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The Year 1897

If anyone has a copy of the Register published between 1891 and up until the end of the month of December 1896, please contact me. I am also looking for the months of Oct., Nov., and December, 1897.

The community columns are a great way of tracking the seasons, shipping, politics and most important, the lives of our ancestors. I wish I had the time to copy all of them.

Since I may add information to the previously posted issues a graphic will be used to alert the reader to recent additions since the search engine that I have installed (on the year 1897 page) may not have spidered the new information yet. Please note that I have posted the grammar and typo's as they appear.

If anyone has a copy of the Register published between 1891 and up until the end of the month of December 1896, please contact me. I am also looking for the months of Oct., Nov., and December, 1897.

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January 6th 1897 Centreville community news. Lowden, Eaton, Fales etc.
  Some Kingsport news, Schrs Bessie Parker & JW Durant and more.
  Scott's Bay news. Crowe, Legge, McDonald etc.
  Seasons Greetings from several town merchants. Clark, Gaul & Nichols.
  North Kingston news. Killam, Charlton, Foster etc.
  Millville news. Jacques, Nichols, Orde etc.
  Grafton News. Power, Palmer, Magee etc.
  Waterville news. Pineo, Read, Allan etc.
January 13th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Kingsport news, Hon Dr. Borden visits Kingsport.
  Millville & Lake George news. Welton, Lowe, Patterson etc.
  Baxter Harbor Mt. news. Bennett, McCully, Woodworth etc.
  Aylesford news. Coffin, Eaton, Lee etc.
  Canady Creek news. Parker, White, Gould etc.
  Marriage, Oxley - Caldwell.
  Marriage, Durling - Toole.
  Billtown news. Rockwell, Freeman, Bentley etc.
January 20th 1897

BMD's for that week.

