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September 8th 1897



At Wolfville, Sept. 1st, by Rev Jos Hale, Arthur C. Johnson and Mabel Stewart, both of Wolfville.

At Somerset, on Wednesday, Sept. 1st, by the Rev Thos McFall, assisted by Rev Dr Stevenson, Mr. James R. Curry and Miss Annie S. Lawson, both of Barnesville, N.B.


At the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas Hessian, Esq., of Halifax, Sept 1st, Mrs. R.E. Butler, daughter of the late Deacon William Hughes, of Windsor, N.S., and niece of the late John Wallace, Esq., of Cornwallis. Three daughters and two sons survive her, Mrs. C.L. Parker of Medford being one of the daughters.

 Palmer - Rainforth:

A very pretty social event at Windermere last week was the marriage of Mr. Robert Palmer, formerly of Rockland but now of Boston, Mass., and Miss Ermina Rainforth, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Rainforth. The ceremony took place at 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday the first inst., and was preformed be Rev D.H. Simpson. The house was decorated with flowers and a beautiful arch of evergreen and cut flowers stood in the parlor under which the bridal party stood during the ceremony.

The bride was beautifully dressed in cream colored serge, trimmed heavily in lace and white satin ribbon. Miss Gertrude Rainforth served as bridesmaid.

A large number of invited guests were present and heartily congratulated the young couple, wishing them a very bright future. The bride received many valuable wedding presents from parents and friends. After partaking of refreshments the party drove to the station and bade good-by to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, who will make their home in Sommerville, Mass.

Johnson - Stewart:

The Methodist church, Wolfville, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Wednesday evening of last week, when Miss Mabel G. Stewart was united in marriage to Mr. Arthur C. Johnson, Rev. Joseph Hale preformed the ceremony. The church was beautifully decorated with ferns, golden-rod, roses and potted plants, arranged in the form of arches, horse-shoes and other tasteful designs, the bridal party standing under a floral dome. The bride's dress was of white India mull, with veil. She carried a bouquet of white carnations. Her bridesmaid, Miss Edna Chambers, of Lakeville, wore a yellow spotted muslin. Mrs. J.D. Chambers preside at the organ, while Messrs. Albert Stewart and Charles Fitch acted as ushers. After the ceremony, luncheon was served at the home of the bride's mother, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson afterwards driving to Windsor, from whence next morning they took the train to Halifax. A large number of valuable gifts were received by the young couple, who are both exceedingly popular.

Curry - Lawson:

A quiet wedding took place on Wednesday evening last, at the residence of Rev. Thos McFall, Somerset. The contracting parties were Mr. James R. Curry and Miss Annie S. Lawson, both of Barnesville, N.B. The bride is a daughter of the late Rev J.R. Lawson of Barnesville who was well known in Cornwallis. Her mother, Mrs. Lawson, and the groom' sister, Miss Aggie J. Curry, were present at the wedding. Rev Dr T.P. Stevenson, of Philadelphia, assisted Mrs. McFall in the performance of the ceremony, which was witnessed by a few friends form the neighborhood. After the ceremony refreshments were served and an hour was spent in social conversation and music. Mr. and Mrs. Curry afterward registered at the Central House, where they were serenaded by the Berwick Brass Band. They left on Friday to return to Barnesville where their home will be made.


Our school has opened under the management of Miss Robertson, of Morristown.

Miss Essie Palmer is visiting Mrs. Robert Ogilvie.

Mr. Rueben Hyland has gone to Massachusetts to visit his children.

 Our Sabbath school is progressing, with good teachers and a very competent superintendent.

William J. Donnellan is very sick.

Picnics are all the rage. Woodlawn beach is the scene of such a gathering almost every day, as the folks of the valley enjoy the sea breeze and a good sail on Old Fundy.

Woodlawn school has opened under the management of Miss Charlotte Palmer, who taught here last year. All seem pleased to have her with us again.

Victoria Harbor:

Our school has opened, Miss Baker of Margaretville, being the teacher for this term.

The schr, Ethel B., Capt. Wallace Kirkpatrick, loaded cordwood at the pier, for Rockland, Me., last week.

E.J. McNeil has returned from Massachusetts, where he has been to visit his family. We regret to hear he is going back to Uncle Sam's to reside in the future.

Mrs. Banks, of New Caledonia, N.S., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Brown.

