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Newspapers - Vital Statistics, 1902 G- Z

Gates, Ashel see Gates, Fred G.

Gates, David, died at Middleton, Monday, 51 years m. Three times: m1. Annie d/o John Parker; m2. Sophia, sister of Annie and d/o John Parker; m3. Mrs. William North. [OM, 28 February 1902, Friday, obituary].

Gates, Emma see Gates Fred G.

Gates, Fred G., died at Eastondale, MA., 7 Mar 1902, s/o Ashel and Emma Gates, grandson of Henry Ewing, Morristown, age 21 years. [BR 20 March 1902].

Gates, Mattie, married at Greenwood, 29 May 1902, to Merton J. Wilmarth, Saundersville, Mass. [ OM 6 June 1902 write-up].

Gates, Mrs. James A., died at Harmony, 19 May 1902. [OM 23 May 1902].

Gaul, Alma, Inglisville, married 15 Oct 1902, [ n. pl.], Andrew Hatt. [OM 24 Oct 1902 ].

Gaul, Constantine, born to at Dalhousie, 27th., a son. [BR 13 Mar 1902; OM 7 Mar 1902].

Gaul, Catherine S. & William, see Pendergast, Susan.

Gaul, Susan see Pendergast, Susan.

Gaul, William & Catherine S., see Pendergast, Susan.

Gelling, L. C. see Spurr, Maggie.

Gibson, Fred, died, infant daughter, 3 months, Mosher’s Corner, 31 Aug 1902.[OM 12 Sept 1902 - obituary].

Gibson, Frederick see Bent, Sarah Jane.

Gibson, Sarah Jane see Bent, Sarah Jane.

Gilmor, Abner Churchill see McVicar, Annie Isabel.

Gilmore, Paul, born to at Pleasant River, 3 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Goldsmith, Charles, born to at Belleisle 19 Sept 1902, a daughter. [OM 3 Oct 1902].

Goodwin, Mrs. E.C. see Foote, Vesta Estella.

Goodwin, George see Foote, Vesta Estella.

Gould, Albert, married at Boston, MA., 16th., to Celia Tumbull (Trumbell -2 spellings), d/o A. Trumbell, Williamsburg, NB; residence: Massachusetts.[BR 24 July 1902].

Gould, Jotham W. see Barkhouse, May.

Grantham, Arthur T., died at Dayton, Maine, 7th inst, aged 42 years.[RB 19 June 1902].

Graves, Jason H., born to at Aylesford, 21 Oct 1902, a daughter.[BR 30 Oct 1902].

Gray, David see Gray, Mary Eliza.

Gray, Herbert, born to at Inglewood, 25 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 13 June 1902].

Gray, Mary Eliza, died at Culloden, Digby Co., NS, 17th inst., w/o David Gray, aged 52 years. [27 March 1902].

Greek, Melvin D., Vogler’s, married at Liverpool, 17 April 1902, to Elsie L. Wambolt, East Port Medway. [OM 9 May 1902].

Green, Amelia, died at Canning, NS, 24 Mar 1902, w/o Capt. Joseph Green and d/o Guy Lyons, of Lower Blomidon, NS. [3 April 1902].

Green, Malcolm, born to at Dorchester, MA., 6 Dec 1902, a son. [BR 18 Dec 1902].

Green, Capt. Joseph see Green, Amelia.

Greenwood, A. H. see Greenwood, Murial.

Greenwood, Clifford see Best, Eunice E.

Greenwood, Murial I., married at Prospect, Kings Co., NS, 19 March 1902, d/o H.A. Greenwood, Halifax, to Percy A. Ward, s/o Leander Ward, North Alton. [BR 27 Mar 1902 notice + write-up].

Gregory, Elizabeth see Turnbull, Chas. O.

Grifton, Ruby see Armstrong, Howard E.

Hall, Harriet C. see Parker, John E. H.

Halloran, Mary, Lynn, Mass., married at Lynn, Mass. 5 Nov 1901, to George Bishop, Annapolis. [ OM 3 January 1902 ].

Hamby, Emmanuel, Wilmot, married at Middleton, 7 May 1902, to Mary J. Ryan, Grand Lake, Halifax Co., NS. [OM 9 May 1902].

Hambly, Benjamin R., died at Wilmot, 2 April 1902, 66 years, born: Cornwallis, England, moved to Capleton, Quebec, 1885 then to NS about 1895.[OM 11 April 1902 p.2 obituary].

Hamilton, James T. [Sr.] see Hamilton, James T.

Hamilton, James T., died at Halifax, NS, Friday, b. Somerset, 1852, s/o James T. Hamilton. [BR 29 May 1902 - obituary].

Harlow, Zenas, born to at North Brookfield Mines, 22 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 30 May 1902].

Harlow, Leslie C., married at Cambridge, Mass., 26 Aug 1902 to Margaret McVicar d/o W. M. McVicar. [OM 19 Sept 1902].

Harris, Ernest R. See Illsley, Pauline.

Harris, Mrs. Henrietta D. see VanBuskirk, Edward C.

Harris, H. G., born to at Kentville, 10 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 16 May 1902].

Harris, James J., born to at Halifax, 30 Dec 1901, a son.[OM 10 Jan 1902].

Harris, Leveret J., died at Boston, MA., 3rd inst., s/o Wm. H. Harris, Canning. [BR 13 Feb 1902].

Harris, Lysander, died at Wolfville, 29 Dec 1901, aged 70 years. [OM 3 Jan 1902].

Harris, Wm. H. see Harris, Leveret J.

Harris, Lysander, died at Wolfville, 29 Dec 1901, age 70 years. [BR 9 Jan 1902].

Haskins, Edith see Joudrey, Charles J.

Hatfield, Charlotte see Amers, Alex S.

Hatt, Andrew see Gaul, Alma.

Healy, Alfred, Outrain, Annapolis Co., NS, married at Port Lorne, Annapolis Co., NS to Stella Maud Marshall. [OM 2 May 1902].

Healey, Lizzie see Kirkpatrick, J. A.

Healey, W. C. see Kirkpatrick, J. A.

Hebb, D’anora see Coffin, Lorne.

Henderson, Edward see Zinck, Agnes.

Hennigar, Edith see Ells, Alfred W.

Hennigar, Fletcher A. see Hennigar, Mrs.

Hennigar, J. E. see Ells, Alfred W.

Hennigar, Mrs., wid/o Fletcher A. Hennigar, at Berwick, 10 Oct 1902, formerly of Canning, later Middleton. [BR 16 October 1902, obituary + notice see OM 17 Oct 1902 for additional information - her brother Capt. A. Hibbert, Yarmouth; he a s/o Rev. Jas. Hennigar-obit].

Hennigar, S., White Rock, married at Steam Mill, 5 Feb 1902, to Effie M. MacInnas, [spelling was ‘as’], Mill Village. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Hennigar, So[a?]ngster, see MacInias, Effie M.

Hicks, H. B. see Bowlby, Blanche.

Higgins, William J., died at Wolfville, Friday, in 81st year. [BR 16 January 1902].

Hilton, James B. see Parker, Elizabeth A.

Hiltz, Ephraim Richard see Burgoyne, Benjamin G.

Hiltz, Fred, born to at Kentville, 18 Dec 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

Hiltz, Mabel Clara see Burgoyne, Benjamin G.

Hiltz, Sydney, New Ross, married at Kentville, 26 July 1902, to Fredda Eisner, Chester. [OM 8 August 1902].

Hiltz, Theresa see Corkum, Freeman.

Hird, Albert E., born to at Garland, NS, 24 June 1902, twin daughters.[BR 26 June 1902].

Hird, George, born to at Berwick, 13th inst, a daughter. [21 August 1902].

Hirtle, Percy, West Northfield, Lun. Co., NS, married at Lakeville, 12 Feb 1902, to Oila Thorpe d/o Amos Thorpe. [BR 20 Feb 1902 see also OM 21 Feb 1902].

Holbrook, Winfred Clifton see Sancton, Jennie C.

Holdsworth, Bessie see McNeill, H. H.

Holdsworth, Jennie Louise see Fullerton, Aubrey Willoughby.

Holmes, Thomas, born to at Kingsport, 4 mar 1902, a son. [OM 28 March 1902].

Howell, C.B., born to at Weston, NS, 18 April 1902, a daughter. [BR 24 April 1902].

Hubley, Anthony H., Round Hill, Annapolis Co., NS, married at Berwick, 5 June 1902, to Clara Fredericks, Woodville. [BR 12 June 1902 see also OM 27 June 1902].

Hubley, Curry, died at Bridgewater, Christmas Day, drowned, age 12 s/o Cyrus Hubley. [BR 2 Jan 1902 write-up].

Hubley, Cordellia, married at Middleton?, 31 March 1902 to Henry Orde, both of Milford. [OM 11 April 1902].

Hubley, Cyrus see Hubley, Curry.

Hudgins, Annie Laura, d/o Wm. Hudgins, Kingston, married at Somerville, Mass., 23 Oct 1902 to Samuel Herbert Thompson. [OM 31 Oct 1902].

Hudgins, Avard, born to at Margaretville, 22 Sept 1902, a son. [ OM 10 Oct 1902].

