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April 21st 1897



At Somerset, on Wednesday, April 14th, to Mr. and Mrs. FBJ Nichols, a son.

At Berwick, April 20th, to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Corbin, a son.


At Hantsport, April 4th, John F Davison, aged 69 years.

At the residence of her daughter, Mrs. A H. Johnson, Wolfville, on Monday, April 19th, Mary, widow of the late Wm. Church Esq of Falmouth.


Mr. A.F. Chipman is very seriously ill.

Jamie Ford left for Boston on Saturday last.

Mrs. W.C. Shaw reports the capture of the first butterfly of the season.

Mrs. Gordon McKeen of Gays River, Halifax Co. spent a few days with her father, Mr. Shannon Morse.

Mrs. (Rev.) D.H. Simpson left for Everett mass, on Monday, being summoned on account of the death of her mother.

Mrs. Shannon Morse has been in attendance at the death bed of her mother, Mrs. Church, who died in Wolfville on Monday.

T.M. Lewis of Yarmouth, is an applicant for the position of chief messenger of the house of assembly, made vacant by the death of the late john Fitzgerald.

Mrs. H.N. Shaw of Toronto and Miss Ina Chipman of Hamilton, Ontario, arrived in Berwick on Saturday being summoned on account of the serious illness of their father, Mr. A.F. Chipman.

Miss A. Dann, who spent the winter at the residence of Dr. J.B. March, Berwick, left on Monday to return to her home in New Brunswick. Her ward, Master Alfred Stronach, on whom a delicate surgical operation was performed during the winter remains for a time in Berwick.

The Rev. E.C.W. MacColl, B.A., lately of Kingsport, N.S., has received and accepted a unanimous call to be pastor of the Lake Shore and Ebenezer (Ont) Congregational churches. He will reside in Forest. The installation will take place on April 13 (might be 18…PV), during the meetings of the Western Association. - Montreal Witness


Mr and Mrs Baker, lately from England, who have resided here during the winter, have moved to Kentville.

Miss Lulu Webster, our popular teacher, spent Easter Holidays at her home in Waterville.

The special meetings have closed to be followed by a weekly prayer meeting, held on Thursday evenings.

It is expected that Rev. Mr. Mellick, superintendent of the Baptist missions in the North West, will preach in the hall on Sunday afternoon.

A Sunday school was organized on Sunday afternoon by Rev. Mr. Higgins. Mr. RS Thorpe is superintendent. H Bowles secy and treasurer.

Mr Everett Kinsman attended the funeral of his sister-in-law Mrs (Dr) Fred Kinsman at Digby.

Mr EH Eaton has his mill running this spring. He has already sawed about fifty thousand staves.

Miss Aggie Brennen who has been home for some time, returned to Boston on Saturday last.

Canady Creek:

Misses Nellie and Phebe Robinson spent Wednesday at Mrs Dickie's.

Mrs Thos Parker has been spending a few days at hall's harbor.

The many friends of Mrs Allen White will be please to learn she is regaining her health.

Mrs T Parker entertained a party of friends on Tuesday evening. They enjoyed a rare treat of music both vocal and instrumental. Mrs Parker understands the art of entertaining.

We are pleased to see the genial countenance of Mr Jordan Bowlby with us again. He is an active business man and we don't want to part with him.

Miss Nellie Dickie has returned home.

Jotham Gould has returned from Rockland.

Mr GN Cook left for Boston on Saturday.


Miss Roy of Church St spent Sunday in Canning the guest of Mrs Fellows.

Works on Potters Bros' new dyke is progressing rapidly, the job is being done by Mr Bigelow.

The roads are drying up rapidly, they have been very bad this spring. We look for a road grant soon.

Bicycles are much in evidence the last few days. The are quite a number of new wheels coming to canning this season.

Rev. Mr Cox occupied the pulpit of the Baptist church Sunday evening. Mr Hutchins has been holding special services at Pereau during the past two weeks with much success.

We are glad to see Berton Corkum around again

A Meeting of the Womans' Missionary Society was held in the Methodist church Sunday evening. The meeting was addressed by Mrs Hunter and others.

Messrs Hunter and Crossley are expected to be in Kentville in two weeks.

Victoria Harbor:

Stephen Spicer Esq. paid a visit to Kentville last week in connection with the disposal of his farm known as the Lot P. Jacques farm. The purchaser is Mr A Warner of Melvern Square.

The social which was held Wednesday evening proved a success despite the bad roads. The sum of eleven dollars was realized and a nice time was spent.

Mr William Elderkin arrived home last week after a lengthy absence abroad.

We regret the serious illness of Mrs Jas Parks.

Our enterprising farmer Wm Patterson drove to his home two fine pair of oxen the result of a recent purchase.

We have a large number of sick on our list for this week and we regret to say none are improving. Among the number are Mr John McKinley, Mr Daniel Ogilvie, two of our oldest residents. Mrs Jas Dempsey, and Mrs S Bennett.

Our social meetings are still in progress and a great deal of good is being done. The labors of Rev DH Simpson deserve much praise.

Harry Patterson is confined to the house with an attack of the chicken pox. We hope he will soon be out.

Mr Frank Elderkin purchased two pair of oxen last week.

Election is the most important feature at present, also bad roads and the bad weather.


Joseph Wyles of New Ross is at present visiting friends here.

Miss Annie Burns, who has been living in Boston for the past few months, arrived home Wednesday.

Our genial merchant CL Ogilvie purchased a car of flour recently.

Benjamin Gould, of Gould, Donnelan & Co., is at present in St John NB selling his vessel load of apples at a very small profit.

Schr Anna K., Capt Joseph Chute, will load potatoes at Ogilvie's wharf this week for St. John.

Our meeting are still continued another baptizing is the talk of the near future.

Hush! A whisper reaches my ears. (First word or two is missing…. PV) …. at fever has broken out afresh, the patients are kept in quarantine but still the scourge is rapidly spreading. Some think the mat microbe is in the spring air as every effort to stamp out the disease ineffective. Quilt fever has not entirely disappeared and some say the semi-annual house cleaning will soon break out. The fairer sex has the sympathy of the community but who sympathizes with the men?

 The delightful fogs of the Bay of Fundy are again covering our land and their coming is hailed with delight. The snow has almost entirely disappeared and in its place an elegant coating of mud and water fully six inches deep. Owing to this state of affairs traffic is almost entirely suspended and news is a very scarce commodity.

Election is the talk of the day. It is expected not as much money will be displayed as there was a general election last year but it is hoped by many that the right party will win and it will be judging by the enthusiasm displayed by both parties.

Mr Charles Cloury, who has been so seriously ill, is somewhat better.