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Newspapers - Vital Statistics, 1901 L - Z

Lake, Blanche, marreid at Lexington, MA., 21 Feb. 1901, to J. Bartlett Webster. [Br 21 Mar. 1901].

Legge, John H., born to at Scotts Bay, a daughter.[OM 5 April 1901].

Leslie, C.A., died , Sharon, MA., 29 April, formerly Bridgetown, 43 years.[OM 3 May 1901].

Lightizer, John, died at Bridgetown, 22 Nov 1901, 89 years.[OM 6 dec 1901].

Lindsay, Sara E. see Graves, Owen M.

Lindsay, Samuel see Graves, Owen M.

Lloyd, Mrs. Thomas,of Prospect, Kings Co., NS, died 14 July 1901, 82 years.[BR 25 July 1901- obituary].

Lockhart, Amos L. C., Avonport, married at Grand Pre, 23 Nov 1901, to Ethel O. Porter, Centreville. [OM 6 December 1901]

Longley, H.W., born to at Paradise, 28 Oct 1901, a daughter. [OM 1 Nov 1901]

Longley, Mary F., Belleisle, married at Belleisle, Annapolis Co., NS, 1 Sept 1901 to S. L. Churchill, Medford, MA. [OM 13 Sept. 1901].

Loomer, Agnes Augusta, dies at Pleasant St., Kings Co.,NS, 25 Nov 1901, in 57th.year, w/o Ebenezer Loomer. [BR 19 December 1901].

Loomer, Ebenezer, see Loomer, Agnes Augusta.

Lovitt, Emily see Wickwire, Fred W.

Lovitt, Jas. T. see Wickwire, Fred W.

Lyons, Annie C. See Chute, Annie C.

Lyons, George see Chute, Annie C.

Magee, George H., see Gould, Jane.

Magee, Jane, died at Somerset,NS, 1 April 1901, age 60 years, w/o George H. Magee, d/oJohn Gould, Grand Pre,NS. [ 4 April 1901].

Magee, John, died at Greenwood, 15 May 1901, age 85 years. [BR 30 May 1901 also OM 24 May 1901 obituary 8OM records death as 86 years].

Manning, Hugh, died, at Sunnyside, 26 Jan., 1901, age 70 years. [BR 7 Feb., 1901].

Marchant, Bessie see Beckwith, R. Allen.

Marchant, W.H. see Beckwith, R. Allen.

Margeson, Owen P., married at Jamaica Plains, MA., 4 Dec 1901, to Margaret L. Cook; residence, Jamaica Plains, MA. [BR 12 December 1901 write-up/ notice; OM 13 Dec 1901].

Marshall, Edwin M., born to at Central Clarence, 26 May 1901, a daughter.[OM 31 May 1901].

MacGregor, Arabella L. See McNeill, W. Alvin.

MacGregor, Henry see McNeill, W. Alvin.

MacLean, Mrs. Ellen Maria, died at Boerne, Texas, 15th. inst., age 73 years and 10 months,d/o Elisha and Lavinia Whidden DeWolfe, of Cornwallis.[BR 4 July 1901-paragraph].

McConnell, Geo. see McConnell, Marion L.

McConnell, Marion L., died at St. John, 13 May 1901, age 3 years and 10 months, d/o Geo. and Mabel ( Brown ) McConnell. [BR 16 and 23 May 1901].

McCormick, Walter, died at Annapolis, 16 April, aged 41 years. [OM 26 April 1901].

McDonald, Clarence A. see Burton, Margaret.

McDonald, Daisy M. see Spurr, Reginald H.

McDonald, Euslee[?], see McDonald, Walter.

McDonald, Geo. A. see Spurr, Reginald H.

McDonald, Jotham, born to at Scotts Bay., 16 Jan., 1901, a daughter. [ BR 31 Jan., 1901].

McDonald, Mary, married at Boston, 24 June 1901 to Fenwick Griffin, formerly of Greenwich, NS.[OM 28 June 1901see Om 12 July 1901 as well].

McDonald, Walter, died at Falmouth, 4 July 1901, s/o Euslee[?] McDonald age 6 months. [OM 12 July 1901].

McDougall, Danford see Fuller, Dwight F.

McDougall, Miss see Fuller, Dwight F.

McFarlane, David, died at Montreal, Thursday last, age 70 years. [BR 18 April 1901].

McGranaham, Dora, see Powers, Frank.

McInnes, Alex, died at Kentville, 22 Feb. 1901, aged 80 years. [BR 7 March 1901].

McIntyre, Charles, born to at Aylesford, 17 August 1901, a daughter. [BR 29 August 1901].

MacKay, H.R. see Mabel B. Ells [*note spelling changes -see also Ellis, Mabel B. and Mackay, Hugh Roderick].

Mckay, Hugh Roderick see Ellis, Mabel B.

McKav(?) Elizabeth W., Elmford, Pictou Co., NS, married 20 Feb., 1901 at Medford, MA., to Edward D. Charlton, Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [write-up, BR 28 Feb., 1901].

McKeen, Arthur Fenwick, died Louisburg, C.B., 17 April s/o Alex. D. and Rebecca H. McKeen, formerly of Wolfville.[ OM April 1901].

McKeen, Alex. D. and Rebecca H. see McKeen, Arthur Fenwick and Fenwick,Arthur.

McLaughlin,Mary, married 16 Oct 1901, at Annapolis, to D. S. Riordan.

McLean, Malcolm, of Little Sands, PEI, died, Sunday. [BR 12 September 1901].

McLean, Mary D., d/o Reis McLean, married 24th inst., at ‘this place’ [Fitchburg Daily News], to Charles Moore.[OM 5 July 1901- write-up p.2].

McLean, Reis see McLean Mary D.

McLeod, Maggie, Annapolis, married at Annapolis, no date, to Rev. Mr. Cunningham, Mahone Bay [?]. [OM 8 Nov 1901]

McNair, A. Maud, see Mason, Owen.

