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Thank you for your interest in submitting photos to CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project.

  This form is to sign up to send photos of a Ontario cemetery NOT currently included in our list of cemeteries

To submit photos for a cemetery already listed on this website, please locate the cemetery and choose 'Submit Photos' (top right menu). This ensures that we start out on the same page knowing exactly which cemetery the photographs belong with.

Thank you for offering to:
  • Send/take photos of a Ontario cemetery NOT currently included in our list of cemeteries
  • Send/create an index/transcript of a Ontario cemetery NOT currently included in our list of cemeteries

    If you have not yet taken photos please use this form to sign up as a photographer then await confirmation from the coordinator to ensure another volunteer isn't already working on this cemetery.

    NAME OF CEMETERY:   (required)

      Official name:

      Known by a different local name?


      Street Address:

      Community   (required):

      If rural please name closest community

      Geographic* Township:

      *Geographic Township also refers to historical township - the area as it was named 50+ years ago

      County / District / RM*   (required):

      *Also refers to historic location - the area as it was named 50+ years ago


      Refers to current municipality in which the cemetery is located



      When the cemetery was established, first interment, where land orginated, etc. Please include source reference!:

      Church (is the cemetery affiliated with a church?):

      Where did you obtain this information about the cemetery?


      Your name:

      Do you plan to:

      Send in photos already taken
      Send in an index already created*
      Send in a transcript already created*
      Head out to the cemetery to take photos
      Create an index
      Create a transcript

      *We can only accept indexes/transcripts created by the sender. If you did not create the index/transcript yourself please do not submit it.

      Send/take photos of EVERY stone within the cemetery
      Send/take photos of SOME stones within the cemetery

      File ready to send? You can use this form to attach ONE* file under 2 mb in size. Multiple photos can be zipped into one file if size will be under 2 mb. If over 2 mb please choose a different submission method.

      *If using sendspace please send only ZIPPED files if submitting more than one photo.


      Thank you! You will be contacted shortly.

    Submitting Files
    Please see our FAQ on photo submissions for detailed information about each of these options.

    One photo OR one zip file under 2 mb in size: Use form to the left to attach your file

    Multiple photos OR zip files over 2mb but under 25mb: Can be sent via e-mail attachment. Fill out the form to the left, when the coordinator responds you can attach the file(s) to reply e-mail.

    Zip file over 25mb but under 300mb in size: Please use a file sharing website such as sendspace (need instructions on how to use sendspace?). Once uploaded copy the download link provided into the comments box (on left).

    Zip file or photo folder of any size: Use any cloud service that can be accessed without being a member AND allow photos to be downloaded in ONE batch (not individually). Please load the zip file or photo folder into a public folder and paste the share address into the comments box (on left).

    CD / DVD sent through the post (no zipping required!): Please note that we cannot reimburse costs of the CD/DVD or postage. If you choose this method please indicate as such in the comments and a mailing address will be supplied.

    If these options doesn't work for you or you need assistance, please fill out the form to the left and indicate what you need in the comment box. A volunteer coordinator will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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