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February 24th 1897



At Auburn, Kings Co., 16th inst., by Rev. L. S. Coffin, Voorhees H. Skinner, of Weston, Kings Co., and Jennie Stuart, daughter of the later Thos. Welton, of Auburn.


At Horton Landing, on Thursday, the 18th inst., Capt. Thos. Tuzo, aged 75 years.

At Lake George, Aylesford, on Friday, Feb. 19th, Isabella, widow of the later Alexander McConnell, aged 95 years.

At Waterville on Thursday, Feb. 18th, Edith Osgood, daughter of James E. and Susanne W. Turner, aged one year, six months and 21 days.

At Halifax on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, Annie, wife of Charles Jefferson of Sydney, C. B. and daughter of Mr. Charles Norwood of Berwick, aged 49 years.


The marriage of Miss Jennie Welton, daughter of the late Thomas Welton, and Mr. V. H. Skinner, of Weston, Kings Co., took place at Auburn, Kings Co., on Tuesday the 16th inst. at the residence of the bride. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. S. Coffin. After a sumptuous wedding breakfast the happy couple took train to Halifax, thence to Acadia Mines, Col. Co., where they were the guests of their Uncle and Aunt, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lawrence, for a time.

On Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 10th, a quiet but very pretty wedding was witnessed at "Rose Cottage", the residence of Mrs. Annie Marchant of Brooklyn St., N. S. The contracting parties being Mabel Wood, eldest daughter of the late Henry W. Marchant of Brooklyn St., and Clayton C. Cogswell of Belcher St..

At 2 o'clock, the hour appointed for the ceremony, the bride entered the drawing room, which was handsomely decorated, taking her place under an arch, was immediately followed by the groom. The nuptial knot was tied by………………( the rest is missing, PV).


We have lost an old and esteemed resident and friend in the death of Mr. John Bridges, who passed away the 3rd inst at the advanced age of 84 years.

There has been considerable sickness of late, most cases are improving.

Navigation is about closed by ice but with a good westerly wind a vessel can still reach this port without danger.

Schr. Harold Borden is expected back from Machiasport to load again for south.

Mr. Frank Loomer has taken a trip to Havanna, Cuba, having taken second mate's berth on schr. J. W. Durant. Capt. Geo. Sanford also sailed on same schooner as first mate.

There are quite a number at work on the dyke. It is well above the tide and it is reported that a few men will continue work until completed.

Rev. Mr. Wall preaches in the church on Sabbath mornings.

The young folk are enjoying many pleasant parties. Dancing seems to be the order of the night.

Quite a number of cars are being loaded with potatoes for Halifax to go by steamer. Prices are reported on the advance. The price of apples has also increased.

The farmers are taking advantage of the good sledding; some are hauling marsh mud etc.

Mr. D. R. Huntley has been appointed postmaster and has taken charge of the office.

Dr. A. Birt Comes To Berwick:

Dr. A. Birt (Edinburgh University and the London Hospital) formerly resident physician Royal Edinburgh Infirmary and deputy superintendent Durham (Eng) County Asylum, will practice in Berwick during the ensuing winter and may be consulted at Mr. S. C. Parker's between the hours of 10-11 a.m. and 2-3 p.m.

Mr. T. H. Morse Retires:

Mr. T. H. Morse in retiring from the mercantile business conducted by him in Berwick for the past five years desires to express his thanks to his friends for their very generous patronage during those years and would intimate to those desiring to settle their accounts that for a few weeks he will be at the old stand for that purpose on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of each week.

Died In Halifax:

Mrs. Charles Jefferson of Sydney, C. B., daughter of Mr. Charles Norwood of Berwick died yesterday morning in Halifax, whither she had gone to secure medical treatment. The funeral will take place in Berwick on arrival of express train this morning.

Local Register:

Fisk Jubilee Singers in Aberdeen Hall, Saturday, March 6th.

Read the notice of S. H. Nichols marked down sale this week.

Preaching - Rev. T. McFall will preach in Aberdeen Hall on Sabbath next at 3 o'clock.

Patterson is selling out his winter goods at a low price.

The Farmers' Steamer - The Ardahrose, the second steamer chartered on behalf of the farmers of the valley sailed on Saturday for London, apple laden.

Shirt Ginghams and Prints at Patterson's

Two Story Residence on Main St. to rent. Apply to S. W. Bligh.

A clean stock of groceries at Patterson's.

Wanted - an all purpose horse in exchange for bicycle (ladies) new last season. Apply this office.

Farmer's Union car of meal will be unloaded on Saturday and Monday, John N. Chute, Secty.

Steam Mill Village:

Miss Della Crocker, who has been very ill, is slowly recovering.

Miss Emma MacInias is visiting friends in Lakeville.

 Miss Hattie Reid, who has been visiting friends at Round Hill, has returned home.

Mr. Geo. Reid of Toronto paid his parents a flying visit last week.

Mr. John Bezanson, our noted lumberman, is still doing a flourishing business on Birch Hill road.

Mr. James MacInias has sold a very fine pair of fat cattle weighing 3,540 lbs. Mr. Sanford of Halifax was the buyer.

Sheffield Mills:

A number have been busy with their teams improving the sledding and getting their year's supply of cordwood.

A pleasant evening and a good time is the report of those who enjoyed the drive and visit to Billtown Division last Thursday evening.

