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THURSDAY, AUG. 7th, 1902.

Letter from Rev. G. O. Huestis.


The welcome weekly Register carries me back, in thought, not to my native land, but to one almost equally admired, where I spent thirteen years of my life, - four in charge of a circuit, nine as a preaching supernumerary.

The name of my first circuit was all Cornwallis; then, 1849, having two terminations, East and West; since, called Canning and Berwick, two notable places, for many things, both good and evil.

My next circuit, on a part of the same ground, was Canning, which was occupied in 1871, ’72 and ’73. During those years Berwick enjoyed the services of Rev. John Prince and Rev. John Addy.

In 1871, the evolution of the Camp Meeting began, under the direction of Brother Prince, E. C. Foster, H. E. Jefferson and others, but was not opened until the next year, 1872. The first sermon preached, was by Rev. J. Allen, a native of the valley, the second by G. O. H., from Luke 14:33, both on the 6th July. We began, like John the Baptist, preaching in the wilderness, of Berwick. An important change in reference to location has taken place. It was then an out of doors wilderness. It is now a sacred enclosure. I suppose the boards of such a fence are as hallowed as the walls of a church building. Its consecration has been made, by the manifestation of God’s presence, in the only way in which He can be made known, - by the pouring out of His spirit into man’s spiritual nature. Multitudes of the living on earth, and perhaps more of the departed, found the knowledge of God here, which is eternal life. Many more during the first half of its history, than during the latter.

It is yet a place of salvation, chiefly that part of the work, "Perfecting the saints."

I hope soon to hear once more the "sound of the going in the tops of the mulberry trees". The unseen, spiritual gathering of the operating forces of good and evil in vigorous conflict, real battles, more important and far reaching, than any of those recently terminated in South Africa.

The lord bless, with abundant showers of grace, the coming convocation in this holy place.


Aug., 1902.