northrup hall. After listening to a very impressive sermon the congregation gathered at the water edge to witness the ordinance of baptism. Not a ripple disturbed the waters of the bay. Eighteen were baptized and the good work still continues in the vicinity. Meetings will be held here in the Methodist church during the week.

Schr Jessie, Capt Edward Spicer arrived from St John with a full load of goods.

Schr Willie D, Capt F Curry sailed on April third for Rockland Maine.

Capt IB Slocomb is repairing his vessel.

Captain Holmes of Granville has purchased the Schr Josephine, recently owned by Capt john Cook. It is reported Capt Cook will stay home for a while.

Capt Joseph Chute in his packet Annie R will arrive soon ladies with goods for James Northrup; thus business seems to be booming in our place.


Minard Anthony arrived home on Saturday.

Douglas Fuller of Welsford left on Saturday for Boston.

Charlie, son of Mr. JC Foster of Berwick left on Saturday for Boston.

Mr. David Caldwell fell from a load of hay last week sustaining a fracture of the collar bone.

Miss may Bell Foster sent us last week a beautiful cluster of mayflowers picked March 29th.

Wilbur Spicer, Fred Spicer, Christopher Saunders, Roscoe Cook and Payson Cook of Harborville left on Wednesday last for Massachusetts.

Mr. Stephen Stronach, who has resided in California for some sixteen years, is revisiting his former home in Nova Scotia. Mr. Stronach is a grandson of the late Mr. Stephen Nichols of Somerset.

B.H. Lee, student at Dalhousie arrived from Halifax on Friday night being summoned by wire on account of the tragic death of his brother. He returned yesterday for his examination.

Scotts Bay:

Mr Wesley Steele of Ross Corner last week spent a few days with his parents, Mr and Mrs William Steele.

Sergeant Miles Tupper arrived home Wednesday last from Fredericton NB where he has been taking a three months course at the Military school.

Mr JE Steele is preparing to build a large barn this summer. Mr James Rogers is also getting lumber sawed for a barn.

On the evening of Saturday last about twenty of the young people gathered at the residence of Mr Richard Houghton in honor of his birthday and a very enjoyable evening was spent with games after which candy was served.


The people of Canning were greatly surprised when they heard the names of the candidates to contest the coming election in the interests of Conservatives of Kings Co. But it is a good team.

The Schr Harold Borden loaded potatoes last week at Canning and Kingsport for Demerara.

The Schr Packet (Capt Tupper) arrived in canning last Monday from St John, her first trip this season.

On Monday evening the IOF met in Rooney's hall when the court was addressed by Mr Heisler, HCR for Nova Scotia. Six new members were also introduced. Court 'Habitant' should increase in number rapidly.

Last Thursday morning a number of the town people met at the store of Messrs Eaton & Co to organize a committee to call on the liquor dealers of the village. Mr McFadden was called upon and promised to stop selling the beverage. We hope Mr McFadden will remember his promise better than he has in the past.

Thursday evening a political meeting was held in the IOOF hall. The candidates were all present and each addressed the meeting. It was a good meeting and very orderly.

Mr CW Dickie is now carrying the mail from the station to the Post Office, Mr CR Dickie is soon to take charge of the office.

Quite a number of the Canning people went to Wolfville on Sunday to hear the evangelist, Mr Gale.