McNayr, Delma B., died , Gaspereaux, 7 April 902, inf/d/o Mr. McNayr, Springfield, Annapolis Co. [OM 26 April 1901].

McNealy, Murray, born to at Hantsport, 19 Sept. 1901, a son.[OM 27 Sept. 1901]

McNeil, Maud A. see Foster, Hennigar P.

McNeill, W.Alvin, married at North Range, Digby Co., NS, 9 Oct 1901, s/o W.H. McNeill, to Arabella L. d/o Henry MacGregor, Tremont, Kings Co., NS. [BR 10 Oct 1901 w-up].

McNeill, W. H. See McNeill, W. Alvin.

McRay, Bella see Munroe, Walter Y.

Margeson, Albertus see Margeson, Mrs.

Margeson, Mrs., died at Truro, NS, 22 Feb. 1901, w/o Albertus Margeson, age 47. [BR 14March, 1901-obituary].

Martin, Clifford Lee see Middlemas, Lena Eloise.

Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Forest Glade, 17 April 1901, 81 years.[OM 26 April 1901].

Marvin, a daughter of Wm. H. see Worthylake, Joseph B.

Marshall, Eldon, born to at Central Clarence, 26 May 1901, a daughter.[OM 6 June 1901].

Marshall, Eldridge Ford see Webster, Lela Geneva.

Marshall, Ora L., Middleton, married at Victoria Vale, 5 June 1901, to Harry W. Bruce, of Brooklyn. [OM 7 June 1901 -write-up + notice].

Marshall, Perley H. see Smith, Nina.

Marshall, Ritson see Dennet, Percy.

Marshall, Vinnie see Dennet, Percy.

Mason, Owen, married at Salem, Mass., 23 Oct 1901 to A. Maud McNair, Lynn, Mass. [ OM 1 Nov 1901, write-up]

Matheson, John, died at Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., 8 Jult 1901, age 70 years ; native of Hants Co., NS he m. a d/o Dea. Charles Skinner. [OM 12 July 1901 obituary].

Mealey, J. Woodford, married at St. John, NB, 4 September 1901, formerly of Somerset, to Martha M. [?]oway, St. John, NB. [BR 5 September 1901].

Middlemas, Lena Eloise, married at residence of Peter Middlemas, Wednesday, d/o Peter Middlemas, to Clifford Lee Martin, Amherst ; residence, Amherst. [BR 29 August 1901- write-up].

Middlemas, Peter, see Middlemas, Lena Eloise.

Millberry, Julia E., Port Lorne, NS, married at New York City, 28 November 1901 to George H. Torrey, East Braintree. [ OM 6 December 1901 ].

Milbury, DeForest see Early, Seale.

Miller, Dr. James, died at Canning, NS, Friday, aged 67 years. [BR 5 September 1901 see also OM 5 July 1901- obituary].

Miller, Morton B., died at Brockton, MA., 21 June 1901, formerly of Bridgetown, 19 years. [OM 5 July 1901].

Mills, Robert, died 10 June 1901, Young’s Cove, aged 73 years.[OM 28 June 1901].

Milner, F.L., born to at Bridgetown, 14 th inst., a son. [OM 20 Sept 1901].

Minniss, Archibald and Susan, see Minniss, William Reid.

Minniss, William Reid, drowned at Bridgewater, NS, age 21 years, 6 July 1901, s/o Archibald and Susan Minniss, of Morden, NS. [BR 18 July 1901].

Mitchell, G. M., Halifax, married at Windsor, 25 Sept 1901 to Evelyn Smith.[OM 4 Oct 1901].

Mitchell, Morris see Chute, Luilla.

Moffatt, J. L., born to at Berwick, 5 August, a daughter. [BR 15 August 1901].

Monler, Florence see Atwell, Robert.

Moore, Charles see McLean, Mary D.

Moore, Grace B. see Allestine, Fred.

Morris, Alice May, of Port Greville, married at Parrsboro, 14th inst., William Henry Church, of Kingsport, NS. [BR 26 December 1901].

Morris, Wm. F. see Devine, Mabel.

Morse, Frank S., married at Leominister, MA., 26 June 1901, s/o L.S. Morse, Digby, NS to

Martha B. Stacy, Leomisister. [OM 5 July 1901].

Morse, G.D. see Morse, Laura Annie.

Morse. Henry Freeman see Morse, Laura Annie.

Morse, Laura Annie, married at Nictaux West, 18 Sept 1901, d/o G.D. Morse to Henry Freeman Morse. [OM 20 September 1901 write-up].

Morse, Rev. L. D., born to at Wolfville 9 Oct 1901, a son. [OM 25 Oct 1901].

Morse, L. S. see Morse, Frank S.

More, C.A., Kentville, died, native of Caledonia, Queens Co., s/o Thomas More, Kentville, he removed from USA to Kentville, his wf. was a d/o Capt. Wm. Gould, Black Rock. [OM 12 April 1901- obituary].

More, Thomas see More, C.A.

Morton, Addie D., died Sat., Mt. Hanley, d/o Mrs. Morton.[OM 16 Aug 1901, obit.+ notice].

Morton, Dr. Angus McD., born to at Bedford, NS, 4 Dec 1901, a son. [12 Dec 1901].

Morton, Annie Laurie see Faris, S. Peter.

Morrell, Lottie Beatrice, see Westhaver, A.J.

Mosher, Annie, married at Windsor, 18 June [prior notice] 1901, d/o Rev. J.A. Mosher, Windsor, to Charles Stewart, s/o Dr. Stewart, Mount Allsion, Sackville, NB. [BR 6 June 1901].

Mosher, Hugh E. see Smith, Florence.

Mosher, Rev. J. A. see Mosher, Annie.

Mosher, William A., died at Miller’s Creek, Hants Co., 19 April 1901, aged 76 years. [OM 3 May 1901 ].

Mosley, P. see Redden, Jessie B.