  Total shipments of apples.
  Kingsport news, 480 acres of land reclaimed.
  Burlington news. McAuley, Ogilvie, Falkingham etc.
  Boat found near Harborville.
  A Pretty Wedding, McLean & Hains.
  Nova Scotia Farmers Association, Annual Convention.
  Personals, Simpson, Stewart, Vaughn etc.
January 27th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Fire in Wolfville, Royal Hotel.
  Schooner Harold Borden in Distress
  Victoria Harbor news.
  Wedded in Harborville. Miss Luella Morris to Captain Frank Curry.
  Canady Creek news. Thompson, Spicer Schnare etc.
  Cambridge news. Craig, Raymond, Caldwell etc.
February 3rd 1897 BMD's for that week.
  The Farmers Steamer.
  Schooner Harold Borden to be repaired.
  Sheffield Mills news. Webster, Eaton, Perry etc.
  Grafton news. Power, Loomer, Coleman etc.
  Steam Mill Village news. Sawyer, Beckwith, Horne etc.
  Waterville news. Woodworth, Margeson, Young etc.
  Baxter Harbor Mt. news. Bennett, Blenkhorn, Lyons etc.
  Brooklyn Street news. Tupper, Marchant, Cogswell etc.
  Centreville news. Eaton, Ford, Lowden etc.
February 10th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  The Steamship "Nor", letter to editor from shareholder of Fruit Shipping Company
  Berwick Personals, names like Fisher, Franklin, Parker etc.
  North Kingston news, Silver, Foster, Smith etc.
  Coldbrook & Billtown community news, Porter, Bill, Morton etc.
  Burlington news. Charlton, McBride, Ogilvie etc.
  Early closing, merchants in Auburn & Aylesford.
  In Prohibition Maine.
February 17th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Rare account of life in Woodlawn.
  W. R. Huntley, master shipbuilder of Parrsboro
  Berwick Personals, Tupper, Calkin, Folker, Craig etc.
  Canady Creek, Rawding, Cook, Eaton etc.
  Gaspereau & Waterville news.
  Morristown & Scotts Bay news.
  Victoria Harbor news.
February 24th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Matrimonial, Welton, Mabel Wood & Clayton C. Cogswell.
  Kingsport news. Loomer, Wall, Huntley etc.
  Dr. A. Birt Comes To Berwick:
  Mr. T. H. Morse Retires
  Died In Halifax
  Local Register
  Steam Mill Village news. Crocker, Reid, Bezanson etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Nichols, Kelly etc.
  North Kingston news. Killam, Neily, Armstrong etc.
  Kingston news. Parrish, Ruggles, Walker etc.
  Waterville news. Whitman, Johnstone, Campbell etc.
  Cambridge news. Condon, Webster, Rachford etc.
March 3rd1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Ogilvie, Lutz, Bishop etc.
  Rockland news. Palmer, Rainsforth, Woodworth etc.
  Fisk Jubilee Singers
  Centreville news. Kinsman, Borden Sawyer etc.
  Wedded in Boston, Miss Marjorie Borden to Mr. Frank B. Magee.
March10th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Hantsport news. Rand, Huntley, Sweet etc.
  Canady Creek news. Gould, Foot, Paul, etc.
  Scott's Bay news. Shaw, Dodge, Jess, etc.
  Burlington news. Cashman, Falkingham, Doherty etc.
  Personals: Parker, Chute, Congdon etc.
  Woodlawn news. Clem, McBride, Gould etc.
March17th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Kingsport news, Schr Harold Borden, Schrs Sunshine and Ethel B. etc.
  Steam Mill news, Crocker, MacInias, Reid
  J.C. Thompson Store Prices (very detailed price list). Waterville.
  Fairview news.Connor, Cloury, Cashman etc.
  Billtown news. Rockwell, Sweet, Kinsman etc.
March 24th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Centreville news. Bently, Eaton, Brown etc.
  Kingston news. Robinson, Gates, Parish etc.
  North Kingston news. Roy, Eaton, Dodge etc.
  Burlington news. Clem, Saunders, Ogilvie etc.
  Cambridge news. Graves, Cox, Morse etc.
  Kingsport news. Farnham, Tupper etc. Schr's Acadia, Evangeline etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Harris, Ells, Randall etc.
  Evangelist Gale arrived in Wolfville
  Canning news. "Cornwallis Creamery"
March 31st 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Mr Edmund Donnellan (funeral), Howell, Clem, Bishop etc.
  Kingsport news. Schr Harold Borden etc.
  Baxter Harbor Mtn. news. McLean, Bennett etc.
  Lake George news. Lutz, Woodworth, Wiles.
  Millville news. Morse, Welton, Graves.
April 7th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Victoria Harbor news. Dempsey, Ogilvie, McKinlay etc.
  Letter to the editor regarding Capt. Moses Shaw.
  Harborville news. Spicer, Curry, Chute etc.
  Berwick Personals. Anthony, Fuller, Foster etc.
  Scotts Bay news. Steele, Tupper, Rogers etc.
  Canning news. Schr Packet (Capt Tupper) , Schr Harold Borden etc.
April 14th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Baxter Harbour Mt. news. Tully, Brewster, Harris etc.
  Kingsport news. Stmr Evangeline, Schr Harold Borden, Schr Golden Light etc.
