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Frequently Asked Questions
  • About CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project
  • Submitting information
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  • Cemetery Questions
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  • About CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

    Submitting Information

      I have information to add, where do I send it?
      locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

      Can I submit a transcript?
      If it's one you created yourself, yes please! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

      I have a photo of a missing stone
      Send it in! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

      Can I submit a different photo for a headstone already photographed for this website?
      If the photo you have is easier to read than the one currently online, yes please! Many headstones degrade making it difficult to read them. It's also a challenge to photograph some headstones and while volunteers do their best to take and submit the best photograph, it's not always possible. To submit your photo(s) please locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page to ensure we add the photo to the correct cemetery.

      Why do I have to locate the cemetery to submit or correct information?
      With so many cemeteries sharing the same or similar names each cemetery has been assigned a unique ID code. The forms available on each cemetery page have the ID code embedded into the form and it ensures that submissions made from that cemetery page are added to that cemetery. It helps us out tremendously when there's no confusion about what information should be added where!

      I have print photos, can I submit those?
      Yes! If possible please scan or have them printed to CD and send digital copies. If you're unable to do so you can send the print photos however we cannot reimburse for the cost of shipping nor return the photos.

      Do you have a mailing address?
      Yes but it is only provided to those submitting materials by post. Volunteers who need a mailing address can request it from the coordinator they are corresponding with.

      I submitted information about a cemetery, when will it appear?
      As soon as possible (see response time)

      When will my photos appear?
      As soon as they're indexed. If you'd like to index your own photos, please see our indexing cemetery photos page.

    Our Indexes

      I found an error! Who do I contact?
      Locate the cemetery and use the error forms available on the cemetery page. Please note that there are two error forms - one to correct information about the cemetery (found on the right menu of the cemetery page) and one to correct the cemetery name index (found by clicking on the name in question).

      To request removal of a name or photo...
      Underneath each photo is a correction form, please use that form to submit your removal request.

      There is a name / photo missing from the index
      1. Take note of the information located directly above the index. There should be a notation indicating whether "some headstones" or "every headstone" are included in the index.

        "Some headstones" will of course mean that not every headstone is included in the index and the one missing is among those not included.

        If the notation indicates "every headstone" was photographed:
        - Look at the date the photographer visited, if the name in question was added after that date it won't be in the index
        - Not all burials have headstones, if a stone isn't available it may not be included in the index
        - Is the stone hidden? If the cemetery was visited in winter or if the cemetery is in a flood zone it's possible the stone wasn't visible at the time of the visit. The same goes for foliage and bushes - many times bushes & trees grow around a stone obscuring it from view
        - Oversights happen. Most cemeteries are not laid out in easy to follow rows and it's quite easy to get turned around and miss a stone or two.

      2. Not all entries have photos. If the area underneath the name is blank, there is no photo. If you see a graphic like this: it means there should be a photo but there's an error preventing it from appearing (if you see this graphic please use the error form below the graphic to report it so we can fix it).

      A name is missing from the index
      We're happy to include missing names if you are 100% certain that person was buried in the cemetery in question. We're also happy to include a headstone photo if you can provide one. To let us know of a missing name locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

      A stone was not photographed, can you add it?
      At this time we cannot fulfill requests for photos of specific stones. Please check the 'genealogy resources' part of the cemetery page, if a lookup volunteer is available they may be able to fulfill your request.

      How can I find a living person if they're not indexed?
      You can still search by surname or cemetery, also by spouse if their spouse is deceased and named on the same stone. Though presumably considering this is a cemetery project your objective would be to find deceased persons, not living!

      A name was in the index but it's not their stone
      If a parent or spouse is named on a stone their name will be included in the index and linked to that stone. If this is the case it will be stated next to the name.
        spouse = A person has been named as husband, wife, widower, widow or relict on a stone
        parent = A person has been named as father or mother on a stone
        child of = A person has been named as a son or daughter on a stone

      A name appears in an index more than once
      Our indexes are created from submitted materials and meant to lead you to every photo/transcript where a person is named. If a person listed more than once it means the person is either named on more than one headstone or there is more than one photograph available. Women are also indexed under both their married and maiden names if both are available.

      An age or birth year is off by a year
      Some ages and birth years are estimates based on the information provided on the stone. Some stones have a year of death and age but no birth year, in that case the birth year would be calculated by subtracting age from the death year. Some ages have been calculated by subtracting birth year from death year.

    Cemetery Questions

    Photo Permissions

    Genealogy Help

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