Mulhall, C.W., born to at Middleton, 28 May a son. [OM 31 May 1901].

Munro, Mrs. George, died at Paradise, 20 Sept 1901. [OM 4 Oct 1901].

Munroe, D.A. see Gowe, L.S.

Munroe, Kate see Gowe, L.S.

Munroe, Geo. L. see Munroe, Julia E.

Munroe, Julia E., died at West Paradise, 21 Sept 1901, w/o Geo. L. Munroe. [OM 27 September 1901].

Munroe, Walter Y., married at Malden, MA., 31 Mar. 1901, to Bella McRay. [BR 18 April 1901].

Murphy, Kathleen G, died at Wolfville, 24 July 1901, age 28 years, d/o Bryan J. Murphy. [OM 2 August 1901].

Murray, Dr. Charles Dickie,Edin., [Edinburgh?] married at Halifax, NS, 23 Oct 1901, s/o Rev. William Murray, Canard, NS to Jessie Brown, d/o Andrew Boak, Halifax. [BR 31 October 1901].

Murray, Rev. William see Murray, Dr. Charles Dickie.

Neaves, J[esse?], born to at Port Lorne, 29 Dec 1901, a daughter. [BR Jan 9 1902].

Neily, Alvin see Neily Lucy.

Neily, Inglis, died at North Kingston, 10th. inst., in 83rd. year. [BR 16 May 1901- see N. Kingston].

Neily, Mrs. J. H. see Reagh, Wesley Boyd.

Neily, Lucy, married at Cambridge, Tuesday, d/o Alvin Neily to Harry Brown, Hillaton, NS. [BR 7 November 1901 and see OM 8 Nov 1901].

Neily, Obadiah P. see Weaver, Annie B.

Neville, Percy Willett see Roscoe, Bernice.

Newcombe, Benjamin see Newcombe, Mrs. Benjamin ( Adelaide).

Newcombe, Mrs. Benjamin (Adelaide), died at Hortonville, 6th. inst., in 18th year(?), wid/o Benjamin Newcombe. [ BR 23 May 1901].

Newcombe, Emory, died at Highlands, Lake Co., Indiana, 4 Jan. 1901, age 9 years, s/o Z.E. and Clara Newcombe, formerly of Cornwallis. [Br 14 March 1901]

Newcombe, Z.E. see Newcombe, Emory.

Nichols, Elburn, born to at Somerset, NS, 18 June, a son.[BR 4 July 1901].

Nichols, Lillie, see Parsons, W.R.

Nichols, Otis H., married, at Morristown, NS, 6 Feb., 1901, to Carrie L., d/o Maynard C. Cogswell. [BR 14 Feb., 1901].

Norman, Wallace, married at ?, 29 Oct 1901, to Ada Banckman, both of Bridgetown.[OM 15 November 1901].

Ogilvie, Valerie see Foot, Hartley

O’Key, Olivia Violet and Mrs. William O’Key see Ryan, John Wilfred.

Osborne, Norman A., Waterville, NS, married at Union Square, Lun.Co., NS, 20 Feb. 1901, to Susie J. Dunn, of Union Square. [BR 7 March 1901].

Palmer, Arthur (and Rachel) see Palmer, Douglas or Dora.

Palmer, Douglas,, died at Morristown,? week and 5 days NS, 2 Nov 1901, cholera, inf/ s/o Arthur and Rachel Palmer. [ BR 14 Nov 1901]

Palmer, Douglas, died at Welsford, 2 Nov 1901, aged 2 weeks 5 days, son of Arthur and Rachel Palmer. [ OM 15 Nov 1901 somewhat different from BR 14 Nov 1901]]

Palmer, Dora, died at Morristown, NS, 6 Nov 1901, 3 weeks and 2 days, cholera, inf/d/o Arthur and Rachel Palmer. [BR 14 Nov 1901see also OM 15 Nov 1901].

Palmer, Edgar P. see Palmer, Hattie.

Palmer, Elmer Ellsworth, Morden and Aylesford, married, to Annie Leanora Chesley, at New Germany, Lun. Co., NS, 1 Jan., 1901. [BR 31 Jan., 1901].

Palmer, Clara Mabel, married at Aylesford, 14 Oct 1901, d/o Joseph Palmer, Auburn to George O. Jacques, Sydney, formerly Auburn; reside Sydney. [BR 7 Nov 1901& OM 8 Nov].

Palmer, Hattie, died at Aylesford, 25 Mar. 1901, age 17, only child / o Edgar P. Palmer, [BR 18 April 1901].

Palmer, J. Arthur, born to at Weslford, 14 Oct 1901, twins. [BR 31 Oct 1901].

Palmer, Joseph see Palmer, Clara Mabel.

Palmer, Mrs. John R., died at Birmingham, England, 17 June 1901, a native of "this place", formerly of Morristown. [ BR 20 June 1901 see Morristown + notice;OM 28 June 1901].

Palmeter, Frank see West, Annie R.

Palmeter, Leonard B. See Hill, Mary Frances.

Parker, Alexander B., see Parker, Jennie.

Parker, Charlotte Fellows, married at Berwick, "this morning", d/o John M. Parker, Berwick, to Moses Emery, Marlboro, MA. [ BR 11 April 1901 see OM 12 April 1901 as well ].

Parker, Jennie, died at Boston, MA., 24 Oct 1901, d/o Alexander B. Parker,Grafton, NS. [BR 31 October 1901].

Parker, John M. see Parker, Charlotte Fellows.

Parker, Morton, [Merton] E., married at Dorchester, MA., 24 June 1901, to Sadie L. Holland, both of Aylesford, NS. [BR 15 August 1901see also OM 12 July 1901].

Parker, Samuel H., Musquoidobit, married at Berwick, 18 Sept 1901, to Wilhelmina Ellis, d/o W.W. Ellis, Berwick. [ OM 4 Oct 1901].

