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May 30, 1912

Letter from Korea.

The following letter, dated Wonsan, Korea, April 10, 1912, addressed to Mr. Thomas Lawson, of Grafton, will be of interest to our readers to many of whom the writer, Rev. W. R. Foote, is well known.

Dear Mr. Lawson. – Your most interesting and unexpected letter of Feb. 13th, written in Bermuda, came to hand a few days ago, and was read with pleasure. I noticed by The Register that you had been making a visit to the land which claimed your activities in other days. I am sure by your letter that the islands must be delightful and that you have highly enjoyed your visit there.

We have been enjoying a delightful winter and spring and we have made good progress in our work. Just now we are putting up an academy building and getting ready for extended operations as soon as the hot and rainy summer passes. You would be surprised to see what a difference Christianity has made in this part of the country. Fourteen years ago there was here the merest handful of Christians without any church and the field back from the centres had never been visited by the missionaries. Now we have a Presbytery with nine missionary members, six native pastors and about twenty native elders. All the officers are Koreans and they perform their duties splendidly. We have an unbroken line of churches and schools from Kosan in the south to Wa-yong-dong in the north; a distance which it takes eight days to travel – one by pony, three by steamer, two by trolly, and two by cart.

Our Wonsan Girls’ School has over one hundred girls attending. Al our schools here and in the out-stations are doing well.

Some of our best women (eighty-nine of them,) have been studying with us for a month at the Bible Institute. At another class for women 135 are present. The Men’s Bible Institute will be held in June.

We are all enjoying the best of health. Ruth sails from Kobe on May 18th for home and you will likely see her. Our furlough is due in 1915. We receive cheerful letters from Jean from time to time.

How I would like to be home during July and August! Still, taking it all in all, we could not have a better climate; only in the summer is yours better.

With very kindest regards

Believe me, sincerely yours,