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Burlington Cemetery
Barley Street
Burlington, Nova Scotia

3rd Annual Cemetery Newsletter
March, 2009

It is once again time to bring everyone up to date on the ongoing care of the Burlington Cemetery. We are pleased to report that we have had a year of accomplishments and of looking to the future.

The most major project that has finally been brought to a conclusion is the stump removal and the placement of the drainage tile. The trees along the south and west sides of the south side cemetery were cut in January of 2007, and we were very anxious to have this job finished. We asked Ken Lutz Excavating to do this job, as he has been a big contributor to the cemetery in his donations of top soil. In the early summer he was able to complete this job, after several days of work. It has been reported that the drainage is now working very well, so the west end of the cemetery should be much drier. The cost of this job was substantial, the final bill coming in at $6700. but this bill was reduced by $2000. from Ken’s original bill, so we appreciate very much his doing this job at such a pared down price for the good of the cemetery.

After the completion of this project, the fencing was replaced on those sides, by a volunteer work party. The cemetery is much improved in its appearance and functionality. We have added pictures of the cemetery after this latest improvement to the web-site for your viewing.


In the spring of 2008, we had the opportunity to purchase the westerly adjoining property to the north side cemetery. After much discussion and the approval of the directors, we accepted the offer and purchased 1.49 acres from Bobby Daniels. The cost will be paid in four yearly installments of $2500., the second of which will be paid this spring. The land will be developed as needed for cemetery lots.

Also in the spring we once again applied for a grant from the municipality and were very fortunate to receive $2300 for our ongoing work at the cemetery.

Tom Metcalfe, our cemetery grounds supervisor, has started an extensive mapping of a grid of the cemetery. To this end, he has discovered some unmarked graves and also found a number of new areas open for burial. He has marked these new found lots with small stones. Tom is also continuing his stone repair on the many very fragile stones on the north side. There is still a good deal of restoration required on the north side. We would like to replace the fence and update the graves.

Jim Stevens once again was contracted to do the mowing for the summer of 2008 and we were pleased with his work. His bid has been accepted for the summer of 2009 with no increase in cost and we are expecting another good job.

In May, a good number of members of the society and the community came together for another very successful spring clean-up of the cemetery. Leaves were raked and the cemetery was completely fertilized and limed and anywhere needed was seeded.

A proposal was made to replace the gate and at least part of the fence at the south side entrance. Rick Balsor Welding was approached for an estimate. This is something we feel would make a good impression on everyone who visits this cemetery but this is still in the planning stage .

Cindy Usher, a Barley Street resident, took it upon herself to place small Canadian flags at all the veterans stones just before Remembrance Day and placed a Legion wreath on the gate. It was a gesture much appreciated by all those who visited family at that time. The cemetery looked lovely with its fluttering red flags. We certainly do thank her wholeheartedly as well as the Burlington Community Club who sponsored it. Pictures of this can also be seen on the web-site.

In this past year 7 lots have been purchased for burial.

We had our Annual General Meeting on Nov 12, 2008 and all of the executive were willing to stand for another year.

As you can see much has been accomplished, but there is always more to do to keep this fine old cemetery in top shape. We would like to thank all who have worked so hard to that end.

We would also like to take this opportunity to show our great appreciation to all those who have been able to make a donation in the last year. Without your kindness we would never be able to accomplish what we have to date. If anyone would like to consider making a donation this year, please make cheques payable to the Burlington Cemetery and use the enclosed envelope. Donations can be made in memory of any of your loved ones. We also have our charitable donation status and you will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

Once again thank-you all so much.

The Current Executive of the Cemetery Society are:
Brian Hirtle - President
Drew Armstrong - Vice-president
Doreen Bennett - Secretary
Pat Kemp - Treasurer
Phil Vogler - Publicity/ Advertising