Parker, William E., of Lynn, MA., married at Somerset, yesterday, to Alice M. Cochrane, d/o David R. Cochrane; residence USA. [BR 10 October 1901 write-up].

Parks, Fannie E., married at Port George, 25 Sept 1901 to Dr. Vernon A. Roach, Wakefield, MA. [OM 27 September 1901 write-up].

Parsons, W.R. born to at Yorkton, Assinaboia, 17 Dec 1901, a son. [BR 19 Dec 1901].

Patriquin, C. A., at Wolfville, NS, born to, 8 Feb., 1901, a daughter. [BR 21 Feb. 1901].

Patten, Terry, born to at Hantsport, 20 Sept. 1901, a daughter.[OM 27 Sept 1901].

Patterson, Charles see Patterson, Corena Seraphine.

Patterson, Corena Seraphine, married at Aylesford Mountain, 11 September 1901, d/o Charles Patterson to Hedley V. Graves s/o Burpee Graves,Aylesford.[19 Sept 1901 write-up].

Patterson, died, a daughter of George Patterson, 7 Dec 1901, 13 months.[OM 20 Dec 1901].

Patterson, George see Patterson, died.

Patterson, Milton A. see Roscoe, Edna E.M.

Patterson, S.A., born to at Wilmot, 10 July 1901, a son.[OM 12 July 1901].

Pearson, Enoch R. see Banks, Lizzie M.

Pelton, Geo. E., married at Burlington, Kings Co.,NS, 3 July 1901, to Maud R[icker?], both of Fitchburg, MA. [BR 11 July 1901] .

Pelton, Roy, born to at Berwick, 8 July 1901, a son. [BR 18 July 1901] .

Perry, Christopher M., married at Berwick, 22 August 1901, to Annie E. Spicer, both of Harbourville, NS. [BR 29 August 1901].

Pick, Martin, born to at Wlofville, 14 May 1901, a daughter.[OM 24 May 1901].

Pierce, Edward, born to at Havelock, Mass.[?], 20 Sept 1901, a son. [OM 1 Nov 1901].

Pineo, Jonathan, died at Prospect, 29 May 1901, age 79 years. [BR 13 June 1901].

Pineo, Rev. David see Rudolph, David.

Pineo, Jonathan, died at Prospect, 29 May 1901, age 79 years.[OM 14 June 1901].

Pineo, J. D. see Pineo, Marcia M.

Pineo, Marcia M., died at Harbourville, 29 August 1901, relic/o J.D. Pineo, Berwick, aged 86 years and 3 months. [BR 12 September 1901].

Pineo, Mary see Rudolph, David.

Pineo, Robert L., married, at Waterville, NS, 7 Feb., 1901, to Alma d/o Henry Strong, Steam Mill, NS. [BR 14 Feb., 1901].

Pitfield, Ethel Maud Ellen, died at Montcton, NB, 34th inst., w/o James W. Pitfield, d/o Henry B. Webster, Kentville. [OM 13 Sept 1901].

Pitfield, James W. see Pitfield, Ethel Maud Ellen.

Poole, William, born to at Paradise West, 27 June 1901, a son.[5 July 1901].

Porter, Ethel O. see Lockhart, Amos L.C.

Porter, Henry A., died at Grafton,NS, 27 Feb. 1901, age 70 years. [BR 7 March 1901].

Porter, Rev. N.L. see Porter, Walter H.

Porter, W.A. see Shaw, Mary Jean.

Porter, Walter H., Boston, MA., married at Coldbrook, 7 Sept 1901 to Cassie M. Cox d/o Rev. N.L. Porter.[OM 27 September 1901 write-up].

Potter, Emma, died at Greenwood, Tues., aged 36 years.[OM 17 May 1901].

Power, David see Stevens, Tressa.

Power, Edna, see Huff, Edna.

Power, Gideon see Huff, Edna.

Power, Rufus G, born to at Grafton, 7 May 1901, a daughter. [BR 23 May 1901].

Power, Tressa see Stevens, Tressa.

Powers, Frank, Boston, MA., marreid at Sydney, CB, 28 August 1901, to Dora McGranaham, Margaretville, NS. [OM 20 September 1901 write-up].

Purdy, Annie May, died at Dorchester, MA., 16 Feb., 1901, formerly of Somerset, NS d/o Joseph Purdy and w/o John Thomas; burial Round Hill,Annapolis Co., NS [BR 28 Feb. 1901].

Purdy, Joseph see Purdy, Annie May.

Putnam, J.F. see Allen, Bertha B.

Rafuse, Rosa, Lawrencetown, NS, married at Waterville, 20 Nov 1901, to Alonzo F. Sawler, Cambridge, NS. [BR 5 December 1901see also OM 6 December 1901].

Rafuse, Theresa see Feener, John.

Rainforth, George, see Hannah Rainforth.

Rainsforth, Hannah, died at Berwick, 14 Oct 1901, wid/o George Rainforth d.o William Tupper, Weston, NS. [BR 24 Oct 1901].

Rand, A.V., see Rand, Margery.

Rand, Frank W., of Canaan, married at Tatamagouche, Col. Co., NS, 27 June 1901, to Henrietta d/o John Westherby, Tatamagouche, . [BR 25 July 1901].

Rand, Margery, died at Wolfville, NS, 4 Jan., 1901, age 9? months. [BR 17 Jan., 1901].

Rand, William, born to at Canning, NS, 1 August 1901, a son. [BR 22 August 1901].

Ray, Fred R. see Ray, Wilhelmina.

Ray, John, born to at Aylesford, 9 March, 1901, a daughter. [ BR 14 March 1901].

Ray,Wilhelmina, w/o Fred R. Ray, Bridgetown, died 14 Nov 1901, aged 38 years. [OM 22 November 1901 - no place of death given].

Raymond, Reuben M. See Gullison, Alice May.

Reid, Deacon H.H., died at Lochartville, 13 April 1901, aged 78 years.[OM 26 April 1901].

