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NOVEMBER 18, 1914

Nova Scotia's Ship of Mercy.

A special cable by H. C. Crowell, staff correspondent of The Morning Chronicle, dated Rotterdam, Nov. 14th says: - "Nova Scotia's Ship of Mercy, the Tremorvah, arrived here at midnight after a splendid voyage across the North Atlantic. The fine weather which attended us as we sailed out of Halifax Harbor on October 29th, remained with us until the English Channel was reached on November 12th.

"There from the ubiquitous British cruiser, we received instructions from the Admiralty to proceed to Rotterdam with our precious cargo, the gift of the people of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario.

"Arrangements are being made for the expeditions discharge of the Tremorvah's cargo and by Monday a portion of the first cargo will be delivered to the Belgian refugees in Holland who are sadly in need of clothing and supplies.

"The people of Nova Scotia are entitled to take a commendable degree of pride in the fact that within less than sixty days after Premier Murray issued his stirring appeal, fifty-two thousand packages of clothing and supplies, aggregating five thousand tons measurement have been contributed, packed, shipped and transported over three thousand miles of water, to the sadly distressed Belgians now resident in Holland.

"Nova Scotians have done their part, Capt., Tregonning and the officers of the Tremorvah have faithfully performed their part and by Tuesday, at the latest, the Belgians will be eating and wearing goods made in Nova Scotia."