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OCTOBER 7, 1914

Belgian Relief

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, October 12th, 13th and 14th, are the three days for receiving potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips at Berwick. The cars will be loaded from "The Berwick Fruit Company" warehouse.

It is urged that great care be taken to see that the potatoes are well dried and free from rot.

The total contribution of potatoes up to time of writing is made up as follows:


Fred A. Parker, S. B. Chute.


E. Bishop & Sons, Capt. Robbins, T. H. Morse, G. R. Nichols, Isaac Illsley, A. L. Morse, Eldred Fancy, G. W. Eaton, Floyd Spicer, H. J. Chute, C. O. Nichols, John B. White, R. S. Spicer.

Ed. DeLancy, 7 barrels.


B. H. Lee, Stuart Alcorn, W. E. Skinner.


Frank Banks, P. J. Chute, Robert L. Palmer, Harry Lyons, C. A. Bentley.


J. A. Beckwith, S. V. Sanford, A. W. Kinnie, Perley Huntley, Roy Creighton, W. H. Clem, J. A. Northup, C. H. Beardsley, B. F. Ward, Ernest Creemer, D. B. Fuller, C. Ashe, Mrs. A. V. Parker, N. R. Veinot, Jas. Coleman, C. B. Howell, R. L. Skinner, P. Cox, Marshall Ward, E. S. Barteau, Mrs. Illsley, Mrs. John Power, C. N. Loomer, W. A. Skinner, Havelock Clem, George Akeroyd.


Spurgeon Cox, F. George, Ed. Lacey, J. B. Ward.

A cash donation of four dollars has been paid in by J. W. Barteau.

Dr. Harding of Yarmouth, sends word to A. A. Ford, Manager of the Berwick orchard, to "give twenty-five barrels of the best apples we have for Belgian Relief."

Isaac Bezanson, of Garland, reports that folks up that way will contribute ten barrels of potatoes. "I’d like to do something myself," said Mr. Bezanson and he went into a Berwick store and bought a half dozen comfortable boys’ sweaters and a couple of pairs of stockings which he left at W. G. Davis’ Barber Shop with the remark: "I hope those will help a little."

Apart from the donations mentioned above Berwick is doing a noble share in the work of Belgian Relief. From their stocks of merchandise J. M. Patterson, Ltd. The Rood Merchandise Co., Mrs. S. H., Nichols and N. W. Keddy have each contributed valuable cases of goods.

Clothing, blankets, shoes and other articles are left daily at W. G. Davis’ Barber Shop and from there several cases have been packed for shipment. In addition to those mentioned last week the following have left parcels at Mr. Davis’: Miss Ida Parker, Mrs. J. W. Hiltz, Mrs. R. Caldwell, Mrs. A. V. Parker, Mrs. Sommerville, Mrs. Hammett, Mrs. H. D. Rood, Mrs. Illsley, Mrs. D. B. Fuller, Mrs. J. A. Beckwith, Mrs. H. Marsters, Mrs. Ilsley, Mrs. George, Mrs. E. Skinner, Mrs. W., H. Evans, Mrs. J. H. Pierce, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. A. Spicer, Mrs. J. W. Barteau, Mrs. T. Spicer, Mrs. O. S. McNeil, Mrs. Jefferson, Mrs. E. W. Cogswell, Mrs. Forrest, Mrs. Roscoe Cook, Mrs. J. M. Patterson, Mrs. McNally, Harold McNally, George McNally, Charles McNally, B. H. Lee, Agnes Lawson, Lyman Tryon, and others.

If you have any clothing, shoes, quilts, blankets, etc., to give, please have your package left at the Barber Shop before Saturday if possible. Shipments will be made early next week. P. F. LAWSON.


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No place in Nova Scotia was more prompt in its answer to the appeal for Belgian Relief than Waterville.

W. W. Pineo and C. O. Cook each gave a barrel of flour.

Two barrels of potatoes were given by each of the following: K. C. Saltzman, P. J. Best, Blake Pearson, E. E. Taylor, W. C. Skinner, S. B. Taylor.

One barrel of potatoes each was given by: Richmond Best, H. Sullivan, S. C. Durling, B. Algie, C. M. Charlton, Grant Porter, H. Joudrey, T. R. Lyons, W. B. Marchant, L. J. Whitman, James Timmins, Albert Brown, A. B. Algee, W. A. McMillan.

James Hird, of Grafton, put five barrels of potatoes in the car and from Grafton there also came "without name" six barrels potatoes, four barrels apples and a barrel of clothing.

Other gifts of clothing came from Parker House and Neighbors, W. W. Pineo, Wade Sanford, E. E. Taylor, W. C. Skinner, Avard Morse, Gordon Day, A. S. Banks, T. R. Lyons, W. B. Marchant, Mrs. W. P. Lyons, N. A. Osborne, R. M. Shaw, W. S. Rawding and Mrs. Young.

Wilfrid Stillman gave a case of canned goods.

Cash, donations were as follows: A. S. Banks $5.00; D. Ratchford, $2.00; A. H. Saunders, $1.00 and $1.50 each from R. M. Shaw, Eugene Best, J. B. Wilson, John Foster and G. Lantz.