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MANLEY, Mehetable Springfield or Galesburg, Illinois 1825- Cramer
MANNING Ireland; New York 1800's Scott
MARSHALL, Caroline Faial Island, Azores 1848-1870 Willey
MARVIN     Marvin
McCALLISTER, Alonzo Seattle, King, Washington 1872-1930 Cramer
McCANN Missouri (Webb City), , Arkansas 1838-1870 Sivers
McCANN San Francisco, San Francisco, Caifornia 1838-1870 Sivers
McCOLLOM Nevada Co. and Fresno, California 1860-1920 Davis
McCRACKEN Nevada Co., California; Sweetland and Piqua, Ohio 1860-1920 Davis
McCURDY Maine and California   Booth
McGAGIN North Bloomfield, Nevada, California 1870-1900 Barnes
McKEE Washington, , California 1850-1917 Barnes
McKENZIE Allegany Co., Maryland 1770-1900 Brower
McKENZIE Garrett Co., Maryland 1770-1900 Brower
McKILLICAN North Bloomfield 1860-1900 White
McKOWN American Falls, , Idaho 1864-1910 Sivers
McKOWN Pleasant View, , Utah 1864-1910 Sivers
McKOWN Spencer, , West Virginia 1864-1910 Sivers
McKOWN Wellington, , California 1864-1910 Sivers
McMATH, Jas Pennsylvania; Virginia 1745-1794 Witt
McROBIE Canada, Scotland 1700-1850 Kauffman
MAINTZGER Bucks Co., Pennsylvania 1726-1776 Vaughn
MAINTZGER Germany 1726-1776 Vaughn
MAINTZGER Arkansas 1775-1930 Vaughn
MEAD St. Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota 1850 Knapp
MELANCON New Orleans, , Louisiana pre-1956 Hailer
MERRILL, Wiley B. Ladonia, Fannin, Texas 1845-present Foulk
MERRIMAN North Bloomfield, Nevada, California 1870-1900 Barnes
MERTES Rheinpfalz, Germany 1805-1845 Fivelstad
MERTES Town of Forest, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 1865- Fivelstad
MILLER Mississippi; Louisiana   Brueckner
MILLER, Emma North Wallace, , N.S. 1831- M. O'Brien 530-273-6953
MONDAY/MUNBY Minerva Kentucky 1835- M. O'Brien 530-273-6953
MOORE, Mary Ellen Dallas Co., Texas 1846-? Harris
MOORE Canton, Lewis, Missouri 1840-1960 Moore
MORLEY, George London, England 1831- M. O'Brien 530-273-6953
MORLEY, Mary Ann Ottawa, Franklin, Kansas 1864- M. O'Brien 530-273-6953
MORRELL, Albert Lower Lake, Lake, California ??-?? Hunt
MORRIS Canada 1839-1872 Anderson
MORRIS Grass Valley/Nevada City, Nevada, California 1839-1872 Anderson
MUNSON     Booth
MAINTZGER Tennessee 1775-1930 Vaughn
MAINTZGER Texas 1775-1930 Vaughn
MATTINGLY Marion Co., Illinois 1788-1870 Vaughn
MATTINGLY North Carolina 1788-1870 Vaughn
MATTINGLY Tennessee 1788-1870 Vaughn
McDANIEL, Rosa Ohio 1875-1928 Willey
McMANUS Berkeley Co., Virginia 1759-1830 Vaughn
McMANUS Ireland 1759-1830 Vaughn
McMANUS Belmont Co., Ohio 1830-1950 Vaughn
McMANUS Wayne Co, Illinois 1830-1950 Vaughn
McPHERSON, Reuben Jackson Co., Tennessee 1790-1830 Gunning
MEYER Oyten, Germany 20th Century Miller
MEYER San Francisco, San Francisco, California 20th Century Miller
MILLER North San Juan 1860-1900 White
MITCHELL, John F. Anderson Co., South Carolina 1820-1860 Gunning
MITCHELL, Nimrod Anderson Co., South Carolina 1820-1860 Gunning
MOORE Nevada City, Nevada, California 1898-1908 Davis
MOORE Virginia City, Storey, Nevada 1865-1900 Davis
MOORE Cornwall, UK before 1898 Davis
MORGAN Wales 1670 Morgan
MORGAN Frederick Co., Virginia 1705 Morgan
MORGAN Burke Co., North Carolina 1771 Morgan
MORGAN Hilham, Overton Co., Tennessee 1818-1901 Morgan
MORGAN Mayes Co., Oklahoma 1901- Morgan
MORTON Lewis Co., Missouri 1830-1900 Moore
MOULTON, Capt. Thomas Cumberland, Maine 1800-1880 Jacobs
MURDOCK Nova Scotia, Canada 1791-? Lane
MURDOCK Smartsville, Yuba, California ?-1877 Lane
MURPHY Washington, , California 1850-1917 Barnes

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