Hudgins, Wm. see Hudgins, Annie Laura.

Huff, Capt. Harry, Hantsport, married at Fowney, England, to Beatrice Rillston, Fowney. [ OM 25 July 1902].

Hughson, Rev. J.E., married at Toronto, 18 June 1902 to Daisie Lee Munns, Toronto, d/o William Munns, Toronto. [BR 26 June 1902].

Huntley, Rev. J.A., born to at Kingston, NS, 27 June 1902, a daughter.[BR 10 July 1902].

Hutchison, Annie, married at the home of Alexander Banks, 16 Oct 1902, to Albert Baker, of Harmony. [BR 30 October 1902 write-up see also OM 24 Oct 1902 write-up].

Hutchison, J. Watson, born to at Millville, 13 Aug 1902, a daughter. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Hutchison, Frank H., born to at Jamaica Plains, MA., 4 June 1902, a son.[BR 11 Sept. 1902 see also OM 19 Sept 1902].

Hutchison, Watson, born to at Millville, 13 Aug. 1902, a daughter. [BR 11 Sept. 1902].

Illsley, Brenton H., Coldbrook, married at Prospect, 12 Nov 1902, to Fanny Pearl d/o George Rockwell, Prospect. [BR 20 Nov 1902 & OM 21 Nov 1902].

Illsley, Daniel M., died at "his home" 13 inst., [Northville, NS], in 83rd year. [BR 16 October 1902 obituary + notice see also OM 24 Oct 1902].

Illsley, E.K. see Illsley, Pauline.

Illsley, Gorden see Ruggles, Mrs. W. C.

Illsley, Mariah see Ruggles, Mrs. W. C.

Illsley, Ruth see Skinner, Henry.

Illsley, Pauline, married at Atlanta, 2 Apr 1902, d/o E.K. Illsley to Ernest R. Harris. [ 10 April 1902 - write-up].

Illsley, Wallace, born to at Weston, 6 Nov 1902, a daughter. [BR 13 Nov 1902].

Irvin, John, died at Wilmot, 5 July 1902, 63 years. [OM 8 August 1902].

Jackson, Charles, born to at Clarence, 16 Dec 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

Jackson, Christopher see Jackson, Martha Ella.

Jackson, Martha Ella, d/o Christopher Jackson, Paradise, married at Paradise, Monday, to George Walker Wilson, Sydney, formerly of Centreville, Annapolis Co., NS.[OM 12 September 1902 - write-up].

Jacques, Arthur H. see Jacques, Eva A.

Jacques, Eva A., died at South Boston, MA., 1st, w/o Arthur A. Jacques and d/o J.C. Foster, Berwick, aged 27 years. [BR 6 Nov 1902].

Jacques, Frank B., formerly of Aylesford, married at Roxbury, MA., 17 Sept 1902, to Laura G. Fe[a?]sender, of Montreal.[BR 2 Oct 1902- write-up].

Jefferson, Mrs. H. E., died Sunday, n.p., n.d.. [ BR 15 May 1902- obituary; see OM 16 May 1902 as well - 60 years in OM ].

Jenkins, John see Best Annie B.

Johnson, Ernest, born to at Greenwich, 16 March 1902, a daughter. [OM 28 Mar 1902].

Johnson, Mrs. Isaac, died at Harmony, 25 Oct 1902, 77 years. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

Johnston, J. M., died at Waterville, 64 years. [OM 22 Aug 1902 - no date given].

Jones, Harry see Nichols, Jean.

Jones, H.M. born to at Berwick, 10 July 1902, a daughter. [BR 17 July 1902 & OM 25 July].

Jones, died, Tuesday last, inf/d/o H.M. Jones.

Jones, H.M. see Jones, died.[also see Jones, Margaret Givenlyn].

Jones, Margaret Givenlyn, inf/d/o H.M. Jones, died at Berwick, 7 Oct. [BR 23 Oct 1902].

Jodrey, Leander, died at Bridgetown, 20th inst., 26 years. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Joudrey, Charles J., Paradise, married at Lawrencetown, 2 Sept 1902 to Edith Haskins, Milton, Queens Co., NS. [OM 5 Sept 1902].

Judge, Mrs. May see Fancy, James Arthur.

Kaulback, Dursilla, relict of George Kaulback, died Lunenburg, 25 Feb 1902, 88 years. [OM 14 March 1902].

Kaulback, George see Kaulback, Drusilla.

Keddy, Mrs. Bamford see Stark, Helena J.

Keddy, Mrs. J. D., died t Paradise, 4 July 1902. [OM 18 July 1902 Friday].

Keith, Mrs. Lydia P. see Lockwood, Charles E.

Keizer, Mrs. James, died at Kingsburg, 1 March 1902, 28 years. [OM 14 March 1902].

Kennikle, Jas. E., Port Williams, married at Halifax, 5 Nov. 1902, to Mrs. Hannah L. Smith, Albany, New York. [BR 13 Nov 1902 & OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Kempton, Edward see Kempton, Mrs. Mary I.

Kempton, Mrs. Mary I., died at Milton, 24 Jan 1902, wid/o Edward Kempton, d/o Richard Telfer, Caledonia, aged 79 years. [OM 7 Feb 1902]

Kennedy, Thomas, died at Wallingbrook, 18 Dec 1901, age 86 years. [OM 10 Jan 1902].

Keylor, Maggie A. see Eagleson, Samuel.

Kidder, Lorenzo see Savage, Zamon M.

Killam, Bessie E., Rowley, Mass., d/o R. W. Killam, Somerset, married at Somerset, Wednesday, to Harding E. Killam, Weston.[OM 11 July 1902, Friday, write-up].

Killam, Maggie, died at North Kingston, 21 Aug 1902, 33 years. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Killam, Harding E. see Killam, Bessie E.

Killam, R. W. see Killam, Bessie E.

Killam, Silas, died at Steam Mill, 8 Mar 1902. [OM 14 March 1902].

King, James, born to at Grand Pre, a son. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

King, Thomas, born to at New Minas, 6 Nov 1902, a son. [OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Kinsman, Mrs. Daisy see Woodworth, Spurr.

Kinsman, Emma see Kinsman, Charles.

Kinsman, Charles, died at Grafton, 16th., 21 years 8 months funeral 19th., s/o George and Emma Kinsman, buried Berwick. [BR 26 June 1902- see Grafton column + notice ].

Kinsman, George see Kinsman, Charles.

Kinsman, John A. see Sanford, Mary E.

Kirkpatrick, J. A., married at Round Hill, Annapolis Co., NS, 28 May 1902, to Lizzie Healey, d/o W. C. Healey. [OM 30 May 1902].

Kiser [Kaiser??], LeCain, married at Annapolis , Christmas Day, to Mary Tranan, Digby. [ OM 3 January 1902 ].

Lake, Flora, married at Somerville, Hants Co., NS, 18 Aug 1902, to Capt. Fred Masters, Burlington. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Lamont, R. H., born to at Kentville, 29 Mar 1902, a daughter. [OM 11 April 1902].

Lane, Fred C., St. John, married 11 June 1902, to M. Josephine Lawrence d/o James W. Lawrence, Hantsport. [BR 19 June 1902].

Langille, Henry, born to at Centreville, 25 March 1902, a son. [OM 28 March 1902].

Langley, David, Morse Road, married at Bridgetown, 20 Feb 1902 to Annie Nixon, Port George. [OM 28 March 1902].

Lantz, R.E., born to at Melvern Square, 1 Mar 1902, a son.[OM 7 Mar 1902].

Lawrence, James W. see Lane, Fred C.

Lawrence, M. Josephine see Lane, Fred C.

Layte, Mrs. Amelia, died at Williamston, 5 Nov 1902. [OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Leadbetter, A. J., died at North Brookfield, 27 Feb 1902, 71 years. [OM 7 Mar 1902].

Learned, Mary Emma see Sanford, George Wade.

LeCain, Andrew see Ainsworth, Charles S.

LeCain, Annie Laura see Ainsworth, Charles S.

LeCross, S., born to at Kentville, 9 Nov 1902, a son. [OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Lee, Edward, of Canada Cree, married at Natick, MA., 30 July, to Cora Boyle, of Brooklyn Corner. [BR 7 August 1902].

Lockhart, Harvey S. See Blenkhorn, Josephine.

Lockwood, Charles E., Canning, married at Berwick, 10 July 1902, Mrs. Lydia P. Keith, Boston, MA. [BR 17 July 1902 see also OM 25 July 1902].

Logan, Mrs. Janet, died at South Chicago, Illinois, Tuesday last, d/o John Brown, Billtown. [BR 23 October 1902- some additional information].

Lonergan, [Daniel], born to at Dalhousie, 1 Mar 1902, a son. [BR 13 March 1902- OM 7 March 1902 records Daniel Lonergan].

Longley, J. W., born to at Halifax, 7 Aug 1902, a son. [OM 15 Aug. 1902].

Longley, Winnifred I. M. see Wallace, T. Rueben.

Longworth, Israel, died at Truro, NS, 19 Feb 1902, in 67th year. [BR 6 Mar 1902].

