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The Year 1899

If anyone has a copy of the Register published between 1891 and up until the end of the month of December 1896, please contact me. I am also looking for the months of Oct., Nov., and December, 1897.

The community columns are a great way of tracking the seasons, shipping, politics and most important, the lives of our ancestors. I wish I had the time to copy all of them.

Since I may add information to the previously posted issues a graphic will be used to alert the reader to recent additions since the search engine that I have installed (on the year 1897 page) may not have spidered the new information yet. Please note that I have posted the grammar and typo's as they appear.

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Date Extract
January 4th 1899 BMD'S for that week.
  Marriage, Capt. R. W. Rayne, of Onslow, Col. Co., and Isabella Sanford.
  Marriage, Miss Mabel Collins and Mr. Aubrey Tupper.
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