Reagh, John W. & Mrs. Reagh see Reagh, Wesley Boyd.

Reagh, Wesley Boyd, died at Upper Clarence at the home of his sister Mrs. J. H. Neily, s/o John W. Reagh, Brooklyn, and Mrs. Reagh, Middleton. [OM, 5 April 1902-obituary]

Redden, Levi A. See Burbidge, Maude.

Redden, Jessie B, married at Kentville, 12 June 1901, to P. Mosely, Dartmouth. [OM 14 June 1901].

Redden, Private, of the R.R.O. [C.?] L., drowned at Fredericton, NB, 29 June 1901, from Kings Co., NS. [BR 11 July 1901].

Reynolds, Charles Oscar, inf/s/o Robert D. Reynolds, died at Annapolis Royal, 24 Sept 1901, aged 2 months 3 days. [OM 4 October 1901].

Reynolds, Robert D. see Reynolds, Charles Oscar.

Rice, Ada see Rice, Loleta.

Rice, Avard see Rice Catherine.

Rice, Catherine, married 23 October 1901 at residence of John Rice to Avard A. Rice both of Lake La Rosa.[OM 1 Nov 1901 and see OM 8 Nov 1901]

Rice, Charlotte Anne, died at Annapolis Royal, 24 Sept 1901, aged 80 years.[OM 4 Oct 1901].

Rice, Dr. see Churchill, Laura.

Rice, Fred see Rice, Loleta.

Rice, Loleta A., died at Deep Brook, 25 Nov 1901, d/o Fred and Ada Rice, 14 years. [OM 6 December 1901].

R[icker?], Maud see Pelton, Geo. E.

Riley,Albert, infs/o, died at Hantsport, 1 Dec 1901. [OM 6 Dec 1901]

Riley, Ella see Burnham, Harry.

Riodan, D.S. see McLaughlin, Mary.

Ritchie, J. M. C., died Wednesday, born 1832. [OM 22 Nov 1901 - obituary].

Roach, Jas., died at Margaretville, 13 Aug 1901. [OM 16 August 1901].

Roach, Dr. Vernon A. see Parks, Fannie E.

Robertson, Minna Georgina see Taylor, Frank Spence. [may be a Robertson/James]

Robinson, Andrew, of Hantsport, died at Wolfville, 27 Nov 1901, aged 87 years. [BR 5 Dec 1901].

Robinson, James see James E. Robinson.

Robinson, James E., died, at Boston,MA., 4 Jan. 1901, s/o James Robinson, Black Rock, NS 28 years. [BR 14 Feb., 1901].

Rockwell, Genevieve, died at Brooklyn Corner, NS, 17 Nov 1901, d/o Robert and Isabell [a] P. Rockwell, aged 21 years. [BR 5 December 1901].

Rockwell, Robert (and Isabella) P. see Rockwell, Genevieve.

Rockwell, William, died at Canard, 24 Mar. 1901, age 73 years. [BR 4 April 1901].

Rockwell, W. Wylie, see Calkin, Nellie H.

Roney, Frank Eugene, Granville Centre, married at Hillsburn, 11 Sept 1901, to Ethel Louise Caswell d/o A.S. Caswell. [ OM 20 Sept ember 1901 ].

Roscoe, Bernice married at East Halls Harbour, 23 Oct 1901, to Percy Willett Neville. [OM 8 November 1901]

Roscoe, C. W. see Roscoe, Ralph.

Roscoe, Edna E. M., married at Roxbury, MA., 4 Sept 901, to Milton A. Patterson, both of this county. [BR 3 October 1901 & OM 4 Oct 1901].

Roscoe, Everett W. see Spurr, Howard W.

Roscoe, Ralph, died at Boston, MA., Thursday last, s/o C.W. Roscoe. [ BR 28 Nov 1901].

Roscoe, Mary A. See Roscoe, Everett W.

Rose, Rev. Charles W. see Banks, Kezia B.

Rose, Capr. Robert K. see Banks, Kezia B.

Ross, John M. see Crouse, Sophia.

Ross, R.H., born to at Yarmouth, NS, 13 Nov 1901, a son. [BR 21 November 1901].

Rudolph, David, married at Burlington [notice records Aylesford], 5th., to Mary Pineo, d/o Rev. David Pineo, both of Burlington. [ BR 13 June 1901, p.3, col. 5; see OM 14 June 1901].

Ruflee, Charles, born to at Bridgetown, 11 Nov 1901, a son. [OM 15 Nov 1901].

Rumsey, Amon, married at Clarence, Wed last, s/o James Rumsey to Azuba Fitell d/o Freeman Fitell. [OM 14 June 1901 - write-up].

Rumsey, James see Rumsey, Amon.

Ryan, John Wilfred, married, at Port Williams, 16 Jan., 1901, to Olivia Violet O’Key d/o Mrs. William O’Key. [BR 17 Jan., 1901].

Sabeans, Harvey, born to at Bridgetown, 6 Nov 1901, a daughter.[OM 15 Nov 1901]

Sandall, Agnes B., of St. John,NB, died at Berwick, NS, 4 dec 1901.[BR 12 Dec 1901].

Sanford, Fred H., died at Welsford, 30 Oct 1901, in 42nd. year. [BR 7 Nov 1901see also OM 8 November 1901].

Saunders, Eugene F., Bridgetown, married 6 Nov 1901, to Susie M. Young, Bridgetown. [OM 8 November 1901]

Saunders, Helen I. See Graves, Wallace B.

Sawler, Alonzo F. see Rafuse, Rosa.

Schaffner, E. C. see Bishop, Mabel E.

Schaffner, Fred A. see Andrews, Lydia.

Schaffner, Edgar C., married at Lawrencetown, 10 October 1901 to Mabel E. Bishop. OM 25 October 1901].

Schaffner, James E., died at Granville Ferry, 20 April 1901, aged 67 years. [OM 26 April 1901].