Loveless, William see Phinney, Mrs. George.

Lyon, O. H. see Foster, Edna S.

Lyon, Perley Parker see Foster, Edna S.

Lyons, Amelia see Green, Amelia.

Lyons, Eunice, died at Brookline, MA., 9 Dec 1902, w/o Alfred P. Waterman, aged 25 years, 2 months, 24 days. [BR 18 Dec 1902].

Lyons, Guy see Green, Amelia.

Lyons, Mrs. J. P., died at Kentville, 30 Dec 1901, age 97 years. [OM 10 Jan 1902].

Lyons, Vhemas, married at Bridgewater, 3rd. Inst., 1st Officer of the steamer California, to Annie Oakes d/o William Oakes. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Mahaney, Gertie, died. [BR 22 May 1902- see Cambridge col.].

MacInnas, Effie M. see Hennigar, S.

MacInias, Effie M., Steam Mill, married Wednesday last week, d/o James MacInias, to So[a?]ngster Hennigar, White Rock.[13 Feb 1902-write-up].

MacInias, James see MacInias, Effie M.

Mack, Miss see Calder, Mrs. W. R.

MacKenna, H. W., born to at Parrsboro, 11 Feb 1902, a daughter. [BR 20 Feb 1902].

MacKeown, Alice R., Lynn, married at Lynn, Mass., 7 May 1902, to Joseph D. Newton, Gardner, Mass.. [OM 30 May 1902].

MacKeown, Mrs. M. E., died at Lawrence, Mass., 12 May 1902, 66 years, native of Granville, NS. [OM 16 May 1902].

MacLean, Margaret, died at Margaretville, 22 March 1902, d/o Thomas MacLean.[OM 28 March 1902 - obituary; see OM 4 April 1902 p.3 see also Margaretville column].

MacLean, Thomas see MacLean, Margaret.

Magee, Archibald S., died at Malden, MA., 6[?] Mar 1902, s/o John Magee, Greenwood, aged 57 years. [BR 20 March 1902].

Magee, John see Magee, Archibald S.

Manning, Margaret Elmira, w/o Richmond Manning, died at Bridgewater, 24 April 1902, age 55 years. [OM 9 May 1902].

Manning, Richmond see Manning, Margaret Elmira.

Manning, Vila, married at Richmond, 17th inst., to M. L. Roop. [OM 26 Sept 1902 see Springfield column ; write-up ].

Mapleback, Bessie L. see Palmer, Mrs. Thomas.

Mappleback, Bessie S. see Palmer, Bessie s.

Mappleback, George see Palmer, Bessie S.

Marchant, Isabella see Delano, Isabella.

Marchant, John A. See Delano, Isabella.

March, Dr. J. B. see March, Hugh Stephen.

March, Hugh Stephen, inf/s/o Dr. J. B. March, died at Berwick, 26 Mar 1902, aged 1 year and 3 days. [BR 20 March 1902 see also OM 14 Feb 1902- number of differences- Henry Stephen March, 6 years 9 months in OM and died at Bridgewater].

Margeson, Burton, born to at Harbourville, 11 Sept. 1902, twin boys.[BR 25 Sept. 1902].

Margeson, Burton B. see Margeson, William John.

Margeson, Christopher see Margeson, Mrs. Mary.

Margeson, Mrs. Mary, died at Lawrencetown, 10 Jan 1902, wid/o Silas Margeson, 63 years, bro/o Christopher, of South Berwick, NS. [BR 30 January 1902- obit. & OM 17 Jan 1902].

Margeson, Silas, see Margeson, Mrs. Mary.

Margeson, William John, died at Harbourville, 24 Nov 1902, inf/s/o Burton B. Margeson. [BR 11 Dec 1902 - see Local Register column].

Marshall, Edward, Clarence, married at Bridgetown, 27 Aug 1902, to Minnie Morse d/o Nathan Morse. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Marshall, Ethel, Clarence, married at Clarence, 8 Sept 1902, to Charles O. Baker, Hyde Park, Mass. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Marshall, G.R., born to at Halifax, 4 Feb 1902, a son.[OM 14 Feb 1902].

Marshall, Herbert, born to at Bridgetown, 7 Jan 1902, a daughter.[OM 10 Jan 1902].

Marshall, Isaac see Palmer, Lucy.

Marshall, Stella Maud see Healy, Alfred.

Marshall, W. A., born to at Bridgetown, 17 May 1902, a son. [OM 23 May 1902].

Martin, C.L., born to at Amherst, NS, 16 June 1902, a son.[BR 19 June 1902].

Martin, Capt. Peter, died at Roxbury, Mass., born at Gaspereaux, NS, age 71 years. [OM 28 March 1902 ].

Martin, William H. see Banks, Idella Blanche.

Masters, Capt. Fred see Lake, Flora.

Masters, G. A., formerly of Kentville, now of Boston, married at Lyons Brook, Pictou Co., NS, 12 Nov 1902 to Grace McInnes. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

McBurnie, Austin L. see Brown, Amy R.

McCaffrey, J.J., married at Kentville, 11 Jan 1902, to Agnes McCarthy d/o D. McCarthy, all of Kentville, NS. [BR 16 January 1902 & OM 17 Jan 1902].

McCarthy, Agnes see McCaffrey, J.J.

McCarthy, D. see McCaffrey, J. J.

McConnell, Andrew see McConnell, Margaret.

McConnell, Margaret, died at Yarmouth, NS, 2 Oct 1902, d/o Andrew McConnell. [BR 23 October 1902].

McCoy, Edith see Dunham, Charles W.

McDonald, Jos. Alex, Digby, married at Annapolis 10th inst., to Clara E. Saulnier of Plymouth, Digby Co., NS. [OM 19 Sept 1902].

McDonald, J. R., born to at Wolfville, 14 Nov 1902, a son. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

McGinnis, James, born to at Tremont, 20 Dec 1902, a son. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

McGrath, Charles see McGrath, Mary.

McGrath, Mary, w/o Charles McGrath, died at Digby, 6 Dec 1902, 43 years. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

McGregor, Arthur, born to at Tremont, 24 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 7 Mar 1902].

McInnes, Grace see Masters, G. A.

McInnes, J.A., died at Windermere, 18 Nov 1902, in 72nd. year. [BR 27 Nov 1902, see the Local Register column].

McIntrye, C.B. see McIntyre, Catherine Jane.

McIntyre, Catherine Jane, died at Aylesford, 7 Nov 1902, inf/d/o C.B. McIntyre, aged 1 day. [BR 13 November 1902 & OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

McIntyre, Fred A. H., died t Aylesford, 16th., in his 28th year. [BR 20 March 1902 also OM 28 March 1902].

McKay, H. R., born to at Truro, Col. Co., NS, 22 April 1902, a daughter. [BR 1 May 1902].

McKeen, Gordon, born to at Gay’s River, 25 April 1902, a son.[BR 19 June 1902].

McKenna, H. W., born to at Parrsboro, 11 Feb 1902, a daughter. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

McKenzie, William, see McKenzie, Wylie G.

McKenzie, Wylie G., died at Somerville, MA., 6 Jan 1902, s/o William McKenzie, formerly of Welsford, NS, aged 30 years. [BR 23 January 1902].

McKeown, Minnie, d/o Deacon W. B. McKeown, Lawrencetown, married at Lawrencetown, 19 November 1902, to J. Clarence Young, Bridgetown. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

McKeown, Deacon W. B. see McKeown, Minnie.

McKinnon, Maggie, died at Rockland, NS, 20 June 1902, w/o George Palmer, aged 43 years, d/o John McKinnon, Summerside, Antigonish Co. [BR 26 June 1902].

McKinnon, John see McKinnon, Maggie.

McLean, Alena see McLear, Alena.

McLean, James A., born to at Bridgewater, 1 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 26 Sept 1902].

McLear, *Alena, married at Weston, 22 Jan 1902, d/o D.M. McLear to Raymond Clark ; will reside in Woodville. [BR 30 January 1902 *this notice appears in the OM 21 Feb 1902 but appears to be McLean].

McLear, D. M. see McLear, Alena.

McMullen, Capt. James see Congdon, Elizabeth.

McMullen, Elizabeth see Congdon, Elizabeth.

McMurtrey, Grace, d/o John McMurtrey, died at Margaretville, 19 Oct 1902, 10 years. [OM 24 October 1902].

McMurtrey, John see McMurtrey, Grace.

McNealy, Alberta, died at California, d/o Richard McNealy, Summerville, Hants Co., NS. [OM 7 Mar 1902].

McNealy, Richard see McNealy, Alberta.

McNeil, Aaron, died at Millville, Monday, 74 years, burial Aylesford.[OM 21 Feb 1902 obit].

McNeill, H.H., Berwick, married at Digby, Saturday to Bessie Holdsworth, Digby, Leaving from Halifax for Somerset Bridge, Bermuda, pastor.[BR 17 July 1902 see p.2].

McQuarrie, Richard S., married at Kentville, 26 Feb 1902, to Janet Eliza Wardrope, d/o Thomas Wardrope, all of Kentville. [BR 6 Mar 1902 also see OM 7 March 1902].