  Morristown news.Parry, Banks, Palmer etc.
  Cambridge news. Craig, Webster, Caldwell.
  Greenwood news. Newcombe, Spinney, Nichols etc.
  Canning news. Weaver, Dickie, Brown etc.
April 21st 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Berwick Personals. Chipman, Ford, Shaw etc.
  Centreville news. Baker, Webster, Mellick etc.
  Canady Creek news. Robinson, Dickie, Parker etc.
  Canning news. Roy, Cox, Corkum etc.
  Victoria Harbor news. Spicer, Elderkin, Parks etc.
  Burlington news. Wyles, Burns, Ogilvie etc.
April 28th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Canady Creek news. Rawding, Clark, Tuft etc.
  Canning news. Borden, Killam, Martin etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Best, Bentley, Sanford etc.
  Baxter Harbor Mt news. Wood, Lyons, Bennett etc.
  Morden news. Neale, Ritchie, Graves etc.
  Grafton news. Best, Marshall, McFall etc.
May 5th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Clem, Chute, Ogilvie etc.
  Canning news. Forbes, Northrup, Lockwood etc.
  Personals. Ray, Killam, Moody etc.
  Cambridge news.Rachford, Craig, Read etc.
  Waterville news. Pineo, Charlton, Wolfe etc.
  Various. Aged Queen, store ad's etc.
May 12th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Burns, Hall, Armstrong etc.
  Billtown news. Card, Lamont, Sweet etc.
  Scotts Bay news. Legge, Sanford, Jess etc.
  Greenwood news. Spinney, Magee, Bruce etc.
  Centreville news. Newcomb, Bowles, Kinsman etc.
  Kingsport news. Schrs Golden Light, Economist. Tupper, Coffill etc.
May 19th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Sheffield Mills news. Harris, Brady, Eaton etc.
  Gaspereau news. Caldwell, Hunter, Williams etc.
  Scotts Bay news. Steele, Sanford, Houghton etc.
  Lake George news. Jordan, Hudgins, Brennan etc.
  Steam Mill Village news. Sawyer, Crocker, Chase etc.
  Waterville news. Walker, Gates, Cropley etc.
  Auction, Frank Borden Property.
May 26th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Berwick Cemetery Co. officers
  Baxter Harbor Mt. news. Lockhart, Cogswell, Fennessy etc.
  Billtown news. Hutchins, Card, Porter etc.
  Morristown news. West, Nichols, Hutchinson etc.
  Personals, Reagh, Parkhurst, Fullerton etc.
June 2nd 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Letter of Thanks, re death of Isaac Selfridge
  Dr. Borden’s Health
  Morden news.
  Centreville news. Bowles, Woodworth, Thorpe etc.
  Lake George news. Stevens, Brennen, Morgan etc.
  Greenwood news. Neily, Bruce, Spinney etc.
  Canning news. Dorman, Beckwith, Northrup etc.
June 9th 1897 The BMD's are missing for this issue.
  Wedding Bells, Cox and Webster.
  Grafton news. Power, Lawrence, Lawson etc.
  Brooklyn, Aylesford news. Graves, Baltzer, Bezanson etc.
  Personals, McNeil, Parsons, Middlemas etc.
  Hantsport news. Baker, Lawson, Comstock etc.
  Kentville news. Chase, Williams, Thomas etc.
  Waterville news. Osborne, Pineo, Forsythe etc.
June 16th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Centreville news. Eaton, Kinsman, Masters etc.
  A Welcome for Laurier.
  North Kingston news. Foster, Neily, Coffin etc.
  Canady Creek news. Clark, Parker, Dickie etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Caldwell, Harris, Dickinson etc.
  Kingsport news. Hiltz, Tupper, Borden etc.
  Cambridge news. Cox, Webster, Murphy etc.
June 23rd 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Marriage of Two M.D.'s. Shaw & Brown.
  Greenwood news. Morse, Spinney, Griffin etc.
  Billtown news. Whitman, Rockwell, Sweet etc.
  Canning news. Newcombe, Nicholson, Higgins etc.
  Personals. Tupper, Shaw, Patriquin etc.
  Lake George news. Barnes, Ward, Palmer etc.
June 30th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  June Wedding. Jackson & Wilson
  Wedding Bells. Griffin & MacMillan.
  Personals. Forsythe, Woodworth, Reed etc.
  Grafton news. Loomer.
  Canady Creek news. Cox, Sharp, Rawding etc.
  Millville news. Morse, Baker, Wallace etc.
  Baxter's Harbor Mt. news. Fraser, Keating, Lockhart etc.
  Scott's Bay news. Rogers, Bennett, Steele etc.
  Kingsport news. Tupper, Barkhouse, Borden etc.
July 7th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Misc. clips.
  Sheffield Mills news. Kinsman, Beckwith, Webster etc.
  Greenwood news. Morse, Spinney, Weber etc.
  Personals. Keith, Cox, Woodworth etc.
  Canady Creek news. Hagerty, Dickey, Bowlby etc.
  Brooklyn Corner - Aylesford news. Bishop, Clark, Baltzer etc.
  Centreville news. Masters, Woodworth, Lowden etc.
  Waterville news. NA Osbourne.
  North Kingston news. Armstrong, Saunders, Orpin etc.
July 14th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news.
  Victoria Harbor news. Bennett, Parker, Swindell etc.