Mrs. Loring Parks has returned from Massachusetts with her infant.

Mrs. James Parks is very ill.

Mr. John Melanson is building a new house.

Mrs. James Hicks has returned to her home in Salem, Mass.


Mrs. W. Jacques and daughter Maud, from the United States, are visiting their friends in this place for a few weeks.

Miss Jennie Newcombe, of Sommerville, Mass., is on a vacation of a few weeks among her friends.

Quite a number of young folks of this place went to Margaretville on a pleasure trip with Miss Maud Jacques and Miss Jennie Newcombe last Thursday.

Miss R. Durland, of New Germany, is visiting her sister, Mrs. T.C. Steele.

The Women's Missionary Aid Society met at Mrs. J.E. Miller's on Wednesday, and a large number were present and enjoyed a good meeting.

Aldershot has a warlike appearance once more. Not much powder has yet been used. We feel comparatively safe while we are so well guarded with such a body of soldiers and horsemen to defend our country in time of peace.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hutchinson, of Morristown, are visiting their daughter, Mrs. William Spinney, and other friends in this place.


Mrs. E.M. Bill and children of Shelbourne are the guests of Mrs. Wm C. Bill.

Miss Hettie Lamont started for Kentville on Monday of last week, where she will attend the academy.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Forsythe and family of Dorchester, Mass., Jas Forsythe and Mr. Hubbard of Springfield, Mass., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Forsythe.

Rev Arthur Vincent, of Isaac's Harbor, preached in the Baptist church here on Sunday morning last.

Rev M.P. Freeman and Rev Mr. Williams of Gaspereaux will exchange pulpits on Sunday next.

Stephen Steadman arrived home from Boston on Wednesday, 1st.

Mrs. Kinsman, of Somerset, spent Sunday at her father's, T.H. Forsythe's.

The Messrs. Vincent and Mrs. Vincent are visiting at H.P. Sweet's, not at T.H. Forsythe's as stated in the last issue of the Register.

The remains of the late Mrs. Abner Pearsons of Brooklyn St were interred in the Baptist cemetery at Billtown on Thursday.

Quite a number of our citizens anticipate going to Aldershot on Review day, Friday next.


Our village is rather more quiet than it has been for the past few months. The summer boarders, with the exception of a few, have gone, and the visitors are leaving for their homes.

The tea meeting held here on the 21st was a decided success. A handsome sum was realized and everyone engaged in it was tired and happy when night came. It is to be regretted that the high wind which prevailed throughout the day interfered somewhat with the pleasure, as boating could not be indulged in. The polymorphian parade, while not so extensive, as that at Aylesford on Dominion day, was quite a feature of the day and reflected great credit on the participants.

Work has been resumed on the wharf. Quite a gang of men are employed at present and are bringing it near completion.

Archibald and DeForrest Minniss have purchased the schr Susan, which they intend running as a packet between this port and St John.

Capt John Minniss arrived here on Sunday after a trip to the West Indies.

Mrs. A.K. Patterson and Miss Annie Patterson are in Morden at present.

School opened on Monday under the management of Miss Downey, of Margaretville.

Mrs. Keneally, of Charlestown, is visiting her father, Mr. J. Redgate.

Mrs. Ellis, a lady from Charlestown, is visiting at Mrs. George Kirkpatrick's.

We are glad to have Mrs. Fred Huestis with us again, after being in the States for the winter, spring and part of the summer. Her husband has gone on a voyage to Calcutta as first officer of the ship "Somalli."

Miss Myra Jacques, Miss Maud Russell of Auburn and Miss Lottie Kirkpatrick, of Willowdale farm, Aylesford, made us a short visit some weeks ago.


Miss May Sommerville returned from Truro on Friday.

Mr. W.M. Alcorn, of the Spectator, spent Sunday in Berwick.

Mr. C.R.H. Starr, of Wolfville, was in Berwick on Monday.

Miss Emma Tuttle is attending school at Holmworth, Auburn.

Joe Dykens left for Halifax, on Friday, to enter the School for the Blind.

Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Palmer will please accept for thanks for wedding favors.

Willie Lonergan left on Tuesday to return to the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Halifax.

Miss Lizzie Sommerville yesterday began the performances of her duties as assistant in the post office.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Berteaux, of South Farmington, Mass., are visiting relatives in Morristown.

Miss Emma B. Sommerville attended the wedding of her cousin, Mr. Johnson, in Wolfville, on Wednesday.

