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January 13th 1897



At Kingsport on the 8th, to Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Borden, a son.


At Wesley Church Berwick, on Tuesday Jan. 12th, by Rev. G.W.F. Glendenning S.T.B., George H. Oxley Esq. and Miss Sadie, daughter of David Caldwell Esq., all of Berwick.

At Lawrencetown, Jan. 12th, by Rev. Jos Gaetz, Rev. Johnson H. Toole of Kingston to Ethel Grace, second daughter of Isaac Durling Esq. of Lawrencetown.


At Tremont on Wednesday, Jan 6th, of sumption, Thadeus W. Messinger, aged 51 years.

At Jemseg, Queens County, N.B., on Dec. 16th, G. Wallace VanBuskirk of Melvern Square, Annapolis Co., NS, aged 72 years.


Hon. Dr Borden visited Kingsport on the 6th in interest of the Dyke.

Mr. Robert Burns of Hantsport was here a few days fitting new rigging for Schr. Harold Borden. She is loaded and will sail for Havana about the 12th.

Schr. Golden Light arrived Jan 5th with apples which went per rail to Amherst.

Schr. J. W. Durant arrived on 8th to load potatoes for Havana.


Mr. Smith Welton and Mr. Reade Orde visited Kentville on Monday the 11th.

Mr. Reade and Mr. Frank Lowe of Stonehaven, N B, arrived in the village last Thursday. Mr. Read left on Saturday's express for Boston via Yarmouth. Mr. Lowe will remain; he has purchased the dwelling house and garden lot formerly owned by Mr. Simpson.

Mr. Charles Neily of Boston, Mass., and his mother from Kingston were the guests Mrs. A G Morse Last Monday.

Miss Maud Weir of Middleton was spending a few days of last week with her Aunt Mrs. Charles Blackburn.

Lake George:

The old year has gone and the new year has come again bringing with it a long spell of rain and mud.

Willie E. Brennen has returned home again after being absent all summer.

Miss Lillie Robinson is the guest of Mrs. I P Ward.

The basket sociable held at Lake George on Christmas eve proved a fair success. The sum of eighteen dollars and a half was realized.

The people of Lake Paul intend holding a pie social Saturday the 9th.

Miss Jennie Patterson has been visiting at Mr. James Hudgins' a few days.

The weight of the twenty-two geese raised by Mr. Wm Brennen was two hundred and sixteen pounds as misprinted in the REGISTER.

Jan. 8 '96.

Baxter Harbor Mt:

Mr. WE Bennett is quite seriously ill. We hope to see him around again soon.

Mr Samuel Fraser and family have moved into the house at Sheffield Mills lately occupied by Mr John Butler now of this place. We understand Mr Fraser has purchased the farm.

Mr H McCully has sold his farm to Mr. Berton Caton. Mr Caton takes possession in the spring.

Quite a number of new members have been received into our lodge during the last few weeks, A number of our young people visited Harmony lodge on Saturday evening last. A good time is reported.

The Salvation Army of Canning hold service at the house of Mrs E Schofield on Friday evenings next. All are invited to attend.

Mrs Zilpha Woodworth is attending the school in Upper Pereaux this winter.

Rev Mr Wall of Kingsport came all the way up over the bad roads on Sunday last to find a closed hall. A misunderstanding about his appointment was the cause. We hope Mr wall will not get discouraged in his labors among us.

Mrs Wm Martin and daughter Cassie were the guests of Miss Jennie and Mr R Hazel last week.

Mrs F Pearl is visiting friends in Windsor.


Miss May Coffin of Auburn left on Thursday last for Truro where she will remain for some weeks.

Ernist Eaton of Auburn has gone to Middleton to attend school.

Miss Angie Lee returned to Truro on the 6th inst, after spending the holidays at home.

Mr T Loomer and family expect to leave for New York this week.

We are sorry to hear of the serious illness of Mrs Samuel Selfridge; also of Miss Jennie Potterson.

On Thursday evening of last week the young people met and with the aid of their pastor organized a BYPU.

The contest which has been going on in parole division was finished last Wednesday evening, when it was found by the count that Captain Ethel Eaton had won, though both sides had given good entertainment.

The following officers were duly elected and installed:-

WP - H Spurr WA - E Davison
RS - N II Davidson ARS - Mrs NH Parson
Chap - LR Baker FS -A McBride
Treas; Mrs A McBride Con; Joe Taylor
AC; Eva Graves PWP; WP Robinson
OS; H Nichols IS; Bertie Taylor

 Canady Creek:

The weather so far is beautiful but no snow.

Mr and Mrs Thomas Parker and some friends enjoyed a beautiful boat run to Hall's Harbor on New Year's day. The day being fine it was a rare treat at this season of the year.

We regret to say that Mr GA White is in very poor health.

Jotham Gould and Walter Hayes are home for the winter.

What might have resulted in a tragedy took place at Black Rock. Albert Gould was examining a revolver owned by William Budrean when it was accidentally discharged just grazing Budrean's arm.

Mrs Parker entertained a number of friends on Monday evening. A pleasant time was enjoyed.