McVicar, Annie Isabel, of St. George, NB, 17 Feb 1902 to Abner Churchill Gilmor, Buffalo, New York, USA, at Waterville, NS. [BR 20 Feb 1902- see Waterville col. + notice see OM 21 Feb 1902 OM selling as Gillmore].

McVicar, Margaret see Harlow, Leslie C.

McVicar, W. M. see Harlow, Leslie C.

McWhinnie, Florence see Parker, Frederick R.

McWhinnie, Capt. John see Parker, Frederick R.

Mealy, J.W., born to at Berwick, 21 Sept. 1902, a daughter.[BR 25 Sept. 1902].

Meekins, Charles, see Parker, Wylie Wilfred.

Meekins, Jessie Kate see Parker, Wylie Wilfred.

Messenger, Ellen C., died at Halifax, 27 years, 19 Feb 1902, w/o Ralph Messenger, Bridgetown. [BR 27 Feb 1902].

Messenger, Frank Bernard see Foster, Lizzie Ann.

Messenger, Lily B., Tupperville, Annapolis Co., NS, married at Bellows Falls, Vermont 17 April 1902 to Roy F. Bingham, Bellows Falls. [OM 1902 23 May 1902].

Messenger, Ralph see Messenger, Ellen C.

Middlemas, Isaac N., died at Middleton, 4 April 1902, 40 years, married in 1894 to Clara A. D’Orsay, St. John, burial Pine Grove.[OM 11 April 1902 obituary].

Milbury, Edward see Milbury, Margaret.

Milbury, Margaret M., wid/o Edward Milbury, died at Young’s Cove, 27 April 1902, 76 years. [OM 9 May 1902].

Millbury, Mrs., died at Hampton, 18 Sept 1902, 81 years. [OM 3 Oct 1902].

Miller, Deacon Benjamin, died at Clarence, Sunday, .[OM 10 Jan 1902 obituary p.1].

Miller, Ernest, Waterville, married at Waterville, 18 Nov 1902, to Fannie Ward, Scotch Lake, New Brunswick. [BR 17 Nov 1902 see also OM 5 Dec 1902].

Miller, Lorne see Morrell, Maie.

Miller, W. R., born to at Clarence West, 27 June 1902, a son. [OM 18 July 1902].

Mills, Edwin Clay see Parker, Blanche Lillian.

Mills, Helen see Mrs.[sic] Ingles Austin.

Mills, Robert, Jr., died at Granville Ferry, 18 May, 31 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Mitchell, Edith B. see Durland, Norman L.

Mont, John J., Sackville, Halifax Co., married at Wolfville, 15 Jan 1902, to Maud MacDonald, Falmouth. [ OM 31 January 1902].

Moody, Isaac see Moody, Mrs.

Moody, Mrs., w/o Isaac Moody, died 7 Sept 1902, Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS.[OM 12 September 1902 page is torn at bottom ; only w/o no given name].

Moody, Dr. James C., died at Windsor, 5 Jan 1902, age 57 years. [OM 17 Jan 1902].

Moore, Nancy S., w/o Col. L. Dev. Chipman, d/o Stephen H. Moore, died at Kentville, 25 Jan 1902, aged 67 years. [BR 30 January 1902 see also OM 31 Jan 1902].

Moore, Maud P., married at Kentville, 25 Dec 1901 to Paul Castor, Collingwood, Ontario. OM 3 January 1902 ].

Moore, Stephen H., see Moore, Nancy S.

Moore, Thomas Wadsworth see Morgan, Edith Louise.

Morash, Rev. A.V., born at Elmsdale, Hants Co., NS, 9 Feb 1902, a son. [BR 20 February, 1902 see also OM 21 Feb 1902].

Morgan, Edith Louise, d/o John S. Morgan, Bridgewater, married at Bridgewater, 4 Sept 1902, to Thomas Wadsworth Moore. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Morgan, John S. see Morgan, Edith Louise.

Morine, George Edward, Bear River, married at Clementsport, 22 April 1902, to Susie Burrill. [OM 9 May 1902].

Morrell, Maie, married at Freeport, 11 June 1902, to Lorne Miller, Canning.[OM 27 June 1902].

Morris, Fred H., died at Harbourville, 14 Feb 1902, age 35, s/o Mrs. Peter Connor.[BR 27 Feb 1902- see Harbourville col. + notice].

Morris, Mrs. J. Lathern, died at Burlington, NS, 14 Jan 1902, age 42 years.[BR 30 Jan 1902].

Morse, Capt. E. M., died at Paradise, 24 Nov 1902, 68 years. [OM 28 Nov 1902 & 5 Dec].

Morse, Minnie see Marshall, Edward.

Morse, Nathan see Marshall, Edward.

Morse, W. H., Bridgetown, married at Hart’s Content, Newfoundland, to Mabel Thompson. [OM 26 Sept. 1902 - no date given].

Morse, Wm. L. see Crouse, Aurrie May.

Morton, Clara Augusta, died at Massachusetts, Sat. last, d/o Mrs. Mary & Holmes E. Morton; burial Berwick. [BR 6 Nov 1902 see write-up Clara Morton Murdered].

Morton, Holmes E. See Morton, Clara Augusta.

Morton, H.E. see Morton, Jennie Isabelle.

Morton, Holmes see Morton, John Elkanah.

Morton, James see Morton, Lucy.

Morton, Jennie Isabelle, married at Somerset, NS, Wed. last, d/o H.E. Morton to Lloyd Elderkin Dunham, Philadelphia, formerly of Canso, N.S.[BR 25 Sept. 1902,write-up].

Morton, John Elkanah, died at Mecosta, Michigan, 27 April [1902], aged 80 years; s/o Holmes Morton, Cornwallis; left home in 1843, resided in St. Francis, NB, then to Michigan. [BR 29 May 1902 -see Local Register].

Morton, Mrs. Mary see Morton, Clara Augusta.

Morton, Lucy, wid/o James Morton, died at Middleton, Sat., 80 years.[OM Friday 24 Jan 1902 obituary]

Morton, Rory E., born to at Dorchester, MA., 28 Sept 1902, a daughter. [BR 9 Oct 1902].

Mosher, H.E., born to at Berwick, 14 May 1902, a daughter.[BR 22 May 1902].

Mulhall, C. W., born to at Middleton, 11 Aug 1902, a daughter.[OM 15 Aug 1902 and see OM 29 Aug 1902 -place recorded].

Mulhall, inf/child/o C. W., died at Middleton, 12 Oct 1902. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Munns, Daisie Lee, see Hughson, Rev. J.E.

Munns, William see Hughson, Rev. J.E.

Munroe, Fred, born to at Kingston, 29 Jan 1902, a son. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Munroe, Howard I., born to at Bridgetown, 28th inst., a son. [OM 31 Jan 1902].

Murphy, Mary E., wid/o Michael Murphy, died at Northville, Kings Co., NS, 8 March 1902, age 96 years. [OM 14 March 1902].

Murphy, Michael see Murphy, Mary E.

Neaves, Samuel, died, of Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [BR 30 Jan 1902-see Burlington col.].

Neily, Clara M., of Aylesford, married at Marlboro, MA., 7 May 1902, to Oswald Cross, of Pleasantville, Lun. Co., NS. [BR 15 May 1902 see also OM 16 May 1902].

Neily, Everett, born at Greenwood, 29 Mar 1902, a daughter. [17 April 1902].

Neily, Ernest, born to at Greenwood, 12 May 1902, a son. [BR 22 May 1902].

Neily, Mrs. James Parker, died at River Hebert at daughters home (Mrs. E.B. Christie), but of Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., wid/o James Parker Neily, 69 years. [OM 31 Jan 1902 obit ].

Newcombe, Byron, born to at Centreville, 12 May 1902, a son. [OM 16 May 1902& OM 23 May 1902].

Newcombe, Hugh see Newcombe, James Cummings.

Newcombe, James Cummings, died at Newton Highlands, MA., Tuesday last week, formerly of Cornwallis, s/o Hugh Newcombe, Cornwallis ; his widow a d/o Rev. Abram Stronach, age 55 years. [31 July 1902-see Notice & Local Register & OM 8 Aug 1902].

Newcombe, H. S., died at Church St., Kings Co., NS, 9 Nov 1902, 61 years.[OM 7/14 November 1902].

Newton, Joseph D. see MacKeown, Alice R.

Nickerson, A. M., Boston, married at Boston, Mass., to Carrie Fullerten [?], Grand Pre, NS. [OM 25 July 1902 ].

Nichols, Henry, born to at Harbourville, 6 Jan 1902, a daughter. [BR 16 Jan 1902].

Nichols, Isaac see West, George.

Nichols, Jean, Berwick, married at Berwick, 8 Oct 1902 to Harry Jones, Everett, MA. [BR 9 October 1902].

Nichols, Mamie Alberta see West, George.

Nichols, O. H., born to at Morristown, 13 Jan 1902, a daughter. [ 16 Jan 1902].

Nixon, Annie see Langley, David.

Norman, Wallace, born to at Bridgetown, 22 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 3 Oct 1902].

North, Mrs. William see Gates, David.

Northrup, Major J., born to at Canning, NS, 31 Mar 1902, a daughter.[OM 11 April 1902].