Mr. Owen Margeson, of Waterville, who has been home on a four weeks vacation, returned to Boston on Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Havelock Middlemas, of Sommerville, Mass., have been visiting Dr. and Mrs. Middlemas, Berwick.

Mr. W.P. Lawrence returned to Berwick by the late train on Saturday and left by the early train on Monday.

Mr. P.F. Lawson has severed his connection with the Middleton Outlook and will re-enter Dalhousie College at the opening next week.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Sommerville, of St John, visited Berwick on Saturday last, remaining till Monday with Mr. Sommerville's mother and sister.

Mrs. McCallum who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Jos. Andrews, for several weeks, left n Thursday morning, to return to her home in Arlington, Mass.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Longard, of Halifax, were in Berwick on Friday. Mr. Longard is Secty. Treas of the N.S.P.B. "Building Society," an excellent institution.

Mr. Arthur M. Sommerville, of Truro, formerly of Somerset, left on Monday of last week for Moose Jaw, with intent to start for the Klondike region in the early spring.

Mrs. A. S. Banks returned home on Saturday, Aug. 28th, from her stay at the hospital in Halifax. She has been greatly benefited by the treatment received there, and has every reason to hope for complete recovery.

Fred B. Newcombe, of Kentville left for Montreal and Toronto on Tuesday morning of last week, for the purpose of securing the very latest novelties in the dry goods market. He will probably be away two weeks.

The announcement is made of the engagement of Miss Florence D. Belcher, youngest daughter of Lieut-Col, Belcher, of Upper Canard, to L. K. Payzant, of Dartmouth. The ceremony will take place at Upper Canard, September 14.

Sir Charles Tupper, instead of taking a trip to Italy, as he had intended, will return to Canada, leaving England on the 9th inst.

Brown University, Providence, R. I., will retain the services of President Andrews. He has been asked to withdraw his resignation, which was sent in because of dissatisfaction expressed over his free silver utterances.

The D. A. R. steamer Prince Edward made her first trip to Boston, on Monday, 6th. Hereafter, until further notice, she will leave Yarmouth for Boston every Monday and Thursday, immediately on arrival of the express and Flying Bluenose; returning, will leave Boston for Yarmouth every Sunday and Wednesday, at 4:30 p.m..

The officers serving under Capt. McGray, are: - Capt. Ernest Kinney, chief officer, who holds a master's certificate and was for some years first officer on the Dominion cruiser Acadia Robt. Stanwood, (for nine years in the employ of the Yarmouth S. S. Co.,) senior second officer; Wm. Lockhart, junior second officer; D. W. Smith, so long and favourably known in the same position with the Y. S. S. Co., purser; Mr. John Milne, chief engineer; Mr. Adams, chief Steward.

Sheffield Mills:

A large quantity of grain has been threshed at the mill of Mr. Sanford.

Miss Myrtie Caldwell and Miss Irene Rand have the advanced and primary rooms of our school under their respective management for the ensuing year.

Miss Lottie Bentley has been visiting in Berwick and Middleton.

Miss Blanche Parker and Mrs. Riley from the United States are visiting friends at the Mill.

Miss Ethel Loomer was in Canning last week with Mrs. R. W. North who was At Home to her friends.

Mr. Walter Illsley is home from the United States on a visit to parents and friends.

Mr. Arthur Burgess has been quite ill.

Safe Guard Division expects to visit the division of Port Williams on Friday evening.


Mrs. Frank Westcott, of Boston, Mass., who was visiting her father-in-law, Mr. Robert Westcott, returned home last week. Miss Cassie Westcott is still visiting friend here.

The BYPU gave a garden party a short time ago. Ice cream and other refreshments were served and the sum of $21 was realized, which goes towards building a mission house on the mountain. The evening passed pleasantly with games and music, Miss Alice Coldwell favoring those present with a few nice selections on the banjo.

Miss Ferguson of Hantsport is principal of our public school and Miss Josie Eagles of this place, assistant.

Burpee Coldwell and Renfred Martin of this place were successful candidates for grade B certificates this year.

Miss Allie Selfridge of Worcester, Mass., who was visiting her father here, has returned to Worcester.

The Ladies Sewing Circle intend having a tea meeting and fancy sale on Wednesday evening, Sept. 8.

Mr. Kenneth Hunter is at Aldershot.