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DECEMBER 23, 1914

For Belgian Relief.

The following contributions for relief of the distressed Belgians have been received during the last two months by Miss Christine Lawson, of Grafton, and promptly forwarded to the Belgian Relief Committee at Halifax. The money received has been used in the purchase of canned goods, boots, and clothing, in accordance with the wishes of the donors. Twelve boxes filled with clothing, bedding, boots and canned goods have gone forward.


John Nutley, $2.00; Fred Basil, $1.00; Frank Davison, $1.00; Gertrude M. Pineo, $2.00. Mrs. Jas. Moody, 25 cents; "A Friend," (Somerset) $4.00; "A Friend," (Grafton), $2.00; Box in Post Office, 15c. Total, $12.40.


have been received from Mrs. C. W. Calkin, Mrs. H. L. Calkin, Mrs. Henry Dickey, Mrs. Mary Sabeans, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Lovelace, Mrs. Herbert Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan, Miss J. M. Moody, Mrs. Newcombe and Miss Jessie Parker, Mrs. Mary Weldon, Mrs. Clifford Rand, Mrs. G. E. Best, Mrs. Leonard Best, Mrs. T. E. Coleman, Mrs. F., B. Coleman, Mrs. Ross Clark, Mrs. W. D. Durling, Mrs. W. J. Smith, Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. C. E. Lawrence, Mrs. K. W. Congdon, Mrs. A. and Miss B. Pearson, Mrs. Jerry Foote (Ross Corner), Mrs. Annie Robinson, Mrs. and the Misses Hird.

Miss Etta M. Porter and Mrs. T. Lawson made gifts of clothing and bedding, Mr. Lawson, of boots and clothing. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Siggins gave a barrel apples. "A Friend" (per Miss Newcomb, Berwick) three dress lengths.

The greater part of these goods were sent forward on steamers Tremorvah and Dorie. Some will go forward by the Calcutta. In letters received from the Secretary of the Committee at Halifax the local workers were asked to convey the thanks of that committee to the people of Grafton and vicinity for the prompt and generous assistance received from them.