Oakes, Annie see Lyons, Vhemas.

Oakes, Maynard R. see Bruce, Minnie V.

Oakes, William see Lyons, Vhemas.

Ogden, John, born to at Williamston, 2 Jan 1902, a daughter. [OM 3 Jan 1902].

Orde, Henry see Hubley, Cordellia.

Palmer, Bessie S., died at Rockland, NS, 19 Mar 1902, w/o Thomas Palmer d/o George Mappleback, of Margaretsville, NS. [BR 27 March 1902].

Palmer, George see McKinnon, Maggie.

Palmer, Lucy, Auburn, married at Berwick, 10 Nov 1902, to Isaac Marshall, Harmony. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

Palmer, Maggie see McKinnon, Maggie.

Palmer, Mrs. Thomas, died at Rockland, NS, 19 March 1902, age 23 years, formerly Bessie L. Mappleback, b. East Margaretville, NS.[BR 10 April 1902 - obituary see OM 18 April 1902 as well].

Palmer, Thomas see Palmer, Bessie S.

Parker, Annie see Gates, David.

Parker, Blanche Lillian, married at West Newton, MA., 3rrd inst., d/o W.W. Parker, Aylesford, to Edwin Clay Mills, Milton, Queens Co., NS (residence Milton).[BR 19 June 1902].

Parker, Charles A. see Parker, Henry A.

Parker, Charles H. see Parker, Wylie Wilfred.

Parker, Elizabeth A., married 8 Feb 1902, at Nictaux South, d/o J. Henry Parker, Nictaux South, to James B. Hilton, East Brooklyn.[OM 14 Feb 1902 write-up p.2].

Parker, Frederick R., married at Lower Granville, 3 Dec 1902, to Florence McWhinnie d/o Capt. John McWhinnie. [OM 19 Dec 1902].

Parker, George A. see Parker, Minerva.

Parker, Harry R., Nictaux South, married at Nictaux Falls, 12 March 1902 to Lottie A. Shupe, Nictaux Centre. [OM 11 April 1902].

Parker, Henry A., Waterville, married at Welsford 11 Nov 1902, to Winnifred d/o Charles A. Parker, Welsford. [BR 13 Nov 1902 & OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Parker, John E. H., married at Providence, RI, 25 December 1901, to Harriet C. Hall. [OM 10 Jan 1902].

Parker, John see Gates, David.

Parker, J. Henry see Parker, Elizabeth A.

Parker, Minerva, d/o George A. Parker, married at Nictaux South, 8 Jan 1902 to William B. Cochrane, Forest Glade.[OM 10 Jan 1902; write-up 17 Jan 1902]

Parker, Prudence see Rand, Prudence.

Parker, S. C., Berwick, married at Kentville, 10 Sept 1902, to Elizabeth B. Chute.[OM 19 September 1902 - write-up].

Parker, Sophia see Gates, David.

Parker, Stephen E., died at Brooklyn St., 5 Jan 1902, in 61st year. [BR 6 Feb 1902 & OM 7 Feb 1902].

Parker, Thomas, born to at Canada Creek, 24 Sept 1902, a daughter. [BR 9 Oct 1902].

Parker, Winnifred see Parker, Henry A.

Parker, Wm. see Rand, Prudence.

Parker, W.W. see Parker, Blanche Lillian.

Parker, Wylie Wilfred, married at Berwick, NS, 17 June 1902, to Jessie Kate Meekins d/o Charles Meekins, Berwick s/o Charles H. Parker, Welsford, NS.[ BR 19 June 1902 write-up + notice; see also OM 20 June 1902 and OM 27 June 1902].

Paterson, James see Paterson, Milledge.

Paterson, Milledge, died at New York, s/o James Paterson, Millville.[OM 4 April 1902 - see Aylesford column].

Patterson, Charlotte Louise see Saunders, Ralph E.

Patterson, Mary Jane, relict/o Nelson Patterson, Aylesford, died at Sheffield Mills, 11 March 1902, 86 years. [OM 28 March 1902].

Patterson, Nelson see Patterson, Mary Jane.

Patriquin, C.A. born to at Wolfville, 9 Nov 1902, a daughter. [BR 20 Nov 1902 & OM 21 November 1902].

Payson, Augusta see Durling, R. B.

Pearce, B. S. see Bradshaw, Frederica.

Pelton, Bertha, married at Tremont, 1 Jan 1902, to Edward DeLong Burns, both of Tremont. [ OM 3 January 1902 ].

Pelton, Fred H., born to at South Berwick, 18 Aug. 1902, a daughter. [BR 21 August 1902].

Pennington, see Calkin, Mrs.

Perot, Eliza Susan see Reed, Reginald Fowler.

Pendergast, I.H. see Pendergast, Susan.

Pendergast, Susan, died at Merrimac, MA., 15 Aug. 1902, w/o I.H. Pendergast d/o William and Catherine S. Gaul, Dalhousie East, aged 30 years, 10 months, 26 days. [BR 11 Sept. 1902 see also OM 19 Sept 1902].

Phinney, Mrs. Annette, see Phinney, Ermine.

Phinney, Eliza B. died 4 Sept 1902, possibly Roxbury, Mass. ( Street Address given) from [Everton Republican]see p. 3.[OM 26 Sept 1902 obituary but indefinite re place].

Phinney, Ermine, d/o Mrs. Annette Phinney, died at Forest Glen, 12 July 1902, 29 years. [OM 18 July 1902].

Phinney, Mrs. George, d/o William Loveless, formerly Cornwallis, died at Boston, MA.; residence, Jamaica Plain, MA. [BR 13 Feb 1902 obituary].

Phinney, J. C. see Ruggles, Mrs. Emily.

Phinney, Myrtis M. see Armstrong, S. W.

Pickles, Deborah, w/o Jacob Pickles, died at Mahone Bay, 24 Nov 1902, 77 years. [OM 12 December 1902].

Pickles, Jacob see Pickles, Deborah.

Pierce, widow se Durling, R. B.

Piers, Elizabeth, w/o Edward P. White, died at Grand Pre, 1 May 1902, 74th year.[OM 9 May 1902].

Pinch [Finch?], Mary, died 11 May 1902, at Lower Wolfville, 48 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Pineo, F. W., born to at Upper Canard, 5 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 19 Sept 1902].

Poole, Charles R., Bridgetown, married at Middleton, 4 Feb 1902, to Cora B. Shaw, Torbrook. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Poole, Rev. S. S., married at Wolfville, 5 June 1902, to Mabel Bishop d/o J. L. Bishop, Sable River. [OM 13 June 1902].

Poole, William, born to at Paradise West, 15 Dec 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

Pooley, Arthur, born to at Molega, 9 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Porter, Celestine Estelle see Shepherd, W.M.

Porter, Eber see Porter, Mary Eliza.

Porter, Eunice M., relict of Jacob Porter, died at Lower Wolfville, 78 years. [OM 15 August 1902 - no date given].

Porter, Howard, s/o Howard Porter, died at Lakeville, 5 April 1902 [sic], 8 months. [OM 14 Mar 1902 - OM had 5 April 1902, there is an obvious error here but you will need to work it out].

Porter, Jacob see Porter, Eunice M.

Porter, Mary Eliza, died at Berwick, 4 July 1902, wid/o Eber Porter, aged 69 year 10 months. [BR 17 July 1902 see also OM 25 July 1902].

Potter, Hilda Margaret, died at Prospect, Kings Co., NS, aged 14 months, inf/d/o Bessie and Harry Best. [BR 7 August 1902].

Potter, Hattie G., married at Falmouth, 22 April 1902, to Wallace Eldridge. [OM 9 May 1902]

Power, Owen see Sullivan, Alice.

Powers, Mrs. William, died at Bear River, 15 April 1902, 24 years. [OM 2 May 1902].

Purdy, Aura, Upper Clements, married at Upper Clements, 4 June 1902, to Brenton H. H. Rice, Bear River.[OM 20 June 1902].

Rafuse, Peter, married at Kentville, 25 Feb 1902 to Marion Sullivan. [BR 6 Mar 1902].

Rainforth, Elizabeth, married at Windermere, NS, 24 Sept 1902, d/o Miles Rainforth to Aubrey Dodge. [BR 2 Oct 1902 write-up].

Rainforth, Miles see Rainforth, Elizabeth.

Rainsforth, Frank, Berwick, married at Morristown, 18 Dec 1902, to Julia West, Morristown. [OM 19 Dec 1902].

Rames, Ada see Rhonenizer, Lemuel.

Rames, William see Rhodenizer, Lemuel.

Ramey, Florence, died at Tremont, 12 May 1902, age 22 years. [OM 16 May 1902 also see 6 June 1902, OM for obituary].

Ramey, Titus, born to at Bridgewater, 14 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 7 March 1902].

Rand, Clifford, born to at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS, 17 Aug. 1902, a son. [BR 28 Aug. 1902].

Rand, Prudence M., died at Brooklyn St., 7 Mar 1902, w/o Silas H. Rand, d/o William Parker, age 50 years. [ BR 20 March 1902].

Rand, Silas H., see Rand, Prudence.

