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April 28th 1897



At North Kingston, NS, April 20, by Rev JS Coffin, assisted by Rev AS Tuttle, Albert J Robinson of Roslindale, Mass., and Eunice M., youngest daughter of Ed E Tupper of North Kingston.

(Boston papers please copy)

At Yokohama, Japan, march 5th, by Rev EC Irvine, Dr H Mather Hare, son of William Hare, of Halifax to Estelle, only daughter of Rev VC Hart, of Canadian Methodist Mission, China.

At the home of the brides parents, Mr and Mrs John Semone, April 10th by Rev. L.M. McCready, Geo. A. Fancy, of Upper Northfield, Lunenburg Co., and Miss Clara L. Semone, of New Canada.


At Waterville on Friday, April 23rd of consumption, Ella, eldest daughter of C.O. and Ardellis Nichols, aged 19 years.

At South Berwick on Wednesday, April 14th, Lydia Florence, daughter of John and Annie Coulter, aged 5 years.

At Church St., April 15th of paralysis, Mrs Robie Morine, aged 75 years.

Canady Creek:

The people in this vicinity were shocked on Saturday to hear of the terrible accident which had befallen Mrs Judson West at Coldbrook Friday evening. She had gone to Coldbrook to spend a few days and was riding with her nephew to call on a friend and as he went into the post office for a moment the horse in some manner turned suddenly throwing Mrs West out, the carriage wheel striking her about the temple. She was picked up unconscious and taken to the residence of Mr Asaph West and died the following morning. We tender our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved friends in the sad affliction.

Mrs J H Rawding has been spending a few days in Canning.

Marchant Clark spent last Wednesday at the light house.

Hanford Rawding has returned after several months' absence in Boston. Hanford enjoys the air of his native clime.

We are enjoying beautiful spring weather.

The fishermen have caught herring and some codfish in nets.

We enjoyed a pleasant little hooking party at Mrs Tuft's on Thursday.


An entertainment was given in the Free Baptist church on Wednesday evening by the members of the church. The concert consisted of music and recitations. The proceeds went to help the church financially.

Miss Killam is showing a very nice line of spring millinery, hats and bonnets in profusion, all at prices that defy competition.

Mr. Harry Martin has started the foundation for his new shop. Judging from the size of the foundation it will be a fine building.

Mrs Jonathan Borden has moved to Kentville and Mr J R Forbes is to move into her house soon. Mrs Borden has many friends in Canning who will miss her very much.

Constable Sanford was in town last week collecting fines imposed on Mike McFadden for selling liquor.

Mr C E Sanford, former manager of the Cornwallis Creamery, has assumed the management of the Noel Cheese Factory, Hants Co.

Sheffield Mills:

Miss Lillie Best from Canard visited at Mrs Geo Bentley's on Saturday and Sunday.

Messrs W Sanford & Sons have begun work at their mill.

E M Bancroft, representative for a Bicycle Co., has been taking orders in this vicinity. We learn that quite a number have purchased wheels from him.

Mr W L Harris was in Truro last week for a few days.

Miss Lulu Webster intends to begin a class in music here soon.

Mr and Mrs Stewart Alcorn of Berwick spent Sunday at the Mills.

We are pleased to see Mr Loris Borden home from Halifax.

Baxter Harbor Mt.:

Mr Ambrose Lyons, who has been quite seriously ill, is improving. We are glad to see him out again.

Mr Richmond Wood and family have moved to Arlington into the house lately occupied by Mr M Carson and formerly owned by Mr Wood.

Mr and Mrs Milledge Bennett have had their home brightened by the coming of a tiny son.

Miss Maggie Tully arrived home from Boston on Thursday 15th inst.

There has been quite an exodus of our young men this spring; some eight or ten have left here during the past three weeks for their respective places of work in the valley for the summer.

Those on our sick list are improving.


As the election is over the snow is gone and the mud is dried up, perhaps you would like to hear from this little corner once more.

So far this spring there has not been one to join the throng that yearly sets forth for the land of promises.

Mrs Neale of New Brunswick who has spent the last two months with her brother A Minniss (sp? PV) returned home on Saturday.

Watson Graves built a new barn this spring and William Ritchie has raised the frame of a dwelling house a short distance above the village. Who says Morden is quite dead yet?

Mr and Mrs George Kirkpatrick went to Port George on Sunday to visit their daughter who has been ill, we are pleased to learn that she is better.

Mr Roscoe visited our section last week, he seemed well pleased with the progress the school has made this term, under the management of Miss Spinney.

We are pleased to see Mr Chas Ritchie is able to be out again, he having been very sick through February.

Quite a lot of timber is being hauled here to be taken to Margaretville for use in building the wharf at that place.

Mr Fred Kirk bought a horse last week to take the place of the one lost by fire some time ago. He is expecting his wife and daughter home from mass where they have spent the winter.

The fishermen are busy building weirs, no less than four are being put in this spring.


Mr and Mrs Gay Best entertained the young people of Grafton and vicinity a Friday evening last, the occasion being a genuine "surprise party" to Mr best. The evening was very pleasantly spent in music and games.

The funeral of the late Mr Hiram Marshall took place here Friday afternoon April 23rd. The service was conducted by the Rev Thos McFall assisted by Revs JM Allen and FS Coffin.

Mrs JW Elliott of Windsor is visiting at her old home for a short time.

Mrs Eva Sawler returned home on Thursday last from an extended visit to friends in canning and Kentville.

Rev EO Read administered the ordinance of baptism to three young men on Sunday last after which he preached a very earnest and impressive sermon from Rev 2:10. The meetings will be continued this week.

Mr PF Lawson of the Middleton Outlook came home on Saturday to attend the funeral of Miss Nichols at Waterville. He returned to Middleton on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Fred Bligh of Halifax spent Sabbath last week with his cousin Mrs John A. Newcomb.