  Kingsport news. Loomer, Huntler, Sinclair etc.
  Billtown news. Sweet, Graves, Foote etc.
  Canning news. Martin, Rand, Beckwith etc.
  Personals. Caldwell, Bligh, Brown etc.
  Morristown news. Hutchinson, Cogswell, Forsythe etc.
July 21st 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Personals. Dimock, Lawson, Robinson etc.
  Scott's Bay news. Shaw, Coffill, Anthony etc.
  Gaspereau news. Davidson, Anderson, Hunter etc.
  Kingsport news. Cox, Ells, Hiltz etc.
  Local Union at Canard.
  Canady Creek news. Clark, Robinson, Fraser etc.
  Waterville news. Young, West, Pineo etc.
July 28th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Howell, Palmer, Best etc.
  Canning news. Higgins, Dickie, Hutchins etc.
  Personals. Coldwell, Tuttle, Dodge etc.
  Morden news. The new wharf etc.
  Billtown news. Card, Johnson, Rockwell etc.
  Local Register. Various Merchants.
August 4th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Canady Creek news. Ells, Harris, Bradley etc.
  Personals. Bligh, Rand, Lloyd etc.
  Local Register.
  Morden news. Boyd, Orpin, Redgate etc.
  Gaspereau news. William's, Reid, Fraser etc.
  Hantsport news. Shaw, Newcomb, Martin etc.
  Kingston Station news. Walker, Neily, Stronach etc.
  Kingsport news. Huntley, Borden, Kerr etc.
August 11th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Best - Thomas Wedding.
  Various clips.
  Sheffield Mills news. Webster, Ells, Beckwith etc.
  Cambridge news. Bishop, Woodward, Caldwell etc.
  Canning news. Dickie, Sullivan, Champion etc.
  Steam Mill Village news. Garrett, Crocker, Horne etc.
  Centreville news. Whitney, Huntington, Bowles etc.
August 18th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  D.A.R. "Land of Evangeline" Route
  Local Register
  Personals. Vaughn, Shaw, Caldwell etc.
  Victoria Harbor news. Cogswell, Bishop, Palmer etc.
  North Kingston news. Stevenson, Fuller, Chesley etc.
  Misc. clips.
August 25th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Victoria Harbor news. Hicks, Capt. Kirkpatrick etc.
  Burlington news. Donnellan, Armstrong, Howell etc.
  Canady Creek news. Mahar, Gould, White etc.
  Bezanson - Putnam wedding.
  Harborville news. Balcom, McBride, Parker etc.
  North Kingston news. Nixon, Morse, Killam etc.
  Personals. Clark, White, Clarke etc.
  Billtown news. Freeman, Card, Lamont etc.
September 1st 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Billtown news. Freeman, Minard, Rockwell etc.
  Canning news. Hutchins, Paysant, Sheffield etc.
  Kentville news. Pyke, Martin, Yould etc.
  Militia Promotions.
  Lake George news. Brennan, Marchant, Spicer etc.
  Scott's Bay news. Legge, Steele, Butler etc.
  Baxter Harbor news. Irvin, Baxter, Lovley etc.
  Cambridge news. Webster, West, Newcombe etc.
  Personals. Sommerville, Nichols, Reed etc.
  Waterville news. Shaw, Dodge, Banks etc.
September 8th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Palmer. Ogilvie, Hyland etc.
  Victoria Harbor news. Baker, Kirkpatrick, McNeil etc.
  Greenwood news. Jacques, Newcombe, Durland etc.
  Billtown news. Bill, Lamont, Forsythe etc.
  Morden news. Minniss, Redgate, Patterson etc.
  Personals. Sommerville, Alcorn, Tuttle etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Sanford, Caldwell, Rand etc.
  Gaspereau news. Westcott, Coldwell, Ferguson etc.
September 15th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Burlington news. Hyland, Ogilvie, Rawding etc.
  Centreville news. Bowles, Newcomb, Thorp etc.
  Canning news. Fellows, Parker, Northrop etc.
  Canady Creek news. Cook, Fraser, Gould etc.
  Waterville news. Seaborn, Rood, Lawson etc.
  Kingston Village news. Saunders, Sproul, Baker etc.
  A Kings Co. Boy Abroad. Mr. James H. White.
  Personals. Borden, Allen, Bligh etc.
September 22nd 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Wedded in Windsor. Davis & Shepherd.
  Personals. Nichols, Parker, Oxley etc.
  Burlington news. Cook. Mcauley, Armstrong etc.
  Greenwood news. Munroe, Griffin, Potter etc.
  Cambridge news. Graves, Sawyer, Webster etc.
  Billtown news. Bill, Davison, Porter etc.
  Misc. Clips.
September 29th 1897 BMD's for that week.
  Scott's Bay news. Tupper, Shaw, Steele etc.
  Sheffield Mills news. Beckwith, Burgess, Vaughn etc.
  Gaspereau news. Gertridge, Higgins, Coldwell etc.
  Personals. Andrews, Gullivan, Alcorn etc.
  Lakeville and Vicinity news. Browne, Burgess, Marchant etc.
  Canady Creek news. Robinson, Harding, Harris etc.
  Misc. clips
  Bridgetown Elections.

Update: The months of Oct., Nov. and Dec. 1897 are missing, so I will have to hope to get lucky and find someone who has them in their attic!
I have finished posting information for 1897 so, the next link takes
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