Ransweiler, John, born to at Ashford, Washington, 4 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 23 May 1902].

Rathburn, Mark, died Sunday last, of Hantsport, s/o Maud Rathburn, Berwick. [BR 26 June 1902 see p.3 col. 2].

Rathburn, Maud see Rathburn, Mark.

Ray, Annie Elizabeth, Forest Glade, d/o Mrs. Ellen Bowers, married at East Somerville, Mass., 18 Jan 1902, to Fred Waldo Reed, Charleston.[OM 7 Feb 1902 write-up].

Ray, G. F., married at Lower Granville, 9 Oct 1902 to Bessie Roblee. [OM 17 Oct 1902].

Raymond, Adeline W., married at Brookline, Mass., 30 June 1902, to Willard E. Shaw. [OM 11 July 1902 write-up].

Raymond, Dr. A. F. see Raymond, Mrs. Rosa R.

Raymond, Mrs. Rosa R., died at Wilmot, d/o Charles Skinner, 44 years, m. Dr. A.F. Raymond. [OM 4 April 1902 see In Memoriam].

Redfern, Mrs. Harry S., died at New York, 12 Dec 1902, 53 native of Lancashire, England wid/o late C. C. Dodge, Middleton, NS. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

Reed, F. J., born to at Bridgetown, 2 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Reed, Fred Waldo see Ray, Annie Elizabeth.

Reed, R. F., s/o W. A. Reed, Berwick, married at Halifax, 16 July 1902, to Eliza S. P. Dickenson, West Bermuda. [OM 18 July 1902].

Reed, Reginald Fowler, married at Halifax, 16 July 1902 to Eliza Susan Perot d/o Samuel D. Dickenson, Southampton, Bermuda. [BR 24 July 1902].

Reed, W. A. see Reed, R. F.

Reid, Evelyn Mabel d/o __ R. Reid, died at Parrsboro, Monday, aged ___2? __days? [Torn page, OM 3 Oct 1902].

Reid, Silas, died 7 Mar 1902, Brooklyn St. [OM 14 March 1902]

Rhodes [Rd[a/o?]des Sylvia, see Carnahan, James.

Rhodenhauser, Ferry, died at Bridgewater, Christmas Day, drowned, age 14 years s/o Mrs. Stephen Rhodenhauser. [BR 2 Jan. 1902].

Rhodenhauser, Mervill, died at Bridgewater, Christmas Day, drowned, age 12 years s/o Mrs. Stephen Rhodenhauser. [BR 2 Jan. 1902 write-up].

Rhodenizer, Lemuel, married at Northfield, Lun. Co., NS, Wed., to Ada d/o William Rames. [OM 4 April 1902 write-up].

Rhodenhauser, Mrs. Stephen see Rhodenhauser, Ferry and Mervill.

Rice, Brenton, H. H., see Purdy, Aura.

Rice, Mrs. E.A., 78 years, died at Bridgetown, 12 May 1902, d/o Deacon Abel Strong, burial Billtown. [BR 22 May 1902-Cambridge column; see also OM 23 May 1902].

Rice, Fred, born to at Centreville, Annapolis Co., NS, 4 Aug 1902, a son.[OM 8 Aug 1902].

Riley, Fred, born to at Hantsport, 8 Aug 1902, a daughter. [OM 15 Aug 1902].

Rillston, Beatrice see Huff, Capt. Harry.

Ritchie, Hennigar, born to at Morden, 27 Oct 1902, a son. [BR 6 Nov 1902].

Roach, Hebron, born to at North Kingston, 10 Aug. 1902, a daughter. [BR 14 August 1902 see also OM 15 August 1902].

Roblee, Capt. Jacob V. see Clark, Isaline.

Roblee, Bessie see Ray, G. F.

Robson, W. W., born to at Windsor, 12 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 23 May 1902].

Rockwell, Fanny Pearl see Illsley, Brenton H.

Rockwell, George see Illsley, Brenton H.

Rodgers, John E. see Beals, Ferona.

Rodick, Daniel, died at Grafton, NS, 19 Feb. 1902, age 76. [BR 27 Feb. 1902- more information].

Rogers, Rosie see White, Leroy B.

Roop, M. L. see Manning, Vila.

Roscoe, Everett A. see Chute, Essie Inez.

Ross, Donald, died at Yarmouth, NS, 9 Aug. 1902, infs/o/ R. H. Ross, aged 8 months. [BR 21 August 1902].

Ross, R.H. see Ross, Donald.

Ruggles, Arthur M. see Arnold, Julia.

Ruggles, Mrs. Emily, married at Paradise, 3 Sept 1902, to J. C. Phinney. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Ruggles, Mrs. John, died at North Williamston, 6 Feb 1902, 80 years.[ OM 14 Feb 1902].

Ruggles, Mariah see Ruggles, Mrs. W. C.

Ruggles, Mrs. W. C., died at West Nictaux, Monday, 73 years, former Mariah Illsley, d/o Gorden Illsley. [OM 28 Nov 1902 - obituary].

Russell, Annie, married at Kentville, 4 Sept. 1902, to Harvey Truesdall, both of Berwick. [BR 11 Sept. 1902].

Ryan, Mary J. see Hamby, Emmanuel.

Sabean, Mrs. Joshua, died at Port Lorne, 11 May 1902. [OM 23 May 1902].

Sancton, Jennie C., d/o J. E. Sancton, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 27 Aug 1902, to Winfred Clifton Holbrook. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Sancton, J. E. see Sancton, Jennie C.

Sanford, Albert, died at Grafton, NS, 1 Aug. 1902, aged 14 months, s/o Starratt and Jennie Sanford. [BR 7 Aug. 1902 & OM 8 August 1902].

Sanford, Dora S. see Brown, Charles E.

Sanford, Eber A., Canning, married at Cambridgeport, Mass., 8 March 1902 to Sadie A. Weaver, Medford. [OM 28 March 1902].

Sanford, George Wade, Grafton, NS, married at Grafton, 26 Oct 1902, to Mary Emma Learned, formerly of Braintree, MA. [BR 6 Nov 1902].

Sanford, James, died at Upper Burlington, 5 March 1902, 81 years. [14 Mar 1902].

Sanford, Jennie see Sanford, Albert.

Sanford, Mary E., married at Waterville, 4 June 1902 to John A. Kinsman, both of Grafton, Nova Scotia. [BR 12 June 1902 see also OM 27 June 1902].

Sanford, Rev. O.M., born to at Hampton, Iowa, 7 June 1902, a son. [BR 19 June 1902].

Sanford, Starratt, born to at Grafton, NS, 23 July 1902, a daughter.[BR 7 August 1902].

Sanford, Starratt see Sanford, Albert .

Sandford, Stothard, 19 years, died at Burlington, 14 Jan 1902, s/o Ambrose Sandford.[OM 31 January 1902].

Saulnier, Clara E. see McDonald, Jos. Alex.

Saunders, Janice, w/o Sidney Saunders, died at Springfield, ?, about 20th inst., 69 years. [OM 30 May 1902 - "taken ill", funeral Wed. - very unclear re time and place of death see Springfield column].

Saunders, Ralph E., Tremont, married at Weston, Tuesday, to Charlotte Louise Patterson. [OM 18 April 1902 write-up].

Saunders, Sydney see Saunders, Janice.

Savage, J. Harvey see Savage, Zamon M.

Savage, Zamon M., d/o J. Harvey Savage, married at Billtown, 8 Jan 1902, to Lorenzo Kidder, of New York. [BR 16 Jan 1902; write-up, 23 Jan. 1902 also see OM 24 Jan 1902].

Schafner, George B., died at Williamston, 2 Aug 1902, 72 years. [OM 15 Aug 1902].

Schofield, Bernice R.[.?], Sheffield Mills, NS, married 24 Dec 1901, Upper Canada [ however, this is possibly Upper Canard] to George Enslev Steele, Woodville. [OM 3 Jan 1902].

Schofield, Lilly Mae see Veinotte, Obadiah F.

Seamon, Zilpa see Durling, Egbert.

Shafner, Fanny, w/o R. W. Shafner, died at Karsdale, 11 Feb 1902, 31 years old. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Shafner, R. W. see Shafner, Fanny.

Shaw, Cora B. see Poole, Charles R.

Shaw, Edith M., married at Torbrook Mines, 18 June 1902, to Elmore W. Spinney.[OM 20 June 1902].

Shaw, Isaac see Shaw, Mrs. Salome.

Shaw, James see Shaw, Mrs. Mary.

Shaw, Mrs. James, died at Mount Denson, 9 May 1902, 74 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Shaw, Mrs. Salome, died at Weston, 31 May 1902, wid/o Isaac Shaw, age 75, d/o Zoheth Freeman, Queens Co., NS. [BR 5 June 1902- obituary see also OM 6 June 1902 obituary].

Shaw, Sydney see Dewitt, Mrs. W.N.

Shaw, W.N. see DeWitt, Mrs. W.N.

Shaw, Dr. Sydney Everett, married at Berwick, ‘yesterday’, to Clara Louise Crispo d/o Francis Crispo, Waterville.[BR Thurs. 23 Oct 1902-write-up & OM 24 Oct 1902].