Schurman, Charles, Gates Mountain, died Tuesday, burial Pine Grove. [OM 26 April 1901 obituary].

Shafner, L.D. (Mayor), born to at Bridgetown, 23 May 1901, a son. [OM 31 May 1901].

Shaw, Capt. Benjamin see Shaw, Mary Jean.

Shaw, Ethel, married at Windsor 11 June 1901 d/o P.C. Shaw to Percy Smith s/o Joshua H. Smith. [OM 14 June 1901].

Shaw, Henry see Shaw, Leander C.

Shaw, Dr. H.M.& Mattie B., born to at Fossil, Oregon, USA, 5 July 1901, a son. [BR 8 August 1901].

Shaw, John, died Friday last, (no place mentioned) aged 88 years. [BR 7 Nov 1901- obituary se also OM 8 Nov 1901].

Shaw, Leander C., married at Medicine Hat, Assiniboia, 31 May 1901 s/o Henry Shaw, Kentville to Ethel d/o G. Willis, Lincoln, England.[28 June 1901].

Shaw, Mary Jean, died at hantsport, 27 May 1901, w/o Capt. Benjamin Shaw, Hantsport, d/o W.A. Porter, Boston. [OM 31 May 1901].

Shaw, P.C. see Shaw, Ethel.

Shea, Leonard, married at Windsor, 10 April 1901, to Edith Toye, both of Wolfville. [26 April 1901 notice].

Shepherd,A.F., born to at South Berwick, 7 September 1901, a son. [BR 12 Sept 1901].

Simms, Allen R., died at Inglewood, 7 June 1901, age 11 years.[OM 14 June 1901].

Simms, Capt. Alfred, died, Mt. Denson, Hants Co., 28 April 1901, 79 years. [OM 3 May 1901].

Sims, Elizabeth, d/o Henry Sims, Delaps Cove, married at Bridgetown, 27 April 1901, to Stephen Gehu (Gehn), Bear River.[OM 3 May 1901-notice].

Sims, Henry see Sims, Elizabeth.

Skinner, Charles (Dea.), see Matheson, John.

Skinner, Deacon Wm. H. See Skinner, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann.

Skinner, Mrs. Elizabeth, died at Weston,‘ last night’, b. 9 June 1804, d/o Abner and Hannah Woodworth, m. 1835, Deacon Wm. H. Skinner. [BR 24 Oct 1901- obituary].

Skinner, James H. See Doleman, Lily.

Slauenwhite, W.A., born to at Bridgetown, 1 Nov 1901, a son. [OM 8 Nov 1901]

Slocomb, Capt. Ingram, 30 Jan. 1901, buried, Port George. [ BR 7 Feb., 1901- obituary].

Slocomb, James C., Granville, married at Digby, 22 July 1901, to Ella M. Wilson, of Digby. [OM 2 August 1901].

Slocomb, Lida see Hicks, Herbert.

Slocomb, Major see Hicks, Herbert.

Smith, Mrs. Alex, died at Summerville, 6 July 1901, aged 96 years.[OM 12 July 1901].

Smith, Anna Walton see Ballantine, Rev. Harian Judson.

Smith, C.E.W. see Smith, Harris Stanley .

Smith, Eliza, w/o John Smith, died Hemford, NS, 22 April 1901, 73 years.[OM 3 May 1901].

Smith, Ezra see Smith, Oscar Bryant.

Smith, Florence, married at Parrsboro, 3 July 1901, d/o R.Thompson Smith to Hugh E. Mosher, Berwick. [ BR 4 July 1901- write-up].

Smith, Harris Stanley, s/o C.E.W. Smith, married to Annie, d.o James J. Anslow, 24 Jan., 1901, all of Windsor, Hants Co., NS. [ BR 31 Jan., 1901].

Smith, Hattie, married at Middleton?, 9 Oct 1901 to Wm. Woodland. [25 Oct 1901]

Smith, John see Smith, Eliza.

Smith, John T. see Ballantine, Harian Judson.

Smith, Joseph see Young, Zina D.H.

Smith, Joshua see Shaw, Ethel.

Smith, L.M. see Smith, Nina.

Smith, Newton M., Bridgetown, married at ?, 30th ult., to Ella L. Bent d/o Ralph Bent, Tupperville. [OM 8 Nov 1901].

Smith, Nina, married at Cheverie, Hants Co., NS, 25 Sept 1901, d/o L.M. Smith to Perley H. Marshall, of Middleton. [OM 27 Sept 1901 write-up].

Smith, Oscar Bryant, died at Bay Side, Annapolis Co., NS, 24 July 1901, age 24 years, s/o Ezra Smith. [OM 16 August 1901, obituary p.2].

Smith, Percy H. see Shaw, Ethel.

Smith, R. Thompson see Smith, Florence.

Smith, Zina D.H., see Young, Zina D.H.

Spicer, A.H. see Daniels, Susie Lavinia.

Spicer, Annie E. See Perry, Christopher M.

Spicer, Susie Lavinia, see Daniels, Susie Lavinia.

Spinney, Elisha, died at Greenwood, 12 June 1901, age 90 years.[OM 5 July 1901-obit].

Spinney, Harry B., died at Phinney’s Mill, Wilmot, Saturday.[BR 15 August 1901-see Local].

Sprague, Fred W., dies at Calgary, 2 April 1901, age 30(?) years, s/o Rev. Howard and Emma E. Sprague, Sackville, NB. [BR 11 April 1901].

Sprague, Howard ( and wife Emma E.) see Sprague, Fred W.

Spurr, Howard W., at Roxbury, MA., s/o Deacon N.P. Spurr, of Aylesford, NS to Mary A., d/o Everett W. Roscoe, Cornwallis, "first evening of the New Year, married. Write-up [BR, 10 Jan., 1901, p.2.]

Spurr, James R. see Spurr, Nellie May.