Mr Budrean is spending a few weeks at Mr Hugh Thompson.

Hanford Rawding is treating his house to a generous coat of paint.

Jan 11th '97


At Wesley Church, Berwick, at half past twelve o'clock yesterday, the marriage of Mr. George Oxley and Miss Sadie Caldwell was solemnized.

The spacious church was filled with invited guests and other friends of the parties, who had been assembled to witness the interesting event in the lives of two of the most popular among the young people of the town.

Tasteful decorations, arranged by skillful hands, adorned the building, a cluster of mistletoe overhanging the space before the altar, reserved for the performance of the ceremony.

At the hour named, the sound of the wedding march, played by Miss Annie Chipman of Church St., a cousin of the bride, announced the arrival of the bridal party. The bridegroom entered, attended by Mr. Hazen Anthony as best man. The bride followed immediately, leaning upon the arm of her brother, Mr. Arthur A. Caldwell of Oakdale, Mass., and attended by Miss Louise Newcombe of Church St., as bridesmaid.

The dress of the bride was of white satin and crepon. She wore a bridal veil and carried a beautiful fan and a boquet of bride's roses. The bridesmaid was attired in white cashmere.

The bride being conducted to her place by the side of her future husband, the ceremony was performed after the simple, but solemn ritual of the Methodist church, by Rev. Mr. Glendenning. At its close the newly married couple were driven to the home of the parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. David Caldwell, where a reception was held, and refreshments served.

Mr. and Mrs. Oxley started by the afternoon express on their bridal tour, which will extend as far west as Toronto; the return trip we believe, will include a visit to Niagara Falls and a tour through the New England States.

Among many useful and appropriate gifts received by the bride, may be mentioned a very valuable fur coat from her mother, and the gift of the groom, a magnificent gold watch with jeweled chain.

 A large number gathered at the Lawrencetown Methodist church, yesterday, to witness the marriage of Miss Ethel, the second daughter of Mr. Isaac Durling of Lawrencetown, and Rev. J.H. Toole.

The high esteem with which the contracting parties are held in the village, together with this being the first marriage in this church, there is no doubt that if the day had been fine, the church would have been crowded.

At 10 o'clock, a.m., the bridal party entered the church; the bride was ably assisted by Miss Dena Newcombe, who was bridesmaid, and Mr. Arch Foster supported the groom.

The church was tastefully decorated with green foliage, and immediately after the ceremony, which was preformed by Rev. Jos. Gaetz of Middleton, a reception was given at the home of the bride's father, after which they took the twelve o'clock train to Yarmouth, where they intend to remain for two or three weeks.

Mrs. Toole was the recipient of very many handsome and useful presents, which testify to the high esteem in which she is held in Lawrencetown.

They will occupy the new parsonage opposite the depot, when they return.



On Monday evening, Jan. 4th, the B Y P U held their half-yearly business meeting.

The officers were elected as follows: -

President - Miss Hattie Rockwell.

Vice " - Mrs. M P Freeman.

Secretary - Andrew Bentley.

Treasurer - Miss Ruth Bentley.

Mrs. Borden of Canning was the guest of Mrs. H P Sweet last week.

Miss Sadie Craig of Brooklyn St spent a few days last week with her sister, Mrs. H Morris.

Miss Barnaby of Kentville, who has been visiting her friend Miss Hattie Lamont returned to her home on Friday last.

Lake Division S of T is still prospering. Quite a number of new members have been received lately. On Thursday evening Dec 31 the officers for the ensuing quarter were elected as follows -

W P - Miss Bessie Freeman

W A - Flora Bentley

R S - Andrew Bentley

A R S - Delia Card

F S - Perry Sweet

Treas - Ruth Bentley

Chap - Mrs. L A Illsley

Con - Perry Foot

A C - Jossie Smith

I S - Harry Kidston

O S - Wallace Keizer

Rev F O Weeks formerly pastor of the Kentville Baptist church gave us a very eloquent and powerful sermon in the church here on Sunday morning 10th.

We are glad to hear that Mrs. J O Lantz, who has been quite sick with a cold, is convalescent.

Also that Mrs. Joel Lamont, who has been quite ill for a few days, is recovering.

Lower Rates:

Dr. Balcom, of Aylesford, acting in the interests of the Annapolis Valley Fruit Shipping Company, has chartered a first class steamer to load at Halifax for London, about the 15th inst, at a through rate of 72 cents per barrel. The rapidity with which the steamer's space is being taken up shows that the move is appreciated by the fruit growers. It is understood that this steamer is to be followed later by others.

Kings Country Board of Trade:

The annual meeting of the Kings Country Board of Trade will be held at the Court House, Kentville on Wednesday, Jan. 13th, at 3 o'clock.

Besides the Election of officers, several important matters are to come up for discussion. WH Chase will deliver an address upon the Nova Scotia Apple Barrel. Is a change necessary for the shipment of Apples and Potatoes? William Young will open a discussion upon "Our Road making System. Is any change possible?" And C.R.H. Starr will present his views of "the Future of our Apple Industry."