Shaw, Willard E. see Raymond, Adeline W.

Shepherd, W.M., of Surrey, England, married at Billtown, N.S., 27 Sept 1902, to Celestine Estelle Porter, Berwick.[BR 9 Oct 1902 write-up and notice].

Shupe, Lottie A. see Parker, Harry R.

Siggins, Joseph, formerly of Grafton, died at North Somerville, MA., 20 July 1902, aged 64 years. [BR 7 Aug. 1902].

Silver, Mrs. Cornellius, died at Lower Northfield, 2 March 1902, age about 48 years. [ OM 14 March 1902 ].

Skinner, Charles see Raymond, Mrs. Rosa R.

Skinner, Deacon Charles, died at Wilmot?, 14 Mar 1902, 85 years, b. Cornwallis, 31 Aug 1817, m. 15 Mar 1842 Eunice A. Dimock, d/o Rev. George Dimock, Newport, Hants Co., NS (she d. 1889).[OM 28 March 1902 p.2 In Memoriam].

Skinner, Henry, died 22 Dec 1902, native of Western Kings Co., in 78th year, widow the former Ruth A. Illsley, Cornwallis, NS. [BR 20 Feb 1902- from The Press, Brookings, South Dakota, USA, 26 Dec. issue- write-up].

Skinner, Rosa R. see Raymond, Mrs. Rosa R.

Sleep, Peter L., died at Bridgetown, 19 May 1902, 79 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Slocomb, Caleb see Slocomb, William.

Slocomb, J. E., born to , 22 April 1902, a daughter. [OM 9 May 1902].

Slocomb, William, s/o Caleb Slocomb, died at Port George, 19 April 1902, 84 years, 7 months; converted at New Germany & joined church there; Baptist. [30 May 1902 obituary + notice gives considerable family information].

Smith, Ada F., Lockhartville, married at Campbello, Mass., to G. Stevson. [no date] [OM 30 May 1902].

Smith, C. H., died at Wentworth Valley, 21 Dec 1901, age 73 years. [OM 31 Jan 1902].

Smith, Ethel see Smith, Owen.

Smith, H.S., born to at Windsor, NS, 24 Mar 1902, a son. [BR 3 April 1902].

Smith, N. M., born to at Bridgetown, 9 Oct 1902, a son. [OM 17 Oct 1902].

Smith, Owen, formerly of Cornwallis, married at Arichat, 3 July 1902 to Ethel Smith, of Arichat. [BR 17 July 1902 see also OM 25 July 1902].

Smith, Mrs. Hannah L. see Kennikle, Jas. E.

Smith, Snow see Dukeshere, Mrs. Major.

Sommerville, T.H., born to at St. John, 7th inst., a son. [BR 18 Sept. 1902]

Snow, Alberta, d/o William Snow, married at Hillsburne, 17 Mar 1902, to John Taylor, Victoria Beach. [OM 18 April 1902].

Snow, I. W., died at Calais, Maine, recently. [OM 18 April 1902].

Snow, William see Snow, Alberta.

Snyder, Maggie, d/o Ozane Snyder, died at Conqueral Bank, 22 April 1902, age 18 years. [OM 9 May 1902].

Snyder, Ozane see Snyder, Maggie.

Spinney, Caleb, born to at Harmony, 10 Jan 1902, a son. [OM 17 Jan 1902].

Spinney, Elmore, W. see Shaw, Edith M.

Spinney, Henry Clinton, Lynn, Mass., married at Port George, 10 Sept 1902, to Ethel Edna Weaver, d/o Guilford Weaver. [OM 12 Sept 1902 - write-up].

Spinney, James B., born to at Greenwood, 21 May 1902, a daughter. [BR 5 June 1902].

Spinney, Theodore Harding, Meadowvale, married at Torbrook, 3 Sept 1902, to Louisa Blanche Banks, Torbrook. [OM 5 Sept 1902 - write-up].

Spurr, Maggie, married at Liverpool, NS, 11 June 1902, to L.C. Gelling, Bridgewater. [OM 20 June 1902].

Stark, Helena J., died 25 Nov 1902, at Morden, d/o Mrs. Bamford Keddy, aged 14 years. [BR 4 Dec 1902 see also OM 5 Dec 1902].

Starratt, Elizabeth, died at Bridgewater, 30 April 1902, age 69 years. [OM 9 May 1902].

Starratt, Herbert D., born to at Paradise, 3 Aug 1902, a son.[OM 8 August 1902].

Starratt, Pardon, died at Milton, 18th inst., 94 years 10 months. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Steadman, Edward M., died at Billtown, 8 March 1902, 68 years. [OM 14 March 1902].

Steele, George Enslev see Schofield, Bernice R...?

Stephenson, Isabel, w/o James Stephenson, died at Upper Clarence, 13 May 1902, 74 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Stephenson, James see Stephenson, Isabel.

Sterling, Rev. Allen see Sterling, Lilla.

Sterling, Lilla, w/o Rev. Allen Sterling, d/o Robert Davidson, Halifax, died at Wolfville, 11 Nov 1902.[OM 21 Nov 1902].

Stevens, S. S., married at Kingston Station, Saturday last, to Lelia Fancy.[OM 3 Oct 1902 write-up Friday issue].

Stevens, William, died at Port Williams, 27 Mar 1902, 59 years. [OM 11 April 1902].

Stevens, Andrew, died at Alpena, NS, 15 Sept 1902, 50 years.[OM 19 Sept 1902].

Stevenson, Robert, of St. Stephen, died at Bar Road, this morning, [St. Andrews NB, dispatch, July 16], (b. St. Andrews) aged 62 years ; bro/in/law/ of deceased, S. Creighton, Berwick. [BR 24 July 1902].

Stevson, G. see Smith Ada F.

Stewart, David, died at Bear River, 21 April 1902, 63 years.[OM 2 May 1902].

Stewart, Jessie, married at Digby, 8 Oct 1902 to Lt. J. C. deBallinhard.[OM 17 Oct 1902].

Strickland, Charles, born to at Annapolis Royal, 29 July 1902, a son.[OM 8 Aug 1902].

Stronach, Rev. Abram see Newcombe, James Cummings.

Stronach, Mrs. Stephen, died at Stronach Mt., 30 Nov 1902. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Strong, Deacon Abel see Rice, Mrs. E.A.

Strong, E.A. see Rice, Mrs. E. A.

Sturk, John, Manitoba, formerly of Canning, NS, married at Hortonville, 12 Aug. 1902, to Blanche Taylor, d/o J.S. Taylor, Hortonville. [BR 14 Aug. 1902 & see OM 15 Aug 1902].

Sullivan, Alice, married at Newton Lower Falls, MA., Wednesday last, d/o Wm. P. Sullivan, Grafton, NS to Owen Power ( from Natick [Mass.] Bulletin, 4 July), [BR 24 July 1902, write-up].

Sullivan, Marion see Rafuse, Peter.

Sullivan, Wm. P. see Sullivan, Alice.

Sweeney, John T., born to at Garland, 19 Apr 1902, a son.[BR 15 May 1902].

Sweeney, William, born to at Harbourville, NS, 20 Sept. 1902, a daughter.[BR 25 Sept. 1902].

Taylor, Blanche see Sturk, John.

Taylor, Hiram, born to at Bridgewater, 17 Feb 1902, a daughter. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Taylor, J. S. See Sturk, John.

Taylor, W.O. born to at Berwick, 11 July 1902, a daughter.[BR 17 July 1902 & OM 25 July].

Telfer, Mary I. see Kempton, Mrs. Mary I.

Telfer, Richard see Kempton, Mrs. Mary I.

Templeman, Jennie E. see Burton, Capt. Avard.

Thomas, Henry H., died at Somerset, 7 January 1902, aged 81 years.[BR 23 Jan 1902; OM 17 Jan 1902].

Thomas, Mrs. H. H., died at Somerset, 24 April 1902. [OM 2 May 1902].

Thompson, Samuel Herbert see Hudgins, Annie Laura.

Thompson, Mabel see Morse, W. H.

Thorpe, Amos see Hirtle, Percy.

Thorpe, Oila see Hirtle, Percy.

Truesdall, Harvey see Russell, Annie.

Tranan, Mary see Kiser [Kaiser??], LeCain.

Trumbell, A. [Tumbell ], see Gould, Albert.

Trumbell, Celia [Tumbell] see Gould, Albert.

Tufts, Henry, born to at Northfield, 2 Feb 1902, a daughter. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Tumbell, [Trumbell] Celia, see Gould, Albert.

Tumbell, A, [Trumbell ] see Gould, Albert.

Tupper, A.G. see Tupper, Harman.

Tupper, George A., born to at North Kingston, 18 Aug 1902, a son. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Tupper, Harman, married at Canning, 3 Mar 1902, s/o A.G. Tupper to Augusta Corkum, d/o Newton Corkum, all of Scotts Bay. [BR 13 March 1902 see OM 14 Mar 1902].

Tupper, Hennigar see Tupper, T. Ray.