Spurr, Nellie May, d/o James R. Spurr, died at Perotte, 20 Sept 1901, age 9 days. [OM 4 October 1901].

Spurr, N.P.,Deacon see Spurr, Howard W.

Spurr, Reginald H., Boston, MA., married at Halifax, 25 Sept 1901 to Daisy M. McDonald d/o Geo. A. McDonald, Halifax, NS. [OM 4 October 1901].

Stacy, Martha B. see Morse, Frank S.

Starkweather, Walter B., Boston, MA., married at Margaretville, 18 Sept 1901, to Mrs. Olivia R. Harris, Margaretville. [20 September 1901.

Starr, A.C. see Starr, Harold Miller.

Starr, George H. see Crane, Rebecca Allsion.

Starr, Harold Miller, died Starr’s Point, 18 July 1901, inf/s/o A.C. Starr, 1 year. [OM 2 August 1901].

Starrat, Harry M., Kingston, married at Hyde Park, MA., to Anna M. Gates, Wednesday. [from Gazette, Hyde Parke,Mass. 30 March - OM 12 April 1901].

Steadman, Asa see Steadman, Effie.

Steadman, Effie, died at Somerset, 23 April 1901, adop./d Asa Steadman. [BR 2 May 1901]

Steadman, George, died, at Somerset, NS, age 84 years, 10 Jan., 1901.[ BR 24 Jan., 1901]

Steadman, Robert,Milford, Annapolis Co., NS, married 4 Nov 1901, to Jessie M. Jefferson, Morganville, Digby Co., NS. [OM 15 November 1901]

Steele, Owen, see DeWolfe, Grace.

Stevens, Tressa, aged 35 years w/o S.S. Stevens, Kingston, died at Mahone Bay, 14th inst., d/o David Power, Mahone Bay. [OM 22 Nov 1901 obituary p.2].

Stevens, S.S. see Stevens, Tressa.

Stewart, Alice L. see Ellis, Dr. J. F.

Stewart, Charles see Mosher, Annie.

Stewart, Dr. see Mosher, Annie.

Stewart, Stephen G. see Armstrong, Cassie E.

Stronach, Arthur, born to at Spa Springs, 24 Sept 1901, a son. [OM 27 Sept 1901].

Stronach, Stephen, married at Melvern Square 17 Dec 1901 to Mary E. Fales, both of East Margaretville. [OM 20 December 1901].

Strong, Alden, born to at Grafton, NS, 9 August 1901, a daughter. [BR 22 August 1901].

Strong, Alma see Pineo, Robert L.

Strong, Henry see Pineo, Robert L.

Tafta[?], Albert, born to at Kingston,NS, 10th. inst., a son. [BR 23 May 1901].

Taylor, Frank Spence, married at Toakum, Texas, 6 July 1901, to Minna Georgina Robertson d/o G.W. James .[OM 19 July 1901].

Taylor, John, born to at Torbrook, 26 July 1901, a daughter. [OM 2 August 1901].

Tingley, Capt., born to at Wolfville, 21st. inst., a son. [BR 31 October 1901]

Tufts, Clifford Ashton see Brock, Edith Constance.

Thomas, Alice Amelia, Parrsboro, married at Parrsboro, Sat.last, to Walter Lawrence Hayes, of Canada Creek. [BR 12 December 1901].

Thomas, John see Purdy, Annie May.

Thorpe, Edith G. see Irvin, Gordon L.

Thorpe, G. R. See Irvin, Gordon L.

Thurlow, Hattie May see Kilcup, Frank.

Tilley, J.D., Quebec, married at Charleston, MA. to Mary E. Douglas, Berwick, NS. [OM 25 October 1901].

Tingley, Capt. J. B. born to at Wolfville, 10 Oct 1901, a son.[OM 1 Nov 1901]

Toye, Edith see Shea, Leonard.

Thorpe, Leverett, died Dorchester, MA., 13 April 1901, s/o S.R. Thorpe, formerly of Kentville, in his 34th years.[OM 26 April 1901].

Torrey, George H. see Millberry, Julia E.

Tufts, Bessie, married at Stronach Mt., 17 Sept 1901, to Osacr C. Hulsman, of Malden, MA. [OM 20 September 1901 write-up + Notice].

Tupper, Eliakim, born to, at Lake George, NS, 20 Apr. 1901, a son. [ BR 2 May 1901].

Tupper, George E., born to at Kingston, 23 June 1901, a daughter.[OM 28 June 1901].

Tupper, Hannah see Rainsforth, Hannah.

Tupper, Lavinia, died at Aylesford, 16 April 1901, aged 80 years.[OM 26 April 1901].

Tupper, Martha Elizabeth, married at Truro, NS, 20 Feb. 1901, d/o S.R. Tupper to James Howell, Boston. [ BR 7 March 1901].

Tupper, S.R. see Tupper, Martha Elizabeth.

Tupper, William see Rainforth, Hannah.

Venot, Nellie see Crouse, Rufus.

Wagner, Lawrence, died at Bridgetown, 8 April 1901, age 22 years.[OM 12 April 1901].

Wall, Rev. E.C. see Baker, Wm. W. L.

Wall, Lillian M. see Baker, Wm. W. L.

Walls, Andrew Russell see Dunnack, Lizzie Blanche.

Ward, Alfred W., of New Britain, CT., born to at Victoria Vale, 29 July 1901, a son.[OM 2 August 1901].

Ward, Ida May see Blackburn, Ernest A.

Ward, Leslie, died at Weston, 9 June 1901, s/o Marshall Ward, 11 years 5 months. [OM 28 June 1901].

Ward, Maggie Blanche see Dennison, James A.

Ward, Marshall see Ward, Leslie.

Warren, Harris Deighton see Brown, Stella May.

Weatherby, Henrietta see Rand, Frank W.

Weatherby, John see Rand, Frank W.

Weathers, Rev. Geo. A., died at Summerville, Hants Co., NS, 10 May 1901, age 68 years. [BR 23 May 1901].

