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October 11, 1899

Letter from G.O.H.:


My thoughts of the Valley, and of the Southern shore of the Bay of Fundy, abound, but they are seldom put in shape by the pen. I shall try to be a better correspondent, henceforth, both in prose and poetry. There is not a great gulf between the two counties, but there is a mountain and large forests, whose furniture help largely to increase the wealth of this favored region. The pursuits of the people greatly differ, you look up and climb for apple money, we look down, and haul it up from the ocean's depth, you get it out of Nova Scotia's banks, we from the banks of Newfoundland. I think it probable, that our fish give us more money than your apples. This year the supply has been unusually abundant. And if the price continues as now, it will be one of the most prosperous for the last twenty years.

We have also another source of wealth which Kings has not. Recently I handled a bar of pure gold weighing 16 lbs., representing between 3 and 4 thousand dollars, the result of 17 days toil of as many men in the upper part of Mahone Bay. This County once had a gold scare or illusion which ruined many men but it is reality now, for the right place is found.

But let me tell you of another little Province, which I visited, in September, a remarkable sand bank, on the submarine mountain, called P.E. Island. This place produces on its surface in proportion to its acres, more wealth than any place in the Dominion. Take one line of industry, cheese and butter. Twenty years ago, there was not a factory on the Island; now they so abound that the product last year was $364,000. They raise more wheat and oats on that Island than all the Maritime Provinces combined. It is in a most prosperous condition. A poor man there, is almost as rare as a rich man among us. Some wise men think that the Federal government has had some hand in inaugurating prosperity. If so, both parties must share in the honor. The old initials, with a little change are certainly appropriate just now, N P. - National prodigality.


Lunenburg, Sept. 26th, 1899