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May 26th 1897



On May 19th, at the residence of the brides father, 123 Hazen street, St John, by the Rev. Wm. Rainnie, Thomas H. Sommerville and Annie Miller, daughter of Robert Milligan, esq.

At Gold Stream, Ont., 5th inst, by the Rev L.E. Bill, father of the groom, assisted by Rev. G.B. Davis, Rev. L.E. Bill, Jr, B.A., of Rochester, New York, and Miss Blanche Thomas, of Gold Stream, Ont.

Lost - A note of hand signed by A.S. Bentley to Wm. T. Bennet for the sum of one hundred dollars dated Nov.28th, 1896. Finder will please return to Wm. T. Bennett

South Waterville.

The Cemetery Co.

At the annual meeting of the Cemetery Co. of Berwick, on May 21st, 1897 the following officers were appointed for the ensuing year.

President - H.E. Jefferson

Vice President - G.E. Pineo

Secretary - A.F. Chipman

Board of Directors - Jas. E. Turner, Owen Condon, S.C. Parker, Leander Chute.

Auditor - T.H. Parker.

Baxter Harbor Mt:

Mr L Lockhart and family have moved into the house with Mr Hugh Rogers.

Mr Charles Cogswell of Baxter harbor has sold his farm to Mr J E Arnold of Woodville and moved to Canning.

Mrs James Fennessy and family left here to-day en route for their home in Hyde Park, Mass. They will be much missed from among us.

Mr Francis Lyons of Baxter Harbor lost a valuable cow recently.

Mr Amos Sheffield has moved to Baxter Harbour for the summer.

Since our last writing Mr Edward Cogswell of Baxter Harbor after a long illness has passed away.


Rev H N Hutchins, pastor of the Baptist church, Canning, gave a very interesting lecture on the "Story of Hymns" in the church here on Monday evening May 17th.

Miss Idella Card is visiting friends in Wolfville.

Arbor Day was celebrated by the school here beautifying and cleaning the school ground and in the evening by a bonfire around which the young folk gathered and took part in different out door games, which were enjoyed very much.

The farmers are glad to see the fine weather and winds to dry up the land ready for work, as they are a little behind time on account of so much rain this spring.

Mr J M Card, our genial blacksmith has gone to Kentville to work. His shop is carried on here by his son Master Waldo Card and Mr Clem.

Mr Arthur Porter our energetic and skilful carpenter is at present in Weston building a house for Mr Noble Woodworth of that place.


The sun is a welcomed visitor here, we having only seen his shining face a few times this spring.

Owing to the rainy weather spring work is progressing slowly.

Mr Geo T Pelton formerly of Clarence Centre has moved into the house owned by L J Lamb of Manitoba.

Mr Benjamin West had the misfortune of having his collar bone badly fractured one day last week while at work with his horses.

Mr Otis Nichols and Mr Geo E Hutchinson are improving the appearance of their farms very much by removing stones and levelling the ground in front of their places. This is an example worthy of imitation.

Mr Wm West has lately purchased a fine horse from parties in Middleton.

Mr Selden Hodges has purchased a fine top buggy from Mr L Whitman.

G N Banks has extended his orchard by the addition of 350 fruit trees.

The home of Mr and Mrs Freeman Johnson was gladdened by the arrival of a baby boy on May 6th.

Quite a number of our young people spent Monday 24th in Kentville.

We notice Mr S F Banks driving a new top buggy purchased from L O Neily & Co., of Aylesford.

Three of our young men went on a fishing excursion to the south river one day last week and had the misfortune of getting lost and had to tarry in the woods all night. They arrived at a settlement about daylight where they found friends awaiting them.

Under the skilful management of Miss Chesley our school is making rapid progress.

The John Eaton Co's. departmental store at Toronto was burned on Thursday.


Miss D. E. Reagh of Middleton, spent Queen's birthday with friends in Berwick.

Rev. Dr. Parkhurst, of Zion's Herald, arrived in Yarmouth by Wednesday steamer from Boston.

Mr. Aubrey Fullerton the present manager of the Digby Courier has leased that paper for seven years.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harvey of Port Williams spent Saturday and Sabbath with friends in Berwick.

Miss Lucy Pick who has been for many years a member of the family of Mr John D. Sommerville is very seriously ill.

Mr. T. H. Sommerville and bride arrived in Berwick on Monday. They leave to-day to return to their home in St. John.

Mr. W. H. Chase, of Wolfville, and Dr. H. B. Webster, of Kentville, left last week for a trip through England and Scotland.

N. R. Burrows, Halifax, has taken the place of J. M. Creighton as accountant in the Union bank at Kentville. Mr. Creighton has been removed to the office at Glace Bay.

Rev. T. McFall left on Saturday last for St. John where he preached on Sabbath. He proceeds this week to Beaver Falls, Pa. where the synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church is to meet shortly.

Mr. E. C. Foster celebrated his eightieth birthday on Saturday last. On Monday he forwarded to Ottawa his resignation of the office of postmaster at Berwick, which he has held for twenty years, to take effect at the end of September next. The clearness of Mr Foster's mind and the vigor of his step give promise of years of continued usefulness.

Mr. Geo. Williams, one of the most popular conductors on this division of the D. A. R. has returned from his well-earned vacation spent in New York, and assumed his duties on the west-bound express yesterday. Mrs. Williams, who has been visiting friends in New York accompanied her husband on his return.

Digby Courier (21st).

Ex-Governor Altgeld is suffering from a severe attack of nervous prostration.

Cambridge University by a vote of 1,713 to 662, rejected the proposal to confer degrees upon women.

The London Liberal papers are furious because the Sultan of turkey has announced his intention of sending a representative to the diamond jubilee.