Weaver, Annie B., married at Spa Springs, ‘last evening’, to Obadiah P. Neily, Middleton. [OM 29 November 1901, p.2, write-up].

Webb, Emma Ruth see Freeman, Ernest Somerville.

Webb, Rev. J. see Freeman, Ernest Somerville.

Webster, Ethel Maud Ellen see Pitfield, Ethel Maud Ellen.

Webster, Henry B. see Pitfield, Ethel Maud Ellen.

Webster, J. Bartlett see Lake, Blanche.

Webster, Lela Geneva, died at Canton, Mass., 14 Oct 1901, w/o Elbridge Ford Marshall, 28 years. [OM 8 November 1901].

West, Annie R., married at Delhaven, 11 Sept. 1901, d/o John West, Delhaven to Frank Palmeter, Grand Pre. [ BR 12 September 1901].

West, Evelyn, married at Prospect, 4 Sept 1901, d/o H.H. West to E.J. Zwicker. [BR 12 September 1901 write-up, notice].

West, H. H. see West, Evelyn.

West, John see West, Annie R.

Westhaver, A.J., of Kentville, married, at Digby, 15th. inst., to Lottie Beatrice Morrell, adopted d/o Capt. J. W. Cousins. [BR, 24 Jan., 1901].

Welton, Crawley, see Welton, Nora M.

Welton, Nora M., died, at Kingston Station, NS, age 17 years, 12 Jan. 1901, d.o Crawley Welton, Meadow Vale, NS. [ BR 24 Jan., 1901].

Wentzell, Jacob, died at Bridgetown, 18 Oct 1901, 86 years. [OM 25 Oct 1901]

Wheeler, Benjamin N., see Brown, Jennie.

Wheeler, Sadie Eastman, d/o J.W. Wheeler, married at Marlboro, MA., Wed., to Arthur Marshall Forbush. [OM 20 September 1901 write-up].

White, Edward R. see Johnson, Minnie S.

White, Eunice Rebecca, d/o John White, died, at Berwick, 6 Feb., 1901, age 71 years. [BR 7 Feb., 1901].

White, George M., died at Dugby, 30 Oct 1901, age 69 years. [OM 8 Nov 1901].

Whitman, James H., died at Round Hill, 20 Dec 1901, 70 years.[ OM 27 Dec 1901].

Whittle, Major D., died at East Northfield, MA., 4 Mar. 1901, age 60 years.[BR 9 May 1901].

Wickwire, Annie Mrs. see Foster, Dr. George.

Wickwire, Janie see Foster, Dr. George.

Wickwire, Fred W., married Wed. Next, to Emily Lovitt of Yarmouth,NS, d/o Jas. T. Lovitt, niece of Senator Lovitt. [BR 13 June 1901 p.3 col.4].

Willis, Ethel, see Shaw, Leander C.

Willis, G. see Shaw, leander C.

Wilson, Ella M. see Slocomb, James C.

Wood, Sarah Mabelle see Congdon, W. B.

Woodbury, Henry D. see Jackson, Eva Beatrice.

Woodland, Wm. See Smith, Hattie.

Woodroffe, James see Woodroffe, Lena Dell.

Woodroffe, Lena Dell, married at Waterville, 23rd. inst., d/o James Woodroffe to Bradford T. Bishop, Freeport, Digby Co., NS.[BR 31 Oct 1901 see Waterville & OM 25 Oct 1901].

Woodworth, Abner (& Hannah) see Skinner, Elizabeth Ann.

Woordworth, Anna J., died at Clarence, 30 Oct 1901, relict /o Enoch Woodworth, aged 80 years. [OM 15 Nov 1901].

Woodworth, Enoch see Woodworth, Anna J.

Woodworth, Fred, born to at Wolfville, NS, 16 August 1901, a son. [BR 29 August 1901].

Woodworth, Phileman C. see Franklin, Hattie S.

Worthylake, Joseph B., died 6 April 1901, nearly 81 years, of Windsor, s/o Wm. Worthylake, b.Wilmot, Annapolis Co., removed to Mahone Bay and then to Windsor; m. a daughter of Wm. H. Marvin, Halifax. [OM 12 April 1901- obituary].

Worthylake, Wm. see Worthylake, Joseph B.

Wright, Rev. F. H., dies at Halifax Monday last, age 48 years. [BR 25 July 1901-obituary].

Young, Abbie see Furbish, J.H.

Young, Harris see Young, Myrtle.

Young, Herman L., Young’s Cove, married at Middleton, 25 Dec 1901, to Emeline S. Hurlbert, Meadowvale.

Young, J. H., died Wednesday. [OM 13 Dec 1901 - obituary]

Young, Lindley, died Mon night Middleton, , age 31 years 7 months; wife died July 1899. [OM 5 April 1901- some further information].

Young, Myrtle B., died at Lake Paul, 30 Mar. 1901, age 8 years. [BR 4 April 1901].

Young, Susie M. see Saunders, Eugene F.

Young, Zina D. H., died, 28 August 1901, b. Watertown, NY, 1821, m. Joseph Smith at Nauvoo, Ill. [ BR 5 September 1901 - obituary].

Zwicker, Benjamin, died at Tremont, 4 Nov 1901, age 56 years.[OM 29 Nov 1901 obit p.2]

Zwicker, E .J. see West, Evelyn.

Inserts from 10 Years Ago - from The Register, Berwick, NS 1901

Caldwell, Miss Lillian, 8 August [1891] .[BR 15 August 1901].

Johnson, Rev. G., at Grand Pre, 21 August [1891], age 83 years.[BR 29 August 1901].

Lyons, Ormond O., Waterville, killed by train in Chicago[1891] . [BR 5 September 1901].

Note: to faint to read OM but may help someone: Died, Everett, Mass., 23 August 1901 Leleah, w/o C.H. ___ d/o Charles? ___ of Port George, Annapolis Co., NS

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