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Indexing Cemetery Photos

Indexing your own photos

  1. Before starting, please sign up as a photographer.

  2. Index your photos.

  3. Once finished, submit your photos and index at the same time.

Indexing others photos




    Please use these headings when creating a photo index (additional detail and photo examples can be found further down):

      PHOTO#   Name or # of photo* (eg. DSC00565.jpg)

      FIRST NAME   First, middle & nickname of person. Titles can also be included but please place them at the end (eg. John, Dr.). Please use mixed case. Nicknames should be in "quotes", please do not use {brackets}.

      MAIDEN NAME   Maiden names of females if known, please type it in CAPITALS

      SURNAME   Last name, please type it in CAPITALS

      DEATH YEAR   Year of death - year only!

      BIRTH YEAR   Year of birth - year only!

      AGE   Age of person if indicated on the stone (don't include age if it's not on the stone)

      RELATIONSHIP   To be used only if both the Death Year and Birth Year columns contain no information. Indicate here if the person is a spouse, parent, sibling, child, etc. to the primary person named on the stone.

      COMMENT   To be used to include other information that does not fit elsewhere. If a stone is difficult to read a transcription can be typed here.

      SECTION   For large cemeteries that are divided into named sections, put the name of the section here.

      Note To Admin   This is where you can leave a note for the Project administrator. Does a photo need to be rotated? Have a question? Any comments put in this column will NOT be included in the final index.

Renaming Photos

Indexing vs. Transcribing

Cliff Notes Version

    Photo #1 would index like this:
    Click to view example

    *Relationship is to be used only if both Birth Year & Death Year are blank. The relationship is used to explain why someone is named on a stone that is not theirs. In this example John & Mary are on Sarah's stone only because they are her parents.

    When in doubt please refer to the examples below or use existing indexes as a guide.


Living persons



Illegible or hard to read stones

Foreign language stones

Columbariums & Memorial walls

Distant views














    As noted above, when indexing a photo a transcript is not needed if the photo can be read. However if a photo is difficult to read a transcript can be helpful.

    First, index the photo, then type a transcript into the COMMENTS column. Put a / where there is a line break. Please do not put any carriage returns into the index, the transcript should end up in one long line like this:

    Phebe / relict of / Charles Gage / who died Nov 1st 1884 / aged 74 years / Mother thou art gone to rest / We will not weep for thee / For thou art now where oft on Earth / Thy spirit longed to be

    Click to view example

    * Note to transcribers: When indexing a transcript, please be sure to each index person named on a stone separately, then copy the transcript into the COMMENTS field of each person.

A TIP...

    Indexing goes faster when you can see both the photo and the index at the same time.

    To do this using one computer: Minimize the window with the index and put it in front of, beside, or below the photo. You can then type while looking at the photo.

Click to view example

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