Tupper,T. Ray, died at Tupperville, 6 Feb 1902, s/o Hennigar Tupper, 21 years. [OM 14 Feb 1902]

Tupper, Thorton, s/o Hennigar Tupper, died at Bentville, 21? years. [OM 7 Feb 1902]

Tupper, Mile Grant, of Scotts Bay, married at South Rawdon, Hants Co., NS, 28 May 1902, to Alice Wellwood d/o Hugh Wellwood. [BR 5 June 1902- write-up].

Turnbull, Chas. O., married at Digby, 11 Sept 1902 to Elizabeth Gregory, Granville. [OM 19 Sept 1902].

Uhlman, Creighton, born to at South Tremont, 2 April 1902, a daughter.[OM 16 May 1902].

VanBuskirk, Edward C., Aylesford, married at Bear River, no date, to Mrs. Henrietta D. Harris, Wolfville. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Vaughan, George, West LaHave, married at West LaHave, 29 Jan 1902, to Addie M. Bailey, Getson’s Cove. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Veinotte, Obadiah F., married at Kentville, 27 Mar 1902, to Lilly May Schofield. OM 11 April 1902].

Vidito, Albert see Vidito, Lena May.

Vidito, Lena May, d/o Albert Vidito, died at Nictaux Falls, 11 May 1902, 19 years, 11 months. [OM 6 June 1902 see Nictaux Falls column].

Vidito, Milford, born to at Carleton’s Corner, 19 Sept 1902, a daughter.[OM 3 Oct 1902].

Vidito, Spurgeon, born to at Nictaux, 6 Aug 1902, a son. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Vroom, I. O., died at Bear River, Digby Co., NS, 10 Dec 1902, 74 years. [OM 26 December 1902].

Wade, Reed, born to at Bridgetown, 31 Aug 1902, a son. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Walker, Charles, born to at Centreville, 5 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 12 Sept 1902].

Walker, Mrs. Aldin, d/o Willis Foster, Port George, died 12 June 1902, at Bridgetown. [OM 20 June 1902].

Wallace, George, born to at Lawrencetown, 5 Nov 1902, a son.[OM 7/14 Nov 1902 ].

Wallace, Capt. Isiah, died at Avonport 15 June 1902, aged 82 years. [BR 26 June 1902].

Wallace, T. Reuben, Wolfville, married at Paradise, 25 June 1902, to Winnifred I. M. Longley. [OM 4 July 1902 - write-up].

Wambolt, Elsie L. see Greek, Melvin D.

Wambolt, Howard see Douglass, Mrs. Delia.

Ward, Fannie see Miller, Ernest.

Ward, Leander, see Greenwood, Murial I.

Ward, Percy A., see Greenwood, Murial I.

Ward, Richard, born to at Kentville, 14 Oct 1902, a daughter. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Wardrope, Janet Eliza see McQuarrie, Richard S.

Wardrope, Thomas see McQuarrie, Richard S.

Warrington, W.C., Mt. Pleasant, married at Digby, NS, 18 June 1902, to Evelyn Bowles d/o Harris Bowles. [BR 19 June 1902].

Waterman, J. see Baltzer, Dr.

Waterman, Lydia E. see Baltzer, Dr.

Waterman, Alfred P. see Lyons, Eunice.

Waterman, Forrest, born to at Bridgewater, 28 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 14 Mar 1902].

Weare, S.N., born to at Bridgetown, 9th inst., a daughter. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Weaver, Ethel Edna see Spinney, Henry Clinton.

Weaver, Flora Bell see Armstrong, Flora Belle.

Weaver, Fred, s/o Joseph Weaver, Port George, died at Lynn, Mass., no date. [OM 5 Dec 1902 - see Port George column].

Weaver, Guilford see Spinney, Henry Clinton.

Weaver, Joseph see Weaver, Fred.

Weaver, Leslie F. see Armstrong, Flora Belle.

Weaver, Sadie A. see Sanford, Eber A.

Webster, Barclay see Webster, Lieut. Beverly.

Webster, Lieut. Beverly, died at London, England, no date, s/o Barclay Webster, Kentville, enteric fever. [27 Mar 1902 see also OM 11 April 1902].

Webster, J.R., born to at Kentville, 21 Jan 1902, a son. [BR 27 Feb 1902].

Webster, R. A., born to at Cambridge, NS, 15 Mar 1902, a son. [BR 20 March 1902].

Weirs, Manasseh, born to at Parker’s Cove, 25 April 1902, a daughter. [OM 16 May 1902].

Wellwood, Alice see Tupper, Mile Grant.

Wellwood, Hugh see Tupper, Mile Grant.

Wentzell, John, died at Upper Branch, 2 Mar 1902, 78 years. [OM 14 Mar 1902].

Werner, Ethel, married at Plymton, NS, New Year’s morning, d/o Capt. William Werner of Plymton to [?] S. Bowlby, of Auburn; reside Auburn, NS. [9 Jan 1902].

Werner, Capt. William see Werner, Ethel.

West, George, married at Nicholsville, NS, 25 June 1902, to Mamie Alberta d/o Isaac Nichols, Morristown. [BR 3 July 1902 write-up +notice].

West, Julia see Rainsforth, Frank.

Whalen, Jessie see Brown, Frederick W.

Whalen, Manley see Brown, Frederick W.

Whidden, C.B., died at Antigonish, 20 June 1902, aged 70 years. [BR 26 June 1902].

White, Edward see Piers, Elizabeth.

White, Eleanor, died at Grafton, wid/o Wm. White, aged 86 years. [BR 27 Feb 1902].

White, Mrs. Eleanor, died at Grafton, NS, wid/o Wm. White, age 86 years. [BR 27 Feb 1902].

White, Elizabeth see Piers, Elizabeth.

White, Leroy B., Waterville, married at Waterville, 10 Dec 1902, to Rosie Rogers, Hall’s Harbour. [BR 18 Dec 1902 and see OM 26 Dec 1902].

White, William see White, Eleanor.

White, Wm. see White, Mrs. Eleanor.

Whitman, Charles, born to at West Paradise, 20 April 1902, a son. [23 May 1902 Friday].

Whitman, Rev. A.M., born to at O’Leary Sta., P.E.I., 17th. inst., a daughter.[OM 31 Jan 1902].

Whitman, Mrs. Freeman, died at Inglesville, 8 Aug 1902, 87 years. [OM 15 Aug 1902].

Whitman, Ernest Rice see Elliott, Giralda.

Whitman, James E., died at Albany, 6 Feb 1902, age 82 years. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Wickwire, F. W., born to at Kentville, 13 Mar 1902, a son. [BR 20 March 1902].

Wile, Milledge, born to at Lake George, 31 Oct 1902, a daughter. [BR 6 Nov 1902].

Willett, George, born to at Canning, 12th, a daughter. [OM 28 March 1902].

Wilmarth, Meron, J. see Gates, Mattie.

Wilson, George, born to at Tremont, 10 Sept 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Sept 1902].

Wilson, George Walker see Jackson, Martha Ellen.

Witham, S.N., died ; burial at Gorham, NH.[OM 31 Jan 1902].

Woodbury, William, born to at Tremont, 8 Sept 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Sept 1902].

Woodman, Mrs., died 12th., age 77 years, son is O.B. Woodman.[BR 24 July 1902- see Cambridge column].

Woodman, O.B. see Woodman, Mrs.

Woodworth, Annie B. see Downie, Frank A.

Woodworth, Capt. Elias see Downie, Frank A.

Woodworth, John C., died at Wolfville, 7 July 1902, 78 years. [OM 18 July 1902].

Woodworth, Nathan see Cox, John Newton.

Woodworth, Ruth see Cox, John Newton.

Woodworth, Spurr, married at Billtown, 10 Sept 1902 to Mrs. Daisy Kinsman. [OM 12 September 1902].

Woodworth, W.H., born to at Windermere, 8 Nov 1902, a daughter. [BR 20 Nov 1902].

Woodworth, Mrs. S. N., died at Sydney, 18 Feb 1902, 78 years.[OM 7 March 1902].

Wymers, Capt. John, died at Wilmot, no date, born Halifax, 1824, 78 years. [OM 28 Nov 1902 - obituary].

Wynock, Florence see Wynock, Norman.

Wynock, Norman, Lunenburg, married at Port Medway, 27 Jan 1902, to Florence Wynock, Port Medway. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Young, Abraham see Young, Harold.

Young, Clarence J. see McKeown, Minnie.

Young, Cynthia see Bent, Mrs. Walter.

Young, Hamilton see Elliott, T. A.

Young, Harold, s/o Abraham Young, died at Bridgetown, 27 May 1902, age 16 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Young, Hermon, born to at Kentville, 18 May 1902, a son. [OM 30 May 1902].

Young, Ida see Elliott, T. A.

Young, Joseph, born to at Belleisle, 20 Sept 1902, a daughter.[)M 3 Oct 1902].

Young, Peter, died at Lunenburg, 23 March 1901, 93 years. [OM 28 March 1902].

Zinck, Agnes, formerly of Port Williams, married at Haverhill, Mass., no date, to Edward Henderson, Canning, NS. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Zwicker, Richard, born to at Caledonia, 22 Feb 1902, a daughter. [OM 7 Mar 1902].

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