Miss Blanche Nichols from Aylesford is visiting her friend Miss Hattie Harris.

A singing school has been organized under the tuition of Mr. S Cox who has a large class in Canning also.

Mr. Dwight Kelly, who has been attending the Academy in Kentville, came home last week ill, it is said with diphtheria.

Feb. 22nd '97.

North Kingston:

Miss Ellie Hamilton of Yarmouth is visiting her sister Mrs. John Killam.

Mrs. Melbourne Neily is quite sick under the care of Dr Bell.

Mrs. Martha Armstrong and her sister Mary Armstrong of Bottineau, North Dakota are making a short visit among friends and relatives here.

Quite a number of the members of the Kingston Lodge I.O.O.F. from here had a sleigh drive to Middleton on Monday night to visit a sister or rather a "brother" lodge.

Messrs. Clark Foster and WS Higgins are doing quite a business cutting ice for parties.

Mr. Vernon Armstrong drove out to Brookfield, Queen's Co., a few weeks ago. Mr. Armstrong visited the gold diggings while there.


Surprise parties and colds are still going the rounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Parrish of Woodville spent a few days at ME Parrish's last week.

Miss Mabel Ruggles, who has been visiting her sister Mrs. Geo. Walker, has returned to her home in Digby.

Mr. EM Walker of Digby was visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Walker for a few days last week.

Last Tuesday Evangeline Lodge entertained Enterprise Lodge of Melvern Square.

On Thursday evening the members of Evangeline Lodge visited Evergreen Lodge, Greenwood. This lodge had been notified of the intended visit and the large number of members present testified to the pleasure they had in seeing their visiting brethren. A very pleasant evening was spent.

Mr. William Magee Sr., spent a few days at Torbrook last week visiting his daughter Mrs. Geo. Spurr.

Dr. Croaker is still in Kingston attending to the many dental wants of its inhabitants.


Our sick list continues much the same with a few additions. We are sorry to note the serious illness of Mrs. Byron S. Johnstone and Mrs. Lemuel Whitman. Mrs. Johnstone is now somewhat better.

A few members of the Christian Endeavor made a very pleasant call on our aged resident, Mrs. Campbell, on Sunday (14th) the occasion being her ninety-first birthday. Bible reading, Prayer and singing filled the afternoon very pleasantly both for Mrs. Campbell and the Endeavorers. Mrs. Campbell still retains her faculties but is helpless having to lie in bed always. We hope the C. E. Society will visit her often in her old age.

Don't forget the Sabbath School concert next Sabbath evening, Feb. 28th, in the Baptist church. As this is a charitable cause a full house is requested. Concert at 8:30 sharp.

A few of our ladies and gentlemen enjoyed a sleighing party on Saturday evening going to New Minas, where they attended the old folks' concert, after which they repaired to Mr. Bishop's home, where they enjoyed themselves in music, games and luncheon, returning home in the "wee small hours" of the morning.

Miss Carrie Best has been spending a few days with her sister Miss Elsie Best at White Rock.

Mrs. E. M. Margeson is spending a few days with friends in Annapolis County.

Mrs. Hamilton Young spent a few days last week at Mrs. W. V. T. Young's.

Miss Lida Woodroffe, who has been spending a few days in Brooklyn St., has returned home.

Miss Bessie McIntosh spent Saturday and Sunday at her home.

Miss Edna Skinner is visiting at her home.

Miss Susie Dunn returned to her home in New Germany on Wednesday last.

W. W. Pineo Esq. loaded a car of potatoes for Havanna on Monday of this week at 30 cents per bushel.

Mrs. T. A. Margeson is quite ill.

Rev. E. O. Read is holding special meetings at Cambridge. A few from Waterville attend.

Your correspondent had the privilege of listening to Rev. Mr. Young on Sabbath evening. Mr. Young is an eloquent speaker.

The advance in the price of apples is making the "old farmers" brighten up such as are lucky in having any on hand.

The excellent sleighing afforded opportunity to lots of visitors to attend the meetings on Sabbath last.


Mrs. Amanda Condon, who has been very ill for some time under the case of Dr. Middlemas, is recovering.

Mrs. Margaret Webster, who has also been on the sick list, is now quite well again.

Little Avard Rachford Morse, foster-child of Mrs. F. R. Rachford, is very ill with croup. Dr. Middlemas is in attendance.

Mr. Morse of Nictaux visited his sister Miss Flora Morse Saturday and Sunday last.

The special services commenced last week are of a very interesting character and we trust much good is being done. The rev. J. M. Young preached acceptably one evening last week and last evening we enjoyed another sermon from him. It is presumed that he will assist our pastor Rev. E. O. Read during the evening services.

Some despicable thief stole a valuable buffalo robe from Mr. J. E. Dodge's sleigh Monday evening while Mr. Dodge and family were at church. Evidently it behooves us to be on our guard in this vicinity.

Miss Renna Rachford spent several days last week with friends in Lakeville.

Mrs. J. Howe Cox is making an extended visit to friends in Halifax.

Mr. Coldwell loaded a car of potatoes yesterday from the warehouse and Mr. J. A. Kinsman is loading apples at Berwick and elsewhere which will be put in the warehouse here for the present.

The social which took place on the 12th inst. resulted in twenty dollars for the India Famine fund.