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Pictures relate to Lester & Leah Finley and friends of Harbourville.

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Lester Finley is mentioned in the following (posted) Register articles on this site :
Please hit your back button to return to this page. - June 4, 1941 - HEAVY GALE DESTROYS MANY FISH WEIRS ALONG THE BAY SHORE. - June 10th, 1942 - News and Views of The Bay Shore Port of Harborville - Christmas Edition - 2002 -High Tidings - Harbourville newsletter for Dec. 2002.

The Register

August 24, 1938

Interesting Trip To Isle au Haute

Light 365 Feet Above High Water Level – Cliffs Precipitous – Light-keeper Has Long Service Medal.

Recently a party of vacationists at Harborville enjoyed an excursion in Lester Finley’s motorboat "Minerva," to the Isle au Haute, and one of the number, Miss Muriel Margeson, of Rockland, has given us an interesting description of the trip as follows:

Captain Finley took us around the island before we landed. It is very rugged and steep on all sides except where we landed, here the slope is more gradual. The island banks look quite bare on the south side, but there is valuable timber on the north side. Isle au Haute is eleven miles from Harborville, four and one half miles from Cape Chignecto and almost twelve miles from Advocate. The island is two miles long and has an average width of one half mile.

As soon as we landed most of us trooped up the road leading to the lighthouse feeling something like Columbus must have when he discovered his island. After a fifteen minute walk we reached our destination which was the only house on the island. Some of us had taken our cameras so we used them to take pictures of whatever took our fancy.

Highest Light in Canada

The light is the highest or one of the highest in Canada and is 365 feet above high water. It is a revolving light. The keeper of the light is Captain Percy Morris who was born in Advocate. He showed us a medal which he had received in 1935 from King George V because he had been faithful to his job for 30 years. He is a remarkably young looking man for his years and when I remarked about it, he said "well, I haven’t very much hair to show my age when I do turn grey."

I spent some of my time talking to Captain Morris for he was very interesting to listen to. He said that there are no frogs, toads or snakes on the island, and they did have half a dozen potato bugs about two years ago. It should be a good place to grow potatoes profitably. The season seems to be a little later than on the mainland for they seldom start haying till the first of August.

Captain Morris was the first to cross the Bay of Fundy in a boat with a gasoline engine and he had the first radio in Cumberland County. A radio is lots of company during the long winter months. Last winter none of the residents were off the island for five months.

Indian spear heads and broken pieces of pottery are sometimes dug up on the island. Efforts have also been made to locate pirate treasure. There are still signs to show where a man from Vancouver and others dug in an endeavor to find Captain Kidd’s treasure.

The Isle au Haute lighthouse was built 62 years ago. As there was no road then on the island the building materials were hoisted up the steep sides of the island.

The setting sun behind the island and the clear mirror-like smoothness of the bay is a picture well worth seeing.

Finley Henry (3/3/1860-31/5/1946)
Lillian Ann (1/1/1866-1945) nee Freeman, d/o James Batsford Freeman

- Eva Georgia - (18/3/1889-    ) married Leander Armstrong
- Amos Freeman - (2/8/1891-    )
- Lester Batsford - (31/12/1898-1988)
- Ivan Elmer - (1901-1954)
- Edna - (1908-    ) married Oscar Levy
Berwick Cemetery:

Lester B. Finley, 1898-1988.
His wife Leah M. Field, 1901-1990